Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017) - Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

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Peter Parker balances his life as an ordinary high school student in Queens with his superhero alter-ego Spider-Man, and finds himself on the trail of a new menace prowling the skies of New York City.

IMDB: 7.4
Director: Jon Watts
Stars: Tom Holland, Michael Keaton
Length: 133 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 167 out of 1000 found boring (16.7%)

One-line Reviews (516)

This film was terrible , with the lead actor a total bore, even worse a whimp!!!.

I mean really boring.

Worse still, she is played by the totally dreary Zendaya.

Taking place anywhere from a bank to the Staten Island ferry and even the Washington Monument, each of these sequences proves thrilling while demonstrating that other films in the MCU need not put thousands of lives in danger to create tension.

Keaton's part is so juicy and entertaining that it almost saved the movie for me.

Next, we have Ned Leeds – who strangely gave us some laughs yet was rather pointless at the same time.

The characters are a huge Cliché.

Spider-Man: Homecoming is a coming-of-age superhero comedy that, while often formulaic, is fast-paced and quirky with just enough suspense to balance it all out.

Michael Giacchino pens yet another winner of a music score, both rousing and hypnotic with also an intensity and emotional undercurrent.

Furthermore, it's nice for the every-day world of the Marvel Cinematic Universe to be depicted, exploring how common, working class people are / have been affected by the events that take place through the phases - so to see the banality of life persist regardless was a pleasant touch & a reminder that such mundanity still exists, regardless of the whimsical absurdity.

How does a director make a supposedly fun film, that makes the viewer plead for the nonsense to end, as boredom spreads like a cancer inside their brain.

I found tom Holland annoying and the whole tech suit just took me out of the film and I was bored after half an hour and couldn't wait for it to end ...

It was action packed with humour, action and tense moments.

Not funny, not interesting, mediocre acting and filled with mostly cliché teen characters.

Even if the normal issues are here (weak villain motivations, confusing timeline), it still stand among the 12(!

That would just be boring.

-All in all, we have another Hollywood eyecandy, with no plot, no feeling behind the characters, a very weak and kinda unlikable protagonist and dull fights with explosive endings.

it's getting boring.

-Both after credits scenes were pointless even though the second one was kinda funny.

There is no magic around Spiderman, no good enemies, no real plot or great characters.

My only real complaint is that at some points during the final fight it's hard to see what's happening between the smoke, darkness, and flashing lights, but overall the action scenes are as entertaining as the rest of the movie.

Waste of money.

Enjoyable movie, they could have cut 10-15 minutes running time without losing anything.

I really enjoyed it!

I give this film a 6 because it was pretty enjoyable in the moment.

This fast paced comic book movie has a good cast, fantastic visuals and fun, hilarious dialogue.

The story works well as a superhero story, with great chemistry between Peter and Tony Stark and a terrific scene in a car with our hero and Vulture, and even more so as an affectionate and easy to relate to coming of age and trying-to-fit-in story.

This movie also has fun, visually stunning action sequences (the ferry and Washington monument scenes).

Watts captured the essence of the Spider and understood that following Peter Parker's human dramas is much more fun and exciting than seeing big epic explosive battles .

The reason quite simply, is that it is not a Spider-Man movie, - if they had changed the costume and given it the title 'Adopted Son of Iron Man', it would have been a fine, if formulaic, super hero film incorporating the usual teenage trials and tribulations.


Thin plot, bad acting, poor casting, weak action scenes, dull cinematography, bland directing, no emotional weight, the forced diversity, and endlessly obnoxious references to the Avengers/MCU.

The comedy, the action, the pacing, all done very well, and is enjoyable for any age group who wishes to see it.

Exciting to see Spiderman incorporated with the MCU and the Avengers.

total waste of money .

Overall, this movie was a successful addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe with a fresh (yet predictable) plot and a fantastic lead actor.

The side story about Spiderman joining forces with the Avengers crew may interest some loyal comic book fans but that angle simply bored me.

Seriously boring.

This is a film not that perfect, but is definitely worth watching.

Entertaining and sweet innocence by Tom Holland.

I found Tony Stark's inclusion to be a good addition, overall, although for someone who isn't familiar with anything Iron Man related, it might be confusing.

Its funny how this movie got such high rating when it deserves nothing,cliche jokes,cliche teenagers,everything cliche,the jokes are so lame and the way spiderman acts,total money grab from brainless teenagers,I miss the badass Spiderman Tobey Maguire,movies would have been so much better if he still was the spiderman not recycling the same thing over and over again and let it develop,BRING TOBEY MAGUIRE BACK AS SPIDERMAN,for me spiderman is a bad joke now.

Create a villain who viewers can empathize with because of his situation, but make him utterly ruthless when it comes to protecting his own, so that his a compelling threat.

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If you want to argue that Homecoming was still entertaining, all I can say is that I wasn't the only one in the theater who sighed with disgust when Parker found out that the girl he's taking out on a date just happens to be the daughter of his arch enemy.

Super predictable and more like a teen flick than a high budget action adventure movie.

Two weeks ago, I've watched Spider-Man: Homecoming and I enjoyed it.

A very enjoyable and entertaining movie.

When two foes can't seem to harm each other no matter what they do, it actually gets a little dull.

Like look at tom holland/spiderman in civil war or in infinity war he was so good because the movie had good directors but in this movie they chose a very bad and boring director he was so excited that he got this very big movie so that he tried to put everything into the movie and that what made this movie the worst MCU movie in my opinion.

The story and screenplay are both watertight and fully engaging.

Director Jon Watts' film practically leaps off the screen with a bouncy, mischievous energy, snappy humour, and such a sheer outpouring of joy at its own existence (no tired teen angst here!

This is my opinion, This film is some what entertaining and boring at the same time, it is also really predictable.

He's a fairly compelling character, and Keaton managed to make him very convincing.

It is a thrilling, enthralling, endlessly charming and wildly exciting ride and a grand return home for the character.

All the action scenes were gripping, especially the elevator scene.

Lastly some scenes like the one where Spidey rescues his friends are very fun and all in all the movie is very enjoyable.

The humor was just right and regular too for a truly enjoyable and fun ride.

Tom Hollander is an OK Peter Parker but cannot dispel the boredom I am experiencing while watching this.

Then it got boring.

A lot of cliché.

First - there was no lead up to how he became Spiderman, they just started the movie sort of mid stream, RDJ added no real value to the show either, I found the plot boring, the acting terrible, and it's attempt to be part comedy part drama so dreadful had I not paid 18 bucks to see it, I would have walked out, wait for this to come out on DVD and Don't buy it.

In the end great direction, phenomenal performances and a fun script make this film thoroughly enjoyable and memorable.

The motivations for his villainy (though cliché'd) come out beautifully with his performance.

I still to this day will say the original Spider man film with the classic characters and plots was the best one, but this film just shows in part what both Spider Man and The Amazing Spider Man did well, and it shocking as The Amazing Spider Man for me was a waste of money that earned money.

The base argument benefits by omitting info that should already be general culture for any connoisseur of the character— Uncle Ben's death and the transmutation from human to hero thanks to the spider venom, besides the succession of situations as funny as suggestive that will keep you on the edge of your seat, either by struggles or chases, jokes or dramas or, specifically, certain twists that lead to an enthusiastic and novice thriller atmosphere of thriller throughout the third act.

Highly Entertaining Action Film .

I was bored watching it, and I felt like most of the audience was too.

A Pure Fun Coming of Age Peter Parker Story .

In fact, the Peter Parker stuff is far more enjoyable and appealing then the spidey bits.

And it can be a bit predictable at times as well.

All of the new Marvel movies are the same boring type of story.

Admittedly, that had to have been the best moment of the film for me as it was pretty intense.

I'd go through the plot - bit by bit - to try and get across my dismay at the so-called acclaim this piece of excrement received but I wouldn't want to waste 2 and a half minutes of your time - because, truly, that's about the length this movie should have been.

What a boring, whining spiderman movie this turned out.

It seems now films like this can't be simple & straight to the point, they have to be riddled with plot holes, bad/complex/annoying/dragged out story-line, annoying characters, politically correct characters, damn I could go on!

The balance of it all isn't as smooth and fluid as it should be, which affected the movie's pacing (during the second act, it briefly becomes a little boring).

One of the worst movie ever made.


A perfect balance has been maintained between a Spiderman spin-off and a Marvel helmed superhero film and the presence of Tony Stark as Spidey's mentor and references to Avengers were all handled well by John Watts and his supporting crew who succeeded in making an engaging film with only few loopholes in the narration.

When a movie opens by putting in front the villain and not the hero, denotes the commitment of the studio conceiving Keaton's role, creating the most human and realistic villain of its universe, of course along with his stunning performance.

For instance, there's a brilliantly shot, tense sequence set during a car journey where his understated performance threatens our friendly neighborhood protagonist more than any action packed battle could & the chemistry between the two was palpable which really helped drive the film forward with interesting, heightened personal stakes.

I found myself watching a political propaganda movie put out in the guise of a real Spider-Man movie.

Sadly for me third time is not the charm, and this film verges on being a bit silly and dare I say it pointless.

Meanwhile, it falls in line with the cliché plot of a hero learning what they are capable of until a villain comes along and defeats them, then in the end the hero makes a comeback and is victorious.

It is stupidly funny and entertaining.

The movie has the same old plot thus predictable, it has no grip no twist.

To be fair, Spider-man: Homecoming impressed me, and this film is really worth watching.

I thought it was done quite well, and it is even better that then didn't go over old ground once again (and this was necessary because they had already done this previously and it would have probably dragged the film down a lot more).

I recommend this movie to any Spiderman fan or even if you are new to the series It's worth watching even if you haven't seen any other Marvel movies before this.

It has a couple of faults, Liz is a bland and underwritten character and Laura Harrier does nothing with the character.

Boring Movie .

The storyline is pretty predictable and i do not think the film needed iron man.

Its enjoyable fun from start to finish, even if the inundation of promotional material spoiled practically every scene

I enjoyed it from beginning to end, perhaps even moreso than "Spiderverse," which was wildly creative and certainly one of the most interesting Marvels.

SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING seemed to get a lot of mixed reviews but I personally thought it was very entertaining and in fact I thought it was much better than WONDER WOMAN.

The first franchise almost didn't get into school and balancing life, just came to Parker when they wanted a compelling love story.

Entertaining, fun, and just what you want from this sort of movie.

I loved how it took place after Captain America: Civil War (2016) and for the first time in history, Spidey is back in the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) which was really exciting for a fan like me!

The supporting cast was entertaining enough, Peters friends at school were some familiar archetypes but enjoyable ones and Zendaya delivered some lines that made me laugh.

All these movies feel so predictable and cliché anymore, and as much as I truly want to enjoy them it is becoming more and more difficult.

clearly the critics are biased and ignorant because this was really boring and we have seen this before...

Only a twist will soon bring Peter face to face with Mr. Toomes, and an ensuing aerial-to-ground battle devised as the final showdown ultimately comes across as derivative and uninspiring, it is not such a compliment to the craftsmanship if one is constantly occupied with galling trivialities such as why Spidey's homemade suit is so durable or why the close-range combat is so inanely gore-less?

Waste of time.

I am not to keen on how they mix the original stories in with new, i felt it was pointless to drag in Ned Leeds into this ( its for us who read the magazines, to recognize the familiar caracthers ) as he was a journo at daily bugle much later and got involved in the hobgoblin mess which later got him killed.

the dialogues were too predictable i almost finished all their sentences.

Pointless movie, will only suits to below 8th grades schoolkids .

It will definitely find a market as it's unoffensive and enjoyable just not for me.

It's a cliche type film.

-Besides that, the plot was weak, the pace was uneven and the story telling was poor to say the least, resulting in a cringy and kinda boring film.

Entertaining Superhero-Movie With Interesting Villain .

This movie is confusing, baffling and outright offensive for a number of reasons.

Enjoyable, entertaining, and slick with plenty to engage .

As negative as I sound, I actually enjoyed it a good deal.

It is an entertaining film that justifies the cost, and unlike Wonder Woman, the effects are consistently impressive and seem natural.

Tom Holland is as pathetic as he was in the Avengers debacle, Michael Keaton was not a believable villain, Robert Downey Jr. was just boring.

However, it gets tiresome watching the continued parade of super villains with grand agendas to take over and/or destroy the world.

I saw the very first Spider Man entry with Toby McGuire and Kirsten Dunst and whilst I enjoyed it I wasn't so enamored to watch any others until this current release which attracted excellent reviews.

Coming Of Age Causes Comic Confusion .

Waste of 2 hours of my life.

Overall: 'Spiderman: Homecoming' spins a mean enjoyable web.

This was one of the most boring and pointless movies I've ever watched.

These cliché coincidences just have to stop.

Homecoming is also aesthetically bland and visually hideous with cinematography straight out of a fan film and some of the worst CGI in a Hollywood blockbuster in 19 years.

I found the plot maintained a good pace, though certain parts a bit predictable.

It's easy to watch, entertaining and filled with good humor- go for it.

So, SM:H comes across with a breezy tone, snappy dialog and pacing, bright colors, and the normal technical expertise we expect from the Marvel Universe.

And after watching the film, the expectations were as expected met and the film is as good and entertaining as read.

Absolute waste of time as usual when it comes to these regurgitated Marvel titles .

Flash Thompson goes a bit too overboard with the name-calling but Ned Leeds is always very funny and the chemistry between him and Peter was really entertaining to watch.

bored .

At times the movie can drag a bit but fortunately something funny or action packed happens to boost the movie and keep it on its feet.

Most notably Jon Favreau's Happy Horgan, Gwyenth Paltrow's Pepper Potts and (especially) Robert Downey Jr's Tony Stark/Ironman - used just right (and just enough) to be entertaining.

So if you take your child to see this movie he/she might be a little bored because they just want to see spider-man fight and do things.

"Spider-Man: Homecoming" is a superhero coming of age movie, reminiscent of John Hughes films from the 80s (though not as good as the best of those--then again what is?

the story is fun, engaging, emotional, and unexpected.

However, it becomes tiresome, especially as most of the film is CGI overload.

Not the worse movie, but just boring.

People want a story that is unexpected and new.

Tom Holland is okay but a bit bland and earnest in the lead role, with the stand-out being Michael Keaton, underused but remaining hugely entertaining to watch.

This is the sixth Spiderman ever since Sam Raimi and Tobey Mcguire took the helm and although it isn't unappealing by any means, the narrative is stale and predictable.

Very fun and entertaining.

) If she had put more emotion into her lines, or had been given better direction, she could have been a more interesting character, but she just came off as bland.

Easily the best 'Spider-Man' film since Sam Raimi's 'Spider-Man 2', Jon Watts' 'Spider-Man: Homecoming' is a constantly entertaining boots on the ground story, with refreshingly small stakes and a good sense of humour.

It plows a field of it's own by using a coming of age story where Peter is desperately wanting to elevate his game and learning he's rushing in without tempering his burgeoning abilities thus getting in over his head.

The movie is plain, dull, boring, made no sense, weak story-line, characters were not likable, and too long.

While mostly fun and a solid coming of age story, the angst often plays off as whiny.

Overall, this movie is actually very enjoyable for Spider-Man fans and non Spider-Man fans alike and is one of the MCU movies that sticks out from the rest.

Dragged-out predictable story line.

Boring .

A small, quiet, slow introduction to the concept which immediately changed EVERYTHING about what I'd watched before.

It was entertaining for the most part.

The movie definitely takes the innocence of its character giving us a lighter story that felt needed and enjoyable.

Whiny voice, uninteresting and cliche dialogue does not help the case.

There is that one dialouge driven scene in the car after the ''great'' revalation that slow down the tone and set the climax of the movie perfectly.

However, the hero bounces around like an eight year old with the social confusion of a twelve year old.

Very slow to start and the High School 'humour' scenes are on par with the dreadful Wonder Woman 'humour' scenes.

As others have mentioned, the high tech suit really dragged the movie down, IMO.

Long, slow, boring and emotionless .

But, although nothing comes close to Raimi's definitive Spider-Man trilogy (yes I liked all three), I was surprised and found this movie somewhat enjoyable and much better than the previous two (The Incredible Spider-Man 1 & 2).

Poor story, boring scenes .

We (me and my wife) yawned A LOT - no action, boring sequences, teen romance scenes.

This movie is just boring, poorly acted and full of nonsense even for a comic book-based flick.

Adults feel it's naive and boring, while children only focus on the fights.

The story is clever, connecting the Avengers movies seen previously, there is no need to go into a Spider-Man origins story, it just gets straight to point, where the hero is trying to prove himself and save people whenever possible, and the special effects combined with exciting set pieces are fantastic, a most impressive superhero fantasy action adventure.

Spiderman movie is correct in most aspects, but somehow, at times, I found myself thinking about the technicalities of filming rather than feeling completely immersed in the story.

If you have seen Marisa Tomei act, you know how good she is, and it is a real waste of talent to have so little time for her in this film.

It's a very suspenseful, powerful scene and a strong character moment as well.

But in the face of the film's relentless outpouring of fun and heart, including a third act twist as astonishingly unexpected as it is retroactively self- evident, they are less than inconsequential.

and Thrilling .

The plot was different here than in previous Spider-Man films which was fresh and entertaining.

The beginning is really boring and annoying.

The humour was funny but the rhythm of the jokes and one-liners became repetitive and some of the CGI was poor and looked animated.

Spiderman: Homecoming is a delightfully entertaining comic book blockbuster that knows its source well enough to bust through the tired clichés that entrap most other superhero films.

There are a few twists and unexpected appearances throughout.

The first tedious hour was painful.

So many twists and intense scenes kept me on edge throughout and simply a very well rounded film, right mix of comedy, action, romance, fantasy made into a 2 hour blockbuster.

The action scenes are all highly exciting and it's the perfect use of CGI.

Overall, a series of plot twists and an unpredictable post-credit scene made this film worth every buck.

The ending was slightly unexpected and we find out that Gwyneth Paltrow is not dead.

A few small twists here and there but mostly predictable.

The dialogue is so immature and boring that it will put you to sleep.

As I stated, the performances here really help make the film as entertaining as it is.

Michael Keaton's Vulture is unexpectedly terrifying, adding a uniquely aerodynamic to keep their tussles fresh and thrilling.

Awesome, breathtaking etc.Spiderman is my favorite superhero.

Holland was consistently funny and made the movie very, very entertaining.

Intriguing JUST for the "not again...

Save your money, stay home and watch reruns of Gilligan's island instead.

I found Tobey Maguire incredibly slow as spider-man and nowhere near sharp enough (although because doc ock was so perfect, spider-man 2 is still the best overall movie).

Two of the people I was watching the movie with fell asleep:)))

The film never really soared for me, I think I was put off by the bored looking Jon Favreau playing Happy Hogan and maybe they should had toned down the appearances of Tony Stark who is in it a bit too much.

Driven and unpredictable...

He's compelling, captivating, funny and he actually looks and acts like a teenager.

Worst movie EVER!!!!

The "teen" scenes were long, kinda boring, weren't fun or funny like in all the other Marvel movies.

All you have to do is relax and enjoy this exciting , smart and funny movie .

It's entertaining seeing Peter struggleing and how his life is

I did feel like it was too long though especially towards the end where I felt like they wrapped it up, but there was another scene after that so it became confusing where it ended.

The story is a huge Cliché.

Spider-Man: Homecoming is an enjoyable flick to watch with enough humor (sometimes with a wrong timing), good context in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), and some great visuals, save for the commonplace storyline that was last seen in all Spider-Man movies and comics.

Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017) *** (out of 4) Another highly entertaining entry into the Marvel universe has Peter Parker (Tom Holland) trying to find a balance between his high school years and wanting to join The Avengers as Spider-Man.

Probably the worst spider man ever created it was just a waste of time watching it

His direction is bland and uncreative.

As for the negatives, the action isn't really the best, especially after the impeccably choreographed Winter Soldier and Civil War, and the visually stunning Doctor Strange.

The action sequences are boring and forgettable.

The only reason I gave this 5 stars was because Michael Keaton and Robert Downey Jr. made this move actually worth watching.

Boring..disappointed. .

Effects, entertaining dialogues.

Skipping the establishing shots and heading straight to the heart of the character - a high school kid, already in way over his head, who wants to fly with the Avengers - feels liberating and exciting, opening the door to all the good stuff that most other franchises would need an entire film's worth of development to earn.

Marvel wisely opted to skip the origin story of Spider-Man and instead, framed this film to be more of a coming of age tale for Peter Parker (Tom Holland) and his quest to become part of the Avengers.

The jokes in this were so childish, that when they even tried to use adult humor, it fell so flat and was so predictable.

waste of time.

The plot is too predictable.

Waste of time .

However some of the plot for me was a bit predictable but that still lead for an intense and fun movie experience which I thoroughly enjoyed and would watch again.

Worth the watch.

First of all extremely high technology is very very unrealistic and boring.

And we're in luck, since its director takes the overblown mold of summer film away, in order to manufacture a coming-of-age movie portraying the day by day of one of the most well-liked and beloved superheroes of the MCU in a fascinating way.

This can also be a coming of age high school movie meets a superhero movie as the movie borrows off of high school movies like the Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, and much more.

Fun, humorous, and action packed friendly, neighborhood Spider-Man .

The soundtrack doesn't fit the mood of the scenes, the minor characters are pointless...

In my view Tom Holland's Spider man is the weakest version of the 3 Spider man movie versions and in parts it was very slow ...

Some of the jokes land while others are just lame, annoying, and/or repetitive (i.

I found it to be mediocre at best, with long stretches of very boring dialogue and no action.

All the dangerous scenarios were cliche with Spiderman unsurprisingly saving the day just in the nick of time.

Ridiculous, slow, propaganda and I agree with Kirsten Dunst: A blatant cash grab.

It's fun, it's enjoyable to watch, it has great humor, it tries to show Spiderman (or Spiderteen?

It was enjoyable to watch and would happily add it to my collection and out of the current Spiderman movies to date it placed 3rd for me.

Some problems I have are, as mentioned, the less than stellar fight scenes, and the bland love interest.

don't waste your time .

Overall It was a very enjoyable movie to watch, if you have got a few hours to spare I would recommend this to anyone who is just starting to watch the new Spider-Men.

Waste of time .

I'd pretty much given up on the Spider-Man franchise, after the first two reboots, which I felt were predictable and hokey, with lame effects.

The thought of a second reboot just 5 years after the last one naturally had people sceptical, but Holland's exciting cameo also raised hopes.

First twenty minutes was a snooze fest.

A sidekick comical character is always risky in movies, but the risk paid off, he was absolutely stunning whenever he appeared.

The action is kept at minimum but what there is is fun and suspenseful, even if there were sequences and climaxes more memorable in the first two films.

Spiderman Homecoming is absolutely awesome, super fun exciting and has every five minutes any things that tickle your nerves and bring your feelings to light.

Entertaining movie, and no more.

As it is now, it reads as a banal metaphor for the disenfranchisement of both the left and the right in America, ultimately leaving it up to the "big business" to "save" the day.

The movie is entertaining, it does not get boring for one second and keeps going with a fast pace all the way till the end.

The introduction of a computer geek sidekick for Master Parker seemed a pointless addition unless this is in the comics and has been left out by all previous movies.

They forced their way through the movie and it made it predictable.

And there were other problems with the early Spiderman, too much slow romantic entanglement and unentanglements, plus derivative plots.

There was no laughter in the cinema during the 'comedy' moments, just lots of uncomfortable fidgeting.

Ignore all the low scores because it's a good script great actors very action packed and you care about the characters.

The action scenes were well done and entertaining.

The only positives in it, were some special effects and The Vulture character, who was the only one with a compelling story in this film.

The movie has a serviceable plot, with engaging characters and a villain that's at least better than most of Marvel's other villains.

In addition to the bad writing, SMH's shallow and uninspiring portrayal of Spider-Man's motivations make SMH the worst movie adaptation of Spider-Man ever.

When one now adds the AI in the suit, lame jokes and low stakes; the movie ends up been an uninspired, boring and forgettable mess.

Don't waste your time, this is filler!

Refreshing and thrilling take to everyone's favorite hero - Spiderman.

Waste of time .

And as for the vulture, in the comics was a diseased, repugnant utterly sorrowful being, without family or friends, who replaced the disillusionment of the working class failure/hero with a megalomania cal charlatan dressed in the pale, paltry robes of the true revengeful vulture, one who preys upon the carcasses of resentment, ugly beyond recognition, abandoned by all he had left, his meaningless job, is unforgivably counterfeited here, replaced by a numbly glib and smugly empty, boringly hollow Michael Keaton (whom I suspect did a by the numbers performance by the chains imposed by his enabling handlers).

Despite his team of flunkies being a little generic, the main villain Vulture (Michael Keaton) is a compelling character.

This movie goes against the typical MCU mold of one-dimensional antagonist and gives us a compelling villain.

Fun action, a fast, charming, witty and ultra-cool screenplay and all-around strong performances make this a very good time at the movies, and the decision to show Spidey's emotional turmoil and coming of age instead of his origins was a masterstroke.

The other girl Michelle is rather boring and spends most of the film acting like she doesn't want to be in the movie.

Awful acting, with a pointless plot.

All this useless, boring friends, neighbors, neighborhood shopkeepers - they all talk too much, draw too much attention and add nothing to the plot.

Quite enjoyable.

Spider-Man has one of the top rogues galleries among superheroes, and Marvel had a golden chance to deliver a compelling villain, and sure enough, they did.

"This movie is enjoyable.

The story approach is indeed like John Hughes would have shot a super hero film which worked perfectly for me in regards of a "Spider-Man" film because this was something I missed about all the previous films - the coming of age factor.

Movie was boring.

Tom Holland is super charming and perfectly encapsulates the wisecracking jokester persona of Spider-Man and Michael Keaton plays a rather scary and riveting bad guy.

It is action packed from start to finish, including a stellar sequence in Washington and a stellar finale, it had me at the edge of my seat from start to finish.

Entertaining movie .

This is the third incarnation of Spider-Man in the past 15 years, so it was always going to be an uphill battle to make it fresh and exciting to audiences.

The cinematography is bland as hell.

Maybe, after all I've written, I'm tired after viewing too many Marvel formulaic adventures.

Most of the jokes, while predictable, are hilarious (especially the post-credits scene, which is too good to spoil).

Spider-man: Homecoming is a thrilling action paced superhero movie with just the right amount of comedy and drama to fit in with the description of a relatively regular high school Peter Parker.

I would like to see the sequel, tackle more intense & emotional issues than coming to age issues like him, trying to get with a girl and being popular in school.

Worst movie adaptation of Spider-Man ever .

Because Spider-man: Homecoming feels oddly boring at times, even in some of the action scenes.

The Bad: Pace is slow, this felt like it was longer then it was.

I suppose, however, that this run on Spiderman could be somewhat entertaining for kids.

Pointless teen characters like Zendaya's, as if someone said we need Ali Sheedey's character from Breakfast Club in this, unfortunately it was pointless in this.

I also wanted a few more scenes of Zendaya's character, Michelle, a quirky classmate and friend of Peter's who has a sarcastic wit that I found rather entertaining.

Actions scenes are long and empty.

Despite this its still a greatly enjoyable watch - just not one that feels all that new.

If you're looking for a somewhat light, good superhero movie with some good action on the side than this makes for an entertaining night.

'Spider-Man: Homecoming,' is, in summary, an enjoyable and lighthearted movie that I had fun watching.

Spider-Man Homecoming Review: He's back and with lots of fun & entertainment, action packed.

This was a fun movie and it had some fun scenes, but it was often contrived.

Worthwhile reboot - fun, exciting and different enough .

Basically, this is a coming of age film, and also a film that, as I mentioned, brings Spiderman into the broader Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The ending of this movie was predictable and OK.

Brought my kids to it too and they were confused and by the end of a very boring 2 hours plus they were just meh!

Having seen all the five previous Spider-man films, this was quite predictable.

More Progressive Liberal Propaganda .

Marvel opted to skip the origin story of Spider-Man and instead, framed this film to be more of a coming of age tale for Peter Parker (Tom Holland) and his quest to become part of the Avengers.

But when he is not available in the picture the movie as I said is like watching a cheesy cartoon movie for children, and that really bored me a lot.

A more immature version of the famous superhero, that is an enjoyable ride of self-discovery, adulthood and classic "save the day" action.

It gives the film an ugly, greyish, bland look, that belongs in a much cheaper movie.

This plot is as predictable as it sounds which does take away from the peril of the film and it doesn't help that an "Untitled Spider-Man: Homecoming Sequel" has been listed on IMDb.

As entertaining as the movie was I found it weird why everyone loved Mickeal Keaton's Voulture so much.

But even though it is quite predictable and unoriginal it has a lot of entertainment value.

The love interest, Liz, is incredibly boring and I did not care for her at all.

He's scary, intense and Intimidating.

, Spiderman III has some great fight scenes a lot of dreary moments and a plot derivative even from its own earlier movies.

Despite these issues, I did overall feel positively about it and found it enjoyable.

what a waste of time to watch this, childish and a revolt to your senses short and crisp comment to this movie, forget about it and as the say copy it what a waste of time to watch this, childish and a revolt to your senses short and crisp comment to this movie, forget about it and what a waste of time to watch this, childish and a revolt to your senses short and crisp comment to this movie, forget about it

Not only does it feature the best on screen Spidey yet, but it also boasts sharp writing, entertaining action set-pieces, witty humor, likable characters and a whole lotta heart.

If anything, it slow the film, down.

Though, there are many other problems: most of the action scenes are confusing (like the scenes Transformers franchise bad recent films use to have), there is an excess of jokes with more than 90% of them being bad and silly, acting is unconvincing for most of the main roles (Michael Keaton is clearly an exception)...

(lack emotions) Got bored after 30 min, fell asleep after an hour and woke up at the end feeling I haven't missed anything.

The film is well made and well processed through the commercial filter that programs us to like what we see before us and that process seems ever so predictable as my body clock ticks onward.

Action packed with good character development and realistic high school issues going on w/ Peter.

Otherwise this movie is a complete waste of time.

Though there was no mention of Spiderman's spider-sense ability throughout the entire movie, I still enjoyed it nonetheless.

Michael Keaton is also very versatile in his villain role with his compelling acting.

After watching spiderman trilogy and amazing spiderman movies, I can say that homecoming is an enjoyable peter Parker movie.

Although Spider-Man Homecoming had many good moments, I left the theater thinking "meh.

As an avid Spider-Man fan, I left the theater feeling a little frustrated.

He was great in this movie as well..Up to the first 15 minutes of this film though, I kept waiting for something fun, or exciting to happen.

For the first time since 2004, the overwhelming majority of audiences walked out of the theater eager for the next Spider-Man movie, and that is what really matters.

This was definitely awesome and worth the watch!

Another problem i had with the film was that although Peter was well written and the vulture also had a good character, almost all the other character were completely uninteresting, especially his love interest who was really boring and also the bully Flash who was just really annoying.

He really had a lot of great scenes and some very suspenseful ones.

Really Enjoyable 2 Hours.

In the end, it's a totally forgettable flick that's best utilized for a boring afternoon.

Keaton's idiosyncratic, bristling, and grimly heartfelt performance (a righteously indignant 'working class hero' antithesis to Tony Stark) takes what could have been another bland, disposable villain and makes him one of the most deceptively memorable and compelling of the MCU.

Moving on: all the action scenes were boring, and made no sense what so ever.

"Spider-Man: Homecoming" is the worst Spider Man ever made, totally overrated, long, boring and unfunny.

Boring .

The film smacks of cliche at times (I can't quite belief that the Asian-American guy is reduced to the comic relief best friend role) while the action is rather routine.

A fast paced storyline with plenty of action and humour.

Additionally, the idea that the Washington Monument was built by slaves is dubious (John Steele Gordon, author of "Washington's Monument and the Fascinating History of the Obelisk" doubts the monument was built by slaves), so, if the history is dubious, why even bring it up?

Very entertaining Spider-Man movie and good addition to the MCU .

I also remember that his most boring period as i felt was in high school and after he got married, the period in between was the best.

It was funny, action packed and contains the best Spider-Man we've had.

It's all surface, and a lot of the time I found myself strangely just bored.

What makes Homecoming a great film is that it is entertaining and the film does not take itself too serious.

While Tom Hollands Spider-Man is good(inspite of him getting a beating from the most mundane thugs) and Michael Keaton's Vulture(is it okay to call him that?

Spider-Man: Homecoming An Orchestrated Review (Spoilers)This enjoyable mcu film is a reboot for the ages.

From the forced and confusing 'MJ' reference to the 'that was a test, right?

While this film gets off on a major tangent with the Stark Internship and a couple of clever sequences with the Washington Monument and Staten Island Ferry, plus a little action near Coney Island, it does focus more on teen coming of age than any previous film version.

Those themes of choice are powerfully showcased in Homecoming, and Peter becomes so much more intriguing because of this.

Fans of the MCU have come to expect top-of-the-line action, including expert stunt work, intense choreography and beautiful CGI, all things Homecoming has in spades.

It has a good sense of humour and the story is engaging.

However, it is way too long.

Marvel can rest easy knowing they have created not just a fun Spider-Man film, but also a humorous coming of age tale revolved around a boy finding his place within his own circle all while being a superhero.

Film quite entertaining and more comical compared to what Marvel has done, except for Guardians of the Galaxy.

By skipping the origin and giving us a younger (finally, an actor who isn't nearly thirty) Peter Parker who's less experienced as a web-slinger than ever before, it creates a uniquely engaging story and a refreshing change of pace.

Well worth seeing though, and yet another enjoyable film in the Marvel universe.

bad things about the movie was the story was predictable i could literately guess the next scene on some times some appearances was not that as like the hype was like Donald Glover's appearance.

All the action is virtually impossible to follow as per the trite "shaky cam" technique & the score is forgettable.

It's very fun and lighthearted with great characters and entertaining scenes.

Sure, it's fun and entertaining to watch Tom as Spider-man, swinging around and making jokes.

Good Spiderman, great cameos,wonderful villain boring Movie .

But the whole movie is some kind of boring.

The story however is mainly just following the same formulaic structure that we have come to know and expect from the vast majority of today's superhero films.

Homecoming cuts back and forth between Peter and Spider-Man and him at high school and the divide isn't done very well, just when the film starts to get quicker with him as Spider-Man he'll go back to high school for a while and the pacing gets a lot slower and this is repeated about 3 or 4 times throughout the run time and did kill the momentum a bit.

It would have been easy to reboot the whole thing again but instead of doing the whole 'origins' story again the film assumes the audience is clever enough to know who Spiderman is and jumps more or less straight into a story, bravo on this, if I'd have seen another origin story I think I'd have been bored.

Swinging around with the duplicitous main character is truly thrilling, whether or not it lives up to some of the previous entries in the character's catalog.

As such the story is more about Spiderman's (or Peter Parker's) coming of age.

A little bit of drama would have helped the audience to connect deeper with the characters and would help the story to be more engaging.

Vulture was really cool and Keaton is always good, but the rest is a predictable snooze-fest straight out of the tween novel movie genre.

this is just so predictable it was painful.

The other actors are good and again, clearly having fun, the action sequences are fast and entertaining, it's all a good time.

The worst movie I've ever watched.

For a better kick start to what is definitely going to be a wonderful series, I could have done with a more compelling villain.

His motivation and his character development was realistic and quite fascinating.

but other than the this movie was a complete bust and a waste of time to watch.

I thought here we go again with another reboot but to be fair it was really good, I enjoyed it, great cast and story, with great effects.

All in all, Spider-Man: Homecoming delivers a very entertaining reboot of the series and it fits perfectly into the MCU.

Action: 8/10This movie has awesome action, it's entertaining, and funny, I have never laughed so hard in this movie then any other movie I have watched.

Their confrontations are pretty good and entertaining.

The characters are forgettable and worst of all boring.

However, when the storytelling is excellent and the characters are compelling, all these skull-numbing destruction doesn't even feature and my senses are glued to the screen.

The villain however felt quite bland and not scary.

It was entertaining.

However, Peter Parker is still only 15 years old in Homecoming so we get to see his character develop as our favourite neighbourhood Spidey, which it 100% nails ; this includes showing some of the more mundane and humorous distractions Spidey would get on a daily basis as well as his awkward, relatable teenage struggles.

After coming home from his epic battle in Europe ("Captain America: Civil War"), Holland is back in Queens, NYC, itching for a new mission from his mentor, Tony Stark/Iron Man (played by Robert Downey Jr.). But his dream of another epic fight doesn't come, and Holland is forced to do street level superhero stuff while juggling the cruelties and confusion of High School.

Enjoyable and...

Worst Movie Ever...

We follow the suited web slinger in his fifth feature film, and the character is still fun and exciting as ever to see slinging around on screen, delivering some stellar one liners.

The villains were bland and didn't have any depth to them.

*Emotion- A very fun and enjoyable film.

This is one of the worst movies of the year.

So they don't waste any time with how he came to be and we join him already 'webbing' local muggers around his home city of New York.

Besides those minor hiccups, I have no reason not to say that Homecoming delivered a splendid, highly entertaining story, and a superb Spider-Man origin story to boot.

It feels like anyone can be a spider-man as long as Tony Stark is backing you up, and don't you just love the whole "giving up the job, suit and powers for brief moment and getting back up" cliché.

Overall I enjoyed it.

Don't waste your time with this dud.

Spider-Man: Homecoming is simply a fun, enjoyable movie to watch.

Dull washed out cinematography.

The worst moments predictably involve (a) grown-ups talking with grown-ups, (b) action sequences that are muddy/hard to follow, (c) attempts to tie into the broader Marvel cinematic universe.

I highly recommend this movie if you can get past the first 10 minutes as I did, you just might find it fun and entertaining.

In fact this fight is even more difficult to work out at times as it takes place in the air with dull flashing lights, and then it moves to a beach in front of an amusement park...

Is this one of the many alternate Spidey Timelines cause that's just confusing as all hell!?

A Enjoyable Experience where the Good very much outweighs the Bad.

A great movie and well worth the watch.

It's a cliché that's been done to death, so most filmmakers know not to include it in a movie anymore.

Even though the most entertaining part of the film is when he is wearing this suit, most of the film he isn't even wearing it!!

I enjoyed it, though I have to admit that I didn't find it as funny as some of the other Marvel films that I had seen.

The references throughout to the Avengers and events in previous films are never ending, giving a fascinating insight into how this fictional age of superheroes has taken its toll on the microcosmic environment of Peter's high school.

One of the worst movies of all time.

This is the most irritating movie i have ever seen, this movie is awful and unbearable mainly because of the pathetic acting of Tom Holland, he was so irritating that i enjoyed the scenes where his back side was kicked.

this is kind of boring".

In spite of this, some people may find the movie boring because of lack of action scenes and heavy focus on Peter Parker rather than Spider-Man.

Then to add to the confusion we have Karen, the seductive voice of Spidey's suit, a seeming siren trying to appeal to his emotions (voiced by Jennifer Connelly).

Tony Stark's presence is pointless and forced.

The pimply clichés culled from almost any, "coming of age" codswallop you care to mention come thick and fast, leaving this mature viewer, squirming uncomfortably in their seat.

Thankfully, the action set pieces here are diverse and set a original, entertaining stage for Spider-Man to shine.

Even though he is coming of age and quite naive, he's still a very likable and relatable Spider Man very similar to Tobey Maquire's.

And now, after the pretty bland Ant-Man, disturbingly flashy Dr Strange and outright ridiculous GotG2, it's such a pleasure to see a Marvel film whose main character is as mature as he is modest.

And by this time frankly I've had more than enough of Peter's high school angst, webslinging, and predictable acrobatics without any accompanying depth to keep us more than superficially entertained.

Here, Peter Parker is kind of a cliché as a teenager.

Don't waste your money to watch this movie.

He's always believable and enjoyable to watch on screen.

Past iterations of the coming of age hero portrayed the character as full of anger and angst.

this is way too bad because you had such a compelling lead to make it a great Marvel film for a new generation.

You know leftist propaganda has you when you're paying money to go to the movies and hear lines like these.

His motivation for his actions is weak and cliché, the writers took no real time to flesh out why he does what he does, just gave him a cookie-cutter type background and moved along with the story.

With a refreshing adolescent vibe and great performances by Tom Holland and Michael Keaton, this is a very entertaining superhero movie.

like the transformers films this as a hell of a lot going off but while it should be amazing to watch it just becomes dull boring and uninteresting

The worst movie in the history of spiderman, superman or this type of super power movie.

Having said that, SPIDER-MAN HOMECOMING is a must see for any Spider-Man fan and also for those who want visually engaging, endless action-packed entertainment.

Spiderman Homecoming is a fun movie, and certainly worth watching.

ok I might be sentimental to the other Spider-Man films but after 10 mins I felt as though I wanted to turn it off

The opening 30 minutes are fun and exciting, you get to see a montage of Peter just being a friendly neighborhood Spider-man that is hilarious, and shows a really likable character in Peter.

The action scenes are all highly exciting and it's the perfect use of CGI.

This is a coming of age movie about a kid learning to be a man, as well as a webslinging superhero at the same time.

Very entertaining, much smaller scale than other Marvel Movies .

I would have loved to have given this specific movie an 8 because how much I enjoyed it.

Watts captured the essence of the Spider and understood that following Peter Parker's human dramas is much more fun and exciting than seeing big epic explosive battles (not that there aren't, as in any blockbuster).

The worst part of this movie is, following the modern movie style: everything is so staged, timing is planned and nothing happens natural.

Then there's Ned (funny but again anti- Spider-Man comics) and the confusing Flash Thompson (jock meets geek character...

Usually compelling visuals that often propel the story to higher standards.

Michael Keaton is also very impressive once again donning wings but this time as the compelling antagonist known as The Vulture.

Overrated, Boring, Unfunny, Annoying Lead Actor, Nothing Works for an Adult .

Boring in the first half, great in the second half.

Like so much fluffiness is very pretentious.

Don't waste your time.

You'll have fun watching this movie and, despite my hatred of Marvel plots, it is a thoroughly enjoyable ride from beginning to end.

The scene involving the rescue at the Washington Monument was exciting and awesome.

Despite this film's strong ties to the Avengers, its ham-fisted attempt at political correctness, and a Spider-Man suit that does everything for whoever who wears it, the strong performances by Tom Holland and Michael Keaton made this film enjoyable to watch.

The way Spider-Man looks is inexcusable as he's jumping around like a cartoon in the most boring web slinging they've ever put to screen.

Anyway, it was good movie & I believe most people enjoyed it.

It's very entertaining and Tom Holland does an excellent job bringing both Peter Parker and Spider-Man to life.

Of course, any super-hero movie depends on effective special effects, which are certainly om show here, and exciting action sequences, which are on offer with histrionics at the top of the Washington Monument and on board a Staten Island ferry.

And it pains me to say that it was a boring movie

I personally thought that it was slow to get going.

The only exciting parts for me were the scenes with Tony Stark or Zendaya, because their personalities are unpredictable so that adds excitement.

Overall very entertaining with the right amount of comedy and action.

the PLOT - which, as stated above, is so cliché'd as to be worthless.

Visually the film is sharp and engaging and the soundtrack is very complimentary.

SpiderMan Homecoming is one of the most fun, exciting, and easily rewatchable films in the entire MCU.

That is exactly what this film does best, it remains low-key even in terms of our villain's motives (which I must say were rather bland).

Waste of time, and money.

And the 15% or so of the movie that was devoted to action, it was entertaining with some fresh ideas.

Carefree, hilarious and intriguing, Holland's Spider- Man takes very seriously what he is doing, delivering one of the most loyal films to comics, still being spectacular and fun.

I would've give this movie a 5/10, but it's boring.

In the end though, Spider-Man: Homecoming was a fun film with enjoyable action sequences and an entertaining cast.

This film is mostly a standard, formulaic high school dramedy.

well it is quite bored nor still intresting to watch .

It was much more different than other Spider movies but I enjoyed it very much.

) as the really boring lame villain, Aunt May is a drop dead gorgeous ailf, and Mary Jane is non-existent as a love interest.

It was a fun and exciting coming-of-age/high school movie with a a great villain in alien-arms-dealer Michael Keaton.

Like every Superhero film, the plot was rather predictable and held minimal surprises, but it was still thoroughly entertaining, fresh and original.

Speaking of gym class, those Captain America PSA segments were unfunny pointless filler.

As entertaining as it can be for a teenage spiderman .

The mix of comedy and intense action scenes were amazing.

Other than him, there was Shocker, two of them actually, the first one was fine but second was just uninspiring and bland.

Actually it's nicely done; just tip toing between cliché while keeping it fresh.

The end result is a sporadically entertaining special effects driven comedy-drama that lacks in consistent humor, engaging action and serious drama.

Marvel has done a great thing with the MCU, how they manage to web all these films together and keep it entertaining is truly admirable.

Although "Homecoming" is pretty entertaining and fun, it felt formulaic and yes, of course, predictable (which Marvel movie isn't??!

To be fair Homecoming does have a good twist near the end, but since it's related to the already boring love interest, I didn't really care much.

The title of "Spiderman: Homecoming" shot a little off the mark, considering a mere 5-10 minutes was covered between Peter Parker and Liz Allen (Laura Harrier) out of a 2 and a 1/2 hour film, which seems a tad pointless to me.

The film could've benefited by giving her more to do, because she comes off pretty snarky, and uninteresting for almost the entire film.

This is definitely the most entertaining Spider-Man movies I've seen so far!

i bet that when they bring the black cat into the picture they will focus on the most boring story as well, with the romance as always.

No story-line progression.

The opening fight in that film with Harry Osborne was far more exciting than any encounters Spiderman has with the Vulture here.

In some ways this is a nice change of pace for a superhero movie, but there are some scenes in which the film tries desperately to drum up emotion and hearken to the heart of the film, and its these scenes that just feel empty and shallow.

In fifteen years, Sam Raimi and Marc Webb have been the only ones favored in adapting the comics of the amazing Spider-Man to live- action movies, one with more notoriety than the other, but, after all, both managed to be entertaining proposals with their dissimilar varieties.

Yes the films does not fit with all spidey fans ,,trust me i've seen the worst movie ,,but this quite interesting and a bit bored ,,so much childish act ,,so much un worthy dialogue ,,lack of story line ,,but i had to admit ,,yes i watch it until done and theres surprise scene too ,,just need a good touch to main character,,over all its quite entertaining

This movie starts for ever but if you survive first 30 minutes I believe it is worth watching.

No doubt Stark's well-deserved anger and watchful eye balance out Peter's reckless enthusiasm, but that is about as far as it goes – a budding student-mentor relationship that incubates in the back woods as the movie is filled up with a ton of redundant nonsense, including underwhelming villains and some horrifically ho-hum sets, hoping to endear itself to the audience.

The movie is well paced, entertaining and family friendly.

While the film itself is a mixture of Action, Adventure and Comedy it fuses together to make one action packed comedy, while at the same time doubling as a relatable story to teenagers watching it as well as anyone else.

My rankings below 2002 - 8/102004 - 7/102007 - 9/102012 - 7/102014 - 7/102017 - 5/10I didn't really enjoy this, the story was so predictable just a different lady other than MJ.

Every time new characters with different names and boring villains.


It's worth the watch overall.

Ned gives some comic relief to many of the scenes which I found enjoyable.

Holland manages to excel at both, making him a thoroughly enjoyable character.

The Bad First half dragged on like it was just trying to be filler for the last half.

Spider-Man: Homecoming, directed by Jon Watts, crafted this super fun, laid-back, coming of age Spider-Man film!

Enjoyed it.

It felt like a 4 hour movie because it is boring beyond belief and annoying as hell.

Having given that interesting and exciting tidbit about how my mind works when thinking about review numbers, I would like move on to the worded part of my personal opinion about this movie which is, I repeat, I really enjoyed the movie and even more so the cast.

The answer is an entertaining teenage comedy with a superhero twist.

The movie is well directed great music the usual special appearance by Stan Lee the fight scenes and humour are all on point my only gripe with this movie is as an older fan of Spiderman I found the movie to be way to fast paced the talking is a mile minute and even when no action is going on the movie doesn't slow down its a little to over the top.

As a side note, the most charismatic guy in his gang faces a quick death to give room to some boring quota actor.

Top special effects with exciting action scenes throughout with a plot which has a good balance of personal involvement and superhero antics.

So if you're searching for a thrilling fun ride of a movie, look no further.

Overall though, it was really enjoyable and another fun entry into the ever expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe.

His sidekick / best friend is also unwatchable because of the same issues.

Just a shallow and empty experience, and the action sequences couldn't save it sadly.

But the movie it self is really enjoyable.

However, the action scenes were boring.

Unlike some of the other movies, this one went fast, was enjoyable, and I was left with wanting more.

It is also extremely predictable, and a hate that Donald Glover plays such a minor role.

This is, by far, one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

He needs someone to give right advice in the time of confusion.

Fun, entertaining and funny.

Even the villain and the twist with the villain was predictable.

Overall, the MCU's Spider-Man is a hit - highly enjoyable with a gasp-worthy twist at the end (no spoilers) that make it more than just a shallow parody.

Many of the action scenes are well done, with a scene at the Washington Monument being particularly exciting.

She was so monotone and bored, that I was really starting to regret Disney buying Marvel at some points.