Special 26 (2013) - Crime, Drama, Thriller

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A gang of con-men rob prominent rich businessmen and politicians by posing as C.B.I and income tax officers.

Director: Neeraj Pandey
Stars: Akshay Kumar, Anupam Kher
Length: 144 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 8 out of 111 found boring (7.2%)

One-line Reviews (85)

Have got sick and tired of these mindless, irrational and often obnoxious flicks, was bored of all these over-the-top unrealistic song-and-dance movies.

Special 26 is a very good film, and delivers an authentic 80's feel with an engaging plot.

First i must congratulate the makers of "Special Chabbis" for making such an entertaining movie.

Indeed a special experience for cine-goers who are bored with typical 'race2' kind of films.

very entertaining-catch me if u can...!. .

Manoj Bajpayee is stunning as 'the real' CBI officer.

Bit boring part is the chemistry between Akshay and Kajal.

It is fast paced, enjoyable and funny at times.

A gripping Screenplay and Fantastic Acting make it a treat for everyone.

The only other Neeraj Pandey film that I'd seen was 'A Wednesday' which I thought to be seriously overrated as I found it preachy and pretentious.

Mind blowing .

Neeraj Pandey should be showered with awards for this brilliant script which keeps you on the edge.

Neeraj Pandey with his promising debut comes forth with another movie that is enjoyable, witty, intelligent and has enough to make your moneys worth.

film is very entertaining from start to finish...

And Pandeyjee has managed to pull off another amazing entertainer with a fast-paced & exciting plot.

Comedy is some relief, Only few alive patches in the otherwise dull movie.

amazing entertainer with a fast-paced & exciting plot.

The fantastic initial 30 minutes impress you a lot and then you get into the mood of watching an engrossing heist tale of four entertaining con-men who plan & execute their brave heists with great intelligence and confidence.

Worth watching .

This is like Danny Ocean and his Ocean's Eleven, except that Ajay relies on a much smaller crew in their attempts to fleece, relying on quick wits to turn unexpected situations into opportunities of gain.

Very entertaining .

In that also the so-called lead actor 'Imran Khan' was dull compared to 'Pankaj Kapoor'.

But those of you who might carry the notion of his best performance yet need to slow down a little.

My memory of a raid on my family came alive, but between us dear reader, we proved to be a waste of time for the IT guys.

This week's release is something special , something intriguing , enough to keep your brain nimble as a goat.

Special26 is an excellent Heist film filled with wild humor, thrilling moments, and incredible acting from an all-star cast.

A fine heist thriller which is enjoyable if you are willing to ignore its big open loopholes.

However one can enjoy it surely if he wishes to ignores these big open loopholes in its entertaining script.

All actors have performed well and the movie is worth watching.

Overall, Special 26 is a well-made, entertaining thriller with a little hiccup here and there which you may ignore considering other things about it.

Fast paced Cinematography and apt editing elevates film even whenever the story lags.

From the fresh breed of young filmmakers that took over the new phase of the industry, director Neeraj Pandey's voice soared higher than anyone else's with his stunning debut "A Wednesday" four years back.

The plot is interesting, but the story telling is slow.

Throughout the raiding sequences, we see money tumbling out of many unexpected places.

Unnecessary love story & songs make it somewhat boring.

Special 26 is a special suspense, thrilling heist film.

The plot is fast paced and starts off right in the beginning.

Neeraj Pandey has tried to create an unexpected twist in the climax of this movie in order to give a shock treatment to the audience.

the second but equally important person is the director himself - neeraj pandey who had woven the storyline so perfect that made it so gripping and entertaining at the same time.

The movie contains good humour and Ajay's demonstrating his quick-wit in an unexpected adverse situation is highly impressive.

Akshay and Manoj and Jimmy with Shantiji kept us on the edge of our seat, for most parts, tweaking the events to finally unveil a thrilling end.

Yet, it's sharp, intelligent and thoroughly enjoyable.

While portraying a single event would have looked like a documentary, the writers have added more meat to the film through events and developing each of the key characters, presenting most aspects of their lives, love interests, family, etc., Sure, the storytelling has repeated shots of people walking or driving for dramatic effect, which gets tiresome after a point.

film keeps you on the edge of seat throughout the 2 and half hour.

The pacing at times feels unnecessarily drawn out and unintentionally comical, particularly during early scenes that seem intent on heightening dramatic anticipation.

From the first scene to the climax, its a thrilling ride.

Special 26 is a smart, suspenseful action thriller, albeit without any "action".

Every heist the gang of four carry out is exciting.

The details with which every con job has been portrayed along the engrossing Background Score keeps you on the edge of your seat for most part of the movie.

This shows that adaptations of real life incidents, in the right hands, can make for an intelligent and thrilling movie watching experience.

A mind boggling thriller by man who made a ordinary day SPECIAL as A Wednesday .

And i must say it was truly entertaining.

It's sure to get listed as one of the most gripping heist dramas based on real life occurrences.

Truly Entertaining & Gripping.

My wife forced me to watch "Special 26" and I am so glad that she did..I loved it, thoroughly entertaining and a great storyline.

worth watching more than once .

Total waste of money.

His screenplay required more of the crackling wit and dark humor which movies like 1986s Bette Midler starrer Ruthless People had, and some of Special 26's cast could've enlivened their roles with more spontaneity, yet Neeraj Pandey pulls off a successful heist film with his flair for unexpected climaxes.

The story is fast-paced and thoroughly gripping and enthralling.

Music is decent, Gore Mukde Pe Zulf Di Chavaan is good(Kajal Aggarwal looks beautiful in that song), Kaun Mera is slow and melodious, Mujhe Me Tu(Sung by Akshay Kumar) is fabulous, it is so nice to listen to.

Brilliant and unpredictable climax.

The only cliché would be the forced romance of Akshay and Kajal which doesn't fit well with the story.

enjoyed it ....

Races to an exciting finish.

Required good editor to make the movie fast paced.

It's sure to get listed as one of the most gripping heist dramas based on real life occurrences.

Cut out the romance, and this is one gripping, fabulously woven heist drama parallel to what we see in Hollywood flicks.

I feel sorry for the Real CBI and Real Police, but, the climax was mind blowing.

It was simply mind blowing.

One of the most entertaining films ever and amongst those that I have recommended to every person who watches Bollywood films.

Neeraj Pandey's Gripping Script and Direction has made SPECIAL 26 a very very SPECIAL movie!!.

Its a gripping thriller,story keeps you on the edge of the seat, loads of laughter also.

However, as the movie progresses, you will find it more amusing, captivating and hair-raising yet entertaining to the core with some taali-mar dialogs!

It is sad commentary on Hindi cinema where such mediocre movie is considered - unique, epic, grand and exciting.

In terms of MM Kreem's score, the Akshay Kumar sung Mujhme tu is soothing but breaks the fast paced screenplay.

Only week points were repetition of some scenes which were unnecessary, lady love of Akshay Kumar as per Indian Rule book, boring songs.

Thats really exciting.

The screen time of 'Kajal Agarwal' is quite short and it is also quite boring.

It supposedly based on a true story, and had potential to be a unique, gritty and thoroughly enjoyable thriller.

Sharp, intelligent and thoroughly enjoyable thriller .

The songs were really poor and irritating and was interrupting the general flow of the story; the romance angle was a complete failure; and though Neeraj did a great job in picturing the gritty real life scenes but in some places they felt a bit dull and lack-lustre.

lets say the later NAME is enough to make you expect the unexpected.

But ignore the love story and its an Entertaining Intelligent Film.

Akshay gives a convincing performance as a no-nonsense conman in Special Chabbis, a compelling heist drama based on real events.

The film is supremely funny in parts which, I admit, was an unexpected surprise from the director who had last directed a thriller which strived on palpable tension.