Saaho (2019) - Action, Thriller

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An undercover cop becomes embroiled in a battle with warring criminals who want to acquire a "black box," their ultimate key to a treasure.

IMDB: 5.2
Director: Sujeeth
Stars: Prabhas, Shraddha Kapoor
Length: 170 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 179 out of 853 found boring (20.98%)

One-line Reviews (394)

The movie first half will be confusing due to the core concept of the movie and the director was unable to manage the screen play.

Am amazing movie, amazing action sequences, great work done by all actors and co actors ,good songs but it wasn't required for the movie which makes the too long and makes you feel exhausted so don't forget to carry a water bottle with you, and offcourse too many twists, but twist in end was highly unexpected, Prabhas and Shraddha Kapoor shared some great chemistry with each other, it was refreshing and overall it is a film which is worth the money.

All who's involved in the underworld organisation get worse and drown the confusing story even more with their robotic nature.

Great VFX, Great Action Sequences, Great Cinematography, Story is average, but not disappointing, Thriller & too much twist, Next Generation Movie, Overall Worth Watching...

Screenplay - Screenplay is too dizzy and sometimes it makes the audience feel boring.

Worst movie ever.

don't waste your money.

No story & contenet.

Too Boring .

Unbearable .

An overall excellent movie, action packed, Perfect BGM, Lead charactersOnly -ve is some slow narration except everything worked well.

My review:Verdict - All time blockbuster Songs - Best songs they have ever had, but one of the songs is an waste because it is not needed which is eni soni Performance - Outstanding to every single character, but especially to prabhas, shraddha Kapoor and chunkey pandey Storyline - Lots of twist, but the story does makes sense because I am from UK and I live there, but I watched it in cinema which had English subtitle, so the story does not confuse me, but it is worth watching it and the story is not weak, it is just people do not understand it and do not want to use brain, but it is director way which he gives this suspense Action Sequence - Mind blowing Dialogue: Some dialogue were excellent like gully ki cricket....

Movie first part story very slow then 2nd part story speed is like 100km/h .

The locales are pretty and impressive, but the constant change of geographic locations adds to the confusion.

Bgm was mind blowing.. Director sujeeth did a fantastic job.

Actually it's a great movie.. damn entertaining..go and watch.. it's Worth watching

This will top my list of the worst movies.

The song looks boring as the chemistry doesn't workout between PRABHAS AND SHRADDHA.

This movie is absolutely entertaining and as i said few flaws are there that can be ignored.

Songs are below average and totally boring.

Entertaining, Great work, Action, awesome acting by shraddha and prabhas.

Action packed movie .

There was no plot, the VFX was overdone, Shraddas character was constantly in a dumb struck state and the songs were terrible.

So as per the Budget which was alloted the visuals are Justified..Screenplay was completely different which is understandable only when we are in a peace of mind.. which is elevated in the 1st half of the Movie.. and the 2nd half is completely the Action Packed..Music: Background by Ghibran was simply Amazing, excellent work by him.. Songs were Good, the Bad Boy song is Not required as my point of view in that situation of movie, as Prabhas jumps from hill top, that parachute scene etc etc.. except that song rest of them were Good..Performance: Prabhas acting was simply superb.

Going with least expectation made this movie enjoyable.

Brilliant movie with mind boggling twist and turns.

Waste of time & money .

While I was caught up in the mundane work-life all this time which certainly didn't allow me to contribute here, I feel the compelling need to record my views on this masterpiece of epic proportions.

Superfluous action, irrelevant romance, typical bollywood songs and lack of story has made a much awaited movie, a much hated one...

Worst movie ever .

Legimatrly one of the worst movies I've ever seen .

Worst movie ever, they wasted 350 crores for this, what a shame, even the CGI was bad you can notice.

Worst movie ever.

A Fabulous Breath Breaking Stunning Thrilling Mind Knocking Action Performance .

Worst movie i have seen in my life he got immense craze with Bahubali it doesn't mean that People will watch his outdated, worst movies

First half was all about confusing screenplay and worst directing.

This movie had absolutely no story.

Worst movie of the century.

Complete waste of money.

Worst movie .

Waste of money don't watch it...

shraddha is also stunning ...

Overall very enjoyable !!

Action packed PAN India movie💥💥 .

Save Your Money and Avoid it.

Worst Movie Ever.

Movie started slow by introducing Roy family it takes momentum when the Hero enters.

It's full of cliche and cheesy as well as lazy writing.

This is the worst movie I have ever seen in my life.

I just knew from the first half of the movie that prabhas was roy's son and he did the mastermind behind the theft so movie was that predictable.

Waste of time, waste of money,waste of everything.

Boring man!

Biggest Flop movie Of the year #Saaho , 2hr, 51 mins saaho movie just Headache , No Storyline, Poor & Confusing Screenplay.. Bad acting by #Prabhas .. poor chemistry, Illogical action, poor direction.. Biggest Super Duper Flop movie..

actions scenes, unexpected twists,along with love story,climax is exellent.

The climax will justify the concept of the movie with unexpected twists and convincing ending.

Worst movie in history .

Dont waste ur money in this 350cr garbage

Trying to combine the stories of a police department, crime syndicate, lone wolf, and romantic interest into a single 3-hour movie created a passable first act and confusing second act.

Saaho is the worst movie in the universe Saaho is the worst movie in the universe Saaho is the worst movie in the universe Saaho is the worst movie in the universe

Rest all just the action part goes on boring everytime.

Stunning action.

Worst movie ever in prabhas carrier why did he choose this f..g director he is not even good as low budget director.

I was on the edge of my seat throughout the whole movie.

How this cat and mouse game unfolds is what Saaho narrate in close to three hours of running time.

Second half is boring and complex story.

3 hours of nonstop torture .

Mind blowing action, very nice screen play, rich dop, never before indian cenima ...

Would not say its a masterpiece, but worth watching

The movie was doomed to be a flop since it launched it trailers and extremely cliche item songs(seriously?

No storyline at all and unnecessary action scenes.

3 hours of complete drivel!

Unpredictable .

Just dont waste your money just because you are a big fan of Bahuballi so please take my advice order food at your home and just do Netflix and Chill !!

Movie was ultimate prabhas acting was osm must watch movie action,thrilling,love, sentiment super sweet direction was ultimate

Totally waste of time and money.

" It's become irritating and pointless.

After that 2nd half is long but engaging with grand action episodes in last 30mins.

The screen play is very fast paced and it was more enjoyable after knowing the ending when I watched it for the second time.

This is just a boring movie with too much action and no story, similar to the likes of 2.0 and Race 3.

Very boring movie of the year .

Boring throughout ,till the action scenes appear.

The plot is convoluted and confusing to the core as there are too many twists and turns in the storyline .

Worst movie that i ever watched .

The movie was boring throughout 70 percent of runtime..then the action scenes in the ending and high octane action, car and jetpack chase were at par with Hollywood .

I watched the film, and enjoyed it thoroughly.

Another cliche with style nd dialogue .

Pure waste of time n money...

Saahoo..action packed movie.

Totally boring movie.

Unpredictable climax twist

Full action packed movie like hollywood and acting of prabhass is awesome.

The movie is worth watching.

Nearly 3 hours of torture.

Complete waste of time.

waste of time .

Story line was so boring.

This is a fast paced masala entertainer with lots of twist and turns so don't leave your brain at home and try to be attentive to understand it.

Worst movie .

Audience are left in confusion in many scenes.

What a what a boring and storyless movie...

Save your money and watch it on Amazon Prime in 2 months as you are not missing anything .

Gripping screenplay, great acting and wonderful bgm are highlights of the film.

Worth watching .

Boring movie

this movie having too confusion they robbery of black box because they want money.

Don't waste your time and money on this, it doesn't meet its exceptions

Plot twists are totally unexpected .

Full of actions, no story, no emotions, actor doesn't show any acting skills.

1ST HALF NEGATIVES Main thing is that, the hero of the film seems to be dull in the romantic scene and he is only active in the action scenes.

Fully predictable!

Boring songs.

Movie was very confusing didn't know what was going on in the beginning, in one frame they r showing some gangsters doing their stuff other frame they r showing some other thief stealing money in India.

That only helped in making the first one hour an uninteresting one running out of steam.

It's the worst movie of the decade.

Personal experience- The film could deliver me what I expected of it- gripping action scenes, guns, race, chase, a good mix of everything .

Wan't to waste your money.

This movie, all 3 hours of it, was just poor execution.

It feels unbearable when you encounter 20 mins of continuous fighting just in his introductory scene.

The movie is pretty entertaining and amazing.

Wan't to waste your time.

Too many graphics, stunning action, beautiful choreography, good actors, big budget; Still "Saaho" failed to impress.

Waste of time.

The story doesn't make sense, the twists seemed predictable, the plot was weaker on its base!

Don't waste your time.

Waste of time.

1st half is little slow, 2nd half is more twists and action totally it's a blast.

First half was little boring and second half need attention .

Waste of money as well as time.

Waste of time.

The screenplay is tight and gripping which forces us to think and connect the dots.

What the waste of my time.

Action Choreography - Kenny Bates has done a fantastic by putting out some of the most entertaining fight scene of the south industry this year, Fight sequences are really worth watching.

Sbse ghatiya aur boring movie shradha kapoor plz leave acting yr Final words Worst movie of the year Never watch it yaar plzzz Have some mercy on urself

It is one of the worst movies in Cinematic History, even KRK's Deshdrohi is better.

This movie is really a waste of money and when will producers understand, we need better story than repackaged s**t!!!

story is totally predictable....

Full action packed 🎬 .

What a complete waste of time.

His voice should've been dubbed by any other dubbing artist to make it look real while in his comic and romantic avatar was clearly a boredom only due to his struggle to speak in hindi.

Fully waste of time to watch this movie.

1st half of this movie was little bit slow...

One of the worst movie of Prabhas.

Very much disappointed with the movie and first half of the movie was boring and second half was good with action sequences and some boring elements in movie.

The movie is dragged a great deal - I for one was able to predict the plot by mid of first half.

This is the worst movie ever I have seen.

background music is very poor & no storyline either.

Even her expressions showed how she was rather bored in working here.

Waste of time and money .

No story, worst direction.

Impressed with Saaho's sensible action scenes (unlike any other cliche movies where car starts flying on it's own).

Yup, you read it right, writer - director Sujeeth has practically no story to tell and so he conjures a screenplay so daft and illogical, it gets difficult for viewer to connect to it in any manner.

Worst movie ever in darling carrier, waste of 2years .

Superb,mind blowing movie with a super excited and thrilling storyline.

Really entertaining .

Boring and unrealistic .

Worst movie .

The movie is lethargically slow, a big crime if you witness an action thriller.

A movie with a cast of established stars, some entertaining actions and first class locations for songs.

lolWhat a boring movie.

It's thrilling experience.

Save your money

Ghibran made absolutely stunning scores for this.

Yes, there were few moments when the movie was dragged unnecessarily.

Confusing Storyline .

This movie has no story only action.

Unbearable 3 hours torture!.

Waste of time and money .

Amritha's character in the film is confusing.

Don't waste your time by seeing this messed up Movie.

Some predictable some not so.

U can just watch this on laptop where u can fast forward it to the action scenes,rest of the movie is too boring and lengthy.

Worst movie.

It's an awesome mind blowing movie, every minute is fun, If u are clever and understand the movie.

Brutally boring .

Its the worst movie I've seen in my life.

Special mention to Arun Vijay, Murli Sharma, Neil Nitin Mukesh, Chunky Panday, Vennela Kishore and Mandira Bedi who leave a stunning impact with their performances.

Don't waste your money on this one .

Long, 2h 50min is too long.

Final verdict: it's a popcorn movie, watch it to get the adrenaline rush.

Movie is not as expected , very poor story and confusing screenplay .

Prabhas, Action scenes, twists, screenplay, direction are mind blowing.

I enjoyed it and it is best.

To be honest i watched the movie with no expectations because all reviews were negative, so i gave it 3 for the efforts and hard work they put on Prabhas to look stylish and cool, what a waste of money!

Waste of money (me and producer) .

One of the worst movie I have ever seen in my entire life.

Worst film,waste of money .

Many critics have destroyed this movie..they said it has no story, very confusing, irritating.

This movie is absolosute waste of money n time pathetic dont waste ur time please.

Saaho is a predictable story nothing goes per plan - flat narration cliched story at the end u might get feeling of watching dozen movies overall its a dull movie with nothing to offer

There's about an hour of high octane action & it's thrilling to watch an Indian movie with it.

Its a totally waste of time, nothing new.

2ND HALF POSITIVE Finally there is some energy in protagonist after a dull presence in first half.

No story...

Worst movie ever with more than 10 lakh twists, you will want to die before seeing the next horrible meaningless twist.

It's fast paced and Prabhas rocks!!

Action squances are very good and entertaining Screenplay ND twists are awesome.

(I went to watch it for the second time, as i believe that a film can be either be interesting or boring and this film didn't fall into either of these categories.

Awesomely bad and plain boring .

Prabhas has been under utilised and was looking dull at many areas.

No Story.

There is so many twists but most of them were predictable except for the one at the interval.

That being said, you cannot forget to bring your brain along with you to the movie, its a requirement if you need to enjoy this movie fully.. It was entertaining for me for sure..

Mind blowing superb!!

Lead actor's bad acting just makes this movie unwatchable.

Worst movie of my life !!.

First half of the movie is totally unbearable(Bakwaas).

The scenes are predictable & movie goes extremely slow in narration.

Boring and lengthy

Worst story ever.. don't waste your time and money on this movie.. it's not worth it..

All scenes looking unrealistic and boring...

The movie has over the top action scenes and the songs though high in vfx are untimely boring and quite frankly unwanted .

worth watching.. last 30 mins of the movie is just lit

Please don't waste your time with this, absolutely pathetic.

If they took it off the screen tonight, cut out some 30 mins of slow paced scenes & re-release, it'll be a smash hit.

I would like to call it a misuse of money, plot was bit confusing which wasn't necessary.

There is no plot just horrible waste of 350 crore it also show money doesn't guarantee you success

Totally amazing movie Action thriller 👌🏼 Totally worth watching...

No story no action (only vfx)

Screenplay was a little bit confusing.

No storyline, bad music and Poor VFX.

PRABHAS steals the show with his mighty performance and mind blowing action sequences.

Ever showed darling so dull in movies, he just spoiled darling reputation for now.

If you go to movie keeping in mind that you may get any unexpected twist at any time you will enjoy the movie.

Empty vessel makes more noise.

Surprisingly, the movie was soo entertaining and kept me on the edge of the seat till the end.

They totally slow down the pace while showing Prabhas & Shraddha love angle.

But here everything seems to be too predictable and the surprises and twists that keep pouring at various stages looked too much to handle for this script.

It failed to create any impact pre interval and failed further post interval - totally wasted songs, dragged outline.

Time waste, falatu movie, don't waste your time.....................................

Worst movie ever.

Waste of time.

Unbearable .

This has gotta be the worst movie of the year, cars flying for no reason, explosions happening for no reason, hero beating 10-10 goons at a time for no reason, everything in the movie is happening for no reason.

Boring First Half.

Probably, worst movie of 2019 so far.

Worst movie of the year .

Weak plot, flat storyline and bad direction made it unbearable to watch.

It's an enjoyable movie if we watch it with open mind.

Action scenes are badly choreographed, which sometimes feel boring.

Predictable story has made the movie even worse.


According to me this movie is worth watching.

8/10There are good scenes, and entertaining.

Horrendous, loud and pointless movie ever.

Worth watching it.

It gets boring at some spots as there are many parallel storiesMy overall review: It's not Andhadhun.

For all those who call the movie a plotless disaster, so what you watched was a bunch of montage videos put together?

No story.

In short worst movie ever made in cinema history after prince starring vivek obroi

Worst movie of the year .

Watch this movie only so you can claim you've watched the worst movie ever.

A movie that shld be commended for the action sequences and designing the screenplay for a predictable story.

Gripping screenplay .

Cause its only gonna waste your time and money.

So I knew what I was getting into and still enjoyed it.

Boring😪😪😓😓😫😠 .

Action packed Entertainer .

It's a waste of money and precious time too.

Don't waste your time and money.

No story nothing, and 3 hours is too much, budget 350 crores use for what, screen play very poor I'm very disappointing.

Brainy plot, action packed, never seen in an Indian movie .

Worst movie.

It becomes quite predictable after a point given the clinché of the plot choice.

Visually stunning complete mess of a film.

Probably the worst movie

Action packed movie💥💥💥 .

Also, movie is too long and after interval you'd really want this movie to just end!

I used to fall asleep and then fight with myself to keep my eyes open so as to get the return of my investment.

Totally breathtaking screenplay 🙌🙌🙌🙌

An average cliché ridden movie.

Very slow narration with many unwanted scenes, the plot is weak and diluted

Plot twists are totally unexpected

This movie sucks when it comes to storyline, it has same cliche dialogues which heroes have been making for ages.

Worst Movie I've Ever Seen.

A total waste of time!!!!!

Movie Is Awesome First Half is little boring but the second half is awesome great action sequences and suspenseful so don't believe on negative reviews and go and watch the movie once then decide it's good or not...

Movie contains lots of unexpected twists.

Once Prabhs enters the scene , the interaction between him and Shraddha Kapoor is enjoyable till the first half, where a twist unfolds.

Obsolutely waste of my money.

Worst movie ever seen .

Waste of time .

Story' was very weak Dialogue was very slow Acting was nothing

Some of the worst big budget movies to be made in India in the recent past are Zero, Race 3, Thugs of Hindostan and those movies were unbearable.

Felt like a torture ,not even one wow moment .

Screenplay is the heart of the film, good songs ,mind blowing locations, breath taking bgm, crazy plot, amazing twists, MASTERCLASS acting by PRABHAS, Shraddha, neil, chunky .

One of the worst movie I'll ever watch in my whole life.

Movie was worth watching 1st half was a little long but 2 nd half was really engaging.

This is the worst movie i ever watched.

Great screenplay with unexpected twists and turns, mind blowing action sequences.

Totally worth watching movie and I surely recommend everyone....

I was excited for this movie but storyline is total confusing and has many loophole.

Few stupid and lengthy action scenes makes the movie boring.

Excellent screen play and Action packed movie.

Why look for "The Shawshank Redemption" in an Action packed Visually driven Thriller cum Masala Movie.

Action Packed .

Bit Gripping, full of Action, twist and ya bit confusing too.

The acting of prabhas is mind blowing.

Worst movie.

OVERALL REPORT All though it contains a lot of boring and confusing scenes the film looks decent.

The story was predictable as hell.

direction was definitely 3 star out of 5 for pulling out a good entertaining attempt.

It's made for nieche audience, such movies can feel quite boring no matter how good the story is and how perfect the direction is) have not seen A lot of critics were quite harsh on Saaho saying the movie is unbearable.

Entire plot is predictable.

Lack of storyline, unnecessary songs, no character development, glorification of crime and the list continues.

The second half have soo many twists and turns that you get bored watching the movie.

Worst movie ever .

Please don't waste your time watching this ........

Sujeeth direction, screenplay, bgm super mind blowing visuals superb stunts and action sequences

Tried to copy too many movies with no story line

Boring screept action scenes totally illogical bullets firing here doesn't get a single bullet.. faking action scenes...

Sujeeth did a credible job in giving a laid back type gripping action thriller in a stylish manner.

Good action packed movie.

It took pricious 3 hours of my life.

First time I felt bored due to slow narration and songs.

I went to the theater with zero expectations, then also I didn't like the film, Saaho is a disaster, this is the worst film made till now, waste of time and money,

All in all, total waste of time and money and should have never ever been made!

The movie is engaging, keeping us on the edge and taking us on a rollercoaster ride.

There is definitely room for improvement but the movie is worth watching for its cinematography, locations and its action sequences and not not to forget Prabhas' portrayal of his character.

Worst movie of the decade, 350 cores lmao nice joke 1st half was like a sleeping pill, and the VFX they are saying they invested lot of money I don't see it, director is unfit for high budget films

What a complete waste of time and money.

Complete waste of time and money.

But sujeeth disappointed them with somewhat confusing screenplay.

I'M A BIG FAN OF PRABHAS AND THIS IS THE WORST MOVIE, 3 hrs wasted I wish I had not watched the movie, he should not have signed up for this film with a rookie director, non sense twists, dry jokes, bad storyline, unrealistic stunts, etc...

If You Have Insomnia Go For It .. You'll Be Cured.

Save your money and your health.

Boring, ameture writing direction and screenplay.

This is a typical Indian movie (masala) with a thrilling plot and it comes full circle at the end.

But better content and screenplay in the first half might have made the movie a thrilling one.

Generally I am a fan of action movies, but this movie has no story related action, it seems film is directed by five different people who has completely different story to tell and edited by 10 different morons who have never seen the film,its not worth spending three hours on this movie, Its just too bad to even write a review

Waste of time and money Bad thing: (1)to much suspense spoil the whole movie, (2)so much stronger action, there is no need for more action, (3)in romance ,prabhas isn't suitable with shraddha, (4)music play continuously in movie, (4)the worst thing is that the song: "Bad Boy" by baadshaah (5)worst visual effect i saw from the starting to end , (6)worst acting by gangsters.

Both Hero and Villains looks Stunning in this super styling film !!

No story,No sync to BGM & Screen play.

Interval Twist and last 40 mins scenes are Big Asset to movie.. Breathtaking action scenes...

Contender for the 'best' worst movie ever after RA One .

Superb mind blowing movie.

Action packed/ so many plot turns .

Worst Movie Ever - Please avoid watching .

Worst movie .

I got bored with in 30 minutes and to say movie is somewhat predictable .

Especially those twists are thrilling, talking about action, this movie gonna change your perception about action movies in Bollywood..!! I'm still lost in "Saaho"🔥🔥

Trust me dont waste ur time n money

Although this time, the Telugu media wasn't too kind with the film (and we can delve into later on), the film certainly is far from being "unbearable" and "unwatchable.

Story was predictable, but what made it entertaining was its screenplay.

Dull,boring and long!!!

Watched saaho what a over fake action no story only vxf action

First 30 mins you find it very interesting next 30 mins boring then interesting again & so on.

Waste of time .

Worst movie .

Complete waste of money movie.

Same old cliche story with number of villians.

In my personal point of view, Saaho had a story that keeps you on the edge of the seat.

Unexpected twists...

Super boring!!!!.

Negative : Lengthy duration of the film - Poor Characterisation of Prabas - Uninteresting twist - weak Story and Screenplay - Songs - Unwanted VFX - Lot and Lot of characters with out proper Characterisation .

Worst movie I have ever seen .

Worst movie .

4-5 side plays are untied at one point which can be confusing for audience if they havent paid attention.

Very thrilling movie.

At least you'll have 3 hours of peace

I thought the chemistry between Shraddha Kapoor and Prabhas was very unconvincing and dragged the film a lot.

Worst movie .

Saaho is the worst movie in the universe .

This is a big budget movie where you can see that so much work was done on it and makers made everything to look it grand on the scale but bad acting, bad direction, weak screenplay, slow pacing, bad action scenes brings it down to the bottom.

Worth watching .

Economically waste of time and money.

Waste of money .

Story is very normal and twists are always expected with confusing screenplay.

Movie was full of action and it is a delight for Prabhas fans it was amazing movie it is definitely worth watching one time.

Extremely boring and bad story of Saaho.

Bad: Boring 1st half Very slow and confusing 2nd half Bad song placements/forced songs No storyline Weak screenplayGood: Chunkey Pandey as a villain Couple of good twists Very good interval twist Best bgm Very very good climax scene - Seems like watching a hollywood movie

Don't waste Your Precious Time Movie doesn't deserve your precious time Total waste

if u guys will believe negative reviews u will regret ur decision when u will see it on tv because the movie is absolutely stunning ...

There is no story no action only fake drama

Apart from these , this movie has excellent stunt direction, Cinematography and Engaging background music.

I liked this movie very much it is an action thrilling movie don't spread the rumors just watch it once you will like the movie

Action scenario, Visually stunning .

Boring songs and unoriginal bgm.

it is a complete extreme action movie with intense script and twists

Stupid, ridiculous and a complete waste of time.

Saaho is a movie which has no story , no direction and simply no screenplay.

Films has no story , lackluster script amd horrible direction.

First half is little bit dull and twist was awesome at the interval and 2nd half is mind blowing full action scenes must watch..

Worth Watching in Theatre .

Epic Film, Never Seen Before Stunning Action, Breathtaking Visuals, Nice Comedy and romance too.....

story line is a bit confusing...

What a torture .

Please do not go watch this movie , i left the theater in the interval, never seen a worse movie like this in my life

Screenplay is superb, BGM is mind blowing.

Second half is mind blowing and it's a blockbuster.

This movie begins with nonstop cheap over the top graphics inspired from b grade holywood flick After 3 hours of sustaining a torture all you are left with is a spinning head Hearing that the movie has crossed 100 cr mark, i Dont know how much indian cinegoers ignore screenplay, acting storyling for the fake aura created around stars.

Don't waste your money!

Worst movie .

Wasted 3 hours of my life.

Worth watching: Prabhas, Screenplay, other main leads Worth irritating: Low paced love story...