Sherlock Gnomes (2018) - Animation, Adventure, Comedy

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Garden gnomes, Gnomeo (James McAvoy) and Juliet (Emily Blunt), recruit renowned detective Sherlock Gnomes (Johnny Depp) to investigate the mysterious disappearance of other garden ornaments.

IMDB: 5.1
Director: John Stevenson
Stars: Johnny Depp, James McAvoy
Length: 86 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 24 out of 94 found boring (25.53%)

One-line Reviews (67)

Once again, hit Elton John songs abound in the narrative which also made this a little enjoyable.

A bit drab and indifferent .

A sequel to the big hit "Gnomeo And Juliet" this film is a boring and unoriginal film.

Thought this is quite entertaining especially for family with younger children.

Other than that save your money and time for a quality Disney movie.

Save your money.

Despite what many people say, this movie is very entertaining for both children and adults, the music mixed with the great acting make this a really great movie, although some scenes are not that appropriate for young children, the plot is still really good.

Terrible, but strangely enjoyable.

"Sherlock Gnomes" is incredibly pointless and pretty boring for an animated movie sequel.

Only because this week I managed to watch one of the worst movies ever and went to my usually trustworthy site and reviewers at imdb and now I can relate my confusion to Sherlock Gnomes users reviews.

A boring and absolutely pointless sequel.

This was a cute and decent enjoyable animated movie.

VERDICT Fast paced length with a flimsily staged mystery that quickly loses its touch sadly leaving these legendary characters dropped into a dreadful bore.

I fell asleep .

There were some good Sherlock Holmes moments, but everything between was bland and uneventful.

Of course it's predictable.

Don't waste your time .

There are some cool graphics in Sherlock's day dreams but otherwise this is a waste of time and had to shut it off 30 minutes into it.

Surprisingly creative and entertaining.

The animation and settings are dull, the characters flat and storyline tedious.

Waste of money!

Overall, "Sherlock Gnomes" is a surprisingly well-executed and enjoyable comedy.

This review of Sherlock Gnomes is spoiler free ** (2/5)2011s GNOMEO AND Juliet didn't exactly break any records or breathe new fire or indeed didn't bring any new imagination in CG animation but if there were a few things it had, there was a lot of love, heart and a lot of hard work put into re-imagining a Shakespeare classic into a charming and surprisingly funny story about two star-crossed lovers thanks to stunning chemistry between James McAvoy's Gnomeo and Emily Blunt's Juliet.

And after one minute, when you got shocked about unexpected story, all returns to the main villain - Moriarty.

(The pace dragged every once in awhile due to "dramatic" moments or just to play some songs)I'm so disappointed that this movie came from John Stevenson, the same director who brought us Kung Fu Panda.

It was one of the worst movies of 2018.

Gnomeo and Juliet are dry and tiresome, Sherlock Gnomes is incredibly annoying as is Moriarty.

What then follows is some sort of hunt for clues that is boring and dragged out.

Entertaining, funny and enjoyable .

Maybe the animation is nice to look at, but with a bad and predictable inconsistent story, unfunny and cringey humor, a cast of annoying characters meant to funny then likeibe and voice acting that is rather boring and stupid.

The story is so simple and predictable.

So predictable that I can assure you the next movie will be called "The Egmonie Movie.

There's no doubt in my mind that this is a terrible movie, but my god it was entertaining, and for all the wrong reasons.

Our party was made up of children, young adults, middle aged adults and pensioner, and we all enjoyed it.

There both terrible, but one is easily more enjoyable.

Well I enjoyed it.

It has action, comedy, good music, and uplifting themes, making it an entertaining movie for kids and watchable enough for parents.

Making a sequel after 7 years can be a good or a bad thing, in this case the movie is just so bland you just don't care.

It is entertaining for kids and even adults.

Though the animation itself is nice, the basic story and lacklustre script will probably leave most of the children in the audience bored, let alone the adults.

Overall this film may have some good qualities but the rest is so dull and forgettable that the film leaves you emotionless Final Rating: 3/10

I tell you honestly, I thoroughly enjoyed it, and frankly at the end I was surprised by how much I had enjoyed it.

I started to get bored.

Should I start mentioning its empty plot, scattered chasing sequences that are put one after another with no reason, its absurd and silly jokes that just are not funny?

Super cute and entertaining!.

Lots of physical gags and entertaining visuals.

So now the confusion.

The writers' clearly see a problem and attempt to lighten the mood with an Italian accented gnome in a mankini, which appears from time to time and makes a pointless one-line contribution.

I expected it to be as miserable of a watch as "The Emoji Movie" but surprisingly It was much more enjoyable.

If however you are a pretentious teenager subtract 5.

One of the Most Pointless Sequels of All Time .

Entertaining for young ones .

Exceeded my expectations- kids enjoyed it.

Everything is just frankly monotonous and boring.

The music from Elton John is upbeat enough to lighten the mood from the boring story.

Super action packed and also for any Sherlock fans, I spotted a couple sherlock related easter eggs.

I still enjoyed it and so did my child.

This movie is solid but predictable and only sometimes funny.

The story is incredibly boring and dull due to how predictable it is.

I try to find something positive in anything I watch but now I'm just ready to fall asleep.

I wonder if anyone did a cut of that scene and put it on utube, if so go to Utube and watch the one thing from the movie that was enjoyable and do something else with that time saved.

It's story is predictable and lousy, it's animation is totally wasted and the characters are all dry and tiresome.


Quite entertaining .

Predictable .

I was one of the first to buy this on Blu-Ray because I enjoyed it tremendously.

The first problem with this film is just boring it is.