Seventh Son (2014) - Action, Adventure, Fantasy

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When Mother Malkin, the queen of evil witches, escapes the pit she was imprisoned in by professional monster hunter Spook decades ago and kills his apprentice, he recruits young Tom, the seventh son of the seventh son, to help him.

IMDB: 5.5
Director: Sergei Bodrov
Stars: Ben Barnes, Julianne Moore
Length: 102 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 54 out of 195 found boring (27.69%)

One-line Reviews (182)

Passably entertaining, but somewhat dull.

The cast do there best, but this is a by the numbers film and is generally predictable.

The screenplay seems written by a twelve year old, the acting is predictable, and painful.

If you like medieval fantasy genre and are a fan of games then this movie will be very enjoyable.

Cliché as a film can be .

Perhaps there are too many repetitive yawn-inducing CG battles.

I had a really hard time just staying awake, for it's entirety.

There's something compelling about it and I want to find out what it is...

Imagine Bane from The Dark Knight Rises, mashed together with a drunk Billy Connolly and that's pretty much how Bridges has chosen to play this particular role, although, to be honest, none of what he says really matters throughout the 100 minutes run-time, with the script being unbelievably dull and the characters even more so, particularly Barne's, Tom Ward, who will take some beating to not win worst and, or, most forgettable main character in a film released this year.

However this idea has come down to us, and to me, having a bunch of witches as the villains of the piece is also another tired cliché that I am getting a little sick hearing.

Now generic stories can still be enjoyable if at least the characters are interesting.

Everyone else was bland and boring.

We aren't usually that critical of a film's production design, but there is just something awfully dreary about the widescreen world of Russian director Sergei Bodrov's debut English-language feature.

Clichéd, boring, ridiculous, poorly acted,edited and written.

Very enjoyable and the good guys win.

Alicia Vikander, nowadays a big actress in her own right, shows up as the love interest but makes no impression whatsoever, while Kit Harington has a cameo so brief as to be pointless.

If that franchise is going to be at this level however, don't waste your time lads and lasses.

It is a growling, grumpy, dull affair.

"Boring plot, boring characters, bad dialogue terrible film" - everything you need to know .

Bridges sounds ridiculous but at least he doesn't commit the cardinal sin for this kind of silly movies, which is being boring; ditto for Julianne Moore in a campy turn as a witch queen.

a drinking game, perhaps, to stave off the boredom?

Fairly predictable plot and decent acting.

I haven't read any of the books, so I can only hope that they're more engaging than the movie.

I also felt the story moved really fast during important story moments and became really slow during romantic scenes.

Overall I give the film a B and enjoyed it the mideval fantasy sets/props, and Jeff Bridges.

Featuring perhaps the worst world building of any fantasy film I've ever seen--and that includes D-movies like 'Yor: The Hunter From The Future'--this dull and uninspired pastiche was so bad that it had me pining wistfully for the 'Hobbit' trilogy.

Bland, derivative, soulless .

Even the jokes were cliché.

While it doesn't bring anything new to the gender of medieval fantasy, it does a great job and building the atmosphere of this genre and it delivers with moments of comedy, action and growth of our unexpected hero.

Based on the Spook's apprentice by Joseph Delaney, I am sure the book was readable because the movie was unwatchable.

The first trailer was interesting and entertaining.

The majority of reviewers have been quite mean at this movie, but I have to say that I enjoyed it.

Even with my managed expectations where I just wanted some fun dragon fights, I was bored.

What makes the story of Tom Ward so thoroughly enjoyable is the back drop of the dark north west of England landscape full of old legend, terror and harshness.

There is no plot, it is just a fairytale with some mediocre acting and a very clumsy ending.

I've just watched this, on the same day I saw the new "Mad Max" (in 3-D, no less), and I have to say that, despite the almost universally dismissive reviews you'll find online, I found "Seventh Son" ten times more enjoyable than the empty and overheated "Max.

The plot is the same, done to death plot done (better) by many-a fantasy and action/adventure movie and does little to stray from the formulaic.

People will always love coming of age stories even as adults since its something we all face.

The film isn't exactly great, but it's a largely entertaining romp that's more inspired by than strictly faithful to Joseph Delaney's series of bestselling books.

The trailer showed most of the action packed scene and the comic spots were unsatisfying.

How uninteresting is that.

No matter to us viewers, as what we care about is seeing something new and exciting.

a rather intriguing fantasy movie .

It just seemed like a fantasy movie on adrenaline.

" And also -- thanks to its engaging characters -- considerably more suspenseful.

" "Empty your heart of grief.

3D Fun Action Packed Fantasy Romp .

Ben barnes plays the apprentice in this film and he is just so dull and we are never given a reason to even start liking this character.

It has some intense moments and I really enjoyed the third act.

Ben Barnes and Jeff Bridges had a lot of chemistry as mentor and apprentice and made some boring and poorly-written scenes more enjoyable.

The narrative is more predictable than a Dungeons and Dragons rulebook and when the description for a monster was presented as a "level six monster" I had to take a moment to ensure my jaw wasn't on my lap.

-The characters are all cliché and offered nothing new.

However it has some entertainment value to it, so really, if you don't care about predictability and music, Seventh Son would actually be worth watching on Nexflix.

It was a decently entertaining film that I plan to watch a couple more times.

i cannot give this movie a fair and just review - the horrendous accent that jeff bridges used made the movie unwatchable for me.

How Joseph Delaney could allow them to tear apart what was such a unique and incredible story, and turn it into another terrible fantasy cliché is beyond me.

If you are a film buff or explore a wide range of movies, then you will probably consider this a waste of your time.

This movie was definitely action packed with different battles and fight scenes between good and bad all leading up to the end battle against the destruction of the earth.

A few twists in tne movie - but they seem kind of pointless since they are not written well and the story is scattered and confused.

This film was incredibly clichéd and predictable.

My bowl is empty.

The actors, who are known, bankable, usually pretty good, sound as if they are doing a monotone table read.

" -There are some scenes that are pretty witty, and some others that are pretty entertaining.

That coupled with a simplistic boring plot and an overall lack of heart or inspiration made this quite the disappointment.

While I enjoyed a couple of sequences, most were just boring.

Whenever I read critics picking apart this or other good or just plain enjoyable movies, I am reminded of a definition of "critic" I once read: "A critic is a person who, having no talent of their own, feels eminently qualified to pass judgment on the talent of others.

Jeff Bridges did a pretty good job portraying his character but his character is just boring.

Well, it definitely was clichéd and slightly cheesy but I enjoyed it way more than I thought I would.

That synopsis is more exciting than the movie itself.

Performance-Wise: Jeff Bridges is in total hamming mode & yet he's delightful & engaging.

Entertaining Fantasy Film .

Still the movie is extremely boring.

There are cliché archetypes and interrelationships between characters and even the conflict in store for our characters is lame.

Trite writing is salvaged to an extent by decent production values and a fine cast.

Because Seventh Son is a waste of time, talent, and money so egregious, everyone involved should have to perform community service.

An unfortunate failure that was actually very very entertaining .

(Truth be told… It was VERY predictable…) I wasn't in love with CGI either, BTW.

This movie feels sort of like it was a 150 minute epos fantasy adventure that the movie-company deemed too slow and didn't have enough substance to entertain the viewer so it was cut down heavily to just 100 minutes.

A mildly entertaining 3D adventure for the start of the year .

Firstly with the performances; from the so visibly fake and distracting accent of Jeff Bridges to the bland and almost lifeless performance by Ben Barnes this movie succeeds in not making you care about anyone, not even Julianne Moore could save this movie.

A Very Enjoyable Movie .

The characters are wooden, boring and just plain uninteresting.

Form beginning to end, you have: the old evil (malkin), the old teacher with a clouded past (gregory), the unlikely hero from humble origins, the unexpected female character that at first betrays and then helps save the world, the parent with a hidden past (mother), the sacred item (medalion), acolytes, the big and strong sidekick, and the list goes on.

and Moore seems to be having a ball as the queen witch, looking stunning and spouting her lines out with relative glee.

Though it falls short of such a lofty goal, it still provides an entertaining onslaught to the senses.

I felt that Barnes' uninspired performance largely dragged the movie down.

Yawn ...

It's so predictable and just so stereotypical of a fantasy movie.

Overall, despite Jeff Bridges over the top, but entertaining performance this movie is easily forgettable.

Although the script was in the tanker, I could see how the actors would find this film enjoyable to make.

good, I would say, and offers some entertaining action scenes, especially with original weapons - Djimon Hounsou wielding axe-heads on chains is quite a sight.

-The story is cliché and predictable as pretty much anything.

Entertaining Mideval Fantasy .

The story and other actors were teetering on mediocre, but the CG actions was entertaining enough to carry it through.

Probably entertaining for a date night .

What a sad waste of money, time, and labor.

-The entire film is like a cliché video game complete with boss battles, side-quests, and gaining new equipment.

Let's face it, the story is not as deep as Harry Potter or LOTR, nor the budget as epic, but it's fast-paced story, CG-heavy fantasy action and one-liners is entertaining enough for me to not feel I wasted 2 hours.

The characters and their relationships with each other were pretty entertaining for the most part.

One of the worst movies i have ever saw .

The characters act like they are on a time crunch and then spend way too long gazing into each other's eyes.

I knew it was going to be alright when i read the word cliché' 10 times in the first 4written reviews.

Dull, uninspired waste of a solid cast.

While the movie had some interesting aspects I cannot even remotely say I enjoyed it for two reasons.

Yet the movie is so filled with below par filmmaking that it is bland and barely tolerable.

Yes, there is good reason indeed why former studio Warner Bros had dragged its feet in releasing this, and what a relief it must have felt that it need not try to justify why it decided to do so when it already has an entire trilogy in 'The Hobbit'.

All the white washed, generic, bored fantasy standards you can fit into a single film.

Sure it was a little hasty at some points and a little too cliché at some others, not to mention that the evil creatures weren't that terrifying, but it was enjoyable and had enough action to be interesting.

I just remember feeling very bored.

Here are the reasons why this movie is different: The antagonists actually have reasons to be bad - There is not only black and white, good and evil in this story, there are a lot of grey areas as well - Actors are really good, Juliane Moore is amazing - production values are good, not top notch, but good - in most movies you know after minute 5 how the movie is going to end, not so much in this movieDon't take me wrong, this is nowhere near amazing, but it is entertaining, has some interesting aspects and good production values.

Grumpy teacher-"hardworking but useless" pupil relationship was so cliché it pained me to see what interesting skills would be learnt (other than sprinkling iron or silver filing).

growling, grumpy, dull .

The Soundtrack creates great atmosphere at times in what is to all intents and purposes a reasonably engaging film, just lacking originality!

This film was surprisingly very dull and lifeless.

A Blank and Bland Title Character and an Unfulfilled Love Story are the Movie's Weakest Link.

I was impressed by the filming locations and detailed sets, which added character depth and made it more enjoyable.

There were so many cliché lines in this film that people in the audience were saying the actors' lines (very loudly) before the actors did.

This fantasy tale is entertaining, and Julianne Moore gives a good performance of a cold blooded witch.

It's also a pity that these fascinating characters were not given enough screen time and abilities (i have no idea why the movie is shorter than the normal films).

I'm going to give this a reasonably high rating because I actually quite enjoyed it, though I have since discovered that it has been absolutely plastered by the critics.

Horribly Entertaining .

The whole is extremely predictable and some developments are downright ridiculous.

So, if you are not too demanding about it, the movie can be entertaining.

It is a bit of a fairy tail - Worth Watching!

The storyline the gave was predictable and tried to hard to amuse.

The storyline was thin (and short) and, as already stated, predictable.

This is no "Lord of the Rings" and is not much of a memorable movie, but it is entertaining.

The story itself is rather cliché, one we've seen many times.

), it had good action, and in general IT WAS A GOOD AND VERY ENJOYABLE MOVIE.

The stand out for the film and the reason you should see it though is for Jeff Bridges (The Big Lebowski, True Grit) who plays Mater Gregory, he has created a fantastic character in Gregory, everything from his voice to his movements is exciting to hear and see.

However the plot of the books is easy to follow, interesting, sometimes engaging; Delaney had just as much right for fame as J.

If you like medieval fantasy, it is an entertaining show.

It is packed with every cliché you find in the genre however it is still entertaining with its action set pieces, decent CGI and 3D.

I was literally bored out of my mind throughout the first and second act.

The opening scene is fascinating: the witch being locked away by a mysterious man and then fast-forward passing-of-time in what it looks like is a Grand Canyon/Highlands hybrid landscape.

yet another thing set in America with generic, dull and one dimensional characters.

Jeff Bridges - who gives an embarrassingly poor copy of Ian McKellen's role as Gandalf throughout - plays a ghost-busting witch finder who takes on an apprentice (in the form of dull nice guy Ben Barnes) to battle an evil witch, played by the hideous overacting Julianne Moore.

However, that being said, I did enjoy Jeff Bridges in it, there are some exciting action scenes and the effects were pretty good.

Going to the cinema at least once a week, I might have reached a point where I find a lot of story lines predictable.

However, although the same story that we see all the time, it nonetheless has many entertaining elements and fight scenes, so if you are a fan of the fantasy genre, or perhaps have read the book, then you will probably not be disappointed with this film - nor will you be especially pleased either.

The story simply tries join the dots of the various action sequences and entirely predictable.

Entertaining .

Ben Barnes, portraying the apprentice and Seventh Son is unfortunately making a rather bland impression.

The plot was boring and the characters were all forgettable, so much so that the action and somewhat interesting world couldn't do much to lift this score.

It's a total waste of time.

So it was enjoyable to an extent.

Predictability (5): Very predictable and nothing new or surprising.

It's dull.

Direction by Sergey Bodrov is competent, but Seventh Son needed flat-out amazing set-pieces to redeem the bland writing, not just a few brawls with whooshing knives, extras falling like ninepins and the queen's ethnically diverse lieutenants - looking like X-Men dropouts gathering for a Dungeons & Dragons cosplay - dispatched anticlimactically.

It means it's boring.

The real sins are listed below which would have made it much better despite the boring story.

The acting was terrible Juilianna Moore's character was so familiar and predictably boring, Jeff Bridges had this horrible over acted voice and face (mostly i could not understand his mumbling), and Ben Barnes and his character ended up being nothing special.

Very boring presence.

To have a love story, the biggest cliché?

Worth Watching for Syfy fans .

a good waste of 115 mins of your life.

Entertaining Kill-the-Witch adventure with a love story .

The 3D is some of the best I have seen in a very long time and it helps that the visuals of the film are very breathtaking.

Even fantasy buffs will find this one dull.

" Certainly this is a film worth watching.

As I am not a fan of the genre personally, I do see the appeal for some people, but I just cant really get myself to give this rather boring storyline more than a 5 out of 10.

Even without reading the book, I was extremely confused and bored through the entire movie.

same old story been ,same old cliche ,.

It doesn't help that the whole thing looks like it was shot with the softest focus imaginable and contains one of the most boring, contrived attempts at a love story I've ever seen.

Between the predictable story line and the acting seen in a middle school play, I can just ask you to save yourselves the time.

Being bored by 9 to 5 jobs, these witches and warlocks will tend to be on the welfare rolls.

While hardly groundbreaking in any way, the story unfolds with unexpected punch.

The Bad: This film is, for the most part, a snooze fest.

In conclusion,I believe this movie is a waste of time and money and you should avoid it.

But, for pretty much everyone else, Seventh Son is an entertaining, undemanding film with some good ideas and a lot of fun moments.

It can be entertaining though, if you let yourself into the fantasy world.

Ultimately, despite the action, the movie is a bit dull.

They fight and yet it still is boring honestly the witches however cliché they might be are more interesting than the two spooks.

Generic fantasy tripe with no story or characters to latch onto, a protagonist so bland it's easy to forget what he even looks like scene-to-scene (besides "vaguely handsome"), uninspired vision and design, and yet another wretchedly chaotic jumble of bad effects and erratic editing pretending to be an exciting climactic battle.

Finally, the story had potential, but becomes pointless and silly after a while, especially when the ultimate weapon the hero carries is glitter...

"The Seventh Son" does travel over beaten paths, but it's still an entertaining passing of the time.

If you've seen "Season of the Witch" with Nicolas Cage and "Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters" with Jeremy Renner and Gemma Arterton, you'll know when to yarn during the formulaic, by-the-numbers, adventures.

During the whole movie the scenery is very enjoyable, including the medieval villages and castles.

If you are planning to watch this movie, save your money and time.

The dialogs are quite comical at times, but mostly they feel contrived and uninspired.

That is not good because it takes only 7 minutes of set up and an hour and a half more of fighting, romance and boring stuff.

It represents a small universe of Lord of the Ring, combining the elements of Outlander and Season of the Witch, but ends up just like the latter two, letting down by an uninspiring and predictable plot limited by low budget, poor performance from the young cast, unexciting action scenes, underwhelming scores and awful dialogues.