Run for the Sun (1956) - Adventure, Thriller

Hohum Score



In Central America, an action-adventure novelist and a journalist for a magazine find themselves at the mercy of Nazi war criminals.

IMDB: 6.4
Director: Roy Boulting
Stars: Richard Widmark, Trevor Howard
Length: 99 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 4 out of 33 found boring (12.12%)

One-line Reviews (27)

I personally found the two lead characters to be rather boring and not once did I buy into their "issues", which include the female hiding the fact that she was a reporter trying to track down Widmark, a famous author who is trying to stay away from the public.

Enjoyable Jane Greer (Out the past) as a genuinely moving heroine is fine .

Definitely worth watching.

Run out and get it, you'll spend a very enjoyable hour and a half.

I know the story of humans hunted by humans has been in movies before ("The Most Dangerous Game") but "Run for the Sun" stands as a real little big colorful adventure film in my opinion, most entertaining and enjoyable.

If you can catch this movie I reckon that you should watch it because it is quite enjoyable.

Highly recommended suspenseful film - for its visual splendor and for its sustained-interest plot which winds down many arcane twists and turns of fortune for the protagonists.

I quite liked the twist, I loved the big revelation monologue, but sadly the movie has pacing issues, a rather mundane cast and really really drags.

Exciting and suspenseful reworking of "The Most Dangerous Game" has Richard Widmark as a reclusive Hemingway-like writer living in Mexico and Jane Greer as a magazine reporter trying to find out why he stopped writing.

Jane turned in a taut, engrossing performance as an intelligent writer on assignment in Mexico.

It's a very exciting and entertaining film, if you're willing to suspend disbelief.

exciting jungle film .

Very enjoyable.

Thrilling suspense in this jungle adventure with fantastic stars Widmark and Greer.

Now I have as much respect for stars Widmark, Greer, and Howard as the next old movie buff, but the set-up to the chase goes on too long and too mildly to create a suspenseful whole.

I found it an exciting, spellbinding and visually engrossing update of Richard Connell's short story "The Most Dagnerous Game".

Exciting man and woman on the run film with a really well though out ending in Latimer finishing off Browne, without the use of a rifle, with the very bullet that was meant for him when he was a war corespondent with the US paratroopers on D-Day!

As Lord Haw Haw, of course, Widmark would have heard his propaganda broadcasts in England during the war.

Then he realizes it's Howard's voice - he heard it in World War II, as a Nazi propaganda figure (a British traitor).

Gripping suspense yarn will keep you glued to your seat as you wonder how it all turns out.

It's engaging at first.

The picture gets adventure action , a love story , thriller , exciting pursuits with numerous odds , risks and perils and results to be pretty entertaining .

This film, though a little too long, is very exciting, particularly the last section, and will really hold the viewer's attention.

Aside from the abysmal Jane, that re- make is actually quite entertaining.

It's a nice touch to have bad guy Howard actually WANT Widmark to hang around the place because he stops jungle life from being so dull.

The last third of the movie is an exciting chase through the bush, borrowing heavily from "The Most Dangerous Game" and "The Hounds of Zaroff.

I suspect the drawn-out preliminaries were to justify that marquee cast.