Roger Dodger (2002) - Comedy, Drama

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After breaking up with his lover and boss, a smooth-talking man takes his teenaged nephew out on the town in search of sex.

IMDB: 6.9
Director: Dylan Kidd
Stars: Campbell Scott, Jesse Eisenberg
Length: 106 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 19 out of 133 found boring (14.28%)

One-line Reviews (75)

Intriguing characters in a mediocre movie .

Look, I love rollercoasters and have never experienced air sickness, but I had to turn off an admittedly witty film with some crisp dialogue after 30 minutes.

Boring and silly is a night-time tour of the scenes from the film with several cast members as guides.

Don't waste your time on this one.

This first film of director Dylan Kidd is a smart and entertaining tentative for a male version of 'Sex in the City'.

Maybe its me, but I found these scenes to be stupid, trite, and badly acted (Berkley and Beals are two of the worst actresses of recent memory, and they do not redeem themselves here).

Roger Dodger is one of the few films could be truly intriguing and almost brilliant, if only a frustrating plot did not place itself in the way.

The handheld camera jerks about so violently at times that several scenes are nearly unwatchable.

Watching this film was an empty and vaguely depressing experience.

This is one of those movies that won't shock you with their twist endings, intelligent plots, amazing special effects or outstanding acting, it's just a very enjoyable movie that will definitely make you laugh.

Roger, however, immersed in his own misery after being cheaply dumped, unexpectedly receives a wake-up call which is just in time for him to rescue Nick from losing his virginity in the most vacuous and crudest way.

Campbell Scott (who I think is one of the dullest actors working) actually gives a fairly animated performance playing Roger.

Equally impressive is young Jesse Eisenberg whose wide-eyed innocence and youthful decency provide an effective counterpoint to the brash but empty Roger.

I have to add another thing about "Roger Dodger": the movie is really great but one of the best things is the wonderful music score by Craig Wedren: intense, simply, effective, impressive.

Though smug, rude and impossibly cruel, Roger somehow manages to endear himself to the audience by the end of the film, and most of that dichotomy is due to a fascinating performance by Scott, best known for his role in 1992's Singles.

It wants to be exciting...

The filming is immediate and engaging, using a shaky-cam and lots of close-ups and tight shots to make the settings more intimate and conversational.

Excellently acted and very engaging.

Campbell Scott, who aside from his work in SINGLES, has always kinda bored me as an actor, gives a tremendous performance as Roger.

From the opening scene that goes on far, far too long and has Rodger coming across as the very worst sort of boss who asks questions that only he "knows" the answer to, it gets worse.

Even with Eisenberg, it's a very slow burn at first.

There is some fine acting otherwise, but it is a long slow ride.

Listen to me people, if you want to waste your money and rent this, this atrocity, go ahead and throw your money away.

An interesting even if pretentious look at life .

Campbell Scott would garner the award for his intense portrayal as self-absorbed, skirt-chasing, pseudo-intellectual ad writer Roger Swanson in Dylan Kidd's "Roger Dodger.

Still, "Roger Dodger" is an entertaining little movie, and there are plenty of laughs from the dialogue to keep a viewer occupied.

It was a very enjoyable movie for its realism.

The movie is a bore with Campbell Scott.

There have been times with other movies where you get annoyed at times but here it is mind blowing that director Dylan Kidd let that happen or even wanted that.

Their night of carousing is nothing new to cinema - it has been told a thousand times, ladies man takes young virgin out for a deviant tour of the city, but this film manages to stay honest and clever even if Roger's rants do get a bit tedious near the end.

It's a talky movie with snappy, shrewd observations on gender, sexual politics, consumer culture, and relationships.

Fascinating - one of the best of 2002 .

But it is intriguing.

There's really not much that he says that hasn't been said before, but Scott is so stunning that it doesn't matter.

I wish his character could have been explored more because he obviously has a lot of vented up anger but Scott uses what was given to him and he's just riveting.

The script is very disjointed as well almost like the start of the film has no relevance.

Just watched this movie and thoroughly enjoyed it.

And Roger's charge-ahead-at-all-costs mission to get his nephew laid becomes tired, irksome and predictable.

horribly boring .

They call this comedy, but this movie is about as boring as Ben Stein hosting the Sunday Night Sex Show...

Roger Dodger is the most realistic and entertaining look into the male mind in movie history.

i didn't find the caricature of a male chauvenist offensive, but neither was it entertaining.

Enjoyable movie.

Finishing the movie with a flourish of lacuna, ROGER DODGER resonates pretty well as a snappy and honest take on urban philosophy, a US indie curio with a wider appeal than it seems to have.

It also features such an entertaining lead character, with much to learn and much to lose, that you relish in his night of misadventures.

It's a bit of a cliche that Roger is an advertising copywriter, like Affleck's not dissimilar character in "Bounce.

But I thought the ending was brilliant and made the movie worth watching again.

The film is tediously slow paced and more like a documentary.

It's meandering with a tiresome angry cynic.

Dylan Kidd skillfully melds the dialogue, location (Manhattan), and music into a fascinating piece.

While the film has some remotely entertaining and amusing scenes and the cameos of Jennifer Beals and Elizabeth Berkley as well as the support of Isabella Rossellini, the film never seems to take off to go anywhere exciting.

The conversational jags were sometimes fast and furious and fascinating.

Behind a simple plot and seemingly simple characters is a noteworthy script that delivers witty, realistic dialogue and intriguing conversations.

The film was monotonously dark, making for little to catch the eye and distract from the lack of plot.

Nick, too, is a fascinating character to study; Nick practices meditation, plans to have himself cryogenically frozen, and does not want to go to college because he can just look up anything he wants to know himself.

" But what makes LaBute so much more intriguing is that his despicable characters don't get their comeuppance -- if an obnoxious roue is shown to really be an arrested development adolescent and an adolescent boy can be a sweetheart isn't that a ho hum dog-bites-man story?

This is a dark film, a very interesting film, and overall a terribly engaging film.

The chaotic events of the night lead to an ending that, while it strays slightly from the tone of the rest of the movie and perhaps comes a bit too suddenly, is perfectly raw and unexpected.

Pretentious awful cinematography .

The strongest parts of "Roger Dodger" are the extended conversations that provide an engaging back and forth quality.

An exciting movie I did not want to end.

however, this film resulted in me scrunching down in the sofa attempting to force myself to fall asleep.

Not many movies would dare to go out on a limb, and this isn't a Hollywood movie (it's distributed by Artisan), but those who have seen it have enjoyed it.

An absorbing, despicable character .

I have to confess I have seen no more than the first 20 minutes because I found the lead actor and the smart-arse gibberish he was forced to come out with so unbearable that I couldn't watch any more of it.

And the ending is enjoyable too, very rare in most movies today.

I understand that the bobbing and weaving camera technique is done for effect, but when the "effect" makes it unwatchable, the director has failed from my perspective.

Although funny at many times, during the many lulls, the drama, which is supposed to ensue, doesn't ensue.

I didn't like Roger, the main character, and was irritated by his friends and environment, so I thought it was going to be a pointless exercise to watch the rest of it.

Unfortunately, the filmmakers seemed to think that tacking on a rather juvenile, silly, empty and clever ending which said "we really didn't mean any of this and Roger is still an icon" would please audiences.

Jesse Eisenberg's first ever major film, Roger Dodger, is a unique coming-of-age story with enough simplicity on the surface and enough complexity beneath it to take the form of an impressively entertaining study of the social interactions between men and women.

Because this lifestyle is attractive, this movie is entertaining.

Far more than just a fluff romantic piece or coming of age story this film delivers in a genre I usually don't enjoy.

Roger is a fascinating case study mainly because we feel so ambivalent in our attitude towards him.

Both Roger and his nephew Nick are, at least for me, immensely intriguing characters that each almost deserves their own movie.