Saving Private Ryan (1998) - Drama, War

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Following the Normandy Landings, a group of U.S. soldiers go behind enemy lines to retrieve a paratrooper whose brothers have been killed in action.

IMDB: 8.6
Director: Steven Spielberg
Stars: Tom Hanks, Matt Damon
Length: 169 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 104 out of 1000 found boring (10.4%)

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I've seen this movie over 3 nights.. you have to realize that you're watching 3 hours with many boring conversations, conversations should be interesting though!

What an amazing, intense reminder of the depth of the sacrifice those who've given their lives in the horrors of combat have truly given to the rest of us.

The opening scene on Omaha Beach is one of the greatest modern film achievements - completely engrossing and visually stunning.

The beginning and the ending were trite and contrived.

Way too formulaic in its depiction of the horrors of war .

I liked some of the combat scenes but mostly I was just bored and thought they were too obviously and deliberately trying to pull at heart strings and wave the U.

This movie was as stupid and cliché as Inglorious Bastards.

'Saving Private Ryan' is a beautifully told, emotional and gripping war tale .

The landing in Normandy is probably the most intense scene in movie history, and I believe will always remain so.

But i think for a big epic like this it would have been better to have an unbiased portrayal of Germans so the film would have been universally admired,instead its coming across as anti-German propaganda especially when there is so much American flag-waving.

Not only that, but you feel so helpless for the GI's because if they don't take the beach, they are in a world of s*** because there is no where to retreat to, in this moment in history, the world came to suspenseful pause to watch which superpower was going to be the big boy on the block, wethere it was Germany's Fascism, or Americas Democracy.

I think that this is among Spielberg's best for sure, and I can highly recommend it as a must see piece of film history.

, a personality trait) and then be brutally killed in the next scene in the most drawn-out agonizing way possible.

This film really gives you the idea of how intense war really is and just how accurate the outcomes would be like.

As cringeworthy as this cliché is I would say Hanks does it best.

Though the grave portrayals and subject matter exclude Saving Private Ryan from being a traditionally entertaining film, it is still very engaging.

The D-Day landing sequence is horrific, riveting and emotionally numbing, a true landmark in film-making.

Truly breathtaking.

It's scarily realistic, mentally scarring and utterly compelling.

Worth Watching .

To say much more would be giving away major plot developments, but the plot features several major surprises and gripping battle scenes.

This whole soap opera is chock full of Bridges-of-Madison-County drawn- out boring melodramatic scenes designed to pluck at your heart strings.

because its amazing, gripping, true and tense, oh man does this film makes a whole lot of sense.

Still, it's well worth watching.

More likely Spielberg's agenda was make money while subtly refuting post-war portrayals (such as "Das Boot" and "Cross of Iron") of the German soldier as something more than the sub- human creature of WWII propaganda days or the cartoon villains of his own "Raiders of the Lost Ark" series.

For the duration of the film, it hits the same tedious notes.

The beach scene (reality, it happened of course) pointless beyond belief and an embarrassment to mankind - what military leader would put men onto a hot-beach without air support or 10" guns blazing from warships offshore?

Fantastic cinematography, great acting, beyond realistic, unbelievable attention to detail, gripping action scenes, compelling story...

Full of errors and mistakes, ridiculous scenes and pointless (and fake) brutality.

Groundbreaking filmwork, pointless film.

The first twenty or so minutes in particular (the D-Day landing) is riveting while Spielberg continually shows himself capable of handling all situations and settings with aplomb.

This film simply has a fascinating plot and great dialogue between the soldiers.

And credit must also go to screenwriter Robert Rodat whose story is so incredibly compelling.

Along with the story, the film has too many slow movements; overall, it is too long and tends to drag on.

Okay well that could have been a stupid decision but to have the men act they didn't have a clue about war, they didn't just go through the brutality of the invasion, was just so contrived it was too much for the suspension of believe normally called for.

This movie was so forward, so riveting and so disturbing that it really made me look at my own military career and see how far we've come hundreds of years later.

Now i now this film was primarily about saving private Ryan and not so much about D-Day in depth, I think this is a fantastic opportunity for Hollywood to make an in-depth film about D-Day, by that I mean the intensive three year planning that had begun even before America joined the war, the RAF missions over Callais and other bluffs to make the Germans convicned the attack was coming there, even during the middle D-Day they were still convinced that another wave would hit elsewhere.

It also made it more exciting.

For most part it is a wonderful watch however towards the end I was thinking it is quite a pointless film.

People were getting healed only to be shot and the bloodbath was intense.

The first battle, a shocking and adrenaline-pumping depiction of D-Day at Omaha Beach is quite frankly one of the best war scenes ever committed to film.

I give Saving Private Ryan a 10/10 for Spielberg's outstanding direction, the great performances from the cast, and the stunning cinematography from Kaminski.

Propaganda: In this movie (besides the opening scene in which hundreds of US soldiers were slaughtered on Omaha Beach) the average US soldiers kills 50 German soldiers, gets shot (falls over dramatically in slow motion with stupid opera music playing), then pulls out his pistol and kills another 50 Germans and then dies dramatically saying something stupid like "Tell my wife I love her".

But even though this film possesses a disputable story there are actually a host of notable actors in this film that do a good job of backing up the film's rather sensitive storyline, Tom Hanks gives a riveting performance as Cpt.

This film is so awesome and breathtaking , seeing how these men are fighting over seas

The opening scene is thrilling.

There are other interesting and engaging conflicts, though they pale in comparison with that full-on intro.

During the '40s, when war films were largely produced for propaganda purposes and for injecting much needed patriotism into all Americans while we fought Hitler and Mussolini and the Japanese, we had films like A WALK IN THE SUN or GUADALCANAL DIARY or SO PROUDLY WE HAIL.

Boring .

This is the worst movie I have seen of Tom Hanks.

It makes the movie unnecessary long and dull.

During their journey they encounter snipers, moral dilemmas etc. the idea of 8 people putting their lives at stake for just one person, is an intriguing story and to supplement that you will see a hell lot of action.

It shows that war was very brutal, very bloody, confusing and the need for good tactics and good men.

It's a slow paced movie.

I will definitely recommend this film because it is worth watching, if you like war movies.

On an overall scale, Saving Private Ryan presents its esteemed director at his brutal best and with its unflinching take on the horrors of war delivers an extremely intense, powerfully moving, brutally realistic & truly unforgettable cinematic experience.

the title of this movie is uncreative and it lacks of nice and cool words, probably the second worst movie title i have ever seen.

Masterful direction, slow moments flanked by some of the greatest war sequences ever put to film.

This film has exciting, graphic, horrifying and realistic battle footage.

Mediocre & Pointless is probably the best way to describe it.

Everything about this movie, from the incredible cinematography, the intense film editing, to the explosive sound, "Saving Private Ryan" was one heck of a thrill.

The reason I gave it a 5 was that it had some decent action in it but movie is overwhelmed with Spielberg's/Americans propaganda.

Saving private Ryan has got to be the best war movie ever made it shows a great portrayal of being in battle and fighting for ones country it depicts the invasion of Normandy in world war 2 which the film takes place in It is set during world war 2 and it depicts graphic violence and intensety of the on assaults in battles in the film it's directed by steven Spielberg the guy behind a lot of cinematic blessings I love him as a director he always delivers his best talented and has a great eye for visual storytelling, entertaining power, brilliant skills and a very interesting concept his films are all kinds of greatness he has made all kinds of movies and here one of the biggest and strongest strengths he has is filming action.

I first saw this on DVD years ago and enjoyed it so much.

In my opinion saving private Ryan is the most entertaining and realistic war movie you can find to have been released.

Be warned - this is likely among the most intense war films of all time, and is not for the weak of stomach or heart.

The action is so intense, the gun battles are incredible, and the sound effects are just phenomenal and bass dropping.

The opening sequence is particularly breathtaking.

And some of the lines, although not many, were a little cliché.

The way he took the movie is just Breathtaking.

During this lengthy interim the action is too slow-moving and attempts to focus on the conflicting personalities of Miller and his men never arouse much interest; it is as though individual human beings are dwarfed by the sheer immensity of the conflict raging around them.

Never one to miss an opportunity to manipulate, Spielberg makes us endure some pretty feeble philosophising, Ted Danson trying to be serious (yes, Ted Danson), a token "death of the youngest soldier" tragedy and some of the most sentimentally contrived dialogue I have ever suffered, which never really stood a chance coming from the worst group of two-dimensional characters ever assembled for a movie.

Tom Hanks is compelling as Captain John H.

Many people have said that the start of this movie is the most intense, realistic capture of the invasion of Normandy beach.

The more compelling films IMO are the ones centered around wars and encounters which represent the costs of wars for little if any benefit.

But if not -and that is my case, I have to admit- you will most likely find it boring and too long.

It's boring.

1 (personal) - it was too long for me, and 2 - at the end it looks like american propaganda.

This movie contains both and that is what makes it unique and compelling to watch.

It is intense and should be treated as such.

Listening to Hanks and his men discuss various things as they look for Private Ryan, was fascinating to me.

For example, in the scene where they walk through a field and a tank is coming, the music makes it more exciting.

All of the actors, all the countless noteworthy faces, playing the men under him are compelling, somewhat on account of Spielberg defying the inducement to make them stereotypical caricatures in the custom of WWII movies, and makes them emphatically everyday.

This makes for extremely intense drama, for it really is impossible to predict in the movie's logic what is going to happen next.

The opening scene was so intense and realistic, it explains everything about war that can't be learned just through reading books, studying history or ever looking at old photos.

And it is in this background that Hanks delivers a compelling performance worthy of many rewatches.

Save your money if you want to see saving private ryan, wait for it to come on ABC.

He takes you into the line of war liken no filmmaker, and has extremely intense and realistic battle sequences to show how much sacrifice the brave men of WW II gave in order to promote peace and liberty.

The ending of this movie is fairly intense as well.

The movie leaves you feeling somewhat empty because of the foolish nature of the war, and a human drama that at its core doesn't make much sense.

I have to say I have zero interest in Spielberg's propaganda.

Spielberg paints by numbers in the last battle scene though, it being all too predictable to fully believe any battle in any war ever quite happened like that.

The use of background music in certain scenes made it more exciting and attractive to watch.

The deadlier the mission becomes, the more exciting the movie gets.

This movie is an absolutely breathtaking and affect all the people that see this film, it affected me so much.

Let us not forget indeed, as Stevie does inject some excitement and tension into the action set pieces, even if they are overlong, predictable, and dangerously close to many a scene from many a war movie that came before it.

This movie is intense and is definitely not okay for kids.

Spielberg tries to make you care for them by overly long scenes in which they talk about their past i however found these scenes boring and had didn't have me caring any more.

The spectacle of the epic battle, the bloody battle of Normandy, the scenes of the bloodbath, were breathtaking, and there was a sense of panic.

A truly worthy battalion of actors were chosen and the battle cinematography was horrifyingly breathtaking.

Overrated, fake propaganda sh-t, just avoid.

From start to finish, you are so immersed in this film that you are feeling every emotion of every character as if you were them.

History aside, "Saving Private Ryan" is one of the greatest propaganda films ever made and grittily epic visualizing at its finest .

This film is absolutely stunning.

The use of sound is amazing, with bullets whistling past you .."Band of brothers" is pretty much the same but slower in pace due to the TV series length.

One thing you have to take into perspective is that John Williams(composer of film) was one of the people who made this movie intense with his wonderful score to keep you intrigued throughout.

I recommend this to all people who love to watch an exciting movie.

Soon, the storyline swings to an unpredictable path and the viewer is engaged in the thoughts and actions of a group of men whose paths, both literally and figuratively, are laden with uncertainty.

The support cast are also intense, and include Giovanni Ribisi, Vin Diesel, Adam Goldberg and Barry Pepper.

I found how that played out to be very intriguing.

Indeed, once the opening battle sequence ends the film becomes so slow and so repetitive that you could easily nip outside, cut the lawn, and come back in to find you've not missed anything at all.

And Saving Private Ryan is testimony to that, a truly gripping and harrowing war film, unparallelled in the last 20 years.

Contrary to these portrayals, he is equally effective in engaging the audience into positive emotions such as a feeling of triumph when the soldiers under the command of Captain Miller penetrate the German infantry on Omaha beach when it looked clear that the soldiers where in a desperate struggle against the Germans.

Sit back, turn off the mobile and allow yourself to be taken on a stunning visual spectacle.

The rest of the battle sequences are filmed with so much authentic realism and are never seem glorified in the slightest, and the final battle is one of the most intense, nail biting battle sequences I've ever seen.

In short: Good : -First 5 minutes on the Beach -Some good action scenes Bad: -Propaganda -Pointless Storyline

And the scene where captain Miller dies is just a big cliché.

In the beginning we thought the fighting scene was taking too long, making it a bit boring to watch.

'Horrific, yet gripping and intensifying'.

Unfortunately, D-Day as such has absolutely nothing to do with the story of SAVING PRIVATE RYAN: once this brilliant sequence is over, we are left with a highly sentimental, tiresomely repetitive, and completely unoriginal film that drags on and on to an extremely obvious conclusion.

This included Bill Faust, 78, who was accompanied in the theatre by only one other as the rest of his North Florida D-Day veterans' group walked out - 'I should have never gone to see that damn movie,' Faust said, 'In my mind, most of the details of D-Day were gone; all this did was bring them back… it's better to keep them tucked away where they don't bother you.

This intense, fast-paced, realistic scene was one of many in the movie.

Steven Spielberg not only aimed to show the needless, countless and horrific violence of this war, he also has tried to show us as an audience that in these dark times, humanity will find a way, and that is the basis of our story (although a fictional story, it is a heart felt and beautiful story, that will leave you on the edge of your seat throughout).

I thought the movie was boring.

I think that the second act is beautifully done and exciting… story-wise, I was very into it.

The audience is dragged right into the film and with only a few slow scenes you soon discover that three somewhat grueling hours have passed.

This movie is just breathtaking.

he will do scenes just for the sake mainly of his "great shots", the times he has the men framed against a setting sun in silhouette just got tedious.

Visually rich with a stunning and honest depiction of war .

There's something here for everybody--war is hell (Sam Fuller), war is father figures (Oliver Stone), war is absurd (David Lean, Stanley Kubrick), war is necessary (John Ford), war is surreal (Francis Coppola), war is exciting (Robert Aldrich), war is upsetting (all of the preceding and Lewis Milestone), war is uplifting (ditto)--and nothing that suggests an independent vision, unless you count seeing more limbs blown off than usual (the visceral opening sequence, showing Omaha Beach on June 6, 1944) or someone getting graphically shot underwater.

Steven Spielberg has made a gripping and entertaining film with Saving Private Ryan.

Sound effects are excellent, the best I've heard, especially the incredibly suspenseful sound of tanks approaching at the film's climax.

In the confusion and stress of the scene, a sniper shoots Caparzo.

A fascinating tale of courage and heroism, the end result will leave you clapping with joy.

SPR does not and the German soldier who is let free by Tom Hanks' super hero captain ("he'll be picked up soon enough"), and then returns as the face of the enemy is pure Hollywood cliché.

The opening attack on Omaha Beach is excellent, and you can feel the frantic, fearful adrenaline of the soldiers as they rush into the line of fire and are randomly picked off one-by-one.

Easily the worst movie ever made about World War II and the Normandy Invasion on D-Day, Spielberg has taken the heroic story of the 5 Sullivan Brothers who lost their lives in the Pacific, renamed them Ryan, moved them to Europe, and turned them into cry-babies.

It is very gory in many parts, especially the beach scene, and the bridge fight which is very intense and results in 3 main characters dying unfortunately.

A little propaganda is never wrong.

It's a great movie and definitely worth watching!

It does to an extent glorify American soldiers considering that a number of soldiers abandoned their respective duties in order to retrieve an unknown private but it does it in an engrossing manner.

Spielberg's attempts at meticulously recreating the Omaha Beach invasion that take up the first half hour or so of this film are stunning.

I object to the contrived, sappy, questionable way Spielberg depicted the dramatics and the fact that I was unable to buy the characters as real.

While it may be technically superior from a film-making point of view, the storytelling was grossly overrated and seemed both mechanical and predictable compared to classic war movies from the '60s and '70s.

This type of plot creates a sense of attachment to Captain Miller (Tom Hanks) and his 2nd Ranger Battalion as they go on what seems like a pointless mission to find missing Private Ryan (Matt Damon).

Saving Private Ryan was an intense movie with very realistic scenarios.

This predictable nature also allows to realize exactly where the film is headed.

A really tiresome and criminally overrated viewing experience.

The script was very unpredictable which made it more fun to watch and therefore you would like to know what will happen next and you will not get tired of it even though the scenes took a bit too long.

Photography, without comments, and sound editing is another very positive point, where explosions of grenades and mortars, join intense noises of so, that that gave cheer to more in the film.

The opening battle scene with the invasion of Normandy was obviously intense and gripping.

What a breathtaking film.

I understand, that it's a war movie, and that there has to be a decent amount of war in it; but the story was just so shallow, and soo boring.

It's refreshing for a war movie to move beyond the 'point of view of one man' cliché.

Tom Hanks is riveting as usual, refusing to be held back by the dulled script.

An intense and brutal depiction of the elements of war.

Gripping, horrific first-person experiences in the thick of World War II, as you're already, no doubt, keenly aware.

Some reviewers wrote that there is nothing stupid about Germans here because they made mistakes like slow reaction to the D-day or wrong estimation of the invasion's spot.

Some of it looks a little too contrived, to be honest, as though the director was aiming at some conclusion with all the little conclusions coming first.

One of the movies intriguing plot points is the fact that Millers brothers in arms have no clue to his occupation back in the world before war.

Heartfelt and a brilliant Tom hanks performance but the amount of American propaganda and the last bit with the American flag made me go down to a 7 which is a shame

The excellent photography by Janusz Kaminski (for which he won an Oscar) and amazing sound effects in the breathtaking opening scenes is probably the best sequences in a movie ever.

Though Black Hawk Down is easily as intense as this, it just doesn't have the gritty feel of SPR and you can't exactly care about the characters.

The most breathtaking scene opens with the soldiers moving on Normandy beach on 6 June 1944.

" Granted, none of them boasts the extreme combat that "Saving Private Ryan" commands, but they are solidly-made, engaging war movies with deeply personal stories.

The story, especially with reference to recent world events, feels like a US propaganda tool.

Saving Private Ryan is a must-watch because of how realistic and thrilling it is in both the action and non-action scenes.

Saving Private Ryan is a very fast paced war movie with lots battle scenes throughout.

Really breathtaking.

The main characters land on Omaha beach, giving birth to one of the most intense movie scenes every filmed.

The film's performances are stunning especially Tom Hanks, all has their own emotion which makes each character interesting and refreshing.

Their interpersonal conflicts, thoughts, and physical efforts to fulfill this duty provide a gripping emotional and action packed film.

Said to have made veterans weep during its release and during its intense first thirty mins, as its depiction of the events of D-Day upon the beaches of Normandy to be the most realistic and finest ever captured on film.

I don't know why he's in this movie, but it was an unexpected surprise.

The film opens up with an action packed scene detailing the battle of Normandy.

don't waste your time.

The events of Saving Private Ryan are intended by military brass to be a moving piece of Army propaganda.

Those who are at all squeamish will find the opening of "Saving Private Ryan" unbearable.

You truly feel the adrenaline of the killer, the pain of the soldier, and the sorrow of the soldier's friends every time someone dies.

including the very end,which was as melodramatic and pretentious and naive as almost the whole picture.

It is gritty and dramatic, touching and exciting.

Clichéd, tedious and incredibly unpleasant to watch .

The opening twenty minutes on Omaha Beach, which show the infamous D-Day landings, are everything you've heard: exhilarating, utterly depressing, disturbing, exciting, and gruesome.

The mission to save Private Ryan is a riveting one as the 8 protagonist soldiers undertake detour missions to reach their goal.

What follow is a heart wrenching journey for both us and the men, as Spielberg cleverly draws out of us all, the colours of the emotional wheel as we've; Laughed with them, felt regret as some of them die on their journey, we have been scared as the ever looming Germans approach, we felt anger, frustration and the occasional breathtaking triumph.

Stunning .

Saving Private Ryan is an amazing insight into the "soldiers war" with heart gripping scenes such as the opening landing on Omaha beach.

Still, as I attribute the entire 8 stars to artistic merit, the last two gaping empty stars must be addressed.


The movie has a pretentious story (Don't believe that even the U.

The end credits of the movie are fascinating.

I saw this gripping and grizzly film at the young age of 9!

From here the film goes from bad to worse to utter garbage, as we are dragged through a war-is-hell-by-numbers affair.

It is an intense drama that shows the honor, bravery, and horror of war.

One part of the film is when there's a family where the father gave away his daughter, that became suspenseful because the emotion on the kid's face is too emotional to watch.

Slow, cheap ones like Sam Fuller's or even innovative grunt's-view stories like "Platoon.

Tom Hanks leads an outstanding cast, Janusz Kaminski's cinematography is breathtaking, John Williams provides a powerful and at times haunting score.

However the dialogue is not up to scratch in some areas particularly when the band of soldiers first set out to find Ryan, its very banal.

On second viewing, 10 years later on a small screen, the shock element has of course slightly diminished but the impact and dare I say it, adrenaline rush is still there.

don't waste your time .

and sorry, I was still unimpressed by a film that was blatantly designed to incite and inflame naïve "yeah yeah" flag-waving Americans in droves to pay and watch another unabashed, proven money-gouging formulaic fairytale of A Fearless & Moral American Military versus An Evil & Amoral Enemies.

But this film is so much more than the stunning, often horrifying, visuals.

From the actors like Tom Hanks and sexy Matt Damon, to the small details in every scene (or big like the 40,000 gallons of fake blood for the opening scene), it was just a mind blowing movie that really makes you appreciate everyone fighting for our freedom.

The first 30 minutes of this movie are perhaps the most compelling 30 minutes of cinema ever filmed.

This movie was an immense gathering of suspenseful, action-based, dramatized scenes.

The whole film is filled with action and it keeps us all on the edge of our seats.

The special effects were mind boggling to say the least.

I found this movie to be enjoyable even though there are some historical inaccuracies.

It loses the other 5 stars for being too stereotypical and cliché.

"Saving Private Ryan" is one of Steven Spielberg's most haunting and visually stunning films.

A sniper's basic job in battle is to make the enemy keep low and go slow.

In Saving Private Ryan, Spielberg uses his extreme technical proficiency to tell a very engaging story about the nature of war.

This is literally the worst movie I have ever seen and I hate myself for seeing it.

It has great action, great acting and its realistic and suspenseful.

The opening scene is a gut shot, no pun intended, and I felt immersed very quickly.

Keep you on the edge of your seat with every muscle in your body tenses up.

We see Ted Danson and Bryan Cranston with bit parts in the film and unexpected big name cameos that don't distract from the story are always fun.

Breathtaking and Extraordinary...

The Omaha beach sequence it has to be said is exciting.

Graphic and intense images not for the faint of heart.

The opening twenty minutes are still as breathtaking, shocking and disturbing realistic as they were back in 1998.

this movie worth watching again n again, at least 10 tyms.....

Saving Private Ryan stands as one of the greatest war films of all time, striking a near perfect balance of the brutality of war, camaraderie of brothers, and the sacrifice the brave soldiers of WWII gave, as well as their families, supplied with a cast full of breathtaking performances, spectacular scenes of intense warfare, and an emotionally rousing script, not to mention incredible direction from Spielberg, making this war film a landmark in cinema and among Spielbergs finest works.

The battles are long, bloody, and intense.

Yes these scenes are sufficiently engaging even if each one does not contribute to a central story thrust.

I remember that another film dealing with World War II was released at around the same time, Terrence Malick's The Thin Red Line, which dealt with the war in the Pacific and it was far more gripping and stronger and far less sentimental movie.

I mean thats exactly what it felt like, pointless.

The young private "coming of age" by learning how to gun down unarmed German soldiers...

The action scenes in the movie are very intense and have the audience on the edge of their seats.

The movie felt real and intense within all aspects.

The rest of the movie moved a bit slow for me, and the ending was not the great for me.

Spielberg's technique is frequently brilliant, but it's unvaried, so that the final battle is no different in tone from the first one, three hours of screen time previous.

Likewise, bolt on 20 minutes of startling cinematography (which was not part of the original Spielberg grand plan) and transform a fairly pedestrian, unoriginal war-is-naughty-but-devilishly-exciting flick into a major cinematic event.

It really has a forties feel to it and it's really intense.

First, the mastery of cinematic technique shown by Steven Spielberg and his entire production crew is still exciting, and moving to me.

Running nearly three hours in length, this rowdy, often profane World War II melodrama creates a deeper impression with is grotesque special effects than with its drab, sometimes improbable tale.

Steven Spielberg can be a truly great director, but Saving Private Ryan is an increasingly tiresome and nearly unwatchable trudge through war movie clichés.

From the deep emotions and feelings, to the action packed battle scenes, every part was beautifully depicted with Spielberg's technical skills.

The story is so predictable and the character development it poor.

This is a great movie and I highly recommend it to anyone who can handle violence and would like to see war portrayed in its most realistic form.

Beyond that, you've got an incredibly compelling story, amazing photography, a rich scenario, very attaching and real characters, as well as interesting thoughtful dialogs.

Steven Spielberg's direction in this film is mind blowing as he uses many different aspects of point of view to change how the viewer feels during the movie.

Every scene is gripping from beginning to the end portraying the punishing monstrosity in battlefields of Normandy.

It is an achievement in cinema and also fascinating to watch.

But the end result, with Upham finally doing what he should've done in the first place seems, dare I say, pointless.

The main problem I have with the rest of the film is that it feels contrived.

Not that the rest of the film has nothing to offer dramatically, it does, but it all feels too calculated, too contrived and convenient as opposed to the radical and chaotic opening scene.

The cinematography was terrific and compelling.

On the other hand, flashbacks are used in Flags of our Fathers in order to show both the war and the propaganda campaign undertaken by the main characters going across the United States.

The film is particularly recognised for its intense opening scene set on the beach of Omaha, Normandy but in my opinion, the movie is entertaining, intense and captivating throughout the duration.

Extremely Powerful, Intense, And Immersive Experience Involving Rangers Throughout/After The Normandy Landings (One Of The Greatest War Movies Of All Time!

It is such a soul searching, heart wrenching, mind blowing and thought 💭 provoking movie 🎥.

Propaganda .

Years later, the propaganda emerges more clearly.

Perfectly acted by Hanks and company, one will find themselves immersed and truly caring for these characters as the film plays on.

The next 90 minutes are a mistake-ridden, choppy, and contrived remake of "The Big Red One".

It's exciting, bittersweet, scary, saddening and redemptive all in equal measure thus making Saving Private Ryan one of the best war films ever made.

When "Saving Private Ryan" premiered in the summer of 1998, many veterans were so moved by the opening D-Day sequence that they had to leave the theater and compose themselves.

Many reviews I have heard about this movie that are negative all say something along the lines that it shows the Americans as heroes, shows the Germans as evil killing monsters, and that it basically is just a big American Propaganda film.

Save your money instead!

Presumably, the filmmakers hoped their grisly depiction of combat would eviscerate the memories of those flag-waving John Wayne propaganda sagas.

The characters are all pretty compelling, even Vin Diesel's performance is very convincing.

To sum up and reiterate, this movie is terrible, dry, predictable, sloppy, riddled with editor's mistakes and a complete misinterpretation of World War 2.

Visual demonstrations of intense action and perfect recreations of life-like scenes help the viewer become immersed in what is happening, almost smelling the fires burning and the gasoline filling the air.

All in all, while the film is kind of a mixed bag, I do think that the impressive moments far outweigh the overall ponderous nature of the movie.

So many people contributing so brilliantly to an absolutely fascinating film.

An intensive and prolonged sequence featuring the brutality of combat.

If you're concerned about it being American patriotic propaganda, I wouldn't watch it if you're going to be trying to pick out propaganda.

Gosh, how's that for an entertaining thought?

To be honest, with all the intense and bloody action scenes in this film putting us in the thick of battle, it is good to have a bit of emotional contemplation once in a while.

it is a very emotional movie with great performances by Tom Hanks Barry Pepper Ed Burns Jeremy Davies Tom Sizemore And Giovanni Ribisi And Masterful directing by Steven Spielberg MPAA rated R for prolonged realistic war violence and language My Rating R for intense sequences of violence disturbing images carnage and strong languageThank you i hope u find these comment usefulPS try also watching Black Hawk Down And Band of Brothers

You watch this film a few times and you begin to notice how many fascinating and well developed characters come to life.

On a much lighter note, it was fun to see the cameos that were frequent and unexpected throughout the movie.

Intense emotion scenes, like when Ryan's mother is informed about the tragic death of her three sons might make viewers cry and arouse patriotic feeling in them.

The battle sequences are perfectly made with amazing editing, sound, and effects that are entertaining for the powerful soul purpose and to make the story strong.

Steven Spielberg's gripping epic, Saving Private Ryan was a film that went to great lengths to accurately depict the events of WWII.

The US army refused to use the British invention of "the sticky bomb" saying that it was a waste of military intelligence and a waste of time, then it saved the day in the movie.

The most gruesome scene is by far the opening beach assault scene in the movie as it was very realistic,action packed and made your stomach turn.

Epic, jaw dropping, eerie, disturbing and engrossing.

As I said, the film is at times visually stunning, and the acting performances really help in some cases to bring life to otherwise dead characters.

From the invasions on Omaha Beach (D-Day), to the final battle in Ramelle, this movie was as action packed and graphic as possible.

Just watching that first intense half hour, the bodies washing up in the blood red waves, the look in Tom Hanks eyes, the echoey silence surrounding Barry Pepper as he makes to shoot the first sniper to open Dog 1, well I was again knocked back with emotion.

Overall I enjoyed it, and would highly recommend it to anybody.

The movie is heart touching and intense.

) but remains an engaging and emotionally powerful film right up to it's last frame that will bring tears to your eyes.

We are left with a slow, flagging, and largely forgettable odyssey.

This movie starts with the most intense scenes of all time.

Ryan (Matt Damon), a paratrooper who's somewhere behind German lines… For them, it's an abstruse order, but they have to get it done…Throughout the film, Spielberg's attention to detail is amazing… For me, the most chilling scene in the movie is the death of an American officer… It's one of the most intimate… It's also a slightly confusing moment because two German characters resemble each other so greatly…Toward the middle, a German soldier called "Steamboat Willie" is introduced… By the end of the film, he has become the 'bad' German… Later in the movie, another German is involved in the final fight… He takes part in an exceedingly painful scene of hand-to-hand combat with the American soldier… The two German soldiers have similar short haircuts and black uniforms… Because they looked so much alike, many of us have believed that they're one character… They're not, and the distinction of the two is very significant

It is simply a great story, well-acted, well-directed and engrossing.

The battle scenes are still excellent – visceral, terrifying and all too real – conveying the calamitous confusion of war in a way seldom matched in the movies.

I was bored for most of the time after the first sequence.

When I first saw this on the big screen, my senses were literally violently shaken, my heart pounded with fear and adrenaline within the first 5 minutes.

Extraordinary display of family and intense battle .

The war scenes of the Battle of Normandy, the bloodshed footage, and the magnificent sound effects made people feel as if they were immersed in the scene, and they heard a sound, which left a deep impression, which triggered Reflections on war cherish peace even more.

Also, this is possibly John Williams' worst movie score ever.

8.5/10 for a truly emotional and appropriately sombre war-film, that is a little slow at times.

as a girl i thought that as a war movie i would HATE Saving Private Ryan, however, it ended up being a very gripping and powerful movie.

War films can be broken into two basic categories; the propaganda film, which celebrates bravery and patriotism; and the anti-war film, which shows the suffering and futility of war.

It is an impressive and very entertaining movie to say the least.

Personally, I was on the edge of my seat during the entire duration of this movie.

From the moment you see nervous recruits chuck up inside the Higgins boats, you can tell you are in for a stunning action scene.

Saving Private Ryan harks back to the genre's peak in the late 40s and early 50s, when war movies were exciting pictures about heroism and unquestionable moral reasoning.

The movie itself I would have to say is a bit of a masterpiece with amazing attention to detail and Steven Spielberg deservingly winning an Oscar for his stunning war drama.

Tom Hanks helps boost the film to a high, with a stunning and scarily realistic performance as Captain John Miller.

The opening is shocking and the remainder is thoroughly enjoyable.

The opening scene of "Shooter" was much more realistic and exciting.

Gripping World War 2 movie.

Stunning war movie.

There are some slow parts, so don't choose this if you're looking for action.

Everything was so cliché, and what's up with the Allied troops ending thanks to the last-minute, never-mentioned help of the Air force?

At the center of the motley crew is Tom Hank's whose unsure Captain Miller does his best given an escalating mess of obstacles from both the defending Nazis and the confusion of the U.

Just don't waste your time!!!

For all of the heralding by critics and fans of what a great film this is, it is predictable, mind-numbing and finally butt-numbing.

The movie had incredible special effects and entertaining scenes, however the movie is full of half-truths, lies and propaganda.

First saw this in cinema 20 yrs ago and today it still is emotionally gripping, visually stunning, ...

The action in the film is intense and the detail has clearly spared no expense.

Only a few movies or serials have so intense battle depictions.

The final scenes are among the most suspenseful in war film-making.

It is an absolutely sensational and gripping depiction of what these brave men must have gone through .

Absolutely stunning .

Blending breathtakingly stunning cinematography, skilled and controlled camera movements and sublime storytelling that is now regarded as a staple of all Spielberg films.

While the plot sometimes borders on cliche, WWII realism is buoyed by dramatic performances from a talented supporting cast (including Tom Sizemore and Giovanni Ribisi).

Overall, the was a heartfelt and action packed

Like most others', my favorite scene from the movie was the Normandy beach landing at the beginning, which is one of the most intense sequences I've ever seen in a movie.

It has a well executed story, well realized characters, intense battle scenes, a great musical score by the one and only John Williams, respect for the historical setting and finally the part where Captain Miller says to Private Ryan, "Earn this" chokes me up every time I watch it.

Every minute is breathtaking and shows you the horrors of war and friendship.

The majority of the reviews on here are positive, the overall rating is even 8.5, I don't understand why though.. This movie was a complete waste of time and a complete snooze fest, plot has absolutely no point to it whatsoever, like I get the point of the movie was saving one life should always be important, but they absolutely killed that point and it ended up just being a pointless venture.

A movie worth watching .

The final fight at the bridge crossing is the most intense battle of the film.

He plays the leader that everyone looks to when they are in desperate need for direction but he also portrays the man whose hands tremble due to the effect of war which makes him that much more fascinating to watch.

Coupled with unexplored moral dilemmas and absolutely stunning cinematography, Spielberg wins.

Saving Private Ryan breathtaking?

It was like watching paint dry, except with very little oxygen in the room dying painfully.

On the other hand, the direction is brilliant when explaining the situations during and around the action, but Spielberg seemed to think that we needed these sloppy and often boring moments, such as The Church, and the outside the cafe in Ramelle, to express the emotional torment of the characters, but I think that these scenes are so boring and pointless that I' can hardly remember them, as my attention drifts off during them!

Bloody and extremely violent scenes, but again, worth watching.

It was an incredible experience and the first twenty minutes or so was intense, graphic, and completely realistic.

Some parts are filmed with hand cameras which have the effect that you're much more on the edge of your seat and thus it takes the character of a realistic documentary film.

The script was superb, the movie is just a breathtaking spectacle to date.

There is probably an exciting 90-minute movie lurking inside this never ending war epic about the search for a soldier.

Thrilling .

This is popcorn BS for the masses and it makes me angry how Spielberg exploits an actual event in history to make some entertaining, overly corny and almost nationalistic movie out of it!

The movie was still good even with some poor dialog because it made up for it with it's intense action.

The last 27 minutes is just gripping.

Not only was it historically accurate, it was very entertaining.

Within the first 5 minutes of the movie there are scenes of intense realistic combat.

riveting .

Still having said that, this is still an excellent movie and is well worth watching.

This is tiresome Hollywood propaganda that more and more people simply cannot swallow any more: the myth of the 'good war', the 'necessary war', the war for 'freedom', in which the 'good' and the 'bad' side couldn't be more easy to discern...

It had a good story line and intense moments through out.

The most suspenseful part by far was when Mellish was upstairs and they hear something in the stairways and they don't know who it is.

It is quite breathtaking and also saddening.

And I know, I know, it in a way simply portrays tragic irony and the confusion battle brings.

The four soldier leads are all just empty shells each with one dominant characteristic - we have the alpha one, the quiet one who tries to fit into a war dominated environment (and fails), the stereotypical beta character and the obvious soon-to-be-dead.

It's a movie worth watching.

The film is far too long and a lot of it is slow.

After the intense battle the US Army counts its dead.

It is not an effects movie, but it has them, entertaining, with history and that even taking almost three hours, they fly by.

Perhaps "Pan's Labyrinth," but that setup was disjointed.

There is some amount of banality in the movie.

As ever Hanks delivers a fantastic performance that is both believable and gripping.

This is by the most realistic and intense war movie I have ever seen.

The horrors that each face while searching for Ryan is too compelling.

I was on the edge of my seat.

Gripping exciting sad .

But the story is incredibly boring.

No cheap heroics here, just a compelling war story, extremely well done and holding interest from beginning to end.

a truly gripping and harrowing war film, unparallelled in the last 20 years.

This movie is a must-watch because of how realistic, intense, and moving it is from beginning to end.

Though some might find the extensive and intense gore too prevalent, to me, it exhibits the true cost and effect of war that is generally left out of lesser films.

The whole story is just cliché.

He had everyone on the edge of their seat (literally, I remember looking around the theatre and every jaw was dropped) and he decides to lighten the tone by dropping in a fricking JOKE?!?

From the start of the scene, the camera work is somewhat very unstable, Spielberg's use of hand-held camera movement during the scene, helps add the effect of confusion and a rush adrenalin, so from the very start we are almost swept into the scene and immersed into the carnage.

Unfortunately a little too many historic inaccuracies to swallow and the all too tiresome portrayal of the Germans as idiotic and ineffective.

There are some faults to it but most of the times the movie is just breathtaking especially the beginning scenes at Omaha Beach.

The 2 hour and 49 minute running time goes quickly, with each set piece as part of the journey providing something new and intriguing as the squad of soldiers encounter the war.

I just jotted down a few thoughts as I watched this classic for the umpteenth time: The initial fight for the beach was about as intense as movies about war can be.

All of this captured the brutality of World War II in such a way that the audience could feel the adrenaline and fear that each one of those soldiers would have been facing out on the battle field.

In a graphic, unflinching and intelligently crafted 24 minutes of intense combat, Hanks' Captain Miller attempts to lead a scattered battalion up the Normandy dunes where the German's have strategically set up a prime and virtually impenetrable defense, made up of turrets and other artillery which they fire unceasingly at the landing soldiers.

From the word "go", I felt immersed in the scene of the D-Day landings.

Earn this, earn itAlso impressed is the sniper who believes in God, hi, this guy is really too cool and can fall asleep with the bed.

Its compelling and rich and full of emotion and drama, it grips the viewer with significant empathetic features that only Spielberg could pass.

Really it was so intense that WW2 veterans left the theater during the depiction of the Omaha invasion and visits to PTSD counselors increased as well as a hotline was set up leading to 170 calls after the movie was released.

For about the 30th time I was drawn to watch those intense opening scenes, once again drawn into the action.

The mix of emotions and action scenes is perfect and the feel of the film is breathtaking.

Spielberg ratchets up the tension, keeping you on the edge of your seat.

This one of greatest movies i have watched i enjoy it's action and drama and it's so exciting from the begging to the end

It became pointless and not interesting at all, especially for it's duration.

I remembered the movie somewhat, but had to prepare myself for the intense experience that I knew was coming.

While telling a real, complex and harrowing human story at the center of an inhumane war, Saving Private Ryan cuts through all the propaganda that made WWII the standalone cinematic force it was and arguably still is.

As "entertaining" as those action scenes were, I found the lulls, if you will, to be even better.

But then the other big action sequence near the film's climax is kind of too entertaining.

This leads to a suspenseful climax.

There is perseverance, calm, courage, but also confusion, anxiety, cowardice.

Saving Private Ryan brings the harshness of war to the audience, yet still is entertaining and thought provoking rather than just plain senseless.

The movie is no stranger to strong emotion, as it quickly shows death, destruction, and gripping violence that is familiar with the soldiers on the field.

This movie is truly over-hyped made for the Americans as a propaganda!

The story is exciting and the performances are top notch.

My major complaint is the film is too long.

This was an excellent movie, rich in character development, well performed roles and topped off with a compelling theme.

One of the greatest war films ever made, Saving Private Ryan is an intense and graphic portrayal of the closing days of WWII.

I also thought that it was ironic that the soldier who wanted to leave the mission was the only one out of the eight to survive.

Director Steven Spielberg creates an exciting adventure film with the use of different cameras, angles, and points of view.

Even though the cause may be noble, we are reminded that this war brought about an immense waste of life.

Art Direction and Cinematography in the film is top notch, as are the beautifully choreographed fight scenes, which are dramatic, suspenseful, and ultra-realistic.

The plot was ridiculous and boring, the script was very poorly written and over all I am disappointed in both Tom Hanks and Mr. Spielberg.

Way too long.

" Exciting, It made me feel like I could never get tired of watching The greatest battle in The twentieth century took place at The shores of Normandy, And it was fought by courageous soldiers who spilled their guts and payed the ultimate sacrifice for freedom

In fact, this movie was so real and intense that it made war veterans walk out of the theater due to having posttraumatic stress disorder.

The action is riveting and often brutal.

excellent cinematography but slow story .

The movie has no message.

The most intense true to life depiction of combat ever recorded on the silver screen.

One of Spielberg's Most Haunting and Visually Stunning Films .

The first 20 minutes are the most intense and graphic depictions of war I have seen.

This is a great movie but very intense and powerful.

T, goonies, the mind blowing Jurassic park and of course saving private Ryan.

Sound effect photography editing is also in place, ups and downs, exciting.

Stunning sound effects.

Good battle scenes, but plot is ridiculous and film is too long .

I'm just amazed Hanks didn't win an Oscar 4 his performance, i mean he was just breathtaking.

This film is a heartbreaker, because 53,000,000 men died - all over the world - to prevent that deadly stunning Omaha Beach battle.

I find it fascinating how Capt. John Miller takes charge.

A good story - A young paratrooper, Private Ryan, is dropped into the confusion of the D-Day airborne landings.

The opening battle of Omaha Beach was intense.

I got up and walked out.

From start to finish this breathtaking picture will have you caring about every single character and praying they make it to the credits.

It is thrilling emotional funny and shows all the folly and tragedy of war.

After the stunning first twenty minutes the movie begins to falter.

It definitely gave me that rare thing a film can do every once in a while; allowing to completely be immersed in it.

* I'll spell them out for the defenders of this dreck: propaganda and pornography.

I read through the various 1- star reviews and I have to laugh at the inaccuracies in the reviews as they try to point out inaccuracies or cliché in the movie.

Spielberg turns out a war movie which is both harrowing and gripping, not to mention being an essay on both the futility of war and also the opposing view that sometimes it is right to embrace that futility.

That sets up the second act of the film, in which Miller and his men infiltrate spryly inflamed French terrain, while entertaining defiant ideas about the prudence of the assignment.

The direction by Spielberg is confidant and calm when it needs to be but also ferociously intense when there is a need for it.

By the way, having failed to have the good sense at the first one, I certainly should have walked out at the second portrayal of a soldier on death's door crying out loud for his mother as battle raged around him.

I was really into it because of how action packed it was.

Matt Damon is slightly bland.

With his usual skill, Eastwood shows a combination of war and politics, death and propaganda.

What makes the movie so intense that there is no music throughout the story.

Director Steven Spielberg creates some of the most thrilling action sequences in a movie.

The photography is stunning.

In addition the shooting of the first part of the movie puts you inside the action along with stunning 5 channel sound that places bullets, bombs and screams all around you.


The first half hour of the film is a chaotic, confusing portrayal of the D-day landings, which I think is an accurate representation of what the landings must have been like.

The effects are stunning, the whole camera shaking, dirt exploding, the landscapes and the small towns...

Slow and Boring .

"Saving Private Ryan" is one of those movies that you can watch with regular intervals of time, and even if you've seen it multiple times and am familiar with the storyline, the movie is solid enough to be watched over and over, and keeps on being entertaining.

i saw a very cheap DVD of the film going for sale so a friend persuaded me to buy it, i have avoided since it came out, i now know that i was totally right to avoid the film, it is badly written, badly directed but worst of all utterly boring.

For what is essentially an existential film, Saving Private Ryan manages to the fill its running time with engaging scenes, one after another.

After Ryan tells them he is not going Hanks has to prepare for another battle, probably the most exciting and intense one ever.

It's easy to criticize a war movie for being limited in scope, as Ryan was, but in my opinion it makes for a much more visceral, intense, and satisfying movie experience.

The action is intense, and completely realistic and sickening to imagine anyone could have endured such events and survived.

Lighting was impactful for this film and appeared to be natural lighting but seemed to be duller than what would be expected.

A Moving and Riveting Film .

It is shockingly intense as it portrays the horrific realism of war at its finest.

The whole overtone of the movie is also extremely dreary and bleak.

It actually comes pretty close to the 3-hour mark and I felt that it dragged a lot and that there were many lengths.

After that, not a particularly interesting, innovative or witty script, but still mildly entertaining (considering it's length).

The immersion of the sound (again with the advantage of hearing it on a well tuned sound system in a theatre) makes the experience even more intense.

When you think of World War II, you picture Bob Hope entertaining the troops, or people back in the states dancing to Glenn Miller.

The rest of the movie is maudlin, bloated, badly plotted and with some of the least compelling dialogue it has been my misfortune to hear.

Intense and emotional with plenty of laughs on the side

An absolutely stunning film achievement.

The cinematography is marvelous, and the action sequences are riveting.

intense, almost too intense.

The excellent casting, the special, visual effects are stunning, the acting at the top of it's game, the gripping story, and the realism of it all makes this one worthwhile of many, many viewings.

Fantastic, Engaging, Emotional But Still A Little Empty .

The surround sound of the rain made it very intense and made it feel as if you were right there.

That's what makes the film such a thrilling, vivid and incredible experience.

The plot of this film is amazing because of gripping realism.

Predictable .

This is one insane and intense film.

That was sometimes very confusing.

It is dramatic, intense and inspirational.

Before "Saving Private Ryan" grinds to its sanguinary conclusion, the Biblical theme of singling out an individual from a multitude for redemption grows tedious.

In the place of subtlety, it gives us spectacle, in the place of art, it delivers technically proficient propaganda.

Saving Private Ryan is, at its foundation, a thrilling and rewarding film that succeeds in exhilarating the audience and fulfilling the needs of any adrenaline junkies who happen to be watching.

The most extreme propaganda films are usually produced when a war is threatened or actually in progress and either demonize or belittle the individual enemy soldier.

Still it is hard to believe that Day occured, so many soldiers dieing for the sake of others to reach the other part of the beach, those scenes lives up to the 'Normandy was impossible'Even after having the world's best war sequence the movie doesn't shy away from other small, yet thrilling action sequences.

"Ryan" at least tells a coherent story, and survival stories are usually both pretty gripping and mildly uplifting.

What makes this film so intense is that Speilburg filmed it himself with small one-hand cameras to give you a first person glance at the battle at hand.

After such a stunning start, the film suffers because it never again captures that intensity.

Frenetic camera movement, thrilling and extremely realistic action sequences.

Those who don't find the violence and enjoys high drama, action and a story based on a historical context will find this an entertaining feature.

for years spielberg has been hailed by critics and public as this master film maker and story teller but in reality he probably has made only a couple of decent films, his recent Lincoln was an utter bore,War Horse just about got by.

The action is so intense and so amazing, you would think the movie would falter after this.

Its just too bad that it dragged on a bit to long and took itself too seriously.

If your into entertaining and action packed War movies THEN THIS IS TOTALLY YOUR THING!

The film is both moving and gripping, and the 150-minute running time is barely felt, such is the intensity the subject matter is dealt with.

Just as he did with Schindler's list, he uses his gift for compelling story telling and character development, to immerse us in the story,to make us care for the characters.