Tenet (2020) - Action, Sci-Fi

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Armed with only one word, Tenet, and fighting for the survival of the entire world, a Protagonist journeys through a twilight world of international espionage on a mission that will unfold in something beyond real time.

IMDB: 7.8
Director: Christopher Nolan
Stars: John David Washington, Robert Pattinson
Length: 150 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 245 out of 1000 found boring (24.5%)

One-line Reviews (750)

Over complicated and confusing.

Unfortunately, the confusion makes word of mouth a risky proposition if only to encourage potential viewers to see if they can figure it out.

Story bores me and it was presented on a boring manner.

Then _Tenet_ just gave me the same frustrated feeling as watching _Transformers 2_ in cinema - I just was staring at the screen, watching absoutely soulless and confusing non-stop action while just feeling dazed and hoping that the 2 1/2 hours would be over soon.

Tenet's layers are deep, confusing, constantly changing, and requiring absolute focus to the movie to get it.

Too bad that the film is also so confusing that the action scenes themselves have almost no tension to them whatsoever.

His Dunkirk I thought was bizarre and emotionless, his Interstellar is the most boring non fun and pretentious Sci Fi movie I've seen in the cinema.

The subject is repetitive.

It is at all times tedious, meaningless and irritating.

Tenet is a fascinating puzzle to unravel and I'm excited to put more pieces together on future watches.

A tiny point of criticism goes to the editing, which makes some scenes seem confusing.

There are many moments throughout the movie where the score and sound effects overpower the dialogue, which makes the movie more confusing than it already is.

Tenet earned its 4 stars because it does use stunning special effects and cgi.

Still trying to figure it out but I highly recommend it.

Hard to follow along and pretty boring (not the airplane scene).

A very complex and intriguing action movie.

I think this is one of Nolan's worst movies.

But the action finally of the movie felt disappointing for me, staged as a sort of large scale confusing 'paintball match" with building and explosions detonating and being reversed in time.

Every time he was on screen you could just tell he was giving it his all and he made an intriguing villain.

It is a neat enough concept to be for a potentially intriguing movie.

Bad muddled story line and the actors were mundane.

This is a very ambitious film by Christopher Nolan, but I found it pretty hard to follow.

The plot was deliberately complex without any substance, meaning or necessity Its utterly painful to watch, and most of all, its BORING.

When I first heard of "Inception" a few years ago many people told me that it is confusing and unwatchable.

I know this is what most Nolan fans like, those confusing twisted plots but I for one prefer a straight-lined plot that has emotional depth, thrilling action scenes, and emotional stakes.

This movie was so pretentious, Chris Nolan has lost it - left half way through the music going backwards give me a sore head.

Being confusing.

Way too long.

Otherwise, I found it waste of time.

But many of his lines (that weren't screamed) were delivered in a mumbled, monotone half-whisper that was difficult to understand.

Absolutley mind blowing concept, epic visuals, phenomenal soundtrack, sensational set pieces, and award worthy performances (even Pattison, roll on The Batman).

Otherwise, it's a great feeling to be able to visit a cinema again, even with a mask and nearly empty.

Mind blowing .

Most importantly, the plot is uninteresting and the characters are simplistic and shallow.

However, putting this kind of conceptual script into moving pictures is something probably never attempted, but is achieved with such a damn stunning result.

This is a very confusing film.

Ambitious, thrilling and visually stunning; "Tenet" is unlike anything you've ever seen or experienced on the big screen.

This was pure adrenaline filled, large screen, sci-fi action packed entertainment, in one of the most complicated narrative driven films.

Now, I am a fairly smart guy and I've watched difficult films to grasp in the past with not many problems but I almost walked out of the movie theater because i couldn't fathom the main concept of the film.

The movie was extremely confusing and I barely knew what was happening.

All credit goes to Ludwig for producing such a fast paced and exciting score.

I watched it at the cinema and I found it boring, it started well and then sort of lost the plot and it was all down hill from there.

Cliché characters .

The movies soundtrack was truly captivating, whenever there was a big action scene or big reveal the score exploded into action and it just made the film so much more entertaining and made the viewing experience so much better and with the sound quality at the cinema there was no better way to see a movie of this scale.

The whole thing is disjointed, nonsensical and incredibly confusing.

An authentic visual show, with a superb edit, impeccable at all levels, with tons of practical effects and a breathtaking soundtrack, although slightly exaggerated in terms of volume in some scenes.

The scenes as well as the dialogue were "trying so hard" that it was getting confusing all the time.

Nice kind of mind boggling .

This film is vague, pretentious, schizophrenic, scientifically unsound, pointless and utterly ridiculous.

Dialogue is so hackneyed and clunky at points it would make a good spoof of time travel films.. Much quantum nonsense and the tiresome use of characters explaining things "to each other" to polyfiller in the holes in the "logic".

This movie lacked depth and seemed pretentious from Nolan.

You'd understand (understand being a strongly stressed word in this case) the plot sort of then the rug would be pulled from beneath your feet when a "This already happened" scene would occur, cue more confusing time travel crap.

Beautifully shot, gripping my storyline combine with amazing live action sequences that will keep you confusingly on the edge of your seat.

Like a freight train, slow to start, then impossible to stop .

The story of Tenet is pretty much predictable and believe me this is an insult of Nolan but the master had some different plans as he tells this predictable story in unpredictable way.

The script and concept complicated, too long movie with slow dynamic.

Waste my time .

Such a great movie really enjoyed it its my new favorite movie

Was confusing...

The movie was difficult to follow, the background sound effects were way too loud and the speech was difficult to pick up.

I understand that some people didn't like it, because it is hard to follow, watch it twice and you won't be disappointed.

The problem is the movie needs to throw a lot of crucial information at its audience for later reveals to have the payoff they deserve and at times it can be a little tiresome.

Tenet is overlong, overstuffed, pretentious and too exhausting to comprehend in its entirety - it makes Inception and Interstellar look like Peppa Pig by comparison.

The plot is hard to follow as it is and even all the explanation of the confusing time travel doesn't make it better.

It's a clever movie, but so clever it becomes confusing.

From the start you are entered into a LOUD, fast paced action.

For instance the entire movie is based on such simple but brilliant idea which is traveling in time like going from "tenet" to "tenet" may sound confusing , right?

Sound was spectacular but too noisy - the dialog was hard to follow at times.

Easily one of the worst movies I've ever seen .

You can't go back to a specific time, rather you live it in reverse and then the mind boggling moments when you are like: "omg!

Over-Rated Bore, Skip it And Stay in Lockdown.

Confusing and hollow .

The antagonist is a typical cliche of a rich, egotistical and power-hungry individual set on ending with the world.

It requires the audience to be in a meditative attention to grasp the fast and non-repetitive narrative.

Overly Complicated and a Bit Boring .

Loud, deep and painfully drawn out tones over all dialogue made it confusing to follow also.

Hoyte Van Hoytema encapsulates all the gorgeous chaos in stunning widescreen cinematography and composer Ludwig Göransson overtakes your ears with a perfect hard-charging score.

In Tenet, however, time is so complex and confusing that it is hard to understand what the goal of the mission is and who is at stake.

Went to see with the family we all really enjoyed it.

The film's score can also be very enthralling, such as a tense crescendo during the film's gripping opening scene in which the protagonist must lead a SWAT team to stop a terrorist attack on an opera house.

However, audience will be in left in a state of confusion due to complexity of the movie, except hardcore Nolan fans!

I always thought of them as too dark, too serious, and too pretentious.

Confusing from the first minute till the last with so, so many plot holes and blatant errors.

Robert Pattinson, as always, delivers a great performance and his reveal at the end (which I won't reveal) was great because although you do suspect it, it is still exciting to see it happen.

The plot is interesting, but I think the movie is a little bit difficult to follow at times.

You are lost, the action is confusing, the sound mix making most dialogue inaudible, the story makes no sense and it's often spectacle for spectacle's sake.

From Hoyte van Hoytema's riveting camera work to Jennifer Lame's seamless editing, passing through Ludwig Göransson's powerful score and Nathan Crowley's beautiful production design, Tenet is one of the most technically mind-blowing movies of the last few years.

But I will say that, if I didn't love everything about this(don't get me wrong, I absolutely do), honestly, even if, in fact, I *hated* every single other thing about this movie, it would still be worth watching for her performance and presence alone.

This was all the more a pity, since cinematographically this actually is a very entertaining movie.

Not outlandish, but solid and thoroughly enjoyable.

Tenet's concept is so self indulgent, I can just picture Nolan in the editing suite hitting rewind on certain scenes and saying "There I did it i'm a genius, Oscars for me I made characters go backwards I'm such an original" it's so protentious and every character insists in speaking in riddles or being VERY BRITISH.

If you find movies with nameless characters pretentious, this will fit nicely into the pattern.

The reversing of scenes did, after a while, become extremely boring apart from the car chase.

At a staggering runtime of 150 minutes, I found the film to be overlong, boring and rather tedious.

What we get instead is an interesting sci-fi concept wasted in a pretty dull spy thriller.

Boring .

To try to make unique, it gets confusing and it goes even to "boring".

A lot of the explanations are convoluted and help shape the world piece by piece, but there are times the technical heavy jargon's attempts get a little long winded, boring, and may make things worse in terms of the trying to understand the presentation.

It became so boring at one point that you just wish it ended already.

The use of time in this movie is in depth and logical, while also being extremely enjoyable to watch.

This movie is boring and uninteresting .

Is confusing...

Much like Inception, it requires the viewer's upmost attention and a second (and even third) viewing are likely to be just as exciting as the first as you figure out more and more.

Interesting yet at the same time quite confusing.

I could not enjoy the movie because I had to explain to myself what is going on in the movie, it was too confusing.

The 'timey-wimey' aspects of the plot are also intriguing and very cleverly done.

Pointless set pieces, delivered without care or interest in wanting to engage the viewer.

Great sound effects, excellent soundtrack, fantastic acting, breathtaking action, but such a confusing plot that you feel like you should have studied temporal physics (if there is such a thing) before walking into the movie theatre, so you can actually follow the story without scratching your head.

Half the time I could barely hear any character dialogue, the movie itself was hard to follow, the characters had no distinguishing traits or personality, and the explanation of the film's premise took up 80% of it.

I 'got' the point, but the point was pointless.

the movie switches state, it becomes slower and the music not as bombastic, its was entertaining, but I had enough of the main villian and subplot, which was in my view, simply boring.

One of Nolan's ultimate purposes as a filmmaker is to have his audience immersed in a completely different world - and in the case of Tenet, it's a twilight world of espionage and time inversion.

Likewise the actions of the persons should fit to it, be it that they are driven to actions by external compulsions, self-preservation or due to predictable consequences.


The action scenes are entertaining, both backwards and forwards.

James Bond with lots of dialogue, and you don't give James Bond dialogue much because he's dull as dishwater to listen to.

Hard to Follow .

Second worst movie I've ever seen .

Unnecessarily complicated, way too long.

The action sequences, as in all of Nolan's movies, are state of the art and the incredible cinematography and editing make the movie fast-paced and exciting.

That was the most confusing movie I've ever watched.

I fell asleep, and have to admit, there was little about it to make me wonder why I bothered going...

Feels like a pretentious Bond movie.

Seems like Nolan tried to make up for lack of plot and character development by making the sound track louder.

(Spoiler) Watching a hired army (whose motivation I had no idea on) running backwards, while another bunch ran forward was comical, yawn-inducing, and dull, dull, dull.

The story is intriguing and keeps you guessing at every turn.

Tenet is the film that proves that Christopher Nolan is, without a doubt, the most original, exciting and ambitious filmmaker currently working today.

That all said, it's a fun film full of twists, and while it's confusing, I think a second viewing will glean some insights.

5/10 (enjoyable)

A boring, self indulgent, rambling mess of a film .

Cartesian, but action-packed and fascinating .

The premise of the story is good; the special effects excellent, but (for me) the second half of the film gets too confusing and at times it could do with tighter editing.

Tried to be too clever, and as a result was just complete nonsense and confusing.

Too loud, unbearable sound mix.

Dont waste your time and money on this awful crap!!!

Washington's Protagonist character is boring, uninteresting, and falls flat on his face with the forced comedic lines (no one laughed once in my theater).

All of the set pieces were creative and entertaining.

Hoyte Van Hoytema's cinematography is a gorgeous and stupefyingly stunning display of insuperably beautiful colour grading and incredible camerawork.

Pretentious .

This copy has been seen in various films from my point of view much more gripping - even if perhaps not with the optical stimuli - the concert hall was already impressive.

Despite being super confusing, the movie was still absolutely thrilling.

Tenet is a great film - fast paced, thoughtful and original.

Overly confusing for the sake of it (spoiler free) .

Trying to understand this film is boring.

Another masterpiece of my favorite director, mind blowing!

I almost walked out of the cinema I was so bored and took catching covid 19 to watch this in my local Vue cinema.

Personally, this isn't the kind of film that would make me want to see it again just because I found it entertaining.

If this is confusing, Nolan explains this best.

Plenty of money spent on this big budget film, but the action scenes were quite boring and the plot complicated.

Gripping and clever, with intense dialogue.

I will admit there are a few times in the movie that are confusing, and that's only because there's a lot happening.

Action was breathtaking .

Some people may be frustrated with not being able to understand it but if you can try and keep up it will be a terrific, visually mind blowing cinematic experience.

The storyline was faulty, the tooing and froing causing initial confusion, which evolved into complete boredom before the final scenes arrived.

Most boring and senseless movie of the year.

There's a reason someone like Christopher Nolan is held in such high regard by many cinemagoers - he is part of a dying breed of mainstream filmmaker whose unique view of the world around him has brought us a plethora of fascinating, memorable, and often surreal movies that have endured pop culture for several years.

Confusing story line that doesn't engage with the viewer at all.

The film was confusing enough with some great ideas and visuals.

Whereas Nolan usually offers the viewer a guiding light through his ever confusing films, Tenet seems to leave even the most attentive viewer losing the red lining.

This was a confusing plotless film which relies on ambiguity to make the viewer think they are watching something unique and special.

Good nur boring .

Mass Confusion 101 .

I loved that movie and believe the second time is much better and enjoyable than the first one.

The action sequences dragged with the same tedious trick used over and over again.

Excellent, action packed blockbuster in typical Nolan style .

Anyone giving this a good rating is pretending to have understood/enjoyed it to appear intelligent.

weak storyline intentionally made confusing to give the appearance of a great movie.

I also really liked the jumbled way the story was told making it even more enjoyable putting the pieces together as they were further revealed.

Great spectacle, but a predictable Nolan-flick.

I feel that if Nolan had toned down the cleverness and made a thought provoking, twisting, but understandable and enjoyable film (Inception, for example) it would be a much better film - I just don't understand how he'd watch this in the editing room and believe this is the best he can do.

With an already astounding track record, Nolan once again cements himself as one of the most creative, adaptable, daring and exciting directors of all-time.

But the plot is complicated, hard to follow, and importantly lines are difficult to hear.

Lack of plot, character depth & logic holes are weaknesses of Nolan's latest...

As a huge Nolan fan, I can easily say this is one of his most entertaining films to date.

He often has ambitious ideas, can build impressive action scenes and create entertaining cinematic experiences with high production value.

The movie goes too fast and it's really hard to follow.

Badly edited sound, confusing poor overall.

I first saw it in an AMC IMAX theatre and it was so wild that my adrenaline was through the roof the whole time!

Tenet is an actionpacked movie that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

For one, the plot is WAY to confusing to be understood by the average viewer.

Some people move forwards whilst others move backwards and when they fight together, it becomes so gripping and entertaining.

The storyline is surprisingly dull and makes no sense on several occasions.

), the cinema was clearly empty.

This made the story very difficult to follow at times.

The plot is really that simple and predictable - half an hour into it and you'd already grasp pretty much everything there is to grasp.

John Washington had the charisma of an empty baked bean can and the movie rested solely on this actor.

Self indulgent movie made by pressing rewind.

Don't waste your money on it.

When an actual line in the movie is "You don't have to understand it, you have to feel it," we get what this movie is about: just looking cool but being empty inside.

That excitement quickly turned to confusion and frustration.

Take out this gimmick and you realize how thin and cliche the main story is.

Throw in the fact that the dialogue often gets drowned out by the loud, droning, this-is-a-key-moment-so-needs-loud-music score (a trick Nolan picked up in Dunkirk, where we had that irritating droning sound throughout the movie) and the plot is difficult to follow.

Good performances by Brannah and Patterson wasted in an overly confusing and complicated plot based on an interesting time travel idea.

The acting is poor and the movie bores.

A simple concept yet mind blowing .

With the help of a remarkable cast (especially Debicki and Pattinson), the definitely intriguing story makes the epic runtime feel a bit shorter, despite some scenes being unnecessary.

The action and excitement which is present throughout the film keeps your adrenaline pumping, whilst the intricacy of the plot and time itself keeps your mind engaged and constantly questioning what has just happened.

It has the best and biggest action set pieces of his career, and it's the most visually compelling.

Other than a couple of warranted criticisms such as minor acting woes from Washington and a a few confusing developments regarding the time travel, there is nothing wrong with this movie at all.

This movie is a pain to watch because either you have hours of exposition dialogue delivered in the most robotic, bored way, or big, jarring action sequences (some of them twice of course, in case you didn't grasp the main concept by now) where we don't really care about who wins or dies.

But that aside the film is absolutely stunning, the plethora of top class actors are giving their best performances and the music is a vital element of the action, adding a whole new level of experience and meaning to the story.

After years of trudging through Marvel, Michael Bay, or Disney simply trying to appease or get by, we get a truly challenging and exciting movie going experience.

I'm not trying to patronize anyone, far from that, but some viewers will inevitably leave the theater without completely understanding what they just saw, simply because it's a two-hour-and-a-half movie packed with heavy exposition about a fictional quantum physics concept.

Wayyy to confusing, Disappointed .

To me I should have walked out and asked for my money back.

As it stands, Tenet is a riveting flick worth the buck and is easily a contender for Best Picture !

Mind bending themes, stunning visuals, exceptional pacing and superb soundtrack.

The movie is confusing and the subject is not handled in the proper way.

I am a supporter, if not a fan, but Nolan's newest film "Tenet" is more complex and, at times, confusing than even "Inception" or "Interstellar" might have been.

Only the one on one fight scene a the Freeport is interesting to watch, but it is - other than Inception's fight scenes - hard to follow.

I was looking forward to intelligent, exciting entertainment with an innovative story.

It has its drawbacks but it's complex and entertaining.

It's incredibly exciting, heart pumping and thrilling, whilst being superbly shot.

Total waste of time.. I wasted 3 hours of my life.

Best Point: The best point of the film was the opening sequence as it was extremely action packed and showed the full threat level of our main villain that we'd follow throughout the film.

Way to loud, far too long, confusing far fetched shallow save the world cgi nonsense.

The action sequences are mind boggling in both creativity and execution.

If you're going to watch this movie then do so by streaming it Illegally at home where you can save your money because literally anything other than this is money well spent.

As written above, Tenet is a wildly original film, loaded with mind-bending concepts and fascinating ideas.

Bad overloaded script with characters and a story whose only purpose is to serve the pretentious plot line.

With the plot so difficult to follow as is already, this just made it 10 times worse.

If you watch Tenet you'll be transported into the life of someone who's hard of hearing and suffering general confusion due to mental decline.

This is one of the worst movies I have ever seen in my life.

I couldn't care less what happened next, I was just bored with the complexity of the script and poor explanation of what the hell is going on.

The set design was boring.

Thankfully the whole story is entertaining enough, so that's nothing that you will really miss because the story is entertaining enough .

John David Washington's character is so boring, bland, and he gives you no reason to like or even root for his character.

But in the end, it has to be said that such a story and this twist can only come from Nolan and the 155 minutes are already very entertaining, even if Kenneth Branagh is in my view a complete mismatch.

The thing that sets Tenet apart from the rest of the genre is that the plot of this movie is so dense and hard to follow while still being completely consistent.

Certainly the first half was a bit of a confusing blur of "We need to talk to this person about this, and then this person about this, who tells them another name of a person.

It's pointless writing explanatory dialogue if no one can hear it.

Therefore I will give this film a second go, however, on the first watch it is difficult to follow and characters mumble important script.

3- Confusing!

However the twists are predictable & some of the action tiresome without any real peril.

From the get go, the action sequences throughout were absolutely fantastic and breathtaking to watch.

Good movie, but really confusing.

It's a decent blockbuster full of every kind of action and vaguely intriguing in its premise.

A visually stunning movie that has absolutely nothing to say, with women serving as punching bags.

Action scenes are good and this movie is absolutely amazing and exciting.

Mind blowing.

The movie is dumb and boring made worse by the music.

But the plot has too many holes and is on many points way to predictable.

Definitely enjoyed it second time around.

Don't waste your money.

And just when the plot was taking shape-it was predictable in the most mediocre way possible.

Intriguing and original story.

Loud, tedious and overlong.

Pretentious annoying nonsense for geeky Nolan fanboys .

This is an entertaining movie, albeit it's a tad too long.

Bored me to pieces at least 30 mins to an hour in, very long winded bad copy of the matrix.

I think the director needs to remember that these kinds of movies need to be exciting.

For me, I was bored and couldn't wait for it to end.

And when it is used, it's very confusing, the explanations for how it came to be, and the rules of this world, don't make much sense.

Just like Nolan also used laws of physics in Interstellar for example, to describe how a spinning black hole can slow time so much that 1 hour close to it, equaled many many years on Earth.

NO SPOILERS QUICK REVIEW: Originally I would have scored this film a 7 out of 10 after my first watch, but upon rewatch I've began to love this film, finding it very fluent and intriguing as a blockbuster story.

Everyone seems stilted and a bit wooded; even the always engaging Kenneth Branagh as a VERY BAD person.

Characters are boring.

A confusing and a bad masterpiece.

I would highly recommend it.

The plot was so convoluted and confusing I found it exhausting.

A confusing plot, wooden acting and a dreadful Eastern European ascent by Kenneth Brannagh.

Even when there are events that are putting some of the many puzzle pieces together it quickly gets followed up by some more confusing and chaotic scenes.

As for the plot and the story, I think they are of such a high scale, and a complex manner, it can be quite hard to follow.

Specifically:1 The concept makes sense - but the way it was integrated into the story was confusing.

Uninteresting and vaguely developed characters.

The execution is visually thrilling, but story-wise is boring, with no clear goals (despite the seemingly endless exposition) and with almost no characters with enough characterization to care about.

Actors had very solid performance and the story is mind blowing with many details to focus on.

The dictionary definition of "tenet" is "any opinion, principle, doctrine, dogma, etc., especially one held as true by members of a profession, group, or movement", I just knew it was a blockbuster that loads of people, including me, were keen to see, written and directed by Christopher Nolan (Memento, Insomnia, The Dark Knight, Inception, Dunkirk).

At a staggering runtime of 150 minutes, I found the film to be overlong, boring and rather tedious.

As a fan of most of the actors it was well worth watching.

Good action, good idea, very hard to follow .

But the bad news is that Nolan drowns his original concept in a bloated action movie with clichéd characters and a screenplay that's going nowhere.

Absolutely mind blowing movie.

The film is confusing and could need some more expostion.

This is definitely a movie that will become more understandable and enjoyable after multiple viewings, similar to lots of Nolan films.

Instead, the movie is very confusing and maybe in order to understand it, I need to watch it more than once.

John David Washington has been a star on the rise for a while and although this character isn't much more than a cypher for the audience, he's as compelling as ever.

His worst movie.

Extremely boring .

Great but confusing at times .

Tenet is a visually stunning film with great cast and music that gives you goosebumps.

Pretentious, confusing and long.

The editing is so fluent, and even though you might get confused sometimes or need to catch up with it, it's really enjoyable.

If you enjoying watching pointless confusing conversation covered in a terrible soundtrack with a frustratingly bad audio mix AND you love action with cool visual effects, then you will love this movie!

Had high expectations but the movie is long and boring.

Cinematography is atrocious (for Nolan standards), it's incredibly fast paced, disjointed and the editing is scandalous.

Michael Caine had a glorified cameo which is always enjoyable in a Nolan film and already a nice trademark.


It is a film that prides itself in the cinematic experience; it's more than just a trip to the cinema, it's an utterly compelling 150 minutes that engulfs you into another world.

I know it was meant to be this way, but in my opinion a movie is more suspenseful when you have some sort of reason to like the main character (as in backstory).

There is no doubt that Nolan is at the top of his game, but I found the film hard to follow, and like many other reviewers much of the dialogue hard to understand (because many key scenes had actors talking while wearing headgear that muffled their voices to the point of unintelligibility).

Overall, DON'T waste you time with this crap.

Long , confusing , lifeless .

They are truly stunning, nolan has redefined what we think an action sequence should look like, they are unlike anything you've seen before.

Tenet lacks imagination and everything looks boring.


It was a very good initiative to a very good movie, however, story is complicated, and hard to follow, and many gaps in the script.

More often than not, I am on the edge of my seat when watching a Nolan film for the first time.

I still recommend that you do watch it though, as it's a very unique and entertaining experience.

I found Tenet to be extremely entertaining and stimulating.

Due to the stupid and pretentious premise, the whole movie becomes a pain to watch.

Don't get me wrong, it's super entertaining movie.

Tenet lacks that convincing storyline, the characters are empty vessels that you can't relate to and the action becomes a meaningless portray of ballet dancing with 'time-reversed' bullets.

Set in the cold, confusing world of high-stakes espionage, the movie is tighter, more controlled than Inception.

It had some really good scenes, but somehow it all felt pretty cold and the dialog got boring, to the point that I wondered if I should take the rest of my soda back home with me or not, so I can recycle the bottle.

On the other hand, if you're well versed in time travel stories, you may find that Tenet is predictable at times as the same clichés pop up.

"This is a harsh judgement, I know, but despite the great visual effects, and the exciting action scenes that have raised the bar for these types of movies higher and higher, I left the theatre quite unmoved emotionally by the film.

All in all, I highly recommend this film as it is very entertaining and its original plot will keep you on the edge of your seat.

The direction, the pacing and acting is mostly superb BUT the plot is too confusing to understand first time.

Two and a half boring hours.

The one thing I would say is this film needs to be seen on a big screen with no distractions as yoy need to be focused in what is going on to follow it, it is not a small screen film that you can watch indoors, or at least I couldn't because I would be distracted by my phone or the kids or the cats, it needs your full undivided attention and maybe even a couple of viewings but it is well made and I thoroughly enjoyed it, I may even rewatch it again this week myself

I never had an issue understanding his films nor their sound, even with the enhancements from IMAX technology, but Tenet is the exception to that because a good amount of the dialogue and scenes were hard to follow with the pouncing score and sound design.

Great cinematography by Nolan as expected with basically no CGI, which really is impressive to see in an action packed film.

No plot, so confusing, trying too hard to be original.

I think this is the worst Nolan movie I have ever seen since memento and insomnia.

I've enjoyed all of his previous movies except for Following and Insomnia.

Great return for director Chris Nolan Lead actor is superb - The concept of the film is very original and the twists and turns keep you on edge - coupled with a great sound score - really enjoyable film

Biggest waste of money on a movie .

Incredibly boring and empty .

The movie will be confusing, dry with no humor in the first half.

The film was quite hard to follow, even for me who is a film student.

Tenet is led by a magnetic performance from John David Washington, who is quickly becoming one of the most exciting screen presences around.

It was all leading to that point and to sit through 2.5hrs to get to that pint was tiresome.

It's hard to follow!

I agree with them now, for this one; boring, pretentious and too much exposition, which in this case leads to nowhere.

I won't go in to plot, but it was very confusing.

It was a torture.

There is one fight scene in a hallway that is more mind blowing than the hallway fight scene in Nolans previous film Inception.

it's just an excuse for a loud boring inverted fireworks show.

Even the 'basic' things (like the empty gun getting reloaded when pointing at a target) are totally flawed.

The time inversion is a great ideaThe first half of the movie is mindblowingThe bads: It can be hard to follow sometimesThe moral of the story is sort of oddOverall: 8.0

The concept of inversion is simply mind boggling- truly it is mind blowing stuff.

The problem then becomes that the second half is extremely predictable.

Sorry but this is the most confusing film ever, no wonder writer and director are one and the same cos noone else will have a scooby, and that includes all of the Matrix films.

While the mumbling and slurring of the English language was definitely confusing enough by several of the actors (honestly, thank God for the lead actor Washington because if it wasn't for his clear English dialogue, I wouldn't have been able to hear or comprehend most conversations at all), the biggest issue I had was regarding how they were able to time travel in the final action scene.

I'm still in shock how confusing this movie is.

The movie was mind bending and perplex, with an outstanding atmosphere, music was fully on point, and made the stunning and ascetically pleasing scenes even better, he even made the "Protagonist" extremely bad ass.

The man works well to take the monotone presentation of The Protagonist and somehow adds layers to it that give him more depth.

The film making is superb but I feel the sci fi is the icing on a really bland cake.

In the case for Nolan, he would throw in a punchy moment of action every so often to keep the adrenaline rush going.

Tenet is a typical Nolan movie with an entertaining and highly confusing plot .

But the final action sequences in Tenet, although obviously handsomely and impressively mounted, is a dead bore.

However, while Tenet has a few moments, in it's dull and boring feels-like-eternity run-time, they are simply not worth it.

An enjoyable viewership.

Intriguing and tense .

Definitely worth watching.

A cluster of confusing scenes, pieced together with way too much dialogue that struggled clear up anything that was unfolding, if in fact it was actually audible.

A definite must-watch that will leave you scratching your head just enough for it to be enjoyable.

Thankfully, it does so with stunning cinematography (Hoyte Van Hoytema) and action-packed scenes that are executed with a natural flair and finesse.

If you're fan of Nolan's work I highly recommend it.

In the end just enjoy TENET I think you'll think its okay or love it like I did despite the confusion fingers crossed I can have a second viewing before school starts8.2/10 or 8/10

Intriguing .

Visually boring.

I am also disgusted at mainstream film reviewers giving Christopher Nolan good reviews even though his films are sub par and quite simply unwatchable.

I can tell you now you'd have to be a Grade A tip top geniuses or have a Masters Degree in confusing plots of films to even understand a gist of this never mind the whole plot.

, yes, yawn...

And uninteresting.

The first time I was completely disappointed, the second time I enjoyed it.

In the end I have to cover my head with confusion about characters in this film.

This is the first Chris Nolan film since Insomnia that hasn't blown me away.

which I find fascinating.

I found Washington boring and monotone.

Despite the plot being confusing at times, I enjoyed the movie.

The story is predictable and does not provide any new ideas that haven't been dealt with in previous films.

The plot is confusing rather than complex, with less to say about the flow of time, trying to have some sense with the repeated theory of 9 algorithms (?

Sterile and empty .

Tenet is a breath of fresh air to the film industry which challenges the mind with its daring plot and then blows it away with its stunning visuals.

Definitely more confusing than the other Nolan movies.

A mind-numbing cliche of pretentiousness .

Unfortunately the flat, one dimensional characters of the Protagonist & Kat (Elizabeth Debicki) lends more to cheesy cliché rather than Nolan masterpiece.

Overly complicated and pretentious .

The main characters (except Dubicki) are bland, the main villain and his motives are completely unbelievable and stupid.

These scenes are very exciting, despite my many confusions.

He's awesome the man just so cool and mind blowing like a Nolan movie!

The way he films the time inversion in action scenes is stunning.

It was a bit like having an unemotional artist on a wire rope, secured with a thick rope and you know exactly that when he falls nothing happens to him.

Confusing as F .

Don't waste your money!

You want to love this movie because the mean idea of reverse time actions is fascinating, but you can't because of : bad rhythm in dialogues (very fast talking with no pause or emotions), as the music not appropriate for the moment and inappropriately loud al the time, dialogues are very bad, repetitive and pathetic, personages are all only male very matchist with no intellect, working on instinct with only one woman who is pathetically very weak, fragile, depressed and can do nothing getting beaten by her husband (like the Middle Age princess).

Worth years of waiting, it's amazing how nolan keep doing it every time, a historical performance from elizabeth debicki, kenneth branagh, cinematography was epic as expected from ,hoyte van hoytema who did an incredible job taking my breath away running and flipping all the time, i was literally on the edge of my seat for two and a half hours

As usual Nolan made it A mind blowing piece of art A must watch

I was bored half way through it.

Convulated and entertaining .

Time travel has been done many times, but Nolan manages to do it in a way that is new, creative, exiting and sometimes a little hard to follow.

No story, no explanation and poor casting.

Time moving forwards and backwards at the same time is mind blowing.

But sadly the films confusing plot, muddle time travel scenes made it harder.

It isn't Nolan's best work, but it's still very much worth watching..edolpxe ot tuoba si dnim ym ekil leef I woN

But how it is, the exposition comes in fast and heavy while seemingly pointless actions are being acted out.

It was freaking intense.

Dialogue bores me.

So, TENET is finally here and certainly entertaining.

) As can be expected from a Nolan film, it contains stunning cinematography all over the globe--with unique wide and aerial shots throughout, especially in the first half.

Tenet is a very intense experience from first minute to last with little breathing room, efficiently highlighted by a pervasive soundtrack.

Tenet is a thrilling and original cerebral espionage thriller, rich in atmosphere and contains some of the most inventive action sequences I've seen in a long time, with a outstanding lead performance by John David Washington.

but too often I just found it BORING.

And the seemingly "twist" in this movie at the airport is just so blatantly predictable it hurts.

The action sequences are extremely suspenseful and are always accompanied by the extraordinary score by Ludwig Goransson.

And the further a movie delves into the logistics of a scientifically impossible or unproven phenomenons, the duller it gets.

Even though the story is confusing, the twists, if you can call them that, are predictable.

It's exciting, new, and very complex.

My wife enjoyed it very much :)

Not a great film, confusing story with poor audio .

Will Polarize Audiences, One of Nolans Least Engaging Movies .

Tenet on first viewing is extremely confusing!

Pretentious action movie .

Tenet is a mind blowing spectacle and definitely Christopher Nolan's most complex film to date that's thrilling, engaging and smart despite limited character depth and emotional stakes.

It's great to see a visually stunning and mysterious movie that is intelligently written, acted, and executed movie that still has all the action.

It is full of Nolan's trademarks and after you decide to just enjoy the plot and go with the whole time-traveling concept you will definitely find this movie very entertaining.

Watching Tenet for first 45 minutes was just like watching any other Nolan made movie; clueless but intriguingly exciting and, unexpected hopeful.

A continuously entertaining and mind-boggling epic.

Combined with the sudden shifts in jumping forward and backwards in time the film be and unwatchable.

Difficult to follow, terrible sound .

Does it make the story more interesting, more compelling?

This was competently made, but the story wasn't very engaging, and I was often bored with the (sometimes hard to discern) dialogue.

Perhaps the script was deemed so nonsensical that Nolan decided it was best unheard so contrived through thick foreign accents, oxygen masks, walkie talkie distortion and half dead whispering to make it indecipherable.

150 mins is just like a torture.

For some viewers Tenet will be confusing, maybe even a little bloated in the exposition department.

Simply breathtaking.

The contemporary television series Dr. Who dealt with time much better in terms of ease of watching it with more believable compelling understanding.

If you really want to see an intellectual and well thought out movie about time travel, don't waste your money on the overly long and boring Tenet.

Tenet is an original action packed sci-fi thriller directed by worldclass director Cristopher Nolan, with its own and unique perception on time and space.

The sound mixing makes the movie unbearable .

The heavy and forced exposition throughout the entire film transforms an otherwise entertaining flick into a fictional physics class that will confuse thousands of viewers.

Mind blowing spectacle .

If there was something I'd say that I didn't like it in the movie would it be that Nolan discarded any set up or characters backgrounds except Elizabeth Debicki dramatic story but it wasn't that bad for me, I didn't care about that, the exciting story didn't give me the chance to focus on it.

Boring, slow and overcomplicated .

) The group that thinks that this movie had potential and is certainly not "the worst Nolan ever" (which is in fact "Insomnia"), but still has a lot problems and is way too confusing.

Honestly, this is one of the worst movies I've ever watched at this calibre of a movie.

Loved first 10mins Was bored ,confused with sore head for latter 2 hours plus.

There are clumsy attempts at both the beginning and the end to explain how the plot works but the middle 90% is just loud noise and confusion.

But if willing to give into the fact that, as the characters feel, you may not comprehend everything at first, Tenet will certainly be a breathtaking viewing experience for all.

Entertaining, Filmed originally in IMAX Camera, as it should be.

Most confusing film ever.

Around the intriguing mystery of the movie, the Protagonist has mystery behind him that allows for an intriguing performance to be delivered.

Point is, this film is hard to follow.

This new big spectacle sci fi movie from Christopher Nolan (Interstellar, Inception, Dunkirk) offers up a temporal twist in a new guise that seems to become so wound up around itself that the movie turns into a sort of jumbled confusion and the redundant initial cuteness of the use of time in the movie loses its original compelling fascination.

The final battle scene is often confusing and chaotic--and long.

CGI has come a long way, and it's indisputably a tool that can completely transform films into something fascinating when used correctly.

The movie is also thrilling throughout its whole 2.5 hour run time.

The exposition is way too long and the rest ist just too confusing.

Truly pretentious rubbish .

Some stunning visuals, awesome effects, and great performances ( even if I wasn't sure what they were doing) and spectacular sound Anytime anyone was wearing a mask ( and this happens a lot) their voice is muffled.

A mind blowing masterpiece .

And it's fascinating.

The action scenes and budget expenditure are breathtaking.

This said, it is reasonably enjoyable.

It makes for some breathtaking action and fighting set-pieces, the sound design adds to how hard the punches are felt and the practicality; including an astonishing battlefield sequence.

Difficult to follow.

That is if I can hear the characters enough to follow the movie better the 2nd time Ultimately it's worth the watch

All in all this movie felt too much cliché and more like a cheap rip off of Nolans previous work.

On the other hand, Kenneth Branagh plays a cliche Russian bad guy with generic motivations who feels way too formulaic for such a ground-breaking movie.

A Confusing Blast of a Film .

the worst movie ever .

What a crushing disappointment, switching from genius to being dumb and seriously confusing.

In the second time I noticed things and understood the movie much more and when I did, I enjoyed it even more.

That has been a key criticism of Nolan's movies, that he uses too much dialog based exposition and just like in 'INCEPTION" it can get very confusing specially with the sound mix which puts music and sound FX in foreground making dialog almost inaudible.

Thrilling & intense experience, not as complex as some make it sound .

Every single one of them is a total "spy movie" cliché: from the "Protagonist" to the ridiculous villain.

But if you manage to observe most of the details then you are in for a real treat as the latter half is mind blowing.

In brief; the movie deserves four points for the spectacular images and scenarios and a few nice special effects; but overall is VERY CONFUSING ON PURPOSE and big explanations are NEVER in images; just in very difficult to hear dialogs

The action sequences are simply breathtaking, flowing both forwards and backwards in time, sometimes even at the same time.

Way too hard to follow and very boring.

I'm a fan of most other Nolan movies and while they're confusing they're always engaging and gripping nonetheless, but this movie is an exception, I found myself dozing off in the cinema for the last hour of the movie because I was just so bored.

The concept is great and like inception, Nolan has made a visually stunning and awesome movie to activate the brain.

This scene contains significant amounts of information on how this world works, yet it is incredibly hard to follow since people are talking over each other and it is not even clear on who is talking all the time.

One of the most entertaining action movies I've seen .

Tenet is a brilliantly crafted and breathtaking action movie.

To Nolan's credit, the movie avoided the typical overt sexual overtures and introduced an effective potent antagonist, one of the strongest and intense in a long time.

Scenes of people running around shooting at each other become repetitive and lacks coherence.

None of the effects will take you out of the movie, everything looks very realBAD: Soundtrack & Sound-Mixing: the score is very boring and monotonous.

As you might expect from his films, Tenet is visually stunning, profoundly philosophical and challengingly intellectual.

Halfway through the movie I got so bored I started playing candy crush to keep myself from falling asleep

A well made thriller with interesting set pieces, but nog so confusing like people make it to be .

While the overall acting performances are overall average, Kenneth Branagh is absolutely stunning as unpredictable antagonist worthy of a classic movie of the James Bond franchise.

Pointless, messy, rushed, emotionless, exaggerated nonsense .

However, for Tenet, the next exciting plot point becomes hard to follow sometimes.

The waste of time .

It's also Nolan's coldest film as any emotion is forced through cliche storylines that seem included to check off a box rather than tell a story.

The mystery behind this whole film is another factor that makes Tenet worth watching many times.

It's quite slow paced, nor suspenseful and hated the sound mixing, could barely hear what's being spoken, too loud especially in the action scenes, unable to see the movie due to that is just unforgivable.

The concept is mind blowing and you definitely want to see this twice.

An awful, confusing movie that at half way through, willed me to walk out.

The storyline is so confusing, with the idea that you'll understand it all in the end.

So boring.

Mind blowing realistic visual spy adventure film like 007+Inception with sci-fi like Interstellar, Nolan'll keep you stick on your seat from beginning to the end.

With uniquely complex, stunning, grand set pieces, Nolan delivers riveting action based on a mind-blowing temporal concept that will make every single viewer scratch their heads.

Thoroughly enjoyed it and I have to watch it two more times to truly get it in all it's beautify of film making.

As the story unwinds and it reaches a halt, you have a startling realisation that nothing happened.

The movie is too long for a story like this, many things are unanswered and unclear.

The downside is that when the film slows down, you start thinking about the plot which becomes more confusing as film progresses.

Going back time was very confusing and it also resembles parallel universes like in a film named "Dejavu" which is starring Denzel Washington.

So many layers to this film makes it incredibly entertaining to witness the insane action and storytelling that's happening.

Enjoyable and captivating from the first...

The 1st of Nolans worst movies .

It is a good movie, worth watching.

The storyline was faulty, the tooing and froing causing initial confusion, which evolved into complete boredom before the final scenes arrived.

This thing is a waste of time and money.

The second viewing was way more enjoyable for me.

However, I've said multiple times that one thing Nolan lacks is a dramatic enough script but I finally think that in Tenet, the fast paced dialogue was perfectly fit for the score and the visuals.

It's plot is very clever and is truly unique and original, and in a world dominated by largely boring, disposable and generic superhero films (there are a few exceptions obviously).

However, it is very hard to follow at times.

Music and bass way too loud and same tone which keep u intense throughout whole boring fighting scene that get u tiring.

I was not disappointed with the movie as a whole but with the plot; too simple of a story, tangled with confusion and wrapped too quickly to make sense.

The inversion aspect of this film definitely plays a large role and is so fascinating to watch in these amazing, nail biting action sequences.

Christopher Nolan's direction is superb and with Hoyte Van Hoytema as director of photography results in a reliably visually stunning film.

His presence was dull.

I've been prodigiously impressed by most of his films to date, even his lower efforts Insomnia and Following that are still prestinely made.

Waste of time .

Don't waste your time going to this.

Some other things:A lot of people are finding it messy and hard to follow, and I am definitely sympathetic to that viewpoint.

If you are not one of those that goes back to the cinemas to watch 2 or 3 times the same movie, this one will be really difficult to follow.

I don't believe that someone can fully understand the movie at the first watch the plot of movie is too rush and the background of the movie isn't understandable at all Apart from the difficult setting of the movie it is still a movie that worth watching, the sound and special effects still maintain at a high level the entertaining of the movie itself is adequate as well.

Overall it's an awesome well made film that is totally worth watching and paying in cinemas even twice!

I will admit that it was quite hard to follow at times but once you have wrapped your head around the concept you will be taken on one of the most exciting and mind bending rides of your life...

The locations are spectacular, exciting and definitely unique.

Sci-Fi silliness that's also hugely enjoyable.

Cinema being mostly empty due to Corona helped.

I was on the edge of my seat from start to finish.

I'm a Christopher Nolan fan, however I found this movie too confusing to watch in the cinema.

hard to follow ...

The action was exciting and the acting good so it wasn't all a loss.

The film was never boring at a single minute, every minute flew by quickly, it is indeed a fast paced adventure.

More multi layered and complex than any other Nolan movie, visually stunning and impeccably acted.

The second watching made it clearer but there is a large action scene there in the 3rd act that is just really hard to follow.

It's only in the second half that things actually start to make sense, for a lot of people this is not an exciting way of filmmaking because you don't really know what's going on but i would simply say 'ignorance is our munition' because you know so little about the whole story in the beginning you're really getting on the edge of your seat.

Sadly this continued over the whole movie and only made it more confusing.

You thought Inception was confusing.

Overall this is a very smart, stylish action packed movie with a detailed story that delivers superb cinema.

After introduced into the main plot of the movie all that continues is several confusing scenes with very cinematic looking shots and CGI.

Confusing .

The action scenes are well thought it and very impressive and thrilling.

Too much, too fast, too bland .

A Breathtaking Masterpiece .

This only enforces the confusing character this film already has.

The movie itself is good but it has many questions that don't get answered, the plot is confusing and the sudden changes on the location and situation make it really difficult to follow.

Irrespective of the exciting final scene and effects I was not invested in him to care if he saved the world or not.

The first half is like a familiar spy action movie, while the second half is completely immersed in another kind of feeling never seen before.

If you allow your ideas to spread in this kind of directions, you've done a bad job at suspending disbelief and entertaining.

They didn't really get you anywhere, they were too empty and flat for that.

While providing explanation of the plot, visually becomes extremely confusing.

I know it seems stupid to say but i've seen a lot of people saying this movie is boring.

Which was entertaining but it became boring pretty fast.

However, with all of that being said, I enjoyed all of the special effects, the acting was very good, the directing was good, the action scenes were fun, the overall idea and concept was cool and more intriguing than I expected it to be, and the music was solid.

Both the direction and sound create a feeling of putting the viewers on the edge of the seat throughout the movie.

Look, I give credit to Christopher Nolan because he's one of the few directors out there who knows how to create a compelling and intelligent blockbuster.

Although flawed and in certain areas underwhelming and undercooked, the script is expectedly intelligent, complex and perplexedly imaginative, inventive and rich and boldly throws itself headfirst into the lore of it's own creation and emerges victorious in providing an exciting and powerful puzzle that juggles the insurmountable narrative with seamless ease.

The characters are uninteresting, the script is a bloated chore (endlessly over-explaning it's exceedingly simple premise, similar to Inception) and the sound mixing is shamefully amateurish.

I think Mr Nolan has to remember that in the end, such movies have to be entertaining.

There could have been quite a lot more edited out and some storylines just felt straight up useless, the film is too long and the villain...

I find it really confusing, because I have a hard time understanding the very different world it portrays.

The fast paced action and the great acting form all the main characters (Even from Robert Pattinson, who came a long way since that vampire disaster) made this a very enjoyable movie.

A second viewing will clear up some confusion .

8/10 , negatives are lack of engaging characters and lack of dynamic during final battle.

It seems that the action genre as a whole has been completely exhausted, so the only way to create something "new" (and to keep the viewer from falling asleep) is to make the cars run backwards.

When ultimately the big baddies plan and the reason behind are revealed, it seems trite and weak.

Self indulgent, pretentious twaddle.

For example, the Sator character is a cliché of the typical spy movie villain: tough-talking, thick-accented Russian, hard-drinking, violent, etc.Given how much I admire Nolan as a filmmaker, this film was ultimately a major disappointment for me despite its sheer ambition.

In the end, Tenet is an intellectually challenging science-fiction drama with stunning sound and visual effects.

As crazy as it might sound, I found the visuals more confusing than the actual scientific explanations that they go with.

The Action is breathtaking and some of the best I've seen and never failed to both wow and entertain me throughout which is in part due to the sensational visual, technical and special effects.

Pretentious, pointless, unnecessarily complex.

While this may have worked in the early movie era, this is predictable and boring.

The rest around the plot is his boring wife with her kid, we never actually see or care about.

If you really want to see an intellectual and well thought out movie about time travel, don't waste your money on the overly long and boring Tenet.

The action is awe inspiring, especially the last act!

The story was garbage, convoluted and utterly confusing.

Many times I held my head in my hands in confusion, in pain at the effort to understand important pieces of plot delivered over roaring helicopter blades or muffled through gas masks.

Robbie K here to share his thoughts as we review:Movie: Tenet (2020)Director: Christopher Nolan Writer: Christopher Nolan Stars: John David Washington, Robert Pattinson, Elizabeth Debicki LIKES:Fantastic Acting Rather Fast Pace Clever use of technology True Science Fiction Plot Unique Ideas and Fight Sequences Nets your Attention By Making You think Good twists The Visuals and Special EffectsDislikes:The Action Scenes Are A Bit Underwhelming At Times The Muffled Voices At Time can a bit Troubling The Jargon heavy descriptions are dense and boring at times So Stacked Is It Fun?

Warning: If you found Inception confusing you're going to have a bad time.

Entertaining, Filmed originally in IMAX Camera, as it should be.

Second time viewing with subtitles was way more enjoyable.

The action has to be the best thing about the movie the stunts are so well done and it's just so fucking enjoyable there's one whole action sequence I really enjoyed where the plane crashes I'm sure its shown in the trailer every minute of that scene is just so damn fun to watch.

The Prestige was great, I had minor issues with Interstellar, and I quite enjoyed Memento and Insomnia.

Nolan takes on a fascinating concept but it's executed in such a way that if you don't have the benefit of prior knowledge, it's confusing, not to mention hard to hear A LOT of the dialogue due to masks, music and mumbling.

Another masterpiece from Nolan It worth watching more than 3times I wonder why you guys vote 1 for this movie, because whatever it is, it's Nolan's movie and needs time to be understood.

That being said, the entire concept of the film is extraordinarily creative and made for a fascinating ride.

The story was so hard to follow, I still do not know what it was all about to this day.

More style than substance, and below Christopher Nolan's usual standard, but reasonably entertaining.

Kat was stunning and I thing I needed more her and her son screentime to fully care.

First I shall mention just a few of the many, many positives and advantages of the this intriguing thriller:1.

Therefore his past work such as Inception and Interstellar feel like a slow burns that culminate in a third act spectacle.

However the other side of that coin is that it's also drab, unengaging, contrived and too long for it's own best.

What an amazing film with a very complicated story line but it is worth the watch and with great actors

As well as being confusing, I'd say the film's runtime is also an issue.

Everything from heavy accents, people wearing masks, and the sound effects over powering the voices made this movie very unwatchable.

It had no redeeming features either as apart from Pattinson (who was quite good) the performances lacked conviction, the action was very dull and all the plot was told during lengthy dialogue sequences where the characters explain everything to each other.

The special effects was boring.

No scene logically connects to the next scene, the first 20 minutes feels like very poor editing, and the final 20 minutes is a dull retreading of the previous 2 hours of film we've had to endure.

Overall, despite a frustrating deficiency of both motivation, emotion and truly integral themes and an overabundance of exposition, Tenet still provides an intelligent, creative and imaginative script, extraordinary direction, gorgeous cinematography and camerawork, an unbelievable score and viscerally brilliant and dynamic action amongst many, many other advantages and pros that make this film more than worth the watch.

The movie isn't as smart as it thinks it is, and while it's certainly pretty, it's boring.

Loud and confusing.

Epic, Confusing and just big in every way.

Very disappointed, to the point I almost walked out.

A creative, fast paced and action packed sci-fi puzzel that requires your full attention.

Overall, Tenet is a phenomenal movie which is worth watching in theatres.

I walked out of the theater unsatisfied, while I think I got most of it, there is a major plot point that doesn't make sense to me.

Its stunning to look at, excellently written and very well directed.

It was a mixture of disappointment and confusion.

This movie is in short, way too long, way too complicated, to the point where i left an everyman cinema.

An casual viewer will find this hard to follow and will need multiple watches to get their head around.

In this time even the dullest scenes of remote meetings get interesting and are carried by John David Washington.

Enjoyable.. .

A mind bending, action packed experience like never seen in cinema before.

Christopher Nolan worst movie so far.


So the film remained superficial and predictable - with all the clichés like Manhattan Project.

But what buggers more is the dull story itself: Rich warlord with cancer is not able to get his marriage properly so he just wants to destroy the world.

Direction, acting, scenography, photography and musical score is top notch but first and foremost it's a thrilling and entertaining experience not to be missed!

By trying to communicate very confusing story line we get plenty of expositions through the dialog.

This film is so confusing after the film finished I was still thinking what had I just watched.

That's how good it is, and my advice is don't waste time and money going to see this utter rubbish.

Nevertheless, Nolan manages to give his personal touch to the script and create something complex and entertaining.

This movie is such an intense visual experience that the dialogue needed to be clearer to help guide the viewers at confusing points in the plots development.

Save your money.

At first everything was just forth and back, after that I started to understand it all and it got too predictable for me, and then I lost interest.

I say it's unfollowable not because the main story here is hard to understand, it was actually quite easy (and even a bit predictable for the most part for me) when you can actually hear and follow the dialogue.

Mind blowing movie.

Christopher Nolan is a masterful director and a fascinating writer, but he has to thank its technical crew for creating such a visually stunning blockbuster.

Tenet's brilliance is the engaging mystery, or in this case mysteries, that you are trying to solve, digging into the complicated world and trying to understand and guess the twists that Nolan has built into the plot.

In addition to this, i feel that the overbearingly loud, suspenseful music had overspilled to most of the movie to induce the feeling of being on the edge of your chair with tension, anxiety and anticipation probably to compensate on both the lack in plot and character development.

And since I felt ZERO sympathy for the characters (the great director didn't offer the actors any opportunity to show their human side), the dialogue was terribly boring boring BORING.

The production design was fascinating, and the camera angles made it look way better.

The cinematography is absolutely breathtaking.

It is very entertaining to try to keep up and try to beat Nolan by making sense of everything that is happening on screen.

His acting was pretty empty it just did not seem believable.

Hoyte Van Hoytema has worked with Nolan since "Interstellar" and every frame of this film is absolutely stunning to look at.

I´ll give it another watch in a few months time, but for those of you who are on the edge on deciding to go see Tenet I say this; may as well

If watching Dark was too hard to follow and you found yourself wishing the characters would say a lot of meaningless words at hyperspeed and were wondering "what if the army was more involved here??

Overall a good movie, amazing effects, rather confusing plot and that needs at least 2 views to understand it.

A fast paced film which combines elements from the Bourne Series, Momento (as previously mentioned), and the video game Call of Duty.

Christopher Nolan reaches above and beyond in a film that is visually stunning, often confusing and works 90% of the time .

The film is relentlessly fast paced and has a high chance of leaving you behind in the story, if you miss out on one line of dialogue, the next hour of the film will not make sense.

The premise is intriguing with lots of palindromic high-jinks.

It is Nolans worst film, so boring!

Here's my reccomendation: don't waste your time and money on this film, you'll save hours of life.

Debicki as Kat does a wonderful job in her strong role, a complicated chess piece that goes through more emotional spectrum than anyone else in this film and does it so well to be believable engaging, and empowering without being in your face.

The need to be vague about plot details doesn't let me explain a lot, but the unique concept Nolan develops in Tenet is undoubtedly an exceptionally intriguing idea.

However, this might be Nolan's most confusing movie.

On one level he makes visually stunning movies and on another level genre-bending high concept thrillers that forever challenge and question the very nature of time itself.

An incoherent story, atrocious casting, dull performances, confusing concept, plot points that have no obvious connection.

Highlights° That Last Quarter of the Movie with all those Hidden Gems was so Entertaining.

And finally Tenets final act has to be one of the most entertaining piece of cinema I have seen.

Perhaps because it is hard to follow in places, several potentially interesting set ups seem to go no where or remain unexplained.

So, what Tenet ends up being is one predictable, poorly planned and lacking in inspirational fantasy excuse for loud fights and explosions.


The only enjoyable thing was Robert Pattinson who brings a bit of humanity and charisma to this sterile universe.

It's merely a good film that has entertaining moments and - in this case - amazing fight scenes that are far above any other in Nolan's previous works.

Tenet is awfully difficult to follow, with absolutely no pay-off.

waste of time.

Compared to the highway chase from Matrix Reloaded, it is plane dull, unengaging and far away from mind-bending.

And A LOT of unnecessary (and maybe intentional) confusion for the sake of confusion.

The movie is highly complex but with a second watch it makes it even more enjoyable.

Otherwise, I just may have walked out so I could google the plot just to figure out what the hell was going on.

Actors bores me.

Tenet is guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat the entire movie!

But the big picture presented in the book was so intriguing and eye opening, that I allow myself to look past the complicated details.

After this I watched 'Unhinged' enjoyed it much more plus Russell Crowe was horribly awesome.

With that being said, this movie is visually stunning and a lot of its scenes are some of the craziest I've ever watched.

However, walking out of the theater the whole viewing seemed pointless.

So long and boring that it leaves you begging for it to end.

But this is by far Christopher Nolan's worst movie.

Starting off with the good stuff: "Tenet" is visually stunning, one of the best movies I've ever seen as far as visual choreography and it's pretty remarkable the fact that the majority of what's on the screen is practical and not CGI.

After the 2nd watch I think it's safe to say that this is the best directed film of all time, all the niches and nuances that you pick up on the second watch make the film so much more enjoyable.

Movies should be entertaining not a science exam .

Absolutely stunning performances, Story and cinematography That's all I have to say.

The way he plays with time going forward and backwards at the same time, is an original and intriguing storytelling technique.

Outstanding directing as always, fascinating and overly complex story.

It was that bad I fell asleep in the cinema at one point.

If that sounds ominous and confusing to you, don't worry it is all explained in extreme detail in the movie.

It really pumped up the adrenaline to go with the action.

Combined with the sudden shifts in jumping forward and backwards in time, the film became unwatchable.

I will admit I didn't understand the whole backwards time-travelling aspect of this movie, but despite this, it was still just an extremely boring movie with about 2 action scenes and the rest is just talking scenes where the background sounds/music are so much louder than the dialogue that I struggled to hear so much of what the characters were saying.

But confusing .

" There were some fun and interesting moments, to be sure, but the longer the movie went on, the more confusing it became with no real payoff, no resolution, no character development, no heart.

Once again Christopher Nolan has managed to create a brilliant piece of art by bending the laws of physics and cinema to provide the audience with an immense and thrilling experience.

I avoided writing about the key plot spoilers, specially by the end as we are nearing conclusion we are confronted with twists and turns which feels a little forced and confusing.

But at least Nolan still manages to make an epic action packed spectacle of it all.

While I think a lot of that had to do with the whole concept of time and was done on purpose, it did make the movie confusing.

The time inversion part is so stunning, but the story is very confusing.

Frustrating in it's endless complexity and exposition with bland characters that i felt no attachment to.

The plot is decent and engaging.

empty and leave you indifferent.

Plus the loud score, I thought it was hard to hear the characters which made an already confusing movie harder to follow.

I really enjoyed it!

The movie, was confusing.

No, my tenet is I should wait and read an online essay which will explain it and be more entertaining.

It makes it extremely difficult to decide if this is worth watching or not?!

A very confusing story with poor dialogue.

Being a borderline Nolan fanatic being disappointed, maybe even annoyed with an offering from this usual flawless film maker is an unusual feeling, a man who's biggest crime has been delivering a slightly boring first act of a Batman origin story that was redeemed in the final act and subsequent sequels.

Will the flaws (choppy assembly, boring characters, cartoonish writing), retro-silliness and focus on spectacle overwhelm?

I think some of the reviews are written by devout Nolanists; blind in the face of confusion and lack of entertainment.

Music sounded like a parody of itself and the world in which all this takes place was dull and lacked a sense of place.

It's a truly stunning film visually.

Anyhow, while watching the movie I was on the edge of my seat.

It was cool to see Edward, I mean R Patz in an action role and John Washington was amazing so the movie was well acted but it was just too damn hard to follow.

It's been put together to deliberately have you in a state of confusion, I suspect like the protagonist, with the anticipation of it all clicking together half way and you sit back in your seat thinking 'woooaaahhhh!

Save your money better.

Storytelling is gripping and complex.


It's also - however - let down by a predictable storyline and mediocre dialogues.

Music was ok but too repetitive and simplistic.

I myself walked out of the cinema in sheer disgust with 30 minutes of the film remaining, something that I have never done before.

Plot is difficult to follow.

These jumps make the "experience" of the film and especially the excitement quite difficult or impossible for me, because nothing happens to it.

Really really disappointing and ultimately deadly dull.

Most Nolan fans will love this regardless, right from the start it was intense and LOUD.

But for me it was a bit confusing.

A very pretentious movie that's beautifully shot with an excellent thumping soundtrack.

It can be pretty intense to processes when viewing.

The movie has everything - adrenaline pumping action sequences, dramatic background score, better cast and excellent story.

In the beginning you hope there will be some kind of clever and unexpected resolution of at some point the movie.

I had very little character development, an unnecessarily confusing plot, and awe-inspiring set pieces that will hopefully make more sense with closed captions.

I am confident Nolan is aware of the deep confusion his viewers will have.

Sound horribly mixed with dialogue, fade characters, convoluted story dragged until you feel asleep.

The concept and lore are riveting and the acting superb.

It was very empty with lots of talks.

Also, I didn't understand why they needed to take an injured friend to a place they were at earlier, only to reveal what was pretty much a predictable twist.

Luckily Nolan chose very fine actors to compensate for the confusing story.

Once Nolan's done in trying to impress you with the Sator square, he adds the quantum arrow of time and reversing entropy, mixes it with the most banal female role you can imagine (a trophy, mistreated wife who loves her son very very much), a car chase, a couple of fist fights and an involuntarily hilarious and chaotic final scene involving a red and a blue team (Matrix anyone?

If not, what remains is a case of much impressive and entertaining ado about nothing.

It was tough, intense, smart and, as usual, mind-bending.

Waste of time and money.

It had its drawbacks but it was complex and entertaining.

Flawed but fascinating and bold .

Were action and sci exist kept me on the edge and asking questions worth a re-watch

" The actors held themselves incredibly well for such a complicated and bonkers script, and the relatively predictable twists and stock character archetypes did not take away from the intellect of the concept.

The opening scene is very abrupt and evocative.

Firstly Washington and Patterson mind blowing acting from both.

Left the theater breathless.

The constant action and reaction, always increasing, along with a unique look at how time works, with masterful editing give the audience an enjoyable experience.

It had such an confusing plot that tricks you into thinking the movie is "actually good".

Maybe it is the slow pace at the beginning which may be boring on a second view.

Good but Over-Reliance on Time Twisting Confusion .

W is not quite understanding the role, and this resulted in even confusing his partners in all his scenes.. They are performing according to his performance.. Because as it is said: Acting is reacting!

The natural sites (like the city of Oslo in which the villa of one of the characters is located) are very poorly exploited visually when they could have made the visual experience breathtaking.

The premise of this movie is fascinating and left me and my husband discussing it for a good hour.

It is confusing and I definitely want to watch it again to see all the bits I missed.

The intense design and extremely complex structure of the film makes for a really confusing experience first time out.

The worst part is that this will continue to waste my time because of all the mixed reviews that will encumber social content online and more unfortunately, in real life for weeks to come.

Worst music + bland storytelling + torturing climax .

I know they did it already in a Loop multiple Times Blabla, but as a watcher its not convincing in that moment, not immersive, even confusing and clearing that up in the last 10 Minutes of the movie, doesnt make up for 2 hours of boredom.

Would 110% recommend this for anyone looking for a brutally exciting and thought-provoking experience.

I didn't understand a single thing, but I really enjoyed it.

I really enjoyed the action scenes as the were well made and fascinating.

Tenet is full of Nolan trademarks - the gratuitous Michael Caine cameo, a loud, really loud score, complete with stunning cinematography and slickly inventive action set-pieces.

There is no real plot, the nature of the threat is so confusing (inverted...

I myself walked out of the cinema in sheer disgust with 30 minutes of the film remaining, something that I have never done before.

Exceptionally complicated to the point of making it unwatchable.

Some of the scenes--even static ones--are simply breathtaking on the huge IMAX screen in a way that wouldn't I think translate to a smaller screen.