Sexy Beast (2000) - Crime, Drama, Thriller

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Brutal gangster Don Logan recruits "retired" safecracker Gal for one last job, but it goes badly for both of them.

IMDB: 7.3
Director: Jonathan Glazer
Stars: Ray Winstone, Ben Kingsley
Length: 89 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 55 out of 367 found boring (14.98%)

One-line Reviews (250)

So we get the ordinary fairly thick working class blokes caught up in crime combined with several powerfully convincing psychopaths who give Scorcese a run for his money in portraying the banality of evil.

OK so Sexy Beast could be a bit misleading a the title and that really bugs me as it is kind of pointless in relation to the film.

He's so uninteresting here one wonders whether the well-written role and Oldman's direction just made him seem impressive.

I can't be bothered to write anymore about this film, except to say that it was an anti climatic bore of an excuse for a director to put reel to camera and produce this junk.

this is fascinating and original, as we watch Gal exfoliating, as a man and a gangster, made flabby by the good life, rotten by the sun.

The rest of the performances are good enough for the old-fashioned, obvious story, cliche caper plot and predictable resolution of the genre.

My conclusion is: I shouldn't have lost any minute thinking about it, that is a boring film where nothing really new happens.

I suppose if you look at it in the context of contemporary British gangster films, it's pretty good - beer bellies replacing 'cool'; character replacing narrative; funny psychotic replacing tiresome psychotic.

Ian McShane does a lot to bury his lightweight 'Lovejoy' persona with an excellent, menacing performance that contrasts well against Winstone's thin bravado, but the honours here have to go to Kingsley who is simply stunning, turning in a masterclass performance and proving (once again) that he is a top-drawer actor with every aspect of his character (posture; accent; attitude) finally honed and utterly (appallingly) convincing.

These more aggressive sections are beautifully contrasted by the 'slower' character building sections, which allow Winstone to display his charm to full affect.

It's NOT fast-paced, the plot is extremely predictable, and the ending is a supreme let-down!

But unfortunately, this leads to boredom.

I enjoyed the intense drama, fast pace, and solid performances .

Try to imagine a film where cartoon violence is replaced with brutality, where pointless macho dialogue is replaced with biting, poignant wit and where bland stereotypes are replaced with well-rounded and interesting characters.

Everyone raves about Ben Kingsley's intense performance as a mob thug, Don.

Ben also wins the award for Best (and most frequent and creative) Usage of the "c" word, which plays a major part in this outrageously deranged and always thoroughly entertaining (even at its bloodiest) full-frontal bombast of a film.

Cause I Personally Didn't Find Anything Unique, Exhilarating or Mind Blowing about This over-Rated Movie.

Overlooking the fact that this is a loud, obnoxious bore, it also doesn't make a bit of sense.

Contrary to the norm, Kingsley is the villain here, not Ray Winstone; the vicious, unpredictable Don Logan subjects Gal to mind games that quickly turn violent.

The scene is set for the psychological battle of minds between the amiable Winstone and the relentless Kingsley, but also with a string of ultimately irrelevant but all the more entertaining scenes which add to the solidity of the film - the swimming pool, the hunting, the aeroplane.

I love certain British crime movies so much: Mike Hodges' Get Carter, The Long Good Friday, with amazing performances by Bob Hoskins and Helen Mirren, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, mostly because the ensemble was so incredible and distinct, and older British crime films such as Brighton Rock (1947 version), The Blue Lamp (1950), etc.One of my problems with this movie was the poor casting choices of truly dull uninteresting actresses.

This highlights the film's main problem: there is nothing at stake here, as the plot is so predictable and simple, the main heist of the film is so easy to pull off and NONE of the characters change at all by the end of the film as a result.

It is what it is--and what it is is a smart, energetic, entertaining, hilarious, extremely well-acted dark comedy.

The old-school relationships these characters have to one another makes the film all that much more unique and compelling.

The story, while structurally slight, delivers on the suspense and tension and intrigues, particularly in the riveting confrontational chemistry between Winstone and Kingsley (the former in a way playing second fiddle to the latter).

And after enduring such banality, the viewer had better be rewarded with some sort of finale that will, at the very least, amuse.

Not a movie for everyone, but worth watching for those who enjoy black humour and dark cinema.

As it is, it's best to save your money or go see Jurassic park III again.

Intense, compelling drama/dark-comedy for the jaded.

Excellent, funny and with some brilliant stand-out moments, well worth watching.

Gal is forced to do the job for Teddy Bass (Ian McShane) as if nothing happened.


Basically, this is a film about people trying to preserve the niche they've carved for themselves when outside forces try to destroy it, and it's thoroughly enjoyable.

The cast of that wonderfully entertaining film winks at us for the entire two hours, and we don't mind because we know that they know it is disposable.

Just his presence makes the movie interesting, even his silences and fixed staring are fascinating.

I enjoyed it a lot.

Thoroughly enjoyable .

The unheralded and unwelcome intrusion of Don Logan, a crony from the felonious bad-old days (played by bald, buff Ben Kingsley) into the tranquil, 'retired' lifestyle of Gal (well created by Ray Winstone), sets off a chain of unexpected events.

With a fantastic script by Louis Mellis, director Glazer achieved what he wanted: a non-formulaic, highly entertaining, satisfying crime film.

He is electrifying to watch, and his delivery of dialogue is riveting.

Once he's out of the picture, things slow down again.

Again, he's frightening because he's so unpredictable.

While it could be accused of being occasionally slow, it is a superbly scripted film, ultimately saving it from cliche and over familiarity.

Strangely compelling, brilliantly paced.

Emotionally Stunning Memorable .

How intriguing!

However Ray Winston's performance was stunning, just watch the scene in the restaurant early in the film where he is teasing and playing with his wife before H and Jackie arrive.

Intense, Brutal and Stylish .

This so-called comedy starts off very well, but as soon as Ben Kingsley appears, it plunges into long, dull, dialogue.

A solid, well-written, and as unpredictable plot as Don Logan could be.

This is a stunning film debut for the writer/director.

Don Logan IS a beast (presumably not the "sexy" beast), someone who manages to be hard as a diamond, vulnerable, and terrifyingly unpredictable, all at once.

this is without a doubt, one of THE worst movies I've ever seen in my life!

The plot was cliche, and hey film writers, guess what, adding a giant bunny to your plotline does not suddenly cause it to be not cliched!

What a waste of time.

It's a crime thriller that is original, hilarious and exciting, and relies on it's characters for most of the action.

I like movies that are purely character studies, I like indie movies, I like 'cockney villains/heist' movies, but I feel like this movie was pretty much a total waste of my time.

Piece of crap,waste of time.

I found the dialogue perfectly understandable but maybe that's 'cos I am a Londoner, but even so, it was pretty straight forward and very entertaining.

It manages to be tense, funny, and totally absorbing all at the same time.

The film deftly portrays the anxiety of Gal as he reluctantly joins the caper, the badgering presence of Logan, and the frighteningly quiet lethality of Bass and his London associates as the story moves toward the heist and its confusing aftermath.

For a director whose background is in advertising, Glazer does not take refuge in fast-cutting: in the opening, he catches the slow unbearable heat of spain, holding onto one iconic image of ray winstone relaxing by his pool rather than leaping all over the shop.

Basically, it's a late entry in the post-PULP FICTION trend of flashy, snappy gangster movies.

This movie had me on the edge of my seat.

The setting and locales were enjoyable and Gal's Spanish villa overlooking the town glistens and has an air of complete paradise about it.

Set on location in both Spain & London, a group of retired criminals are living the good life on the edge of Spain.

Much of the film is built around the extremely intense verbal sparring between Don and Gal.

It was a fast paced hour and a half.

But with the film beginning artistically; getting tough when Logan arrives; demonising London as a location when Gal arrives there; giving us the actual job he has to do and then presenting us with a gripping scene in which Gal is 'paid' is all part of this brilliant package.

The acting was unbelievable (Ben Kingsley and Ray Whitmore are Oscar nominees for sure), the writing zinged and slinged, the soundtrack added tension in just the right spots, the plot was convoluted and edgy enough to keep viewers on the edge of their seats at all times.

Sexy Beast packs a punch in all departments, never flagging or giving in to distracting sub-plots, but going all out to deliver a tight, thrilling, funny, horrific British Gangster Movie ™ that entertains right up until the far-too-early ending.

This is a tiresome bore of a movie that goes nowhere, albeit with a lot of sound and fury aimed at nothing of value.

It's essentially an unpredictable showdown between Ray Winstone and Ben Kingsley, with Ian MacShane menacingly thrown in to keep things off-kilter.

My initial view was that it was slow moving and to give it a chance to recover.

The heist proves to be banal and simple, the preparation, which is one of the main aspects of heist movies, is overlooked.

a deliciously unpredictable British gangster film .

My friend and I thought this was pretty pointless.

"Sexy Beast" includes many different film aspects, compelling characters, and excellent direction.

It is often confusing and doesn't make much sense (in parts I mean, the main plot is clear), plus sometimes the dialoge is unclear, and from someone who thinks Trainspotting with dialoge that needs subtitles is a smash, that's a lot to say.

And the film's second half, in which Gal is in London pretending to criminals even more frightening than Don, that so far as he knows Don is still alive, by rights ought to have been harrowing and suspenseful.

I found him totally dull and uninteresting.

The plot may sound very engaging at first, but it suffers from being utterly predictable, making the story lack any sort of tension or threat.

In Sexy Beast, you have one of the most entertaining and most re-watchable British gangster films of recent years.

But the rest of the movie is so poorly thrown together around such a threadbare plot that I almost walked out of the theatre.

The Unexpected Violence & The OVERDOSE Of The "F" word play as a trump card for this crime-drama.

Personally, I found the film very enjoyable, though not free of flaws, for example, what´s the origin of the tremendous power Logan exercises over all the characters?.

While the movie is entertaining and well made, I would have personally appreciated more substance in the plot.

This was a complete and total waste of my time.

Worth watching and re-watching to catch any of the little bits you might have missed.

Parlaying his reputation as an eclectic music video director into this breakout debut, Glazer has concocted up a stunning-looking fare seeped with robust characterization, pulsating rhythm of montage, scintillating chromatic disposition and optimal pop taste, ultimately transmogrified it into a beguiling conglomerate of romanticism, perversity absurdity and bloody gallows humor like an arch cautionary tale: there is no easy way of going straight, so think twice before you get your feet wet!

Ian McShane, who I only knew from bland television parts, is an unexpected delight.

The `job' itself is pretty pointless and the key moment that is meant to have us on the edge of our seats doesn't really work.

Waste of time .

Together with a local Spanish boy who helps Gal around the house they seems like a family, living a peaceful and happy life far from dreary England and their equally dreary past.

The story is very good and engaging and the acting is absolutely top notch.

without a single significant moment of truth, in an enormous black hole absorbing all hope or amusement.

A boulder intrudes on his happiness acting as a portent for the equally unexpected Don.

Compelling, well acted and Ben Kingsley takes it to another level.

The performances are so intense, its as if even the film crew walk on egg shells.

Beastly bore...

Yet more dull gangster rehash, shot in an annoying pop video style.

The story is an odd take on the 'retired thief being brought back for one last job' cliche, but it's intriguing: this guy REALLY doesn't want to unretire.

One of the most boring film this year (maybe ever) .

Ray Winstone as Gal is all right, but like the rest of the movie, a bit bland.

The camera is given special attention; close and intense close ups when Logan and co. sit around a dinning table before allowing us to breath with the mid-shots in the kitchen; Logan's back-story with another character and the general use of music, special effects and shot choice all work together and produce a British gangster film worthy of any top ten cannon of the genre, and that counts for all time.

To expand more plot-wise would be to spoil the fun except to say that, while things go predictably awry, they do so in a nicely unpredictable manner.

Any bland actor can play a bland character.

While at least I could admire that movie for at least having ambition, Sexy Beast mostly lacks this and when it does try to be artistically challenging, you can tell there is a more provocative and compelling gangster flick in there struggling to get out.

The movie is poorly paced and at times so slow I felt I was tryingto back up a car stuck in mud.

The crude, profane, mobster, Don Logan - brilliantly portrayed by Kingsley - dominates the proceedings, with an ugliness which borders on the unwatchable.

But I found this film inane, poorly paced, dull, idiotic, and didn't enjoy any of the performances - including Ben Kingsley's Oscar nominated performance.

This movie is too long, it feels lumpy in places and the robbery itself is a bit of an anti-climax BUT it's worth watching for the blistering performances from Kingsley & Winstone.

The obvious reason to recommend Sexy Beast is Ben Kingsley's stunning, forceful performance.

This makes the film all the more pointless of an experience to watch because of it.

When it was over, I thought "that was rather pointless.

What is shown in this film is very quick editing combined with sound continuity so the cuts are invisible and unintrusive, strong use of colour, using a low key to make even the sun of Spain seem dark and a style unseen before, the lack of cliché ridden cockney slang makes this film even more credible.

The plot was totally predictable from start to finish and the acting of Ben Kinglsey and Ian McShane almost bizarre.

The only other movie that comes close in this manner is Hype Williams' Belly (please note: Sexy Beast is a better film for originality, yet Belly is still very entertaining).

It's fascinating to watch him act (and react.

It is this atmosphere of fear and dread that director Jonathon Glazer uses to make `Sexy Beast' such an engrossing and off beat little crime drama.

I would rather say, that this is a slow paced, well weighted drama.

Instead, Sexy Beast turns out to be anything but predictable.

The film's not perfect, but it moves fast, and it's highly entertaining in a nonfat, sugar-free sort of way.

`Sexy Beast' provides superb performances, a nasty sense of humor and a fascinating glimpse into the dark side of human nature.

Gal, brilliantly played by Ray Winstone, who provides a fascinating counterpoint to Logan's no-holds- barred villainy, occupies that position.

The brilliance of the film is that it manages to combine so many disparate elements (thriller, comedy, and a touching love story to say the least) into a cohesive and highly entertaining whole.

Maybe it's the British accents that throws them away but whatever it is worth watching at least once without the children.

Although this film came in on the express train from left field and often didn't make a lot of sense, I still enjoyed it a lot.

Everything about this film is excellent the storyline is riveting and the performances of Winstone and Kingsley are commendable.

This film is totally absorbing.

Even the talented Ray Winstone, so compelling in 'Nil By Mouth' and 'The War Zone', can't salvage this empty waste of time.

Don't do the same as me and mistake this for just another Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels: although the film features exaggerated Cockney characters, sharp dialogue, snappy direction, and the occasional brutal outburst of violence, its unique pace, offbeat style and surreal asides (that rabbit demon is bloody freaky!

Don LoganThe movie begins innocuously enough, with retired gangster and safe cracker Gal baking in the intense Mediterranean sun, pool bound at his Spanish villa.

There is also some very original camera work going on here, an interesting plot, quite a bit of action, but also some slow moments that I thought worked quite well.

Pointless and overrated .

Very enjoyable movie you should try to watch it.

But by the time it was over, I was nearly bored stiff!

Refreshingly original story with great plot turns that kept me on the edge of my seat.

'Sexy Beast's' script, in a dialogue-driven film, positively blisters and the intense brutality of a lot of it makes the most foul-mouthed Quentin Tarantino films family friendly in comparison.

This is one fascinating dark little film.

The film is slow paced and weak, especially considering the talent it holds, Ben Kingsely, Ray Winstone, Amanda Redman & Ian Mcshane.

Thats my 2 cents anyways, just like a lot of people I absolutely hated this movie, it was slow, boring, confusing & most importantly ridiculous from start to the end.

It was riveting.

Gal, brilliantly played by Ray Winstone, who provides a fascinating counterpoint to Logan's no-holds-barred villainy, occupies that position.

Waiting the entire 75 minutes for a point to it all was a waste of time.

The plot is weak and the climax is limp with that everlong cliche of busting into some super secure area.

That stellar performance (he is really frightening and actually oozes psychopathy from all pores) is however not enough to redeem a movie that has no story, no script, no sensible dialog, nothing whatsoever to capture the viewers attention.

no story, no interest, nothing.

There is hardly any plot in this film, but the quick cuts and edits make this film highly enjoyable.

I half to say that this is one of 3 movies in my life where I almost walked out of the theater.

If you can bear Kingsleys A grade work in this Z grade flick then its worth watching, otherwise forget it.

very enjoyable and entertaining.

It is pokey, uninventive, and bland.

He drives the film with his brutal and unpredictable character.

Surprisingly, for much of its running time, the film is an intense character study, one that relies on talk over action; well over half the film passes without a gunshot fired or punch thrown, but it is riveting stuff nonetheless.

Boring, boring .

Don't waste your time going to see this--there are many other films of much higher quality out there.

Kingsley's scenes set the movie alight (like the stunning airport sequence, and of course the return to the villa) and it would be interesting to know just how much of the dialogue comes from the excellent script and how much (if any) was improvised.

I fell asleep watching this the first time.

Kingsley is cold and instantly loathesome, but compulsive viewing for his brilliant dialogue; short and sharp in speaking his mind yet at the same time mixed up in over verbalising and confusing what he actually says.

The film focuses on a stunning performance by Kingsley who plays a man with a pathologically aberrant personality who could well be the devil incarnate.

As it is though, this is your standard Tarantino-esque knock-off whose plot so safe and characters so uninteresting that there is nothing truly memorable about the film apart from a few scenes, making it feel like this should have stayed away from theaters and should have gone straight-to-DVD where it belongs.

And an unexpected icing on this particularly eclectic cake, i was very moved.

It is simple, enjoyable, and surprisingly subtle in it's symbolism.

Making matters worse is Don's raging psychosis, which leads all the characters on an unexpected path.

Another highlight of Sexy Beast is it's script; the script is a big issue these days, with films like Pulp fiction making snappy dialogue cool, and the one here doesn't disappoint.

Kingsley is intense as Don.

Glazer's direction is stunning as is the soundtrack and production.

Director Johnathan Glazer does follow alot of the same stylized Guy Ritchie type motif such as in Lock Stock 2 Smoking Barrels and Snatch, but it's a stylized entertaining picture none the less.

In general, the plot, the characters, the action was just plain boring.

In the end the movie is a flawed movie enjoyable because of one great performance.

A paced, gripping British thriller with visual flair.

good actor, boring film .

But maybe for most people, the main draw here is the acting performances - Ray Winstone plays a typical character for him but one with a lot less aggression and much more inner fear, Ben Kingsley turns up and chews the scenery as the overbearing criminal Don Logan, while Ian McShane was, for me, even more intimidating as the top crime boss back in the UK, a character full of quiet, intense menace.

The plot is a cliche and uninspired.

In a way, it's kind of a remarkable achievement, to the extent that although there is a consistent visual and narrative style, the direction manages consistently to come across as arch and contrived, rather than in the service of the characters and the narrative.

The second viewing is much more entertaining.

Ben Kingley's performance was amazing and his character had me laughing endlessly, the rest of the cast was pretty dull although Amanda Redman had some good moments.

Music video director Jonathan Glazer does the best he can with such bland material by giving the film look good, using some clever camera-work and has art-house touches here and there, particularly a demonic rabbit motif that looks like something out of the deleted scenes of Donnie Darko.


The problem is that the job itself is uninteresting (and staged in an uninteresting manner), and outside of Teddy Banks, the mastermind (nicely played by Ian McShane), nobody on the job is interesting at all.

The dialogues are very, very, very, very intense.

and if you didn't get the dialogue, watch it again with subtitles before posting your disappointment on IMDboverall this movie is far more authentic than ritchies contrived efforts, esp for realism (shotgun wielding man rabbits aside..)

A bland, never really there, montage of semi-related stories .

I just saw this film for the second time and it was as captivating and intense as the first time I saw it.

Brilliantly engaging and clever gangster film that wraps all sorts of conventions of the genre into one, massive delivery.

Sexy Beast is the worst movie ever made, because of Ben Kingsley's performance as don Logan, it's irritant, it's stupid and it's like a big baby to makes his ex-friend go to London to make one big hit and this guy gal dove who lives in Spain he's says no to don and don says yes like five times he's still insisting make gal and don Logan he gets shot.

Do movies these days really have to have a complex, confusing plot for people to like them?

On that level, it was quite enjoyable.

Dear God, this was the worst movie I've seen in years!

Jonathan Glazer's "Sexy Beast" is an excellent crime drama which grabs the viewer's attention from the very beginning with Winstone's unexpected pool addition.

Without the use of weapons of any kind, Logan is able to cow and terrorize a roomful of reasonably fearless adults simply by his steely-eyed demeanor and the unpredictable nature of his temperament.

A nail-biter with numerous narrative twists, superbly-realized characters, and the type of conflictual interpersonal dynamics that make other great heist films ('The Asphalt Jungle,' 'Rififi') so engrossing, "Sexy Beast" is one of the best English-language films of the new millennium.

A classic - fascinating movie .

Regardless of how good Ben Kingsley's performance is -- and yes, it is absolutely stunning and entirely deserving of its Academy Award nomination -- the tired "just one last heist, I swear!

The movie is pretty dull until Kingsley shows up, then things pick up.

Kingsley is truly terrifying in the role and 'Sexy Beast' is worth watching purely for his performance alone.

This technique of telegraphing information ahead of time contributes immensely to heightening the suspenseful quality of the film.

Gripping tale of a six foot bunny searching for meaning in an atrocious script.. .

The plot is dull and there's no fact we haven't seen millions of times before.

Punching two shot camera action give the viewer a close fast paced dialog that hits hard.

Ben Kingsley, as sociopath "Don Logan," is unbelievably intense and almost has my jaw dropping when watching him in here.

The rest of the characters are pretty boring and run-of-the-mill.

Kingsley's portrait as Don Logan, is riveting.

"Intense" doesn't even begin describing this guy.

It was thrilling; at the beginning of the film you wouldn't see this cause they are trying to develop the characters a little bit.

Without the use of weapons of any kind, Logan is able to cow and terrorize a roomful of reasonably fearless adults simply by his steely-eyed demeanor and the unpredictable nature of his temperament.

Enter Ben Kingsley as Don Logan, a violent and intense gangster intent on convincing Gary to return to London for a big heist.

The normally excellent Ray Winstone mumbles his way around the few lines that he has (nobody has many, after all) in a permanent daze; his wife and friends are mere cyphers and completely uninteresting, while Ian McShane and James Fox have little more import on the film than a couple of extras.

Forget flashy explosions or any of that, even just some more exciting shots (which director Jonathan Glazer is clearly capable of, having included some excellent cinematography) or some sense of the tension and danger involved.

If the TV show 'Ultimate Warrier' pitched Logan against Tommy DeVito of Goodfellas fame (another insane gangster played by Joe Pesci), Logan would finish him within seconds - a terrifying and unpredictable nut job in the best cinematic sense.

It's all very posh and not very believable, but quite entertaining.

The direction was fast paced perhaps indicating Glazer's background in adverts and the pumping soundtrack, his background in music promos.

I really enjoyed it.

Whenever Don is on screen 'Sexy Beast' is fantastically entertaining.

The other speaking slow and deliberate, eyes piercing through you like you weren't even there.

It's a taut, paced and stylish thriller that exhibits tight narrative control, making the most of its simple yet wholly engaging premise in an effortlessly flowing non-linear fashion.

Relentless and compelling performance from Ben Kingsley .

Also, for an 80-minute running time, it dragged a bit in the final act.

Some may argue that Sexy Beast is slow, I say it is methodical and intelligent.

I had to turn it off before I fell asleep.

I also liked the way it transforms into an intense and tensed film.

What a bunch of pretentious attention-whore losers!

Sexy Beast is a funny and highly enjoyable crime movie punctuated by some blood curdling violence.

"The more I see "Sexy Beast," the more fascinating it gets, and it was pretty interesting the first time!

Still and all, it's an exciting experience.

I liked this movie due to the intense feelings that Ben Kingsley made you feel.

Always seem so effortless in his portrayals, Winstone's characters to-date are mostly intense, underneath his physical façade and unaffecting facial expressions, there are secret motives and excruciating dilemma.

Kingsley's performance is absolutely riveting.

Spoilers ahead (how I hate that word)Kingsley's Don Logan, a menacing, foul-mouthed, and unpredictable creation, appears at the beginning of the second act.

Logically, the film's Spanish portion should merely set the scene for the English part of the tale; but instead, the latter is presented in perfunctory fashion, almost as a postscript: nothing here is as scary, or intense, as the earlier material.

Must not forget Ray Winstone as Gary Dove, the other half of the equation in this earnestly dramatic, yet cleverly entertaining crime film directed by Jonathan Glazer.

The movie is intriguing, visually interesting, and certainly not ordinary!

For me, the best bits were the subtle, small touches of romance and the palpable fear and loathing as the happily retired old lag is dragged back into the life he'd left behind.

I got the impression that I was watching a play rather than a film at times and the language will not impress your maiden aunt, but overall it was enjoyable.

At this point the film becomes a standard British heist flick though entertaining, in my opinion it lost a bit of steam at this point in contrast to the first half of the film which is gripping due to Ben Kingsleys funny and frightening performance as physcotic gangster Don.

Hence the film title (to her, he genuinely is a "Sexy Beast") and the exciting, sexy phone call he makes to her from the restaurant where he may be in all sorts of sh*t, and he just wants to hear her say his name.

It's conventional, predictable.

And the LIMEY-esque editing that turns the movie into wasabi once Logan tries to pull Gal back into a life of crime is more confusing than "kaleidoscopic.

Sexy Beast keeps you fidgeting in the chair right up to the semi-satisfying end.

Fascinating movie.

Kingsley is outstanding, but slow and not too involving .

Until now I had never walked out of a movie before in my life - until I watched this one!

If you liked this movie, check out the new Insomnia.

can't hide the fact that this is a very poor, boring film.

Ben Kingsley was nominated for an Oscar for this performance and he definitely deserved to as it was brilliant performance which gave an entertaining gangster film much more depth and meaning.

Kingsley's too good to waste his time - and ours - with such junk.

His task is simple and focused, his behaviour unpredictable and terrifying.

The artfully dirty, near poetic screenplay, stark visions of some sort of evil Chernobyl rabbit thing, lurid editing transitions, whatever it is it's hard to pin down or describe, but you feel miles from your comfort zone and ever so slightly removed from our solar system while watching this odd, scary, compelling and uniquely peculiar piece of work.

Quite intriguing .