Secret Window (2004) - Drama, Mystery, Thriller

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A successful writer in the midst of a painful divorce is stalked at his remote lake house by a would-be scribe who accuses him of plagiarism.

IMDB: 6.6
Director: David Koepp
Stars: Johnny Depp, Maria Bello
Length: 96 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 120 out of 563 found boring (21.31%)

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Meanwhile the co-stars all deliver fine, convincing performances and although the grand finale is a bit of a let-down, and terribly predictable, the movie's style is interesting.

Bland and Predictable .

Many reviews, make the claims that this movie is "outworn", "cliched" and even "predictable"!

Just an enjoyable Friday/Saturday night matinée, and worthy of recommendation if you're not looking for anything special.

What kept 'Secret Window' afloat as the plot unwinds into the predictable last couple of scenes (double murder) (I'm not talking about the very last scenes, the bookends are fantastic), is a sense of inevitable doom that chokes (and fascinates the darker minded ones among you) the viewers.

I enjoyed it, and I only spilled my pop corn once.

For a thriller horror movie, it seems the buildup was a bit slow, because it took a long time for the film to really shock me.

It goes the same way during the entire ride, with movements side to side, or up and down with a lot of dull still cameras.

I have always wanted to see Secret Window; when a movie has such varied and mixed reviews it is always intriguing to see the movie itself and find out which side of the line you sit on.

It kept you guessing and on the edge of your seat...

The narration of the movie is very slow understandably due to constriction of the script.

It was truly predictable.

When it really comes down to it, however, it is only Johnny Depp's superb performance, which saves the film and makes it worth watching.

Shooter is played by John Turturro with a slow talking malevolence that is not as memorable as it should have been.

In short, it's all been done before: this film is part Scream, part Fight Club, but nowhere near as entertaining.

I guessed that there was no John Shooter pretty early on, but still found the movie absorbing enough because Depp is a masterful and compelling actor and a delight to watch, whatever the role.

"Secret window" is a dark, captivating, suspenseful thriller.

Original MPAA rating: PG-13: Violence/Terror, Sexual Content, and LanguageMy MPAA rating: PG-13: Some Intense Violence/Terror, Disturbing Images, Some Sexual Content and Thematic ElementsMy Canadian Rating: 14A: Violence, Frightening Scenes, Mature Theme

Turturro is compelling as his accuser who makes bad things happen.

If you have a nice story, a nice rhythm, nice actors, you can as well make an entertaining movie...

Yes, Depp himself is there, wearing a nice big pair of retro eyeglasses and a small wardrobe of shabby chic clothes, and it's Depp's casual ease – yea, even as an overwrought crazed novelist – that makes this a toney production and conceivably worth watching (if only to pass the time).

As for the people that say that the ending was predictable, I strongly disagree.

I give it 10/10 for its thrilling entertainment

Very boring.

Although I kind of figured who was what about a quarter of the way into the movie, it was still enjoyable.

See, I could tell you all of the problems with the film, but to be fair, I rather enjoyed it.

Secret Window is a unavailing attempt at a film along with no plot or a decent director.

when a 'twist' is predictable, you have to think about why it's predictable.

but absorbing entertainment...

i found 'secret window' to be somewhat predictable - i had it pretty much figured out after the first half hour.

you have better things to do than waste time on this snoozer.

It is amazing that people still buy this man's work when it has become painfully repetitive.

Something about the timing of the suspenseful moments left the film without actual suspense.

And by scary, I mean really suspenseful.

Very enjoyable and great performances from all involved.

It was suspenseful,funny in many places and as always,Johnny Depp was a pleasure to watch.

A complete waste of time.

The way that Mort Rainey is actually living his story, just seems so clever and kind of confusing at times.

The twist arriving in the end appears Cliched and banal among the thriller genred movies that have come in the last 3-4 years.

The buildup is a bit slow .

I have to say don't waste your time unless you are a fan of Johnny Deep.

All in all an entertaining film with a fitting length, it's nothing that'll really fill you up and it's nothing that'll drain you, it's just a little something fun.

About the most predictable movie ever.

This movie is certainly not the best King adaptation, but Depp makes Secret Window a very realistic and thrilling film that should make the author proud.

At last, an unpredictable movie.

I guess only people of an 'artistic' ilk can ever truly understand the character(s); and it's fascinating to see the talking to oneself and fidgeting - amongst other things that "we" do - given free reign in an adaptation for once!

The movie is one of the most tense I have ever seen, and there are several brilliant moments that will have you on the edge of your seat; guaranteed.

A smart and engrossing mystery, Secret Window is a masterpiece of suspense and terror that's among the best of Stephen King's adapted works.

The film goes on and on building up a certain story that is pointless in the end!

I didn't like it that much because the ending was very confusing.

This leads to one of the most intense moments in the movie only second to the climactic finale – which ironically takes place in broad daylight.

This movie was absolutely stunning.

As well as writing the screenplay, this film marked Koepp's third directorial feature and has a fascinating use of juxtaposing the film's mise-en-scene.

Others might have trouble paying attention because of the slow pacing.

Very mundane.

" Now I've read the spoilers; I won't repeat them here, but the ending strikes me as being utterly uninteresting, trite, done before and hence so five years ago, even if it does explain the irrational behavior of the writer.

He was awesome and I was on the edge of my seat at every second.

Very Predictable.

It is painful to find something good to say about this bumbling, boring tale.

It's not perfect, for from it, but it is solid and entertaining.

Almost worth seeing just for Depp, but when a movie relies entirely on its ending being a surprise, and it isn't, it makes the whole thing pretty pointless.

Boy was I wrong, it turned out to be a great movie, that followed King's story to a point, and yet kept even the readers who knew the ending on the edge of their chairs.

The actors keep the action going and keep the viewer on the edge of their seat.

In fact, as it starts to approach the "big climax", it becomes quite boring.

This movie is great, very unpredictable.

Good acting, predictable plotline .

there are definately moments of suspense that are quite thrilling but they lose their effectiveness as the predictable plot carries on.

No matter what he does, he succeeds in making a film entertaining even when it should not be.

To me, this was indeed the weakest part of the movie, because even though it builds up some suspenseful atmosphere, the obvious clues kind of destroy it as it is built.

There were also some pretty cool camera angles in the film along with some really suspenseful scenes.

The fast paced script is almost written specifically for this cast.

Being a Stephen King fan, I was ready for the plot to be different, kind of off-beat, but engrossing.

One of the worst movies ever .

In all, it was an entertaining experience.

Nevertheless the movie is surprisingly engrossing due to the cast and some enjoyably off-kilter dialog.

A predictable plot and a lousy performance from Depp.

It's not the best Stephen King adaptation ever, and there are countless better films released every year, but "Secret Window" is still worth watching.

Adapted from a short Stephen King work, Secret Window has lots of potential to be a spellbinding, suspenseful thriller about a man living in the woods trying to overcome his misery of finding his wife and a lover in a cheap motel.

Out of all the characters only the one played by Charles S Dutton is the least bit engaging and of course he disappears way too soon.

What i find interesting about Koepp is that all of his films are visually stunning and very imaginative, and that he knows how to build up suspense (could be because he worked with such great craftsman as Sam Raimi, Steven Spielberg, and Brian De Palma).

The rest of the cast is equally boring with the exception of John Turturro who does a good job with the hackneyed lines he's been given.

This movie is great rainy day entertainment or any day entertainment for that matter it's just all around a fantastic and mind boggling film that makes you question the sanity of writers and the world they live in ( speaking as one myself.

From the intriguing beginning to the astounding ending, this movie is one that will have you fully invested in the entire experience.

Only Enjoyable for the Johnny Depp Lovers .

It definitely keeps you on the edge of your seat through the entire film.

The story is more entertaining as it rolls along than it is when it gets to the finish line.


it wasn't horrible in any sense, was entertaining and thrilling at times.

Overall, this is a pretty mundane and predictable movie.

'Save your money.

The plot is substantial and interesting but completely predictable from the first 15 minutes of the 96 minute film.

I wouldn't buy the DVD, unless you're a Depp fan, but it's definitely worth watching on a cold autumn night, close to Halloween, for a thrill or two....

So- If you like to watch any movie Depp does, go ahead and watch this movie- he does a good job and it is an entertaining movie.

What bothered us the most was the gratuitous cruelty of having John Shooter kill the innocent old female dog, another completely predictable event.

A decent somewhat slow Thriller that is made up of fine performances and an intense plot twist.

There are several clues along the way that leave hints as to what's to come later, but the pace of the film is slow at times, and the tongue in cheek humor in the latter third of the film is in stark contrast to the earlier suspenseful tone.

Too much feels contrived and forced as we are painstackingly walked into the inevitably drawn-out conclusion; which if you didn't figure out from about 20 minutes in will make you feel more sheepish than surprised.

Either way, I felt that the dialogue was dull and lacked any sort of character from any of the parts, including the horribly clichéd deep south warbling of Shooter.

Johnny Depp was brilliant in this suspenseful thriller.

Secret Window floats somewhere in between…It's an efficiently elaborated thriller without much pretension, yet with enough compelling aspects to make the audience feel uncomfortable at times.

While Depp is boring, he's supported by a lot of decent actors.

If you care to sit through the end credits till they are completed, you will encounter some voice over by Depp which seems quite pointless, out of character and does not invoke the chills it is meant to.

Yes, another Steven King predictable "is this reality or is this madness" film.

I just saw the movie, "Secret Window" and I found it quite boring.

What made me want to jot down my thoughts on this film was simple; for 1 hour an 15 minutes Secret Window is superb, fast moving and gripping.

Basic plot, effectively done and enjoyable enough for one viewing (spoilers) .

Twists and turns help keep you on the edge.

To be honest it was a perfect Steven King type of film, it was boring, took forever to get started, and had an anti-climax ending.

As a result the film is goofy and predictable throughout, hindered by another 'kooky' turn from the increasingly stale Johnny Depp, and a script that spoon-feds the story to mindless viewers in an attempt to pull the rug out from under their feet.

The story is easily predictable and there are plenty of unintentionally funny moments (which were supposed to provide thrills).

So boring + Very bad ending =0/10

I was on the edge of my seat from the time the windshield wiper noise started before the movie had even started.

Despite of quite slow pace, repetitive sequences, weak supporting cast and a rather ordinary screenplay, the film becomes watchable only because of Depp's dedicated performance to it.

Clearly he was enjoying so much with that amount of scenes - nearly the complete movie - where he was alone, talking to his dog or himself, looking like a mess or a sleepy cat (notice his yawn), annoyed by a door's slap, or a bus's noise, hence he made his character attractively human with memorable details, hoping for the surprising irony to hit when the monster appears at the end.

The story line was unpredictable.

Think "Fight Club" with a more suspenseful/Stephen King twist.

Very Instense and Entertaining Film .

Though most of the scares in this movie are highly predictable, the tension is built up incredibly well.

The plot is very slow at times and seems to drag on.

This movie isn't going to win any awards or top anyone's favorites list, but it's a strong little thriller with engaging characters.

predictable "surprise"; not enough story to sustain a full length film .

This plot is unforgivably predictable and unoriginal.

The 'twist' at the finale (juiced with special effects) is so derivative it is essentially predictable, while the tag at the end is perhaps too cheeky.

But let's face it, it's a movie that will really bore out the majority of people through it, especially if it doesn't catch you in it's web.

Slow and boring until the last few minutes .

Academy Award nominee Johnny Depp (2003 Best Actor, Pirates of the Caribbean) gives his most riveting performance in this action/suspense thriller featuring a top-notch cast including John Turturro, Maria Bello, Academy Award winner Timothy Hutton (1981 Best Supporting Actor, Ordinary People) and Charles S.

Predicable and slow, the movie wore on and did not seem reminiscent of Stephen King literature...

however,too long and too tedious it has shown as most info are not insinuating enough and even irrelevant(lots of routine talks).

Complete waste of time .

It is a severe twist that is unexpected and may be a turn off to some viewers.

The Secret Window was a suspenseful movie with twist and turns that kept you guessing from the beginning to the end.

Well, maybe it's as entertaining as Scream.

Boring and predictable.

When I saw this movie, I had been told by many people that it was a horrible and pointless movie.

Can a very good, sometimes great, actor save a devastatingly dull, overused, too predictable plot?

You will have plenty of time to ponder these impossible questions if you go to see "Secret Window," one of the most predictable, least-engaging films I have ever seen.

The other scenes are pretty boring for the most part.

Add some very slow storytelling and a plot is pretty much obvious halfway through the film.

Secret Window is a fairly well made and entertaining shocker, with some amazingly creepy and bizarre performances by Depp and Turturro, and some good eerie camera work and sound.

Depp sleeps on couch, scary man shows Up, phone rings, Depp sleeps on couch, repeated shots of empty cabin(Depp's), people and dogs start getting killed, Depp sleeps, what is behind This Depp asks(as he sleeps), repeated shots of Depp's cabin, Depp sleeps, cabin shot, another cabin shot, viewer realizes something terrible is going to happen, Depp sleeps, flashbacks(lasting a second or two) Depp sleeps, pages of book scattered everywhere, phone rings, Depp tiptoes up stairs(and sleeps), evil man appears every now and again while all this is going on to repeatedly accuse Depp of stealing his story and kill people.

Secret window is a quite entertaining movie with an intrigue story line.

Many people have said that the ending is predictable blah-blah-blah.

However, it was so predictable that my BF and I knew the "twist" after 10 minutes into the movie.

There is no disappointment to be found here, from a vivid and compelling piece of literature has come a thrilling and masterful film which simply provides the window through which to view it.

The screenplay, adapted and directed by David Koepp, from yet another Stephen King who-done-it, was misleading and actually very boring.

It is a suspenseful tale, a mystery, well acted and scripted, with a few turns and twists.

But much of what happens can be predicted and although Depp is a very handsome man, and his cabin very scenic and pretty, it really did get quite dull as we the audience, silently watch, for the umpteenth time, Johnny snoozing and random shots of a silent cabin(which we the viewer know is NOT so silent-for surely Mr. Shooter is in there-somewhere.

Please save your money, people.

This film is very exciting.

My brother forced me to watch this movie with him, and this was one of the worst movies ever.

You have to be a Johnny Depp fan to like it, otherwise it just appears as a non-suspensful, completly un-scary, predictable, pointless movie.

The long, drawn out scenes watching Depp sleep.

What makes this movie enjoyable though, is the climatic scene when Mort finds out the truth about all the terror going on.

This film was cliche, contrived and very predictable.

The most predictable thriller I've ever seen .

There are scenes where Mort has to deal with his still friendly wife and the tiresome new boyfriend and a lawyer who's trying to get Mort to sign the divorce papers.

Nicely filmed, and it does keep you pretty much on the edge of your seat for most of the film.

Here, Depp gives an intense, riveting performance about a man isolated from the world.

Koepp is an amazing writer and this psychological thriller really got me on the edge of my seat, little things like the way the camera was shoot and how we took Shooters perspective was quite unnerving, because we as an audience don't want to feel like were carrying out all these nasty threats we just want to find out why he is doing them.

Quite a mundane and dry thriller .

As with any good Stephen King-adapted screenplay (and there have been plenty of bad ones) small creaks become almost unbearable crashes, while Rainey's slow descent into dementia is patiently and realistically chronicled.

For this reason I think I enjoyed it because I didn't see the twist coming and I enjoyed the tense build up throughout.

Depp transforms a weak stereotype into a compelling character with a few flourishes and tics, while Turturro works against type in a sleepily menacing turn.

It went down the most predictable path it could.

People say oh this is predictable, well if it so predictable why did you see it.

These scenes would seem empty without Depp there to draw you in.

A very enjoyable watch.

All in all, it just seemed like a waste of time, money and energy for everyone involved.

Anyway bottom line is, if you are a fan of Depp than this film is certainly worth watching.

Some parts are predictable but the last couple minutes reveal an unexpected twist.

The plot is unexciting, uneventful, and annoyingly predictable.

Very Good Movie With An Unexpected Twist .

' Inner dialog of tortured characters can be so fascinating when done right and they obviously know how to, they chose not to put too much in.

Like John Cusack's "Identity" last year, this movie while scary and riveting fizzles out in the end.

The plot was highly difficult to follow.

I thought it was funny and even though I guessed the ending of the film half way through (which really wrecked it for me) it was entertaining, and definitely a buyer only because Johnny did so well.

predictable.. .

But the main let down and I think the reason for this film's poor reviews from critics were the bland and very lame performances of Timothy Hutton( he won an Oscar he can do better than this.

In fact with the exception of a wonderfully drawn Timothy Hutton in a supporting role, it is the only entertaining thing in the movie.

He manages to keep us interested even during some of the slower parts, allowing us to watch his character interact with himself in the endearing and somewhat wacky way that lonely creative types develop.

I find Johnny Depp's character intriguing.

I found myself eating more popcorn and fidgeting in the seat, waiting for the film to end as I knew it would.

Depp was thouroughly entertaining with his bedhead and ever-increasing jaw-clicking...

Why two such established and respectable actors as Johnny Depp and John Turturro would agree to work on such a shallow, trite, piece of crap is a much more worthy mystery than the half-assed one presented in the story.

Depp (who plays Mort) is great again and brings a lot of tics to a character that may have otherwise been extremely boring.

What I want to say is, that it doesn't matter how many times you see it, it will always be absolutely amazing and just as exciting as the first time.

I didn't get shocked once, but jumped a few times due to loud, unexpected noises (which I think is a really cheap way to get people scared).

But barring that, it's a good suspenseful 90 minutes, and Depp fans will be happy with another great performance of a not-so-great script.

Story is predictable and typical as most of the stories of Stephen King.

With star Johnny Depp going for a mind-blowing performance, "Secret Window" provides an entertaining escape, attempting to throw some new light on the thriller genre.

The horror element to the film isnt frightening - and the ending is predictable.

This movie is wonderfully thrilling!

It is contrived, predictable, inconsistent and plodding.

It gets a bit repetitive on the chapters where Shooter pays him a visit.

The movie is suspenseful and a twist near the end changes the movie's tone completely.

Shooter continues the intense threat by killing Mort's dog, detective and a witness who saw Mort and Shooter arguing.

It was So predictable and it was copy of beautiful mind


Boring until the end .

Like many before me, it was very predictable.

The plot is shocking and unpredictable.

Turturro is especially creepy as the monotone, murderous, and obsessive Mr Shooter.

He is what makes the movie enjoyable--and, ultimately, saves it from just being "okay," instead turning it into something that's worth seeing.

Anything to me that has Johnny Depp in is worth watching and this film certainly hasn't let me down.

Again, if you like exciting, suspensful, thinkers with a few chills thrown in, you will love this movie, if for nothing else, go to see it for Johnny Depp's hair...

Generally, its well-acted, but the story just seems very un-original, like a mixed bag of old, cliche bits, all tacked together into a movie.

Tuturro's slow boiled performance of John Shooter eminates dread and reeks of bad things to come.

So for the most part I was like "when is it going to get to the twist already" because this movie seems to be heavily focused on the predictable twist.

In the end this movie is nothing but a silly, predictable waste of my time.

He was fascinating to watch as he portrayed a man on the edge who was losing his touch with reality....

The whole Shooter plot is too slow, which makes Turturro even more unbearable.

The story is simple enough, but King manages to keep in intriguing enough to last the course, and the ending arrives somewhat unexpectedly.

The film, while commendable as a study of a bipolar short story writer, seems predictable and replete with clichés from time to time.

It was brilliantly done, the performances of the actors especially Johnny Depp were commendable and worth watching.

Though John Turturro's Shooter is entertaining for a short while, it's Depp's Mort that keeps the movie flowing with small bits of ego-based comedy.

An enjoyable watch .

It was very suspenseful and its one of my favorite movies.

This movie was no exception, it was quite predictable.

a mixed bag but fairly enjoyable thriller .

the movie is pretty close cut from the book with a few exceptions like in the book he drinks Pepsi and in the movie he drinks mountain dew(or maby its the other way around) but other then a few things like that its pretty true to the masterpiece that is any Stephen king work, if u liked movies like psycho and identity u will love secret window because of the mind boggling psychological turn of all rational thought into a twilight zone that can only be described as the human mind when at its best and most vulnerable state.

**SPOILERS** Hard to follow movie, due to it's convoluted storyline, even when you kind of figured out what the ending is going to be.

With the directors use of Flashback and Mise-en-scene the movie becomes a suspenseful thriller that doesn't stop the drama until the end.

Despite some glaring flaws, not the least of which is the obvious payoff, this movie is worth watching for the performances and artistry.

'Ted's Evaluation -- 3 of 3: Worth watching.

The performances are perfect, the story is engaging enough, and there are a good few thrills to be had.

From the camera angles, to the detailed (and engaging) discourse, to the sound and editing "The Secret Window" deserves recognition this review couldn't begin to honor (and keeps you on the edge of your seat!

***May contain VERY minor spoilers, but NO plot-breaking details.

fascinating movie and performance .

It was enjoyable to watch, whilst working out what part in the mystery each character played.

Boring and bad.

It's a little scary and a little intriguing.

It was way too long, the man with the hat (john shooter) was extra annoying and his scenes were laughible.

It had me, constantly, either on the edge of my seat or laughing.

Very unoriginal and uninteresting.

It's inspired, it's intense, and most of all, it's terrifying.

Even if the big "secret" twist is not all that surprising, exciting or original, Depp keeps you watching with his twitchy mannerisms and bubbling energy.

Johnny Depp makes any movie he is in better, and it is worth watching Secret Window just to see what he does with this character.

Very enjoyable to watch, with a classic, but yet unexpected twist .

Overall the cast work really well together and with the intriguing storyline, tension and psychological scare factor I still find it far more appealing than the overrated gore fest that is "Saw 3".

The ending of "Secret Window" was a bit contrived, it was somewhat of a cross between the films "Children of the Corn" and "Silence of the Lambs", and left you with the feeling of a sequel, if the film is a major financial success, not far behind.

If nothing, Secret Window is worth watching just for Depp.

But the thing is, every time someone makes a movie of a Stephen King novel, it sucks (except for a couple of good ones like Carrie and Christine)Save your money or go for a real psycho thriller.

Yeah Johnny Depp can act and enjoyable to look at no matter how the plot gets lazy.

This movie was highly rated, so I realize I'm in the minority, but it bored me.

He is very good here and very funny, giving his oddball character lots of entertaining quirks.

She fell asleep during it, which is understandable as some parts were very slow moving.

Everything gets out of control, everything becomes boring and so hackneyed (even Depp's performance gets out of control, and his histrionism comes to the surface, ruining his whole job in this movie).

Boring & Completely Unimagined .

The only thing I liked in this waste of time was the house at the lake and the good camera work.

The plot takes off almost immediately, and then goes slowly for the rest of the movie.

Otherwise, not fantastic, not particularly scary, but overall, entertaining.

It chooses a very clever way of showing how a person's ID can reveal itself in the most unexpected way.

it's suspenseful,thrilling and unpredictable.

I was on the edge of my seat the whole time, it had very good suspense.

It's a little predictable.

" Although it has that familiarity factor, it's still watchable and utterly enjoyable.

The ending was cool though, even if it was a bit predictable.

While the film lacks originality, it is entertaining.

A slow, plodding, predictable story about recently divorced author Mort Rainey (Johnny Depp) and his encounters with a stalker, a character named Shooter (John Turturro).

) I left the theater ultimately pleased.

Wonderfully Thrilling.

His character in "Secret Window" was stunning and the way that his character was so clueless in the whole story was great.

Summing up: Well worth watching if you're a fan of Johnny Depp and enjoy a good mystery.

Dutton: Intriguing thriller about that area of the mind that harbours dark secrets that we would prefer to block out.

Depp and Turturro were both excellent and the plot, while slow at points, had some moments of actual suspense and dread.

This movie had me on the edge of my seat and quite startling in places.

This makes the film feel very pretentious and self-absorbed as the ending, while clever, seems diminished when the film seems too proud of its own content – therefore becomes less effect.

His one liners are hilarious, his ability to play many scenes all alone as his character just wastes away in the woods is really enjoyable to watch.

The first sentence is the positive .. a suspenseful tense uncomfortable story that by all the non spoilers talking about a twist ending did as much to spoil the ending by comparing this to movies I won't name here or I'd be just as inconsiderate.

The movie starts with a scene of "Depp" seeing his wife cheating on him in a motel, then we move to see glimpses of the boring life of a writer, it really shows how deep can a writer go while struggling for an idea to write.

The cinematography is breathtaking.

Now come on, a three year old could have figured out what the exciting twist was going to be.

The story is uninteresting and the dialogue and plot are embarrassingly predictable.

"Secret Window" is yet another exciting twisted story from writer/director David Koepp his previous work consists of "Panic Room" and "Stir of Echoes".

The movie begins slow -- very slow.

All in all, it's a good film to check out once, simply because the story is interesting, and if you like intense films, this might be right up your ally.

"Secret Window" was a suspenseful story in the true tradition of Steven King's writing.

Secret Window is an intriguing little film, and it's much better than you'd expect.

Anyone familiar with him and his style knows to expect anything and everything from his novels, as many of them feature completely unexpected endings and plot turns.

' I will give 'Secret Window' 2 stars because it did keep me on the edge of my seat at times.

Secret Window was a very entertaining movie for me.

"I'll be honest, the movie did have me on the edge of my seat for a decent amount of time, and there are some great comedic moments as well.

The movie has a real Hitchcockian theme and the music score really does give that suspenseful tone throughout the film.

This movie had a predictable plot - even I guessed it halfway through, and I am usually horrible at guessing the 'twists'.

In a week where I've been nothing but disappointed by the films that I have seen- Van Helsing, Wonderland and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, it was a delight to find a film that literally had me on the edge of my seat.

The pinnacle of the film is very thrilling and unsettling, and a great conclusion.

The movie was so completely predictable and borrowed from so many other good, original movies that I left thinking the producers owed money to lots of other producers of the movies they stole from.

Once I actually watched the thing, over a year after its release, I was surprised that is was enjoyable as it was.

This movie set me on the edge and the ending was beyond amazing!

The plot is slow to start, and there are several moments that will have you thinking "what?!

I did tell my friend when i walked out i will be buying this on dvd.

Predictable ending .

This could have been your usual 'Man alone in a isolated cottage, terrorised by noises at night' bland type of thriller thy I tend to skip.

I went into Secret Window thinking to see a boring movie but i was on the edge of my seat particularly the whole way through it and the twist at the end was good too.

Expect a decent psychological thriller, not really scary, but just enough suspense to keep you tense and on the edge of your seat.

Depp is wonderful as Rainey - his hair alone is worth watching the movie for - a sort of nice guy self-righteous slob cowardly schizoid tormented soul, and a total one-of-a-kind performance, which balances beautifully with the film's finely-judged tones of light and dark.

This has to be one of the 10 WORST movies I've ever seen in my life.

Stephen King wrote a good novel and the picture was very entertaining.

I found the film to be entertaining and interesting.

I was dragged to this movie on a couples night out and the only other option in our one-screen theater in our little town was Starsky&Hutch, which only topped this movie because of the likable actors of Stiller and Wilson.

I don't want to spoil it for anyone (LOTS of the other reviews contain major spoilers), but much of what goes on in this film just seems stupid, contrived, and totally unbelievable.

The hick becomes more and more vengeful, which leads to some intense confrontations and even murder.

Worth watching due to the performance of Johnny Depp.

I have to say I expected more from this film but it was still an entertaining enough thriller and worth watching.

Secret Window, Secret Garden, on the other hand, is part of a ponderous, dull collection of material that leaves readers confused, even feeling ripped off.

No matter what he does, he succeeds in making a film entertaining even when it should not be.

Overall i love this movie and recommend it to anyone, though some may find it boring.

Not just him but John Tuturro as well, who can act creepy in his sleep, who make such predictable material watchable and even funny at points.

It's (still) a thoroughly enjoyable (psychological) thriller, thanks to the presence of Johnny Depp (as as Mort Rainey), and solid, suspenseful direction from David Koepp.

I went to this movie thinking what a great and suspenseful movie it would be.

Let's compare this story to The Shining, which shares the concept of a writer gone mad: In The Shining, the Overlook Hotel and the snowy Colorado mountains are key characters to the plot, particularly thanks to Kubrick's picky attention to camera angles and decor: here we have a boring suburban home in a boring small town.

The staged drama, the predictable twists, the long dull periods of nothing, the unnecessary violence and the impatience to get to the twist, even though, we may know what it is, is to much to sit through so when the twist eventually does come, I felt cheated and had a somewhat bad taste in my mouth.

The twist itself was predictable - either the pacing was slow or the there were too many clues.

Predictable and unsatisfying .

The plotline, however, is weak and very predictable.

Fight Club is the only movie where this twist works and it's now a big cliché.

' Despite the fact that its predecessors might have comparatively left Secret Window's knife a little dull when it comes to the jaw dropping moment of suspense, it is a masterfully shot and brilliantly acted film.

All of the effects they used to make it eerie were just the usual ones that have been used over and over again, so this made it predictable.

Johnny depp comes out with a breathtaking performance in this film.

Once he put it on, the secret is revealed and confusion is solved.

Although we know where "Secret Window" is headed quite early on, David Koepp (writer of "Panic Room" and director of the well-made "Stir of Echoes") manages to sustain the audience's interest through a series of suspenseful camera shots.

Directed by David Koepp (Stir of Echoes, The Trigger Effect) made an entertaining, suspenseful-thriller.

While aspects of the story are predictable, you will never see the last couple minutes coming.

What makes Secret Window worth watching is Johnny Depp's performance - he was spectacular...

Turturro is awesome as Shooter, menacing with his slow Southern drawl and apparent courtesy while he threatens to burn Rainey's life to the ground if he isn't given restitution.

Screenplay is slow and as mentioned earlier couldn't hold the viewers for long.

The story is good, if a little predictable (after all the main twist has been used a lot in the last years) and Depp's performance is, as usual, brilliant.

Exceedingly predictable thriller surrounds an entertaining cast.

Deep is always intriguing actor to watch, whatever if the movie is good or bad.

However, once the second half kicks in, the film is suspenseful and interesting.

It was also intense as well as scary.

Pacing is slow.

_Secret Window_ was so annoying, so predictable, and so unlike anything any professional writer would do if some jerk walked up and said "You stole mah story!

) This film is to me a pleasantly enjoyable new KING film ,on that note....

It was very unpredictable, If it was just another movie like all the other's it would be boring let alone predictable.

Secret Window is a very Keene and captivating psychological/horror thriller that is surefire mind boggling entertainment and out of this world fun.

It's intended to be a suspenseful , and exciting.

Maria Bello as Amy Rainey is one of those performances where an actor takes a character that turned into an empty shadow during the novella and makes something substantial out of it.

Kept me on the edge .

Support from Dutton, Hutton and Bello is pretty good – none of them really stand out but they all do enough to distract from the twist, which is a little predictable if you think about it.

He makes some good mainstream genre movies, that are yet somehow also original and refreshing in its very own way, despite having all of the formulaic ingredients always in it as well.

Quite enjoyable if you dont take it seriously ~ .

It's such a dull story, told badly.

I highly recommend it.

) Depp’s performance is the most entertaining thing is Secret Window.

It was amazing and totally unexpected.

The ending was an utter cliché and (although I will try not to voice an opinion too harsh on Stephen King) seemed like the 'lazy boy's' way of ending a thriller.

There were no surprises for me as I have read the short story before,but a very enjoyable movie IMO.

Entertaining .

The movie kept me on the edge of my seat, wondering when Shooter was going to make his move on Depp.

"Depply" Entertaining .

I was on the edge of my seat.

It was way too long, the man with the hat (john shooter) was extra annoying and his scenes were laughable.

While aspects of the story are predictable, you will never see the last couple minutes coming.

Secret Window somewhat entertaining albeit predictable .

The scare-factor was good, just enough to keep you on the edge of your seat.

There are two different pastes in the movie, the one very slow that gives you nothing to look forward to and the other is a thriller-like paste.

Turn them off, especially if the movie is a thriller and the audience is on the edge of their seats waiting for the next suspenseful moment!

The story is suspenseful and interesting wanting us to see the ending.

It was suspenseful & truly a great movie.

Really had an unexpected twist of an ending, had my attention all the way through.

I loved most of it, but the ending just used the cliche plot twist which ruined the story.

Because of this, Depp really salvages what would otherwise be just an average movie and makes it intriguing.

Why on Earth did Johnny Depp spend probably five months of his life making this trite piece of crap?

This entertaining, if fairly average, thriller is based on a Stephen King short story called, "Secret Window, Secret Garden".

While overall, I thought the ending was a bit predictable, (could have used some more twists), Johnny Depp can deliver a line like no one else!

He then dragged Amy out into the backyard and he killed her!

I predicted the twist ending at the very beginning when it was revealed what was going on, and it was all too predictable for my liking.

I fell asleep twice at the beginning of this movie waiting for something to happen.

This movie is slow, unrealistic and most of all BORING !!!

Contrived and stupid -- this is not a good film .

Mort digs around for a magazine that wrote about the book that he claims was written two years before Shooter's copy, but as the search as slow the mysterious man is becoming more threatening.

Very bad acting, and a very boring character.

He added a little bit of relaxation to an otherwise very intense film.

Another great element used was the lake house/cottage including disturbing sounds, broken light blubs and just been isolated are key elements to a good suspenseful movie.

For example, just when you are on the edge of your seat, Mort wakes up and a big drama with his ex-life and her present husband, begins and it lasts 15 minutes.

It would be fair to say that King - a New England writer with a dark edge and an obsessive nature - writes a lot of fiction where the protagonist is a New England writer with a dark edge and obsessive nature (The Shining, Misery, Bag Of Bones, Lisey's Story, many others), but this, like most of them, is a cracking good yarn with great characters and intriguing themes - what is the difference between a lunatic who assumes a fictitious personality and a writer or actor who creates one as part of their job ?

Also I'd say that the actors' expressions in this movie were too little, barely giving out any clue about what might they be feeling or thinking, which soon became a little uninteresting.

As I mentioned before, I found all three of these movies to be very entertaining -- until the end, when you realize that none of what happened in the movie actually happened (to a lesser or greater extent).

The climax is complete cliché and the aftermath is, well, actually just plain silly.

I suppose if you've never seen any Hitchcock,Polanski,Lynch,or DePalma,and are under 25,you might have found this film suspenseful and disturbing.

Slow, Boring and unrealistic .

And second, the ending itself is (technically) incredibly well made, and fascinating to watch.

The 'big twist' of the film might have surprised some people 15 years ago but today it seems very predictable now.

I actually enjoyed it more the second time I saw it.

Intriguing Thriller .

Shockingly, boringly obvious .

90% of Secret Window is predictable shock shlock.

Even his friends are entertaining.

The films climax is also pretty good, though the very end is a little drawn out.

About the only sounds were the crunching of popcorn and stifled yawns.

Standard, predictable story with an unoriginal theme.

There were a few times I had to speed it up just to get through the mega slow parts.

Secret Window is a simple sort of film, I don't think it's trying to be something spectacular, just something enjoyable and with the kind of story Stephen King likes to write.

Shortly,I recommend because This may not be an excellent horror, but surely it's entertaining to watch.

This is, overall, a movie worth watching if you any of a fan of Mr. Depp.

We have to delve a little deeper before we see the cliché cleverly disguised in what begins in an somewhat intriguing manner.

However, looking at the negatives, several areas were rather weak, and if the acting hadnt stood up so well under scrutiny i dont think that i would have enjoyed it as much.

Bello is engaging as Depp's ex-wife simply because she looks so much like Tuesday Weld in her prime.

When it was released into theatres I saw it the day it opened, surprisingly, the theater was actually quite empty, they probably ad some slasher flick or sex-comedy i cant remember.

"As for the actual review: It's not well structured, the suspenseful moments border on the comic, Johnny Depp is clearly burned out from filming "Pirates of the Caribbean" because of how similar in speech and mannerism this character is to Jack Sparrow, and that "perfect ending" of his?

There are some scenes that will have your jaw literally on the floor at times, while there are other parts, which will have you ready to go to bed from boredom.

The ending is borderline unpredictable unless you've been following with keen eyes and ears throughout.

) Very good thrilling moments though, even if you see the end showing too fast.

While the movie isn't scary, it's suspenseful, at times funny and all around well-written.

If you know your movies,then you found this to have a hackneyed premise,formulaic direction,and "movie of the week" scripting.

Don't waste your money on this one.

However, the ending is very very cliché and a big let down.

He is able to instill his roles with incredibly entertaining personalities while still making them believable.

Being a fan of Johnny Depp's ability as an actor, and his ability to pick out great scripts, Depp usually has that type of presence on the screen that can bring an mediocre film to be enjoyable experience.

The story is slow at times, predictable at others, and the ultimate conclusion with the requisite "big twist" may well leave you a bit cold.

However, unlike last years Dreamcatcher, this is an entertaining and well-made film.

If you can stay awake long enough while watching this loser flick, you find out that most of the stuff they drop in should have been deposited in the garbage pail beside the stove.

It's predictable, drawn out, and plain silly at times.

Predictable, uninspired -- unless you count all the other pictures from which it steals as "inspiration" .

Now if any of you moviegoers out there have seen the horrible movie "Identity" you might notice that they have similar exciting twists.

Good thrilling horror film.

Stunning psychothriller .

'Secret Window' has been criticized due to the end twist; a kind of 'surprise' which became predictable for one reason and one reason only...

The overall tone of the movie is distinctly two-part; events of the first hour or so are rather riveting as Mort grapples with his demons and Shooter.

Suspenseful and intriguing .

I find the first half of the film a little slow, when everything has to be introduced and the scene to be set.

An entertaining, intelligent thriller .

Although it has it's sometimes very funny, sometimes spooky moments they all become very repetitive after the first 45 minutes.

This entertaining psychological-thriller is well done and amusing as well.

Like so many of King's stories, it's a suspenseful thriller about an author of suspenseful thrillers (Depp).

Gripping .

The entire cast performed amazingly, hats off, and the movie itself was entirely fast paced and creepy.

Entertaining.. .

Like last year's "Identity", it's the acting and directing that makes this an enjoyable cinematic experience, instead of one made for TV.

I enjoyed the movie, the acting and the plot -- I highly recommend it as a nice change from the same old story lines we've become so comfortable with.

Depp's acting makes this slow-build film a very enjoyable watch.

The only downside was that the ending, to me was fairly predictable from 2/3rds of the way through the movie.

To make a long story short (which is what director David Koepp seems to have done here), Mort falls headlong into some mighty confusing situations, slowly realizing he is a legend in his own mind.

So I feel that this intentional emphasis on detail has dragged the thriller movie on too long for my taste.

The film goes on and on building up a certain story that is pointless in the end!

The Stephen King version was one of the most compelling renderings of the pain of divorce - for man or woman - that I've read anywhere.

The characters and dialogue are really bland.

Very engaging movie .

"Secret Window", an adaptation of Stephen King's "Secret Window, Secret Garden", is entertaining and fun to watch.

The story is exceptional, unpredictable, something that will quench your mind and make you shout out once its biggest twist will be revealed.