Stasis (2017) - Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

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After a night out of partying Ava wakes up and sneaks back home only to find that somebody's already in her bed and they look exactly like her. Ava learns that a time-traveling fugitive has stolen her body and she is now a ghost and invisible to everyone.

Director: Nicole Jones-Dion
Stars: Anna Harr, Mark Grossman
Length: 90 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 17 out of 89 found boring (19.1%)

One-line Reviews (28)

An enjoyable B movie.

A waste of time!!

This was perhaps the worst movie I've ever seen.

Stasis: don't waste your time seeing it.

I enjoyed it .

This could have been a really good effort, even with the obviously non-existent budget, but instead it was poorly written, poorly acted, a poorly executed exercise in putting together every cliché in the genre in the least entertaining way possible.

It's a waste of time .

Now, despite it being such a mundane and boring movie, I actually stuck with it to the very end.

Contrived and unconvincing plot, unrealistic 'technology', *very* bad acting, cliché dialogue and behaviour, few sympathetic characters...

The story presented is one which, in my opinion at least, is boring on its own.

Complete waste of time

A waste of time .

After half an hour I got very bored.

Overall, a good effort with the plot, props, and sets, but falls short on direction and the cliche dialogue.

It had some really intriguing ideas - although I'm not sure why it's on Netflix, as it only feels like it's an alright student film.

In my life, my Entire Life, I have only walked Out of 5 films, just so you get the idea, and I have watched thousands.

All I can really say about spoilers is this: if you actually watch this film, you'll have spoiled your evening when you could have been doing something much more interesting, like watching paint dry.

This is one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

It just dragged on.

-There is no plot resolution -- They start setting up a plot and then ignore it and do nothing for the next 75 minutes The concept is a ripoff of the show Travelers combined with Terminator.

Don't waste your time.

Your time is better spent watching paint dry.

"Stasis" has a very pointless storyline about people traveling from the future back in time to do absolutely nothing.

The rest of the film is mostly dull asides from anything.

This is entertaining.


I wonder if I watched a drama, sci-fi, comedy-action or...?! It was catchy and entertaining though, I imagine it could become a blockbuster if Doug Liman or Ridley Scott decided to develop a similar idea into an action movie.

Disjointed and senseless don't begin to cover the plot and editing.