(2001) - Documentary

Hohum Score



Traces the birth and failure of new media company

Director: Chris Hegedus
Stars: Kaleil Isaza Tuzman, Tom Herman
Length: 107 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 6 out of 67 found boring (8.95%)

One-line Reviews (47)

Therefore: in order to make a catchy documentary with a good story (in this case the classical rise-and-fall scenario), how did the people behind the documentary know that following this particular company wouldn't just end with piles of uninteresting tape no worth editing?

The whole movie is filmed on an interesting topic, but quite honestly, I thought this film was boring as hell.

I'm sure there is a documentary amongst the ruins of this Yawn-fest somewhere, given enough time maybe the producers could find it.

Yes, the movie is sometimes hard to follow.

Somewhere in here is a document of a fascinating time, of a brief period when hope, vision and foolishness coalesced into a mini non-revolution the effects of which are still being assessed.

I did not find all the talk about venture capital, strategic moves or group meetings compelling in the least.

According to the DVD the producers cut some realistic (and boringly technical) scenes to focus more on the relationship between Tom and Kaleil.

As a movie - its more interesting than entertaining.

Nevertheless it is entertaining and gripping.

And I realized this is a really boring movie.

I found it to be quite interesting and compelling, but the story was slow, and there is footage shown that doesn't have much to do with anything else.

It is worth watching.

The film is fitfully compelling, and Tom and Kaleil are interesting enough figures to make this story watchable.

And to judge from the reception of this empty voyeurism, that's all the public needs.

The personal dramas were compelling enough or humorous enough to keep it interesting.

Saw it first maybe ten years ago, found it reasonably entertaining.

Like much of reality TV, it's simply fascinating to watch.

I can only imagine the boredom they felt when it was really happening.

The rise and fall of these kids was difficult to follow and impossible to fully understand.

com is worth watching when it comes on cable.

Entertaining and educational .

The movie does start slow, but it really picks up as the business and personal relationships (and the inevitable conflicts between them) grow more intense.

I didn't care much for this, it seemed too contrived for a documentary.

It is fascinating because it is real.

This is one of the most compelling and heart-wrenching films of the new millennium.

But this movie merely showed two dreadfully boring, passionless men.

This film feels like a typical feature film, except that it's REAL, which makes it so much more incredible and compelling.

In the end, the whole thing is rather confusing and warrants several repeat viewings to understand what is truly going on, and knowing something about the industry is definetly helpful, but still it's a fascinating documentation of a crazy time period.

I think renting the DVD is essential for understanding movie, the commentary explains quite a bit, especially little details about how the whole technical team was from a company called Sapient, and that many of the confusing story lines (like with Ki, the guy they bought out) were extremely complex and difficult to capture in a clear way.

somewhat sloppy but fascinating .

com is still an interesting look at a brief but fascinating time in these peoples lives and proves enjoyable.


com makes for compelling viewing and substantial response even weeks after the story-telling.

The most compelling part is the coorelation between their relationship eroding as does the company.

Entertaining and insightful .

But, it is very, very slow and you must have a very high patience.

Watching the characters develop and seeing the relationships unravel is fascinating.

It is pretty good and it is actually pretty compelling as it documents the rise and fall of an internet mega-site.

Apparently it's only the film makers who find the internet boring, leaving the audience in the dark.

Even though we now know where the story ends, the documentary is gripping from start to finish.

Imagine two guys delivering monotone dialog to each other saying things like "I couldn't be more excited.

Intriguing and interesting film .

This is an excellent, compelling look into a time that seems so alien and so far away now.

This movie disappointed me because the story and the people were interesting, yet the movie fell flat because of snappy editing that didn't allow the viewer enough time to understand each scene.

I think there seems to be some confusion as to the point and relevance of this film.

A very compelling documentary .

It seems like this is a documentary about an internet startup, but made by people who think, "Computers are boring, let's show the relationships, when the people talk about their feelings.