Silent Hill (2006) - Horror

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A woman, Rose, goes in search for her adopted daughter within the confines of a strange, desolate town called Silent Hill.

IMDB: 6.5
Director: Christophe Gans
Stars: Radha Mitchell, Laurie Holden
Length: 125 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 277 out of 1000 found boring (27.7%)

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The best example of this is the symbolism - this played a critical role in the psychological aspect in the games, where the monsters were all designed to reflect a particular character's psyche, it's largely what made the games so clever and engrossing.

The 2nd hour I started to tire a bit-it became a bit repetitive.

This movie only got more boring as it went along.

Visually stunning.

The young demon girl gets access to the church and causes Armageddon during a killing spree but the last scene is most confusing as it may indicate that the ?

There's no story, just one mindless action sequence after another.

It is a boring walk in the park, or, through the ash.

Much of the dialog is sloppy or hackneyed, and the first several plot points are so contrived it's almost embarrassing -- a lot like a very bad sit-com.

It's definitely refreshing after seeing all those cliché American horror films or typical Japanese gore.

The psychological suspense that the Air Raid Siren brings when it sounds to alert us to the darkness is absolutely brilliant and gave such an adrenaline rush that I had to walk it off for half an hour after the movie had finished {I'm going to get really nervous any time I hear the local foundry siren go now}.

It's not the best horror movie I've seen, but for anyone who does not know the original game, it's intense.

Non- gamers will find this movie very confusing.

Which means two hours and two minutes of screen time are essentially watching someone play one of the most boring video games in video game history.

Overall, I would recommend this film to anyone who would like a good, mildly creepy, suspenseful ride into oblivion.

) I had a great time watching this film, as not only is it full of gore and horror, but its also highly emotional, and although it was a little confusing at times, i remained focused and immersed in the film.

The film is terribly boring as a result, and really, left a sour taste in my mouth.

the story is very intriguing and keeps you on the edge of your seat the entire time.

One of the problems is that this might be confusing to people who aren't familiar with the game.

I am now seriously considering going out and playing through all the games so I can enjoy this macabre, thrilling, original world better.

"Silent Hill" is, unfortunately, so predictable that it Hurts, and director Christophe Gans didn't do a particular great job at the helm of this project.

I was just left with an empty feeling in the end and that was end movie.

Films like this make civilization seem so pointless.

They have no effect on the outcome of the happening at all, and it's inclusion, along with the different plot-holes and confusion, really lower this one highly.

With the many choices of "good" movies out there, don't waste your time on this bore fest.

I played the game(s) a couple of years ago so I'm familiar with Silent hill and its rather unique type of horror and I like it, but this movie is just unbearable.

Maybe people should play the game before seeing the film, to see that it's not about monsters and blood, but it's about a beautiful and intriguing nightmare drama, based upon emotions.

Back then it became such a success for it's strange atmosphere, emotional depth, nightmarish visuals and deliberately unexplained and confusing plot.

If you enjoy movies with a confusing plot, no endearing characters, lots of Gross, with a side of mind-numbing dialog, Silent Hill is probably the best film you will ever see in your entire life.

Rather, what we get is a genuine scary fantasy film with a creepy atmosphere, great plot, amazing visuals, intriguing characters, and layers of complexity.

I can't stand slasher movies and zombie movies because they are so overworked, so boring.

The film runs 2 hours which is way too long and the film becomes repetitive and drags, not to mention increasingly confusing.

However, it soon becomes apparent that all is now well in the ash covered town, as her husband (Sean Bean, delivering a typically bland performance) finds a website about the town that details its strange history, and Rose finds out about the town's abnormal inhabitants when she comes face to face with them herself...

While the game was incredibly spooky with a feeling of complete isolation the movie had a few too many extended interactions with other characters which interrupted the suspense and there was the pointless inclusion of the husband figure who provided no information whatsoever, which would seem to be the only reason for including him.

Plus the movie is too long, everyone was yawning and laughing at some sequences, like when Rose, Cybill and Anna jump to another building and rose saying: " where are we?

With good movies you're often left wanting more but with this one I felt myself looking at my watching just waiting for the boredom to end.

To stay awake mostly.

Waste of time .

Yeah, some might say but after a while they found it boring, or simply too confusing...

The story was fine, but some of the monster were just underwhelming and uninteresting.

There is no plot.

This movie is suspenseful enough to keep you wondering what is going to happen next.

I actually walked out on Silent Hll, from the poor acting to the utterly laughable writing.

The film's cast is enough to recommend it: Rhada Mitchell's performance equals her superb job in Pitch Black; Sean Bean is always worth watching; Alice Krige and Debra Kara Unger lend their credibility to the film.

Intense story line with sub scenarios 3.

From intense fog to buildings it's a basically dream come true.

I saw the movie.. did I enjoyed it?

But all in all it pushed the boundaries and I enjoyed it.

Boring Hill .

This film felt like a series of discordant scenes, random characters, and clichéd set pieces designed only to appeal to people who spend far too long playing games.

One of the worst movies ever.

Movie was good in that with most big box office movies with a 2 billion dollar budget you can have stunning CGI and special effects.

Other then that and the movie being a little drawn out at times, I would recommend watching it.

May I assume that you have to play the video game to like or even understand this confusing film?

The special effects were incredibly good, but there simply was no script.

It was slow, and the heroine was annoying the whole movie, the cop in the movie who went out of her way to help was killed and that was a huge disappointment.

I give it a 9 because of the confusing bits and pieces and the ending.

Watching a character run around randomly fighting bad guys is not fun to me, which is why these games bore me.

By the end of the movie you'll be wishing you had the good judgment to merely waste your time in a more conventional, less coma-inducing way.

I actually fell asleep for about 20 minutes and when I came to, there was painted cocoon-headed nurses gyrating towards the main character as she squealed in horror.

The three stars I give this are STRICTLY for the stunning visual graphics.

There were far too many points where nothing happens, rather than a steady flow of frightening scenes and plot.

She's accompanied on her nightmare trip by the stunning Deborah Kara Unger.

The dialogs are the cream (i should say crap) of the cliché, and there is no turn over that isn't expected or completely out of the blue.

There is a great deal of confusion surrounding the paper thin plot, and maybe only those who have played the game (I have not) can understand what exactly is going on.

e a lot of redundant 'my god they killed him' type lines and pointless swearing whenever a door's locked or something.

My husband, who fell asleep about half way through it, guessed what was going on.

i recommend seeing this film its a very enjoyable film and entertains on many levels.

The burning of the woman is kind of pointless.

physically appealing, but ridiculously confusing .

There's really not much more to say about this movie, I was just barely able to stay awake till the end and I probably would've been better off just falling asleep.

Inlcuding it's use of CGI, thrilling parts, mystery, suspects, and off the wall stuff.

Silent hill is loaded with eye-popping effects that insures the film to be an absolutely mind blowing adventure.

This HILL stays SILENT despite dark and dazzling effects, yawn inducing overall .

that is why i enjoyed it so much.

It's obvious Rose and the cop get killed at the beginning and Silent Hill is purgatory, but did purgatory have to be so boring?

Then again, I did say it was a CURE for insomnia didn't I.

Coming into Silent Hill I had a small reserve for it considering most adaptations of games to film are typically poorly constructed, however I was met with surprise within the first couple minutes, more specifically when you first are introduced to the character Sharon (the daughter) who is precariously swaying on the edge of a cliff hallucinating a smoldering industrial chasm that seems to sink into a large cavern at the bottom of the cliff until she is tackled and saved from death by the main protagonist Rose.

Painfully slow feminist revenge fantasy on catholic housing pedophiles .

It was difficult staying put watching this yawner.

The game was very scary and very intense!

The monsters are original and fascinating, especially the helmeted dude with the buster sword.

Its creepy, mesmerizing and intriguing all at once.

A real yawner .

I had a lot to gripe about while watching this tiresome exercise in nonsense.

I will admit, the scenes with Sean Beans character slow the pace down quite a bit, I'd like to see a cut with that just stayed in Silent hill the whole time.

The tone, composition and lighting are breathtaking in all the games.

The film is like one long cliché, with ridiculous one-liners ("don't worry, it's gonna be OK" as she prepares to face the ultimate powers of evil) and really really bad hair products (all the gory zombies look like rejects from a 'Thriller' video who've gone crazy with hair products.

I wanted this movie to be good, and I was bored.

Worst movie ever made.

The atmosphere was great, the visuals stunning (I especially liked the 1:1 transition of the creature design), the gore well-dosed and placed (favourite scene: The Razorwire-Tendril execution of Christabella at the end) and, probably most surprising for a video game adoption, the acting was generally good.

Fell asleep 5 times trying to watch this rubbish.

Overall, Silent Hill was an intriguing and entertaining movie.

i think this movie is extremely entertaining even if you haven't played the video games and i recommend it to anyone who likes this genre of movie.

It's probably one of the most boring films I've had the misfortune to watch.

This movie was worth watching.

Not only that, the movie is completely predictable and the directors seem to aim quite low at their intended public, as they are making obvious in too many of the scenes something that was completely obvious from the very beginning and that is supposed to surprise you at the end.

If you're not a fan of the Silent Hill video game as me, i'm sure that it'll be just a waste of time for you too...

I felt some slow spots in Silent Hill occurred in this manner.

Boring, far too long, missing any plot of any sort and a script to speak of, this is a very thankless, self indulgent and pretentious bore of a film to be avoided at all cost.

As far as I could tell, there was no plot beyond "Shadow creatures BAD.

The movie, as I have said, is terrifying and kept me on the edge of my seat, even though I had no idea what was going on.

Not only was the plot structure downright awful, it was severely repetitive throughout the movie.

There's a marvelous world you could discover, chilling with it's dark secrets and fascinating with it's deep plot lines.

My girlfriend and I watched this movie in the theaters and we both agreed it was a complete waste of time and money.

" and other times it is so slow you're like "Can we please move along?

Perhaps the movie was satisfactory for someone into the video game, or video games in general, but for me, it was void of anything except boredom.

The acting was literally painful to watch, the story made zero sense until about halfway through the film, and the subplot of the father was just boring and unnecessary.

In consequence, the film becomes a dull and unbearable experience.

The film is dragged along with extended scenes made way too long.

But like all good mystery movies, Silent Hill continues it's fantastical darkness after the credits role by ending on a very curious and intriguing note.

My sister and I went to go see it on April 29th, 2006 because we were bored.

Character development is non-existent – which, again, is OK with a game because you are the hero, but is a death knell to any film – and, as he did in The Dark, Sean Bean once again plays the most pointless of characters.

I seriously wanted to get up and leave the theater after a short time it was that bad.

Critics just don't get what these people are about so they just go off and talk in their annoying, pompous voices about how stupid the lines they say are and how confusing it is that they try to explain the movie.

The demons are to die for, the locales are devilishly delightful and the story is an interesting one (albeit told in a bland way).

The majority of the film holds up very well for casual viewers; however the ending is destined to leave some people scratching their heads in confusion.

Save your money, go and watch some paint dry ;o( .

I'm not even sure that this movie has a plot, there's just a lot of confusing, unconnected events taking place for no apparent reason that reaches its peak at the ending which is a complete train-wreck.

This movie was by far the worst movie I've seen recently.

This is one of the most boring films I have ever had the misfortune to witness.

I really can't say, that there is anything bad in this movie, perhaps the dialogs are a bit thin, sometimes..but the atmosphere is that stunning, you wouldn't bother them.

The plot is a little confusing, though, and it is all because the story would have been really simple if at all logical.

It's a real enjoyable film that would leave you floating in the eternal fogs of Silent Hill.

The mother is constantly looking for her daughter, but it gets tiresome.

Even for its incoherence, there is this engaging element that just constantly keeps you fixated.

It's strangely fascinating, surreal and above all frightening.

This film was 206 minutes long and I still left the theater believing that there was more to the story to tell, like the director left the ending open for a sequel.

Disturbing and grotesque, but beautiful and gripping .

The manner in which the history of the town and background of the story is presented feels contrived and a bit forced.

One part interesting, two parts confusing .

I heard from a lot of people that Silent Hill was a horrible movie and I should waste my time, and I simply agreed and never bothered to see it, since I was greatly disappointed with Resident Evil and Doom's film adaptations.

It's a confusing mess that makes very little sense, not a story.

The amount of clichés is unbearable and a disgrace on the horror genre.

So, last night I popped the popcorn put the feet up and hung on the edge of fear.

but throwing in ten monsters where two or three will be fine is uncalled for, confusing and bogs down the viewer.

The whole thing seems rather contrived, as if they just tried to get the characters into the city the quickest way they could possibly think of.

No stupid *non stop blasting away everything that moves* or *hey all my friends were killed by a monster but i'm still looking after every strange sounds coming out of the scary room*-standard-movie-s**t, but an atmospheric, intelligent and unpredictable (well, for those, who didn't play the game of course) piece of work.

I have to say it beats me why and how large swaths of humanity can find such a movie (or game for that matter) enjoyable.

Whilst rabid fans of the Silent Hill games might possibly find something to enjoy about this tedious cinematic offering, anyone else will most likely be bored witless at the protagonist's endless tramping through mouldy corridors, abandoned buildings and deserted alleys.

7/10, a watchable movie overall, despite its confusing ending and sometimes gaping plot.

The typical slasher film is the most boring, the most overworked theme, and I hate such films with a passion.

It is an entertaining film that manages to satisfy in the art of the pertubacion, with excellent overwhelming scenes that can traumatize to young spectators.

Upon subsequent viewings I enjoyed it more.

Nonetheless, the story is so convoluted, the characters so empty, that it is difficult to engage with.

I felt it dragged on a little more than it should have.

a waste of my time.

This creepy and fantastic film gets a riveting script by Roger Avary.

What a bore!

Clearly, this movie won't win an Oscar, as it wasn't intended to do so in the first place, but I severely wish people could go back in time to make this movie differently so as to make it an entertaining experience.

An Intense, Atmospheric Nightmare.

The first hour flies by, making the viewer beg for more but the second act is rather slow and the third act is rushed.

As soon as I started formulating the possible outcome of the movie in my mind and thinking about how bored I was going to be (like watching most horror flicks) the story took a turn and the movie had my full attention again.

No, not just video game movie, it's the worst movie I've ever seen in general.

Either they think it's too confusing, too gory, too different from the game, too slow, etc.Although IMO his "Brotherhood of the Wolf" was most definitely a better film, Gans definitely managed to provide something the Silver Screen hasn't seen in a long time : a dark and genuinely creepy Gothic environment with a Clive Barker sense of aesthetics.

However, Silent Hill suffers from a totally different disease than the Resident Evil franchise: the games are very engrossing, mind-boggling, they take you to the edge of perception and logic.

The "making of" is fascinating; especially seeing the actors who played some of the creatures.

I really, really enjoyed it and will be going for a repeat viewing soon.

Possibly the worst movie ever made .

I laughed through the first 45 minutes and then walked out of the movie theater.

No plot, no acting not even wardrobe.

Otherwise, if you are a sane person with a bit of intelligence or heart, this movie is waste of time.

Because unlike most other horror movies, where 90% of them don't even have a plot, let alone are either too cliché, not really scary, or are just plain dumb, this one goes the extra mile to deliver you a frightening, mysterious, nightmare experience.

However, it was not that bad because if it was, I would have just walked out of the theaterProblem with the movie is that it was not scary, at all.

The characters were dull i mean at the end i didn't care whether they were dead are not i just wanted to leave.

An absolute waste of time.

If you were driving along a dark empty road in the middle of the night, not breaking the law and the police put on sirens to pull you over...

What it lacks in plot, it makes up for in other departments.

Amazingly, it seems that lots of peoples didn't understood the plot, even with the useless, disappointing and cliché B&W flashback explanation sequence near the end, gently told by the evil Alessa!

It was scary at times, but the interjections with Chris Da Silva were pointless and broke the flow of the movie.

saw such a boring thing in my entire life.

All I know was that this movie was a waste of my time and I sure wish I had my two dollar rental fee back.

Don't waste your time on this jumbled mess of crap.

So, I guess what I'm trying to say is, if you enjoy intense gory decent horror films, then watch this one.

Then came Christophe Gans a french director whose previous work included the visually stunning "Brotherhood Of The Wolves" and whom declared that will be adapting the "Silent Hill" video games series to the big screen.

Not only it brought back memories from playing those great (mystery/horror)adventure games back in the day every now and then, but also the plot was enjoyable and the actors were just great (especially Jodelle Ferland, who should be an Oscar nominee for this!


It keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole time.

As a major fan of both horror movies and games, this movie was a stunning experience for me.

I nearly fell asleep trying to figure out what the heck it was all about.

The flashback scene seemed especially pointless.

The story felt contrived and shoe-horned into the format but it's an enjoyable excursion and fans of the "Hill" will probably enjoy it.

The beginning is hard to follow, the middle defies any intelligence the viewer may have, and then ending is a poor attempt at trying to be a "what if" twilight zone feature.

It's about establishing one of the most intense, otherworldly, and hideously beautiful moods.

Not all of the random moments scared me, in fact, until the cop showed up joining the main woman, I wasn't sure if it was in her mind or what, I would really need to see the game, but I'm sure even when I do, it's not going to change my opinion, that this film is pointless.

i do have to give it to the special effects guy, the movie was visually appealing for a good part (especially the end, it was quite impressive) but throughout the movie, you get a sense of trite and cheesiness.

This movie was pointless and all there was was either people being killed very gruesomely I might add, the cop saying wtf the whole entire time(come on people can we not come up with better stuff to say????

The reason I love this film so much, is that it's a slow burn that focuses more on the journey of the characters within.

I alternated between having chills (with the air raid siren), to utter confusion, to just being grossed out.

This is the worst movie that I've seen in years.

Enjoyable, and Creepy.

Boring, dull CG FX, easily forgettable effort .

The ending was just so predictable.. This movie reminded me of the movie "Dark", where mother and father lost their daughter and Sean Bean was playing the father's character!

It's really that boring.

Instead of getting a unique storyline to match the unique visuals, the script offers something of a rehashed synopsis of the game's history, which by the time the uninteresting supporting cast predictably relays, most non-fans will likely be too apathetic to care about.

Ultimately, his character is completely pointless to the movie.

If you're looking for a quick entertaining horror flick with gore, nudity and a spoon fed plot, don't view this film and give it a bad rating.

Ho-hum, wherever this story came from, it's just another platform for movie makers to exercise their malnourished imaginations and splash gore on the screen.

Rubbish, tripe, drivel - take your pick but please don't waste any time watching it.

This flawed but fascinating premise (Based on a video game) is a well made movie.

Finally, the amazing score and soundtrack featured in "Silent Hill" (which is in general a very loud film) are great, and help to speed up some of the slower moments in the film.

Selveral people actually got up and walked out.

It's annoying, and eventually boring.

worth watching i guess .


 The pacing is deliberately slow at times, because like the games, the focus is on building almost unbearable atmospheric tension (aided by fantastic music lifted directly from the games).

A terrible waste of time & money...

This film is mediocre, full of dated and boring stereotypes.

The movie fails completely to create any suspense as it is completely predictable, the characters are completely dull and cartoon like.

) and discovers a few disturbing things about the town (specifically, freakish phantom-zombie things), and honestly, I was really bored at this point, so I kind of stopped paying attention.

It starts out quite slow and takes it's time before picking up speed about thirty minutes in.

They keep you on the edge of your seat the whole way through and I expected to feel the same way with the movie.

There is some nice photography and pretty cool looking set pieces, but this got boring real fast.

Laurie Holden, whose heroic cop plays second-fiddle to Mitchell's tough mum, is boring and weirdly masculine, reminding me of Brigitte Nielsen.

These are pretty specialist gripes though, about an otherwise enjoyable and watchable horror movie and despite the facts that some areas of the adaptation are frustratingly handled, this is still a pretty good film.

The acting was below average, but that did not matter because of the visually stunning surroundings, the beautiful tormented creatures and the eerie feeling of damnation the creators left you with at the end of the film.

After many hours spent playing the video game it was really enjoyable watching the film interpretation of the creepy town Silent Hill.

I myself am deeply impressed now though I still get excited about all the confusing in the second half.

You know if you have played them the creepy atmosphere, the stunning settings, the brilliant characters and the great plot twists.

You know you have bad cast chemistry when the best played character is brought to you by a virtuously nameless child actor, and when pseudo-famous leading ladies cannot seem to deliver anything at all worth watching.

However, you can enjoy a few scenes with a nice soundtrack and visual flair, some enjoyable, nice (if obviously computer generated) special effects and Sean Bean in a co-starring role doing an impressive American accent (which only occasionally lapses back into his native Yorkshire.

My first complaint is that the film just isn't very scary, but rather is more suspenseful.

Plot, I still find it understandable and scary enough to be entertaining.

The ending came as no surprise, and the viewer sees the plots slow ball coming way too soon.

If there was a vote for the worst movie ever, Silent Hill would receive it hands down.

As for the dialogue, I personally wished they might have stuck to the title a little more in this regard because the dialogue is a mish-mash of non-sequiturs and pointless whining with very little substance filling lulls, so if they had say kept them a little more "silent" and let the visuals speak for them instead, the film might have had a better response.

As a fan of horror films, I rented this title expecting at the very least an enjoyable ride, like resident evil, or perhaps some sort of creepy hidden mystery.

A lot of unanswered questions are uncovered and a lot of the scenes seem tacked on so that the plot, which is way to confusing, will make scene.

It's not just one gory, bizarre set-piece after another; it's a surreal visual feast held together by a compelling story and strong performances.

Fascinating .

I have watched many people leave the theater before the movie ended and I knew they didn't have any silent hill background.

I remember a time when you could laugh at a scary movie, or leave the theater with a good feeling.

The visuals, stunning, I have to admit that.

Save your money and wait for this when it goes on the cheap shelf at the video store, and it's only worth that for the effects.

The story itself is rather simple but still then for non gamers it could be difficult to follow.

This is the worst movie I've seen this year.

Confusing, muddled mess.

I was kind of excited to see Silent Hill, it looked totally creepy and just plain exciting to watch.

The impressive visuals of the ghost town wrapped in a haze of white ash from the fires that have burned beneath it for thirty years can only keep you interested for so long and, once the action goes underground, the interminable succession of shots of plucky mum Radha Mitchell running down dark corridors away from vaguely defined phantoms as she searches for her daughter quickly grows boring.

The mystery is sort of interesting and sort of compelling, till it's all mostly revealed near the end and we find that the driving plot was really pretty silly.

The story is convoluted and confusing and ultimately centers around witch-hunting and other played-out themes.

One of the worst movies I've seen.

I mean I would tell anyone save your money!

A slow building adaptation of Konami's 1999 survival horror video game, Silent Hill pairs the game's siganture fog, monsters, flashlights, and supernatural mystery elements with a story heavily adapted for the cinema.

You may love the movie but I found it a total waste of time and money.

Interesting looking but, like so many VG-to-Movie films, ultimately empty and non-sensical.

This is the worst movie to come out since 'The Hulk'.

I'm already looking for a Collectors Edition DVD - this one is worth watching again!

The movie though is a bit forgettable and over-long, and the overuse of CGI monsters and general effects is a little excessive which takes away from the quite intense and really quite scary scenes.

There was one scene that was shot well, and it was only ten minutes out of two hours so it did not even remotely make up for the fact that the rest of the movie was a boring, contrived, drawn out disaster.


Radha Mitchell is just as boring and watching her is like watching an acting robot.

I guess if you like films that make you jump then leave you with that empty feeling of emotional discomfort, then I highly recommend it.

And everyone knows that watching someone else play a video game is the most horrible and boring experience in the world.

As usual, after boring us to death with 2 hours of fancy computer effects, during the last 10 minutes they try to cram the entire story and have it all unravel and make sense.

Writing: 1/10The script is unoriginal, stupid, confusing, hunk of crap not worthy of being used as toilet paper.

That said, this movie is an adequately acted, poorly directed, pointless, lumbering, FX-driven brainfart.

it is over all a clumsy, boring, unfocused, gigantic plot hole of nightmarish delusions

I enjoyed it and hope you will see it soon.

This film makes absolutely no sense, it's disgusting and confusing.

Suddenly three separate timelines begin to exist at once and things become very confusing.

Put aside some unnecessary and tedious scenario bits, and focus on the quality and sickness of this trip between reality and hell.

Just like the video game the movie had a confusing story and cheesy acting.

Within 30 Min's of this movie you'll see every tired horror movie cliché in the book, and find yourself with a finger on the 'Fast Forward' button, just to skip the director's tedious 'artistic' attempt at suspense, i.

This vivid thriller offers you a chance to settle your adrenaline rush and scare the hell outta you at the same time.

I love horror movies but this one was so bad & boring that I had to fast forward it in between.

Silent Hill is stunning visually & creepy as hell with some awesome nightmarish monsters roaming around, this makes a great Horror film setting & a unique new Horror world to explore!!.

Fascinating and Disturbing.

Konami did an incredible job developing a game that is immensely engaging, eerie and disturbing.

Oh my god, what a waste of time .

Very cool movie and i hope that other video games have plots that are this involved and thrilling.

In essence, it is almost the very same movie: lots of gore, very moody, a pack of crazy God-fearing Christians acting as the enemy, and lots of boring, useless, obvious jibber-jabber.

They encounter a cult, and there's a pointless subplot about Rose's husband, played by Sean Bean, tracking Rose and his daughter down.

In conclusion, this movie is definitely on my top 5 of worst movies ever made and I wouldn't wish it upon my worst enemy to see this abomination.


Silent Hill, however, is the scariest and most intense horror film I've seen.

When you're playing a game in the first person, that tension and dark setting keeps you on the edge of your seat and makes you want to keep following the story.

Spectacular and riveting supernatural horror shocker thriller that faithfully adapts the video game to the big screen in a very impressive way thanks to a screenplay by Pulp Fiction writer Roger Avery and French director Christopher Gans (director of "Brotherhood of the Wolf").

The movie is just too damn long in parts and boring, not to mention some really dull acting.

It's worth watching for that alone.

The story is told quite well throughout the movie, though at points it can get a bit confusing and you have to make a lot of inferences.

I was prepared to be entertained and perhaps even frightened, instead I was bored almost to the point of walking out.

To get it over with, as a video game adaptation, Silent Hill somewhat bucks the trend and provides us with an entertaining couple of hours.

Terrible, one of the worst movies I've seen in a long time.

It's the only DVD I've activated the fast forward button to see if the ending was more exciting.

Political correctness and a need to repulse the audience with gruesome but pointless imagery isn't to be found in SILENT HILL.

The movie contains no direction, no storyline and no acting.

Because of this, once the familiar occult elements worm their way into the film, the story goes completely bonkers and off-the-rails with plot holes that yawn wide at the slightest scrutiny.

Silent Hill is a dull, and very vague, attempt at a sci-fi movie...

The theme is something that goes completely ignored more times than not, and it carries the difference between a great adaptation or a unwatchable work.

So anyway silent hill is a very entertaining horror film although it does disappoint a little.

Waste of time and money.

The mood in the lightning and how the monsters walk makes it scary for some and compelling for others.

Confusing and very boring .

Some said it was laughable, some said it was boring, some said it was actually pretty good.

It's a film that has parts that are absolutely worth checking out, but it's also a movie that is far too long (over two hours) and gives little reward for those looking for a real movie with a real plot and real characters.

Others may gripe at how much of a disappointment the movie was because of the lack of certain monsters, the lack of development in the characters they liked best, the lack of answers to puzzling questions, the fact that the storyline was too convoluted and confusing et cetera et cetera.

Still worth the watch and highly recommended though.

I enjoyed the movie, it was a bit long but it held for me the same feeling I got from the games, confusion, tension, dramatic sympathetic appeal, and those damned air raid sirens always got to me.

But even if you cut this mess down by 40 minutes it would still be a waste of time.

It's not Schindlers List, but it's well worth watching - especially if you're a bit tired of all the typical teen-slash movies that dominate the genre.

The movie has no pacing, making it very boring.

So excruciatingly boring that they make one feel like time has come to a complete stop.

A COMPLETE WASTE OF MONEY ***Contains Spoilers*** .

Boring beyond what the English language can effectively convey.

I think I still would have rather seen all three hours of Silent Hill then even an hour of Bloodrayne or some other Uwe Boll crap.

What is also confusing is that a good portion of the creatures have a complex meaning fused to them and their design in the game series.

Overall, for a 2006 movie, very well played out, intriguing, creepy, and very, very fun.

I find this movie more enjoyable by seeing the second time, once it did came out on DVD.

It is boring beyond boring.

The film jumps back and fourth between the two eerie scenery and manages to make you feel the eerie weirdness and confusion that our main character, Rose goes through.

deadly tedious, that is.

SILENT HILL has intelligent dialog, intriguing characters and a fully developed plot to add muscle to its astonishing visuals.

That's mainly because the pacing of the movie is REALLY slow, much slower than I thought it would be.

Unfortunately, the poor thing just dragged on and on, like a puppy with a broken leg that wants to be shot.

While SH isn't THAT bad in terms of story and plot, the over-acting and the constant and aimless walking and talking slow the movie down so much so, that characters are constantly reading off some of the most obvious dialogue, just in case we get totally lost in the utter boredom of it all.

But the plot was weird, confusing, and muddled.

This is in the top 10 worst movies I've ever seen.

The film also has some strange pacing, sometimes its moving along fine other times it'll slow down and while you might expect exposition or mood building during these scenes, the scenes where the film loses steam or slows down the most are usually just so someone can do something completely irrelevant.

My interpretation is that the camera man fell asleep and the camera drifted.

Save your money and watch The Sniper 3 on Spike TV or watch classic pro Wrestling re-runs.

One day a video game adaptation will quietly roll onto our cinema screens with an engaging story and strong characters, with enough franchise references to keep the fans happy, and enough depth to satisfy the discerning movie-goer.

Then when i watched it, it was so boring that it was like a vampire stealing my vitality.

It wasn't bad, but it was a bit cliché compared to the video game's plot.

Enjoyed it immensely .

The film makers produced two interminably pointless hours of vacuous gore in place of truly scary material.

The camera-work has a stunning flow reaching around every corner and following the characters as they uncover disturbing things.

There's an interesting subplot involving the husband of the woman who gets lost that remains quite engaging and helps add more suspense.

This is no el-cheapo knockoff spat out to make a few bucks from people who don't blink before shelling out $90 on a game, it was a realistic attempt to make something faithful to the source material yet entertaining in its own right.

Maybe this movie means something to fans of the video game, but having literally no experience with (or knowledge of) the latter, I found it immensely tedious.

Silent Hill was boring .

The plot line is a little confusing and the makeup is very good.

Some things do not need to be explained, and when the explanation just makes everything more confusing, better to leave it alone.

silent hill redeems the game to movie genre with it's intense story,terrifying creatures,and good cast.

While I agree this movie does have some dull moments and a few cheesy lines here and there, it is a sick, intense experience that is not easily forgettable.

Stunning photography.

As a result, they produce either films so closely related to video games that unbearable or insipid movies which have almost nothing in common with the game (Doom), which probably stems from ignorance of adapted game.

the ending was intriguing.

Worst Movie of the Year .

Without going too in depth into the plot of the film, which in itself, is rather interesting, but highly confusing and there seems to be too much left unexplained.

Very Boring .

No suspense, no plot, no scares.

The atmosphere, characters, acting, and storyline make for a very creepy and entertaining experience.

In fact, it was TOTALLY wacked-out, but quite enjoyable.

Unfortunately, it also replicates its extremely confusing plot, and, without the benefit of the direct interaction that game-play allows, the result is extremely boring.

It is extremely safe for me to say that Silent Hill was, by far, the worst movie I have ever seen in my entire life.

It's a shame then that Gans film wasn't able to be delivered with a polish and sheen that would've really ramped it up to another level, while the films oddly structured narrative that includes the bizarre tacked on Sean Bean scenes that were added at the behest of the studio really do slow things down, moments that are at their best when Mitchell and her offsider Laurie Holden as police officer Cybil Bennett are exploring the dastardly surrounds of the Silent Hill township.

The story can be confusing, but once it's explained, the movie will make some more sense, and therefore you'd like it more :D Then again, being bombarded with confusion and such just makes the Silent Hill experience that much better since that's one of the elements of Silent Hill!

Oh, what a waste - of my time; of millions that could have financed 20 independent features (at least maybe 10% of which might have turned out good, giving viewers a 200% return on investment, so to speak); of the talents of a lot of good actors (Sean Bean, Rahda Mitchell, Kim Coates, etc.) and crew (Carol Spier's production design is, as always, top notch).

Worst Movie I've seen in years!!.

The Verdict: While it does have a decent plot the movie is underwhelmed by boring monsters and uninteresting scare tactics.

But this movie was more than that, it was deeper, I loved the details of it, if you are interested in history of the town you'd find the little details beyond fascinating.

So I must "fail" Silent Hill for trying too hard and in the wrong ways: 3-out-of-10 for creating lots of interesting visuals on the big screen, but putting them together in an uninteresting way....

Very gory, confusing and very good .

I found the film quite boring,special effects were nothing special,acting was wooden and the plot quite hard to follow.

Acting: 5/10 The acting is decent though many characters are pointless and many moments done a tad over the top in an unpleasant way.

It was too boring to even be a mindless slasher-style romp.

A Cliché Of Bad Cinema .

I honestly think this was one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

Things were pretty confusing, especially when the armless man popped out and dead janitors and bugs.

Everything in this film is incredibly mediocre, from Sean Bean's tiresome performance as the girl's father to the overly complex plot-twists that are clearly just there for padding reasons.

The problem my husband and I had with the movie is that we walked out not knowing what the storyline was because there were too many sub-plots.

It nearly put me to sleep, long, boring, constant pointless running through hall ways.

The film holds up well for the first hour fifteen minutes, then the plot starts to get a little more convoluted for its own good, and the ending just adds layers of more confusing stuff on top of what has come before.

I very nearly fell asleep twice during this.

The incredibly confusing ending is one of it's biggest flaws, as it's so completely confusing and hard-to-understand that its inclusion leads no answers.

The story was way too confusing to enjoy all the beautiful effects around there.

The good points of the film are the sweet score, some smooth, stylized camera-work, absolutely brilliant settings and an unpredictable and very confusing plot.

There is just too much going on that is not communicated and its supposed to skit that by being so visually appealing, but it just ends up being a little boring.

An entertaining and suspenseful dark ride into the lungs of Hell .

The Silent Hill movie is a shallow, uninteresting, and *incredibly* annoying excuse for a pathetic, brainless gore flick that could have come out of that miserable genre's most disgusting peak in the 1990's, if it hadn't been for the special effects.

I was tense and on the edge of my seat/covering my eyes throughout the entire movie.

I think it probably would have been a more interesting film if it were done more along the line of The Ring, but taken on its own terms it's quite entertaining.

I was on the edge of my chair the whole time.

Had a hard time trying to stay awake during this movie, couldn't wait for it to be over.

Roger Ebert (Ebert & Roeper) isn't a favorite critic of mine, though Ido respect his opinions, reason being that he can back up his reasons with compelling arguments.

I would like to think I gave Silent Hill a fair chance, as in I endured it to the very end but I found it to be one of the most boring, nonsensical and above all NOT scary films I have ever seen.

The cast did their best and were pretty enjoyable.

However, the last 50 minutes or so are VERY drawn out and tedious.

Finally about two thirds of the way in and approaching the climax, the film kicks into overdrive and a barrage of revelations are made - which is all well and good but with so much information to take in it all gets rather convoluted and confusing...

Save your money and rent this when it hits the shelves!

This movie was awful and it is depressing to me that this is the quality of movie some people find entertaining.

the movie starts out unbelievably slow (except for when the daughter is about to jump off of a cliff), and then it gets fast all of a sudden.

Don't waste your money here.

However, despite these complaints, I found "Silent Hill" the movie to be a thoroughly enjoyable, and even very-well-done film in the genre of Video-Game inspired film, and the realm of modern horror/suspense.

I'm glad for those of u who found it to be enjoyable also found it to stick close to it's premise.

Yes I quite enjoyed it, not the best film ever and it does have its flaws.

As a fan of the games I expected to be impressed but anyone looking for innovative film-making and extraordinary (WOW) production design should find this film fascinating.

When the "darkness" took over, even the backgrounds were straight from the games, along with the creepy music and camera angles made this an eerie, yet very thrilling movie to watch.

) The ending is very confusing to viewers who haven't played the game and may find a little ridiculous as well.

They tried to make it seem as though the "monsters" in the darkness scenes were gross, but, on the contrary, they were quite uninteresting and dull.

There does not seem to be any particular direction to the film, it moves from premise to premise, cliché to cliché and ends up nowhere in particular.

This is one of the absolute worst movies of all time.

With "The Fog" it was obviously a thick creeping Fog bank rolling through that small coastal town & here it's also thick fog that's engulfed the town as well as thick white/grey falling ash from it's eternal burning from the under ground & it's done visually stunning!!!

Once more FYI: a total waste of time; neither meaning nor suspense or horror contained.

***Spoilers here*** Also the whole story revolving around witchcraft is about as un-scary and as uninteresting as possible.

The cast is really exciting.

Thought Sean Beans Character was completely pointless.

It starts out very good, suspenseful, and had there been more story developed, it may have captured the imagination of a larger audience.

The time management of the film was poor, and if it had a stronger more engaging second act and more developed third act, this film would be superb and a true gem for Hollywood.

When that silly thing came out of the bathroom stall, I was already yawning coz 1) I didn't care if the mom bought the farm and 2) it was predictable and hackneyed.

The only truly terrifying thing about Silent Hill is that you have to sit through this snoozer for over 2 hours.

Good Effects - No Script .

What a waste of time!

to those people, save your money and spend it on the game instead.

the scenes with her husband are generally quite dull and don't really add anything to the film (since the narrative doesn't really exist).

Other than a few well-executed scenes - SILENT HILL was boring, hard to follow, laden with ineffective CGI and horrible performances by the actors involved.

Waste of time .

SILENT HILL is basically a preview, leaving questions unanswered and jumbling together random images that mixed together are simply confusing...

It had no plot I walked out it sucked so bad.

It's creepily entertaining, and its visuals are spooky enough to haunt your dreams for a few nights even if its plot fails to instill nightmares.

i'd say the movie is worth his money if you wanna see and hear some cool effects and get a little glimpse of hell, but if you wanna see a compelling and thrilling movie you simply won't get it with silent hill

If you've had nothing to do with the Silent Hill franchise prior to watching this movie, it's probably a very disturbing, enjoyable horror movie.

The element of fear was back, but the movie was still confusing.

Also the actual ending was annoying and predictable.

The film has no major on screen violence, but there are some graphic and intense visuals.

It is worth watching though, especially with all those Extras included.

One of the only complaints I have is that some parts of the movie really dragged, and the suspense was not built up as well as it could have been.

The pacing of the film, very important for keeping up suspense, is completely skewed; you'll have a "frightening" and "suspeceful" scene followed by an altogether too long boring scene.

One of the worst movies ever made.

However, I thought the town looked cool and the siren made for eerie ambiance, but the second half of this film just bored me to tears.

My opinion was this movie was too long and boring to be worth seeing.

The rhythm is slow so it can be relatively difficult, and it's relatively easy to think the movie is boring and to miss the little things that actually make it's not.

The graphics are stunning and detailed.

All in all, movie is definitely worth watching

Being a fan of the games, I was delighted by the story, which has a woman (Rose) looking for her lost daughter in the eerily empty town of Silent Hill.

The child actor's long lecture about 3/4 of the way through is clumsy, ponderous, borderline laughable, and even recited poorly.

Stupidly violent; and apart from that, stupidly senseless; and then, as it wears on, stupidly pretentious in a garblemouthed, muddleheaded way.

The first hour and a half had great gore, realistic and intense violence, and decent acting.


This would have to be the worst movie I have seen in a long time.

Now if you want bad dialog and a milked storyline by all means watch every lame and tiresome installment of the saw, then do the same with hostel.

2 hours of pointless gore i will never get back out of my life.

The town's secret could have been found out easily without him, or that pointless detective.

Its even set out in the same way , a car-crash on the edge of the town and a missing daughter.

It's clearly a Lynchian nightmare-scape, but it offers one too many clues to its unraveling in some of the most boring exposition put to film ever.

Some directors are finding in video games, in comic books, and escapist fiction a cure for the disease of Hollywood normalcy and boredom.

Great setting, no story .

Also there are parts of the movie that seem really slow and drawn out.

worst movie ever.

And those who seem to be bored with everything, were either confused or not interested in thinking at all.

This movie goes on-- and on-- and on-- for a long while, with a lot monstrous and gruesome things happen, but we're never given any explanation for anything much, and when we do get a kind of explanation about witches and trying to save the town, well that's more confusing than anything.

The set design by Cronenberg Woman is astounding and evocative, the cinematography is pretty much perfect, the creature effects are magnificent, the direction is amazingly confident.

With video game movies as early as the Super Mario Brothers Movie, which was mediocre at best, yet still enjoyable, we found there is no way to make video games to be good movies.

Things slow down to snail-like speed as we get endless "flashback" sequences which are uniformly dull, and you'll cry in frustration as Gans fades out once more, bringing things to a halt with a black (or white) screen.

This 2006 movie adaptation of "Silent Hill" is entertaining and does have some very unique and extraordinary creature designs and environments.

I'd have enjoyed it more if Sean Bean had stuck with his native Yorkshire accent and told us "Eeh, by gum, there's nowt so queer as folk".

The worst movie adaptation of a game EVER.

Watching the special on how they made this movie is really quite fascinating.

) So to all you nay sayers and newbies, give this story a chance, and don't put too much thought into something simple, but keep an open mind to the ever so compelling richness this film has to offer.

Also rather enjoyable here is the highly-energetic action scenes throughout here.

The actors deliver an unexpected quality in this type of film, presenting themselves as excellent protagonists with sympathetic motivations.

This sudden falling apart, and the hellacious looking creatures that appear from the beneath the cracks in the ground are fascinating to watch.

The acting was right on, the visuals were stunning, and the soundtrack, which was taken right from the game, was as entrancing as the game was.

But after watching this movie, i left the theater in Aww...

Anyway a complete waste of time, avoid at all costs unless you're a fanboy of the games.

Depsite this flaws, "Silent Hill" is a terrific film and a very enjoyable one for fans of slower, creepier films.

Save your money and by all means do not support such trash by paying to see it.

There are a couple of examples of poorly realised computer graphics but as a whole the visuals are stunning.

Compared to it, the ending of Silent Hill was trite, almost an afterthought.

Worst movie I have ever seen!!.

Really disappointing, save your money and time :o(

it was difficult to follow the story line and the ending was very confusing.

Slow paced bore .

The film generally is just boring with some weird freaky/grotesque images and gore.

Mama's desire to accomplish this ridiculous task is so strong that she is willing to endanger both her, and her daughter's lives, by engaging the police in a high speed chase, in the rain, no less.

Only the second movie in my life I have walked out on.

I was very happy, because I'm an avid horror fan, and a lot of the more recent films have been very predictable, and not very scary.

I truly enjoyed it and it really did spook me out.

at times the sound effects were really adding suspension, though the music was too dramatic and cliché to my taste.

What should have been a well structured, plot driven mystery/horror becomes a confusing mess that will leave a lot of the viewers unfamiliar to the original source wondering what they've just seen.

Silent Hill is a gory, intense, nightmare of a movie.

Cheesy dialogue and endless exposition combine to ultimately ruin this movie effectiveness and make things pretty dreary as the story progresses.

More people will see it as another entertaining movie than a memorable horror film.

This makes things feel a little rushed and cramped, although to be fair, was still pulled off decently, however some of the mood is lost in favor to some adrenaline-fueled thrills.

Christophe Gans and his excellent cast managed to keep you intense through every second of the film, leaving you desperate to find out what the hell is going on, as well as not daring to look at the horrifying recklessness of the characters.

There was very little plot and what there was jumped around in a meaningless manner.

Pyramid Head's role is definitely the most painful case of a beloved Silent Hill ghoul's significance being nullified by his out of context placement in this movie, but the most pointless appearance came from the nurses.

worst movie effing EVER .

Quite possibly the worst movie i've ever seen...

It is difficult and confusing (a lot of mazes and D&D-like details) so expect major disorientation at times during the film-which is a bit like actually playing the game.

I also despise movies where the villains or monsters are made of cardboard: dull, boring and unbelievable.

Also, without giving it away, the climax of the movie is confusing and somewhat disappointing.

Few people want to sit through a movie whose only merit is its special effects, but in Silent Hill's case the effects, environments and creatures are so excellent and intriguing they become the movie and truly overshadow its weaknesses.

intense atmos and mood.

Some people believe this film is scary and suspenseful...

Visually stunning movie of a great game series .

The whole basis of it appeared totally bland and uninteresting.

This was seriously the worst movie I have ever seen.

Don't Waste Your Time .

But, whilst many Japanese films are constructed with this in mind, Silent Hill is drawn out, and overly long.

Worst movie ever.

Not only was it predictable, it was incredibly slow to develop as well.

What also makes bad impression is quite confusing ending which buries the film even more.

Many problems plague this movie while confusing me and everyone i saw it with the plot if clear well everyone's attentions are not.

The creatures are brought to life with stunning detail and the sets are hauntingly flawless.

In conclusion, it was one of the worst and most boring movies I have ever seen.

Slash, Gore, Blah, Blah - *yawn*.


2) haunted, empty town that the people decide to enter regardless of warning.

It's hard to comprehend, so maybe a tad confusing.

his film is bland, borderline boring, completely unscary and uninspired.

The intense hatred due to the complete lack of control that one is forced into, the desire to achieve "satisfaction" at any cost and the obsession with "vengence" - now that's a scary thought for a little girl of 10 to have, wouldn't you say?

When Rose and Sharon drove past the gas station they stopped at before coming to Silent it was full of people, and later on it was empty, and the house was empty, and gloomy.

The movie is not scary by any means, it is just crazy, dumb and boring.

It simply made it more confusing and difficult to follow.

The film turns out to be visually impressive and stunning, all the while being irritating to listen to.

I have to admit, this movie is far to be just entertaining.

The visual effects are quite stunning.

Great concept, bit hard to follow at times even though I played most of the games.

Confusing, Linear and Titanically disastrous.

And yet when I left the theater again, it had placed itself so far below my worst expectations that I was infuriated by how miserably deplorable it was.

Overall, I enjoyed watching it with my fiancé & we both agree that it was worth watching & could have been better.

The female police officer is nice to watch, but ultimately pointless.

In conclusion, Silent Hill is a scary, realistic, gripping and emotional movie with many social and political themes, ideas and metaphors arguably attached to various elements of it.

These songs have so much emotion to them, they are sad, depressing, but enjoyable to listen to.

Save your money.

I walked into with high expectations, and walked out wondering what the hell had happened.

The movie was such a waste of my time.

The stunning visuals, the twisted creatures, the captivating portrayals of all these amazing characters is almost TOO MUCH to take in over the period of time alloted while viewing a movie.

The plot is a little bit hard to follow.

The CGI doesn't look good alongside real actors, and because a lot of the film features the characters pondering about creepy locations, it can be very boring.

hell, something tells me this film has no SCRIPT even!!!!

Silent Hill games are, just the like the name implies, most of the time quiet and have a slow pace.

Many people – myself included – complained about recent video game based horror films like "House of the Dead" or "Alone in the Dark" for being far too hectic and ridiculously over-the-top in the gore department, but "Silent Hill" is the complete opposite (dull and really lame) and that's definitely not good, either.

Don't waste your time or your money on this one.

And so re-watchable, getting it on DVD would still leave you with that suspenseful feel.

Uninspiring, insipid.

The movie was okay as far as movie-making techniques go, but the storyline & ending were rather confusing.

Don't waste your time, .

I totally agree with below quoted review, that up to the time that they both reach Sillent Hill, there is no plot and no coherency in the story.

I thought this film was good I heard a lot about the film I played the game and this games was seriously creepy soon as you see Rosie she is having disturbed dreams about this town Sean Bean play a different character than usual normally the bad guy but play his role as the sensitive father so the mother and daughter go looking for silent hill and find a creepy looking town with fog everywhere with a cop following her she sees creepy beings in this town with a horrible past this film is right scary and intense with bells ringing soon as he night time comes watch out for gore galore as well a intrigue and suspicion plus it keeps the computer game visuals original and puzzle going this film is over 2hrs long and with two stories going in this film alternate reality means that there will be surely be a sequel

What a waste of money.

Unbelievably intense and so much like the game!!

An enjoyable movie that is nothing important to normal persons and a great movie that inspires fans of the series to think over all that.

I myself enjoyed it.

I watched a very boring, pretentious, overlong, unnecessarily confusing and truly mundane ghost-story that, despite of the nifty direction job by Christophe Gans, felt like an utter waste of time.

The plot of the movie was very predictable, and I've never played a Silent Hill-game in my life.

Though I occasionally lost patience with some over-long running-around scenes in the middle of the film, it's worth sticking out for the twists in the story, the excellent monsters and gore and the genuinely intriguing ending.

Its early in the year but I would vote this WORST MOVIE OF THE YEAR.

While affectively tying it together (for the most part) at the end, throughout the movie I found myself ready to leave the theater multiple times, because the same phenomenons continued to occur without explanation.

What she encounters is both shocking and unexpected.

Visually Brilliant-yet muddled and confusing .

I was terribly mistaken, all this film offered was a very weak plot, no character development, and intermittent confusion.

I must be of the few people on the planet who had no idea that this movie came from a video game, and to me it's pointless comparing the two, so at least 50% of the reviews on this site can be discounted.

I warn you don't waste your time or money on this lame excuse for 2 hours...

But it's used by the director to show off how slick he is rather than to involve us, so that we never get a sense of being with the character, or of feeling with her, as she does what she does--which is to perform childishly repetitive actions such as running through street after street and building after building, meeting horror after horror and discovering the occasional clue or object that allows her to go on, all without rhyme or reason.

I really wasn't sure what to think going into this movie, but ignoring some obvious parts, like pretty much giving away the ending in the beginning, it was a actually a good movie and was very suspenseful.

Extremely fascinating!.

The acting is basically the only major upside to this dull film...

Worst Movie I Have Ever Seen .

The movie is boring and stupid.

Perfect translation: No plot in the game, no plot in the movie .

And I will say that it is because of the CGI and special effects that "Silent Hill" is worth watching.

The story also tends to make the movie unnecessary hard and difficult to follow, especially toward the ending, that even comes over as strange and not in every way completely understandable.

this movie pulled every horror movie cliché out of its ass.

I love this psychological thriller, the story is different and can be confusing.

This movie is slow at times and downright dumb at others.

Maybe even go so far as to say "intense" dread.

3.. The story was very dry.

The story was well told, a very oppressive environment, and the monsters really made a lot of intense scenes.

Stunning visuals and production values make it very easy to watch and coupled with the score, it is easy to get lost in Silent Hill.

This then becomes yet another one in the long, long list of VG based horror films, and really most modern horror films, that are long on style and very, very short on having an engaging story.

The manner in which the final revelations just before the climactic showdown are offered is so trite and jarringly disparate in presentation from the rest of the movie that it shreds any remaining suspension of disbelief to which the audience might be clinging.

Gans directed this flick - after boring me to sleep with Brotherhood of the Wolves I had this coming, tho I was glad Uwe Boll didn't seize the rights for this one.

So the game fans who are only concerned with its "accuracy" to the game (which is, by definition, uninteresting film making) will get absolutely nothing from this review.

It's an entirely different thing when the movie doesn't make an ounce of sense in addition to being too long, boring, idiotic, and not frightening.

I mean this is only my opinion, but my boyfriend and I thought it was a complete waste of money.

Silent Hill (also the video game) is not only a horror, but a intense and sad drama that is interlaced with horror theme, so the correct definition of Silent Hill is Drama Horror (refined), not a pure horror.

It actually gets confusing in the middle of the film.

The two main characters, the mother and daughter, are quite dull.

Much has been made about how it's confusing to follow, even by serious critics.

It has a really interesting story (based on a video game), great special effects, good acting, and some intense scary moments.

The film was good, but the end dragged on.

The monsters were surprisingly disturbing by their movement, and the massacre at the last scene was really thrilling.

It is difficult and confusing (a lot of mazes and D&D-like details) so expect major disorientation at times during the film-which is a bit like actually playing the game.

) the beginning, however, I felt was very slow to start and I have to say the acting was pretty lame.

still extremely entertaining, and pretty complex for a horror flick.

But still the movie was very entertaining, and has a lot of gore and bloody scenes that will enjoy horror and game fans.

Silent With Confusing Boredom Hill .

Laurie Holden has a pointless role of police woman who gets burned to death.

Because the movie's conclusion offered nothing significant, they should have ended it several times earlier (they had plenty of opportunities) but for some reason the filmmakers thought it was necessary to draw the movie out for two pointless hours.

) Another sore spot is the movie does have some slow spots where you are waiting for things to pick up.

It might be because the story is engrossing and mysterious.

I little slow, uncertain end, but overall entertaining .

Things get going right from the outset rather than waste our time with small-talk and other introductory nonsense.

it's all a bit difficult to follow.

It seems you could only enjoy this movie if you're a fan of the game or easily spooked by creepy confusion.

Still, it is NOT BY ANY MEANS, Mulholland Dr.-type confusion and uncertainty.

One of the Worst Movies I've Ever Seen .

This has to be the WORST movie I have ever seen.

For Silent Hill Game Fans & Those tired of predictable "horrors" .

Even the special effects were boring, because most of them are way too dark and cut in a way that you can't really make out the action.

The plot, which clearly follows the video game's story, is well built and leads you to a dark and atmospheric setting, the little village of SILENT HILL… From the beginning it has mystery, suspense and a Gothic dark atmosphere that combined create an enjoyable ghost story.

) is decent and the story is well told, save for a confusing ending.

It's a suspenseful film to the point where you are watching it clenched in the fetal position on your bed, covering your eyes until you catch your breath, then you want to sleep with the lights on and having the covers pulled over your head all night long.

Those adaptations always are cheap and in most cases a torture to look at...

I wanted to leave the cinema.

His scenes seemed so pointless.

I have seen plenty of bad films made out of video games, but this is the first I can officially call boring.

The film was visually stunning.

it has no plot, no acting, and continually forces you to ask yourself what the hell you are doing watching it.

WTF..? And - oh, get this - she walks into said gas station/restaurant, whose parking lot outside is conspicuously empty of any other vehicles apart from her own and that of the scary bike cop, and...

I was on the edge of my chair the whole time.

Eventually you find out some confusing plot twist about the daughter really being the alter ego of a girl burned in sacrifice years earlier in Silent Hill.

The one thing I found that made it worth watching was some of the visuals.

Does this add to the confusion?

Overall, it was a good, enjoyable movie.

Don't waste your time.

A cure for insomnia .

Stupid, unintentionally funny, but still enjoyable .

First of all, the plot was cliché.

THE BAD: A bit too confusing at the end, could've been just a little more explanatory.


The third and forth act are stupid boring nonsense gore, which is not creepy or disturbing it is just mindless and uncreative.

Oh boy, what an enjoyable mess.

There isn't a hint of scare in this movie, which when combined with a weak plot makes this movie rather boring.

Save your money .

One of those things is that it's highly predictable - you kinda' know the trip to Silent Hill is a one-way ticket to hell, you realize the cop is there for a reason.

The characters are bland and the script is dull.

Some people say that the film can seem to be a bit confusing and i can see where they are coming from....

Not one for the DVD collection, but worth watching once for the experience.

Sean Bean is wasted with few lines and a pointless character that only serves to slow down the progression of the movie.

Because I think the first half does get a bit repetitive.

Directed by Christophe Gans (Brotherhood of the Wolf) made an interesting, intriguing, fantasy horror film.

The plot was excellent, but the explanation of events in the conclusion was slightly confusing.

I'm a fan of horror and also a video games player, but watching Silent Hill was a slow and tedious experience.

Other problems include a uninspiring execution of the plot, some weak acting, & an overwrought climax, to much of a good thing makes a mockery of the whole point of the film.

It draws you into an intriguing, complex situation that will be explained later on, I guess.

The fact that the film runs too long ultimately harms it, as the film soon loses it's way and needs to introduce some kind of cult to further the overly complex and uninteresting story, and it all ends with one of the worst special effects showcases that I've ever seen.

This is one of the most confusing - and boring - films I have seen this year.

One person even walked out of the theater, about 15 minutes into the movie.

Pointless crap should be met with silence.

Walking through empty, lost and timeless rooms, hearing the creepy noises coming from everywhere around you.

Regrettably, however, the entire plot line completely disintegrates as the movie progresses, becoming confusing, unfocused, muddled and dumb, taking a decent setup involving a ghost town abandoned in the 1970s after underground coal seams were set ablaze (and burning still) and just letting the story trickle away like water expelled to put out the fire.

Sure, the fundamentalism of religions is evocated, but this world is god-empty: there are only the devil and poor humans, so it is useless to fight because devil always wins.

The creatures, set design and photography were outstanding for a horror film,the film oozed atmosphere and dread although not outright scary,lets face it I don't think there is barely any horror film nowadays that truly scares me, for me this film really succeeded in drawing me into the world of silent hill and absorbing me into its hellish dark and nasty atmospheric misery.

This film is "gripping and exciting and innovative.

The movie's horror is almost a minimum, and has a beautiful display of macabre and mundane colours that makes the world seem scary and chilling.

Then later I wanted to leave again and then later I had a strong need to leave again.

the whole film is repetitive.

Stunning Horror of Disturbingly Powerful Dimensions - A Great Film Indeed .

There were holes in the plot big enough to put my hand through, the end was unsatisfactory, and the gore was just pointless.

The introduction of a bunch of fanatical Christians, who turn out to be the bad guys, is a mistake, and detracts from the demonic horror so carefully portrayed in the film's earlier scenes; we're back to the clichéd "burn the witch" mob mentality here, seen on films a million times before, and it's just boring.

It's really annoying and boring to NOT see any of the action and just hear a woman screaming: help me!

Most of the film consists of running here and then there and this offers next to no story development outside of "holy CRAP what was that!

The end was a little disappointing but by then I was already in 'bored' mode; the only thing that was entertaining was the demons....

The notion of alternate dimensions of Silent Hill are interesting as are the twisted renderings of many stereotypical small town locales such as the school, hotel, church and hospital but the rapid movement between these, following clues and retrieving items along the way, is obviously taken directly from the game and instead of creating a feeling of faithfulness gives a rather passive, bored feeling of watching someone else playing the game.

Doom seemed completely understandable to me but this film is very confusing and is very bad, indeed.

I wanted to like it but there's a side of me that wished I'd walked out halfway through it, it would have left a better impression.

The cinematography is traditional, and the movie relies too much on the cliché "jump out and scare you" technique.

The ideas were there, but the execution of it was cluttered and unfocused like one set-piece was thrown on top of another --- and in a way I found the side-story of the concerned father (admirably played by Sean Bean) trying to find his missing wife and daughter while also digging up the history of the tainted town Silent Hill to be a lot more engrossing then the leaden angle of the mother looking for her missing daughter while experiencing the town's many demons - unnatural and human.

Visually stunning and extremely terrifying.

The story begins simple but as the plot thickens the movie becomes more and more difficult to follow.

Overall the acting is bad; the lines are B movie material; Sean Bean's role in the movie is pointless and distracting; and although the plot centers around an evangelical Christian-like cult of holier-than-thou witch hunters, the movie wastes its opportunity to tap into Americans' current fears of religious fundamentalism or to make any meaningful social commentary.

Tha character design was on point, that story was emotional, and that overall presentation was breathtaking.

Oh yes , I did mention the pointless downpour of blood and gore......

The biggest mistake is probably that after two hours of confusion, the movie comes to a full stop and the audience is forced to sit through a catch up scene in which the entire story is laid out all at once.

But when it all comes down to it, this movie will be at the very least enjoyable for Silent Hill-fans and horror fans who are unfamiliar with the source material.

), but if we think about it just as an entertaining and suspenseful dark ride into the lungs of Hell, I guess we have a nice horror flick here!

Frankly, my home town is so boring, I think I'd move to Silent Hill for something different.

And as a result, the whole second half of the film became quite dull.

Apart from this minor complaint, i found the music, coming mostly from episode 3 of the video game to be very enjoyable.

Christophe Gans directs Silent Hill, a stylish and visually impressive but overlong and totally confusing film.

But the excruciating dialog, the lame acting, the lulls in the film (at more than 2 hours, you'll be glancing at your watch countless times), and the waste of the one talented actor of the bunch, Sean Bean, were a big issue for me.

That said, it's creepy, suspenseful, horrific at times, and all in all, enjoyable.

); the outdoor scenes are beautiful, the indoor scenes are somber, dark and fascinating.

And this is where I got bored.

It keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Virtually all of the interior or underground shots are needlessly under-lit, and most of the special effects are cheap and pointless, even if a few might have merit for being startling in their grotesqueness.

but this movie was virtually unwatchable.

What a waste of time and money, save both of yours.

just was so damn confusing and unclear!

In terms of violence the film gets quite intense in places.

This movie was one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

The movie lasted for way too long: 2 hours and 7 minutes of utter torture.

The effects are simply stunning!

The cop is boring and says all her lines as if shes in a hypnotic trance of some sort.

Radha Mitchell doesn't quite convey an adequate sense of terror and desperation for her situation, Sean Bean seemed more concerned with attempting (and failing to produce) a New England accent than with finding his family, and Kim Coates seemed unusually bland in his role as the local sheriff.

Viewing reality as dull, boring, insipid and inherently absurd and stupid, esp.

The Crazy-Christian thing is getting boring already, the movie was just all boring....

To be fair, it's a movie based on a video game, so I wasn't expecting much, and I was pleasantly surprised at how compelling the visuals really are.

The first hour has a very slow pacing and if it wasn't the good photography and the decent cast, I would've turned it off.

There is something that all films depend upon to be entertaining and that is suspension of disbelief.

I Fell Asleep.

The biggest problem with this movie is that it's incredibly, painfully, mind-numbingly boring.

When the DIY factor of a game is taken away, all you have is a group of people you really don't care about running around, performing tasks that are, when watched on a big screen, simple and pointless.

Length of drawn out movie...

But, all in all, if you're looking for a good thrill and a twisted, suspenseful movie, Silent Hill wouldn't be a bad choice.

i think this might illustrate the ineffectiveness of cinematic logic in and a trite basis of this film: somehow the viewer might know what's coming at any time.

However, many friends of mine that have never played the games, found it enjoyable and were interested and curious as to what had actually happened in the film.

That isn't necessarily bad, but Avary's script lacks the level of sub-reading that is to be found in the games (that, coincidentally, are also slow and reflective), what results in too many slow scenes without any real purpose.

But one night I was really bored so I headed to Blockbuster and rented this film with one of my free coupons, figuring what the heck?

Its lasts a fair while but it's only really the beginning where it becomes tedious.

Of course, there is the confusing sequelization-antic, where the husband is home while mom and daughter return home, and the scene shifts between the husband in the nice sun-lit home, and the mom in the dark ominous- looking home, with Alessa/Sharon/Demon looking ominously in the background.

Despite those effects that dragged me into it, with the creatures and all, the movie still holds many flaws.

It won't make a lot of difference if you've never played a Silent Hill game, but to a fan, it was extremely confusing to be assaulted with Americanised versions of several elements of the game all at once.

It does keep you quite tense through most of the film, Laurie Holden is enjoyable to look at, the kinky nurse monsters are hilarious with their disco beat moves, and it has some excellent sets.

Rather boring and not extremely intelligent.

Imagine the most boring thing you've ever seen or done, double it, then stab yourself in the eye with a pencil.

The characters were awful, the storyline was uninteresting and filled with mysterious gaps, the special effects were just plain stupid...

My problem with the movie is that the events are difficult to follow as there is a lot of non sense information that barely makes sense at the end.

Enjoyable .

Slick scripting and congenial craftsmanship then condensed into what happens to be one of the most gripping horror movies of the decade.

A total waste of time; neither meaning nor suspense or horror contained.

Atmosphere - The atmosphere of the Silent Hill games are indeed visual and often ubiquitous, but it is still a slow atmosphere that lingers on the audience and builds up through exploration of settings.

Yet, it was far more disturbing and a lot more confusing for those who have never played the game.

It had some very disturbing moments, which fit well into the entire Silent Hill atmosphere and although it is more of a re-imagining of the storyline than a sequel, it still makes for a compelling movie.

A terrible Science horror fiction supernatural, stupid effects, mind boggling, BORING, lame attempt of a movie.

Visually stunning shocker.

The film starts with the girl who suffers from sleep-walking and finds herself on the edge of a huge cliff (???

I found it exhilarating and genuinely thrilling.

Plain and simple-a two hour waste of time, money, and probably brain cells.

Pleasantly surprised about both the complexity and depth of the story as well as the stunning atmosphere, amazing creatures and effects, and compelling viewing this movie has to offer.

 I can't sum up the plot at all, because essentially there's no plot...

Basically I did like it but the plot was more than confusing and it got VERY upsetting towards the end.

The whole movie is filled with compelling performances, such as Anna.

It's NOT a Romero-level masterpiece, not a landmark/zeitgeist-nailing/cultural-defining moment, but an enjoyable ride nonetheless.

Based on a video game with the same title this movie is a good and suspenseful horror flick.

Overlong, at Over Two Hours, this is a Bloated Bore and the Atmosphere of Atrophy Wears Out Quickly.

The story (what there is of it), drops us in at the deep-end and from here it's a case of figure-it-out-as-you-watch, which rapidly becomes boring.

First comes the pacing / tone balance: Christophe Gans decided not to make an all-out action approach like 'Resident Evil', resulting in some really slow and reflective scenes of Rose running around town and stuff like that.

And the second half when rose and Sharon first arrive they see a figure of a little girl forcing them to swerve and cause a car accident and when rose awakens Sharon is gone and rose ventures into this mysterious and dangerous town and surprisingly when rose first enter's silent hill was very entertaining and had me creep-ed out in a atmospheric way, besides the Cybil VS.

Others said the ending had an unexpected twist or something.

Some of the scenes (walls weeping blood, mal shaped human forms) are quite intense.

All the video game remakes need to try and change the movie so you aren't seeing what you've been playing because that's just plain boring.

Half of us wanted are money back for this bore fest.

Despite being a big fan of Resident Evil, I never got round to playing the original Silent Hill game on Playstation, and have since spent about half an hour playing the sequel, and found it really boring.

Practically the entire audience was teens when I saw the film, and they were too bored with it to poke fun at it.

A poor, dull, uninspired film .

With selective use of in sync music of a diversity of tones and rhythms that echo the eerie and haunting and solemn horror movie, Silent Hill has suggestion of Beneath the Planet of the Apes (1970) along with fascinating and compelling set designs and engrossing themes in resemblance of quality fantasy horror movies such Coraline (2009) with the mysterious eyes and creepy nether world, Dark Water (2005) with the emotional bonding of mother-daughter and the immersion into the set design of mood and captivating environment and The Cell (2000) with its amazing depiction of the inner world along with the same older woman and young child theme.

basically eye candy for the vg fans n__n It's creepy, it's dark, the visual effects are amazingly breathtaking, the eerie music & sounds taken directly from the game work amazingly well, and so on.

If you have neither, dizziness and confusion may occur.

Barring some unnecessarily dragged out scenes and confusing dialogue towards the end, the film Silent Hill is a good sleeper film that delivered a solid story and enjoyable time watching.

One of the worst movies I have ever seen!!!.

They waste no time whatsoever getting to the relevant stuff.

Main reasons:- the acting was bad, the monsters were not nearly as frightening as the game version, the sound affects were not used as effectively throughout, it was soooo long and drawn out!

Visually stunning .

The ending is unexpected and leaves on guessing, and I'm hoping (and I know I'm not alone) that the sequel has nothing to do with the ending of the first movie, simply because that is how the games are played.

The movie's central problem is that its story, while initially intriguing (that's because there really isn't much of any for the first hour, just wandering), just doesn't work.

The movie itself is a treat for the fan of the franchise - you'll recognize some sets and creatures from the games - and does have a solid storyline and visually stunning imagery.

It much rather tightens a smoothly woven and absorbing web of sheer non-stop suspense, benefiting from it's origin - a trilogy of already superb computer games - where substantial care had been taken of a steadily rising thrill-factor.

If critics feel that the main issue with vg adaptations are the lack of story and character, this just might be a huge caliber in their guns for the future.

It's tiring, really, and frankly, cliché.

Written by Roger Avary of Pulp Fiction fame, the primary focus on milking everything from the franchise that is visually compelling ends up overpowering the weak plot.

It is true to the mood and theme of the games, is thoroughly entertaining, and is beautifully shot.

As a game that would work, because you're actively involved, but as a passive viewer, you get bored.

Having watched a fair number of horror films over the years, I look for those that are outside the norm and are intriguing.


Too long, boring and not scary...

It's confusing at best.

At two hours and five minutes it is far too long for a flick that depends on one main theme, dismal cinematography, barely adequate "acting" and very standard SFX.

Felt like a lot of stuff was cut out(which I read that the original cut was 3 and a half hours so that may be why) and the movie itself felt disjointed in some parts.

Silent Hill was by far the worst movie I have seen in my life.

There are also some confusing elements and loose ends that are ultimately not tied up.

In short, this movie has little to no plot until the end, at which point it really doesn't matter anymore.

Somewhere in the middle it was getting a bit boring, as the only thing the star was doing was running in the city looking for her child.

For Rose, crossing the thresh hold of hell and earth is just one of the many problems she is faced with on this dreary day MF Silent Hill.

Breathtaking, original and brave .

I found it very long (nearly two hours), a bit predictable in terms of plot and very repetitive.

But overall, enjoyable.

Yes the acting was dry, the plot was weak, and the Husband's role was rather pointless.

As my boyfriend and I walked out of the theater completely disturbed, we both looked at each other and thought the same thing.

I like horror films, but this one was a waste of my time.

What makes the games so creepy, yet fascinating is the almost complete lack of any explanation, it doesn't have to make any sense at all, it is just disturbing and absurd.

I have to say I am looking forward to Scary Movie to make fun of this movie as will my friends and I as we decided we will make a spoof out of this movie because its so retarded and pointless...

Fortunately director Christopher Gans realised that the survival horror element, rather than the video game element, was the most important aspect (unlike "Resident Evil" which, while fairly entertaining bore no resemblance to the game) and for the most part succeed.

Too boring Japanese for me .

Silent Hill is just such a movie that for a short time, takes you out of this boring world and puts you in a world that is like this one, only dark and twisted at the core.

Comparing movies to books/video games is pointless as it comes to us as one or the other.

The story was extremely simple and boring.

And a waste of time.

I wanted to tell the in-coming audience to leave and leave now ...

Some parts are just too creepy and shocking, while others get a little boring.

The rest of the movie is just as stupid and confusing.

Yawn .

The time before that,when the action slows down and it talks about the past, the part where people say it gets boring, is explaining a very in-depth, and creepy storyline that really amplifies the feel to the film.

My main beef though was the confusion, especially over the ending, which left me baffled and unclear as to the conclusion of the storyline.

So I was obviously hesitant to waste my time on another offering from that most pitiful and forlorn of genres: the video game adaptation *shudder*.

The ending will confuse and maybe even irritate some but I found it intriguing.

The mother will soon learn that Silent Hill is more than a dull boring town when strange and hellish things start to appear out of no where.

Overall, I enjoyed it.

A waste of time for little Jodelle to be in a movie that is so prejudiced and SICK.

The story telling makes some unexpected changes in style along the plot which is quite refreshing.

This movie wasn't suspenseful, as with most recent horror films the audience was laughing at the most intense parts...

This film is intense and comes off with an extremely serious and severe tone, it is completely stark and hopelessly lost in its own dark world :) .

My suggestion: Don't waste you money, people.

It's very slow paced, but that's OK, as it keeps you on the edge of your seat waiting for what will happen next.

They are always vague and confusing, and leave you wondering.

it's just all to intense for me.

pointless and poorly developed .

Sadly, I found this film to be confusing at times.

Here, he's flat and - dare I say it - dull.

But the negatives here are the extremely pretentious and sometimes awful writing, certain lines really miss their mark when they try to be either melodramatic or casual.

The "scary" scenes were too predictable.

From a person who has studied metaphysics for most of one's life, it's like The Matrix of horror movies packed with esoterica: the hopscotch (which is patterned after the tree of life) was drawn out on the ground of the school with the words heaven and hell in their respective locations.

This was probably only the 2nd or 3rd movie i have ever seen that i walked out on before the ending.

Just saw the movie,the best one in the last two months it is absolutely fabulous,though the beginning is a little drawn out and you start to wonder what all the deal is about and then the puzzle gets laid out step by step .

In all honesty the story is meant to be a teaser and what you call a mind^%#@ with random occurrences and an ending that's rather haunting in its suggestion… through imagery (mainly the performances) and the use of an airy score (which during the intense moments can be bruising).

this movie was badly done, boring and not interesting at all, I laugh at the Visual effects, and I cry'd because of the script, There is no back story in the video games, that is what makes em good, Mystery, The Silent hill games were about the town rather then the main characters, And the monsters were Awesome in the games, and there is that radio that alway's made sound's when an monster is near, then you have an flashlight and are in an dark hallway all that together = something better then the silent hill movie,If you are an fan of the games, Don't see it, If you are mentally ill or just an retard then please go!

The DVD's extras are on six part entertaining featurettes with plenty of interviews with the cast and crew.

And Its still confusing as hell what how the little girl is really connected to anything - becuz she looked like the daughter of one of the women that wouldn't join the silent hill cult whose own mother was in the weird supernatural stuff going on in the town.

I hope the design team behind the games had as little as possible to do with this production, because if not, the next game is likely going to be as much of a waste of time and money as this movie was.

This is fatally flawed though: these monsters reflect characters from different stories and therefore have no purpose for being here other than for fan service, essentially reducing them to empty movie monsters with no deeper meaning or purpose other than to menace the main characters.

I'd have to say despite the story flaws, and seeming lack of explanation or reason for the appearance (or motive) of some of the creatures, the movie is definitely entertaining, and at times, scary.

The film consists of a woman looking around an abandoned derelict town after her daughter runs for a long long time before finding clues for a sometimes confusing storyline.

Also, the ending is definitely confusing on all fronts.