Thank God It's Friday (1978) - Comedy, Music

Hohum Score



A Friday in the life of the disco club the Zoo, where the staff and clients meet and dance their their lives away.

IMDB: 5.4
Director: Robert Klane
Stars: Donna Summer, Valerie Landsburg
Length: 89 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 3 out of 47 found boring (6.38%)

One-line Reviews (17)

There are all the usual running gags, and as a whole the film is only mildly entertaining.

Moreover, Klane and Bernstein astutely peg the gaudy threads, thumping insanely groovy music, anything-goes hedonism, uninhibited excessive drug use, and sense of pure live-for-the-moment fun which were hallmarks of the 70's disco craze in a breezy and snappy way.

I have to say I really enjoyed it - I love disco, and this movie didn't disappoint in that area.

They go to win a dance contest, debut as a vocalist, pick up guys and/or gals or enliven a dreary marriage.

Director Robert Klane, working from a busy script by Armyan Bernstein, ably juggles a bunch of disparate narrative threads which crisscross in all kinds of witty and entertaining ways.

Even Debra Winger gave an enjoyable performance.

Enjoyable multi character film .

Incredibly cheezy, but enjoyable .

The writing is intelligent, the movie was well-paced & exciting.

The cover art and screen shots on the soundtrack album had intrigued me for years and watching the film was certainly no disappointment: Lots of weird characters, a weird plot and highly enjoyable.

Donna Summer provides momentary relief from the predictable plot when she sings "Last Dance for Love," and later when the Commodores appear on-stage.

An immensely enjoyable 70's time capsule.

Among the highlights are Vennera's exciting and exuberant impromptu parking lot solo dance, Summer belting out the glorious Oscar-winning disco smash "Last Dance," and the delightfully energetic big dance contest.

Judging by how the movie plays out, it seems he was determined to direct just about every scene in the dullest and slowest way possible.

This is, I think, the single worst movie ever to win an Academy Award (for the best song--"Last Dance").

All in all it was entertaining.

It is a very entertaining musical for lots more reasons than in 1978.