Soldier (1998) - Action, Drama, Sci-Fi

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A soldier trained from birth is deemed obsolete and dumped on a waste planet where he is reluctantly taken in by a community of defenseless, stranded wayfarers.

Director: Paul W.S. Anderson
Stars: Kurt Russell, Jason Scott Lee
Length: 99 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 55 out of 394 found boring (13.95%)

One-line Reviews (226)

Frankly, I found this movie to be extremely enjoyable.

Worth watching just to see her (and, yes, she is fully dressed or at least decently and modestly covered throughout the film - I'm talking beauty here, not just raw sex appeal).

This is the worst movie I've seen along with A Civil Action that I have seen in 1999.

Tedious action concerning rounds of aiming gunfire and explosions doesn't make this worthwhile, and the visuals are flat out average at best.

Paul Anderson actually does a decent job of this movie, the violence is well orchestrated ( I just love those minigun moments),Kurt for a change actually has to act with his facial expression rather than blab a load of trite technobabble dialogue and the idea of a good guy whose just as screwed up as the bad guys appeals to me.

was terrible and Bad Boys 2 was a huge let-down after the very entertaining first Bad Boys.

The raindrops are so much more interesting and exciting to watch.

I enjoyed it very much and the only quibble I have is that Kurt seems to have killed more enemy soldiers than there were against him.

Story is unrealistic, predictable and totally dense.


Despite all the violence in this movie, i liked the fact there even the cliché situations managed to create a believable human atmosphere.

To imagine that Todd could have fought alongside android troops like Roy is mind boggling to say the least.

It's got the perfect amount of action and romance all thrown together to give you an easy going enjoyable film to watch.

The planet that these refugees hide in is dull.

It's an OK film but a dull story that quickly runs out of ideas and a poor lead character takes a lot away from the role.

It's passable action but felt relatively repetitive.

Instead, they were delivered much more, while those who might have enjoyed it, probably didn't see the film because they thought it was simply mindless action.

I was really sceptical about watching this film as I had heard so much bad press about it but on watching it I really enjoyed it.

This film was entertaining.

While I will have to agree that this film is a pastiche (or rip-off, if you will) of several other sci-fi/action films, I found it enjoyable.

The opening to the film and the closing are the best parts, which are held together with a great mid section, I highly recommend it and hope that anyone who reads this watches it, it's that good!!

Studio productions can in essence be the excruciating antonym to that, where ideas and wit are discarded for needlessly bloated genre clichés, and a film like this becomes an arduous tedious process of imagining what could have been.

This should be seen in theatre as there are many visually stunning scenes that prove Anderson to be a very talented director.

Sooooo pointless .

Soldier is an atmospheric, stylish, and surprisingly layered character piece, that still manages to be an excellent old-style adrenaline ride.

Todd to leave his old role as a soldier made the familiar elements of the plot unique, and in every film the telling of the story is usually what makes a movie worth watching.

Sure there are plot holes big enough to drive a truck through, but if you sit back, suspend belief, and just enjoy the ride, it's pretty enjoyable.

I found RE to be enjoyable enough (though some RE fans hated it due to him not including the game characters, understandably).

The characters have some interesting (especially Todd and how he sees his world)and the movies lays down its foundations are very, but in the end the story becomes rather trivial and predictable.

Can it get any more predictable.

This is a huge waste of time.

Many have accepted the coercion of studio market saturation, and adopted the pitiful, defeated anti-intellectualism whereby familiarity is effectively calculated in order to maximize the commercial appeal of a movie product, and the consumer validation comes in the form of trite slogans such as "turn your brain off and enjoy the ride.

Except for the novelty of Kurt Russell hardly speaking, the film is a dud - another tedious re-tread of THE ROAD WARRIOR.

That's a pity, because the film gets off to a compelling start.

Kurt Russell's performance was riveting and nothing less than extraordinary.

This is a repetitive statement, to be sure.

There were several noticeable plot holes in this film, and the pace has failed to keep a certain lively rhythm that has made previous entries of similar kind entertaining, and of guilty viewing pleasures.

As such, I enjoyed it fully.

This was an enjoyable flick, overall.

There was a lot of action in this film, but the part was so difficult to follow because of the back-and-forth action.

The middle though, may be rather tedious and plodding.

Entertaining from start to finish.

Which, to me, makes the entire part completely pointless.

S Anderson's "Soldier" is B movie at heart that just wants to be more, but this brainless Sci-fi fodder can't hide its phony sets, drab direction and derivatively, lacking story.

A hardened sci-fi fan should find this film to be utterly enjoyable.

Set in a futuristic universe of Blade Runner (and there are references made in the movie to Blade Runner) Soldier tells a compelling tale of a soldier played by Kurt Russell who's been selected at birth and then trained to be a powerful and emotionless killing machine until one day he's replaced by a more 'advanced' model of soldiers and is discarded like trash on a landfill planet.

It's an entertaining way of making us consider the alternatives, like a bleak future and a world in which good movies just wouldn't make a whole lot of difference.

It wasn't bad, the story was coherent, the plot was clear and thought-provoking, the action was exciting enough, the fight scenes were credible, and Kurt Russell and Jason Scott Lee acted well.

Anderson's films are usually predictable, once you've seen at least one.

Just fine for an empty headed action flick.

Underrated Action Packed Adventure .

The cinematography is decent, their is lots of action and it is very fast paced.

The movie is just a tiresome conflict between the old soldier (played by Russel) and the genetic crafted soldier (played by Jason Scott Lee).

Other dull performances come from Connie Nielsen because the screenwriter obviously felt that a female lead or damsel is needed.

Russell's portrayal is fairly dull & "wooden" which is what he played very well.

While I did find this to be entertaining, I can see why some wouldn't like it.

When Todd cuts loose and sets out to eliminate his opponents, Soldier is insanely entertaining.

Soldier is a formulaic film which benefits from some good production design, okay effects and that glorious photography by Phantom Menace veteran David Tattersall.

a totally pointless film.

Well after paying my way in you should know I was pleasantly surprised at a very enjoyable film.

This film is pointless, inept, boring, laughably bad and an excellent cure for insomnia.

Nothing is new, fascinating or funny about this in general.

The fight scenes are exciting, and bullets fly everywhere.

Entertaining Action Flick.

I did get a feeling the film needed or wanted to be grander though, personally I wanted to see more of the planet, the military, it all felt a bit compressed and revolved around one area the entire time (the scavenger camp got a wee bit boring).

Hence, while Peoples' script might have been more substantive at some stage, the end result is merely an entertaining action film with a few nice ideas, and it works in that sense.

Surprisingly enjoyable .

Without having much dialog at all, Kurt Russel gives an outstanding performance in a rather awkward yet entertaining scifi adventure...

I was dead bored watching this.

Entertaining, somewhat, though admittedly not very, thought-provoking, and exciting once the action starts.

I found it to be rather enjoyable.

The story line was unusual and engrossing to watch.

Then there is a long, slow stretch where Russell assimilates to his new planet and people and then the final showdown scene.

The area in which they are living is considered to be uninhabited so when the soldiers are sent on a training mission there they expect it to be empty.

The direction is slipshod and lazy - the action scenes are boring and none of the characters stand out at all.

Anderson gets a lot of hate for his movies, but he knows how to construct fluid and exciting action scenes.

This movie should satisfy fans of loud action movies and gripping human dramas, if only you pay attention.

While this film may not be comparable to People's earlier sci-fi classic "Blade Runner," it is my opinion that it is a great break from the watered-down, contrived, and very obviously foolish films that populate the genre.

''Soldier' is quite possibly the worst movie in history, it sets new depths for bad plotting, excruciating acting and dreadful direction.

An excellent, intelligent and exciting science fiction action winner .

There are two sides to Paul Anderson.. There is the side that worked with legendary producer Charles Gordon on the visually stunning and scary "Event Horizon".

Having said that, I really enjoyed it.

The hero is a dull, emotionless waste of space who has one facial expression preserved throughout the movie: The Kurt Russell "Cold Stare.

And the planet that he was dumped on is now going to receive some unexpected help.

I cannot fathom why a successful, smart actor like Russell would ever go near a plotless, overhyped, so-bad-it's-past-funny-and-just-bad waste of time like this film!

I didn't and because the film is all about that character, I found the film quite uninteresting.

Soldier is derived from every other sci-fi flick ever made, but it does such a p**s poor job that this is one of the few films that made me want to leave the theater.

Okay, okay, so nothing happened that we didn't know would happen.

It just all comes across as unnatural, rather tacky and totally pointless padding.

Well worth watching and buying .

Very enjoyable.

I really enjoyed it.

But Enjoyable .

The middle hour is a little bit too long and boring.

It's easily Paul's worst movie, which is saying quite a lot.

But it's entertaining and the acting is superior for the genre and there's more to it than explosions and shooting.

An entertaining, meaningful, and emotionally connecting movie.

The main problems stem from the fact that the film is so routine, and therefore massively predictable.

I did not like the movie at all and it was hard for me to finish it because it was so bad and boring.

Even though the film contained several elements already seen in several other science fiction films they were all executed well and in an non-cheesy manner which made them all the more enjoyable.

Avengers, Knock Off and Soldier - Worst movies of the year.

Most of the movie is pretty darn dull, but the fire laden finale is a medium good pay off for having to endure a long string of silly lines and failed emotional moments where nothing happens.

The fight scenes are intense and the action nearly non-stop.

The action scenes are pretty well done if I must say and Gary Busey once again brings such a goofy performance but his so enjoyable to watch with the little screen time he got.

SOLDIER is too long for the plot; the pacing gets too slow in places; the shots of Sgt.

As the movie progresses and he spends more time with the family he shows more feelings and emotions—but still Kurt Russell's character is like a bored dog staring at you when it's not biting the mailman.

Soldier is one of those films that will be looked back on in 5 years time as a good science fiction movie, because of the following reasons: 1: Visually breathtaking.

3.5 out of 10Paul Anderson, the director of the underrated Event Horizon, is also the man responsible for Soldier, a big-budget sci-fi actioner that fails to be consistently exciting or interesting.

Soldier gets 6/10 rating due to its great visual style and some exciting scenes and images.

All in all, I rather enjoyed it.

You can actually count the amount of lines that Kurt Russell says on one hand, in this mildly entertaining film.

What follows is an exciting, explosive and hand to hand combat fight to the death.

This movie is fun and exciting with plenty of action.

The polar dynamics operating here between an extreme version of a brainwashed, brutalized military soldier and the rudimentary cobbled together tribe of families forgotten in the backwash of a garbage heap of a world is fascinating to watch.

Overall well worthy of a rental *** as it is pretty entertaining out of 5 i just wish it could have been more consistent

The action is intense and the climax builds to a battle between Todd and the Leader of the new Solders that injured Todd months back.

Lackluster characters,contrived story, indifferent plot.

Few actors are as engaging to follow in both action sequences and plot development interactions.

If you have an empty social calender & have a few hours to spare, give "Soldier" a look-see.

If you are in the mood for a basic, predictable, but fun and entertaining film, rent this one.

I liked the movie it was engaging from beginning to end.

I even think that this is the best work I've seen from director Paul Anderson, who has previously directed the entertaining "Mortal Kombat" and the not so entertaining "Event Horizon".

Uneven but well made and pretty entertaining WARNING!!!!!!

Todd(Russell) who from birth to adulthood endures intense military training, psychological brainwashing, & countless war campaigns to become an elite soldier.

Overall the film has good ideas and good action scenes, but the middle section is dull and meaningless.

" cliché/turning point body-count.

The film is well shot and contains some contrived excitement.

Good, enjoyable entertainment with some thought to ir .

" The art direction in this movie is breathtaking.

Right off the top, Kurt Russell gives an absolutely stunning performance, all the more because he does it with almost no speech.

Very entertaining .

There were some decent thrills in this film, and the action can be exciting at times.

One of the worst movies i've ever seen.

Jason Scott Lee is perfect as his nemesis and Gary Busey is enjoyable, as always, as their leader.

The suspense is thrilling and you can almost feel the tension when the bad guys attack.

I started watching this movie on a hotel movie chanell while touring Australia and found it so predictable that I fell asleep half way through.

'Soldier' is one of the worst movies of science fiction plus action made in the last years.

This film is a pointless parade of graphic violence that should be smashed with a sledgehammer.

I hear Pompeii is pleasingly daft and enjoyable, and if he is not going to go back to the tense, intense horror of Event Horizon, this will more than suffice.

He was able to express so much with such evocative expressions, and little dialog.

Until we all love & care for another like the marooned colonists on the 'garbage world,' mankind is setting itself up for endless/pointless conflict.

Nonetheless, I enjoyed it for what it was, an entertaining, visually interesting, fairly well-acted movie.

As it stands, a masterpiece pared down to it's most base, mindlessly referential and shallow form, is still the best work of this completely uninspiring director.

We do get to see Todd slowly coming around as he is immersed in a more family orientated society.

Even then there are only one or two intense moments (one being the final combat showdown), because these gung-ho antics and explosions lack any sort of oomph or gusto.

Save your money......

It is quite entertaining compared to many in the same genre and has more credibility compared to Universal Soldiers.

However, as ludicrous as it is, it remains an enjoyable experience.

Men getting shot is always a boring death to me, especially when it's repeated loads of times.

David Tattersall's polished cinematography, Joel McNeely's rousing full-bore orchestral score, and the first-rate rate special effects all further enhance the overall sterling quality of this superior science fiction/action hybrid outing.

Mindless action but I enjoyed it.

Granted, the ending is somewhat predictable, and the plot as a whole has many familiar elements.

So, this really is another tip for "worst movie ever" award.

Yes, I give you it is not a masterpiece, far from it, but since it doesn't try to pretend it is, the movie just soldiers on and gives one a very enjoyable experience.

Soldier is a fast paced action movie that combines aspects of Universal Soldier and Rambo in a Mad Max scenario.

Not bad, but totally predictable .

'Soldier ' definitely has a lot going for it, an interesting take on the future of warfare, a solid cast led by Kurt Russell, above average artistic vision, memorable lines, and well thought out action sequences that keep you on the edge of your seat.

It ALL seems to be put together from other movies and is absolutely unwatchable.

For me the real appeal was watching Kurt convey his suffering at his alienation from humanity, as well as his slow awareness of how much had been stolen from him by his barbaric upbringing.

" I have seen this movie so many times in the past, it just bores me to tears when a "new" version of the same movie comes out.

A dull long film about so little.

I give it an 8 out of 10 stars, definitely worth the watch.

Soldier is action packed from start to finish.

I consider it one of my "guilty pleasures" - I'm just embarrassed a little to admit that I enjoyed it.

What a waste of time.

Entertaining in an explody kind of way .

The fight sequences are strong and exciting - very good choreography and execution.

Both sequences are quite gripping in different ways.

So much of his performance comes in the form of body language and facial expressions, constituting a hundred different gradations just of stoic determinedness and confusion/uncertainty.

Anderson, working from a smart and provocative script by David Webb Peoples, depicts a chilling vision of a bleak, cold and harsh possible near future while maintaining a snappy pace and a tough, gritty tone throughout.

"Soldier" is one of the most derivative, boring, silly, cliche'd sci-fi actioners in recent memory.

's are stupid, but the movie was highly enjoyable, except for the third act and climax.

I can see why this film failed, because people just thought it was an action film where nothing happens for a while and then there is a big fight at the end.

The action is quite good, some scenes are quite exciting as Todd takes on the genetic unit by stealth methods, although this only accounts for the final 30 minutes.

So i liked this movie very much, it might not be a such a great piece of art, but it´s an entertaining movie, and i think it has much more depth than it seems at first.

Anderson's direction is simply unexciting and incredibly formulaic.

But it is entertaining and dramatic at the right moments.

I did and I enjoyed it

To my great surprise, I enjoyed it immensely.

A sparsely plotted, suspenseful film.

The movie has some slight computer awareness, and uses the visual cliché of showing us the computer display that a man is seeing - projected on his face!

It should serve as a reminder that even if 'Rocky IV' was loud, horribly fascistic and unwatchable; it was never *THIS* loud, horribly fascistic and unwatchable.

Mean as hell, and very enjoyable.

Watching three dogs viciously rip a wild boar to shreds while a monotone voice chants various phrases("Mercy is a weakness.

But it's enjoyable to watch more than once.

Well worth watching, and watch carefully, the water is deeper than at first it appears.

A ridiculously contrived premise is saved by some satisfyingly violent action.

But this idea is scrapped for an unevenly, slacking mid-section, which at best can be describe as a complete "yawn!

Can these pedestrian action sequences be any more numbingly, dull!

It is basic and the action is fun and entertaining, and last time I checked, that is the main job of a motion picture.

just go with it that's what i did and i actually managed to enjoy this despite the predictable out comings.

He wastes them by making an inept and frequently even laughable grade-Z action snoozer.

No plot, no character development and very little talking by the characters.

I enjoyed it back in 1999 when it was released straight to video/DVD here in the UK & enjoyed it just as much when I watched it again last night for the first time in several years.

Surprisingly, I really enjoyed it, though.

It is however a slick and well executed action packed 99 minutes that will be very entertaining for fans of the action movie genre.

It just shows a short couple of minutes of the main character's foundation, and then it gets on with the business of entertaining the viewer...

Yes, say what you will about the bizarre plot and somewhat pointless setting of the movie on another planet, Kurt Russell did a rather good job as a soldier raised to complete missions and to follow orders to the max.

Entertaining Action Movie .

What follows is totally non stop action, fine effects and exciting situations.

Normally I lay down while watching movies, but with this movie I actually sat on the edge of the couch the entire time and I even shouted out load too support the hero even though I was alone in the room.

  Casting Kurt Russell a charismatic wise ass if there ever was one as an emotionless, antisocial killing machine might seem counter-intuitive, but his performance is so perversely committed (he spent 18 months preparing for the role) that it becomes compelling.

An underrated and enjoyable action movie.

I'm being sarcastic with myself - but what wouldn't be boring, stupid, or moralistic?

This is by far the worst movie I've paid $7.75 for in 1998 .

Kurt Russell's performance as a deadpan soldier is entirely predictable, and certainly wasn't worth his $20 million paycheck.

I rented Soldier expecting an entertaining movie, and let me tell you, I wasn't disappionted.

Soldier is a fun action movie that is very entertaining as long as you're not expecting some spectacular movie.

The fight between Todd and Caine is perfectly handled: fast paced and realistic.


Uneven but well made and pretty entertaining this starts off with a bang then settles down in the middle although (always interesting until catching up in the finale.

Soildier has a dreadful plot and the special effects for set pieces are all cgi computer instalations and the action is just the usual boring tame stuff with no acceptations .

Dragged too much in places for an action movie.

My objection is for the fact that David Peoples (a talented man) penned the script, and worse, actually came out to say this takes place in the same world as Bladerunner, this formulaic sci-fi about a ruthless army machine that tramples innocence.

Todd's face remains a wooden mask even as his eyes move constantly and betray the confusion, fear and longing the character is experiencing.

Ho hum.

It's a fairly entertaining film, probably on par with Aliens, in truth.

), but the team behind Soldier managed to make the experience enjoyable.

This focus is dull because Todd is such a dull character - I'm not too bothered by the lack of dialogue (although more would have helped) but lets not forget that he's only a human, not a robot.

I saw this film as an intense psychological study of a man being thrown from one environment into another at the most extreme level.

Now for the bad and these a lot: The movie is just bombarding with dull scenes and cardboard character's that the end of the day is a waste of time watching.

It's thoroughly enjoyable, completely satisfying escapist fare.

Todd is an emotional cripple and suffering from intense PTSD - this movie being written before the phenomenon was as widely recognized as it is now.

However, despite all the negative comments about this film, I found it very enjoyable.

With these points of start, 'Soldiers' fails to be a gripping movie and even the story is completely full of outrageous flaws; for example, the people who lived in the abandoned planet, who are they?

For a film that's supposed to get you enjoying yourself and munching down your popcorn, Anderson manages to keep the movie surprisingly uninteresting.