Sweet Country (2017) - Adventure, Crime, Drama

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Australian western set on the Northern Territory frontier in the 1920s, where justice itself is put on trial when an aged Aboriginal farmhand shoots a white man in self-defense and goes on the run as a posse gathers to hunt him down.

IMDB: 6.9
Director: Warwick Thornton
Stars: Hamilton Morris, Shanika Cole
Length: 113 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 20 out of 58 found boring (34.48%)

One-line Reviews (65)

Yes, it's a sad case but their characters are one dimensional and totally predictable, as are the majority of situations posed in their loosely based plot.

For me, the overall pace of the film contributed to that sense of outback - but if you've never been in that sort of country, it might seem slow or too subtle.

2 days ago I saw on a very public ground two empty packet of cigarettes with these awful pictures on it; throat cancer etc. Did they create an impression on the users?

So slow you might fall asleep.

The cinematography is stunning.


Too slow for my liking .

If I hadn't watched this as a preview at an open air cinema I would have walked out from the theatre.

I found myself bored after a short time.

The film itself is uninspiring, tedious, predictable, cliche and overwhelmingly dull.

Very slow and boring .

Experience shows and is fruitful and the outcome is this very entertaining 110-minute movie we got here.

But, to be honest, it's a very pretentious work.

Very little dialogue and specifically from the main aboriginal characters, very slow responses to questions given to them which sort of made the whole process of watching it seem even slower.

The pace is slow, and the plot lacks credibility.

Matt Day as Judge Taylor tries to bring white man's law to bear on the situation and, though sympathetic, shows little understanding of the cultural gap involved in putting Indigenous people who have lost touch with their own ceremonies into the dock and compelling them to answer questions from a person invested with the authority of the crown.

This is historically valid, although he is moving onto an existing property, while generally the post war soldier settlers were given new, empty blocks and a period of supplies.

Very slow with meaningless flash forward spoilers.

The natural land is beautiful, and then we come across a stunning and deadly desert in the salt flats.

Slow, Boring and could not wait for it to end .

The story is quite simple, and mostly predictable, in the sense that 'at this point either a or b happens', and the option that keeps the ball rolling is the one that happens.

it is a dreary and slow movie and you know the outcome a mile away.

It's a bit predictable as you know that when there is racism involved there will be injustice.

It was so painfully slow I won't bore you with the details as others have covered it in their reviews.

The landscape is a real star, shot in outback South Australia and made all the more evocative by the absence of a music soundtrack - the silence says heaps.

Enjoyable, a 'must-see' sort of film.

Don't be put off, however, it's worth the watch if you know that it has a point.

This one is too long and empty, like the part of the country it's set in.

An engrossing, deeply disturbing film showing again that Australia has a lot to be ashamed about in the way our white ancestors treated the original inhabitants.

Painfully SLOW.

Yes, the movie has a very low pace, sometimes annoyingly slow even.

A movie that will rock you and have you on the edge of your seat from start to finish and it never drags, which is a great success for a film so close to the 2-hour mark.

a visually stunning outback tale with a message that resonates today .

So slow...

Slow and boring .

Visually Impressive, Riveting, Yet Very Pretentious.

For my taste it was too slow, with unnecessary flash back.

The movie relies on its bleak and dreary atmosphere to imply its subject matter and moral instead of presenting them in the usual manner.

Very slow .

I really wanted to watch it, however it was so slow it was boring.

In terms of visual impact, it is stunning.

Long, boring and with a very typical one sided racism view...

It's been a while since I have been watching such a slow movie...

Slow and unquestionably grim and sad - I can't recall anything approaching a light moment in the whole film - this documents a shameful part of Australia's History, with native Australians merely commodities, exposed to the whims of the white man.

As predictable as night follows day.

Sweet Country is a visually stunning film.

The aggression portrayed brilliantly and the subsequent shutting down/fear/rage/finger-pointing/ignorance and lack of acceptance/kindness/compassion does not make this feel long, or boring or stupid, as some reviews are quick to mention, I suppose in the high hope that Australia's history might be portrayed in ridiculous spaghetti western fashion.

Maybe it's the slower pace and the accent that provide the perfect blend of comfort and danger.

Unfortunately whether due to budgetary constraints or otherwise, the central narrative is somewhat predictable and lumbered with a few fairly substantial contrivances.

Either that or it was felt that the story was too boring and needed some help.

But its like listening to a boring person tell an uninspiring simple story story across 2 hours.

Unfortunately, this film stagnates for far too long.

You hear the rustle of leaves in the wind, the sound of a flowing river, horses' hooves pounding the ground, and most confronting: the sound of a heavy chain being dragged across desert sand, manacled to the black hand of a fleeing Indigenous youth.

It's a movie worth watching once.

Excellent acting by Hamilton Norris and Doolan , but boring predictable performances by old Sam Neil and Bryan Brown, names only it seemed, not really engaged.

Sweet Country is masterly edited, and I think that what makes it very watchable, and often enjoyable despite its poetic style that may indispose some people.

That previously mentioned blend of slow pace and danger is evident in the opening scene.

Yes, the plot is quite predictable.

Though bit slow, the beautiful visuals will let you watch the movie throughout.

Beautiful, indisputable, but a tad predictable.

But this film, in its slow camera panning does just that.

Dull, predictable and been done before.

Predictable and dull .

Weak and boring .

Visually Stunning.