She's Having a Baby (1988) - Comedy, Drama, Romance

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Young newlyweds find out just how unprepared they are for their future together.

IMDB: 5.9
Director: John Hughes
Stars: Kevin Bacon, Elizabeth McGovern
Length: 106 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 7 out of 51 found boring (13.72%)

One-line Reviews (24)

The labor and delivery segment of the film was pretty well done, and I enjoyed it a lot.

Bacon plays Jake, the aspiring writer who is forced to take a mundane job to help pay the bills.

The rest of it is very playful and fluffy and especially for those of us that lived through those times, quite enjoyable.

It basically seemed like the opposite of its predecessor to me in more than one way, as it is overall bland, bleak, unfunny, and listless, without any very notable characters/performances.

And then there's the predictability of the title, just as things were becoming mundane for the couple.

Surprisingly dull and tedious for a John Hughes film, and it somehow gave me a bleak feeling .

Another cliché: Bacon's best friend played by Alec Baldwin keeps hitting on McGovern while Bacon keeps having fantasies about the same beautiful woman and begins to have longings for his bachelor freedom.

**end spoiler**Overall, "She's having a Baby" is an enjoyable, funny movie, and I think many viewers will be able to relate to it.

It is too short, unevenly paced having the odd dull stretch in the middle, has some weak spots in the script and the story is rather predictable.

Wonderfully Entertaining .

Fun and enjoyable.

It renders what could have been a generally typical, boring "chick-flic" a decently entertaining picture.

Pretty much all aspects of this movie I didn't care for, including the bland characters and the performances from the cast members who play them.

Some of the most entertaining sequences take place fully in Jake's (Kevin Bacon) imagination as he projects on the rather surreal suburban situation he finds himself in.

Most of them I've found to be at least pretty good, some of them more than that, and when I finally watched "Curly Sue", I found that it usually fails in its attempts to be funny, but does have some fairly gripping drama.

Entertaining movie about family and life .

Eventually, I found that the film was getting a little frustrating to sit through, as it was pretty tedious.

The rest of it is creative and totally entertaining.

This is an endearing and enjoyable movie.

Illogical and cliche .

His confusion and dry humor make it a great classic, and a great watch for anyone.

It's all about Kevin Bacon's character who is a ad-man who wants to be a professional writer, but his wife, and the beautiful home in the suburbs and all its dreary perfection, is bringing him down.

It tells a completely normal story of completely normal people living a rather uneventful life.

Warning, spoilers ahead (even if I doubt that anybody hasn't seen this yet)The movie starts off rather well, but about halfway through it falls apart and becomes a corny, sugary sweet, predictable and unrealistic 'harmony romance' mess.