Stargate (1994) - Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

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An interstellar teleportation device, found in Egypt, leads to a planet with humans resembling ancient Egyptians who worship the god Ra.

IMDB: 7.1
Director: Roland Emmerich
Stars: Kurt Russell, James Spader
Length: 116 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 43 out of 297 found boring (14.47%)

One-line Reviews (199)

Seriously though, for using the same basic formula, his flicks tend to be fun and enjoyable escapism.

Hardly artsy, the score is in many places Hollywood-ish, presenting emotion in a straightforward manner, yet it too is enjoyable.

) is very engaging and has quite a good deal of action that actually seems to hang together pretty good!

The villain is also incredibly boring and speaks in the same monotone voice throughout the whole film.

And this movie is indubitably an entertaining one.

There aren't really any missteps in the movie: no over-the-top effects, exaggerated performances, bad lines, drawn out back-story, etc etc. The movie moves from point A to point B with confidence, without wasting any time or rushing ahead either.

Worth watching if you are going to plunge into the series.

But there are days, particularly when I'm thinking about Stargate, and how much I enjoyed it at age 14, that I wish I wasn't.

Yet it's a very entertaining movie to watch, which is due to the fact that it's made with lots of pace and because of it's greatly and perfectly adventurous concept of traveling to a far off planet.

It's the sort of simple yet striking visual that distinguishes the best science-fiction: it's done in the style of a pulp magazine cover, but it's intriguing and leaves a lot to the imagination.

All these pointless inclusions are designed just to fool the audience into thinking they're watching something important and epic, when in reality the film just wants to show off its production and soundtrack.

Well, it turns out the other side of the galaxy is a giant sandbox as the rest of the film takes place in a barren, uninteresting desert.

I found myself doing the ironing during this movie - that's how boring it is.

***Lots of Spoilers***The story is unoriginal: Taking age old esoteric fantasy of aliens building the pyramids is boring.

Kurt Russel is more suited to pure and hard action, but all attempts to make his character denser and give him a heroic accent are too cliché.

This film plays out like a horror fantasy and a disturbing and thrilling one at that!

I thought I'd missed something because Russell's initial reaction to this new planet is so bland that I thought that the character had been there before.

Maybe too many movie ripping off this movie, but this movie is a slow sci fi movie.

Kurt Russell was another cliche.

Thoroughly enjoyable.

Jack O'Neill is especially bland, although he does seem to brighten up a little bit in the last scene.

The premise is engaging, and gives some very plausible explainations for mysteries that have stumped man for thousands of years.

Overall, I think "Stargate" has just the right combination of fluff, special effects, ancient Egypt, and humor to be highly enjoyable.

Now, as we enter the new millennium, Stargate and its offspring are entertaining us in front of our television sets.

Don't waste your time.

) and the ending was predictable.

Most of the characters are one dimensional and the plot is very predictable.

The bad guys are just as engagine as the good guys and that makes the movie all that much more enjoyable.

There's more plot-holes than your average Swiss cheese here, along with a dreadfully boring narrative.

Similar to Independence Day, this first offering from Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin (also of Godzilla infamy) starts out with an intriguing concept and turns it into a generic action movie.

Kurt's role was very obvious as a total bore and the writing was just wholly terrible.

Action packed...

The film's script is a bit of a mess, not really knowing what it wants to be (an action movie, a comedy, and a sci-fi drama all at once), and its pacing can often slow to a crawl.

The action is noisy but uninspiring throughout and the cast simply run around spouting drivel.

Don't waste your time streaming from Prime; shame on you Amazon!

The character of James Spader is enjoyable and is a much needed source of scientific explaining.

They are both either dull or dour where each actor is typically able to provide much more spirit.

Stargate's plot, acting, and score all contribute beautifully to the mysterious ambiance that is the essence of this enthralling and suspenseful film.

In truth, Stargate is a lot of fun and worth watching.

I think he is a convincing actor, and very entertaining!

It is worth watching, over and over, each time seeing something that was previously missed.

It's not perfect, but good for a very enjoyable movie night!

The story line is very original and compelling.

I found it tedious.

Stargate is a good solid sci-fi film that doesn't quite reach the heights of greatness due to it's length, a lot of pointless dialogue scenes with aliens who you can't understand & I didn't really like the constant bland desert setting that much.

not so great and it loses some of it's appeal but that is OK, because it is obvious that the story was targeted at a younger audience and when I first saw the movie, it was just mind blowing.

Kurt Russell ams james spacer are great in their roles, the special effects were genius and the story was mind blowing.

They're are quite a few moments that are simply so forced and formulaic, it is hard to watch.

When I first saw this film when I was 15 years old on video for the first time I didnt get it at all, heck I fell asleep.

STARGATE is an entertaining film that is worth the rental fee.

The problem seems to be that any opportunity for originality or resonance was sacrificed in favor of bland action scenes.

Thought - provoking and entertaining...

A brilliant film, well worth watching for sci-fi, Egyptian, alien, anthropology, archaeology, action adventure interests.

Though successful in its day, Roland Emmerich's empty-headed blockbuster wastes a fascinating premise by locating its principal action within a bland alien civilization ruled by an androgynous boy (THE CRYING GAME's Jaye Davidson), a civilization which crumbles to dust within hours of the arrival of Kurt Russell's gung-ho military team, alongside 'dweeb' scientist James Spader (giving the film's best performance as a social outcast who's redeemed by his experiences amongst the stars).

Other than the fact of being original and interesting, the audience shouldn't get bored watching this and the film doesn't drag on like some galactical films do.

It would be a sin not to mention the magnificent Vivica Lindfors, who lends an unexpected style and grace to the film.

I really enjoyed it.

Not because his previous role in that outstanding riveting drama thriller "The Crying Game", but of all this bullshit subject about alien possessed a human body and turn him into sexy creature then left a gate that could transfer things into the universe, he is the only one who seemed visible and made the movie is worth watching.

Suspenseful and cohesive!

When they finally reach their destination, it's a very mundane world that awaits them.

Tedious .

The movie packs stunning array of technical visuals and amazing sequences .

The story moves fast, there is almost no time wasted, the scenery is great, the premise is intriguing and all the elements for a great movie are there.

Tension built up well – until the technologically advanced 'Ra' aliens were revealed, then the story became predictable.

I know the film sounds really interesting but i just found it boring and cliché.

It is a fascinating and totally believable subject that has limited, if any big screen incarnations.

It's cliché ridden, and most of it is hacked together from far better pictures in the genres that Stargate wants to emulate, but it's damn entertaining and looks fabulous in High Definition.

Later scenes inside the Pyramid, and RA's spacecraft, which I found hopelessly confusing in the theatrical release, now make perfect sense.

If you want a more entertaining sci-fi movie, watch "Dark City" or "The Matrix".

If one wishes to analyse story line (predictable), characters (Spader plays himself, Russel seems a bit at sea and Jaye Davidson is having a load of fun) there is a bit more difficulty, but it is better than (and more inventive than) many films of its genre and the quality of the video and sound make for a very enjoyable evening.

Unfortunately, the movie hits a snag at about the same time Spader does: finding a strange animal, he stands in the exact spot that allows him to be caught in the animal's harness and dragged, seemingly for miles, to the next location required by the script.

To summarize, while nothing in the film is a complete divergence from the standard, it follows the Hollywood style in a manner that is original enough to make a solid and enjoyable adventure.

The plot is a very interesting non-cliché story, that will keep you in your chair through the entire movie.

To conclude, it's a movie definitely worth watching, with character development,intriguing plot, lovable characters and great ambient to put the story/theory in.

The movie starts off great with the whole thing collapsing under its own weight of misunderstanding the concept and turning it into a good looking but incredibly inept military exercise with dull action scenes and unbelievably uninteresting cultural exchanges.

So here I am today, bored, searching for a movie to stream, and decided to watch it once again, with a clean slate and an open mind, hoping that maybe it just wasn't my cup of tea at the time, but now hopefully I'll find it entertaining (after all, it does have a decent rating on here).

This movie is a complete waste of time and money.

The film also has a good plot, good characters, it is just a fun and enjoyable adventure.

Fascinating Beginning of a Franchise.

Because of that, Stargate has become from an entertaining movie to my real cult movie, the movie that has been banished from the mainstream...

Highly enjoyable overall .

a thinly veiled propaganda piece of colonialism .

The story itself is plausible and entertaining to watch and was just the beginning for a whole bunch of other movies and series to come.

It comes down to this: the idea behind Stargate is an extremely entertaining one, and they never screw it up.

The story starts off intriguing enough & it's a very watchable & overall enjoyable film but at two hours in length it does drag at times & I wasn't keen on the rebellious slave uprising at the end, it just felt rather clichéd & predictable.

With an extremely compelling storyline, and effects that are still on par with today's highest rated movies, this fine cinematic treat is a must see!

The name seems familiar to everyone, but when you start watching you realize that it is a delusional plot, scenes even by the standards of the 90s look gray and boring.

From the creators of " Independence Day" Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin presents a fascinating and uniquely entertaining Sci-fi Fantasy Epic starring Kurt Russell and James Spader.

"Stargate"'s an exciting, high concept science fiction film from Roland ("Independence Day") Emmerich.

What is left is a nice, politically safe, formulaic action adventure.

This was the only movie I had seen in a cinema that was so bad that I almost walked out.

I found this movie to be very exciting.

We only get to see one alien creature and the ecosystem of the planet similarly low-key as another boring desert planet.

The ambient: Ancient Egypt, Anubis soldiers, sand and pyramids, aliens, the people in the village, strange animals, all mixed with modern- day soldiers who are entering in this ancient and fascinating world with doubts and in disbelief unawares and wary of what might be expecting them.

The film is poor, has an uninspired script, a very amateurish direction (assured by Roland Emmerich), actors who can do little to help make things better, predictable action scenes, and dated visual and sound effects.

Making a break from the sadomasochistic kinky sex genre, James Spader portrays a very boring character (unintentionally of course).

Location shots are terrific but the direction of the actors was predictable and wooden.

It has all the elements that make a great adventure; 3-dimensional characters, exciting stories, a rebellious uprising against a superior oppresive enemy, classic battles (not the blood-soaked over-the-top action sequences from films like the Matrix or stuff from Ahnuld and Stallone), and that element of mysticism and mystery that gave the Indiana Jones movie their style.

them action beats played out by a series of well-cast but undeveloped and ultimately uninteresting characters.

Coulda saved me 2 hours of intense boredom.

A Simple, yet very Entertaining Piece .

It´s boring and suffers from a total lack of imagination.

But unfortunately everything has been turned into a cliché by Emmerich and the writers.

Led by square jawed Kurt Russell as an on the edge Colonel, our band of merry men adventurers face peril in their new world via the weather, language barriers with the locals, oh and something a touch more sinister!.

Its a pretty enjoyable movie.

The film manages some humour as well as having you on the edge of your seat for a climactic finale, which is also a little emotive.

Had the Stargate shown us a time when the Egyptians were in full bloom it would've made for a much more enjoyable film than veering into alien territory.

This is exciting, entertaining and cool.

But like i said, this is Hollywood at its formulaic best.

Enjoyable cinematography by Karl Walter Linderlaub and sensational soundtrack by David Arnold .

Messy, complicated and rather un-enjoyable sci-fi adventures.

The characters are unoriginal: everyone of them is a total cliché.

The director wanted things to be authentic, but it just makes the movie confusing.

The film is very good and is action packed and is a must see!

The big screen special affects made for a thrilling ride and for once the SG team when combined with the indigenous people represented a sufficient force for an uprising against a foe with more advanced technology.

In a genre that can so easily be cheesy or over the top, Stargate tip toes this end but stays shy of it in a good hearted, action packed manor.

After the action moves off Earth to what's on the other side of the gate, our anticipation to find out what's there is rewarded by little more than a variation on "Dune"(84) done in more formulaic style.

Stargate was panned by the critics on its release, no A list stars they cried, a plot line that bore a resemblance to a 1970 film called Erinnerungen an die Zukunft, and apparently caught between being an adult picture and a child friendly blockbuster.

The setup is intriguing, with the early scenes atmospheric enough to conjure up the feeling of early Spielberg.

Despite a phoned-in leading performance by James Spader, Stargate remains a quirky, unexpectedly engaging ride.

A solid and entertaining effort by a dependable director.

A completely banal screenplay about good guys against bad guys with the usal romance bits and cardboard superficial characters, hollywood style once more.

Its really boring in my opinion and now I'm not interested in the show either.

Not much goes on here, except the usual boring scenes in which the military guys try to blend in the new culture, the scientist falls in love the beauty, and everyone plots rebellion against their evil masters.

As far as science fiction goes, this one is pretty entertaining.

The movie, to put it simply, starts out well but gets very slow and boring before picking up the pace at the end.

Overall, I love the premise of this just-average movie so darn much that it ends up being an enjoyable watch.

Even though the story itself is not that much special, it still has a great and original as well as an intriguing concept, that somehow knows to connect an alien world to ancient Egypt and their Gods.

There's also a lot of pointless story elements thrown in that add nothing to the overall picture.

It's a good movie worth watching.

I first saw this movie on VHS years ago and enjoyed it so much i bought the widescreen VHS.

I found Stargate to be incredibly entertaining.


original idea for the SCI-FI genre thats intriguing and suggestive towards an ever growing belief that questions our existence and history...

The umpteenth movie knuckle fight is a big yawn.

Another intriguing part of the film is that it is based on the "aliens built the pyramids" idea, which to my knowledge has never been done before.

"Stargate' is one of the most entertaining films I have ever seen.

James Spader was, in my opinion, playing the 'cliche' genius, with a lot of little 'absent-minded' mannerisms which were supposed to make him 'cute'.

Why wouldn't he find the most pleasant planet in existence, and set up a personal garden of Eden, and to hell with the pyramid ship (a dorky and contrived device)?

It is the most absolutely fantastic introduction, and the opening credits are captivating, featuring some of the most stunning and iconic art work and musical scores ever created.

It is an engaging, if frustrating, piece of work.

God was it ever tiresome and wholly boring and totally stupid.

The film is action packed and features a great script.

But the major problem was the trip between the start and the end was so dull.

With a combination of good dialog, an interesting plot, a creative way to expound upon ancient mythologies, mostly engaging characters and good special effects, "Stargate" is a very entertaining film.

Love 'em or hate 'em, Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin have helped make some of the most entertaining disaster & monster flicks for this generation to enjoy.

If you haven't seen it, it's worth a rent on a slow night.


The difference is that Disney's was more entertaining and with characters that had more personality to them.

A breathtaking film , which was at the time was a completely new take on the sci fi genre .

Well, the movie itself starts out decently and ends when they jump to the first planet--predictable city from that point on.

I was completely bored watching this and very disappointed too.

When the movie was first released 4 years ago in theatres, it was an unexpected surprise box office hit, ($71 million domestic gross I believe).

Great cure for insomnia .

I have seen Stargate several times and I find it to be an interesting concept for a film and thoroughly enjoyable.

movie standards (although it's been done in novels for decades), and the exploration of Egyptology and its revelation that the Egyptian gods were aliens is right out of Van Danken (sic), but it's still entertaining.

It's just a boring Kurt Russel running around in Egypt doing the only bit of acting he knows: shooting things up with a rifle.

Or maybe you will just have an enjoyable time watching this amazing Sci Fi fantasy action film of amazing Egyptian costumes and characters and sets which bring this fantastic story to life.

To see the changes the earth expedition makes and what the connection of this being to the Egyptian sun god Ra you will have to see this very well made and exciting science fiction film, one of the best films made during the Nineties.

Not only does Stargate combine science fiction with history, but it weaves them together in a way that remains exciting the entire film, despite major changes of environment.

The science fiction framework of "Stargate" is quite compelling.

Even though it was made by a different studio, the film shares a lot with WATERWORLD in that it's big, it's dumb, and it sets up a lot early on only to disappoint you by gradually descending from semi-believably sci fi into a bland action film.

The strongest aspects, however, goes to it's compelling visuals and it's epic music score from David Arnold.

The plot at first seemed extremely promising but then again it falls on its face with the typical Hollywood cliché and made ancient egyptians look like a bunch of idiots and have come up with an alternate version that some aliens build pyramids etc and these advanced aliens got owned by few 4 or 5 military men with guns!

The beginning, as this wild concept unravels, is as gripping and exciting as the indiana jones series, and the journey these characters make towards uncharted territory is also something that makes you watch it endlessly.

This film was predictable right from the start with the typical Hollywood clichés and worn out formulas.

The idea of the stargate is such a smart and entertaining thought, that leaves no limits to where the story could take you.

The special effects, given the date (1994) of production, were quite enjoyable as well.

So this story it´s completely underdeveloped, and it becomes totally predictable right up until the final confrontation with the bad guy and through out to the end of the film.

This exciting sci-fi movie that was number one in the US box-office , displays spectacular scenarios , adventures , noisy action and is pretty entertaining .

The only thing which really mars the film are its occasional descents into kitsch, including one of the death scenes later in the film, reduced to silliness by careless use of extreme cliche.

It's an alternate history story which combines archaeological Egypt with science fiction in a doubtful, but very much compelling theory.

Atmospheric, visually stunning sci-fi adventure .

Together these two discover the wonder of the artefact named 'Stargate' and where they discover unexpected friendships and find themselves in the process.

Most to the film's detriment, it just goes too fast for its own good and glazes over a lot to force in its contrived climax against enemies who make far too many idiotic decisions late in the film to generate any real tension.

The storyline was very intriguing.

The end result is hokey, po-faced and, most damning of all, boring.

If this is a kind of language propaganda, is it really works?...

The story is very intriguing and the whole ring concept introduced is extremely fascinating.

Jackson manages to solve the decades old riddle in a day or two, then goes along, then discovers etc etc. All the way the film tries to cover this weakness but it has too many dull moments to really cover it all up.

The story is intriguing and entwines action with humor and romance.

This stupid plodding going nowhere flick began to look like a joke that wouldn't quit.

It's just that the film ends up feeling relatively mundane given the extensive set-up; it all turns into an entirely typical good guys vs.

If you can put that aside, however, then you're in for an enjoyable and simply fun ride, if a little pulpy and trashy.

Enjoy Russel and Spader as they make an awesome team in this action packed movie

A thoroughly enjoyable sojourn in escapist entertainment, incredibly, with not one boring part!

series to name a few, does bring Stargate out of the dark and with it a shining example in what can be an uplifting, exciting and rewarding companion to Walter Lindenlaub vision.

While some of the plot lines had major holes, overall, it was quite enjoyable.

There were only two major problems that I found with Stargate: 1) Cliche military characters: the military characters in this film are definately your typicical, predictable and cheesy military movie guys.

For a basic sci-fi premise, it's just so weird that it's fascinating.

The whole relationship that both Jack and Daniel make with the inhabitants on Abydos is compelling and adds a lot of emotional impact to the story.


Can't believe I watched it the whole way through because it's so goddamn NON-exciting that halfway through I was begging for a deck of cards.

A cool concept done like a boring history class .

Bottom Line: 3.5 out of 4 (worth watching if you're into sci-fi)

It is a beautiful work of art (The Director's Cut is also a must-see, because the added scenes elaborate on a few confusing plot points) Now, I would just like to take a moment and talk about the aspects of Stargate that make it an enjoyable, exciting, riveting, and thought-provoking film.

Other than that it is quite an entertaining light hearted comedy sci-fi.

Kurt Russel is the tough military guy with the ridiculous haircut, James Spader is the cute, brilliant but clueless geek, and the rest are either boring, cliché or not important (Mili Avital is cute, though).

There is also a poor attempt to do romance between Spader and Mili Avital's character, but it always seems unnecessary and predictable to the point that we immediately know how it will end.