The Accountant (2016) - Action, Crime, Drama

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As a math savant uncooks the books for a new client, the Treasury Department closes in on his activities, and the body count starts to rise.

IMDB: 7.3
Director: Gavin O'Connor
Stars: Ben Affleck, Anna Kendrick
Length: 128 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 76 out of 467 found boring (16.27%)

One-line Reviews (397)

Solid, thrilling, and oh-so-satisfying .

It's as if there's a more compelling drama about the breakdown of a family and the trauma that's brought on by it, mostly seen in flashback, and then the main storyline with Affleck trying to protect Kendrick, while engaging, is not something we necessarily haven't seen before.

Initially it starts slow like a typical documentary describing basic symptoms of Autistic Spectrum Disorders, with on screen visual vignettes of kids who are displaying such qualities in different severity, some kids may also have Mental Retardation( that we are not sure).

It's entertaining from start to finish and fun to watch.

Altogether, after you add up the numbers, and "The Accountant" is worth watching more than once.

Saved to an extent by Affleck's committed work on the screen yet not offering enough to invest in its tale, The Accountant is a mundane feature that remains stuck on same level throughout its runtime.

Near superhuman moves,.. yawn,.

An exciting movie that is gently woven delicately like a spider's web, although I could predict some scenes I was still excited to see where the writing of Bill Dubuque was going to take me.

But the journey through this mystifying confusion of seemingly disparate narrative strands is never less than entertaining, for a number of reasons.

Overall, The Accountant was very enjoyable to watch and that's what matters!

A office "ZZZ Accountant", one day he helps old couples with tax problems, and he settled it for them, these old couples so happy then offered him their ranch so he can do his hobby : shooting…anytime he want to.

That intrigue counts with enough tangents, crannies and false clues to moderately compensate some predictable and ordinary moments (not to mention an absurd twist/coincidence I won't reveal).

It's engaging, exciting and thoroughly entertaining.

Great movie - intriguing and entertaining .

The action scenes were very intense and outrageously enjoyable to watch similar to John Wick, another entertaining action movie.

It may not have created the desired impression on neurodiversity, but it sure does keep its audience on the edge of their seats.

Action packed thriller with all the right stuff.

An intricately woven thriller boasting multiple twists and turns—of varying predictability—there's enough meat on the narrative bones to compensate for the over-utilisation of rote flashbacks and the occasional slip into genre cliché.

An enjoyable movie interests you quickly, then grips you tightly and thrills you to the close.


I really enjoyed it.

The plot is well written and while it was a bit confusing trying to follow all the accounting lingo, it was interesting.

I don't blame Kendrick for this, she is a charismatic and engaging actress who is "must watch", I blame Director Gavin O'Connor for losing focus on who the main character of this film is.

The execution of the story at times feels tedious due to its consistent jump cutting, multi-layered plot, and abundance of characters.

He disproves his father's fears that he would be taken advantage of by utilizing of his own skills as a means of acquiring money for himself, leading to intense killings of those who are far worse than he is.

An enjoyable way to spend a couple hours.

The ending creates a conclusion to a compelling story.

This could possibly make it into my top 10 of 2016, I really enjoyed it.

Behind the mask seemingly boring accountant Chris Wolff, lies a completely different person is not at all boring.

Wolff is refreshingly cold-blooded but his nemesis, played Jon Bernthal, is pretty bland.

The only fault I found is the somewhat predictable ending.

Towards the end the movie becomes very predictable and about an half hour before the ending you already sense its finale.

" Indeed, the filmmakers have done an exemplary job of polishing "The Accountant" into a believable but exciting epic.

The script is average -- with plenty of interesting bits, but too much cliché and/or formulaic dialog.

The fight scenes and choreography were breathtaking.

Acting comes in ahead of action here and it is quite enjoyable.

One that, if you were paying attention, likely you already knew but that confirmation feels more so satisfying than predictable.

but when it does happen it is very entertaining.

Not speaking of odd script with lots of been-there/seen-that stuff, predictable angles and odd ending?

The Film is Dark, Violent, Action packed, Complete.

The trailers paint this one to be an intense thriller, and it's my job to report if the movie delivers on its promise.

An entertaining thrill ride with both suspense and a swell performance by Ben Affleck .

The story is over the top story, but entertaining.

Despite these flaws, I found the movie to be entertaining and watchable, especially the parenting episodes.

well, i highly recommend it.

Well worth watching .

One of the worst movies I've ever seen...

I thought the secondary plot was a bit messy but yet still engaging.

When it released in theatre i dismissed it thinking it might be another dull movie on an accountant.

Though maybe not the most original idea for an action movie, The Accountant did make my two hours at the movies worth the watch.

But after the most wooden acting I have ever seen from Ben Affleck, who looks as bored as the audience and 50 minutes with no action at all, I almost gave up watching it And since this movie tries to be realistic in its portrayal of a person with autism and their parents upbringing and it fails even at that, this movie just doesn't work.

The slow moments weren't used to bring the story together.

That's a fair warning if you start and find it confusing and slow.

I blame the overly contrived plot and probably the editing.

In the beginning I was appreciating the set up and thinking this was a promise to a thoroughly entertaining and thickly plotted movie.

Her performance is utterly un-compelling - she comes across as a high school senior -a very, very annoying high school senior who got the part because daddy is in the industry or something (use your imagination here.

Even though there are some pretty contrived moments, it's worth watching for Ben Affleck's performance alone.

Not since the third Bourne film, The Borne Ultimatum, have I been on the edge of my seat so much waiting to see how it will all turn out.

6/10 - a little too confusing and intense of an action thriller for my taste

Smart but also a lot of well done action scenes - worth watching!

Compelling Movie with a few too many plot holes .

It was so entertaining and creative.

GONE BABY GONE in my opinion was like 100 times more entertaining, as was too the Departed...

I have seen this movie twice and enjoyed it even more the second time as it is filled with thought provoking ideas and challenges.

That being said, I though Ben Affleck gave a solid performance as an adult with autism, and that plot line proved sustainable and entertaining.

In this he is STUNNING, and I cannot stress that enough.

Highly recommended - intriguing, sometimes scary, sometimes exciting, and surprising.

The thing that is most fascinating is Ben's portrayal of his character, which I found ironic: most people consider him kind of a dopey, less than intelligent actor, and I think that he unwittingly plays on this perception in a smart way, by playing someone with some mental deficits who nonetheless is very highly functional.

The Accountant is a mind blowing film.

As far as entertainment value.. snore fest for most of the dialog.

The beginning of the movie is somewhat confusing.

And, after all that thoughtful stuff - it was one damn entertaining movie.

Definitely worth watching .

ZZZ Accounting...

Worth watching.

Trust me, it's very entertaining, nothing wrong with it at all, as long as you leave your suspension of disbelief at the door.

'The Accountant' may have a great acting ensemble and entertaining action sequences, but the messy and disjointed plot confines this movie to being just good.

K Simmons, Jon Bernthal) keep you immersed, making the movie worth watching.

However, this was all saved from being a bore of a movie by the great acting and engaging action scenes.

It is suspenseful and holds your attention.

Casting aside the intriguing veneer of an intellectually gifted, autistic hit man, the action formula utilized in this film is nothing new.

Why would you make a movie that sounded … well … boring?

Overall this is a good fun film that is worth a watch if you like a slightly slower paced action film.

"The Accountant" does not sound so enticing, but I have to say I was completely captivated by the riveting story.

One, the loud music and very loud gunshots were most entertaining until the repetitiveness put me to sleep.. yup!

The villains are boring and uninteresting and just plain generic.

At more then two hours this movie is too long and would have benefited from a tighter editing.

What a waste of time .

The film The Accountant was a very intriguing and puzzling movie.

There was a perfectly legitimate and just as exciting story in there without the embellishment.

entertaining .

But the combination of writing, directing, acting and more make for a riveting thriller that holds you captive until the credits begin to roll.

Clearly, it's one of the unexpected and underestimated movies I have seen in recent times; unexpected only if you do not read any reviews prior to watching the movie and just get into theater by looking at its poster.

He was kinda boring though.

The hand to hand combat scenes seemed better than those that I saw in the dull Jack Reacher released recently.

Great movie, worth watching.

While some of my friends jumped during the showing, Affleck's character was a little too skilled and monotone to be exciting.

Lastly this film has no negatives in my personal opinion and is one the best films of the year, a truly great film with twists are turns that will surprise, gripping action, fantastic characters and a brilliant ending.

Starting from basic points the story is engaging with a clear cut direction , not complicated plot , accurate pace and enough story from past to have proper character development.

Original and very well executed, amazingly paced and an unexpected good movie!

Like all movies they have good and bad spots, tons of flaw and honestly I could spend days tearing every film down on that aspect, though i'v decided to merely state if the film was entertaining or not.

The acting is decent, the story entertaining and there are loads of action.

The whole thing is predictable and if you have at least half of a brain you will figure it out within the first half an hour including the ending.

The movie is engaging and entertaining.

This film should be called the yawn .

All in all though, even with being able to predict its twists long before they happen, The Accountant is incredibly enjoyable and has the potential of being much more, that what it is now.

What Wolff's clients don't know is his compulsive urge to complete things that he starts working on and that ushers his other half, which is pure adrenaline and bourne-like.

The Accountant (2016) was entertaining, it was very much enjoyable; I believe they done a very good job with the making of it.

But alas, the narrative is disjointed & the writing remains lazy.

Greatly unexpected story line .

There's no plot except for some drug guy what's him on side blah blah blah.

However, the film does deliver moments of humour during the most unexpected of times (like at the end of this one action sequence); it was these moments that kept me from leaving early.

Instead, we have Ben Affleck to stare through the screen with his completely empty and expressionless eyes.

It puts thing into motion and slowly builds, adding new layers and levels that make the overall film incredibly compelling to watch.

Fantastic action/fight sequences and engaging who-done-it.

Well worth watching - you'll not be disappointed .

Suspense, action, humor, intelligent writing, intriguing twists, sterling performances, with the type of ending most viewers enjoy.

very enjoyable experience.

From the director of Warrior, The Accountant is an ill-conceived crime thriller whose only redeemable aspect remains Ben Affleck's brilliant performance, for the rest of the film is marred by a poorly constructed plot, thinly written characters, bland interactions, lazy exposition, predictable twist & bland supporting performances.

The story was compelling, the characters were likable, I never found my mind wandering.

The film is a lot more strategic, and is a very slow burn.

it's totally worth watching.

I found the movie a bit boring...

Well written, engrossing and perfectly paced .

Without giving away the premise of the movie, set yourself up for a laughable and predictable ending that sounds something like a monetary appeal for the Foundation to Help Autistic Children.

Ugh exciting!

I would recommend this movie despite my criticisms and rate it so highly because I enjoyed it so much while sitting in the theater.

It's not particularly insightful, entertaining, or interesting, and sadly, when there isn't any focus on the action I found it to be a little on the dull side.

The story was pretty uninteresting and could have been written better.

Although this film for the most part is very serious and dark, which keeps you on the edge of your seat, the script is able to add elements of humour into it at perfect times which shows the flexibility of the film and script.

In conclusion, The Accountant isn't highly memorable, but I found it an entertaining experience, and I can give it a moderate recommendation because of that.

As necessary as the Treasury angle was for the story, these were the dullest parts of the film.

I expected a boring, simple plot with average acting.

It was entertaining and that is all I really see movies for...

"The Accountant" is a compelling narrative that intertwines an excellent cast in a uniquely gratifying tale of forensic accounting.

This film at 2 hours and 8 minutes is too long and the action and violence sequences could have been edited shorter.

What made this movie special for me was the emphasis put on character development, the movie takes its time to explain all the characters and their motivations and you really get attached to Ben Affleck's character by the end, which by the way Ben portrayed in an incredible way, most of the time movies try to show autism it's in an exaggerated or over the top way but Ben just nails it and his performance alone makes this worth watching.

Problem of this movie is slow pace which people may not connect with it and story telling is way more unconventional that audience may feel lost...

Things are made worse at the end by the very lazy and contrived way that the film wraps everything up - I'm specifically referring to how it brings the brothers 'back together.

I thought the secondary plot was a bit messy but yet still engaging.

Intense Intelligent and entertaining : Ben scores a perfect 10 again .

As the film wears on it slides inexorably toward cheesy action movie cliché, and the final sequence has the look and feel of any number of '90s action thrillers and their DVD- bound legacy.

Slow but intense.

Well-paced and solidly entertaining thriller .

Besides, the movie dragged on for what seemed forever, with lots of explanations and sub-plots that were unnecessary.

Entertaining as is expected with any other Ben Affleck movie .

But there's something here that is very slick and entertaining.

A weak storyline, poorly told, and plenty of mundane exposition and flashbacks about characters we're given no reason at all to care about.

There are plenty of action scenes; these are all well handled with a dynamism that keeps things exciting.

An entertaining standalone crime thriller .

I actually really enjoyed it .

In addition to being predictable, the story also took a bit of time to take off despite having a loud opening.

Just a pile of pretentious bullshit.

Matt Damon's old pal gets his own Jason Bourne-type character to sink his teeth into, but with an undeniably intriguing twist.

But the fact that I was paying attention only made it more disappointing that the story was so wild and hard to follow.

Making people look smart by putting glasses on them is a clicheé.

Gripping and thrill screenplay....

The movie is engaging n entertaining.

What a waste of time.

She has a completely unique style that I find fascinating and endearing.

The stunts and fight choreography that he is able to do and the realism the film portrays is exciting and thrilling, that's all one can ask for in this type of film.

Firstly, I enjoyed this film, it was engaging on several levels, as an action film, a moderate thriller, and emotional drama.

However I thoroughly enjoyed it and didn't even realize it was actually more that 2hrs long.

A slick and often thrilling piece of filmmaking, The Accountant doesn't set the world on fire by any stretch of the imagination but thanks to O'Connor's assured direction, Affleck's committed turn and a central figure unlike we've seen before in such an event, this one man army movie with a difference and more maths than a Will Hunting dream, The Accountant is one of the year's most enjoyable popcorn thrillers and hopefully the beginning of a new action franchise with a difference.

Looking back on it I think there was more here that could have been explored and developed, but regardless, it's an engaging and well-presented story that I really enjoyed seeing.

I recommend this everyone who is bored with the latest wave of Hollywood CGI summer material.

But apart from that the movie slows down in many parts and may be boring,also many parts of the story don't make sense and are quite ridiculous.

sometimes the story takes silly turns and confusing ones that don't really work.

Good story line, unpredictable, efficient, and entertaining.

I cannot praise this film enough, it has everything you want; Superbly written layered characters that grow and evolve throughout the film, a strong, gripping, tense and highly entertaining storyline, highest quality acting and a thourougly satisfying ending.

It was also a bit too 'Hollywood' and far too clean and predictable with any resemblance of reality drained out of it like the blood from a dead body on an autopsy table.


Predictable, totally unconvincing and laughable ending .

As far as action movies go, it is entertaining and manages to give us likable characters to follow.


A Slow Burn Thriller That Defies Expectations .

4/10 noisily disjointed.

This is a must watch movie, I highly recommend it.

It's still your standard level gun and hand-to-hand violence, just done in a far more intense and "anything goes" manner.

Entertaining and occasionally boring .

Plot twists galore, fine acting on the part of the entire cast, make this a fascinating movie which I highly recommend.

Watching treasury officer Medina scroll through figures, as attractive as she is, is boring.

Well done but predictable.

'The Accountant' is just as bland and unimaginative as the title suggests - an instantly forgettable and bang average film.

The best part of the movie are its screenplay and editing which brings together different threads of the story in the most entertaining way possible.

The Accountant provides a solid starting point for a series or, if the box office doesn't warrant a continuation, an engaging stand-alone thriller.

It's entertaining and smart.

I certainly enjoyed it and will most probably watch it a second time.

Engaging n entertaining drama/thriller.

The movie is made so by the book that it becomes a bit predictable and lagging.

The use of flashbacks to show Wolff's childhood, and how he came to possess his skills were entertaining and made the character more believable.


A thoroughly entertaining thriller that promises so much and delivers in the main.

My wife enjoyed it more than me; this probably points to her training and career in the subject matter.

Irritatingly, these huge flaws are to a certain extent offset by the film being very entertaining (these even a long gunfight in the dark in which our hero takes out about a dozen heavily armed men).

I thought it was a really fast paced cracking film, kept my attention until the end, good story line with a twist at the end.

A completely a different kind of film in action genre..usually a main lead in action movies are written as just one dimensional characters..But in this movie Main lead is High functioningautistic/Accountant/expert marksman,totally a Multilayered character,First half is terribly slow surely test some Patience,some quite interesting moment are also here and there..second half is so amazing with lots of twist n turns the last 20 mins keeps u edge of your seat,even ending is not much predictable..Don't expect - one line humors,nudity,CGI or any high octane Destruction momentsWatch if u like dark toned Bourne kind of realistic themed action movies.

It isn't as suspenseful or thrilling as one may thought, though had some what a slow build in action.

Just Finished watching this movie.. I found it to be super entertaining and engaging .

I could tell just from the name of the movie, it was going to be such an agonizingly dumb, predictable by the numbers Hollywood movie.

He even has a tragic backstory, and intense combat training somewhere in East Asia.

Affleck's performance is both engaging and mesmerizing.

Without giving too much away, there were enough twists to keep me on the edge of my seat.

Simmons trouper (talk about an intense life or death moment).

The main plot was engaging.

Let me waste my time on a dozen or so Robin Hood movies instead.

Her so-called on screen chemistry with the bored-looking Ben Affleck here only makes her screen presence all the more depressing.

This is an entertaining and illuminating experience of both action and revealing psychological unveiling of the mental human differences.

DISLIKES:• Anna Kendrick's limited role • Formulaic Approach • Semi boring actionThe trailer made Kendrick out to be a major player in the film, promising to be his responsibility for most of the film.

Unfortunately what follows throughout is a rather noisy, disjointed and stilted tale of financial irregularity and a taste for bloody revenge, uniting various parties with a desperate but somewhat futile search for dramatic and engaging tension, which drastically fails.

This aside, this is an engaging and fast moving crime thriller.

Calculate an enjoyable action thriller .

At times tedious.

He's subtle and surreal, his character is unpredictable and his life is certainly compelling.

The themes of finance, autism, crime and borderline-romance do not mix well in this film, and these one-too-many tropes cause it to be quite disjointed.

The story is intelligent, complex, interesting, engaging, and surprising.

The stunning direction and action set pieces?

I Just want to say that this film has a great story, no real plot holes and a few twists you may see coming or you may not.

Highly recommended and thoroughly enjoyable.

It is funny, interesting and entertaining.

The Accountant is a solid thrill ride with standard performances and a sleek hodgepodge of action, energy, and riveting suspense.

Enjoyable entertainer with perhaps much more franchise potential than Sad Affleck's earlier DC crap Superman V Batman.

Slow starting, great second half .

Slow awkward shimmy :) He's the Swaggy P of finance.

But, it is really worth watching.

This is a thoughtful and very suspenseful story and Ben Affleck does, perhaps, the best job of his career ever.

Affleck's performance is both engaging and mesmerizing.

The cast has great performances; the screenplay using flashbacks is intriguing since the very beginning and the plot point in the end is a great surprise to the audiences.

But still what makes the film is Gavin's directing, everything is so well done, a lot of scenes in this film, even though not an action scene, still feel exhilarating and intense, and the action scenes themselves of course, are very well shot.

He accepts a job at a corporation to perform intensive calculations of fifteen ledgers in order to calculate the business of their profits.

But all of those things aside I was engaged until the end, some nice twists and with a light human story but underlying this is really just an enjoyable easy viewing crime/action film.

While initially a mundane audit job, Wolff finds himself in a web of intrigue that ensnares the company's board of directors, a sinister security force and a salaried accountant (Kendrick) who first uncovered the can of worms.

Overall the Accountant is entertaining though could have expected more.

This is a ridiculously contrived movie starring Ben Affleck in the title role as a sort of Rainman meets Jason Bourne, sometime book-keeper to the mob, sometimes, out of the goodness of his heart, for ordinary hard- working folk too.

DON'T waste your money.

I don't understand how so many people could say that this was not only a good movie, but an action packed thriller.

So, it helps no more, that while it's a fairly exciting and promising idea, the execution results in a flat and undelivering film.

It makes it what it really is, an entertaining action romp.

On the flip side, there are some scenes, which are draggy and boring like Christian's childhood memories of fighting with bullying kids, the last gun-firing sequence, should have been cut out sharper to make it more focused and taut.

The Accountant is a mind blowing film.

Secondly, there is the protagonist's backstory, which tends to disappear where and when it becomes most interesting or compelling.

This was a great idea but executed ham handedly,the movie lacks focus and has a scattered feel that is more confusing than entertaining.

Yet any possibility of doing something truly creative with this material was thrown away in favor of a purely formulaic plot.

This movie was just a bore.

The action though is pretty brutal and entertaining.

This is a very enjoyable action-crime-drama… if you don't look too close.

A confusing action thriller.

As it is, it's a super solid entertaining movie with lots of actions, plenty of violence, an outstanding plot, and superb acting by all characters.

Action packed movie with a plot .

A simple story like this one could've dragged without a proper editing helping to entertain in the more mundane parts.

The most fascinating aspects of the story are actually the investigative elements.

Really neat concept, but I will say for me a big downfall is the ending is a little predictable.

A thriller should be entertaining and smart, both of which The Accountant is.

Nausea inducing ego fest; painfully predictable, agonizingly bad acting.. = sub-zero experience .

It's just like real life drama, yes one might need to hold on a bit until it becomes intense.

Fascinating story, very well acted .

The plot of the story just keeps you on the edge of your seat and it also has some witty remarks that keep you smiling and laughing.

This movie starts out quite entertaining...

The special effects, props, acting..all great, however I just feel the drama scenes in the storyline dragged on a little, just a little.

" - were the kind of thoughts running in my head until the fairly predictable and utterly ridiculous plot reveals happen in The Accountant.

'Christian Wolff' (Ben Affleck) is yet another über-efficient killer, this time the gimmick is that he is a high-functioning autistic with an aptitude for math (and assassinations), who does forensic accounting for crime lords, cartels, rogue-states, etc. The premise is a bit of a stretch and the film relies of a lot of coincidences, especially in the last reel (the 'twist ending' is contrived and ludicrous).

I think this premise and this eye-openingly intriguing character known as, Christian Wolff, has more potential in a more feasible, transformative sequel-maybe even franchise (if they don't gazump up that sequel I'm crossing my fingers for!!!

For while the film is definitely entertaining, there isn't a performance within it which is awe-inspiring.

But for a film boasting Ben Affleck in the lead role, it is an entertaining vehicle with a solid array of violent action set pieces and suspense.

A good action thriller tells a suspenseful story while maintaining a high level of action and often times violence.

The film is one big utter mess of confusion and deals with an autistic math genius who grows up and is tied to numerous laundering of accounts.

According to Wikipedia, "autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by impaired social interaction, verbal and non-verbal communication, and restricted and repetitive behavior.

In my humble opinion, this is one of the most creative, exciting and satisfying movies of its kind since the original "Taken" – and the way it humanizes the still little-understood condition of autism adds unexpected heart to the cool story and great action.

enjoyable and original action movie .

With echoes from Keanu Reeve's Constantine and Matt Damon's Bourne proficiency in getting the job done, Ben Affleck gets to handle himself in a similar, but distinctly different style that is as riveting as Keanu and Matt.

The scene weave in this film is terribly thought out and results in a whole lot of confusion for the audience.

Kind of predictable, really (for me, anyway), another Hollywood production with too much noise, violence, and too many guns...

When he meets analyst Danna (Anna Kendrick), who goes for the silent type, he can only stare back in confusion and without eye-contact.

"The Accountant" is quite the interesting crime drama that shows that math can be exciting and lead to dangerous adventures.

Simmons seemed bored and embarassed to be in it, and Lithgow had a look of surprise in every scene as if he was realizing just how bad the movie was going to be.

Ben Affleck carries across his bulked-up, inscrutable persona from his recent Batman role, Anna Kendrick is the geeky whistle-blower insider who befriends him and Jon Bernthal is the long-lost brother but none of them shine in this strange, highly contrived movie, with no single character warranting any sympathy never mind attention.

A movie that is worth watching till the very end .

These sequences do not come very frequently as they serve more as tools to propel the plot, the biggest gem the film has to offer is the suspenseful atmosphere which is generated by the grimness of the plot.

So intense and over the top was his performance, exactly what it needed to be, I was mesmerized.

Same for this movie, not that it's cliché as well, the script is a lot better than Warrior, with some memorable dialogues and lines, there's just some plot twist moments that are rather predictable.

The whole just felt so bland and formulaic.

Jon Bernthal was an unexpected delight to see on the big screen.

Another dislike came in the formulaic delivery of this story.

Why did I ever see this confusing film with just about everyone including Treasury Agents having their own agendas.

The depth, mix of action and family tragedy and foreshadowing combine to make this a compelling story to revisit in a sequel ...

However, moving on to the strong points which would be that the movie is otherwise well directed, with the action scenes really shining - very gruesome, very realistic, and very entertaining!

Still, there are all the machinations, mayhem and bouts of fisticuffs expected from any half decent action thriller, imparted with flair and professionalism, defying the "boring" connotations of the film's title.

Before that, you have to suffer through a whole lot of boring nonsense and the build up isn't all that extincting either.

More of that, the plot is unpredictable until the end.

Simmons) and his mentee-with-a-back-story (Cynthia Addai-Robinson), both of which slow down the film.

In all of his movies, he is a non emotional, bland character that lacks even the most basic facial inflections.

I will highly recommend it to anyone looking for entertainment with 2hrs and 07 mins to spare

The Accountant is a very cool film, even though it is not such an original story, it is even fun to watch, we see a Ben Affleck that with each new role improves in the acting, and he does a very good performance, his character in a way recalls To Batman, the cast is very good, Anna Kendrick, JK Simmons, Jon Bernthal, and etc, the soundtrack is good, and the photography is good too, it has moments that it is dark, more works with the movie, the movie Has a few bad actors, and other characters are weak and uninteresting, the film also has weak dialogues, most correct in many dialogues, The Accountant is recommended, even more for being a cool movie and a better Ben Affleck.

This is a bad B- movie with A-list actors and a predictable, stale script.

well worth watching .

It is rare for a movie to have an autistic character as the protagonist but Ben Affleck succeeds in making it realistic, relatable and enjoyable; and I thus believe strongly that the movie is a very good one, and it resonates deeply with me.

The Karate Kid like scene in Indonesia is cliché'e as well and ridiculous.

If this had been originally a book I would not have been surprised and might have even read it because the story itself is intriguing as hell.

I highly recommend it.

Mundane title, fabulous film.

Unfortunately the unexpected Michael Clayton (2007) milieu only made me want to see Wolff's less legitimate work all the more.

All that Other Stuff is too Confusing for those among us with Average Abilities, Skills, and Coping Methods.

Ben Afflek is one of the most incompetent, disengaged, unappealing, and unbelievable actors to ever (dis)grace the screen, in my opinion; the 'Aflac Duck' is 100x more entertaining.

Actually, this movie goes against most of the movies with its unexpected plot/story line twist.

It's a shame the otherwise exciting finale is at times lit so dimly it's like you're viewing it with sunglasses on, as it detracts slightly from what could have been an epic climax.

The film is generally quite gripping and involving, although it's a little slow and talky in parts and certain aspects are badly handled (Anna Kendrick's character has no purpose being in the film, really).

"The Accountant" is creative and exciting, even if parts of the plot don't quite...

As for that film, being intriguing shouldn't mean being confusing.

The Accountant was action packed, had some good twists and was fairly entertaining.

Too much of a bit of 'The International', the boring Clive Owen film from the mid 2000's.

The plot felt convoluted at times and took a major expository scene at the start of the last third to finally clear up the confusion.

An intense and sophisticated action-drama that shatters your Sunday evening blues with incisive screenplay, sublime cinematography and engaging soundtrack.

It is one of those rare movies, that builds on the character layer upon layer, with that slow perpetual humming that heralds of it's future becoming.

The Accountant movie has a multi-layered engaging main plot about mental illness in young children and how they cope with their situations.

We highly recommend it.

This film, with the exception of the Treasury scenes, was really tight, smart, and engaging.

The film has some rough edges, and at times it balances that line of feeling smarter than it really is, and I'm sure there are some plot holes that may appear on a repeated view, but I wouldn't know or care right now because I was completely caught up in the film and enjoyed it immensely.

It features a slow moving beginning, something about how the government is trying to figure out who this mysterious math genius for the underworld is.

The movie starts with some decent action, then it goes into a little drama, of which I found a little slow moving.

The movie has an intriguing plot that is interesting and entertaining to see unfold.

It was so entertaining and creative.

It consists of a confusing pointless plot that rambles off into bedtime story type monologues which will have you nodding off.

I was laughing, cheering, crying, and ultimately walked out of that theater feeling more than satisfied.

Anyway the movie is slow paced thriller although you can say a wanna be thriller, which makes you hooked till the end of the movie.

The action scenes are believable and kept me completely immersed in the film; there wasn't one spot where I got bored or felt the scene was unnecessary.

As I stated above, however, besides the hiccup regarding the lack of clarity to his profession, I firmly think the movie is an intriguing one.

However, the realistic delivery can get a bit boring at times and lacks the suspense that other, more elaborate scenes create.

We thought it was so good, we saw it a third time with friends (to entice them to watch it) - and enjoyed it once again (this from someone who only wants to repeat watching a movie after at least 7 years - if ever).

It was very enjoyable, and I'm not even an action fan.

I went in expecting an entertaining action movie and it was that and a little more.

'The Accountant' is a dreary, overlong, bore of a movie.

This horrendously ridiculous and amateurish plot includes a half-baked love story, which makes no sense whatsoever, between Kendrick and Affleck; forgotten brotherly relationships; strained parental connections; and confusing, horribly introduced, plot-twisting conspiracies.

A very contrived story with contradictions, e.

It's by no means flawless, yet the high calibre action, gripping central performance and a few plot-based surprises make The Accountant a largely satisfying cinematic outing.

This movie was just a mishmash of Hollyweird action movie cliche's.

The accountant does not at all deviate from the normal clichés Hollywood embeds in almost all its productions: The "good guy" who proves to be even better in the end is there, the bad guys are there, the childhood traumas are there, the love story is there, the "unexpected'-yet so terribly predictable- wannabe twist (the lost brothers/opponents...

As he goes to avoid getting exposed for his crimes, he also develops a predictable romance with a coworker played by the overrated actress Anna Kendrick.

Why would anyone make a movie about the most boring profession on the planet?

Yup, "Accountant" will leave you scratching your head as you walk out of the theater.

Overall well worth watching if you enjoy action films with a decent plot.

The big climax revelation can be guessed from far away but it does end up entertaining.

Highly recommend it.

But, this intense training was forced on him by his father in order to combat the behavioral issues brought on by autism.

I'm giving it a 6/10 which is by definition above average, but there are a few things that dragged it down from potentially an 8 or more.

The shortcoming is that the plot is messy and the rhythm is slow.

There were quite a few unconnected and unresolved plot threads, so the movie didn't feel too cohesive, but it was entertaining enough, and certain events towards the end almost made me tear up.

Action packed movie with twist of brother love .

Several flashbacks added confusion, and the level of autism seen when Chris was younger and at present do not correspond to the real course of this disease.

Not to mention other honorable nails in the coffin, such as "totally unexpected" plot twist in the end that was so bizarre and completely out of place.

The action sequences are well staged but simply absurd and because of that they are boring.

So despite the fact that the film is a little too long, and drawn-out in places, it is entertaining and it does speak to me.

Superbly choreographed actions sequences combined with a bit of cold humour at times make this movie very much engaging.

The story is well written and entertaining, with the right balance of action and drama.

I fell asleep 3 times, not knowing what was going on.

This film is far too long and far too complicated.

Based on the acting in this movie, I would love to have seen Ben Affleck play the role of Jack Reacher (instead of the predictable and wooden Tom Cruise).

Being driven is one thing, being boringly intense is another.

Yet, 'entertaining' is all that The Accountant aspires to be, and any suggestions of a more studios portrayal of autism raised during the quieter and more humorous first half gives way to generic audience- pleasing.

I highly recommend it for fans of good suspense, acting, as well as action.

Too powerful & engaging .. Don't miss this awesome thriller ..

I thought the acting was great all around; I found the plot solid and enjoyable.

It can't seem to decide whether it's 'a beautiful mind', 'wallstreet' or 'under siege', and kind of fails at being an action film as a consequence, the pacing is way off, and mostly because of the totally unnecessary treasury department side-plot, which adds nothing to the outcome of the main plot whatsoever, and seems to be either an incredibly dull way to backstory the protagonist, or part of a future franchise set-up.

That finale comes in the most predictable and corny way possible.

The narrative deftly shifts gears from the technical aspects of accounting which may be a bit boring for anyone who's not a chartered accountant, to a non-stop pulse-pounding thrill ride.

ANyways overall this is a clever and yet entertaining action thriller that doesn't go over the top.

how entertaining or exciting was this movie?

The twist ending is, while unexpected, cliché.

Every second of the movie is predictable with clock work precision.

It is a little slow but the action parts are predictable a bit.

All tapping fingers and swaying nervous energy, Affleck does a fine job of bringing Wolff to life and while the occurrences that transpire throughout the film aren't exactly that inspiring, right down to a very predictable final twist, Wolff is always slightly unpredictable and keeps us on our toes while O'Connor takes some nice surprising choices, especially with the growing relationship between Wolff and Cummings that doesn't pan out to the usual beats we've come to expect from these type of pictures.

The other actors are just dull and actors like JK Simmons and John Lithgow are wasted here.

A waste of time.

At the same time predictable plot that tried to made this movie a thriller failed, only thing that was always at high note is action scenes which were beautiful and well done showing that Accountant is not some kind of superhero.

But I give the movie a 7/10 because it was entertaining.

The story is fairly engaging, with some interesting surprises and developments.

Excellent cast, imo, and it started out very well, exciting, unpredictable, good Accountflek acting.

The characters are honestly that intriguing that there is enough brilliant storytelling for everyone to have their own movie.

The negative parts were that the movie was quite predictable at some points and the scenario wasn't very imaginative.

Director Gavin O'Connor takes this "Good Will Hunting meets Jason Bourne" type hero and draws him into an intense battlefield of gunfights and corporate conspiracy, with Ben Affleck breathing life into the role.

Formulaic and passable .

Overall, I enjoyed it.

It is still an interesting attempt at originality despite having a storyline that is confusing, unsatisfying, and gives accountants a bad name.

I found that scene to be very entertaining, and fun to watch.

Terse, engrossing, high body-count .

The Accountant is a solid thriller, with some hard-hitting action sequences, reasonably unpredictable twists and turns, engaging character work and emotional beats, and a respectful approach to autism.

As Ben belts out his monotone performance we are treated to some major heat and flash of copious violence, ancillary padding and remarkable coincidence before it is all put to rest with a touching reunion mid- massacre.

The film is action- packed and exciting throughout, until the underwhelming end.

The idea of this movie is unique, intriguing, and fantastic.

unfortunately this falls apart as the movie goes and the middle of the movie drags on far too long.

The Accountant manages to calculate an entertaining action story about a genius with autism .

I must admit from first glance I believed a despondent vapour would hang over the entirety of the film but, having watched it, I am of the opinion that it was a very realistic, relatable and enjoyable movie.

It's shallow and predictable, with unnecessary bookends and a hard to follow plot.

However, if that doesn't happen, this is an entertaining standalone crime thriller.

Progressing through a series of disconnected scenes and moving back and forward on the time line, denouement occurs in a rather predictable way.


Heartwarming, thrilling and makes you feel both happy and sad for the protagonist.

Intellectual & Thrilling ...