Space: 1999 (1975) - Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi

Hohum Score



The crew of Moonbase Alpha must struggle to survive when a massive explosion throws the Moon from orbit into deep space.

IMDB: 7.3
Stars: Martin Landau, Barbara Bain
Length: 50 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 9 out of 109 found boring (8.25%)

One-line Reviews (43)

From how bland it was, to how much of a rip-off of 'Star Trek' it was to how completely un-scientific...

Barry Morse's Professor Victor Bergmann is my favourite character, superbly acted, witty and engaging (check out his moving speech as the remnants of Moonbase Alpha are about to depart in the episode "War Games").

The second season was arguably though, the most exciting, with upbeat music and lots of action, the flaw being that some of the scripts were pretty poor.

A space opera where the moon is blown out of orbit might have been a fair premise if it was a rip off from STAR TREK but the problem with SPACE 1999 is that it tries to rip off the dull and pompous 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY and that`s where the problem lies, 2001 loses itself in its own metaphysical ramblings and SPACE 1999 does the same .

Apologies to the show's fans, but I - a seasoned sci-fi fan - find the show practically unwatchable.

The 1st series could get slow, the second lets face could get slow also so many different characters made things more interesting.

If you can get past the implausibilities, and character/actor egos; then you might feel the series is entertaining.

Season 1 was very exciting.

The second season tossed these two redeemers in favor of more formulaic stories and more action and humor.

How boring

It was impeccably designed, pretentious, gothic and self-aggrandizing.

Worth watching if you can ignore some of the bad acting!

I find the acting to be reserved but quite intense at the same time...

'The Bringers of Wonder' despite being very exciting is a ludicrous story in places, and 'The Taybor' despite having some good qualities also suffers from this weakness.

The two shows may have been different but they were both exciting in their own ways.

I had an intense crush on the zienia merton character (sandra).

The first episode is genuinely exciting and spectacular, despite its numb-skull premise.

Even by today's standards it's got a great plot, script, characters, themes, premises, and elements of exciting writing.

Pretentious And Uninvolving .

The mix of races of the Moonbase personnel is a nice idea and the supporting characters such as Alan Carter (Nick Tate) and Paul Morrow (Prentis Hancock) are engaging and memorable.

The directing is confusing, the writing is absurd, the editing choices are baffling, the ship model work is...

people "duck" on Alpha when things nearly hit the moon highly trained staff fall over as a "human barometer" to death/bad situations , banal reactions/scripts to situations/plots, wildly implausible reactions to incredible events poor plot developments I could go on and on.

The pacing was slower, more detailed, less rushed.

The crew of Moonbase Alpha were reluctant explorers and it was a very pessimistic show but it always featured entertaining stories and crazy aliens and if anybody is going to criticize it for being wacky then they would need to criticize Star Trek as well.

And, they improved those drab season one costumes!

Granted the humor is terrible, and the departure of Paul, Victor, and Kono unfortunate (Victor was a good cerebral anchor to the show), and the scripts often trashy, but the show remained unpredictable.

This idea appealed to some, but Martin Landau has gone on record for saying that although Freiberger may have helped the show in some aspects, his ideas were (in the opinion of Landau) very boring compared to the way that Season One had been produced.

The odd costumes and twangy theme music irritated me, but what really turned me off were the wooden acting, cardboard characters (only Alan Carter seemed interesting), a relentlessly ominous atmosphere, and drawn out and often silly stories.

It has been unfairly criticized for being too boring the first season, too campy the second.

Her plight as a persecuted species (with the elitist telepathic race seeking to harvest the metamorphs for their brainstems) was a compelling one.

From the moment that pretentious theme transitions into a disco dance beat amid flashing depictions of ACTION and DRAMA, the show crackles with the energy of people convinced that they are making high brow intellectual science fiction, even as stone walls wobble and alien monsters also wibble.

Season 2 provided us with upbeat and exciting stories, exploring often the most bizarre and intriguing aspects of Science fiction 'The Rules of Luton' for example - highly evolved plants!!!

How boring.

Overall, "Space: 1999" was an enjoyable series to watch.

The first season has bland, overthought stories (although the one with Christopher Lee is the best of the series), while the second put all logic aside for action and making Maya the main character, her shape-shifting abilities nearly always saving the day.

Koenig was intriguing because he would risk it all and make rash decisions, unlike the more crafty and experienced Captain Kirk.

This was a weakness to otherwise intriguing stories that were not going to be mistaken for Star Trek.

And some of the shows were very enjoyable, even if the writers did have a fondness for leaving us wondering what the !!!!

It was so exciting .

They dumped a lot of the cardboard dead weight like "Paul" but they replaced it with equally bland hollywood crud.

Exciting Adventures For Moonbase Alpha .

Nearly unwatchable .

I thought the stories were entertaining and, at times, downright frightening, both years.