Star Trek: First Contact (1996) - Action, Adventure, Drama

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The Borg travel back in time intent on preventing Earth's first contact with an alien species. Captain Picard and his crew pursue them to ensure that Zefram Cochrane makes his maiden flight reaching warp speed.

IMDB: 7.6
Director: Jonathan Frakes
Stars: Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes
Length: 111 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 29 out of 322 found boring (9%)

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The back and forth between the away team and the ship made for a non-stop sci-fi thriller that was so exciting to watch again and again and again.

First Contact is also one of the darkest of the Star Trek films, and it works well as the pacing picks up and the film gets more and more intense to the point where you are on the edge of your seat.

There are also some entertaining cameos by characters from the other Trek series.

Re-introducing the Borg was a good choice as the conflict with the Klingons seemed to be getting a bit tiresome.

The plot on earth works wonders simply because of James Cromwell's portrayal of Zephram Cochrane - his character and his story are compelling.

Nonetheless, the elements are recombined pretty effectively, and the movie is exciting.

This action packed good vs.

However, I am OUTRAGED by the complete alteration of the character of Zephram Cochrane, presumably to make him more entertaining and appealing to modern (brainless?

Seriously, First contact is boring, it's not big enough for a movie.

It's mindless action at times and when it's not, it's dull and boring.

Along with the fantastic metaphor with Earth's political history, an exciting plot, the best special effects and performances from Patrick Stewart and Brent Spiner that are second to nobody First Contact does not only have the makings of a box office hit it is an iconic film in relation to Russia during the mid twentieth century.


This film elevates itself from being just another money - making sequel to an entertaining science-fiction film with a well - articulated message.

The story progresses at a breathtaking pace, and from the first 10 minutes when the Enterprise is locked in a life-and-death struggle with one of the best villains in all of sci-fi history (the Borg), to a perfect ending; there isn't a wasted or redundant moment.

And personally, I think that this was Alice Krige's best role ever; "Chariots of Fire" was basically pro-western propaganda.

With dazzling special effects, wonderful dialogue,an excellent score, an exciting plot, important messages and captivating action sequences.

It starts very intense and the atmosphere doesn't drop at any point.

A definite improvement over the last rather dull film, a basic story which is more savage and quite dark in places, although not too extreme of course.

The film is well-paced, exciting, and even a bit creepy.

As such to viewer who is not familiar with the Star Trek franchise, it can be a little confusion.

The plot, while a bit convoluted and not all that coherent, is nonetheless, exciting and told with a lot of energy.

Formulaic sci-fi .

Still an enjoyable sci-fi adventure for non-fans and a minor classic for Trekkies.

HOWEVER, I came to see this movie because it was Star Trek, and if I hadn't gotten my tickets for free (and therefore, my protests were virtually meaningless), I'd've walked out of the theater.

Some good F/X, but all in all a mundane addition to the previous trek movies.

Each story is just as compelling as the other, with Worf providing the bulk of the action, Data adding more emotional conflict, and Riker/Geordi/Troi pushing the main plot forward as well as adding doses of humor.

Also the supporting characters are interesting to watch, especially Alfre Woodard's highly expressive eyework and intense dialogue with the Capt.

Entertaining .


James Crowmell is a magnificent actor with charisma to spare, and even those unfamiliar with Captain Picard will find Patrick Stewart's performance convincing and intriguing.

I think it's because they had the most exciting plots combined with some great character development.

If you want cool Borg stuff, check out the Next Generation TV series, where this alien race was dealt with in much more engaging and realistic plot lines that did not rely on character manipulation for effect.

The cliché perspective of Star Trek from non-fans is that it a slow, boring franchise that only appeals to a hardcore fanbase.

The first movie spin-off from the Star Trek: Next Generation franchise felt like simply an extended double episode that was made for the big screen, and in a way I got the same impression with this film as well, even though I did enjoy it and enjoyed it somewhat the second time around.

It's much more exciting when you actually feel unsure as to how things are going to turn out.

Honestly, however, the plot is still a bit derivative--the idea of time traveling to restore the present is a staple of the original series, in such episodes as the City on the Edge of Forever and Tomorrow Was Yesterday.

Of course, what results is a predictable story "slaughter the borg, win the game".

*yawn* Another borg story .

It's exciting, suspenseful, and at times funny; I can't think of a single moment where I found myself bored with the film.

Other than that it was a well made movie and quite entertaining.

It's a film terrified to pause for breath in case the easily distracted fall asleep.

Watching Picard chase down his nemesis is entertaining.

With Patrick Stewart's riveting performance and Brent Spiner's excellent portrayal of Data, the movie also boasts compelling drama, an element lacking in most other entries.

One of the more enjoyable films in the franchise its worth a look.

And in comparison to Khan, who was made into a great character because of the performance of Ricardo Montalban, the Borg is a merciless villain with an intriguing take on society attempting to achieve perfect unity.

I never considered myself a Trekkie but seeing a few episodes of Star Trek The Next Generation, the riveting Star Trek VI The Undiscovered Country and the somewhat decent Star Trek Nemesis, I wanted to give this a try.

The abundant action sequences are tense and exciting.

This was bland.

I found the reinterpretation here of Cochrane bordering on cliché scripting - the re-used 'loser-turnaround-to-redeem-himself' plot; this type of story always makes me wonder how a guy who is out-of-his-mind drunk half the time manages to out-think all the clear-headed scientists.

And when a movie can do that, you know it's worth watching.

First Contact uses much of the same elements that made the previous quality Star Trek films (2, 4, & 6) enjoyable.

Insurrection was a great movie because of its plot(despite some confusing aspects).

Commander Data his actions became increasing intriguing.

Suitable for family viewing , it's an entertaining adventure which young and old men will enjoy .

There are other flaws, like the jarring, contrived excuse for going back in time and the questionable fiery confrontation between Picard and Lily.

All in all, the story itself is well written, and the acting on behalf of the thespians is good, solid and even rousing.

The film is fast paced, and jumps into the plot almost immediately.

Bringing Jerry Goldsmith back was a good move, and he and his son Joel produce a score that's rousing, haunting, menacing, melancholic and sometimes even pastoral.

The special effect combined make-up, blue screen and CGI to produce an intense and creepy sequence.

Then again, such blundering thought processes are at the core of First Contact - the first Star Trek entry up to this 1996 point to which I did not necessarily take, a bland and ill-thought through piece with a distinct lack of sense applied to a delicate situation, one might say neatly summarising the overall application of film-making to the project as a whole.

The result is a film that is by turns thrilling,intelligent,ironic,gentle,noble,funny and even majestic,though the last part could be as much a result of the underrated score by longtime composer Jerry Goldsmith.

The dive into Borg psyche was deep and at the time, unexpected.

It is a proper movie, not an episode stretched to feature length; the stakes are high, and this has plenty of tension, cool battles and exciting sequences.

Movie A is dark and exciting.

Even my sister, who's not a Trek fan at all, enjoyed it a lot.

Furthermore a colorful and evocative cinematography by Matthew F Leonetti .

With the exception of Star Trek:The Motion Picture(for which I've yet to see more than a half hour of),I've seen all of the Movies based on the wildly popular (to put it MILDLY) TV Series,and I have to say that this movie has to be clearly one of the most entertaining and compelling of the bunch.

It is action packed, filled with decent visual effects, clearly plotted, and supplies a threatening villain.

Very action filled despite the usual slow-moving series that the characters come from.

While the Borg invasion of the Enterprise is my favorite portion of the movie, there is still an entertaining secondary story playing out on Earth's surface (Montana, to be precise) where Riker and his away team assist soon-to-be-famous Zefram Cochrane in repairing his warp ship and continuing to make first contact with the Vulcans.

But the business about following the Borg back in time and making sure mankind discovers warp drive was boring.

A strong and ruthless villain, intriguing concepts about the progress of society and cooperation, literary allusions (Captain Ahab, again!

" For those dorks who may be reading this, it is kind of like on the movie "Tigerland," where we go through all the entire tense movie, and then a slow denouement at the end to soothe your battered nerves...

Throughout his experience after being captured he is engaged in an intriguing internal battle that really can't be given justice with words.

The fascinating part of this very good show was the conflict between the Borg, who are great villains, and the humans.

He too was the only one that could stand up to a captain on the edge of insanity.

That part was handled very badly and the plot became confusing.

Enjoyable and fun .

It's so unlike most of his serious dull roles that mostly follow his career.

Only 'Star Trek' could take a concept like this and make it so dull.

Patrick Stewart is always compelling as Captain Picard who leads the battle against Borg forces as well as rescue Data.

All that aside, this film is great as it is a very well rounded experience with some good acting performances and a well rounded plot that is both emotional and features some intense action sequences.

Director Jonathan Frakes does a great job here, some truly engaging action scenes, in particular, the floatilla of Starships battling the Borg cube.

What is so fascinating about the Borg?

He gets into an intense argument with Worf that almost ruins their friendship.

It was boring and an insult to the original TV series, The TV series showed some imagination.

People seem to have mixed comments on this one, but I rather enjoyed it.

Patrick Stewart gives his most intense and moving performance of all the 'Next Generation' films, and still has the commanding presence and the dignified gravitas.

First Contact is exciting sci-fi action and a must see, even if you aren't a fan of Star Trek.

it literally takes place on earth, and in a particularly boring place on earth to-boot!

From the spectacular opening space battle to the phaser fights and the hand-to-hand combat, this is easily the most thrilling Trek adventure to date, and it's an added bonus it's also the most ingeniously plotted.

While trying to stop the Borg from changing the entire course of human space travel (the main plot of the film), Picard must balance his intense hatred of the one-eyed automatrons with the safety and well-being of himself, his crew, and the entire human race.

Gene Roddenberry always spoke of star trek as, "A show that uses the medium of the future to speak about the present" This movie has remained true to Gene's vision and has created a tense and thrilling movie in the process.

Sound is an incredibly inefficient means of communication, it is slow, it cannot travel across long distances or across space (which raises the question of how do they hear external sounds on the enterprise?

First Contact is simply entertaining from beginning to end.

What's so interesting, really, about hanging out in a ramshackle community of drunkards - particularly when the stuff happening aboard the Enterprise is so much more compelling?

The Borg sets are awesome, and even occasionally operatic, such as the stunning opening shot of a Borg Hive.

It is very exciting and it moves very well.

After the relative disappointment of Star Trek : Generations, the Star Trek crew bounce back with this rather entertaining interstellar adventure.

The usual faces are all back in fine form with Patrick Stewart giving a fantastic performance as a Picard caught between his mission and his vengeance while Jonathan Frakes, Marina Sirtis and LeVar Burton clearly relish the chance to portray their characters' confusion and fascination with twenty-first century Earth and meeting Earth's greatest scientist Zefram Cochrane, the man who would revolutionise light speed capability for starships in the Trek-verse.

In countless episodes of the original series and in the last movie, Picard was just too stiff and dull.

When I first saw this film in the theater, I found it thrilling, exciting, and any other positive emotions.

I hate to say it, but this is one of the more pointless Trek films.

It's boring for the fans.

But his vision becomes clouded by his intense hatred of the borg.

Imagine my surprise when I was not only to actually finish watching this movie, but also found it very entertaining.

It completely demystifies them, makes them more human, when what made them so compelling is that they are so completely inhuman.

Of course the good guys win, but it's very exciting to see how they do it.

Overall, First Contact works so well because the good writing, performances and philosophical questions are bound up in a compelling story that balances high drama, humour and human interest.

I had seen "First Contact" when it came out in theaters, and I remembered that I really enjoyed it.

Enjoyable mix of light TV touches and sci-fi drama .

Unfortunately, these scenes switch to rather dull and sleep inducing scenes of the next generation crew helping a guy create the first warp engine.

It is amusing to watch , reliably entertaining for fans and Trekkies are sure to love it , resulting to be one of the best science-fiction follow-up of all time .

Watched in the cinema on initial release and found the space battles relatively exciting.

It had some enjoyable character moments and was well acted for the most part.

All of this is wrapped up with fantasy, danger and excitement in a very entertaining package.

To me, Troi, Riker and Beverly were always rather pretentious and unrealistic, and I always thought, man why would I want to sit through two hours of this stuff?

The standout sequence, a battle on the hull of the Enterprise, is a lengthy, suspenseful action setpiece, and perhaps the best sequence of the entire franchise.

You can enjoy this movie and give it a different rating based on how familiar are you with the Star trek franchise as follows: If you are an average joe (living in a hole) and never watched any Star Trek episodes or movies, you will like this movie because to you about two or three of the themes are intriguing and borderline genius.

McCarthy's score to Generations was very boring.

Borg looked stunning and all cyborgs did work out fine.

The Borg's invasion of the Enterprise is gripping stuff.

They were too dull and slow.

the music was phenomenal,the story was great and the visuals were Stunning.

Boring .

It's a good thing that the filmmakers have figured out that a movie requires the greatest villains and the Borg is definitely one of the most compelling.

The film breaks into two stories, each entertaining.

the interior of the E is stunning, drawing from a lot of organic shapes.

Star Trek: Generations was a very enjoyable first outing for the Trek crew on the big screen, a promising start for what would hopefully lead to even bigger and better things.

It has two great points: the excellent performance of Patrick Stewart and an interesting and entertaining script that shows us how was the first contact of the human race with beings from another planet, as well as the way the Warp engine was invented.

This was my first time ever seeing a Star Trek video and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Although admittedly a commercial venture playing off other science fiction films such as "The Terminator", "Aliens", and Leonard Nemoy's "Star Trek IV", "Star Trek: First Contact" creates an adventure that is enjoyable and exciting.

I also think that the sequence outside the ship with the deflector dish didn't work out very well, much too slow and improbable.

Everything was stunning.

Others have done a masterful job in spelling out the details of this episode, so I will just say that there is a complexity and a totality to this that makes it utterly exciting science fiction.

His direction brings a great science-fiction story to life that is genuinely thought-provoking, emotionally moving and highly entertaining.

Who decided that Trek movies are now relegated to pointless fun and silly jokes and set pieces?

I nearly walked out of this movie when I saw it in theaters, and the only reason I didn't was because the tickets on which I'd gone to see it were free from a local radio station.

This is indeed an exciting space adventure where well-loved (TV series) characters are portrayed with incisive detail and permitted to develop further, especially Jean-Luc's transient resemblance of Captain Ahab.

Intense Drama and just enough Levity !

The Borgs were attacking Earth so they can assimilation them, but this is where the plot get confusing.


Most of the movie is so intense, so action-filled and so well-acted that it is a joy to behold.

The ugliness of the Borgs is luxuriant,fascinating and expressive.

While I favor 1994's "Generations" to "First Contact" because of the fascinating story elements, e.

Spectacular, exciting , fast-paced , thrilling this is the description of this new outing of Star Trek , following two concurrent threads .

In this film, the Next Generation crew is reunited with the Borg (whom, perhaps with the exception of Klingons, are the most compelling villain race in the Star Trek cannon).

Jerry Goldsmith's rousing score nicely accompanies the action and the final minutes even manage to deliver a sense of awe that the best of science fiction aspire to.

Another Great journey and mission for the Enterprise star ship, The story develops very well around the heroes and the villains, Very good music, The camera movements are convenient, The pace and timing was developing in a very appropriate manner not too fast, not too slow, You pass through a happy and worry feelings and some thrilling while watching the movie, I liked the idea of free will, also the idea of Appreciating the iconic characters and events of the past, Nice costumes, The characters was well convincing, Captain Picard "Patrick Stewart", Lily "Alfre Woodard" performances was adorable, Data "Brent Spiner" was awesome.

It was a wonderful experience and I highly recommend it!

There's something about the denizens of the Next Generation that are too smug, too anorakky, and far, far too banal.

This thoroughly entertaining movie is probably the best of the Star Trek movie series, thanks to a fast pace and a complex plot which throws in a number of different ingredients into the brew and keeps things moving at a speed, without ever becoming too technical or confusing.

I know the Time Travel thing is a pretty bland idea, but overall this was quite an enjoyable film.

The Film has a story (sometimes lacked in action packed movies), action and best of all a sound core of talented actors.

If you are a hard-line fan who watched all The Next Generation episodes (many more than once), you would realise that this movie is a waste of time, that there are so many errors, and that time travel is a stupidest idea ever.

The opening space-battle is breathtaking.

The plot involving Zefram Cochran's forced quest to achieve warp speed might be unnecessary, but still makes for an intriguing look into how humanity changed for the better.

Largely that's true: this is a glossy, superficial, cheesy and dull actioner that's the furthest a Star Trek movie has been from the original vision.

Highly entertaining entry in the Star Trek Universe.

But if you're looking for an entertaining sci-fi movie, this movie is certainly worth a look.

Exciting, well-written and full of wonderful fun--that's why I really liked this movie.

Just enjoyable!

This story is not as engrossing as the Borg, but James Cromwell's acting as warp-speed man Zefram Cochran keeps it entertaining.

I did try to watch some of the older movies a while back, but found them to be incredibly dull and/or incredibly silly and usually didn't bother to watch them to the end.

I bailed out of "Next Generation" halfway through the first episode because I was bored to death and never watched another one again.

The Fight scenes were thrilling and the Borg conquering whole Crew it was intense,the bold move of sacrificing ship and the cap's awesome moment to save data from Borg at end it was amazing,the whole ending is Mind-blowing the Borg's leader and cap's conversation and data's rescue ended with awesome twist and other-side the Alien ship in earth the Vulcan connection it was literally Awesomely Wonderful end!

The most compelling thing here is supposed to be Picard's internal personal anger toward the Borg, similar to Khan's toward Kirk in the second entry.

Really, the only series that was truly worth watching was TNG.

Though it lacks the theatricality of the best of the Original Series films like 'Wrath of Khan', 'First Contact' is a well made and thoroughly entertaining chapter in the adventures of Jean Luc Picard and his crew.

With a stunning performance by Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes, Brent Spiner, and Alice Kriege, it will keep you on the edge of your seat.

The Best of Both Worlds was a truly stunning two-parter.

Alas, my terminal boredom with Trek only remains after yawning my way through this mishmash.

Well worth watching.

"First Contact" is one of the greatest entertaining popular movies of the '90s.

Yawn, Yawn, Yawn .

Reading through the comments, I have noted comments from people who enjoyed it as a sci-fi action movie in its own right.

There's still plenty of good material, much of it involving Data, whose conversations with the Borg Queen are intriguing and often funny.

Then, by engaging their warp plasma generator, they could have instituted a temporal wake of chronometric particles that might have led the Enterprise crew on an interplanetary wild goose chase, thereby giving them the ability to complete their mission.

Fun,thrilling and Awesome.


But the idea of going in the past was way boring...

The 'Star Trek' franchise suffers from often poor special effects, often tedious moments and corny dialogue that are only very limited in 'Wrath of Khan' and 'First Contact' The Borg were extremely interesting and intense villains and the Klingon Worf was extremely well done in the film.

On the contrary,it is thrilling,broad,interesting epic,intense and intelligent.

And throughout the writers weave in clever ideas and concepts and give full SCI-FI moments like, I couldn't even believe it, Picard and Warf and that other guy going out with Zero-G space suits on to the ship to stop some thing-a-ma-bob from going off that the Borg's setting up, and that transported me to a direct place in science fiction cinema too - that slow-speed and all the more intense for it act of doing something in space where if you lose your grip on the ground you'll float away to death.

You'll probably get more out of this if you are familiar with "Star Trek", but even if you're not, you're in for an intriguing and absorbing ride.

We want the filmmakers to show us the story, not explain it to us, and in many incidences the characters end up explaining the plot to us in clunky, hard-to-follow subtext.

The action scenes are exceptionally thrilling, largely due to the Borg's ability to become impervious to phasers.

Let me first say that I used to (somewhat of) a Star Trek fan, but ultimately I got tired of it, basically because I watched reruns of "Voyager" every day and found them to be very repetitive.

Worth watching, just try to ignore the plot holes .

These factors aside, it's a great plot idea and an entertaining movie.

It's fascinating, simply fascinating, but not a masterpiece by any definition.

With a firm plot, fresh directing, and stunning visuals, "First Contact" is an exciting film.

They're so concerned with being some kind of perfect or superior race but they're ugly and slow, they even let their adversaries walk right past them.

The "action" scenes with the Borg are appropriately eerie and suspenseful.

As a more action packed and visual entry in the series this is a Star Trek film that any fan of sci-fi movies can watch even if ST is not your usual cup of tea.

The action is simply thrilling, and while some characters are underused there is still some interesting character development and interaction, namely a more conflicted Picard (in a way that's reminiscent of Captain Ahab), the scene between him and Lily and Data and the Borg Queen.

Kirk, who acts in violence, disobey orders, and have pointless action scenes.

This is probably the best of the 'Star Trek' films; the story is really good and there is plenty of varied, exciting action.

I found the Zephram Cochrane in this movie much more exciting to watch than the bland version played by Glenn Corbett in an episode of the original series.

The tone of the film is exciting, menacing, funny and moving at all of the right moments.

Well worth watching , essential and indispensable seeing for Trekkies .

"Star Trek: First Contact" is a great film for the Star Trek franchise as it offered a lot of tense, suspenseful moments, as well as the return of the best "Next Generation" enemies: The Borg.

This film is a 9 because First Contact keeps the viewer on the edge of the seat for any scene involving the Borg.

After the dire Generations - the worst movie in the whole franchise - the previous problems have been greatly improved.

The director's nickname of "Two Takes Frakes" perhaps indicates the level of complacency involved, though he does chalk up a very exciting scene on the saucer of the Enterprise.

It's absolutely stunning and totally amazing.

Star Trek: First Contact breaks from this tradition by producing a sharp, fast paced action film that never relents from beginning to end.