Special Forces (2011) - Action, Drama, War

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A French journalist in Afghanistan is kidnapped by the Taliban.

IMDB: 6.4
Director: Stéphane Rybojad
Stars: Diane Kruger, Djimon Hounsou
Length: 109 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 13 out of 86 found boring (15.11%)

One-line Reviews (65)

The film is engaging from the beginning to the last scene in the end of the credits and like in most European films, the cast speaks more than one language.

Gets boring after a while .

Yes there are moments when the suspension of disbelief is stretched to levels bordering the ridiculous (and for a filmmaker continuity is a bugbear of mine) but on the whole, for something that is supposed to be entertaining and not a visual technical manual or documentary of real life, it is a movie that more than adequately fills an hour and half without the feeling that your time has been wasted.

The beginning of this movie is great, it looks like a propaganda for the French army and the French Special Forces.

An emotional film, and worth watching.

In the end it's just boring .

Ultimately Special Forces must go down a misfire due to it's impatient build up, overblown action and predictable caricatures.

Go away and leave IMDB so it can continue to aide me to choose movies worth watching like this one.

I think the director just want or maybe get bored of usual screenplay.

In fact I often find "realistic" movies boring as bat guano and wonder why they didn't just call it a documentary & be done with it.

This film is actually pretty entertaining.

The cinematography was stunning as you went from the snow to the deserts.

Stunning landscapes make that even better.

(The unexpected death; that's what makes a Director "edgy".

Everything is amped up and over emphasised which is a shame as the locations are breathtaking and there is a developing sense of connection between some of the characters in the final reel.

The film is engaging from the beginning to the last scene in the end of the credits and like in most European films, the cast speaks more than one language.

Is is action packed?

and Tcheky Karyo not at his best), but it is just too unrealistic to be enjoyable.

Screenplay: 7/10 Dragged a bit in the middle.

It's fun, action packed, has it's drama and pathos, gives some great insight into the politics & life in that region and is sympathetic & intelligent in it's treatment of local people struggling under the rule of the Taliban.

And there's no story at all.

This version was an enjoyable (with subtitles, as much of it is in different languages) tale, beautifully filmed that is worth watching more than once.

Propaganda plot, military fails .

The long final act/journey gets tedious.

It is definitely worth watching it and be impressed by it the way that I was.

The movie is engrossing right from the start and I think it was about a third of the way through when I thought to myself, this is going to be a great movie and it definitely did not disappoint me, right up to the very end!

suck waste of time.

And the movie gets boring after some time.

That being sad it's nothing that really ruins the movie, but does tend to slow it down at times.

Sometimes you get a feeling that the director has run out of ideas but he has some film to use up and that's exactly how this felt, it dragged lethargically to its inevitable conclusion.

Other than that quite an enjoyable film.

But all of the military "Rambo'ish" triflings are just window dressings to a movie about the human spirit, and why people will live and die for others they barely even know, and I found that side of the film compelling.

Still, it makes for a somewhat entertaining, slightly taxing, viewing experience.

It is so propaganda, you want to walk away in the middle of the movie.

They are actually entertaining: - The president orders the rescue operation and the military chief says they are on their way.

Compared to a number of recent American action films, this is intelligent, well plotted, and engaging.

It's a bit surprising that this movie precedes the American war propaganda films and unlike these, it's not afraid to harm its characters.

I love movies and I always watch them till the end, but this movie was SO bad, I started writing this review when there where still 20 min left of it; believe me, in those 20 min it got only worse like a cliché like final face off battle between the hero and the villain.

Despite first rate acting (very realistic grunts and groans), the plot is entirely predictable.

The story seems predictable at first but the high mortality rate of the characters keeps things unpredictable.

Special Forces is a rather odd French action survival drama propaganda movie.

Cheesy propaganda .

Worst movie I've seen this year .

terrible and complete waste of time .

Propaganda or parody?

Eventually the girls survives, of course, the hero does as well, of course, and we have a bad cliché ending.

This is far from a great military action film, but still manages to deliver some entertaining and great action moments that should keep those into the genre happy.

Waste of time and the stranger next to me agreed because he was snoring through the second half.

suck waste of time.

The reporters attachment to the soldiers is compelling as well because she did not naturally align herself with them initially being a liberal reporter.

**SPOILERS BELOW**But what I loved most was how under-stated and unpredictable this movie was in a so un-American way.

The action scenes are exciting, the scenery lovely, the actors excellent and the Afghans get more coverage than is usual in these sort of films.

Military sponsored highly propaganda film.

The sycophants of Hollywood who critiqued this move like they spent 20 years in SF and 5 years at film critique cliche school, clearly paid by US film industry to spoil and denigrate, an industry that trucks no competition.

Complete and utter waste of time.

The acting, scenery, direction and production were excellent and the scenery was breathtaking.

Good acting, dragged on a bit at the end .

Every cliché in the B grade war movie book.

Everything is so predictable like in teenage movies.

Enjoyable for Action Adventure Emotional Drama .

Final analysis, it is entertaining.

But I'll gladly forgive that - and the use of music too : the temptations of becoming a documentary or a caricature have been resisted after all, and what's left is an engaging survival story that will catch an audience far wider than the military niche.

I repeat, this film gives us some unpredictable and also poignant sequences.

Visually Stunning .

Waste of time.