Set It Off (1996) - Action, Crime, Drama

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Desperation drives four inner-city women to bank robbery in Los Angeles, then they start mistrusting each other.

IMDB: 6.9
Director: F. Gary Gray
Stars: Jada Pinkett Smith, Queen Latifah
Length: 123 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 7 out of 86 found boring (8.13%)

One-line Reviews (45)

Entertaining and Well Motivated .

After a lively if predictable opening bank-heist scene, 'Set It Off' plummets straight into the gutter and continues to sink.

The plot is pretty solid and allows for good robbery pieces as well as the usual standoffs and quite exciting climax.

It still qualifies, I suppose, as far above a waste of time.

The movie started feeling like a predictable crowd-pleaser, although it was supposed to be a hard-hitting protest about why the lower class seems to have abandoned.

This film is very fast-paced, with gripping suspense throughout the course of the movie.

Serious race-related social issues are wheeled on in contrived and opportunistic fashion in order to justify armed robbery, then they're ditched as soon as the film has to produce the inevitably conventional ending in which crime is punished, the LAPD turns out to be a bunch of caring, guilt-ridden liberals (tell that to Rodney King), and aspirational 'good' sista, Jada Pinkett Smith, follows the path of upward mobility out of the 'hood and into a world of middle-class self-indulgence opened up for her by her buppie bank-manager boyfriend.

The motion picture,"Set It Off" offers the audience four intriguing young black female characters,a rare grouping in any Hollywood movie and from the strength of this film went on to become one of the top ten best action films of 1996.

The flick is chock full of cliché lines and actions.

It is dramatic,fast paced and in a league of it's own.

The film is predictable from the get-go, so just strap in for the ride.

There are many things you want to do after watching the movie, you want to get on the bus like Stony and "go" never knowing where it will lead but daring to leave the trap behind you.

For anyone thinking whether they should or should not watch this movie, the answer is YES you should watch this movie, you'll have laughs, crys, you'll be on the edge of your seat wanting to see more, I'm shocked this movie didn't do better at box office, only made around $100,000,000 worldwide.

I would highly recommend it to anyone and everyone!

An emotional, powerful and exciting motion picture experience.

Movies in this genre that are as intense, in terms of the thrill, usually feature men, exclusively.

Cleo's climatic car-scene ending was pure adrenaline rush!

I highly recommend it as you really grow to care about the characters, which makes the final act all the more harrowing.

A slow reaction leads to a death, accusations, and the loss employment.

Early on it felt a little cliché and simplistic.

Very touching and exciting movie!

Some of the plot elements are quite contrived, and one of the scenes features a catalyst so dumb its appalling that someone didn't require a rewrite (even the cliché for what normally happens in this situation is more believable).

Gary Gray,most notably for the original comedy "Friday",with Ice Cube and Chris Tucker,and the fast paced crime thriller "The Negotiator",with Kevin Spacey and Samuel L.

The plot is a bit incredulous and the acting slightly overdone, but this is a very pacy, engaging and powerful movie about how four black women, trading mops for guns, decide to make a statement for themselves and rise against the injustice of society's prejudicial treatment against the poor and have-nots.

Consequently, they embark on a life of crime in this predictable, often contrived, but nevertheless entertaining crime thriller.

This cutting-edge action film, delivers jolt-after-jolt of exciting entertainment.

Fantastic acting (DAMN that Will Smith is a lucky guy :-), realistic, entertaining, and sometimes sad.

"Set it Off" is far from remarkable, but it's amiable and entertaining.

The second half of the movie picks up in action and the last 20 minutes is pretty intense.

Still, it's a great movie, and an excellent choice if you're looking for an intense action thriller.

Great movie, I really enjoyed it.

Amateurish but entertaining .

The acting is 'so,so', the plot is illogical, unreasonable and predictable.

Gary Gray's horribly slow direction and an excruciating script (by Takashi Bufford and Kate Lanier) full of unintentionally funny moments.

Definitely worth watching.

All four turn their backs together and as quick as you can say, "contrived", the kid is under a sink drinking ammonia.

This movie started off happy and exciting, followed on with jam packed action and ended with tears going down my face.

This was one of the most enjoyable films I have seen lately.

It's worth watching nonetheless and I heartily recommend it.

What made this film so very riveting to watch was the electrifying performance of actress Queen Latifah,in one of the most surprising roles ever accompanish by a actress,is a thrill to watch as Cleo.

Instead,"Set It Off" is fast paced and very well-acted.

Gary Gray weren't so dependent on melodrama and big action spectacles to create tension, this wouldn't been a much more compelling film.

Jada Pinkett also gives a compelling performance as Stoney.

I was surprised that I enjoyed it so much, as at the time there were some really rubbish movies of that genre about...

Gripping tale of 4 women who turn to robbing banks to make it out of ghetto life.