Singham (2011) - Action, Drama

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A truly honest police officer is transferred to a town controlled by a gangster he has humiliated. The gangster believes he can use good power to bring down this officer who made him look foolish and weak.

IMDB: 6.8
Director: Rohit Shetty
Stars: Ajay Devgn, Kajal Aggarwal
Length: 143 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 6 out of 49 found boring (12.24%)

One-line Reviews (55)

Waste of time and money .

What makes it exciting is that they both get chances to win over each other though the end as usual is won by the hero of the movie.

In fact, the main reason behind the probable success of this film has to be these particular scenes (including the one with the Neta Ji) where Ajay answers his powerful enemies with fiery dialogues and strong punches along with its worth watching action sequences which have been shot with élan.

You will walk out from the theater saying that was entertaining ...

Other songs are simply a bore.

Singham is an enjoyable film that can best be described as a popcorn + movie.

This toss up between hero and villain forms the bulk of the second half of the film in what would be a simple, straightforward story, made a lot enjoyable through its sheer entertainment value, with really deliberate, over the top action sequences that you'd chuckle at - you know, how one slap can leave a man flying through the air, or how there are many physics-defying moves that would make all would-be villains give up their life of crime when this long arm of the law reaches them.

And I can honestly say from beginning till the end, this movie kept me on the edge of my seat.

This movie was brilliant and entertaining but it's really good to be able and enjoyable I love the songs and entertaining songs Storyline is superb screenplay is superb editing is superb direction is superb background music is superb Ajay devgn is superb kajal does well in her debut performance Prakash is amazing as the villain This movie is really impressive and outstanding Don't miss it 8/10

One of the worst movies of the year.

But, the Screenplay offers some really interesting moments, especially in the second hour, which is quite gripping.

Compelling performances delivered by Ajay Devgn and Prakash makes Singham a must-watch.

Nevertheless it's a light and enjoyable ride!

the only mercy coming in the form of an intermission (too short), and the random slo-mo shots (too slow).

Singham directed by Rohit Shetty is a long,loud and tiresome work.

Overall, an entertaining film for the action lovers and if you want a dose of it then Singham is the one for you.

Yes, Bollywood has copycat syndrome, and extremely over the top moments, but what they do is make it work to be entertaining, not roll your eyes momentsFrom start to finish I was entertained and found the action scenes to be well paced, entertaining and made me feel Singham is the bollywood Norris, Chan, Willis and Schwarzenegger rolled into one.

Sonali Kulkarni lends some seriousness to her tragedy that goes beyond just tears while Sachin Khedekar provides the comic relief that's quite unexpected from him.

Hell of an entertaining Bollywood action movie with the "young angry man" theme.

The rest is a yawning gap where a movie should have been.

Bajirao Singham is Ajay Devgan's most powerful character yet and this lion hearted Officer's battle is among the most thrilling action films in recent times.

Director Rohit Shetty,after making some hilarious comedies have gone back to his base and have created an Action packed entertainer(Rohit shetty stared off with Action thriller,Zameen also starring Ajay) which is full of mass appeal.

The banality of the plot is overcome by a screenplay that grips the viewer as it races through Singham's transfer from village to city.

Yes, he may not have a particularly compelling backstory, nor do any of his abilities have any bearing to the bounds of reality (unless it's a super-moustache that he's wearing), but as far as entertaining, likable and effortlessly cool movie heroes go, Singham has to be up there with the finest of all.

Drawing inspiration from 2010's super-hit Tamil film starring Surya, 'Golmaal' series director Rohit Shetty embraces the high-flying, ridiculous action that defines his absurdity but renders a thrilling, gripping tale of injustice and abuse of power that ensues in the Goan town.

With the first song — title song "Singham" — I felt that the movie is either an intentional satire of Sallu-style movies or a blatantly bad and predictable action movie.

Over the course of its very long runtime, Singham effectively spaces out some brilliant action sequences that keep the pace moving extremely rapidly, and continue to bring more fun to the viewers just when you think it's all getting a little repetitive.

The music is crass and boring.

Movie song you wont remember and are boring beyond the time music.

The verbal volleys, fight scenes between the two makes the movie exciting and doesn't let you move away from the movie.

There's only two of them throughout the whole thing, but they do a lot of damage to the flow of such an entertaining movie when they crop up.

Some +ves::The bench of Marathi actors who does a brilliant job and the Ajay Charisma,Entertaining direction by Rohit shetty,Thrilling Background music,Editing work by Steven.

The movie is very fast paste and every single moment is enjoyable to watch.

An honest, upright officer, given to destroying public property and engaging in gymnastic fisticuffs, he is played by Ajay Devgan.

Although doing a great job at bringing a compelling and threatening villain to face off against Singham, and providing an exciting and interesting story, I can't say that the screenplay here brings any real depth to any of the characters.

when you think of Ajay, the first thing that comes in your head is that he is an intense actor, followed by that he can fight on screen well, then you seem to think that he has a brilliant comic timing....

The Love Story in this movie between actress and Ajay drives this movie to intense action little romance and gr8 drama this movie shows how the police system should work.


But as its Rohit Shetty as the director and Ajay Devgn as the hero, they have made it even more entertaining.

The story is brilliant and the movie- entertaining!

As far as reviving that style goes, I have to say that Singham is a stunning success.

"Ajay Devgn , Prakash Raj, Rohit Shetty, Aave Singham, Kajal Aggarwal, Majja Satkeli, Gotya…" These are some phrases that keep rolling onto your mind as soon as you leave the theater.

A total entertaining movie with loads of action and drama.

All in all a waste of time a money, can watch the original Tamil version instead.

So, overall SINGHAM does have its merits in the form of some worth watching confrontation sequences and superb action.

Singham's fast-paced narrative essentially grips you throughout, engaging you into the battle against the malicious gangster while some occasional relief, though in form of a mere distraction, is posed by Kaavya (Kaajal Agarwal – Telugu super duper star).

The starting is okay, picks up pace till the mid but the ending was a bit stretched out (and a little boring).

The movie is an entertaining mix of reality and dramatization.

But apart from the engrossing action fun the film lacks humor.

Though the crowd loved this, with some hardly managing to hold onto their seats due to the excitement, adrenaline or booze, I was just left bewildered.

Singham is an entertaining masala flick,a tribute to the 80's era of bollywood masala movies,an addition to the list of Hindi remakes of south blockbusters.

The only grudge I bear against him is his total disregard towards destruction of public property, but that's quickly forgiven as he relentlessly kicks ass in novel, entertaining ways.

This movie is a full package entertaining movie.

Prakash Raj though is splendid in his typical negative role but this time it looked like repetitive to me towards the climax.

Movie: Singham Rating: 4.5/5Rohit Shetty is an action packed director often known to make action packed movies.