So Close (2002) - Action, Crime, Thriller

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A conflict of interest between two high-kicking assassin sisters is complicated as they're pursued by the criminals who hired them and an equally high-kicking female cop.

IMDB: 6.7
Director: Corey Yuen
Stars: Qi Shu, Wei Zhao
Length: 111 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 9 out of 69 found boring (13.04%)

One-line Reviews (57)

With all the cliche and nonsense in the script, and the erratic direction from Corey Yuen (the mood of the movie lurches all over the place, with totally gratuitous attempts to inject 'style' in all the wrong places), I thought that Shu Qi had gotten herself a lead role in a clunker to rival the dreadful MARTIAL ANGELS.

Sexy, Action-packed, and entertaining .

There's so much waste here, which makes me so bored when I watched it.

Overall So Close is a very enjoyable and effective action flick mostly because of Corey Yuen's choreography and the likability of the three main characters.

Running time is too long.

After switching to the original Mandarin, things started getting more watchable, and by the second half- quite enjoyable after the action picked up a few notches.

But then you can be certain you will be served some good and exciting action so it's very much worth the wait.

Stunning .

Could have done without two gratuitous flying scenes of Zhao near the end, though, which add a jarring CTHD note to the otherwise enjoyable action.

There's also a rousing fight between two handcuffed women within the claustrophobic confines of a parking garage.

One of the guys who paid for a hit decides he wants to wipe out the sisters and the cop and then it's all kicking and shooting and wire fu for the last exciting 20 minutes or so.

The storyline sags a bit in the mid-section but makes up for it with a slightly overlong but exciting climax.

Martial arts, CG work and an engaging story.

The "story" was a poor excuse to string together a few boring fight scenes.

Exciting .

Meanwhile the action is good but it will be standard fare for HK fans (in fact, for most of the world now thanks to Hollywood embracing it's style), although, having said that it is still entertaining even if I always find the very unnatural looking wire work to be a bit offputting.

In hindsight I think it has enough intriguing elements, also story-wise, to warrant an 8 rating, and that is what I have now revised my rating to.

The first two are absolutely stunning while Karen Mok opts for a no-nonsense, scrubbed-down, ready-for-action policewoman look--which is still damned attractive.

A story of love, family, friendship and revenge, despite a couple of issues with the plot that can be easily overlooked, So Close is a fantastic action film that proves women are not only as equally heroic as their male counterparts on screen, but are often more graceful and intriguing to watch.

But it certainly made the characters more compelling.

The storyline is rather predictable, so also is the drama.

Out of this World Awesome - An Endlessly Fun, Character Driven, Action Packed Ride, as Unforgettable as it is Unmissable .

I found this film wildly implausible but hugely entertaining.

This is formulaic assassin/police/revenge clichés ad nauseam, with nothing even remotely original or surprising.

However in this film it's essential because it does add to the dynamics between the three main characters and helps make the action scenes more exciting.

Sometimes it's good for the soul to watch mindless, yet enormously entertaining, popcorn movies.

The first 25 minutes were really boring to me.

In this fun, action packed feature, Shu Qi portrays Lynn, the older, more experienced sister of Sue (Zhao Wei).

The sisterly love between Lynn and Sue is brilliantly realistic, and the banter that transpires between them and Kong is equally satisfying, the employment of emotional depth and character development providing additional flavors to an already engrossing feature.

This is an entertaining movie with a good storyline, an impressive cast list, and lots of action.

Some of the dialogue from the sisters (Qi and Zhao) has a lot of exposition or is empty, unnecessary.

It's also rather slow and lo-key compared to most films of this nature.

Mad action mixed with slow romance gets mixed results.

So far you probably think I hated this film, but I did find it enjoyable.

The only decent scene is the finale that so enjoyable and heart throbbing.

Regardless of who is present on screen (Zhao, Karen, Shu, or Yasuaki), it is an enjoyable experience.

Oh well, peace be with that - I admit I enjoyed it!

In like manner, there are actioners that are VERY entertaining, and therefore VERY good movies, regardless of how negatively the "official critics" want to rate them.

Shu Qi's long, boring face shots just don't do much for me or stir any emotional involvement in the storyline, which seems to be the reason for so many of them.

The scenes are full of variety and adrenaline.

At the end of the day, if you like your movies big, dumb and action packed, this is really good fun.


"So Close" (aka "Xi yang tian shi") is a fast paced, high kicking Hong Kong action movie.

The movie starts off quite slow in my opinion, and as in so many such Asian films, the background music is obtrusive.

The editing is way too fast and to me it seemed like it was done in a very childish and predictable way.

While Shu Qi is, of course, exquisitely beautiful, her robotic acting quickly becomes boring and is not what makes So Close such a great action film.

To sum it up; `So Close, So Dull!

The movie took me at all and I was amazed by it especially that I saw the mandarin version I was very entertained watching a Chinese language movie, new locations, new cars, new streets and new people away from the ordinary Hollywood films that I got bored from.

People repeatedly getting misty-eyed over memories that seem so awfully contrived it makes you squirm in your seat to see people act this way?

Sometimes there are a few silly minor things but all in all the movie was very entertaining.

Yuen set out to make an action film brimming with sensational stunts, exciting gunplay and cheeky humor and starring three attractive women.

So it's very very very Sexy, Action-packed, and entertaining.

An event takes place half way through that is the pay-off to all this and Sue and Hong join forces against the rest of the bad guys(more than a hint of John Woo's The Killer) resulting in some really stunning stunts and wire-work.

Supremely entertaining popcorn flick .

It has an unexpected situation turn that makes it very original.

A dull romance between Lynn and an old flame drags things down even further, making it a long slog to the admittedly fun final showdown, which pits Wei and Mok against countless gun toting henchmen and a samurai sword wielding boss.

Actually I would like to refer `So Close' as a bad movie, but considering even sometimes a bad movie can be very entertaining, so I cancel it, because `So Close' is definitely don't come any closer!