Surveillance (2008) - Crime, Drama, Mystery

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Two FBI agents attempt to clarify the murders occurring in a desolate region. They approach the witnesses of the latest incident with the help of the local police. All of them hide something and all have wildly different stories to tell.

IMDB: 6.3
Director: Jennifer Lynch
Stars: Julia Ormond, Bill Pullman
Length: 97 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 42 out of 132 found boring (31.81%)

One-line Reviews (125)

So sick of their violence, they pointless, insane violence.

very very intriguing film .

I can't say much: it was so bad I walked out halfway through.

Obvious and somewhat dull...

The film also includes a taut, nerve-wracking middle section where two sadistic cops bully random drivers on a stretch of empty western highway that had me on the edge of my seat; an interlude that I thought was particularly well-done.

'Surveillance' possesses the Lynchian small town banality, stilted dialogue, awkward character dynamics, brutal violence, truly twisted killers, and generally off-kilter weirdness that you'd expect.

The ancient generation gap cliché "no redeeming social value" comes to mind.

But the movie-making, acting, and story-telling are really good, and I enjoyed it from that perspective.

Pointless lesson in how not to make a thriller.

Don't waste your time on it.

The juggling between past and present was consistent and only just confusing enough to the extent necessary for the "Oh!

But then (SPOILER ALERT) the movie's third act veers from suspenseful to ludicrous.

The few people in the area include a vacationing family who are terrorized by two deplorably bored, perverted 'police officers' (one of whom, weirdly enough, is played by French Stewart).

Sureillance feels empty and bestial, where interesting characters focus on making fun out of killing people, or driving them to kill each other, and then manipulate, leading to more killing.

Produced by David Lynch, and directed by his daughter Jennifer Lynch, this graphic serial killer movie, part thriller and part horror film, is very very entertaining, and has some very interesting twists.

Pros: Intriguing characters performed by notable actors and comedians.

It's worth watching simply to see this set of characters in action.

Once it is apparent that Sam (Bill Pullman) and Elizabeth (Julia Ormond) are the real killers, the rest of the film is utterly pointless.

So I take full blame for my own miscalculation in watching one of the most horrible, predictable and STUPID movies I've ever seen.

You could find countless holes in this absolutely pointless and highly artificial story.

Surveillance proved to be highly entertaining from beginning to end.

The performances are believable and compelling.

Insane and Most Predictable .

There's also another scene towards the end of the film where a character is completely ignored in the final confrontation that you're far more interested in finding out if he or she has magically become an invisible man or woman rather than the "exciting" climax itself.

Jennifer Lynch's "Boxing Helena" was a conceptually intriguing art film unwisely unleashed on a wide audience, and thoroughly derailed by its inept execution.

A trailer I saw months ago made it seem intriguing, especially since Hugh Dillon is in it.

Yawn Fest .

waste of time and money .

I found her performance particularly impressive, as the stunning drug addict-turned would-be savior.

Jen Lynch 's Surveillance is a twisted, unnerving piece of psychological horror that fries your synapses with uncomfortably bizarre characters and a sketchy, voyeuristic tone that bores right through your comfort zone into a place of primal terror.

So when I call a plot "predictable", you can bet it is REALLY predictable.

No characters, no relationships, just pretentious.

Beyond that it's a pretty standard small-scale thriller with a twist, and fairly predictable.

Yawn .

As a thriller it lacks pace, and as a torture/horror piece it fails despite some graphic, gory moments.

Pointless .

Complete waste of time.

I knew from the description that it was the point of view of three different witnesses, so I was expecting some confusion.

Although full of suspense, the storyline really was rather pointless.

A well acted but overdone addition to the crime / killer gene done time and again (see Inside Man, etc.), told in the narrative language of Kurasawa but done with an American cliche.

The best performance in the film, and the thing that kept me interested in it during its more uninteresting sections, is the beautiful Pell James' nervously effective performance.

And the story gets dragged to its sad conclusion.

The plot line is confusing, which I can except if it clicked back together in the end.

Predictable - after a minute Pullman and Ormond appeared I knew the truth about them also that the girl would survive.

I was captivated by the mystery and was on the edge of my seats waiting for the resolution.

I stumbled across this movie and for the most part thought it was pretty compelling.

Lazy, incoherent, boring.

Entertaining and Intriguing though somewhat gory for my tastes .

Surveillance has a dash of mystery and suspense, some real twists and turns and despite feeling a little bit predictable the big shocker at the end was still indeed a shocker.

Which is unfortunate, because up until this it was rather enjoyable for what it was - a grotesque little mystery.

And again, the presence of Ormond and Pullman, as well as Michael Ironside as the police captain and the young Ryan Simkins as Stephanie, make this worth watching.

Clichéd at best, two bored small town cops are petty dictators in their rural, boring patrol beat, so they terrorize innocent people and threaten them with their guns.

Still, what Lynch loses in character development she gains in a compelling, tense and brutal thriller-come-horror film with a gargantuan twist that I enjoyed immensely.

It's beautifully filmed, greatly handcrafted about very disturbed individuals in an exciting film.

Most films have boring dialog that moves the lame plot along.

Lynch opts for a cynical, boring, pandering "thriller" with no thrills.

It always kept you on the edge of your seat, playing the guessing game.

The first two acts are simply boring and annoying, mostly because of the quote-unquote "weird" characters.

I found it unbelievably boring.

This was a very enjoyable film that was right up Pullman's alley.

The pointless blood and gore that fill it and the supposed surprise ending which is simply Freddy Kruger gone hog wild are symptoms of the failure of Hollywood to come up with anything approaching a redeeming movie.

The film is gripping, visceral, and features some stunning performances, notably from Bill Pullman who is not someone who I would normally have put high on my list of those I expect to surprise me performance-wise.

Mood/atmosphere/tone, it is set in an intriguing, dark fashion and the actors bring excellence to the playground.

Definitely worthy of a look-in for fans of either the thriller or David Lynch himself, but for everyone else, this will probably be a temporarily engaging affair quickly forgotten soon after the credits roll.

In its own right, it's a very entertaining and suspenseful film, and it might keep you guessing until the end.

there was so real plot to the film and the 'thrill' was poorly dragged to a disappointing ending that made you almost shrug the last hour and half off as just a waste of time.

If you watch this and then feel that you enjoyed it then I think that would say a lot about you as a person.

And a waste of some good actors' time.

Instead he made an enjoyable tensed thriller, SO ORIGINAL.

And the depth is unexpected.

Don't waste your time on this movie.

I saw it coming half way through the movie, and the twist, was cliché.

This is one of them with excellent created characters (although very few, 19 appearances in total), fast plot and definitely unexpected end.

Very Engaging .

Now, what makes up for this lack of story and instead makes it seem longer, clever and like an actual film, is the characters the actors play; especially the cops, played by Kent Harper and French Stewart, and the two agents, played by Julia Ormond and Bill Pullman.

Predictable and Flat .

The film is slow, then explodes, making us waiting for the next explosion, making us sitting on edge, even if we really know what's gonna happen.

End of film torpedoes intriguing first and middle acts .

Generally I tend to avoid films with a lot of flashbacks, but in this case, the three points of view presented are intriguing.

Painfully Predictable .

Boring + Repulsive = Deplorable .

A few minutes later I was getting annoyed with all of the characters & their uninteresting personalities & numerous badly developed back stories.

Just can only offer a word of warning to those who might be drawn to the name as I was: it is pointless, unintelligent, drivel, from start to finish.

Boring piece of sadistic drivel .

Viscerally and cerebrally engaging.

This is the slowest and worst film I have ever watched!!

Fascinating as well as disturbing movie that shows how sick and dangerous people can be and at the same time keep their sickness hidden from view and the public until the right time, for them to go into their murderous actions, comes along.

The good thing is, SURVEILLANCE is a very engrossing film from the opening shot.

So without someone to relate to, you are left looking at boring dialogue that drags on and on and on until the big twist is being revealed.

First I thought it'll be some thrilling FBI movie and great for relaxation after a long working day.

Their performance was just cliché after cliché.

Sure enough, predictable & stupid.

Julia Ormond plays his partner and as usual I found her quite empty.

Pretentious boring drivel .

Unpredictable mystery, Something new .

The directing, the acting and the adaptation of the story leave what could probably have been a good plot into a meaningless waste of time.

It has no message or meaning, whatsoever (I think it gave the Lynch girl some practice in directing movies.

Intense, weird, and disturbing thriller .

" Cons: No storyline, per say, leaving you with a rambling film.

I found it to be entertaining because the unique presentation held interest.

You see, Bennett and his partner (French Stewart) are so bored out of their minds with their uneventful patrols that they like to shoot out the tires on passing cars and screw with the occupants.

The local police are to put it mildly dysfunctional, shooting out the wheels of passing cars out of boredom and then hassling the poor occupants.

The first two thirds which is riveting and very well done, and a big surprise you don't see coming unless you pay attention.

Essentially it's a good premise for a film, and it was occasionally tense and gripping.

The performances are believable and compelling.

meant to be surreal and confusing when really...

This is immensely intriguing and involves us in the film very effectively.

On top of that, and maybe the worst crime, it's uninteresting and vastly predictable.

While the twist was a little predictable near the end, and the movie could have provided a better "alternative killer" to put people off the scent, the characters are amazingly presented to be a highly enjoyable movie.

The twist identifying who the killers are(yes, faces go with the deviants)is rather fascinating to watch develop.

You see, for most of the film there is no real plot, just people recounting twisted versions of the massacre they witnessed.

The violence, although mostly not extremely graphic, nor taking up much on-screen time, considering the genre, was so pathologically twisted, I'm sure it'll prove too just intense for the likings of many.

Lynch keeps everything slow and mannered, unlike Boxing Helena which is over-blown from the beginning.

What we are left with is a film that is not awful, just quite disjointed and forgettable.

It isn't hard to follow, it's entertaining and it has some genuinely thought provoking moments.

Predictable, Cruel, Poorly Structured, Sadistic = Worst Film of 2009 .

Then the third act comes, where events go from boring to completely nonsensical.

This was such a horrific waste of of time and I found absolutely no redeeming value to this movie.

Ted's Evaluation -- 3 of 3: Worth watching.

Well I gave it a ten, as I am into unpredictable and innovative films.

Instead it was a very boring slasher movie, only the sadistic killers used all weapons at their disposal.

It is a well-crafted seventy minute movie with a remaining twenty minutes of clumsiness, bad writing and a twist which unfortunately is predictable.

SURVEILLANCE is an intense thriller written and directed by David Lynch's daughter, Jennifer Lynch.

Taking place over the course of perhaps a few hours of interrogation spliced with flashbacks relating back to the day of the last known murders, the script mixes subtle plotting and slow moving developments with a high caliber of character work and atmospherics to keep things moving.

" The twist itself is a problem as well because it is as predictable as they come and thus the story falls off the plot hinges.