Tanu Weds Manu (2011) - Comedy, Drama, Romance

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Manu comes to India to find a bride for himself and falls for Tanu at first sight but Tanu, a free spirited girl has no plans of marrying him.

IMDB: 6.8
Director: Aanand L. Rai
Stars: Madhavan, Kangana Ranaut
Length: 113 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 10 out of 34 found boring (29.41%)

One-line Reviews (33)

At this point the film drags on and on until the predictable and overstretched ending.

Rai, is a Good Film, that offers entertaining moments in the first, as well as the in second hour, and manages to hold your attention.

In fact the last sequence where two baraats (heading towards marrying the same girl), meet each other on the road is well written and entertaining.

The whole setup is very different, quite funny, perhaps a little unbelievable but nonetheless a very good setup for a very entertaining film.

it would have taken exemplary courage to make such a horrible, unwatchable,irritating,pathetic movie.

A rebellious Tannu wanted someone who would accept her with her wild ways while a demure Mannu led such a boring life that he wanted someone spontaneous enough to spice it up.

This movie however will keep you on the edge - of boredom.

The direction, music and performances in the movie play a big part in making it so engaging and entertaining.

Tanu weds Manu was a low budget surprise box office hit in India that probably was unexpected even for the directors.

So the end of the movie is as predictable as any other bollywood movie of the same genre.

After a series of boring movies like 'Yeh Saali Zindagi', '7 Khoon Maaf', 'Patiala House' etc. this is a very soothing light mood entertaining movie.

If you really go for some fun moments accompanied by few worth watching performances along with some good music served with a little drama, then TANU WEDS MANU might turn out to be the right choice for you too.

Post intermission the film takes a slight dip, with few prolonged scenes, some dull moments and a stretching drama between the on screen friends.

This movies avoids it to great extent still Sufi boredom background shout (song) is there as a deterrent to the tempo of the movie.

So all together it turns out to be a pleasant enjoyable surprise with some appreciable performances from the cast.

The film feels a bit slow and cold at the beginning and the characters bear a very simple look, resembling the wedding taking place in every second alley of Kanpur.

The story is worth 30mins which is dragged to over 2 hours.

Go and watch it if you are bored with you daily routine and want some fun.

An entertaining beginning but a boring second half .

The second half is extremely boring.

Second half is comparatively slow and the story calms down with some emotional touch in the movie.

But the beauty of the film is that regardless of all this known before and predictable kind of stuff, it still very successfully manages to keep you hooked and smiling, especially in the first half and in the climax.

To sum up, while the first half of 'Tannu weds Mannu' is thoroughly watchable for the 'I don't traverse the beaten path' style, the second half is extremely boring.

Kangana and Madhavan acted really well.. Everything is good but at last the film gets lil boring,,The last 30 minutes is the minus point of the movie!

The first half is thoroughly gripping and entertaining whereas despite its shorter length, the second half is a bit dragging and edgy.

Hands off to music of the movie, the songs are pretty awesome and enjoyable.

Those not familiar with Indian culture might get disappointed because, Indian flavor is what makes this movie enjoyable.

It has got a simple mix up, confusion kind of plot with a bit silly yet predictable ending.

TANU WEDS MANU – CATCH IT ( B+ ) Tanu Weds Manu is a highly entertaining Bollywood movie on the lines of Jab We Met and Band Baaja Baraat.

Jimmi Shergill stands out in the predictable climax and once again proves that he's an actor par excellence.

Before intermission, TWM is highly enjoyable with many appreciable sequences supported by some great one liner dialogues in the local lingo.

Entertaining and Interesting .

This is so comical it's really interesting good story-line I like the songs I feel like dancing while listening to this songs they really enjoyable I like the acting performances The second part of TWM is so good also r madavan was superb kangana was brilliant jimmy is always the topper in fact he is the USP in this blockbuster movie what a ultimate performance he has done my rating 9/10