Talaash (2012) - Crime, Drama, Mystery

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Inspector Surjan Shekhawat, who is dealing with a depressing past, has to investigate a high profile murder case, deal with his crumbling marriage and use the help and solace of a prostitute by the name of Rosie.

IMDB: 7.2
Director: Reema Kagti
Stars: Aamir Khan, Kareena Kapoor
Length: 140 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 51 out of 241 found boring (21.16%)

One-line Reviews (213)

He did all these but still the slow screenplay of movie robs us of a decent movie experience.

Worst Movie After Ek Tha Tiger .

A great Start with an Unexpected end .

Background score is equally intriguing.

The movie is gripping at times though ever so often the pace slackens and sometimes becomes a crawl.

Please do select an afternoon show because you will be put to sleep going with the slow pace of this movie.

The storyline becomes a bit boring in between when they focus a lot on Rani and Amir's story.

Some scene lacked thrill because of poor background score.. Some songs were a bit dull as well.

Nawazuddin Siddique stands out among the supporting cast with another compelling performance.

Sometimes a few scenes get dragged a bit, which wasn't needed.

The expressions of the face of the actors at various places has been intense and exceptional.

Expect the Unexpected!.

The characters played by Amir Khan & Rani Mukerji are extremely intense.

As movie begins with a gripping song and credits rolling, you almost get the feel of entering a mystery maze & that is something Pat on back No.

The story unwinds like a web spun all around you and keeps you intriguing about what is happening and what is coming up next.

it is very fascinating & shot composition is quiet Great.

-> Amir talent is wasted and zoya and remma knows if amir is in the movie u get the money no need of a story -> Kareena waits for three years to kill the actor wow what a planning seems ghosts also plan , but wearing micro minis and being so hot -> Even a 10 year old school guy can write better duologue's than Zoya-> it so slow at one point of time you feel that actors have forgot their lines-> Worse ending that i could ever imagine ...

Reema Kagti's previous film 'Honeymoon Travels Pvt Ltd' was a thoroughly enjoyable viewing experience.

Its thrilling plot keep the audiences confused and guessing till the end,the dialogues have a rare dramatic overtone which made it a spine chilling thriller till the first half but basic flaws and slow pace ruined the thrill.

Pretty unexpected!

Apart from a very well written, gripping, a totally new kind of psychological thriller (Full credit goes to Reema Kagti and Zoya Akhtar), its main asset is of course AAMIR KHAN.

Very predictable .

The film just tells a story of coming to terms with loss and that also a gripping one with usage of "after life" concept to build the narrative.

A fascinating thing about Talaash is that it is still gripping despite not being a solid thriller.

Ultra-Slow Suspense movie .

The marriage issue takes up much of the time till the interval, inter-cut with some dull conversations of Surjit with a mysterious prostitute Rosy played blandly by Kareena Kapoor.

Kareena's dialogs and inane and she makes Rosy sound dry and boring – an 'I'm bored so I'm saying these lines' kind of prostitute.

Something out of the ordinary or something unexpected.

an intriguing sensitive suspense drama that is not meant for all .

'Talaash' is an intriguing suspense thriller that is emotional, psychological and paranormal.

People who like serious, slow and dark kind of movies should watch it and they will find it a good movie.

Talaash is very intense movie from the start.

Background Score is tale gripping and songs are fabulous too.

This movie is worth watching for the cast alone.

Worst movie of the year .

Talaash is a different style mystery which unfolds well in a decent way, with a gripping story and brilliant performances!

Overall, Talaash is gripping film with a debatable ending.

First half was a bit good but slow and too much darkness of the story impacts the movie overall.

not because it's slow....

It establishes fairly well and build up was excellent with three of four suspenseful plots running together.

total waste of time and money .

aaagh again too boring and repeated n number of times in various cinema.

Well the film was one time watch only, Nawazzuddin was really good, Kareena was looking stunning in the movie, Rani was okay and definitely Amir's acting is perfect as usual and justified to his character.

Maybe there are similarities, but nevertheless I enjoyed it.

A parallel track shows Surjan's unhappy home life, empty due to the death of his son.

enthralling, absorbing, sluggish, dramatic, and a bit disappointing .

There are few flaws in the movie including some issues with overall direction and dialogues but in entirety this movie is engrossing and it is something really new which has never been attempted before in Bollywood.

and movie is boring.

'Talaash' Synopsis: A cop, a housewife and a prostitute get entangled in a mystery that links their lives in unexpected ways.

The storyline becomes a bit boring in between when they focus a lot on Rani and Amir's story.

I personally admire Zoya Akhtar and Reema Kagti for bringing on such a suspenseful and thrilling narrative to the screen among the sea of stupid masala movies this year.

The initial confusion that the movie creates will all clear-up by the time movie ends.

But still,the suspense is sudden,unexpected and strikes you with force.

Pace of the movie was really slow, young people may not like it.

Maybe that's a whole other mystery surrounding 'Talaash', a half-cooked but engrossing murder story albeit with a hint of the supernatural.

Now, this is the movie at the top of my list of best suspenseful thrillers.

Beginning was good but then slow pace ruined it.

The last 10 minutes of the movie were unwatchable.

interesting/unexpected ending .

A thrilling and captivating movie...

Good suspense movie, ending a bit fancy, but still worth the watch .

But overall the movie is slow and looses it's way down in 2nd half.

I heard several members of the audience yawn loudly in the second half.

Story is also good but can be predictable at some places except from climax cleverly take a twist at last.

Unexpected and Unrealistic Climax - Don't Miss it .

Acting was natural and intense.

The first half cleverly builds up the story and you are hooked to the screen as you try to comprehend all the clues and guess some random evidences side by side with Aamir Khan but you may find it a bit dull and stretched.

Awesome Movie, Must watch Gripping performance .

The movie keeps you engrossed and kind of intriguing.

Slow and not a powerful climax .

Also the screenplay runs in an engaging manner and written very smartly.

But then comes the second half and the plots veers off in a different direction altogether, the intense buildup gets diluted, the story becomes sluggish as the psychological tribulations of a couple suffering from a tremendous loss take center-stage.

You may feel the story was dragging itself during the first half, but still the story and screenplay keep the movie alive and intriguing.

till the end…I said Reema not Aamir because somehow she owns this baby, so well she has nurtured & of which Amir may I say is the father, she deserves kudos for her direction right from the slow song (remember in my earlier review I mentioned Skyfall's slow song setting it up).

Thus, it seems like the director's choice of maintaining a slow pace for the plot along with the dull simplicity of its characters, makes 'Talaash' a far cry from being a great thriller.

The simple love and friendship between the pimp Nawazuddin and an age past prostitute looks real and keeps you thinking even when you walk out of the theater.

Slowest Movie in the World .

He is brilliant and this is one of his best, intense acts, a complete 180 to his role in '3 Idiots'.

The loss of their child is unbearable for both of them and is slowly creating distance between them.

' is mostly engrossing and wonderfully made and is well-worth of your time if you're willing to be patient.

totally enjoyable.

Kareena's ubiquitous appearances are so disgusting and confusing, one stands to think if it is a movie or a maze.

However, the film looses the steam in between and moves at a snail pace diverting the attention from a murder mystery to emotional drama which becomes over dramatic and even becomes unbearable at certain point.

To start off, the movie is very intriguing, thrilling and keeps you glued to your seats screen right till the end.

the movie is too dark and too slow too handle...

Completely unexpected ending.

Story has so many loopholes and movie becomes too slow as the story progresses.

Should watch it once, serious movie and a bit slow .

Movie was so slow in middle and too dull and far away from standards of RDB and 3 idiots.

Except that it is a waste of money.

'In short, it is a one-time-watch, rather a good one after a long run of pathetic movies, but don't expect bloodcurdling suspense since Inspector Shekhawat isn't Sherlock or Singham, but is the 'good'cop with chronic insomnia and family issues!

The movie is also rather slow in the second half, and downright melodramatic during the big twist, with a crazed homage to "what lies beneath" - and that was a pretty bad movie!

Conclusion: Please please don't waste ur money and time....

But, Shekhawat's family problems were making the film get dragged on.

The film is slow in parts.

'Talaash' is not a great murder-mystery, maybe not even a murder-mystery, but the suspense can be riveting to some starved of well-plotted films.

i was so bored in the middle.

all because of guilt he was suffering from insomnia and depression.

A cop, a housewife and a prostitute get entangled in a mystery that links their lives in unexpected ways.

:-P The Climax is cliché & many audience can guess it before it was actually revealed.

Enjoyable only for die-hard Aamir Khan fans .

Aaamir is mind blowing in his performance as the tormented father and equally beautiful was kareena in the portrayal of her role.

But since majority portion is really enjoyable for reasons as narrated above, I go with 8/10 to this.

But thats where movie lacks as 80% of movie revolves around Rani & Aamir, despite such a lovely acting, this part of movie is very slow and people who expects Talaash to be a Fast paced thriller beginning to disappoints.

In second half, there is a play of emotions and many may find it boring(may be that was needed to give some supernatural sense to the movie).

Slow paced and without a moment of fun.

It is an intricately woven gripping tale set against the backdrop of a mysterious event (car crash killing a movie star) that sets off an investigation by an Inspector (Shekhawat) essayed with ridiculous ease by Aamir Khan.

Technically this is as good as it gets in Bollywood, with a scintillating background score and riveting cinematography.

sometimes even bores you..you also won't like to know what in store for you next.

Aamir would have chosen the movie while suffering from insomnia !!.

- While Kahaani began with 0 kmph and pitched highest at climax to 160 kmph with the female protagonist arousing adrenaline rush in the audience, Talaash has its potholes and brakes which finally bring it to virtual halt with the male protagonist pondering over what happened and the audience shocked over why it happened!

The glistening city of Mumbai bathed in misty moonlight is a compelling character and Kagti deserves some applause for breathing life into a world hitherto unknown to us.

Story narration is very slow, specially in first half and even in the second half nothing is new.

Its a cliché role of an inspector who merely responds to the situations and creates none.

Direction wise , Reema Kagti is good but she could have made the movie more engaging adding more thrilling moments.

The second half seems not to have the same pace as the first, taking us towards the slow end.

The pacing is slow and very slow at certain places.


To Summarize: An average story which was too slow paced for an attempted thriller...

The storyteller's craft lies in the fact that the modus operandi of the plot seems as intriguing as the motive of the crime.

Movie has a decent pace which is enjoyable with carefully and brilliantly composed music laying on intelligent lyrics by Javed Akthar.

It was interesting and engrossing throughout.

Some people have complained about slow pace, but I never, for a min, found myself bored during the movie.

However,the climax was dull, could have been presented in a smarter way.

The main plot is where Inspector Surjan investigates the mysterious death of a celeb - a quite suspenseful plot on its own.

,betrayal yet the thrilling confusion that makes you watch it again.

If i have to describe the movie in words , its is fantastic , incredible , breathtaking .

Things take mysterious turns in the second half and the movie manages to keep the audience on the edge of their seats by keeping the suspense intact.

An average story which was too slow paced for an attempted thriller...

The main reason about it, the story goes very slow in whole film it didn't peeks a speed which we needed in such film as we already saw in "KAHAANI".

Stylish slow burn crime mystery .

Kareena as Rosy was stunning throughout the film.

Scenes between aamir and rani sometimes dragged too much and it was annoying in middle of the story.


Small drops of humour provide a bit of relief in this otherwise intense suspense-filled drama.

atmospheric, intriguing and engrossing .

But at least I found the story dull and predictable...

But if you are expecting a taut thriller, sorry it was painfully slow for a thriller.

In between there are few scenes which is quite boring, as usual Amir gave justice to his role Kareena looks stunning.

As a result, Shekhawat is totally immersed in his investigation and on one night, he comes across a hooker, Rosy (Kareena Kapoor) who helps him in cracking the case.

aamir's character is such a dull , regressive character that one can hardly sympathise with.

Was rather bored as the movie is approximately 3 hours and it keep revolving around the character's personal and professional life.

Kareena Kapoor escorts Aamir Khan throughout his case investigation and the movie ends with an unexpected supernatural climax.

Definitely a one time watch and worth watching at least once.

Talaash is a gripping tale which keeps you at the edge right from the word go.

Direction - 6/10 ( Some scenes really awesome, but some just bore u to death)Plot- 5/10 ( The way it was hyped , "THE ANSWER LIES WITHIN",, if this was another country ,, the producers would have been sued for giving wrong info of the services the consumers paid for)Overall- 7/10( Its a really watchable movie than the crap bollywood is producing these years,, don't go with ultra high expectations,, not memorable,and even if would be good if u don't't watch M NIGHT SHYAMALAN movies,,, ohhh and yes one point i gave extra just for Nawazuddin siddique)

The first half goes exactly as it should and the second half is just mind blowing.

I would have walked out mid-way into 2nd half had I not been accompanied by few friends.

Main problem in story of Talaash is that too much involvement in technicalities make its slow which surely was the case in Lakshya too, it surely needs a Christopher Nolan kind of act to make Batman delivers in serious cinema.

Audience may feel bored in middle of the story.

While its slow pace might negate most of its thrill, the intricacy of the plot conceals the suspense well to the end and we enjoy the game as we did with 'Gupt' and 'Kahaani'.

Even though he is one of the most accomplished actors in Hindi cinema ever, his movies somehow tend to be rather boring and hard to watch.

Though a tad slow,the romance is subtle,which caresses you with unknown warmth.

All the same, it is to be admitted that Talaash is an engrossing movie and though certain dialogs of Kareena Kapoor appear to be illogical and superfluous, everything falls in place in the end.

An unexpected thriller .

Inspector Shekhawat( Aamir) takes up the investigation, who is also suffering from insomnia due to the loss of his son in an accident.

It was predictable with no exceptional climax!

It is entertaining throughout with none of the traditional dance routines that I imagined were in every Bollywood movie.

Worst Movie Ever After .....

The movie was beautiful and engrossing right from the word go and the first frame.........

After all, We do expect a little more from "Amir Khan"Overall, very much enjoyed it.

This may come as a shock to many and some might say it was predictable.

He suffers from insomnia and nightmares, and spends his nights cruising the city streets, and meeting Rosy, ostensibly to try and solve the actor's murder.

VERY GOOD: *Suspense and thrilling aspects with a major shock in second half....

Talaash is character driven, imaginative, emotional and an intense crime mystery.

the story and the twist was unpredictable, espesially for indian movies.

Suspense flicks are meant to keep the viewers stick to their seats and make them to think about climax but unfortunately everything is predictable here.

Talaash is a riveting combination of sentiment and suspense.

But still the director has done a brilliant job to make people keenly interested with the gripping pace and story.

As Naseeruddin shah said in one of his interviews that aamir is the most boring actor.. he cant get the audiences involved into the story like an Amitabh or ShahRukh Khan!!

Its more of a character study than an all out thriller and is quite a slow burner.

Too intense and emotional and good acting by Aamir and kareena.

The winners (for me) here are Kareena Kapoor (of course apart from Aamir Khan) and Reema Kagti who stand tall and churn out a film that is consciously quixotic and endlessly fascinating.

In the recent times of bollywood big budget craps, Reema Kagti and Aamir Khan delivers one of the most gripping and exciting movie of the year.

The film is a dark,complex psychological yet there are layers of emotions which makes it more compelling..Add to this there is an Occult angle to the mystery..The film starts with a darkish depiction of Maximum city with eerie background music followed by a car coming at high speed which suddenly takes a turn and gets drowned in a river.

It's been long seeing an intense movie and though the ending and most of second half doesn't live up to the high expectations set by the fist half, this sure is a great watch for 2 and half hours.

better to save your money and wait for the DVD to come out.

His wife manages her sorrow by engaging with mediums in an effort to try and contact her dead son.

The movie also gets very slow in the midst, making u wait for the story to unfold.

even if they..at least appreciate it for the fact that it was gripping, completely mysterious, shocking with characters drawn very finely & cleverly...

But post intermission, the problems begin with its slow narration mainly due to the added emotional plot related with Aamir & his family.

The pace is also slow at times.

It was gripping and had all the elements for the perfect second half.

Randeep Hood might have been a better choice for the lead role, he would have brought some conviction to the character .. but Aamir khan just couldn't do anything with this one, audience seemed insensitive about what srujan goes through or what he does, that bland was Mr. kiran rao's performance!!

When was the last time Indian audience have witness an intriguing noiri-sh suspense drama without any cheap thrills?

There's something intriguing about the characters, including the minor ones that draws your attention.

Overall, movie is a bit slow in first half and bit tough to understand in second half.

As an enigmatic hooker with all those tantalizing gestures and seductive expressions and smiles you would seriously consider a "Fap Fap Fap"(If you know what I mean) ;) And Yes Surprise Surprise.!She has all the surprises up her sleeves to take you on a thrilling drive in the movie and shock factors that you can't miss from her.

Yes, you might consider checking out some Hotties sitting next to you or start logging on to facebook and checking your notifications via mobile but it hints at various sub plots and paves way for some thoroughly enjoyable scenes.

To Summarize: An average story which was too slow paced for an attempted thriller...

The plot initially was gripping.

Intriguing Movie, Captivating Music, Cast Is Spot On...

Talaash is enthralling, absorbing, sluggish, dramatic, and a bit disappointing.

That's where the story scores points; also I feel that the pace of the movie has been deliberately kept a bit slow as increasing the pace of the movie might have confused the audience.

The narration is pathetically slow and there are quite a few scenes where you will be forced to sleep.

Barring a confrontational scene with her husband, Rani Mukherjee's Roshni was dull and despondent.

From then on, every few minutes; something exciting is uncovered by the director and your mind stays glued on.

The movie was so interesting and thrilling.

But movie gain pace in the last 30 minutes because of the unexpected twist( which surely is not the original).

Too intense and emotional and good acting by Aamir and kareena.

Talaash was like a roller coaster ride in which you will feel the adrenalin rush in few scenes and in some , you will be bored waiting for some crispy twist and turns.

Mind blowing performance from Aamir Khan again.

Screenplay is engaging.

Mind blowing .

Movie's background music is too amazing which makes it more intense, really loved it.

conversation between kareena & amir was some times too long and boring.

As revelations continue to pop in the 'search' gets intense and just before the intermission the plot gets seated at a juncture beyond which the 'search' only looks more promising.

His personal sadness adds an unexpected dimension to his "talaash".

I enjoyed it with 100's of people today at the movie theater, No one walked away disappointed, everyone thought the movie was awesome!

But as the mystery gets deeper the film get slower.

Nways but movie is average..With breathtaking acting by Rani Mukherjee, and awesome beauty of Kareen aKapoor, acting of Aamir Khan has always been good.

The story unfolds into a gripping murder suspense whodunit in the first half.

A nice watchable entertaining, suspense and thriller movie .