Robot & Frank (2012) - Comedy, Crime, Drama

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In the near future, an ex-jewel thief receives a gift from his son: a robot butler programmed to look after him. But soon the two companions try their luck as a heist team.

IMDB: 7.1
Director: Jake Schreier
Stars: Peter Sarsgaard, Frank Langella
Length: 89 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 11 out of 103 found boring (10.67%)

One-line Reviews (63)

In the last few years I have been devastated by films such as Away From Her and Barney's Version, and while Robot and Frank is certainly comparable, it's a lighter, less harrowing take on a tragic side of aging, and ultimately results in a much more enjoyable experience.

Frank initially rejects Robot but gets attached to him over time, which is a predictable story development.

A fairly standard but consistently enjoyable drama.

Delightfully ponderous .

Very low budget and boring movie

The movie starts slow and never picks up, it stays there.

I was expecting something a bit deeper, but still an entertaining story.

Frank teaches the robot about scouting locations, reading blueprints, and picking locks; in due time, he and the robot are off on two jobs, one to rob the pretentious and arrogant new owner of the library, Jake (Jeremy Strong), the other to steal a rare first-edition copy of "Don Quixote" from Jennifer's safe.

Enjoyable, low-key and easy-going until the big reveal toward the end.

I took my mom to this movie and we both really enjoyed it, so it goes to show that you don't have to be a robot geek to see it.

Highly enjoyable and entertaining film.

So different, so entertaining .

I wasn't expecting much, but the movie definitely delivered; the top-notch actors, great directing and smooth storyline made watching it more than an enjoyable experience.

This was an interesting film, but an enjoyable one nonetheless.

It's a genuinely entertaining character study set in the next 50 years that manages to be both funny and surprisingly touching.

The plot leads from there through an entertaining series of events.

There is some very dry humour in all this, plus you actually will care about the characters, even the robot, who comes across as 'more alive' than most daytime TV stars.

I found it to be enjoyable from beginning to end.

Just a boring ending in a movie with not much going on.

It's far more subtle, rolling along at a deliberately slow pace.

Frank (Frank Langella) is old, cantankerous, an ex-con, bored and cheesed off by the bewildering world about him that has decided books are bad and digital replacements are gosh-darn amazing!

This is a sort of movie that will not make you roar with laughter or cry up a box of tissues, but often feel empty afterwards.

This is fairly slow paced and has a very simple plot.

Langella is a perfect fit for the part, and if you're sick of the tiresome trope of the killer robot you'll find the film's premise totally refreshing.

Boring, sad, and cheap-looking .

Then, the Northeast woodsy setting is very lovely, with impressive photography, and the direction alternates a slow and fast pace to great success.


I highly recommend it.

This is a very different, very entertaining film.

" If you suffer from insomnia, I guarantee this movie will put you to sleep.

It looked OK but also had a feeling it was going to be slow and a little dry.

library staff has been a boredom before the twist.

Despite few gripes this was a enjoyable bonding movie that is underrated.

Very touching, quite slow and considered; zero action or nudity.

Unfortunately, the second half of the film is very predictable and repetitive.

The character development is very good, and i simply love when a film starts slow as this one(it spent a lot of time explaining Frank's relationships and personality).

The storyline isn't particularly original films like Gran Torino, Toy Story,Lethal Weapon, and every buddy comedy ever made have done this storyline but despite that "Robot And Frank" rises above the material and is very exciting I think it was Roger Ebert who said "its not what a movies about, its how its about it" and while I often don't agree with the man that is a very accurate statement about films even the oldest story lines can be new again through ingenuity, and charm.

While everything is pretty laid out for you about the direction of this movie, it still manages to throw in some unexpected twists and surprises that will make you love this movie even more.

I enjoyed it and this is a good one time watch.

" uh-oh) His son (played with a nice mixture of intense worry, frustration, and some good deadpan humor by James Marsden) having had enough of having to drive out to check up on his father over and over again gets him a live in robot health care professional/servant!

This movie was so boring I fell asleep several times while watching it.

I enjoyed it because of the legend that is Frank Langella...

I believe that it's a really nice and entertaining movie for everybody.

Long, cheap and boring .

This story manages to take a story element that is somewhat out there and add some humor and a hefty dose of heart to create a really unexpected experience.

The movie does go in different and unpredictable directs and you do end up feeling for couple.

" All I can say is, "What a snoozer!

A charming and very entertaining movie elevated by the opportunity to see a master actor at work.

The Keystone cops type of thing at the end blew it a little for me, but the rest is top notch and the film is definitely worth the watch.

Well worth watching, for its genre-bending slant, if nothing else.

The fact that it just happens to be populated with a brilliant cast who care more about being immersed in their characters than in the spotlight adds to the fact that this is a film everyone should experience.

The acting isn't bad in any way, but when it comes to plot, it's long, boring, and sad.

Enjoyable and unique...

This is a nice but very light film throughout, and it is an odd one because I both enjoyed it for what it did while also wishing it had put a bit more work in to make itself something even better.

The human drama was touching and intriguing and left us guessing about Frank.

It's certainly no blockbuster, but it's way better than 90% of the movies in theaters (and better than 99% of netflix movies ;) ) It's well paced and enjoyable.

Robot and Frank is a pleasant and engaging film, just don't expect any deep insights.

Its a movie that doesn't need great effects, doesn't need to be too complicated, its a very simple story line but what we see is a story about age, loneliness, technology, friendship, regret, lethargy, and an old man given a new lease of life by the most unexpected source,a robot.

I ended up not finishing watching it because it's moving at a ridiculously slow pace, while bringing nothing interesting to the plot.

Robot & Frank is funny, exciting and touching.

It's a clever movie with an engaging plot, good performances, and some interesting twists.

Very good first half, slow second .

Overall it is still a pleasing and entertaining film with a bit of heart in there too; it is just a bit too slight at the end of the day and I would have liked it to have mixed the charm and humor with something a bit rougher around the edges and with more of a challenge to the viewer than the gentle accepting nod that we arrived at.