Sabotage (2014) - Action, Crime, Drama

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Members of an elite DEA task force find themselves being taken down one by one after they rob a drug cartel safe house.

IMDB: 5.7
Director: David Ayer
Stars: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sam Worthington
Length: 109 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 54 out of 232 found boring (23.27%)

One-line Reviews (182)

The components that are generally considered for a great film are usually discarded for the sake of Arnie, as long as the one liners flow thick and fast and the explosive action is never far away, but here a seemingly none existent plot is further compounded by a distinct lack of any exciting action, leading to a really boring experience that really goes nowhere.

Pretty forgettable film, perhaps worth watching just the once.

It's a gritty, engaging, action packed film with a chilling ending that I found totally satisfying.

Just brush away everything you know about Arnold the man and focus on the riveting acting ensemble that he'd surrounded himself with here.

I found ALL of the actors/actresses to be compelling.

Only watch if you want an example of the way in which the media is used as a propaganda tool to push the political opinions of lobby groups and right wing financiers.

Don't waste your time with this!

This only made it more intriguing to me, and I snapped it up when it arrived On Demand cable.

It was probably his (post political) career best performance and it was really enjoyable to see Schwarzenegger explore his darker side.

Entertaining.. .

The film also benefits from the brutality one rarely sees in a Schwarzenegger film, it's unexpected and brings a sense of foreboding and realism to the story.

It's a total 'bro movie' fun action and cliché story.

Ayer uses the admittedly repetitive Agatha Christie-inspired whodunit plot as a background to explore the character of the protagonist John Wharton ("Breacher" to his comrades).

With that in mind, I'm very sorry to say that Sabotage not only is a crushing disappointment, but ranks with some of Arnold's worst movies.

After an intensive interrogation and investigation by the DEA where no evidence can be located, Breacher and his team return to their routine.

Don't buy this movie, save your Money, or spend it on beer, and have a party instead of watching this crap.

Sabotage is the rarest of Action films, as it is one with a great storyline, that is as gripping as any drama.

Not helping the cause is the fact that all actors involved here lack any type of charisma from Arnie's gruff leader Breacher, Mireille Enos as annoying drug addled tough girl Lizzy and Sam Worthington (sporting one of the worst movie goatees in history) as Monster, who at times strangely seems to speak in and out of an Australian accent.


There isn't that much action in the film, but when it happens it can be entertaining and as it feels more real than normal that helps audiences to engage more with it.

They're just empty-vessels, existing solely to throw knives into people between bench-pressing competitions and as they get bumped off one by one it's hard to muster even the slightest emotion.

Culminating in an atrocious and overbearingly bad ending and riddled with more plot holes than a wheel of Swiss cheese, Sabotage is one incredibly dull, badly acted action tinged experience that acts as another lame entry into the comeback of Schwarzenegger who must only be hoping that his falling back to the Terminator franchise can save some face in a career quickly becoming irrelevant.

This movie is probably Arnold Schwarzenegger's best acted in a long time..It is more mystery thriller than an action packed one despite what the trailers led us to believe...

I did struggle to stay awake and the acting was pretty poor from the cast.

Really engrossing .

Time was passing by so slow and for a second I thought I was sick and a bit under the *weather (if you know what I mean/ I wasn't *spoon-ing with *Reese), Short story long I was getting mad at Santa for not being there for me!

Anyways, as far as the movie is concerned, its a boring movie.

This movie even begins with an adrenaline rush of intense DEA raid scenes and quickly shows you this team's character as they are not the most honest DEA agents.

Most of the slasher murder mystery is boring.

A bit of a mess - narratively and literally - but this is still a brutal, surprisingly compelling film featuring a great lead performance by Schwarzenegger.

I hope we get to see the directors cut as I have really enjoyed David Ayers transition from fantastic writer to a great directorDespite being disjointed it's still a very good movie.

On to the good stuff, the action scenes are awesome and very exciting, there is a car chase scene where Arnold is in the back of a truck firing at a car with the shooter in the open trunk firing back that scene was awesome.

A film worth watching if you have no high exceptions...

The plot is boring and the way the police act in this movie is unrealistic.

But here, it will make you bore.

Taking about its story, yes its mystery but predictable.

i don't want to spoil the endings guys this movie was pretty good cool mystery flick David Ayer is director and writer of Training Day, Fast And The Furious (2001)Director of End of Watch, Harsh Times, Street Kings with Arnold Schwarzenegger and he's great ability of acting and but it could been a lot better if the script had been completely written by David Ayer Reworked original screenplay by Skip Woods that was kinda bad mistake to bring skip woods in to the writing of this movie David needs to be back writers of Street Kings Skip Woods is kinda bad writer of movies to me it would be better if they get someone else like screenplays James Ellroy, Kurt Wimmer,Jamie Moss for me and this movie 10.10 one of my favorite David Ayer and Arnold Schwarzenegger movie With action packed, lots of good actors, lots of crazy gun fights, lots of cussing and dirty jokes

But it doesn't compete with the nonsensical storyline or the forced, unbelievable interactions between the static, uninteresting characters.

It is grim, a little slow and borderline awesome.

boredom to the bitter end

The first two films, since his time in the Governor's chair in California were 'The Last Stand' and 'Escape Plan', both of which were PG-13 action vehicles for Schwarzenegger that had a silly and highly entertaining premise, even though the plots of both films were ridiculous.

Their operations are exciting and afterward they party hard.

Schwarzenegger is always good at being tough, all the supporting cast members are stereotypes, but they do fine, the story is just about interesting to follow, I agree with critics it more about the shock factor, but that is exactly what kept me watching, all the grisly deaths, each more gory than the last, and the sequences with speedy chases and guns blazing are exciting, so overall it was a reasonable crime action thriller.

The trailer was intense and getting a chance to see some of my favorite TV actors on the big screen was exciting.

If you're looking for an intense police drama/action flick, then this is a great one.

This movie was also dull and very boring, graphically violent, over the top gory, and I didn't care about any of the characters.

Yes, an action movie with Arnie turned out to be dull.

Completely Waste of time.

The story was good and had enough twist and turns to keep me on the edge of my seat for the majority of the film.

boring Sabotage in Vienna......

Even though it's not some phenomenal work of art, but "just" an action movie, it's amazingly well built, with fast action and many unexpected twists.

Sabotage has neither of those things and, as a result, it turns into a dreary pseudo-cop whodunnit.

I've got nothing against expletives, seriously, unless they become the sole dialogue in multiple long, boring scenes, as a means of conveying almost nothing to ANY individual character development.

I love the twists and the intensity of this movie was at times unpredictable.

Well okay, Sam Worthington is okay, but even his character is rather bland because of the poor script.

Notable are both Josh Holloway as Eddie 'Neck' and Joe Manganiello (Grinder) with Mireille Enos giving a memorable action packed introduction as Lizzy Murray.

It has a bit of a mystery element in it, more suspenseful than any Schwarzenegger film.

-Long, boring drinking scenes (10-20 minutes) of guys back-slapping, howling and acting all awesome (the dialogue had to be at least 50% "f-ck".

No redeeming social value, but riveting to watch .

This tries to be too smart in the end throwing in twist after twist that makes the last one come over as pointless.

My 1st review of movieI read a lot of reviews complaining about lack of plot, hey, Schwarzenegger is not know for movies with super plot twists, is he?

" so I have just watched the film and enjoyed it.

This isn't an all-out action bonanza, it's a riveting crime thriller with book-ending action sequences that aim to shock rather than awe.

Coming from David Ayer (man responsible for some of the best cop thrills this century like 'Training Day' or 'End of Watch') and starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, one could expect some nice action packed gritty thrill ride.

Other than that, however, it is direly boring.

But when you're done watching the movie, you are left with a lot of unanswered questions and to ponder about them seems like more of the waste of time that you've invested watching the movie.

The plot was intriguing and unexpected.

We see Breacher's squad execute a thrilling bust on a cartel mansion where they find a stack of money about the same size Walter White (Breaking Bad) had accumulated in his storage container.

In conclusion, Sabotage isn't a very original or memorable film, but I found it a competent action film whose disproportionate violence and cartoonish tone make it an entertaining experience, despite the excesses and inconsistencies which plague the screenplay.

Once upon a time I was feeling bored and lazy so I decided to stay in for the weekend.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed it, good characters, good story, great action, good Arnold lines, satisfying ending.

This makes for compelling viewing and second-guessing especially when likability see-saws with suspicion.

The story is intriguing and you do want to find out just what on earth is going on.


However, the production of "Drive" keeps America's elite from reaching the level of worst movie in the history of ever, and that, folks, is my silver lining.

No, it is not the only movie you ever need to see, but it is pretty darn entertaining, I'll tell ya.

I found myself tensing up at the right times, and biting my fingers as the team swept another room, and so this was an Enjoyable ride for me that I recommend to most folks.

It is, however, consistently gripping and almost worryingly compelling, a thriller that packs a punch so brutal it fascinates even as it disgusts.

The gritty brutality is compelling although not everybody in the cast is.

If such sights make you empty the contents of your stomach, "Sabotage" is not for you.

All in all it was great waste of time and money, so don't watch this film specially if you are Arnold's fan because you will be greatly disappointed.

The detective slips on something slimy and finds herself immersed in a pool of blood and guts.

This movie was intense, dramatic, dark, confusing, and ultimately fulfilling, especially when it comes to action, drama, and, in a way, horror.

As for the plot, well the film is a confusing mix of action movie and mystery thriller.

I couldn't watch it for more than half hour, it's just like the other teen directed movie, using phone camera for video recording, No cinematography, No Script, Bad dialogues, No Chemistry between characters, just jumbled up.

The supporting cast was bad, very weak background, to many confusing story lines that didn't fit into the movie, plot holes.

This gets very boring and unpleasant after and one is left zero sympathy for the characters .

A waste of time off my projector bulb.

brilliant action packed movie .

Its got a really strong beginning, a suspenseful enough middle, and a really, really weak ending.

However the silly dialogues, the wooden acting, the random bunch of TV series actors (plus Sam Worthington) and the confusing editing of reality with imagined scenes, it all spoiled it for me.

Director David Ayer deserves some credit to take us in to a compelling grim world where any deadly consequences are present.

However, this is actually a slow moving thriller with some action scenes few and far apart.

pretty entertaining dark action movie to see once...

I love Schwarzenegger, but this is one of his worst movies.

Useless waste of time .

And I also have to say I found its screenplay interesting and well structured (even though it's full of holes), with moderately unexpected twists and agile dynamics which allow us to see glimpses of the characters' twisted psychology.

Arnie:"Hey David, I am bored and was wondering if you fancy making a movie David Ayer: "I am kinda busy watching the grass grow, did you try any other directors.

I do find myself agreeing with some of the comments about this being disjointed.

;) Don't waste your time OR your money seeing this garbage.

The makers of this actually think watching people (Including innocent bystanders) getting blown up, nailed to the ceiling, run over and splattered and shot is entertaining, and fill the movie with nasty violence that has no purpose whatsoever.

The story is not interesting, nearly boring.

Oh, his team are made up of basically the same obnoxious, macho bores we see in ever team special forces type movie.

This movie was a waste of my Saturday night as well as money.


Good dumb mindless boring gory stupid fun .

The story is unnecessarily convoluted and confusing at every turn.

It's pretty suspenseful.

This is a profile of people in an extreme endeavor with life threatening pressures that lead to mental breakdowns, errors in judgment, and unexpected conflicts.

Worst movie I've ever seen from Arnie.

The flick is more of a suspense driven character study and crime mystery (with plenty of twists) than an action film but it's a highly entertaining and well made one.

but nothing happens....

I'm giving it 7 because this truly is an action packed movie in which Arnold does his job as good as he should.

really 10/10 rating for this movie, whole movie is thrilling, action packed, gritty and wont let you take your eye off the screen.

But once Olivia Williams' character is introduced and the dominoes start to fall, I found 'Sabotage' to be a well acted and intriguing mystery in the mold of Agatha Christie's 'Ten Little Indians'.

second the cameras it was pretty shaky it almost made my eyes bleed but other than that, the film was enjoyable though it could have been better still i recommend it to all Arnold fans.

Enjoyable romp .

Worst movie I've seen in a long time .

He seems entirely out of place, merely reciting lines he memorized five minutes ago while trying to pretend he's intense.

Worth watching!

Her performance alone made it worth watching for me.

This has some intense action sequences, and it is bru-tal!

THE GOOD STUFFAs with other Ayer's movies, the action is brutal and gripping enough to capture your attention.

The twist and turns are actually quite unexpected and actually does have somewhat of an impact.

Some characters were killed off too soon for my taste, but overall the film was entertaining and certainly action-packed.

The action was pretty gory, some bawdy jokes that were predictable.

The cast are great together, and are the predictable rag tag team of hard men.

Terrible writing, cliché, an dumb at times.

Worst Movie Ever .

Despite being an action movie, the mood of the entire movie feels so slow, especially after the first ten to fifteen minutes of breaching sequence.

The worst offender was Mireille Enos who was so unbearable that it took everything I can to not walk out of the theater and burn the place to the ground as I did so.

Holy hell what a waste of my life.

It all unfolds nicely, but it is a bit slower than what most Arnie fans are used to.

The overall cast here is engaging, with Schwarzenegger gives a daring performance as the cigar-chomping John "Breacher" Wharton with a dark past.

Anyway, I enjoyed it and look forward to Ayers next film.

This film undeservedly disappeared upon release but it's well worth watching and despite the mystery being solved by the end of the film, there is enough action and chemistry between the cast to give this definite rewatch value.

Entertaining movie with the correct expectations .

It was a riveting movie with a great balance of plot and action.

The script is awful with the dialogue containing just a bunch of swear words and it helps make the characters the unbearable people that they are in this film.

) That said, whenever he's on the screen or uttering dialogue in that unique way that only he can manage I found it compelling viewing right up to the last blood dripping final few moments when his face did as much acting as he ever has in his career.

Overall a thoroughly enjoyable watch, has it's own good twists and turns and full of mindless Action in which director Ayer chose to go with stunt work over CGI and you can really appreciate it when you're watching it.

Arnold goes around depressed and brooding and is really boring to watch.

Mireille Enos, who always seemed drab and dour in other roles, was _outstanding_ as the profane, sexy and crazy/violent Lizzie.

) it is, *drumroll* entertaining!

Arnold himself being team leader, did a great job, and finished his mission no matter what, i enjoyed the hell out of this film and i think it was a come back for Arnold, it wasn't a flop (in my head, again most people are posting that it was crap and Arnold is done, blah blah blah) This movie had everything going for it, action packed, lots of good actors, lots of crazy gun fights, lots of cussing and dirty jokes, i saw a review that said this is a "guilty pleasure for manly men".....

Surrounded by a strong supporting cast, Arnold--who has looked either rusty or bored (or both) since his comeback--gives his best performance in years.

Arnold was rather dull and lifeless sitting on his rump, smoking a cigar.

Pointless amounts of swearing, the violence was overused to the point that it should've been an 18 instead of a 15.

His "team" is an ensemble cast and at first they come across as empty, annoying and very unlikable.

I was was really involved in this movie, from start till very end - it's not the best action film of the year, but it'a a compelling one.

While the protagonists are hotshots, they also have the capability to get killed in the most mundane ways.

The events that unfold are emotionally riveting (as long as you're not hung up on some kind of expectation that you can't get past) The twist at the end, which I will not spoil for you, while not totally unexpected, was still a surprise.

It's like a serious mature thriller movie becoming some those tipical Arnold Schwarzenegger cliche action movie.

SUMMARY: Dull and full of unlikeable people.

With cheesy lines of dialogue throughout, gratuitous nudity, and a confusing and horrible story structure, this bloodbath of a film might leave you unsatisfied, despite the above mentioned traits.

The film isn't just about killing people and blowing things up, it has plenty of that, but in the case of Sabotage, there is a reason for all of it, and this film will really keep you on the edge of your seat.

So yeah, it's a decent movie and I certainly enjoyed it more than that freak show with Johnny Knoxville.

With a good script and some proper direction I could see this ensemble doing something really worth watching.

I paid $6 to watch this movie on UVerse and I felt kinda bland at the end; wondering if my $6 was well spent.

I would not recommend this to anyone, don't waste your money.

Virtually every piece of dialogue sounded lazy, contrived and generally terrible.

I don't take his movies seriously anymore, but the likes of 'The Last Stand' are still very watchable and enjoyable to me.

I think it was meant to be a gritty, bad-cop thriller but it is too unrealistic to be taken serious and too dull for anything else.

Alas this movie certainly has the blood and action (at times) but it feels empty forced and too self indulgent.

Its still entertaining at least.

Schwarzenegger delivers a rare dark performance in this extremely violent but ponderous cop thriller.

It's pretty entertaining if you give it a chance.

From the opening sequence to the predictable ending this movie was all over the place.

It's enough to say that it's stupid, filthy, pointless, and doesn't make any sense at all.

) style gives the action a riveting immediacy, and the politically-incorrect banter between the characters has the ring of authenticity.

Therefore, I find it hard to believe that Sabotage didn't get much attention - I just recently came upon it over the internet - it's gotta great cast, a talented, accomplished, writer director (David Ayer), and a compelling story line.

Written by Skip Woods who is known for his intense action films deliveries another solid outing with his script.

Entertaining, brutal action-thriller .


Drinking, swearing, falling out, making up, a real bro-mance, and this is the downside to the film, the predictability of the main characters, these personality traits are in every film about the police these days, and it gets a little boring for the viewer.

Well This is one of the worst movies Schwarzenegger is in .

But every last one of them was entertaining.

Very little substance but is overall entertaining .

It's just that what they were asked to do was to dreadful and tedious.

True, the latter had several twists and unexpected moments, good-guys-die-too, etc, and viewers can ponder on and over what really happened during the events depicted in the beginning.

Boring, lazy, disgusting at times, and it appeared as if no one even gave a crap while they were filming it.

What a waste of time.