Sky Fighters (2005) - Adventure, Action

Hohum Score



An advanced, armed, French Mirage fighter jet is stolen during an air show in UK. 2 other fighter jets locate it. They're forced to shoot it down. Terrorists make another attempt to steal armed Mirages. Why?

IMDB: 5.8
Director: Gérard Pirès
Stars: Benoît Magimel, Clovis Cornillac
Length: 102 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 9 out of 43 found boring (20.93%)

One-line Reviews (28)

Sure some nice views but a plot unbelievable, uninteresting, without suspense from the beginning to the end.

The story had enough twists to keep it entertaining, lots of dogfights (jet fighter terminology for air-to-air combats), and awesome finale shot in Paris.

A pod containing 4 cameras captured the forward, rear and side-to-side action, making for a fascinating insight into the sheer joy of punching your way through a cloud bank.

The characters as fighter pilots combining their efforts with stunt pilots (from the air force) with cameras mounted on a hired chasing Lear Jet and of course inside the Mirage and Alpha jet, brings a breath taking and stunning views of the action.

Rating : Acceptable and passable, no boring , but is quite entertaining.

Some bits of the plot was a bit hard to follow because of slightly jerky edits.

With a propaganda so efficient as the common European product, it is not admiring that the movie counted with all the good will of the military and french aerial trusts.

There are 2 scenes that are breathtaking and unique.

A movie that would blow your level of testosterone and adrenaline without leaning against erotism and soap opera clichés.

The story isn't interesting, because too much linear & predictable.

A really entertaining movie .

Breathtaking and spectacular dogfighting by a crack fighter pilots .

Then we learn there will be an intense one-on-one competition between a new French Mirage and a new American fighter for a big sales contract.

I just saw this movie and I really enjoyed it !

One of the worst movies i have seen this year .

The plot is asinine, the dialogue is painfully trite...

As the movie often gets compared to Top Gun: well, if You found Top Gun a bit plotless, a bit boring, a bit too much romance and the fighting very, very lame, then You'll definitely enjoy this movie.

however, the movie is so exciting and so seems very short.

This is probably the worst movie that currently exists.

In this movie everything is shot from five cameras in a modified pod on a jet fighter and the result is absolutely breathtaking !

Is this movie anything but glossy, exciting entertainment?

was as entertaining.

And finally, the soundtrack is always well chosen : The ambient, mood music beautifully reinforces the feeling of lightness and calm when the planes are flying high in the clouds, and on the other hand the rock music matches perfectly with the thrilling dogfight scenes !

The way the flying scenes are filmed is just breathtaking, and you actually feel like you're sitting in the cockpit.

The shots with the Alphajet in the Alps accompanied with the music by Chris Corner, was absolutely stunning.

boring .

This was one of the worst movies I have seen it a long time.

The movie is somewhat disappointing at first sight: The story is kinda lame, the actors are quite OK, and it's boring from time to time.