Sherlock Holmes (2009) - Action, Adventure, Mystery

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Detective Sherlock Holmes and his stalwart partner Watson engage in a battle of wits and brawn with a nemesis whose plot is a threat to all of England.

IMDB: 7.6
Director: Guy Ritchie
Stars: Robert Downey Jr., Jude Law
Length: 128 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 128 out of 664 found boring (19.27%)

One-line Reviews (657)

Sherlock Holmes is a really enjoyable film, from the opening shot (great way of working the WB/Village Roadshow logos into the cobblestone pavement, by the way) to the very nicely-done end credits (with what appear to be sketches of the actors/characters in the film - they're definitely worth sticking around for).

Robert presents Sherlock to us as an intelligent, entertaining, obsessive-compulsive (which explains his perception of fine details), and paranoid eccentric who has a huge hunger to the mystery.

As soon as I had seen the film and had been transported back to my childhood by this excitingly fast paced movie, I sat down to reading The Return of Sherlock Holmes.

but the fast cutting and execution of clues I think are meant to keep the viewer from getting a step ahead of Holmes by confusion rather than fair play.

The whole movie is not as interesting, entertaining as their comedy parts.

The story was long and drawn out, and while interesting at times (and even though it did make effective use of humour throughout) I found it to be inconsistent.

He brings action-packed scenes and even comedic wryness to this new thrilling adaptation of the famous mysteries which significantly changes the original theme of the detective from Mystery to Action/Adventure.

It's a nice Holmes film with gripping London and sensational setting .

The film is, of course, Holmes trying to get to the bottom of a mystery; the way this is done, however, is very entertaining.

It was supposed to be a FAMILY movie Sherlock Holmes was much better than that and the only reason I gave it a nine was because it was a tiny bit hard to follow.

Funny, Suspenseful, Mysterious, Ingenious.

The whole thing is a bit disjointed, and we the audience can never seem to emotionally attach ourselves enough to the film to really root for Sherlock and Watson.

The steampunk vision of Victorian London is visually striking, but far from original, and it gets tiresome and overly gloomy.

Don't waste your time and money .

They are just silly details that detract from the fact that this is a really entertaining film.

What a complete waste of time.

The storyline of thiz movie is kind of exciting at the beginning, a little lame in the middle, and it's closed by an appropriate twist of ending.

I found it an entertaining detective movie.

Overall, Sherlock Holmes is an immensely entertaining piece of entertainment.

It was so well done and entertaining.

The use of long, sleep-inducing action scenes is unnecessary.

Overall enjoyable, especially if you like Robert Downey Jr.

" Guy Ritchie gives us a boring, bubbles in the think tank, flash in the pan.

And, by the way, the credits at the end of the movie are enjoyable as well.

This is an exceptionally entertaining film, and believe me when I say you'll remember the characters and the plot more than the action sequences.

The mystery to the movie is good, no humongous twists here, but still the film is entertaining as anyone could ask for, and it will certainly keep ones attention.

Now, screenwriters Michael Robert Johnson, Anthony Peckham and Simon Kinberg and the irregular director Guy Ritchie bring us their "alternative" vision of Holmes, and the result is very entertaining.

The story is entertaining, as all SH's stories are, has some moments of fun and is visually stunning, full of action and special effects.

While three girls in front of me just couldn't stop commenting the movie, between 5 and 10 people left the theater before the end...

There has been a deliberate effort to simplify the essence of Sherlock Holmes into a dumb, formulaic action blockbuster.

Mark Strong plays the vicious Lord Blackwood whom is arrested and hung but his grave is empty leaving Holmes with haunting impressions.

I also had reservations that Guy Ritchie might ruin the story by trying to be too flash, but no, it looked great and London looked stunning.

Blackwood's execution occurs three months later, during which Holmes has become bored without a new case.

Memoirs : As the book has no story of Blackwood or whatnot, there is still plenty or great things to mention.

This was a very entertaining movie.

Overall, if you haven't seen this, it's really fun and enjoyable, the action isn't too over the top and doesn't distract from the real story, check it out, because I consider it to possibly be one of the most well-made films of the past decade.

I have to say, I really enjoyed it.

I actually thought about leaving after 1 hour because there would've been several things that I'd prefer to waste my time with.

Half of them are somber and quiet, while the other half are exciting violin pieces.

The latest incarnation of Holmes is exciting and interesting.

Soundtracks are absorbing the fight scenes, and when there is a funny scene again the music changes and it really fits to that funny scene.

His persona, with all its quirkiness, is funny and entertaining.

reading reviews and watching trailers i was led to believe this movie was going to be fast paced, entertaining and fun to watch.

Pretending Holmes, that's what this movie is,, yawn!!

Yet, taking it for what it is, which is Sherlock Holmes combined with action and adventure, I found it enjoyable.

Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes is a relief from the ponderous over-signifying of the genre.

Overall, fairly enjoyable.

The movie is unconventional but I felt that a lot of the scenes dragged on, especially towards the end.

The shifts in tone from funny, to mysterious, to thrilling, to dramatic, are jarring, barely held together at the seams.

Sherlock Holmes 8.5/10This is an immensely enjoyable piece of cinema...

Funny and, at times, quite intense.

I also liked a scene in a butchery that served as a throwback to the old silent film cliché of a damsel in distress tied up and being conveyed towards a buzz saw.

Also, the action in the film is fairly generic, never having that memorable action sequence that would allow one to put this film alongside movies like Star Wars or Indiana Jones, even though all of the action sequences are fun, entertaining, and extremely well-done, even if they aren't highly original.

Why do they continue to turn already entertaining stories into total mishmashes of roller coaster, smash-boom-bah adventures?

The movie's opening shot grabs you, and Guy Ritchie's directing stays gripping all the way through the end titles.

Watson looks forward to escaping the mundane town to marry his love Mary Morstan (Reilly) and leave Holmes to fend for himself.

Instead we're forced to sit through two hours of ridiculous one-liners and dull action that never helps move the story forward.

But it was still an entertaining film to watch, and as I said in the opening, Guy Ritchie and cast pulled it off.

Nonetheless, this movie was entertaining.

Amusing and thoroughly entertaining .

Nonetheless, it is hardly the case that the film has no brain to back up its brawn, as the screenplay, while offering the odd contrived patch, deftly winds the action together with skill and class, underpinning the central narrative with intriguing thematic veins involving the onset of industrialization and the 'new age' of London nearing the turn of the century.

For all the Jeremy Brett fans who did not see Conan Doyle's 'Holmes' in anyone but that sopshisticated, sharp, often loud and over-reacting personification with the aura of higher intelligence, Downey Jr. is here to re-define all those semblances while capturing Doyle's original character in rawness that is entertaining.

Robert Downey's lines are sometimes boring.

As I get older this type of narrative has lost a lot of magic to me unless it's done really well, and thankfully like the books "Sherlock Holmes" offers a worthy premise that is engaging from start to finish.

The film is riveting with only a few parts that actually lag.

Overloaded, Ponderous, and Tedious .

Along the way this is a film of fun fighting thrill ride chases and fun entertainment even though it seems a little exhausting as this take on Holmes shows him more of a brutal and intense brawler than as expected the norm of a book solving wizard.

The style of the film is great, the fight scenes are all done really well with a good use of slow mo.

It's ultimately a crushing bore, lacking any sort of narrative momentum.

Don't waste your money.

Utterly pretentious, mildly entertaining, easily forgettable.

Is extremely enjoyable to see Downey and Law here, so basically if these two are back for the sequel I will be watching it, no matter if Ritchie decides not to care that much for the story again.

Take one part National Treasure, one part Bond movie, combine with Lethal Weapon, insert special effect etc. Despite all the noise and action, I was constantly bored.

Boring, bubbles in the think tank, flash in the pan .

Worth watching!

The crime solving is very intellectual, and there area also many fight scenes to keep the adrenaline up.

This movie was extremely boring (my friend slept through most of it) and irritating.

Another twist is that this Holmes here is no meticulous, fastidious bore in real life.

The action sequences were exciting and well-executed.

He then was almost forced to pack it in for good after making the embarrassing double-whammy that was Swept Away (2002), a love-letter to his then-wife Madonna, and Revolver (2005), a pretentious, insulting piece of s**t starring Jason Statham and Ray Liotta.

Sarcasm and dark humor joined with action (not necessarily fight scenes, but unceasing *activity*) to keep up the pace of the film, making it smart, entertaining, and funny (I actually laughed aloud a few times).

The quantity of expository dialog grates after the first few minutes, and the attempts to show Holmes' thinking by using voice-overs becomes tedious.

It is at times a fun film with quick dialogue and intriguing action sequences.

It's an enjoyable romp, even if it doesn't quite break the mold.

If someone tried to do Rathbone today it would turn this rich character into a cliché.

" Based on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's original stories, not the cliché Basil Rathbone film series of last century, this "Holmes" is gritty, eccentric, difficult, and compelling.

He is completely believable as a detective whose deductive skills are so powerful that, without focus, mundane situations are overwhelming to his psyche.

I finally got a chance to see this much-hyped version of the Arthur Conan Doyle character and after all is said and done, this was most entertaining.

All the major characters in here were very entertaining, and all the while, Holmes still retained his incredible powers of deduction, which were a hoot to hear.

I was bored by the chaos.

I agree with some reviewers here that the story does seem incredibly contrived, almost as if Holmes, himself, has been called upon to play himself in a new movie about him.

The way he uses the camera, the motion, the fluidity, the snappy pacing - I loved every minute of it.

Nevertheless, Ritchie succeeded in recreating the black humour of Lock-Stock to take us on a romp across a geographically distorted Victorian London which was enjoyable almost for its improbability.

An amazing movie, action packed, stocked with very funny jokes and a great cast.

It's entertaining from beginning to end mainly because of the strong cast and director Guy Ritchie.

The characters and events are a million times more predictable and cliché than the old Basil films as well.

For one, it was a bit too long running at 130 minutes, it's a little slow paced at times and you just loose track of the story.

Apart from that a very entertaining film.

The actors were stunning, and Guy Ritchie really obviously put a lot of thought into the movie.

Ritchie seemed to pull away from the interesting way he likes to make films and tried to make a movie closer to the likes of the typical, everyday boring Hollywood filmmaker.

So I guess it's better not to enquire too closely what is going on (it's often rather confusing), but simply enjoy the entertaining ride which sets us up nicely for a sequel in which Holmes will face off with that dastardly Moriarty.

The film LOOKS great, and I really wanted to like it, because I've always thought Robert Downey Jr. was brilliant, but overall I thought the movie was ho-hum, and so did the rest of my party.

The story, while many have said is uninteresting, still commands attention as it sets up a fine and inventive mystery.

Mystery is good but still feels boring if you are watching in the movie theater .. some times you would not even understands what they are talking about ..

All in all- really gripping for a first viewing.

Despite a few naysayers, I thought Robert Downey Jr. delivered a convincing and entertaining performance as Sherlock - no actor could have pleased everyone playing such a popular character.

I thought this was going to be a superhero movie with unrealistic or overplayed cliché ridden plot devices.

Entertaining Adventure .

It was just way too predictable.

Richie wants Sherlock Holmes to be a dark, edgy, exciting adaptation.

I don't remember how many because every time before now I fell asleep at around the same point (when the boat sinks after the fight with the big French guy).

In a sense this movie is mildly entertaining.

Anyway, I still give it 4 stars, as most youngsters wont know a real Sherlock Holmes story anyway, and might find this film actually mildly entertaining....

This is a hugely enjoyable adaption of Sherlock Holmes.

The second was a sequence of blasts which really were very intense and gave the movie a dramatic punch.

Guy's Ritchie's treatment of the legendary detective is very fresh and extremely entertaining.

a funny action packed story .

I have to say that I was less than enamoured with director Guy Ritchie's repeated use of slow motion to anticipate action moments that were going to happen, only to then repeat those very same action moments in normal time - which dragged this out even more.

Honestly, this film is worth watching for the visuals alone.

Entertaining .

More than that, the character is a perfect piece invested in a clever, irresistible and fascinating world.

What is really entertaining is the "Odd Couple" storyline of roommates Holmes and Watson.

Performances wise, Downey Jr. tries to get under the skin of the lead character, but doesn't stand out and does a questionable cockney accent, while Law is as bland and unremarkable as ever as the sidekick.

Robert Downey's Sherlock Holmes is the most compelling and authentic portrayal of the Holmes character I've ever seen.

The production design is stunning, with London becoming a living, breathing character along with the characters.

The plot is convoluted and boring, the characters ridiculous, and everything that happens in it is contrived and silly.

Overall the movie was very enjoyable and I can see it being a good re-branded franchise.

In general, the movie is surprisingly uneventful for all its high-paced action.

That supernatural storyline is engaging.

Although the movie and special effects were beautiful, the movie itself was boring.

The director delivered an unbelievable cast with exciting plot and adventure.

On the contrary, the bittersweet relationship between Holmes and Watson was the most engaging part of the script.

Third, the story presents a lot of really interesting twists, very intelligent ideas and mysterious events which are all revealed in a logical and stunning way in the end which creates a really good tension.

GOOD STUFF The story is engaging and keeps you just curious enough to see what will happen next.

The dialogue is very fast paced, and a combination of the accents and that mumbling thing that actors do way too often made it kind of hard to catch every line in the theater.

I found Robert Downey, Jr. to be absolutely amusing and very entertaining.

In the movie, she is his human weakness, which is infinitely more cliché.

One of the worst movies in years.

But there's that ill-fated, shallow and repetitive narrative, full of overlong chase scenes and witless talk, lacking any sense of real mystery and melodrama while opting for a silly tale of pseudo-supernatural mumbo-jumbo instead.

) keeps things lively and highly entertaining (too bad they pretty much waste the vibrantly appealing McAdams for the most part as a femme fatale/love interest for Holmes).

BUT the movie was still very entertaining and I really liked it......

And with so many steam-punk vibes in addition to a fantastic soundtrack, the air in this movie was really enjoyable.

Great characters suffer from uninteresting plot .

The answer is yes, I really like Conan Doyle's stories, they are clever and insightful and Holmes himself is a very intriguing character with a distinct personality, and I am a fan of both Basil Rathbone and Jeremy Brett.

This movie has an electric style of editing and directing which makes the movie fast-paced and exciting.

There's an attempt to pick things up with a couple of action scenes which grow tiresome.

While purists of the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle novels may sniff at the liberties that Film Director Guy Ritchie took with the title character Holmes and his faithful sidekick, Dr. Watson, the movie was highly entertaining with great cinematography and a fast paced plot that didn't let up throughout and kept the viewer in suspense up until the very end.

Difficult to follow the story and understand Robert Downey Jr .

But all the stunt work and pyrotechnics are ultimately wasted in the service of one of those trite and tiresome plot-to-take-over-the-world scenarios that have become practically de rigueur in the world of big budget spectaculars these days.

Robert Downey Junior is brilliant in his role, he is funny and entertaining.

The villain was mysterious and chilling; watching the things he did to people and his dark face was pretty exciting.

It is boring, gloomy and lacks substance.

The visuals are stunning with London looking suitably smoky and mysterious.

just one word "BORING" ...

Funny, action packed, itriguing...

Rachel McAdams is magnetic as Irene Adler, whose character is rewritten from Doyle to further stretch the Holmes persona in fascinating ways.

Therefore, the plot of "Sherlock Holmes" is way too convoluted and contrived for what should be a simple action movie.

Utterly pretentious, mildly entertaining .

, and wasn't the same for Jude Law; However, in this movie, these two made quite a fascinating team with great acting and tremendous role playing.

RDJ makes him much more colorful and entertaining and takes attention away from an okay storyline.

The film is ultimately entertaining and definitely worth seeing.

McAdams was boring.

Only this being rated 12A, the cocaine and needle abuse is somewhat glossed over in favour of a more 'teenage-friendly' preference to alcohol, though the unpredictable and near-schizophrenic personality is maintained, and his famous and iconic deerstalker hat (though never mentioned in the books) ridden of altogether.

The city is dreary, filthy, dismal and probably reeking with odors, a perfect setting for this downtrodden Holmes and his prissy companion Dr. Watson.

Other than the lack of plot and characters, I had a major problem with the ridiculous action scenes.

The film is a long song and may lose a few to nodding off before the final credits, but stay awake if you can, because the artwork of the credits is startlingly fine!

Hollywood done that again, took famous icon as Sherlock Holmes and totally empty its content.

Dull, over-bearing update of classic literary series .

Fast-paced, entertaining and fun.

From the beginning of the movie, and the first fight it's obvious how pretentious the movie is going to be.

I found this a most enjoyable film to watch second time around.

A very simple (and boring) plot...

I would highly recommend it although children may find it slightly hard to follow.

Or maybe Jean-Claude Van Damme as an intense adventurer named Hercule Poirot.

But it's the effortless chemistry between Downey Jr. and Law which raises the film above so many other action movies, and which makes Sherlock Holmes engaging, more so than the twisty plot or the big action.

It has to be one of the dullest plots ever.

Was it entertaining?

When I think about the plot and the characters, trite is a word which comes to mind immediately.

Flashy but empty first chapter in an otherwise promising franchise .

Watching Robert Downey Jr is like watching a brick wall, nothing happens, only a negative radiation and a view in a bottomless lake.

They probably believe that many viewers like this technique, because the rapid camera cuts simulate fast action and increase the adrenaline level of the viewers.

I guess my favorite thing about this movie was that, when I left the theater, it made me want to be able to do those crazy detective things.

Sherlock Holmes is smart and entertaining, a combination which always works better than either adjective by itself.

Story is grippingly exciting, with a satisfying ending.

Why did I find this movie totally boring?

I highly recommend it.

Then Mark Strong as a very tedious and not so menacing Lord Blackwood.

While figuring out what's going on in the story, the detective work of it all, is fascinating, it's not entirely the true draw of the film.

Even though it is a good looking and well produced movie, it is somewhat hard to follow at times and fairly predictable from start to finish.

Further, the plot is made to look intricate but is actually rather dull and tiring, with a relatively predictable ending.

Very enjoyable!...

but this was a waste of time and money.

The action scenes were thrilling and the clues Holmes found along the way kept me thinking the whole time.

Sherlock Holmes has been so standardized that this new film is absolutely thrilling and fascinating.

I love Robert Downey Jr., and he's funny and engaging as always in the role he takes on in this film.

To sum up, this is a very poorly designed movie, with a very bad plot, an uninteresting story, and grotesque characters.

even quite predictable at times.

You will be on the edge of your seat through the film, and will be wanting more at the end!

I was on the edge of my seat during the entire fast-paced and action packed movie.

Plot was steady and characters were flat but overall it is pretty enjoyable for you and your family to get cracking on.

As an action blockbuster, this is very entertaining.

The balance of the cast give similarly engaging performances, most notably Rachel McAdams as the mysterious Irene Adler, and Mark Strong as the nefarious Lord Blackwood.

Rock 'em Sock 'em Sherlock (yawn) .

To start out, I slept through some of the early, pointless, loud, action scenes.

Action: Too many boring fight scenes, just for the sake of it.

A Riveting Supernaturally Tinged Mystery Thriller .

Enjoyable Movie .

While I found this film entertaining, it seems something of a letdown in story telling today.

Soooooo boring.

It was just so very boring and, in the large ways, unfocused.

Sherlock Holmes is a fun movie that offers mystery, action, humor and enjoyable characters.

The plot began interestingly enough, but it was bogged down by the plodding sameness of the scenery, and the obvious sequel set-up.


Fortunately, the sequence of events that lead Holmes to this predictable discovery is less transparent.

dumb and boring .


There are also a few really thrilling action set-pieces involving a boat and an unfinished bridge.

Trouble is I have grown older used to the slower finesse, charm and sophistication of previous versions of Sherlock Holmes – especially the ITV Jeremy Brett version.

It has a fast paced rhythm which makes the movie pretty enjoyable.

Not the same thing, nevertheless enjoyable .

Contrived entertainment with no pay off.

Still, a thoroughly entertaining film for the head and heart.

So there's my two star review of a potential well acted movie with intriguing plot full of clever deducements, reduced to a pugilistic affair of recreated literary figures.

It's like watching paint dry and every few minutes someone comes along and throws on a new coat of paint.

I found it difficult to keep my eyes on this waste of time.

in fact, it is only fascinating work with an old material for Guy Ritchie.

You're tired of the genre even before it has become a worn-out cliché.

Her shame, then disgust at Holmes's revelations about her past is compelling, unfolding in her few moments of screen time.

The actors were at best ho hum and the American actors, Downey excluded of course, were horrible when it came to Brit accents.

Uninteresting, Average Mystery That Doesn't Always Make Sense .

Mark Strong is some black magician who seems to have wandered in from a low budget fantasy flick and the boring action scenes are full of all the soul-crushing explosions and CGI scenery flying about that you'd expect; the green screen climax is particularly poor.

Robert Downey Jnr is outstanding in the title role; smart, tough, laugh out loud in a deadpan style, charming, dangerous and unpredictable.

Yes, I've read every one of the Conan Doyle stories, and yes, there's ample support for Holmes as a pugilist, a narcissist, an adrenaline junkie.

It is so engaging and thrilling, it keeps me on edge or gasping due to fear so many times.

I hope there are other Sherlock Holmes movies to come as I found this movie very entertaining and enjoyable.

It had a contrived and mechanical feel, almost as if obligatory since he is a detective and he should be shown as a detective.

Robert Downey Jr is very enjoyable as Holmes.

Adding a gritty tone, his playing around with the speed of shots(and using it to greater effect than ever before in his films, I might add), and some exciting action/adventure, Guy has reinvented Sherlock, and without losing the essentials.

Right at the opening credits, I enjoyed it: music, cast, sets, wardrobe, screenplay, everything was amazing.

Having said that, I thought both actors did a great job in what was a really entertaining film.

It would have at least given a better villain a chance to challenge the always entertaining Holmes and Watson duo.

Another twist is that this Holmes here is no meticulous, fastidious bore in real life.

The first time I saw this in theatres, I thought that this was a bore.

The reason I was bored the first time cause I had no idea what Robert Downey Jr. was saying.

It was very engaging.

Absolutely Thrilling Start to end and quite unlike your Dad's Sherlock Holmes .

It does have a decent plot, is fast paced, has a fair bit of action with subtle jokes thrown in for good measure.

It was far too long, it was far too forced and though some scenes were well crafted, they were far too spaced out.

For fans of the old time Sherlock Holmes flicks, this one might appear a bit jarring for one's tastes, though I found it rather entertaining myself.

Jude Law is entertaining and I'm glad Eddie Marsan was aboard.

This film is action-packed, fast paced and very well acted.

The action scenes are unwatchable because they are all chopped up.

What Hollywood forgot, or didn't care to acknowledge, is that Holmes loves Adler because she is as bright, deviant and intriguing as he is himself.

An excellent, entertaining rendering of Sherlock Holmes .

Today I still nodded off a couple of times but woke up in time to see the dull and uninteresting ending.

I think the only letdown was Rachel McAdams, whom I usually like and think is talented but fails to keep up with the two snappy leads here.

Let's just say this film moves slower than a tortoise, taking forever to become interesting or engaging.

boring insipid lazy casting, RDJ is simply not a good actor, he has all of three expressions.

Far too much fighting and explosions and the like as Holmes & Watson get involved in endless chases or being chased etc. I grew bored with all this.

Hugely enjoyable, I seriously wasn't expecting to enjoy it as much as I did .

" and "Snatch" have offered some wonderful set pieces, but a disjointed narrative.

A seemingly standard mystery is turned into an exciting, fast-paced movie thanks to many people.

Boring and slow.

The look inside Holmes's mind in the form of short flashes of video, coupled with the grainy style of the movie is very compelling.

All in all this film is entertaining, what with all the special effects, stunts and general Hollywood influences.

However, the overall pace of the plot is slow and tends to drag the story and the supposed humor did not deliver.

Sherlock Holmes is a brilliant, action packed adventure that pushes the boundaries of action movies even further.

However great literature, in the right hands, can make for very entertaining cinema.

In overall, the movie is entertaining enough and hilarious at the same time.

Capturing, rather well I thought, 19th Century England, with all its dark corners and muddy streets and saucy personas and the bland, monochromatic nature of its buildings and spaces, Ritchie has, at the very least, shown he has a sure hand as a director.

Entertaining movie.

But what makes up in this loss is the witty plot, which keeps you guessing throughout the film, and at the end throws a sudden, unexpected twist, leaving a cliffhanger for a sequel.

He has a highly tuned and carefully contrived persona, conditioned by his invention of himself as a character within a character.

It remains absolutely faithful to the original Sir Arthur Conan Doyle stories while taking a chance and expanding on some aspects of the character such as physicality, the way his mind works, the curse of his mental "gifts," and his drug use to obviously try to slow down his overactive and over stimulated psyche.

If you're looking for some entertaining dialogs, good acting and beautiful scenes, you won't be let down.

Downey is well known for being unpredictable and a bit crazy, as well as quirky through the nose.

Things which had been thrilling the reader in XIX century cannot affect the XXI century viewer in the same level.

Ritchie continues to delight with his fast paced staccato style narration of a complicated plot, though the execution here is not as perfect as in Lock, Stock...


It's so bad and so boring that I literally fell asleep during the film.

The film was enjoyable and had a mystery to be solved, a few false leads to make it unpredictable, excellent cinematography and direction, crackling dialogue, a great transformation in portrayal as seen by Eddie Marsan and even Jude Law's mustache, seemingly authentic costuming, and a better use of Watson than as a dopey version of Ed McMahon (as we're used to seeing) or as a device to convey exposition to the audience-- which was done in another way.

The start is the slowest part of this and it feels like it takes a little too long to truly kick in with the pace it truly wants to go at.

The atmosphere they had right, the costumes were magnificent and Downey Jr looked fittingly drugged up, but I just felt bored by it all and often wondered how it brought it in so much money.

For me some of the most enjoyable moments of the film were just watching Jude Law and Robert Downey Jr's banter as they go back and forth, they inhabit their characters in a way rarely found in larger Hollywood productions nowadays.

Utterly boring.

There is more chemistry between Law and Downey than there is between their characters relationships, such as Watson and his fiancé Mary as well as Holmes and Irene Adler (played by Rachel McAdams), The film itself is very funny, exciting and never drags.

Speaking of the action, it is surprisingly exciting.

The script is entertaining, the two principals give very good performances, and they are assisted by solid support from Mark Strong (always first rate) and Eddie Marsan.

The only apparent weaknesses are some of the fighting scenes which unlike BOURNE IDENTITY seem to be distractive and confusing rather than compellingly inviting and some difficulty in understanding some of the dialogue, SHERLOCK HOLMES is nicely editing with good pacing and some attractive and densely layered set designs.

This big budgeted production by Joel Silver sparkles with polish and wit and the ending is as exciting as moving and being well directed by Guy Ritchie .

From beginning all the way to the end, the movie was fun and entertaining.


Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law portray Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson respectively Law is clever, uniquely compelling to that of Downey's prowess as Holmes.

Even so, this was a really entertaining film that probably should be seen on a big screen, although no harm in going to a matinée or using a discount pass.

Downey and Jude Law bring an uneasy but fascinating chemistry to this crime-solving duo along with some finely crafted musical background and some powerful and compelling action scenes.

The story itself is very engaging and the use of flashback to make sense of scenes that wouldn't make sense without was fun and very "CSI"ish.

Having said that, the story is at times incomprehensible and quite frankly boring.

However, the issue here is rebooting a literary text - and that is pretentious to say the least.

Some scenes drag out far past their best before date, and others just feel like they could have been edited a bit better.

Maybe hardcore Sherlock Holmes fans would find this entertaining, like the one woman in the theater that I heard laughing hysterically (may I mention the rest of the audience looked just as bored as I).

But in the end, I think viewers will also agree to put aside the original Sherlock for a while, because thiz version is surprisingly enjoyable.

I'll just say on this that it gets a little cliché, and someone survives something without a scratch that that person really shouldn't just walk off without at least a bruise.

The script here needs some work and some of the stuff like Holmes' brilliance is hard to digest but it's an enjoyable adventure of a film.

Sherlock Holmes was a fantastic movie with mind blowing performances by Downery Jr. And Jude Law.

That the film is hardly as profound as it could be is unmistakable, and it is true that the oversimplified plot could easily have merited from an infusion of much more mystery and complexity, with most plot twists being largely predictable and the climactic wrap-up becoming a bit silly, lost in a mess of pseudo-scientific jargon and Deus-Ex-Machina (as well as a sequel-baiting teaser ending what somewhat oafishly apes Batman Begins' more tasteful finish).

The movie in 1925 was even more inaccurate, and really sliced up the book, but Doyle made a cameo in it and by all accounts enjoyed it quite a bit.

All in all a good and exciting movie about a familiar character.

Don't waste your time.

Final Verdict: The movie is Entertaining.

Trite casting job of an older male with younger female interests.

So if you are trying to find an entertaining, please give Sherlock Holmes a look.

All in all Sherlock Holmes gets better towards the end, so it ended up as a pretty entertaining movie.

Interesting and entertaining adaptation .

Well, Holmes' attempts to sabotage the impending marriage between Jude Law's Dr. Watson and his future bride, Mary, gives the film an unexpected homo-erotic subtext that is amusing and rather sweet.

The plot itself is intriguing, fitting for a detective story.

It can be confusing at times like most other Ritchie movie.

Never a dull moment..anticipating, exciting.. Ritchie captures the essence of the late 1800's/early 1900's of London, the attention to detail..Ritchie's style in shown and I think makes this story that much better.

A genuine ripping yarn very intriguing .

To conclude, Sherlock Holmes is a very entertaining and enjoyable movie, worthy in every aspect and fully recommendable.

His personality was most perfectly represented by Basil Rathbone, but maybe that's just too dull for people addicted to action.

The movie is so entertaining and involving that at most times, that doesn't matter.

About a year later I was bored so I tried reading it.

and tedious.

It has, of course, all the expected Ritchie elements including slow-mo boxing and a long drawn out blast scene....

The action, the slow-motion replays (before they play, if that makes sense) of Holmes' lightning-quick thought process, and what I thought was a subtle take on Holmes' genius, ultimately makes "Sherlock Holmes" a highly entertaining movie.

First of all, let me say this was a very watchable and entertaining movie, full of action and enough noise to keep even the most sleep-deprived insomniac wide awake.

His brooding, tough, energetic and cunning Sherlock is what makes the movie entertaining in my opinion.

Yes, the film was quite entertaining.

The chemistry between the two leads is intense; you can see the friendship and brotherhood these two men share.

The subsonic sounds were intense in the early part of the movie, so make sure you go before you go, if you get my meaning.

The chemistry between the actors is great to watch and it sets the tone for this being an entertaining franchise.

The lighting is very dark in the film, with lots of dull colors used in scene after scene.

this a film filled with snappy one liners and extensive CGI action scenes.

It's watchable, the old London CGI is interesting, but the villain (Mark Strong as underwhelming here as in 'Robin Hood') is pathetic, the showy 'how Holmes works it out' has been done many times before, eg 'The Bone Collector,' and the love interest ho hum.

Robert Downey Jr, Jude Law, and Rachel McAdams plays almost real characters, unfortunately sometimes still not enough, and the rest of the cast is just the necessary cliché.

Most people often dismiss Sherlock as a boring detective who speaks in rather complex sentences.

Wish I could say something positive, but honestly, it's dull and not worth the time or money.

This movie was just another stupid, boring action movie.

Hence he indulges into wacky experiments on animals (poor pouch), gets wasted regularly and throws himself into illegal back-alley brawls to waste the time.

The narration is half baked and very repetitive in certain portions.

Fun, a tad escapist yet ultimately an entertaining reward .

Actually very close to the books, and thrilling .

The plot line is dull and fragmented.

The fight scenes (and there were many) were long, drawn-out (although full of action), and unbelievable.

Wait for it to come out on video or appear on cable: save your money.

Therefore I wasn't at al surprised when on watching this film I was presented with a dull, unenthralling bore fest.

So, to sum it up, the characters were great, the story was exciting, the fighting and action scenes were thrilling, and the music and lighting were extremely fitting to the movie.

Powered along by two energetic and engaging performances, this film is fun, funny and action-packed…if a little ragged and unpolished.

In the books, he did marry one woman (Mary Morstan) whom he met in "The Sign of Four," but she died before "The Adventure of the Empty House" (after which Watson moved back in to 221B Baker Street with Sherlock).

But despite the rather simplistic approach, this movie is delightfully enjoyable.

A flawed, yet exciting re-imagining .

Revolver was dreadful, and RocknRolla dances in your faces practically screaming "look how cool I am" and is then forgotten before you've even unlocked the car to leave the theater.

Unexpected and recommended viewing.

I admired it from a distance, fell asleep twice and ultimately did not care for it or any of the characters in it.

This film stays true to the essence of the master detective, while telling a fun and exciting story.

It packs an exciting amount of surprises with great lots of entertainment .

He looks and sounds dull.

Pretentious and overdone .

At one moment, he's overexplaining everything via slow-mo flashbacks (we could figure out Rachel McAdams drugged the wine, we don't need to see it), and another moment he's confusing us with slapdash editing.

The movie is a waste of time.

Ham fisted director Guy Ritchie delivers scene after scene of action blood and gore across London where it climaxes at the semi completed London Bridge in predictable style along with the requisite franchise blockbuster serial ending promising a sequel.

It did make the movie more exciting than the "snail's-pace" action we got in all of the Basil Rathbone oeuvres from the thirties.

Seriously empty inside.

In times of boring inactivity he resorted to cocaine for relief.

I gave an above average note to this film, as it provided for an enjoyable evening in the company of some friends.

Guy Ritchie finally comes of age as a Director with this compelling re envisaging of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes.

The ending is the best part of the movie; it is exciting at least and contains moments that make this slightly more enjoyable.

The end of the movie clearly gives a hint of a 2nd part, which indeed was released in 2011, equally exciting!

but I was bored silly.

The attention to scenery, costume was excellent but the story was boring and the characters tedious.

The scenes between him and Watson were brilliant and the tension he and Blackwood bad between each other held one on the edge of their seat.

But while the film's trailers make the film look like an riotously funny, action packed time, the film itself is a little different.

Quite Entertaining!!!.

Fight scenes in each movie were perfectly thought out which made it way more entertaining to watch.

When bored he smokes opium while doing drug experiments with his dog.

He was an extremely intelligent character who only used cocaine when bored.

Boring beyond belief.

I liked the visual style of connecting slow/fast motion elements (typical of Ritchie) with SH's deductive way of thinking, which makes clear for the viewer why SH immediately gets what is happening and what is going to happen.

Completely unwatchable .

Downey's Holmes is still a brilliant detective, inexplicably deducing things from the smallest clues available, but in this he's also an action figure, and a fighter, engaging in the public sport of bare knuckle brawling.

, I found the film enjoyable and an homage to what's gone before, giving Holmes humanity, displaying his dark days and neuroses as well as his brilliance.

Insipid and boring .

+Gripping screenplay, never a dull moment keeps you glued to your seat.

I enjoyed watching this movie, it was quite entertaining.

Editing keeps the narrative tight & gripping for the most part, and Hans Zimmer's score is simply magnificent for it enhances the entire experience by a great extent.

Which is a shame, as it was a thoroughly engaging film- I did get the feeling they padded a lot of the fighting so it would get more attention as "adult PG13" over "kiddie PG.

But I was also aware that I was missing many details that would make further viewings enjoyable.

Probably the same people who loved the last Die Hard film, who just need a few explosions and knuckle sandwiches to get an A+ An enormous disappointment, I laughed out loud at all the predictable Guy Ritchie fight scenes and explosions, they were truly pathetic.

The movie is fast paced and has some good twists.

) but I really enjoyed it.

Fast pace and enjoyable .

Probably the worst movie I've ever seen.

This is a forgettable boring story.

The movie has a pretty good -- if also pretty predictable -- story-line centered on exposing the occult, i.

Bad points: Guy Ritchie's style of directing is confusing and he packs in too much plot detail into every single minute.

" That said, opening scenes are quite steeped in what really made Sherlock Holmes such a fascinating character – his uncanny sense of deductive reasoning.

The movie has a dearth of color and the sequences are frenetic, fast and slow paced at the same time.

I almost walked out and I NEVER do that!

Well I found this film extremely exciting.

stunningly boring movie .

Overall I thought it was a really enjoyable film nothing to obscene like most movies now days.

In some ways this is strangely entertaining seeing Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson as an action buddy movie.


Loud, empty, aggressively uninteresting, a Guy Ritchie movie is almost as ugly as Christmas in a dorm room and just as depressing.

His regular cocaine use was replaced by experimenting drugs on his dog, bringing some humorous relaxation into otherwise intense story.

An entertaining take on the eccentric genius .

The movie has some very good ideas I haven't seen used before, it's exciting .

I didn't get what all the fuss was about, and in fact found it to be a very boring affair.

Witty dialogue, exciting action, dynamic characterisation, mystery and bromance- you'll be wanting to watch it again and again and again.

Whilst highly enjoyable, the film is not without flaw.

The villain is mediocre and the music is the fun late 1800s tunes that contrast with the more serious low and slow tunes at other points.

Whether you like the modern approach to Sherlock Holmes is of very little importance when looking at the stunning sets that have been build up for this film.

Adler in Richie's film was dull and nowhere near the femme-fatale she was supposed to be.

Entertaining, well written and directed, I found myself liking it in spite of my disapproval of the treatment of Doyle's original.

It's long, way too long.

Ignore the lukewarm critics: this is good, solid, entertaining fare .

No, it's Robert Downey Jr and, also, Jude Law as Holmes and Watson, watching them on screen interacting with each other, interacting with others, and figuring out what's going to happen next (mostly this is Holmes, and nine times out of them he figures it out in an instant and spends most of his time explaining it away, accompanied by visuals), that makes it most compelling.

In fact I'm pretty sure this was the first film my entire family found entertaining, so much so that we've probably all seen it a good three or four times and made it our priority to see the second one.

It's got fun(sometimes bland) action, witty humour and is all around a good time.

As it is, save your money for a movie more worth your time (Avatar, anyone?

London ended up being a dreary urban slum and the movie focused less on deductions and clues, and more on karate chop action scenes and special effects.

Apart from pitch perfect, charismatic characterizations (superbly counterbalancing Holmes' flamboyant eccentricities with Watson's icy sarcasm and composure), the two demonstrate the most hugely enjoyable interplay and 'buddy-banter' seen in ages, and their interplay alone makes the film worth a watch.

Instead I got the DVD as an Easter gift and have to say it was a really entertaining flick that I thoroughly enjoyed.

It is both pointless and useless to go on.

But I am going to conclude to say I loved it, it was entertaining and smart.

The intriguing plot meanders heroically as its protagonists; the brave-heart Holmes and the overpowered Watson try to outwit the dark lord, Lord Blackwood whose malicious and occult crimes threaten to annihilate the peace of London.

Rachel McAdams looks cute, certainly, but her chances to act are very limited and most of the time her job is either to look hot or seduce Holmes, making their relationship rather dry, shallow and sparkless, while Mark Strong, whom I already liked in "Body of Lies" gives a menacing and creepy performance as Lord Blackwood.

The love story between them, whether platonic or consummated, is an engaging development, absent from earlier portrayals of a dowdy Watson and almost asexual Holmes.

Kind of Tedious .

Even though I never had the chance to see it in theaters,sadly, this movie was still worth watching, even if it was on cable.

The story is also engaging enough and visually pleasing.

Thoroughly enjoyable .

However, I was pleasantly surprised by a very entertaining take on Sherlock Holmes.

"Sherlock Holmes" takes little from Arthur Conan Doyle's stories and makes up the rest with Hollywood blockbuster clichés and the tiresome traits of Guy Ritchie's films, resulting in a poor adaptation and a poor film.

Watching them on the screen together was enjoyable.

Jude Law adds composure to the entertaining pair while his chemistry with Downey Jr. is a treat to watch.

Wrong cast, film becomes boring in the middle and does not deserve the propaganda it got.

For me to recommend a movie, it has to stay with me, but with a boring plot that I didn't care about, this movie was forgettable.

While they were entertaining, they were just into the action with simple story and some lame jokes.

Boring, dinky and spare.

Guy Ritchie decides to change this tedious scheme, so that a crescendo is built till the last frame.

Whereas the literary Holmes, created by Arthur Conan Doyle, would seek solace from boredom between cases by indulging in narcotics, this new Holmes is equally likely to seek out an underground fight club as he is a crack pipe.

A blockbuster (with the weaknesses that that brings) but entertaining and fun with good work by Downey and Law .

It was mostly confusing and incomprehensible.

What follows is an action packed adventure that brings the investigation to the Parliament where the sinister device of Lord Blackwood is set to wipe out the existing government.

Fast paced, a sinister plot and many logic deductions (amongst many other things).

I really enjoyed Jude Law as Watson as well, in many ways I think he was actually much more entertaining to watch in the film than Holmes (sorry RDJ :)).

I place a lot of blame on Guy Richie who just seems self-indulgent and determined to be 'stylish' instead of actually making a movie for audiences.

This adaptation of 'Sherlock Holmes' gets a lot more right than it does wrong and for the most part I enjoyed it.

Visually stylish, otherwise totally bland .

We saw this at xmas and while it was entertaining, and there were some very useful inventions in the cinematic experience, many scenes were overwrought with CGI.

In a nutshell, for Holmes enthusiasts particularly, the film--in spite of the stylishly depicted action sequences--is dull and soulless, almost as if bored with its own pointlessness.

Not helped by an unadventurous & dull plot involving Mark Strong's {value for money performance} black magic shenanigans as Lord Blackwood, and the pointless inclusion of the anonymous Rachel McAdams as Holmes' ex love interest Irene Adler.

The costumes are pretty, the acting smart and the movie is entertaining, in a Friday Night Fluff kind of way – in fact it's probably the best Friday Night Fluff I've seen in a year.

Sherlock Holmes is an entertaining action crime adventure from director Guy Ritchie whose admirable in making this movie.

The constant irony and bickering between Holmes and Watson, made the movie even more fun to watch, and an unpredictable Rachel McAdams in the part of Irene Adler gave the whole movie an extra twist and the hope for a sequel...

Even at its most incredulous or boring sequences, never once does the cast change for an instant.

I enjoyed it and would even like to see it again, this time with earplugs, in order to catch some of the nuances I no doubt missed in the first viewing.

A really enjoyable adventure .

The new incarnation of Holmes by Robert Downie Jr is fascinating.

Worse, the story was confusing and unengaging.

By disjointed I mean the way the editing from shot to shot was done, there is no feeling of flow.

Their combination works surprisingly well and once you can get over the forced English accents, the film plays out in an engaging highly watchable way.

Best about this, though, is that the action scenes, which are well realized and entertaining without detracting from the story or going on too long, afford through creative means an original way into Holmes's character in early scenes.

It is a highly enjoyable film though.

The great acting, the excellent story, the exciting action (including one particularly tension-filled scene) - it's all present.

SHERLOCK HOLMES is a pretty but uninteresting movie which is interchangeable with the plot of a dozen others.

London looks fascinating, perfectly creating a nostalgic atmosphere and a creepy feeling in its narrow alleys.

Very poor acting by extra's, and bored looking extra's ruined a host of shots for me.

Many of us consider (or at least I did) Sherlock Holmes as being a very prim and proper and upstanding type of character, to be blunt, a bore.

Visually, the film is stunning in every frame, and the running time only helps to showcase it strongly in each scene.

Entertaining if you ignore the title.

Strong is hung for his crimes, but later his grave turns out to be empty and new horrors are happening and awaiting London.

And it's the same stuff with which I'm already bored.

At least, to solve this "mystery" (standard bland self revealing plot, really) Everybody that lives in the real world knows (even if intuitively) that things are probabilistic, not deterministic; without any need for modern convoluted physical models.

Rachel Mcadams should have turned this role down because her character has very little to do and she was pretty much pointless through out the film.

I am also severely annoyed by Adler's portrayal; perhaps it was inevitable that she would be portrayed as a love interest, but I find Doyle's version of her far more compelling.

All in all though a rather complete film that was entertaining, hopefully Iron Man 2 will be as fun to watch as this one was.

The simplification of the characters, in trying to turn the film into the next Bond or Bourne movie for the MTV generation, suggests the filmmakers have little credit towards younger audience members, refusing to challenge them with anything beyond a highly formulaic action film.

I am more on the edge of my seat to see Moriarity materialize.

I actually fell asleep in the movie theater while watching this movie.

From the subtle movement to the action packed fight one could find the brilliant sound effects.

The usually scene stealing Mark Strong is kind of a ho-hum villain.

That shameless bravado and the charisma of Downey and Law make "Sherlock Holmes" worth watching.

An enjoyable romp .

From the opening shot of a camera rushing up behind a cart on the streets of London Guy Ritchie's signature kinetic style is on full display, and it is the fact that this energy is matched head on by Robert Downey Jr's exuberant turn as the titular hero that in large part makes this such an enjoyable film.

In spite of that fails, Sherlock Holmes is a very entertaining experience with a good balance of humor, suspense and ingenuity, at the same time it counts with remarkable special effects which recreate 19th century London.


On the James Bond angle, neither the script nor the scenes of violence and so on quite convince even though on a superficial level it's very slickly done and you have to get used to this dirty, dreary London that's depicted as Victoria.

Ritchie has created an entertaining feast for movielovers.

The main villain of Lord Henry Blackwood played by Mark Strong does a compelling job.

Entertaining little dark movie .

What would have helped is if it was made with more of a dark undertone, gripping the audience in to a more complex portrayal of crime and law.

Still, it is enjoyable enough and I was glad to see Holmes' detection techniques highlighted well.

One Of The Most Entertaining Movies Of The Holiday Season .

The film also felt longer then 2 hours and dragged in places, especially in the beginning.

You have Sherlock Holmes, one of the great characters of literature, two fine actors in Robert Downey, Jr. and Jude Law turning in excellent performances (although Downey was very hard to understand), and some well done period art direction and costumes, but the film was borderline boring.

The Sign of the Bore .

And the whole mystery can be quite confusing.

Yeah, it was a little weird seeing Holmes and Watson duking it out numerous times like they were members of The Expendables, but once that was accepted, I could settle back and enjoy the action, the dialog, the special effects, the fascinating characters and sharp picture and visuals, making it all surprisingly-fun ride.

Freshman scenarist Michael Robert Johnson, "Invictus" scribe Anthony Peckman and Simon Kinberg of "X-Men: Last Stand" have penned a preposterous but wholly entertaining screenplay that bristles with 130 minutes worth of serpentine twists and turns.

Overall the movie is remarkable, and is worth watching for the visuals alone.

Other than that, ho hum.

However, visually the film is sometimes quite stunning.

The film gets off to a cracking good start, both fast paced and intriguing.

This series had left me with a terribly boring image of the detective, which got completely blasted away by this amazing and entertaining picture.

The Ritchie-isms aside, Sherlock Holmes is still entertaining, which is its primary goal.

Even so, it's a great movie and one that is worth watching more than just once.

The thought that I had watching this very entertaining film is that I hope they make a sequel (SPOILER ALERT, they leave the door open in the end).

The two do share a unique and effortless chemistry together and that really showed on screen and one of the reasons why the film was so enjoyable for me.

The story itself is immensely entertaining too.

Coupled with almost relentless action scene after action scene, it was so engaging, and so filled with twists, both physical and philosophical, that I didn't want leave the room long enuff for a quick bathroom break.

In the end, Guy manages to blend them together and forms an entertaining, thrilling and good movie.

The film is cool looking and entertaining.

This film shamefully replaces the slow burning and tense mysteries in favour of violent fist fights and shootouts, leaving Holmes and Watson now as a pair of action stars, more on par with John McClane than anything Doyle imagined.

I don't know what movie everyone was watching but it was dull, boring, and had no real purpose.

Besides this, I knew nothing of this movie and for me, Holmes was essentially a boring Japanese cartoon depicted as a fox.

It's rather sloppy at points, scenes drag for far too long and a few pointless moments could have been cut from the final film.

It was thrilling, funny, stylish, fast-paced and brilliantly acted.

The plot is simple, the action is slow, and there is no intrigue or suspense whatsoever.

He makes for a dull villain and you get the impression he was just a gap-filler until they unleash Holmes' more famous arch-nemesis, one of the Professor kind.

But they weren't enough to counterbalance the ludicrous, confusing mess that is the rest of the production.

The relationship between Holmes and Watson is really funny and intriguing, Jude Law is never in the background despite his playing second fiddle.

This is a new and different take on the well-known Sherlock Holmes character, and I must admit a rather entertaining one.

Dull plot, wasted effort.

I suppose all You fans of the Conan Doyle's character cleverly know how Holmes was a good brawler, and was proficient in some martial arts and weapon using (singlestick, sword etc.), but in this case it's overdone and just pretentious.

This movie has some intense and thrilling action scenes, particular those involving Sherlock and Blackwood.

Sherlock is a man consumed by his own curiosity and boredom.

Whitt, fast paced and all the trappings and trimmings you expect from Guy Ritchie, plus the now famous slow-mo scenes.

Sherlock Holmes is a very entertaining experience .

They have a bit of a bromance going but they make a great duo and it's entertaining to watch them work together.

The film is largely spent trying to figure out Blackwood's endgame, making logical leaps throughout and culminating in an intensely exciting climax.

They weren't perfect, but they were more entertaining than this.

On those terms, I'd highly recommend it.

There are other ridiculous stupidities that I thought perhaps were aimed at teens but the teens that were with me actually fell asleep because it was so boring.

He can be loving, he can be cruel, he can be unpredictable and if handled with care, it'll all feel true.

Guy Ritchie's Version an enjoyable ride .

The production design was great, and there were one or two stunning set-pieces carefully crafted and choreographed within the story.

Over all, very entertaining and well worth a viewing!...

His exasperation with Holmes' peculiarities seemed a little intense for what would have been a lifelong acquaintance.

It hit the mark on so many levels; the sets/locations were authentic, the acting was superb,it was absolutely gripping from the very beginning,loved the quirky music score too.

Enjoyable Fun .

It was boring (even during a lot of the action sequences), unoriginal, and just an overall waste of time if you ask me.

Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law make an impeccable duo, as brazen and as enjoyable as ever.

So, having been a fan of House, the TV show, for a long time, I'm growing bored with it.

It is a great story on it's own, but leaves an exciting set-up for a possible sequel.

There were a few times where I was confused, the "story" that the film was trying to tell got a little too detailed, and I felt that scenes where Holmes shows how he was going to beat up the other guy in slow motion step-by-step before he really beat the guy up was repetitive and pointless.

OVERALL, an enjoyable romp through Victorian London with the true Dr. Watson and a fellow named Sherlock Holmes.

Nonetheless, while debates regarding the film's action slant remain largely a matter of personal taste, there can be little question that, if taken as is, Ritchie's film offers a tremendous concoction of qualities seldom before associated with a Holmes film: a fast paced, tastefully witty and exhilarating bundle of thrills and dashes of mystery, whose greatest strength (unlike most of its predecessors) is its refusal to take itself overly seriously, instead opting for a welcome, freewheeling sense of fun.

Ritchie has succeeded in failing to make Mark Strong an exciting screen presence, a feat even Ridley Scott couldn't accomplish; the lovely Rachel McAdams, who has proved her ability in drama and comedy, here can't even manifest the basic facial expressions of the pantomime: fear?

Robert Downey Jr. as the scruffy Sherlock is more Indiana Jones than London Holmes as he battles a Bela Lugosi attired villain and other imposing cliché bad guys in what amounts to the usual loud and violent devoid of introspection formulaic pap that lines them up at the box office these days.

Nah, this alone makes the film virtually unwatchable, and has severely damaged my 'like' of Guy Ritchie.

This unconventional Sherlock Holmes story is an entertaining adventure by Guy Ritchie.

The action in this movie was pretty good but it did become a tad bit repetitive, especially considering it was the same hand-to-hand combat consistently.

All of which comes together for a rather uninspiring show down on a half built Tower Bridge.

That's because the movie goes along at a snail's pace.

Clever, Fun, and Very Entertaining .

Everything about "Sherlock Holmes" is stunning, from the gritty, realistic Victorian London, to the wonderful performances by the film's fantastic four; Downey Jr, Law, McAdams and Strong.

A Little Shallow But Very Entertaining .

Some fantastic action scenes abound, with a thrilling finale atop Tower Bridge.

For what it is, "Sherlock Holmes" is a enjoyable ride even if it isn't necessarily an award-worthy film.

Fast paced action ......

I really like Downey Jr. and Law a lot and they do a good job but the movie is total waste of time and money.

com/ Fresh from the superbly crafted RocknRolla, Guy Ritchie churns out a hugely entertaining, high voltage thrill ride which is by far the most superior popcorn movie of the year.

Apart from that, the movie was hugely enjoyable.

It is extremely entertaining and fun to watch.

As with most Guy Ritchie projects, the dialogue was self absorbed and dull.

His banter with Watson and ability to use classic Holmes logic to a comic effect is infinitely enjoyable.

A well made entertaining mystery.

Entertaining, Sophisticated, Gritty - A New Breed of Sherlock Holmes .

Lord Blackwood is successful in his attempt to horrify viewers and Rachel McAdams is pretentious.

Rent it so you can fast forward the boring slow parts and fight scenes.

An entertaining swashbuckler that gives a great character a new lease on life.

The actual 'Sherlock Holmes' theme of this movie was excellent and very enjoyable.

It revolves around trying to stop a creepy cliché guy for making himself ruler of the UK, and the US, as well.

The style of the film was also very intriguing.

Riveting, stylish and entertaining .

Disjointed and badly directed.

Boring and Deeply disappointing.

How cliché was that?

An Energetic, Exciting Blockbuster .

I actually didn't like it all, I was bored silly.

Created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in the late 1800's, Holmes is an incredible detective who is able to solve a case out of the mundane details in life that nobody else seems to be able to notice.

I can tell you personally as a movie goer I was constantly on the edge of my seat and never bored which is any movies goal because naturally movies are there to entertain.

But, all movies are to a certain extent a fantasy instead of reality, so logic goes out the window when the writer uses lots of supernatural elements or applied phlebotnium to drive the plot, making any real world speculations on our part a general waste of time.

But Sherlock is both his slowest paced film, and the least stylistically edited.

Guy Ritchie has performed a sort of Christmas miracle by making one of the great dynamic intellectuals of literature into a dull, third rate professor of history.

Instead of making it fast paced, the Director winds up slowing everything down.


Ho-Hum .

Sherlock Holmes An Entertaining Action Crime Adventure .

The story, for starters, is very engaging and contains a classical Sherlock Holmes-esc mystery.

The wonderful dialog that Downey and Law as Watson, are entertaining, as they play off each other perfectly, and also with McAdams.

He found Irene Adler fascinating, more because she outwitted than because he loved her or similar.

A couple of gripes aside, the latest incarnation of Holmes is exciting and interesting.

Rathbone's Holmes emphasized the analytical, precise, cerebral and obsessive genius while Downey went with an intense, physical, neurotic, humorous and homo-erotic Sherlock Holmes.

Ridiculous, but enjoyable.

Jude Law is much, much too bland as Watson.

Their back and forth banter, as well as their camaraderie, makes the film very enjoyable.

The acting is second-to-none, but the story line is incredibly gripping.

Downing is totally immersed as Holmes.

The film is clearly aimed at younger people and will probably provide them with 3 hours of non-stop action entertainment.

As for Robert Downey, he did not strike me as Sherlock Holmes - that is, not the vision of Holmes I have burned into my brain - but if one is willing to be more open minded in this case, he was enjoyable in the part in his own new way.

In addition, the story is boring: Holmes' deductions are superfluous, none of the characters has a stake in the outcome, nothing that can happen will make any difference.

Then why waste precious plot time?

The film also does a pretty good job of making Holmes' end-of-film explanation visually interesting, rather than just a dull monologue.

"Sherlock Holmes" is so thrilling!

The action sequences are gratifyingly modest and therefore much more engaging, involving only the conflicts of a few characters.

And somehow with all that going on, I still was bored and ready for the movie to end, long before it was over.

The violence seems unnecessary but at least the fast camera during makes for exciting moments.

It's nice to see him making entertaining films again.

Entertaining - worth adding to your collection.

It is too long and the pace is too slow.

Extremely entertaining reinterpretation of Sherlock Holmes; characters made believable and likable by Robert Downey, Jr and Jude Law.

Dull, utterly dull.

The only people that shouldn't watch this movie are people who dislike fun and exciting action, with a touch of humor.

The whole movie is covered in a boring grey scale which even covers the girls make up.

Ritchie's plot runs into a great deal of trouble for the first two thirds of the movie due to slow pacing.

How can you have a follow up to a film where nothing happens?

Late 19th century London is appropriately dreary and what you'd expect from another Sherlock Holmes film.

If you have a brain, don't waste your time on this.

" Even though the effects were as entertaining as they were gruesome, it still bothers me that people feel that they cannot relate on a mature level to something that is "clean".

Thrilling, intellectual and adrenaline fuelled adventure .

Conan Doyle would probably role over in his grace if he knew this film existed, but those who really want to see an exciting, fast-paced and somewhat unusual flick, should definitely not miss this one.

Save Your Money--boring, boring, boring .

Unacceptably, Mark Strong is one-dimensional and even, at times, very bland as Lord Blackwood.

the action didn't ruined the film, it made it more entertaining and fun.

truly entertaining .

All in all, a enjoyable movie, with good performances, set pieces and impressive visual effects.

The pacing was fine for me, in fact although people may disagree I for one was surprised at how quickly in general the film went, even if it did slow down towards the end.

Above all, the character development creates two very fun and fascinating characters that are two of the most enjoyable of any film in recent memory.

The film is never boring, funny, and exciting.

It sounds simple, but a number of ominous supporting players and adrenaline-inspiring set pieces make it constantly entertaining and riveting.

My overall rating is a 7 out of 10 Pros: Directing,Witty Dialogue,Visuals Cons: Confusing and a lack of engagement with story telling.

A surprisingly action packed mystery.

Instead of hearing what Holmes had to say, I heard deep raspy monotone whispering with no change in pitch or annunciations.

Overall, the film is gripping and very believable: the sets are beautifully detailed, none of the stunts are overdone, the actors all play their parts to perfection, and Guy Ritchie certainly wasn't the wrong man to direct; his confidence in his abilities is what allowed him to make the film dirty and gritty and fresh.

Guy Ritchie has conjured up some black magic, and given us an exciting, fun and mischievous Sherlock Holmes (Robert Downey Jr.) with Dr Watson (Jude Law) at his side forever getting him out of trouble.

Easy to view and well acted, Sherlock Holmes is certainly worth the watch if you are looking for a good adventure or crime film.

The makeshift disguises are very entertaining.

Overall its was fun, exciting from start to finish, had fair acting.

Although the interest was part of the movie, I enjoyed it.

After ending this supposedly last big mission Sherlock Holmes locks himself away frustrated with his awesomeness and the boredom on the outside (he simplicity of cases to be offered is very frustrating).

At the same time he has moments of complete vulnerability that make for a fascinating and nuanced character.

But for character conflict, excellent acting, the fun of some thrilling action in a lushly-designed Victorian-style setting and an extremely memorable visual production, it's wonderful.

Of course, if the movie's name weren't Sherlock Holmes i wouldn't be much interested in watching it, but at least i wouldn't have left the theater thinking "that was a big waste of time"...

Once it was shown that Sherlock is a brawler, there was an expectation that the movie could have exciting fist fights.

Mark Strong as Blackwood is a compelling villain.

The chemistry and style injected into the proceedings is enough to make for a wonderfully smart if at times too fast but entertaining update the classic source material.

This is one of the most entertaining thrillers of the year and the fantastic Downey Jr. and Law are a big part of the reason why.

Very enjoyable, quite a Bruckheimerish treatment of Sherlock.

After the first fairly entertaining hour of the movie, prepare for forty minutes of draaaaaaaag.

As for the movie, it is the most entertaining movie of 2009!

An action packed and funny take on the Sherlock Holmes story .

It is a very entertaining movie.

Mind you it's not the Sherlock you grew up with, but entertaining none the less ONCE YOU GET TO THE MOVIE!

Quite boring.