Spread (2009) - Comedy, Drama, Romance

Hohum Score



A sex comedy centered on a serial womanizer and his jilted lover.

IMDB: 5.8
Director: David Mackenzie
Stars: Ashton Kutcher, Anne Heche
Length: 97 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 24 out of 71 found boring (33.8%)

One-line Reviews (47)

And he appears to be trying to prove he can out-bland Ben Affleck when it comes to revealing or illuminating an emotion.

They go out to dinner but she leaves early because she has to go and does not state why.

Nikki was very monotone and did what he wanted.

Shot with great views of the city, with beautiful people, and a story that doesn't stay still, it's just the inevitable ending that makes this story sort of cliché.

when i first read the plot summary, i was expecting a fairly bland, generic movie.

Wherever possible Ashton is there half naked with these awful braces, holding up jeans which by all intense and purposes could stand up by themselves.

Which is a drag - because the rest of the cast are good, though not great, but that comes from the direction, I think, and that might be partly be blamed on a script that has really empty, cold and very un-emotive dialogue.

The script and plot were just dumb and not great, the movie just falls apart and the film gets boring.

Very enjoyable .

I thought Samantha and Heather were just empty shells.

I only found Anne Heche to be interesting in her sex scenes and well.. Margarita Levieva was pretty bland throughout.

Very satisfying and well acted; I enjoyed it .

It's only when Sam catches him getting a blow job in her home but still keeps him around that there's even a hint of anything intriguing about this story.

The movie itself is quite well done and though it's apathetic and dull around the edges, the main story is strong and effective.

First,I'm a fan of Ashton Kutcher, I think he's a very charismatic actor who does fairly enjoyable movies.

The plot was intriguing.

This movie is viewer confusing .

It's hard to create a believable and entertaining story around a character as amoral and empty as Nikki - and by and large, this film fails in the attempt.

The film is an adult film in both content and idea, however, it is a film definitely worth watching and I would recommend it to any adult with a interest in good film drama.

Nevermind the derivative, unimaginative story and the all-too-predictable comeuppance moralizing that happens in the second half.

Overall, a good movie, very enjoyable with lots of eye candy and a good performance by Kutcher.


It is hard to even get past his contrived vocal frye to watch the movie.

Empty headed, hedonistic pretty boy who sometimes means well.

Ashton Kutcher's character Nikki while being a bit tedious at times, as were most characters, was never really badly done and his and Anne Heche's character Samantha's chemistry together was amazing and their story is likable, and her character was probably my favorite because of the actress's portrayal, which leads me to another great aspect of this film; The performances.

Kutcher's character is a dull man with no particular talent, intelligence, or sensibilities.

At that point, I would have walked out and sold my golden body to the nearest female bidder.

All in all a complete waste of time.

Nonetheless, this movie in my opinion is entertaining, interesting, well acted and it has a very poignant script.

Plotless, vapid, and cliched, this a film for women who long to see themselves as better off if they are narcissistically fulfilled via vicarious erotic thrills.

Demi Moore's toy boy Ashton Kutcher is perfectly cast here as Nikki, a handsome, vacuous, arrogant but impoverished stud who seduces wealthy, lonely older women and sponges off them while giving them an enjoyable sexual experience.

The first half is slow moving soft porn and the second half is devoted to watching shallow people live shallow lives.

I was bored to tears right pass the middle.

and so begins a relationship based on need/lust/desire between two empty vapid people...

This film served as a stark reminder of the uncertainties of youth and the painless, aimless drifting through shallowness out of boredom and lack of ambition.

i thought the movie was entertaining due to the new, fresh plot line.

In terms of the plot, it was so predictable once you understood what was going on.

The reason I call it porn is not because there is any great sex scenes, because there are none, but because it had absolutely no story line.

This movie ranks in my top five worst movies I have ever seen.

While the plot, as I've said, is a little tiresome, it never fails at being interesting and appealing.

Spread is an undeniably handsome-looking production, but it is rather vapid and empty.

He's simply empty except for his narcissism.

Now, some nouns: gawky wardrobe, self-confident spread, nerdy, yes, not actually classy production values, unfortunate in its bland manner which eliminates any sense of surprise, unless it is for mild entertainment, just to keep up by blinding us to its cautionary melodrama, unconvincing either as prince or toad, unfortunate in its lushness, uninformed in its mapping, with sex more stumped than stumping, a film more deluded than deluding.

With no home and no car, Nikki seduces older, well off women and insinuates himself into their lives until he gets bored and moves on to another conquest.

He manages to reveal the humanity in his deeply flawed character with notable subtlety and a distinct lack of cliché.

While it's certainly no masterpiece, and could've been done better in ways, it was still very satisfying and I enjoyed it.

SPREAD, like Kutcher is nice to look at and quite familiar but ultimately empty.