Skipped Parts (2000) - Comedy, Drama, Romance

Hohum Score



An ungrounded young mother and her thoughtful teenage son are banished to a remote provincial town by a domineering father.

IMDB: 6.3
Director: Tamra Davis
Stars: Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Jason Leigh
Length: 100 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 6 out of 39 found boring (15.38%)

One-line Reviews (20)

Instead, it plays as a convoluted, bland, and ill-focused mess of silliness, stiff acting, post card scenery, dream sequences, and out-of-nowhere nonsense lacking the finesse required to weave an engaging story from the comedy and drama components resulting in a marginally entertaining watch and a story with a difficult buy-in.

Skipped Parts is a coming of age drama / comedy that is filmed like it is an after school special for a G rated audience.

it is, alternately, funny, sad, depressing & invigorating, but always entertaining.

The sad thing is that the actors turned in good performances, but it was pointless as the movie seemed to be written with the "life sucks so why even try to be decent" mentality.

Not only is the story watered down and written for cheap laughs and tears, but the pacing is unbearably slow.

That's also the reason why there have been made so many coming of age-movies.

I really enjoyed it and thought it was pretty brave of everyone involved.

A fine coming of age-story, although sometimes a bit far-fetched .

And then all of the sudden the atmosphere changed a bit and there are unexpected turns and all that – the movie makers have managed to get a whole a lot of "real life "things in events in the scenes.

I have enjoyed Bug Hall and Mischa Barton for a while now as child and teen actors and to see them together in somewhat of an enjoyable "sleeper" was rather nice.

I still found it very entertaining and if you want to see some very good acting and a good comedy, i recommend this movie very highly.

this is a quirky, entertaining flick.

It's sure worth watching and I gave it a rating of 7/10 which is far from bad for this kind of movies.

Don't waste you money!

) The book will give you a week of solid enjoyment, and that beats two hours of confusion and nausea pretty much any day.

A coming of age story of the American family.

set against the backdrop of small town america 1963, it's a different 'coming of age' movie.

Saw it on Netflix streaming, in spite of the subject it is done very nicely and I enjoyed it.

It hits so far away from what made the book enjoyable that you have to be a little bit irritated at the filmmakers for even trying.

Nevertheless, this is still a very interesting movie and certainly one of the better coming of age-stories that I have ever seen.