Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (1986) - Adventure, Comedy, Sci-Fi

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To save Earth from an alien probe, Admiral James T. Kirk and his fugitive crew go back in time to San Francisco in 1986 to retrieve the only beings who can communicate with it: humpback whales.

IMDB: 7.3
Director: Leonard Nimoy
Stars: William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy
Length: 119 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 17 out of 247 found boring (6.88%)

One-line Reviews (142)

Described thus, it sounds abysmally bad, so I was pleasantly surprised that the actual film turned out to be rather entertaining.

Actually the first movie (The Motion Picture - 1979) was highly recommended from lots of people, but I couldn't finish it at all, due to super slow pace.

Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home is an enjoyable installment in the Star Trek franchise.

Leonard Nimoy shows once again he can direct well, but his character, Spock is sidelined to an emotionless bore.

In both cases, "Star Trek IV" serves as a pleasant return to the well, reminding us why it was so enjoyable for so long.

What makes the viewing a lot more rewarding is knowing some of the original episodes that inspired them; the obvious 'Space Seed'; 'Amok Time'; 'Journey To Babel'; 'Trouble with Tribbles'; 'City on the Edge of Forever'; ect.

Entertaining story with intelligent ecological message about a humpbacks whales saving mankind.

It's probably one of the best of its franchise- it knows what it is and it's got laughs for its audience and thrills for young and old alike (and yes, it's a cliché that isn't how it really is here).

This particular movie is one of the most enjoyable.

Enjoyable Stuff.

A weird object in space that looks like a black cylinder connected to a football by a beam of intense white light is headed to Earth.

) In all, this is a enjoyable movie, and despite it's links to the 1980's and Catherine Hick's Big Hair (Hey, I vaguely remember in the 1980's i HAD hair!

While the story is quite simple the dialogue and character interactions are witty and entertaining.

Its a classic fish out of water scenario, and although the film is a bit predictable, it is very entertaining.

I nearly walked out before the end!

Regardless of my reservations it is a solidly entertaining film and definitely worth seeing, especially if you want to see many of the conventions of the series turned on their heads.

) and it such an enjoyable ride that you really forget about the subtext.

It lacks real adventure,it is conventional,childish and banal.

the crew of the enterprise saves the whales, visits San Fran, other follies, very entertaining .

Finally, this is very enjoyable movie, fast-paced and with a lot of human feelings.

The only other Star Trek that bore as fine a sense of humor was David Gerrold's masterpiece, "The Trouble With Tribbles".

And that 'history together' is what survives this utterly contrived film, as well.

When they arrive at late 20th century San Francisco, they find a world that is both fascinating and hostile.

The Whole Concept of Time-travel and the crew's awesomely hilarious actions leveling-up with that era it was entertaining to watch!

Overall, this is a thoroughly enjoyable movie, very funny, very optimistic and very good.

Star Trek's most light-hearted entry is a very funny and highly enjoyable adventure set on the streets of San Francisco, circa 1986.

It touches on the ecology issues in a humorous but pointed manner and all round delivers an enjoyable 2 hours of entertainment.

For one thing, it re-creates the feeling of three Original Series Eps that deal with Time Travel: "Yesterday is Tomorrow" and "Assignment Earth" and the Classic Harlan Ellison Penned "City on the Edge of Forever".

"Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home" may not be as consistent as "Star Trek" has ever been, but it is mostly entertaining, with its fair share of excitement, like one would hope.

But on this viewing, I find it particularly compelling.

Star Trek V accomplishes this, and this is why I enjoyed it.

The film starts of too slow, though the acting and special effects kept it chugging along.

In short, I find it somewhat tedious on the whole and very entertaining in much of its parts, especially the 65-minute middle section which brings James T.

Entertaining until it turns preachy...

Ergo, it's not a good Star Trek show, but an okay entertaining sci- fi film that happens to have Star Trek as a backdrop.

What put the nail in the coffin though was towards the end it got really, really boring.

This, balanced with the extensive and effective use of familiar characters, make for some truly memorable and enjoyable moments.

Well anyone who at one time might have had some trouble with tribbles will probably have a hang-up with humpbacks in this flick, but as I said earlier, I took it in a humorous vein and found it generally entertaining.

We have a truce between a concerned Bones and a reemerging Spock, yet still with an entertaining interaction between them.

In many ways, it is the most enjoyable of the Trek films, because the whole thing was done in a fun spirit.

The special effects alone in this film are worth watching.


It was a delightful film, fun and vastly entertaining.

This entrant in the Star Trek movies is hugely entertaining from start to finish.

The film is far from perfect - plot holes abound, starting with the silly premise (the probe destroying earth by communication), and the environmental "message" is written in overlarge letters, but still a very entertaining and endearing film, endlessly rewatchable!

basically this film is worth watching for some of the dialogue if you can stick with it through the drawn out scenes - especially the ones with whales.

Everything is predictable and lacks suspense.

There was plenty of the light comedy and entertaining character interaction that made Kirk, Spock, Bones, and Scotty such beloved characters in the first place.

The Voyage Home is entertaining and thought-provoking, one of the very best Star Trek films (I think it's the best).

Regrettably, only the middle ones of the six involving the original Enterprise Crew (Kirk, Spock, etc.) are worth watching by any other than "Trekkies".

The destruction of earth because of some old probe was really a hokey, contrived plot.

They worked pretty well together and made the characters enjoyable.

The whole exercise seems achingly contrived.

" Some good performances help too, as well as spectacular special effects that make THE VOYAGE HOME a highly enjoyable entry in the Star Trek film series.

just a moronic space probe providing what may well be the most contrived excuse for a voyage in sci-fi history!

" Although that was dumb, too, at least it was entertaining.

Lightly played but enjoyable romp through space; time and, most remarkably, 1980s California for the Star Trek crew on a quest for whales and redemption.

Star Trek 4: The Voyage Home is a very enjoyable movie with a simple storyline and,like there always is in Star Trek,a brilliant cast.

It definitely is one of the more entertaining films in the Star Trek series.

Instead of having lots of slow moments and be completely serious movies, the later ones seem to be far more entertaining and adventurous.

STAR TREK IV: THE VOYAGE HOME was, for me, the most entertaining of the Star Trek movies so far, purely because it feels like an episode of the original series blown up to movie length.

While this installment has the highest "popcorn" factor, this is the most entertaining of the series as it is by far the most fun.

Probably the Most Enjoyable of the Original Series .

The Voyage Home picked the most cliché and predictable of these scenarios that really ended up being silly.

No matter why it is beloved, at least, an interesting (say fascinating...

The charming movie is full of enjoyable characters, comedy, and overemphasis on excellent special effects.

Its atmosphere is so smart, with engaging story, and imaginative elements.

The City on the Edge of Forever was vastly superior.

Hugely enjoyable.

But all of that is just a vehicle to get the stars we came to respect and the characters we came to love on the screen interacting in amusing and entertaining ways.

Packed with silly humor, a compelling storyline and the ever-likable crew of the Starship Enterprise, STAR TREK IV: THE VOYAGE HOME is not just the best of the original series, it's also great science fiction.

You walk out of the film wanting to be just that little bit nicer to whales.

Perhaps the Most Enjoyable of the Star Trek Movies .

The film is a little slow to start.

But other than that, this film is really an enjoyable laugh that I'd recommend to anyone!

The Voyage Home is very enjoyable and fun to watch.

very boring, very stupid...

The trilogy within the Trek series comes to an end in this intriguing and well-styled film that brings us traditional Trek thrills with an additional "save the world" ethic that too many people have ignored time and time again.

What a trite unsatisfying resolution.

Overall, not too great because it was so slow moving and not suspenseful.

Enjoyable sequel .

It felt like I was watching a pathetic attempt at propaganda from save-the-whales rather than an actual movie.

I think it worked better in 'the day' because the previous movies had been so ponderous, or serious, or dreary, that a jokester crew was probably a bit of a welcome surprize.

This film is just thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish.

Despite some dull moments, I would say "The Voyage Home" is another watchable "Star Trek" movie.

As others have noted, it's definitely the most downright entertaining of all the Treks.

Though Star Trek: The Original Series is probably best known for its diverse cast of characters and mind-bending story lines, many fans of the show consider the comedic-style episodes of the show to be paramount to all others, as they allow the main characters to emote in non-formulaic fashions (remember Sulu brandishing a rapier, Spock hanging from a tree, or the Easter bunny in "Shore Leave"?

Only Star Trek writers could take a plot that sounds so silly and preposterous and make it so wonderfully entertaining.

I found this movie funny, enjoyable, and quite a change of pace from the previous movies...

Very enjoyable and user friendly.

Simply one of the most enjoyable sci-fi films .

It was made to seem like something that could be done, but was VERY dangerous, unpredictable, and unstable and therefore not performed very often.

'The Voyage Home' is definitely the most entertaining of the Star Treks firstly because for one of the only times the un-killable Star Trek crew is put in a situation which we understand and they don't.

The film's general sense of levity also handicaps the supposedly-suspenseful moments.

Just an enjoyable romp that never takes itself too seriously, gives each cast member moments and something to do, has a message, and manages to capture the spirit of the original show maybe better than any other of the films.

A fascinating plot.

But this movie managed to be very entertaining.

This is one wild and far out story, but it's compelling and draws you in.

To conclude, Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home is a rousing film filled with non-stop laughs.

It begins on an intriguing note with a mysterious space probe arriving in orbit around the Earth.

Looking at it alone it is only reasonable but after watching the dull `Search for Spock' this is a fun relief.

Many movies that try to balance that many tones end up with incoherent experiences, but Leonard Nimoy, Harve Bennett, and Nicholas Meyer managed to deftly navigate through the different tones to tell a story that does contain all of those emotional beats but also in a way that creates a cohesive and entertaining experience.

Overall its the Funniest and Awesome movie in the series and its an Adventurously entertaining Masterpiece!

Spock as usual has the best lines, but both Shatner and Kelly have their moments too Overall it's a light hearted and enjoyable picture thats easy to watch and enjoy.

There's a special place in my heart for Enterprise-Travels-Back-In-Time stories, and "The Voyage Home" is up there with the best of them (like City on the Edge of Forever).

Admiral Kirk (William Shatner), Dr McCoy (the late DeForest Kelley), Sulu(George Takei), Chekov (Walter Koenig), Scott (James Doohan) and Uhura(Nichelle Nichols) are still as engaging to watch as ever, with McCoy still giving his trademark quips and Spock's half-human nature still causingembarrassment in rather amusing ways.

And whilst the film is wonderfully entertaining when it's set in 1986, step back and look at the bigger picture, and you'll find that its nothing more than the film being about a big piece of liquorice who is lonely and can't speak any language apart from whale.

A Voyage Worth Watching.

I found this to be a very enjoyable, user friendly Star Trek film, and with the help of it, I managed to get my younger brothers into the franchise.

' However, the film is more than just a piece of animal rights propaganda.

Brilliantly Accessible & Entertaining .

Is this film deep or intense like Wrath of Khan?

I remember it as one of the more enjoyable films from that time along with "Back 2 the Future" and "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure", both of which perhaps not by coincidence are time travel comedies.

Their first attempt, Star Trek: The Motion Picture, tried and failed in the same effort, but did so because it was protracted and boring, hardly characteristics of the original series.

Still on the Vulcan planet awaiting repairs to their captured Klingon ship, Kirk and his crew are summoned to earth by the Federation to stand trial for making Star Trek 3 so very dull.

Evocative musical score with usual leitmotif by Leonard Rosenman.

But that can be forgiven, because on the whole, Star Trek IV manages to be a wonderfully engaging, universal film that a wide audience can appreciate, without sacrificing its soul in the process.

Nimoy does a documentry on the making of this movie which is fascinating to say the least.

So the Voyage Home is more entertaining and thematically engaging- immensely so- about life in 1986 Earth.

Very predictable .

It's still enjoyable after over 30 years.

Although it is the most successful and popular Star Trek film, the story is very dull and slow.

V and VI were much more entertaining because the storyline in this is plodding, at best.

The fourth entry in the "Star Trek" movie series is the most popular and unarguably the best-liked of these entertaining movies.

I did however, find this film extremely entertaining!

It's as if they set out to destroy everything that made the original show so enjoyable.

Like one viewer said, the pace is so slow, the story is dead in the water.

the music and visuals were great and the story was brilliantly unique,the characters were fun,right from the start the Whole situation of danger in planet resulting in Crew's mission of Taking Whales from past to solve situation it was the awesome plot,the whole environment of 1980's and the Funniest and intense situations in it was awesome to watch,the Whale's doctor part was amazing and her relations with Captain was sweet although the time-line was some-what confusing considering her as David's mom,the ending was satisfying the back to future and the Honors in planet it was amazing end!

'The Voyage Home' is easily the most entertaining.

Sometimes, it can be seen as pure entertaining fluff.

The premise is intriguing.

Silly but fun and even more enjoyable after the straight-laced part 3.

The picture itself is predictable and lightly entertaining.

it is fast paced, beautifully directed by Leonard Nimoy who also plays "Spock".

But it's also funny, re- watchable, and probably the most entertaining.

It is very entertaining even though the plot premise is more than slightly implausible.

the ensemble cast also helps to that end (everyone here gets their time in the sun), and it all makes for a pretty enjoyable ride.

This is probably a film to be watched over and over; I wish there were more such adult sci-fi efforts that eschew pretension and present so much intelligent dialogue, acting and intriguing "differences".

ST IV was an okay film that was entertaining.

FINAL WORD: Without a doubt, the best of the film series -- the most entertaining, the most popular and the most profitable.

Because of the flaws, the idiotic plot, and plot holes, the scenes shot in sort of a detached form, particularly the crash landing scene which seems completely artificial and contrived (you can almost sense the studio lights overhead), the characters simultaneously dunces and competent futuristic bridge officers, and so on, you could say the film hasn't aged well.

Each and EVERY one of the television series just bored me stiff.