Signs (2002) - Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi

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A family living on a farm finds mysterious crop circles in their fields which suggests something more frightening to come.

IMDB: 6.7
Director: M. Night Shyamalan
Stars: Mel Gibson, Joaquin Phoenix
Length: 106 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 235 out of 1022 found boring (22.99%)

One-line Reviews (807)

The knife scene was so intense that a girl friend of mine kept screaming for some seconds, while I was motionless because of it's impact.

Told in the most dull and dry fashion imaginable, Signs' story didn't, in any way, convince this bored viewer that its director, nor its big-name stars, came even close to actually believing in their parts in this completely pedestrian production.

It blends drama, sci-fi, and horror, into an evocative little movie which is definitely a big step above Hollywood mainstream.

Signs is more pretentious that it claims to be and surfs more than it hopes to be, it's a huge misconception iterated in a horror.

A hugely intelligent and gripping story line, career-best performances from Gibson and Pheonix, an atmosphere of real tension and terror and superb direction from Shyamalan that i find comparable to greats like Friedkin.

tedious, overblown.

The stairs were empty.

But if you like slower narration and not so obvious plot line this is for you.

Sadly I was bored and disappointed by this movie, and I was relieved to see critics from some of the USA's biggest papers had the same feelings.

What a thrilling experience!

He leaves you on the edge of your seat when it's all said and done.

Most tedious film of the year .

Because if that was to be the movies main point, then it was a really boring one!

But it's an enjoyable movie.

In the end, the movie is exciting, scary and certainly worth seeing, and I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that Mel Gibson turns in another great, "human" performance in this movie and that all the rest of the cast is pretty good too.

I thought, "Thank God they weren't in the real edition that I saw," because they really did ruin the movie, especially with everyone laughing at the mics popping up during very intense scenes.

Night keeps you on the edge of your seat.

I enjoyed it and the people in the audience with me seemed to enjoy it enough to clap at the end.

Well this is unimaginative and plain boring at best.

Perhaps it's because "Taken" presented an alien-theme story that kept you on the edge of your seat for most of 20 hours that this film seemed so staggeringly slow and tedious.

i'm just gonna come on out and say it..this movie SUCKED!..i'm wasn't good at all , I guess it's because I had such high expectations for it after all it was the #1 movie in America for a few weeks , and grossed quite a nice number ..the question is why???..why were people flocking and wasting their money to see this , it was slow..boring , I couldnt keep interested in it , the aliens were boring , the faith plot was really stupid I guess I've lost faith in that hollywood movies are good..I should just stick with some cheesy itallian least they are entertaining

It is also the first movie to deal with Crop Circles, which is a very compelling subject.

One thing I'm confused about is those unexpected humor scattered in the movie.

Whilst it was received OK at the time, I've always seen it as a mess of a film with dull characters, mostly bland visuals and quite possibly one of the worst twist endings ever put to film.

The dialogue had a muted quality that actually went with the story perfectly but made the movie unfortunately a bit tedious.

As a viewer who judges a film by its poetic integrity and engaging experience rather than its coherence with and regard to real life logic, I give Signs an 8 out of 10.

And now he presents us with this entertaining thriller about possible UFO's finally comming to Earth.

All in all MNS did a good job at keeping you guessing, keeping you on the edge of your seat, and adding comedy into it as well.

***SPOILERS***First of all, this movie was incredibly slow for what little the ending provided as far as relief from the buildup it caused.

just dull (The Village is a prime example of his 'technique').

Nothing happened for about 5 seconds, then I saw a green human creature appear.

I found it to be slow moving, building up to a very disappointing ending.

Huge plot inconsistencies aside (which i cant reveal without giving a lot of the movie away), Its a scary, suspenseful and gripping sci fi that keeps you guessing until the nerve jangling climax.

sound corny or cliché?...

No, DRAGONFLY wasn't a film that we'd rate as one of the 100 best of all times, but unless hatred for Costner colors one's judgment, by any standards it was entertaining and moving.

Too bad though, because for the first half of the movie, I was on the edge of my seat.

Signs is a very suspenseful, edge of your seat type of movie that keeps viewers enthralled for it's running time.

The script, the actual writing was so boring.

Three of the five nominated films bored me silly, while "Signs" kept me riveted in my seat.

There are moments which feel highly unbelievable and contrived.

A waste of time .

Former preacher widower Graham Hess (Mel Gibson) wakes up one morning to find a large crop circle in his field of corn, stunning both his kids and brother Merrill (Joaquin Phoenix), especially when strange unseen men run around the fields at night.

Total waste my time, One of the worse horror movies I have ever seen.

Signs is a maddening affront to thriller and science-fiction films that try to create characters, atmosphere, and an original storyline, that are left to wallow in exhaust from the unexpected take off of other films of the same genre.

It's a thrilling ride, but the resolution makes everything to be pointless and ridiculous.

Signs is one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

this director just keeps getting worse, i suppose it is appropriate that he is compared to spielberg who has to be the most overrated director ever,like speilberg he thinks he is making really deep and thoughtful films, when in reality they are trite and tedious

Overall, it was an "average" movie that is worth watching and quite enjoyable.

Intriguing plot, strange household, exciting soundtrack - all going well for another suspense thriller.

The movie resurrected up every imaginable cliche, and the acting the script was so juvenile that it spoiled what could have potentially made a decent movie.

Overlong, Pretentious.

Don't waste your time - you're better off watching "War of the Worlds" if you want to see a good Alien invasion movie(as mentioned in this movie itself).

The camera-work for the most part is alright, but those shots where the camera swoops across during a conversation or something mundane drives me crazy.

This movie is about aliens, and it's intense, scary, and all the other great things you may expect out of this type of film.

This was one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

-Coincidental Broadcast cliché: Turning the news on precisely at the right moment EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Grant Hess was shallow, grim and boring - I didn't believe one single emotion he was pretending to have.

With a movie such as "The Sixth Sense" the languid pace accentuated the thrill of discovery.

Makes "Scary Movie 3" even more enjoyable to watch .

The cast is excellent, Mel portrays his character with depth and honesty, Joaquin is intense and mesmerising, the children are a delight, and every one of the side characters are memorable, another "sign" of a great director.

Where Sixth Sense is clever, unpredictable and intense, Signs is patronising, condescending, thoroughly predictable and painfully slow.

That was probably not an accident as their calm, sullen personalities contrast with the unbearable situation they find themselves in.

`Signs' really held my attention and I highly recommend it.

But Night's flowing script lets the audience think in new and unexpected ways.

It made it much more suspenseful and terrifying knowing that if the aliens actually did get to them they wouldn't have a shot of fighting their way out.

This film is special, however, because it fits neither of those molds, providing instead a compelling narrative and moral lesson that sustains the film long after its credits roll.

Triffids and smacks of a lack of imagination to carry through what was a fairly intriguing vision.

'Signs' is one of Shyamalan's best movies because it is atmospheric, suspenseful and eerie from start to finish but is also a compelling tale of fate, which many people don't seem to understand.

Overall, I enjoyed it.

I found this movie to be suspenseful and creative.

I'm sorry but this was one of the worst movies I have seen all year.

But in SIGNS, Gibson's performance seems contrived, a goofy attempt at somber homage to a lost American stoicism.

It takes a while to get into the actual invasion, and all of the chaos on the news channels that we see just makes it a very exciting and suspenseful journey.

Then it's also stuffed with clichés and, ugh, Mel Gibson plus a boring, tedious side story and some of the wimpiest, ugliest, most unscary aliens since Nukie.

I made it more realistic and entertaining for the audience.

The movie contains a compelling plot, wonderful acting, excellent cinematography, and a powerful theme.

because it was a joke in the first place) However in places the film seems stuck between the horror and comedy genres ad doesn't know where it wants to be, and you'll notice this scenes because they seem very awkward My suggestion is you enjoy this as a film that takes the mick out of old sci-fis but is also suspenseful in its own right.

Sure enough he's well-versed in the language of film-making but his films are self-indulgent preachy nonsense.

It seemed like it was supposed to be some psychological sci-fi melodrama, it succeeded in boring the hell out of me with no pay off for the time I spent watching it.

But very few have the genius topull off a very meaningful, engaging, suspenseful, mind-blowingfilm that leaves you hanging on the edge of your seat.

Save your money.

) but what it does have is a director who is a master at creating moments of unbearable tension, with the comparisons to Spielberg being very much vindicated by this film.

And what I personally found to be a refreshing change from other flicks I have seen that have dealt with a similar theme is that this movie is just as entertaining as it is enlightening.

Signs is a thoroughly engaging,thought provoking film.

definitely one of the most boring films ever made .

It tries to be a tense and suspenseful horror, while trying to maintain a spoof-like attitude towards 50s B-movies...

I highly recommend it.

I watched the whole movie, just to get an confusing ending, and without even getting to know why they did that??

"Signs" is good, suspenseful stuff, with thought-provoking themes for those who can be bothered to pursue them.

But 'Signs', on first time viewing anyway, is worth the watch.

It is clever, moving, suspenseful, and funny all at the same time and, that is not something you get in every movie.

Night Shyamalan, is an intense science fiction thriller.

Even the physical appearance and behavior of the aliens were cliché.

The plot is intriguing from scene one and only builds bigger as it goes along.

All this said, the movie had the potential to be very good, it does keep you on the edge of your seat for about 3/4s of the movie and delivers a couple of good scares, the ending is what really spoils this film, it just takes the worst possible story tangent and flops into cliche and moral.

By gripping the human emotion and engaging our minds, we become part of the movie rather than just sitting back a watching.

Another comment mentioned that the movie was a confusion between different genres of movie and the makers weren't sure what sort of movie they were ultimately trying for, and I think that says it best, and explains why the acting may have seemed poor, at least to some people or in certain places.

I would suggest this movie to anyone who craves a suspenseful movie--be ready to sit at the edge of your seat.

At times it seemed intense.

The most exciting part is...

One of the most unfortunate films events of recent years was the unexpected success of a little-trailed Bruce Willis ghost story movie.

"Signs" was entirely predictable and unimaginative, especially for a talented writer and director.

Cliche scenes to evoke fear that don't work and you can drive a truck through the pauses.

This movie had everything that I could've hoped for, the discreet appearance of the creatures, the claustrophobia it projected, the intense and moving memories of Graham Hess (Mel Gibson) and the determination.

There were other cliché's: the 'psychic' kid that gets messages from 'beyond'; we've seen that in Poltergeist and other movies.

The staircase was still empty.

The script has them speak in ways that no child (in a realistic world) ever would, and every line is monotone and expressionless: a weak method of creating a creepy tone (by making the children needlessly creepy).

Insulting, shallow, boring.

The tone is ominous, the acting is reserved and it really creates a good ambiance, which makes the movie feels very intriguing.

Despite all of this, I found the movie very enjoyable.

There are always people out there complaining about faults in good and entertaining movies, faults that they are so clever to pinpoint.

It has great cinematography, and quite a lot of the acting is good, but it's boring delivery and plot-hole plagued "storyline" makes it a real chore to watch.

The performances were good, especially the youngsters, and the film itself was intriguing from the point of view that you were waiting for something to happen.

The plot was completely predictable.

Signs is a movie that's impossible to pick on because it's impact is so intense toward the end if one succeeds in following it to the end, you won't turn it off untouched.

With that same eye catching and engaging our minds as Mr.Night did in this wonderful movie--- SIGNS.

Night Shyamalan hasn't made a film that good since, but that does't mean his subsequent works aren't worth watching: they are flawed, but Shyamalan's talent in creating compelling characters and a creepy mood shines throughout all of them.

I was annoyed by the whole "nothing happens by accident" idea rubbed in my nose all the time.

All, I know, is this movie has very-very-slow plot development pacing with large amount of psychological dialogue and little action.

In any case its business as usual from Night, visually its stunning, it has some scary moments, some very funny moments, and in general is very touching.

This usually would not be a big deal but when one goes to see a movie with the thematic nature of "Signs" he not only wants to see good acting, camera work and brilliant images but also wants to leave the theater in owe, shocked and by that satisfied.

Due to the odd premise of a mutilated person standing there to give a message, this scene, which apparently seeks extreme pathos, simply ends up looking like cheap, contrived exploitation.

And while this movie is still an admirable effort, it has more flaws than the other Shyamalan movies i have viewed, it's not nearly as thrilling and the awaited twist is a bit sloopy, but the movie is still very intense most of the way.

Boring .

First of all the movie is really dull.

a film to keeps u on the edge of the seat.

The aliens look generic, the setting is cliché, and most importantly, the main twist makes NO SENSE.

This movie is basically a boring religion oriented family drama with little to offer if you're waiting for a quality sci-fi story.

It is perfectly suspenseful.

That is, is there any good evidence to suggest that a God would have a man fall asleep at the wheel and kill an innocent woman so that she could utter the last words "swing away," which would be interpreted by her husband, 6 months later, that this meant her son Merrill should beat an extraterrestrial in their living room to death with a baseball bat?

It's not gone, but it's nowhere near intense.

There is no major logic in this film, there is a subplot involving the dead wife which really doesn't add too much to the plot, only to the characters, which are fairly unlikable anyway, and the film seems to be too concerned with "faith" and other such religious subplots that it makes for slightly dragged out viewing.

One of the most boring movies I have ever watched.

Highly Recommend it.

Signs relies much on slow narration and it's own quirky atmosphere.

The family-life plot was a little too slow moving for me, and it felt forced and silly/patriotic/sympathetic.

So, i recommend this to fans of Shyamalan and fans of suspenseful thrillers.

Quite apart form the fact that I'm personally not likely to be impressed by challenge-to-faith storylines (unless done in manners as excellent as "Dead Man Walking"), I think this is what spoiled the film for me: trying to both spiritually challenging and suspenseful, it fails on both counts.

Slow, boring and causes you to lack empathy with the characters .

That Phoenix brings a stunning resolution to the plot was another piece of brilliant decision-making.

This movie is actually very exciting, and you do not know what is going to happen next.

Someone or other exactly as boring as he is (here).

Just one thing, the user comments were the absolute best part of the movie, I was laughing hard over what other people have written, and that was so much more entertaining than the movie itself.

Drama and some pretty tense and suspenseful scenes ensue.


But before you even see an alien Shyamalan kept you on the edge of your seat.

Now, the good: Despite its structural flaws, this is still a hell of a good time, with several genuinely exhilarating and often downright terrifying scare scenes that make for an unexpected crowd-pleaser.

I admired every little aspect of this picture, from the use of everyday objects: baby monitor, a blank television screen and a half empty glass of water, to convey and act as a vehicle to extract fear from the ordinary.

To round it all up, I found this film thoroughly enjoyable to watch - Shyamalan proves that once again he can break all the boundaries of tension, suspense and clever twists to produce a fantastic film.

For a story to tell about a compelling family, a suspenseful thriller and evaluate the intricacies of faith, this movie can only be called excellent.

An absolutley brilliant film, directed with marvelous style and confidence, with fantastic cinematography, amazing and powerful Hitchckocian score (The climax is breathtaking), great acting by all.

The family themselves I found very engaging.

All in all still a movie very well worth watching, with some scene's that you will never forget.

It moves relatively slowly, even for a 98 minute film, it fails to build all that much suspense, until the end, when some of the shots are quasi-unique, but it's just too family like for this type of really suspenseful subject matter and I was quite disappointed after seeing two sources, including all the people at imdb.

Whether the film has a twist ending or not I will not reveal, but an unexpected denoument is not necessary for a film like this - a film that grips the audience in unrelenting dread without apology.

The set piece of a cornfield is perfect for some real scary stuff just waiting to jump out at you (and with a evocative score by James Newton Howard).

The film has plenty of jumps but suffers from being overly deliberate and plodding for the majority.

I like to be scared, but Hollywood has seen fit to retread every tired formulaic convention in just about everything it throws at the local multiplex.

The fact that "Signs" is an awesome thriller is well known to those of us who viewed the film at its opening in 2002 and are still on the edge of our seats as we watch it again today on DVD.

This movie is suspenseful and downright eerie at times, helped along mostly by Howard's wonderful score.

This movie kept me on the edge of my seat in the cinema.

In conclusion, I feel that this movie is something for you if you enjoy thrilling movies about family relationships.

It is not schlock, the violence and suspense are gripping and plausible, there's no 'silliness'.

Here, the dialog is painfully slow, which leads to scenes progressing at a staggeringly incompetent pace, and every line of dialog is recited in a hushed, melodramatic sort of whisper that it becomes dreary and impotent abnormally fast.

A top notch film that I'm going to give 10 out of 10 for being absolutely mind blowingly exciting and keeps you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.

Cliche dialogue so bad that the actors only keep a straight face by being wooden throughout.

This was by far the SLOWEST most incomplete film i've ever seen.

The script which takes itself pretty seriously could be described as somewhat slow at times but I thought the story was engaging & pretty intriguing which kept me hooked.

It was sooooo dreadfully boring, anyone with any sense should not watch this film.

While young actresses & actors are natural scene stealers, she was precious and enjoyable.

But I see Signs told from the characters perspective of how they defended there small part of the world in the midst of confusion.

"signs" is a reasonably well-made, somewhat suspenseful, and more or less forgettable high-budget mel gibson vehicle...

A plodding plot.

That scene in particular is one the more intense scenes that the film can muster, and truly involve me as a viewer.

A slow drama with a lot of hidden signs .

Great film frighting and exciting .

And Breslin and Culkin give good, fascinating takes on their unique child characters.

All in all, this film is rather boring and a madly mixed together breakfast and dinner.

When I went to the cinema to watch Signs in the summer of 2002 I went there with high expectations of an intense, claustrophobic horror and in every way, it delivered.

His ultra-slow pacing allows for mass character development and allows for greater tension between every connecting joint.

'This movie has too many problems to count, the characters are bland cardboard puppets, the story is driving in reverse, the climax is ridiculously simplistic and they went and admitted the film's fatal flaw right to the audience.

It is intense.

This movie was predictable, and boring, the scary parts weren't even that scary, just really stupid.

No, he goes home and acts like nothing happens, idiot).

The strong direction brings out compelling characters, as expressed by a superior cast.

In the end, the pieces are all in the rearview mirror and it is exciting to watch it come to fruition.

As usual the "secret" is not all that secret and not all that cool either, but the atmosphere generated by the story does its job admirably in keeping you on the edge of your seat.

The issue with the preacher's wife was too drawn out, with him having partial dreams about what happened to her.

The mysterious signs increased steadily in another slow burn.

It was so horribly cliché I don't think it could have been made worse intentionally.

This movie is a bit boring, so think twice before you watch it.

You'll need it to keep from falling asleep.

It's certainly worth watching at least once.

The moment they revealed the Killer Clown of another planet: the green alien, my interest died, the movie got dropped in the after-hour slot of bland films.

Hollywood usually makes good thrillers action packed blockbusters like Independence Day and Armageddon, but to see them make a quiet, eerie, slow moving blockbuster thriller suprised me.

Film summary: nothing happens, no characters develop, there's no action, nor interesting dialog, it's nearly all set in the same few dreary locations.

Unbelievably Dull Movie .

It's a movie that promises suspense and delivers on it with the slow build of an eerie atmosphere more than just jump scares.

After trying all other things, and feeling utterly empty, I came to accept Christ in my heart.

Interesting film and well worth watching.

The confused and pointless attempt to bring Mels flagging religious faith into the plot is also misguided and adds nothing to this unpalatable mess of a film.

If you're in the mood for an exciting alien invasion movie skip Signs and rent the 1953 Byron Haskin directed War of the Worlds, you'll have a better time.

The end result is a slow going, unreal, disconnected movie that can't overcome had moments of good movie making and experimental cinematic attempts.

Do we see the glass as half empty or half full?

The film is not too dissimilar to Spielberg's recent "War of the Worlds", but where that is large scale, and often breathtaking at times, "Signs" is small and compact, which often works well, as it keeps the story focused, and personal.

unlike the cheap and cliché-riddled, quote-un-quote "horror movies" produced today, signs departs from said cheap-theatrics, and think; the thought being utilized here, :what will happen next?

I think the themes are interwoven very skillfully the writing is superb, fresh, funny, suspenseful, you get a real sense of danger in this family.

The premature Hitchcock comparisons are fitting in some ways, the director knows how to utilize mis-en-scene for maximum impact and he does a very good job with the suspense scenes( I was on the edge of my seat two times on the second viewing of the movie, and many more the first time).

' is a very convenient, very lazy way to rationalize away all those coincidences, and inserting a pretentious speech about coincidence-vs.

I got bored.

Devoid of fresh ideas and slow .

Up until we were inundated with recordings of his ugly tirades of venom spewed at his ex-girlfriend, and his anti-semitic tirade during his DUI arrest, Gibson was a genuinely likable actor who could project a streak of craziness that made him suspenseful to watch.

But, without a whole lot special effects, yet enough to keep the audience on the edge of there seat.

At least that movie was fairly entertaining.

The director and story teller does a good and unique job of engaging the viewer so we're on the edge of our sets wondering what is going to happen next and what is around the next corner and in the director's usual style, there's a hidden story secret that's revealed at the climax.

(exciting isn't it?

It's an exciting, artfully-crafted and endearing film with a wonderful cast.

The acting by the adults (Mel Gibson and Joaquim Phoenix) is quite strong but the little kids are once again nearly unbearable to watch, mainly because they say things no kid of their age would normally say.

" Instead of an interesting story of an alien invasion, we get a tedious story of a man trying to find his faith and keep his family together, with some of the trappings of a bad 1950's sci-fi film -- M.

All the films he has made are so boring and slow paced they make me yawn and think yeah whatever who cares.

It is deliberately slow paced so that the story can unfold.

One of the least compelling flicks I have seen in a long time.

Still, with some great camera work, performances and a genuinely engaging first half, Signs is worth a rent.

So the action button is on pause for a dull middle part of the film, marked only by one of the silliest last suppers in movie history.

boring family drama in a sci-fi disguise.

I was on the edge of my seat, sharing Mel Gibson's fear of what was in the cornfield.

Several of my friends have recommended this movie to me over the years, telling me it is an engaging psychological thriller and one of the scariest movies they had ever seen.

it's a lame attempt that i have to dismiss as one of the worst movies i have seen this year.

I won't go into the clumsiness of the alien theme, the slow pace, the absence of plot, etc, as enough about that has been said already.

enjoyable, although not very original .

The light humor also made it that much more enjoyable.

I enjoyed it because I'm blessed with the ability to hang my understanding and knowledge on the peg outside the room and just slump into the plot, with no care for how and why...

Here is a man who could be a great writer/director but instead goes for the bucks and banality.

However, the overall dreary atmosphere and emotionless and bland acting made took away the intrigue intended for the plot.

The movie is rich with convincing portrayals and though slow in developing, the plot elements are well thought out.

Only one complaint: Some dull parts.

People, do not watch this film if you value your time and sanity, it's a pointless waste of celluloid.

This is one of the worst movies I have ever seen!

The story is kept intentionally vague since it serves only as a framework for the suspenseful scenes, which I think is excusable.

Where as both Sixth Sense and Unbreakable were slow paced, they were at least intelligent leading to a conclusion that was in both cases was a surprise.

This film starts slow.

Former religious man Mel Gibson, his wise-cracking younger brother (Joaquin Phoenix) and Gibson's two young children seem to have a relatively peaceful and uneventful lives in Pennsylvania.

Entertaining nonetheless.

We do not see the threat until the very end, and suspense is built with mundane dangers like asthma attacks, and sculpted by letting our imaginations fill the shadows and groans.

I freely admit I did not enjoy Signs at all, in fact I nearly walked out.

Some of the worst bits of the film are things you barely see but have you on the edge of your seat, just like Merrill (Phoenix) watching the TV, and you need to keep your wits about you if you are going to see all the connections as nothing is superfluous in this film it seems.

In my opinion, "Signs" is an okay movie, entertaining enough and has a good level of tension, suspense and thriller, as well as a reasonably dramatic story.

Another ponderous B movie dressed up as a quality film from Shyamalan.

The writing is amateurish, predictable and cloying.

Signs is hands down the worst movie I have ever paid money to see at a cinema.

Boring Homage to Old Invasion Movies .

Brilliant, suspenseful, thought-provoking film that people JUST DON'T GET.

But because SIGNS did so well at the box office, its bland hash of mawkishness, contrived, clichéd weirdness with dogs and water, and goblin-like body snatchers from another world will earn the director, who really should hang his head in shame, a pat on the back.

The script needed a revision, rewriting, the dialogues are silly and predictable, the sub-story is silly.

Perhaps if he would have hired a realwriter instead of penning this boring script himself, it would have been more interesting.

This film is without a doubt the most well thought out, scary,entertaining film of the year.

Signs is a good movie, and I enjoyed it.

Amazing thrilling moments and horror elements here and there.

this has to be in the top ten most boring films ever made.

That seemed incredibly contrived, irrelevant, pointless.

The scene where the "Alien Leg" that Went into the corn stalks was a very suspenseful scene.

That made it a bit poor and boring.

The movie starts well, but quickly it becomes boring as there is no plot.

of the movie, then everything turned predictable, boring, nonsense.

I am not really a fan of his movies but I really liked this movie, I really didn't like the sixth sense it bored me first movie where I could not finish, but this is interesting, and the music in it in spin tingling and makes the suspense more intense.

OK but slow - typical Shyamalan .

Engrossing, moving, exciting.


The build up of tension throughout the entire film kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time.

I myself do believe in extra terrestrials and find the whole idea about UFOs fascinating!

The subplot concerning Hess' dead wife was pointless, what did his wife's death have to do with aliens from outer space?

The film kind of feels like a mainstream scary movie, and as a result of this isn't actually scary at all (the part with the alien holding the kid was just laughable), however Shyamalan makes the story compelling and there are several moments of tension, for example when Mel Gibson is in the crop field or when the family are arguing at dinner.

That means the scares come not from splashy, grotesque special effects but tight editing and suspenseful storytelling.

The whole movie is full of boring moments, and the action is limited to a few man running around.

I am a keen admirer of Shyamalan's amazing talent to build up an intense atmosphere in his movies, especially "The Sixth Sense" gives a fantastic view into his perfectionistic feeling for movies.

The acting and especially the dialogues are weird and during most of the time nothing happens in this movie.

It is such a drawn-out bore, even the gang on 'Mystery Science Theater 2000' would have trouble staying awake to mock it.

The preacher who lost his way thing was really well done in "From dusk till dawn" It was completely pointless in this movie.

This film is fantastic because unlike most horror films, this movie keeps it suspenseful and scary, and it really makes you think constantly "Imagine if this were happening to me.

Great acting helped very much with this slow moving piece.

Inaddition, "Signs" has its own brand of humour which occasionallyand pleasingly surfaces to soothe the tension of what is athoroughly absorbing and rewarding story.

Hitting them over the head with a baseball bat is apparently a good move, but the best method is to empty a jug of water over them, water being a substance which is intensely toxic to aliens.

sappy, trite, and irritating.

I find this far more thrilling than the slasher/animated monster type shows that are so prevalent.

The film is somewhat of a slow burner with the tension and suspense slowly building up.

This is officially the worst movie I have ever, ever been subjected to and, to put this into context, I like highbrow stuff and I like trash, this is neither.

He is able to create quirky fast themes but also very tense moments to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Night Shyamalan that he can put us on the edge of our seats over nothing at all.

Even Gibson's performance is flat and boring.

Even the unexpected humor belonged right *there*.

Some people just want to watch popcorn flicks with aliens getting there heads chopped off with no message or any ideas that could conflict with their own and nothing to make them think.

Don't waste your valuable time and money on this horrible movie.

has no one else noticed that very very little goes on in this film, everyone looks as though they have taken vast amounts of some sleeping drug, mel gibson walks and talks at a pace so slow that i had great difficulty in keeping my eyes open from one shot to the next.

it was a total waste of money to film and, unfortunately, a total waste of hard-earned consumer dollars as well.

I can accept that, except that it is badly contrived and makes a ridiculous connection between religion and coincidence.

)What these unenlightened reviewers are confusing for pop spirituality is actually fundamental spirituality, that of the home as the symbol of the psyche.

The entire film is constructed in such a familiar fashion that some of the surprises and developments feel a little predictable.

What this movie is: An intense film that gradually builds anticipation as the movie unfolds, with just enough scares in the movie to keep you on the edge of your seat with one eye closed.

Mr. Shyamalan proves with this movie that perhaps he isn't a master in writing dialogs, but that he sure knows the techniques to make a movie suspenseful and interesting to watch.

Making a slow paced film does not engender quality only boredom and predictability.

Enjoyable thriller .

Most of the scenes that were shot were dark and dreary.

I think it's way to simple and it's view on faith is way to simplistic and kinda dull and pandering.

Just like any Shyamalan film the cast seems to suffer from extreme boredom.

Banal doesn't adequately describe them.

The plot was good, the tension and suspense built up as it should and the ending was unexpected.

But looking at it in the same vein as a film like Plan 9 From Outer Space it is pretty enjoyable.

Very elusive, unpredictable scenes with great direction provide extreme shock due to fear of the unknown like Spielberg did in "Jaws.

It is just amazing how this guy manages to craft three so different yet so absolutely intriguing and perfect movies in a row.

After listening to their monotonic drone for thirty minutes, I was completely bored.

Signs is scary, and suspenseful at the same time.

In its defense, part of the point was to have the film look mundane.

This movie is a little exciting, coupling a classic alien-invasion plot (seen in many sci-fi movies) with a dramatic subplot involving Mel Gibson's character.

If you do not believe in these things, you will focus on plot holes like the aliens being afraid of water, and you will find this film boring.

I could see a pattern developing that to me said "move on" before the arthritis of cliche overwhelms you.

My dog enjoyed it.

It's a fun entertaining movie that was perfect as a summertime hit, yet it's also a stunning, stirring film that wasn't afraid to use unconventional means to get a higher, more profound, message across.

it makes for very compelling viewing.

The movie is fun,it is intelligent and it has an unexpected ending that it is impossible to predict.

Definitely worth watching though.

Hi, this movie is really unconvincing, What struck me most was the dull acting by anyone.

These things, along with a subdued musical score that adds to and doesn't distract from, and good photographic technique, all add up to a very entertaining piece of work.

It was extremely boring.

It takes elements of all of these and turns out a well thought out, entertaining movie.

First of all, this movie is fully enjoyable on a scale outside of the plot.

If that's it, that's the most utterly ridiculous, blasphemous, lame, contrived, etc story I've ever heard of.

Boring .

Having said that, the actual resolution, after 10 frantic, frightning minutes, is a major disappointment, rather trite, and the film is not otherwise flawless, inconsistincies in plot making the film suffer.

Shyamalan wisely chooses to keep the setting in a small, farm town community and aside from what the family members view on television, the audience is forced to share in the same unsettling feeling of intense isolation that the characters are faced with.

One knows from the very start that the events have something to do with some kind of extra terrestrial life, and this suggestion is repeated so often that extreme boredom overcomes the viewer.

Powerful, exciting, scary and completely captivating, there is no reason to not see it.

This part of the film, really undermine the other plot, by making it, confusing and too complex for the general audience.

Honestly it was worth watching because it is one of those films that is so bad it's good.

It's a very smart and engaging movie that touches on the subjects of despair and fear in a more mature manner than you might expect.

One of the worst movies I've ever seen .

The deep with a capital D story isn't very deep, but is remarkably pretentious, particularly in that the material has the profundity of a typical fortune cookie fortune.

While I was bored to tears for most part of the movie, the end, where they show the alien did make me laugh.

Save your money, or rent "The Sixth Sense" with it.

Backed by regular composer James Newton Howard's slithering score, Shyamalan seeps a atmosphere of intense paranoia dripping from ultra-stylised extended long shots spanning the dark corners of the house,and icy reflections in objects of the invaders.

And the predictable use of the uncle's baseball background was one more problem.

Mel Gibson is a tremendous actor and Shymalian had shown great promise as a director with the enjoyable albeit totally predictable Sixth Sense.

Boring and disappointing.

The preacher who lost his way thing was really well done in "From dusk till dawn" It was completely pointless in this movie.

This is a very average film that is boring and predictable and it is absurd in its entirety, not to mention that the director (who is incredulous in the film) can not handle the basic premise of logic.

The movie, Signs is a well planned movie that avoided the all too present predictable plots that spew out of hollywood these days.

This movie was very entertaining.

And the ending was predictable and totally laughable .


But these are confusing religious times, and particularly for Gibson in his own real life.

Worst Movie of 2002 .

"Signs" is a very well made, suspenseful flick.

Other than just being suspenseful, the humor that is intertwined to lighten the mood really makes it enjoyable.


This was one of the worst movies I had ever seen on this subject.

Night `something or another' has made a powerful and entertaining movie in `Signs'.

There are many instances of sitting on the edge of our seats waiting to see what happens next.

An intense & beautiful movie .

Anyways, horrible movie, huge plot holes, big waste of time.

Unfortunately, what was going to happen in the end was so predictable right from the start, it just ended up being 90 minutes of boring and 16 minutes of bad special effects.

The premise of "man of the cloth suffers tragedy, loses faith, experiences something great, regains faith" is so cliche it is nauseating.

I found the story one of the most boring they could have made out of that topic.

I have talked to many people who didn't like this movie at all, but I was literally on the edge of my seat.

Intense, terrific suspense thriller .

there are, of course, any number of tedious and convoluted explanations for the glaring logical gaps in "signs"...

Yes, he can make a grandly entertaining film like Spielberg.

It's simply a very riveting story that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

The storyline of the film is solid and very entertaining, there is no gore in this movie which is a relief because even a gore fan can get tired of to much blood in movies.

This is about an alien invasion, but a slow one.

With Shyamalan's stylish direction, an excellent cast, and an engulfing story that's both suspenseful and touching, Signs becomes one of the most beautifully done thrillers in many ages.

The story was very slow and I was waiting for something exciting to happen throughout the whole thing.

I found the movie well-paced and riveting throughout and would recommend it as a suspense thriller with a message to anyone looking for a few chills.

For a long time, we've missed the style of b/w sci-fi classic oldies, where claustrophobia, suspense, and thrilling sightings were basic ingredients.

The plot is slow and labored and the ending comes on too strong.

This tactic may seem to some very slow and boring, and this was certainly the case with 'Unbreakable', one of the worst films I have ever seen.

Those really long monologues were unbearable.

It's scary and suspenseful.

I watched it with a group of people one of whom walked out and I almost did.

Dull, cliched and unintentionally funny .

Otherwise don't waste your time or money.

I also enjoyed the light-hearted moments in this movie well executed by a superb cast of talented actors portraying likable characters blending in just enough humor to balance out some of the more seriously intense scenes of dramatic tension.

The manner in which Mel Gibson's character, Graham Hess, is presented: a minister having lost his faith, due to the death of his wife, is really quite good in terms of the "slow tease".

Save your money for something better.

I enjoyed it .

When we finally did see what was going on, I was definitely on the edge of my seat the rest of the film!

They don't call the vet to attend to the injured dog because, guess what, as is revealed a bit later, the vet is the fellow who fell asleep at the panel truck's wheel.

It's just that the resolution of the plot is so, so poor, that it makes it all pointless in the end.

Though provoking and entertaining.

The primary reason why it fails to create the anticipated crispy environment is because of its pretentious and shallow characters that the audience never cares about.

This is an entertaining and thrilling movie.

It was unexpected and very eerie.

My problem with Signs is that Shylmalan is convinced that any "mystic" idea that pops into his head will automatically translate into a compelling mystery story on screen.

The pacing in the film seems quite a bit off too - slow and plodding as compared to the immediacy of the strange events.

Riveting .

Shyamalan is at his best as he captures the power of his intriguing tale both cinematically and emotionally well.

Extraordinary suspenseful .

Mel's acting was wooden & Phoenix just too bland (unlike in 'Gladiator').

Most boring (in fact it eventually became laughable) were the drawn out scenes where the actors were supposed to react to things happening off screen.

Boring movie.

And all the while unravelling a fascinating symbolic portrait of a man coming to terms with his faith and his grief.

My Take: A criminally underrated thriller with some genuinely suspenseful moments and a meditation of faith.

Pointless, artifical 'moments' of profundity when any honest and naturalistic attempt to capture that moment, that emotion would get its true fear and horror.

Phoenix and his relationship with the children provides some humorous highlights that are welcome in this kind of intense story.

I found the minimalist approach in regard to slowly unveiling the aliens very intense and scary.

Its alien-invasion story is so idiotic it makes Independence Day look clever, and the cinematography is as dull as the plot is stupid.

For the first 45 minutes to an hour the story is intriguing as are the characters.

The conflicts are superficial, the character flaws and inevitable redemption are hollow and contrived.

A slow paced thriller .

The first half of the film is beautifully suspenseful.

But the scares are non-existent, so there really was not much build up in suspense; OK, maybe a bit with the basement scene, but with the slow pacing of the movie, it seemed to take forever to get there.

Probably just to feed the majority of the younger teen generation with what they find entertaining.

But in "Signs" the slowness of development serves to hinder the overall feel of the film...

"The Sixth Sense" was probably a waste of time for you.

(WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD)The film was quite suspenseful and at times frightening the scene in which Merill is watching the porteguese tape it has us dying for antocipation of our first glimpse of the alien creature and Merill's reaction was just classic.

A story line that has been done a million times, and well.. basically nothing happens at all in the movie.

i give up , how can public and critics go for a film as boring as this.

Get this movie buy this movie do whatever you have to do just to see this awesome action packed thriller/horror movie called Signs.

The twist in the end was interesting and unexpected also, Mr. Shaylaehoasdebna did it again!!

However, I feel that all the things which were great about "The Sixth Sense", "The Village", and "Unbreakable" are contrasted by the disappointing and predictable "Signs".

A good slow and mysterious film!!!!!.

worst movie i watched for years ...

In a time where Hollywood is quite predictable with its movie-making, along comes a guy that breaks all the rules, for all the right reasons.

the most stupid, boring film i have ever seen .

Disgusting waste of celluloid and your time .

It is such a thriller and suspenseful movie.

The last 10-15 minutes are truly terrifying- long silences, complete and utter darkness, bumps,footsteps,heavy breathing leave the viewer on the edge of their seat.

Everything is overdone, overlong, and too predictable for my liking.

There is a huge matter of import to be conveyed by the film, and every scene from start to finish contributes smoothly and richly to that overall effect, whether it be a subtle or overt one, eccentric, scary, engaging, humorous or deeply moving (and all of these states of mind and emotion are to be found in abundance).

Perhaps Mom had a fling with a nuclear scientist while Mel was busy talking to God… There is nothing wrong with intelligent kids as such, but it does start to get very irritating when 9 out of 10 directors opt for the "ultra-bright brat" cliché.

While the nighttime chase through the cornfield was tense and the Brazilian party video was really disturbing, the two most gripping scenes were both quiet conversations: Graham & Merrill's discussion on coincidence/luck vs the divine plan, and the dinner scene where the wall between Graham and his kids finally comes down (this scene is played perfectly by everyone).

A slow rise up higher and higher, where you can see things you wouldn't normally see from the ground, then, when you can hardly take the suspense anymore....

Very suspenseful.

Once I saw I thought it was completely pointless and stupid.

Greatly put together, but somewhat boring plot .

This film encourages you to use your own imagination, and poses many intriguing questions:Just what was wrong with the water that made it destroy the aliens?

The pace of the film was good and there were some good suspenseful parts that for most folks will make it worth viewing.

It just focuses on the family and the basement they are in for the entire "invasion" some of the drama with the 2 kids dragged a little.

After about 35 endless minutes, I watched most of the movie at double speed with subtitles, didn't miss a thing, and even then, it seemed slow.

-So it's clear that a small portion of water wouldn't hurt them much, slow them down at its worst.

There is no plot.

Night Shyamalan's movies are, this one was just as suspenseful as the others.

But in the end nothing happens and I felt a little let down.

The drearily tranquilized acting, monotone dialogue delivery, lengthy and frequent (and stoopid and boring) heart to heart scenes, PC characterizations and utter humorlessness had me in a trance in no time.

The film is moderately suspenseful and clever.

There are 5 quite suspenseful moments in which your guaranteed to jump out of your seat, one moment, I would say would have to be the scariest part in any movie ever.

A waste of time and money .

Once again, his choice of elegance in the most suspenseful and shocking of scenes is brilliant and strikes many different chords at once - surely a quality that raises him above many other directors who have attempted the genre.

But if you do divert a little energy to your gray matter, you are in for a fantastic emotional journey that's as engrossing and masterful as they come.

I enjoyed it a lot and would not hesitate to watch another movie by this young director.

Ultimately, in spite of a few weaknesses, "Signs" confirms well a thing: M Night Shyamalan's skill to turn a trite topic into an awesome movie.

What a total waste of time.

The aliens were what they were, and any interested reader can peruse the many reviews here which address in detail the oh-so-many flaws, sub-flaws, and sub-sub-flaws which, taken together, rendered the film all-but-unwatchable.

* When confined to the Basement: Merrill mentions that the radio transmission states that the Aliens have started to leave and that many people have been killed.

OVERALL SCORE: 7.0 = C+The score is inflated by an excellent first half and terrific acting that makes it worth watching.

I thought I would encounter that another Hollywood summer blockbuster, but I was wrong, because it seems I have watched a lame and boring little thriller whatsoever.

Don't waste your time with this laughably pathetic picture!

Night Shyamalan's movies, and this one started out decent, and then got seriously dull and boring just like his other movies.

No tension, just boring .

Lack of originality aside, I found this movie to be engrossing and often genuinely scary.

I really wish i had used IMDb first to read these comments and saved myself two hours of boredom.

Yes, this movie is about aliens, and yes this movie is intense, scary, and all the other great things you may or may not expect out of this type of film.

Sorry, but I found this film very slow indeed.

Its a good watch only let down by the odd pacing seen between the first and second halves buy still it really doesn't matter because it really is entertaining in the long run.

This movie started with dark, cliche wispers and ended the same way.

This is one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

I love Sci-fi films but this one make me Turn Into Sleep and use my remote to fast forward several times to bypass those boring plot.

Overall, it's relatively entertaining and probably worth seeing, just don't expect anything earth shattering

The fact that it was science-fiction is incidentalVery enjoyable movie unlike the anal idiots who find fault

The little girl was the only good thing about this pointless excuse for a movie.

But where Unbreakable was merely dull, Signs is basically appalling.

Please, this is self indulgent gibberish, not sci-fi, mostly just unbelievable and smarmy drama about one man's sophomoric spiritual crisis with a very weak unresolved ending, the "are you kidding?

With an exciting plot, and chilling scenes, this film is sure to leave you thrilled and wondered.

Another fascinating genre reinvention from Shyamalan .

This has got to be one of the worst movies I have ever seen, as a movie about regaining faith it gets a D-, as anything else it is a straight F.

Aside from the extremely slow movement (several scenes are needlessly drawn out, as though to "stretch" the plot) and the shoe string budget (Mel Gibson is the only major expenditure, as all 6 or 7 others appearing are unknowns), the "coincidences" presented are just a bit much to swallow.

When it comes to creating a slow rise in tension and simply inserting the supernatural into the apparently real world 'Signs' has few peers.

It is funny, suspenseful, emotional (I will admit to tearing up every time) The acting, the story, just everything is top notch.

All in all, Signs is a frightening, exciting thriller that will surely deliver the thrills.

I was dragged to this film over the summer and I have regretted the move ever since.

The creepy, bland, non-expressive reply from the children, Bo (Abigail Breslin) and Morgan (Rory Culkin) is so clichés.

Save your money and wait until it comes on TV.

This is the plot of the movie, and just reading it can make you anticipate that it is going to be a very exciting film.

If you decide to reveal and show your monster in full, steady, prolonged shots you take a big risk of letting the audience down.

With mixed thoughts on who is responsible, the family are about to encounter the unexpected and learn how to survive as a family.

Interestingly, "Signs" begins almost like an independent movie, even a David Lynch movie, with strange expressions, silent moments, disconnected and disjointed scenes and dialogue - spooky - sort of, but slow.

Mel Gibson as a widowed ex-priest is a dull, middle-aged man, unable to articulate his loss of faith.

I love that it's slow and takes it's time.

Actually, for me at least, its really only one problem: its too pat to be in any way engaging.

it was totally a waste of time for me.

However, the aliens of the movie are much too cliché.

"Signs" is an intense film that grabs you at the very beginning with an insight into a world beyond what any audience believes is the only possible world.

I don't care if you think it's the concentration of whatever, that't bs it melts their skin only at the end, at least a slow process would happen the whole time.

A suspenseful movie of family relationship.

The flashbacks brought in story development in a suspenseful way.

Some scenes are so scary that I actually saw people walk out of the theater.

This work is compelling, I won't lie to you.

Anyway as others have mentioned the main plot line for the movie was the re-discovery of Mel's faith, it's such a shame that it was presented in such a dull, uninteresting and patronising way.

I watched this movie with no prior knowledge of what it was about or what people thought about it, and I can honestly say that I enjoyed it.

The movie felt forced, the characters were completely 2 dimensional, the dialog was cliché.

Mel's mundane celibate existence is rudely interrupted when 7 foot furry green aliens, who fart at the wrists, decide to invade the planet...

Is this a plot or propaganda put out by the cathlolic church...

Characters exhibit growth and dynamicism, while the entire film is very diverse with its thrilling and scary scenes, heart-wrenchingly tragic recollections, and pondering conversations.

I love how slow-burning it was as well.

Don't believe the hype about this movie, it is just a boring non descript sci-fi movie.

So slow you can drive a truck through the pauses .

How the Trailers of a movie can put you on the edge of your seat, waiting for that moment when it comes out to rent.

The problem being that whilst in the Sixth Sense it was something different to what we'd seen before and worked to create the off- putting atmosphere, here it's boring and makes little sense when it's used in casual conversations.

On the edge of my seat.

This movie has it's charm, and certainly has some suspenseful moments.

really exciting script - I think it's the most interesting 'alien movie' I've ever seen.

The movie is full of lovely touches, and the ending is absolutely stunning, as though someone had created an elaborate domino trail that you didn't even know existed until they started falling one by one.

Night's previous two because it is very slow moving and takes a while to develop.

The script was horrible, the story was utterly pretentious and the acting was incredibly campy.


Save your money .

Poor Mel found himself trapped in a trite, loosely gathered web of B movie pictures from the 70s all wrapped up into what was supposed to be a block buster!?!

And rather than a boring 1 hour long development time in the beginning, we are thrown right into the story where it all takes place.

Either way, I was bored.

Very suspenseful, actually rather scary, always interesting and never boring .

Complete waste of time!!

The film keeps the audience on the edge of their seats and really does a good job of creating a heavy atmosphere.

Most of the movie is quite suspenseful, although some scenes you definitely get the feeling that it is trying to hard to be eerie.

Overall it's a wonderful movie and I enjoyed it a lot.

This movie lacks a message (it could have had an interesting one considering the priest and alien life) But nothing happens that makes me wonder about these aliens and why they have come to this world and hang around in cornfields.

A riveting story about a family and their struggle against the mysterious crop circles that appear on their farm.

Back then I didn't like it much and the only thing I remembered was, that it was pretty boring to watch.

The film is brilliantly directed, fairly acted, and despite the poor script based on a banal idea, Shyamalan creates a thrilling movie experience.

People would have left the theater, still wondering about the mysteries.

James Newton Howard's chilling, eerie, evocative soundtrack only raises the hairs more.

it is going to be very exciting to see what Shyamalan does next.

PROS:Mel Gibson's Naturalistic PerformanceGreat Supporting CastM Night Shaymalan's Atmospheric DirectingThe Alien Invasion Is Focused On The Families PerspectiveThe Atmosphere And SuspenseA Good Twist (Yes I Mean That)Religious SubtextCONS:Some Moments Terrible DialogueThe Child Performances Are WoodenSome Forced ExpositionA Pretentious M Night Shaymalan Cameo

This is, you guessed it, another suspenseful mystery thriller with a twist or two – this time with sci-fi elements.

It is disappointing compared to Sixth Sense but still worth watching.

Story There was no story and when there is no story there can't be a satisfying end.

Because the resolution of Signs is so disappointing, it detracts from the otherwise suspenseful and well-crafted moods.

It was very complex, a true look at the struggles of a family, of a man, when faced with unbearable loss.

It felt like religious "in your face" propaganda, while I was expecting a good sci-fi movie.

The film delivers its share of suspenseful situations, much of it highlighted by brief glimpses of creepy images and exposure to fear of the unknown (the pantry scene is classic).

However, for him to continue his success I believe he needs to move away from his boyish fascination with himself, which I think dilutes his ideas, and re-focus on what he does best, create fascinating new themes for films.

Worth watching!

Thrilling .


tedious, which happens to rhyme with obvious .

SIGNS is an example of the intriguing, albeit different, storytelling abilities of the underrated Shymalan.

Truly enjoyable - 8/10.

The acting is good and very well done, now for the scary parts, they didn't show perfectly the aliens which wasn't that bad, there were scenes that did make me jump and did give goosebumps, though some scenes may be a little bit too predictable the movie is still very well done.

What an incredibly stupid, pretentious, pompous, full of itself and boring movie that was.

I personally thought Signs was a very enjoyable film.

The story was dragging along in an awfully slow pace.

Sorry if I don't have much to say about this movie, its just a bunch of boring stuff that happens and that's it.

In addition, there was an unexpected and completely unnecessary religious element added to the film (I won't go into detail to avoid accidentally giving out spoilers) that completely changed the general feel of the movie from a psychological, extraterrestrial thriller to that of a religious flick, in my mind.

And it does have a lot of Shyamalan's trademarks, i just think that the story itself is not nearly as engaging and interesting as the others, i think Shyamalans twist is also more predictable and expected than in his other movies, there are simply revealed too much for it to really shock.

The ending was very formula predictable, I even guessed close to what the solution was without watching (I asked someone how it finally ended).

This movie would be good except for one flaw that, for me, makes it completely irrelevant and unwatchable.

When the "martians" as I will call them, even though they undoubtedly came from billions of miles away, are playing cat and mouse, it's exciting.

At times I found the movie a bit slow and tiring and when the film ended I thought that it could have somehow finished better.

I really detest the whole Michael Bay kinda thing, yet find that sometimes watchable with enough booze, this doesn't even have the charm of exploding things, just a seemingly willfully-dull plot, that treats you as if you are very, very stupid.

The acting is good, particularly the two leads, but they are all lost in a tedious script & surprisingly little action or tension, which could have been better as an episode of Outer Limits or Twilight Zone.

Shyamalan's most recent films may have some good qualities to them, but they aren't exceptional in any way because of his poor and repetitive direction.

There are no plot twists, or what-ifs.

A big commercial package, engrossing and sometimes hugely entertaining .

In all truthfullness, I saw 6th Sense and was truly angered by the banality of that movie and I bought this from a charity shop on VHS (back in the day), this is also the one and only movie I have ever thrown out - ever, even Magnolia escaped that.

I'm among those who disliked the 6th sense, because I found it too manipulating, full of cliches and contrived acting.

secondly the film is too short althougth feels quite long due to slow scenes.

With SIGNS you get a true build up of suspense and uncertainty before Shyamalan wraps it all up in his typically exciting fashion.

With `The Sixth Sense' and `Unbreakable' the young director so immersed us in threatening, supernatural realities that we would follow him anywhere.

Thought provoking, funny, scary, and entertaining, this is the best of Shyamalan's work to date.

The movie has so much thrill it will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Gibson and Phoenix really sell the story with great performances, while their young co-stars are endearing and enjoyable to watch.

From it's amazing soundtrack to top notch acting, "Signs" keeps you on the edge of your seat, wondering what's going to happen next.

Though I haven't seen The Last Airbender or After Earth (and probably never will), I consider Signs his worst movie.

While reading it, he fell asleep.

Cearly films like these can offer an exciting escape from boredom.

I don;t think she enjoyed it as much as I though!

I was looking forward his next opus, hoping this guy would improve, but obviously "Unbreakable" was mainly an attempt to make another hit, and despite the -once again- great story, it was quite a boring movie.

Uninteresting special effects.


The director does infuse many taught, suspenseful scenes, and although I believe this film lacks the the power of The Sixth Sense, it does pack a few punches.

It's a pathetically crap drawn-out hack written / directed drama pretending to be Sci-Fi.

The movie is entertaining and a bit spooky.

The message is every bit as sickeningly dull as the movie itself.

Wouldn't the moist air kill or at least slow down this breed of alien?

Yes it is atmospheric, so if you can check your brain at the door it may be worth watching.

A fascinating story of reconciliation and hope .

What happens next I won't spoil, but it's surprising, and a master stroke from Shyamalan It's one of the most gripping scenes in a film I've seen recently, matched only by another scene in the film, involving a hand-held camera video,a children's birthday party and an alien.

SPOILERS HEREINI saw this movie on a date, and quite frankly, thought that it was a waste of time.

Shyamalan manages to combine the touching story of a good man's lost faith with a gripping and atmospheric tale of alien invasion.

As a Christian, I view this film as a fascinating and deeply moving story of the questions that all of us ask in life.

The Sixth Sense and Signs are the two most suspenseful movies of all time and both are directed by M.

Yet, this movie is immensely suspenseful.

Shyamalan is a master storyteller but when his stories don't seem to make sense or appear to be ridiculous, look a little deeper as his themes and morals are often disguised in his intricate and visually stunning films.

It's as dull as a Mc Donalds hamburger, no particular taste so it appeals to more people.

Sit back, relax and let your imaginations run wild and this movie with it's effects are very entertaining.

The main problem with the film seems to be this schizophrenic confusion about which direction it wants to go, thus dooming it to fail on the serious side of the ledger.

It can be enjoyable because there are laughs and there are some scary scenes.

no, who cares, its very entertaining.

Even, the crazy, full of emotions, Mel Gibson and Joaquin Phoenix was flat and boring.

I will never forget how I walked out of the theater in an intellectual rage.

A few good scares but for the most part dull (1 spoiler) .

He didn't react to anything like he should have, his very few speaking parts were boring, drawn out, and a lot of them really had nothing to do with the plot itself.

I just want to say that "Signs" is quite possibly the worst movie I have ever seen.

Despite these liabilities i still give this a 6 cause i did enjoy the movie and it was suspenseful.

What a waste of everyone's time.


Yet still compelling and pretty enough to warrant a second viewing me thinks.

There were a few decent shock moments, but on the whole I found the film exceedingly dull.

I found the 'technique' of not seeing what the characters are seeing in the movie, both frustrating and pretentious.

And it is a shame really, because (as I said initially) the film is genuinely scary and suspenseful in the 1st hour.

The directing is definitely strong here, i think Shyamalan have once again proven that he is one of the most talented and interesting new directors, and i do look forward to seeing his new project as i find his style very engaging and interesting.

And thesecond group, those who can appreciate intense, brilliant,powerful theatrical events with more substance than your typicalspecial effects blockbuster!

You think that it is leading up to some truly great ending, but then the film takes refuge in cozy, bland, reassuring religious platitudes that contend that there is a Purpose To It All.

The moral of the story is `slow and steady wins the race.

it's an eerie kind of music, a bit scary, but thrilling at the same time.

The pace is deadly slow.

I waited until it turned dark, turned out all the lights, and settling in for a thrilling adventure...

It's not a great movie, but it's definitely worth watching.

I found this film entertaining as well as enlightening, it did not have to show gore or an absurd plot.

One of the only flaws here is that the viewer may experience confusion during the main thick, plotty moments.

Unoriginal and plain boring.

Joaquin Phoenix is riveting, absolutely riveting, as a lost man clinging to the broken shards of a past neither brilliant nor terrible, but somewhere in a destructive in-between.

It's filled with quasi-religious bulls*** and, like Shyamalan's other movies, it's boring as hell.

shyamalan is guilty of TRYING to build suspenseful stories.

That's what makes this movie worth watching over.

Absolutely one of the worst movies of 2002.

The mood is fascinating.

This preachy approach - almost religious, in a discreet kind of way - is likely to irritate some viewers, though the more spiritual among us might find it absorbing and affirming.

Aliens travel hundreds or thousands parsecs in space and invade Earth naked (which as everybody says is 80% covered by water unbearable for them)??

Shyamalan uses a nice slow build up, that's ever increasing the paranoia and the tension.

***SPOILERS***First of all, this movie was incredibly slow for what little the ending provided as far as relief from the buildup it caused.

Seeing the movie in this light makes the movie much more enjoyable as an analysis of the human psyche.

Every scene is emphatically slow, Shyamalan's actors speaking with the hushed whispers of Medieval monks.

What a waste of God's time, Mel's time, our time, and some innocent person died for no reason because Mel ended right back at point A!

in all honesty its an entertaining film, filled with top shelf acting and suspenseful directorial skill from M.

That was probably not an accident as their calm, sullen personalities contrast with the unbearable situation they find themselves in.

Simplistic obvious and uninteresting .

Tight, suspenseful, a bit scary ...

Night's trademark slow pacing is still present in this film although not as much as in The Sixth Sense and Unbreakable.

It was not ubiquitous, cliché, or intrusive like the identical "original" scores in all the Hollywood fright films of late.

They're all as bland as is humanly possible.

Also now we have a slower paced movie now then the last one, which would be fine if it wasn't so boring.

it is slow paced and only for those who want more god in their lives like mel's character, who after 6 whole months realizes god does love him...

) - the real issue is the turgid nature of the film, designed presumably with some sort of artistic 'intent' but actually creating a flaccid, boring piece of celluloid with a soggy sentimental backstop of lost faith.

M Night does an excellent job keeping you on the edge of your seat using your own imagination against you...

Durring the final, climactic scene something so completely retarded occurred that I was ripped out of the contented haze the movie had lulled me into.

Uneven but enjoyable .

The story is intriguing, involving and when the director wants to startle the audience, he does it very well.

Save your money unless you want to have a comedy night at your home.

Is so exciting to re-discover the classic sci-fi magic!!

Left the theater very unsatisfied .

But what Signs does so well is create unexpected suspense.

"Signs", being a Shyamalan movie, was also very suspenseful.

Such a thrilling hunting Disturbing score that pushes Suspense and Pace in a well balanced way is totally unique.

The build up of the events is very suspenseful.

Yes, there are scientific inconsistencies with this cleverly paced, highly entertaining movie.

But ramming all that together into a single movie makes for a muttled and often boring mess.

Pretentious sentiments; dumb aliens .

The final scene where Mel puts his collar back on seems trite.

This relates to a small flaw, perhaps: Once we get to the climax, once we've seen all there is to see, the reality proves a little too mundane.

Do not bother with this film, it will just be a waste of your time and money.

Night Shyamalan's best film it is still entertaining.

It works in a slow pace with the 'keep it simple stupid' motto.

The story line is garbage, and the whole "twist" at the end of the movie is pointless.

This film is just really, really poor - pointless, lacking any sense of narrative, so stupid in the details and totally, utterly un-suspenseful.

It's basically a highly predictable movie with no story.

Senseless, pointless, long boring, no character development, no redemption.

It was really bland & disappointing.

Favourite contender for the throne of crap: Boring,ridiculous,pathetic .

Lame script and thoroughly boring.

I find this film simplistic, corny, cliché and very predictable.

I was left unmoved and mostly bored by UNBREAKABLE and found hisSIGNS to be boring, pretentious, preachy, poorly acted (except forCherry Jones),and an all around mess.

I just watched signs on DVD, and found the movie to be highly enjoyable.

Night Shyamalan continues to prove his ability to create genuinely suspenseful mood and scene construction in this film.

This movie was frightening, though provoking and above all, very entertaining.

Efforts to tie this into the main plot line are trite, boring and uninspiring*** Mild-Spoilers Below ***The ending is ridiculously horrible and anti-climactic.

Nights vision of the Alien Menace, is a naked, slow moving, underpowered creature with claws unsuitable for tool skills.

Waste of time, money, and celluloid.

It was fatuous, poorly paced and utterly pointless.

I am surprised to see so many votes, it is a bore.

Or is it a new way of making an old story line (losing his faith, etc) a bit more exciting by integrating an action/thriller story within it's foundation?

And I can't believe that this incredible happy ending, with its pedestrian, dull moral subtext, is what he intended with this story that until then was packed with dense, clever, subversive subtext.

We've seen it all before, and in much better and more engaging circumstances.

As with Unbreakable, the director, M Night Shyamalan, has given a thoroughly boring movie experience.

What I got was a sophomoric maudlin (very slow) story about a 50'ish minister who becomes angry with God for taking his wife in a car accident.

I'm not religious, but found the lead characters conflict compelling.


and that its audience was perhaps expecting something more fast paced and typically "Hollywood" in presentation.

It was for sure the most random and boring movie I have ever heard of.

If you're looking for a complicated and mind boggling story and like to watch films that make you think you're cleverer than everyone else then it's not for you.

Hardly anything happens, and the events that do happen are far from unexpected.

I have to respectfully disagree- I found this movie (watched late at night by myself) to be totally engrossing and entertaining....


However, some viewers will find Signs boring for this very reason.

Neither have we, but if you're just itching to know, this pretentious loser of a film will clue you in.

How completely stupid and boring.

" From the opening credits to the very last moment, Shyamalan creates an atmospheric and thrilling masterpiece.

And "Lady in the Water" is a contemptible waste of time, money and talent.

Speaking of his dull family, that son… A typical Hollywood-movie kid: a 225 I.

too bad his picture is a pretentious mess .

and their part of the story was quite entertaining.

A few suspenseful moments cannot begin to make up for the incredibly inane resolution.

" This totally smacked of self-indulgence and a nasty little suspicion of self-publicising arrogance.

The film is scary, it's very scary, and it delights in the stuff that scares people and little kids on a day to day basis: reflections, sounds, music, intense paranoia (paranoia is a very big factor in this film).

The story is fascinating and is supported by actors who completely capture the awe and disbelief of what they are experiencing.

This movie was the most illogical and predictable piece of crap I've seen in years.

The film then continues to integrate disparate occurrences (from the dead wife's last words to a child's bad habit of leaving half-empty water glasses standing around) into the parson's final revelation that God must exist because why else would it all make sense in the final instance.

Shyamalan pretty much ditches a finale and the thrilling moments and small scale.

An outstanding scene in terms of acting is the scene where Mel Gibson is confronted with the guy who accidently killed his wife (played by the director - I still can neither pronounce nor spell his name) because he fell asleep in the car.

Worth the Watch .

The Worst Movie of the Year, and one of the biggest Clunkers of All Time .

Reedy stated that it was like he was meant to fall asleep at the wheel at exactly that moment, when she would be there.

Even when you aren't very interested in UFO's and aliens, this movie is worth watching .

yawn .

Oh, and there are some aliens as well… Ho Hum.

Basically it was a waste of time for the two fine lead actors Mel Gibson and Joaquin Phoenix.

A despondent film with monotone dialogue and emotion .

So intense and suspenseful.

The movie was amusing, scary and intense at times, and it left you wondering about coincidences.

I watched "Unbreakable" and found it pointlessly arbitrary and confusing; like a jigsaw puzzle made from several different boxes.

Their calm, sullen personalities contrast with the unbearable situation they find themselves in.

" and "Ho hum here we go again" Much to my surprise, the movie did not tread on that familiar ground.

The build-up to first seeing the alien scout on the TV and the scene with the alien in the pantry both had me on the edge of my seat!

), bad actors, too slow, stupid story, waste of time ...

You are on the edge of you seat the entire time.

This aspect of the film makes Signs a compelling picture.

I also scowl at the massively misrepresented marketing of "Signs" - it simply cannot be a movie about alien invasion, because it's so threadbare of plot, so it *must* therefore be a contrived vehicle about one man's loss and subsequent regaining of his faith, although the massively laboured and contrived series of coincidences in the movie - the fortuitously half-full water glasses left around, the precognitive message from the dying wife, the well-timed asthma attack - would be enough to turn the most rabid atheist back to God.

Graham stopped practicing priesty things after the death of his wife, run down by a town local that fell asleep at the wheel (M.

I was barely able to finish it because it was quite a boring piece of drivel.

Of course M Night devotees will say the story is actually a PARABLE which mundane viewers expecting a story and real characters are missing.

They just seemed thrown in because they solved the lack of plot substance.

But I do find it most entertaining and annoying when I read comments about the movie and see that half the people didn't even get it, they just didn't like the alien CG and get all mad because they think the movie sucked.

Plain boring with no logic!

why was it so boring?

It was an hour and a half of X-Files music, completely over-used so that any moments of real suspense felt mundane.

Before the days of a 19th century village doing their best Kristen Stewart impersonations, bizarre self indulgent bedtime stories, Mark Wahlberg talking to plants, air karate and planet nepotism, Shyamalan made 3 strong genre efforts which took genres (Ghost story, superhero, alien invasion) known for thrills and turned them into quieter, deft character pieces.

This movie was so boring and had so many holes in the plot it was painful to watch.

I enjoyed it.

The main one being that it is a bloody good and entertaining movie that always has you on the edge of the seat without showing loads of gore and guts.

While it is much more predictable than The Sixth Sense, I still loved the way Shyamalan initiates the story, daring the viewer to come and watch.

Enjoyable, easy to watch.

Scary Movie 3 is also funny and a lot more entertaining, so just watch it instead of Signs.

I recently decided that this movie is, without question, the worst movie ever filmed.

The mastery of Signs isn't in its concept, but rather in the way it manages to sustain a certain tone of trepidation, and deliver upon it in progressively suspenseful ways to the very end.

"Oh jeez this is intense!

I got a fairly dragged out, driveling film that really didn't have much meaning in the long run.

I had great expectations after The Sixth Sense but this is mighty boring and downright laughable in the last 15 minutes.

this is one of the worst movies i've ever seen...

The movie is pretty slow for the most part and the twist is hilarious.

Ok: Yawn.

Also i think he has his own style which is good, you can feel that its Shyamalan that have made the movie, and the original feeling he brings adds up for a good experience in watching his movies, he is really good at creating an intense atmosphere in the movie itself, even if it doesn't work out as well here as it have done in his other movies.

Total crap, an utter waste of time.

Slow moving.

It keeps you guessing until the end and it keeps you on the edge of your seat.

The film moved at the pace of a tortoise (maybe slower) and because of this allowed for strong characterization, deep thinking and to be dramatic as hell.

Drab (little spoiler) .

To sum it all up a bit, i am as said a big admirer and fan of Shyamalans special style, for me he is one of the best directors i have seen since Carpenters early days in building up an intense atmosphere, and even though this movie doesn't come close to the perfection of The Sixth Sense, it's still a solid and thrilling movie that will surprise you, even if you think you have the ending predicted.

Miscast and mostly dull and uninvolving.

I expected a creepy sci-fi movie with plenty of scares but was left sadly disappointed that this movie failed to deliver anything to me other than boredom.

Weak cliche - SPOILER .

Its emotion is so clear that you have to be affected by it, as does the tension, which is as thrilling as I have seen in a movie in a long time.

Hands down one of the most entertaining and engrossing films in the last 20 years!!.

I just couldn't really get on board with the fact that they went into their basement, fell asleep, woke up the next day and it was all over among other things.

The film again is very exciting and i know M.

The plot has just about every cliche you can think of.

Also, the story plays out in a generally boring manner, the characters don't really trip my trigger and I was never seriously creeped-out by the creatures.

Night Shyamalan himself tells the thrilling story of Aliens intrusion with a backdrop of strange crop signs.

The start of the film is corny but undeniably gripping, and throughout he manages to conjure moments of real tension despite using the barest minimum of special effects.

The fake and contrived "crying" scene at their "last supper"?

Long time ago, I saw this film and I defined it as fascinating.

The whole flick serves only one purpose: it's a religious propaganda movie, with the ending so predictable ("the fallen reverent finds his faith again") that it makes one sick in the stomach.

After that it rapidly goes downhill and becomes unwatchable for anyone with even a remote understanding of either physics, biology, combat or navigation.

The dialogue is so slowly whispered throughout and the scenes played even slower.

However whilst this could be an interesting background for the story to take place in, it's forced into the foreground and focused on for a significant portion of the film meaning it gets dull pretty quickly.

The plot is lame, boring and just stupid.

It's both entertaining and engrossing, you can't ask for more from a film.

Why are there 1252 half empty water glasses all over the farm house.

This entertaining enough, attack-of-the-space-monsters movie has a couple of good things going for it: an appropriately catchy music score (by James Newton Howard) and some nicely staged suspense sequences.

It was boring.

It's emotional, it's intense, and the layers underneath the surface are incredible to discover- that I didn't discover until watching a second time.

A horribly dull film.

God, this film is so boringly shot that you could do it on a domestic video camera with 10 minutes training.

If I hear lame dialog, a trite or cliché script, if I roll my eyes more than twice, I'm outta there.

It is worth watching if you are very religious, preferably the Gibson variety, and neither logic nor common sense interest you.

All I can say is if you see some kind of deep message that you find awe inspiring then you're grasping at straws.

Joaquin Phoenix as his brother provides stability and an exciting climatic standoff.

The issue with the preacher's wife was too drawn out, with him having partial dreams about what happened to her.

" When it came out, my sister saw it first, and she wasted no time in tearing it to shreds, telling me how stupid and boring it was.

The formulaic threads are nearly sickening.

I wondered what all those boneheads would do when January 1, 2000 rolled around and ABSOLUTELY NOTHING HAPPENED except one more rotation of the Earth.

The science in this science fiction film is hideously tortured, as if the makers of the film are sneering at America's abysmal math and science education, as if they thought, "Oh, the movie audience is so dumb, let's use the most banal substance we can think of to be the aliens' Achilles' heel.

Night uses music or the lack thereof to increase tension for the viewer during the film which at times can make the film appear slower than expected.

Hey, it's an entertaining movie, with good suspense and very little offensive material.

but then it forces its audience to endure a mind-numbingly awful "surprise" ending that somehow manages to be pretentious and idiotic at the same time.

Terrible waste of time .

There is a certain slow and suspenseful pace achieved through devices such as visuals and score that builds up great tension in these films and this is indeed hard to rival, and for that, Mr. Shylmalan deserves some credit.

First off, the story sets itself up to be suspenseful, and one wrong turn could have ruined that.

While the movie is slow (because misleading advertising made it seem like another "War of the Worlds" action adventure movie) it isn't if you buy into the low-budget reality that this Shyamalan attempts here.

Because of how ridiculous and cliché the plot and acting is.

The religious subtext may annoy science-fiction purists expecting immediate action, but if all genre films were alike, people would get bored pretty quickly, wouldn't they?

In short, I enjoyed it and would recommend it.

This is truly one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

The trailers were excellent and compelling enough for me to want to see the movie as soon as it came out.

Plodding rubbish .

Mind Boggling Good .

But it *is* the most engaging, thoughtful, and purely frightening alien-genre movie since Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

It heighten intense moments.

Of course it was still suspenseful when seen from the eyes of a family that is holed up in their basement fearfully awaiting their fate.

When asked what was on television, Breslin answers in an eerie monotone voice, "it's the same on every station".

But it is very entertaining, the pacing is good.