The Addams Family (1991) - Comedy, Fantasy

Hohum Score



Con artists plan to fleece an eccentric family using an accomplice who claims to be their long-lost uncle.

IMDB: 6.9
Director: Barry Sonnenfeld
Stars: Anjelica Huston, Raul Julia
Length: 99 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 17 out of 156 found boring (10.89%)

One-line Reviews (70)

The plot is horrifically predictable, the film just isn't very exciting, never seeming to go anywhere, never raising my excitement or getting me personally involved.

but it's darned entertaining and is a great riff on a classic piece of source material.

This is very enjoyable.

The performances and presentation are just wonderfully charming and everyone in the cast does a stunning job.

The whole point of the exercise here is to somehow make sure the plot holds up well enough for a full-length picture, all the while providing the adequate humor, enough laughs along the way that it's entertaining as the plot alone doesn't supply strong enough incentive.

The Addams Family isn't the perfect family film,but it is enjoyable and I would definitely recommend it to a younger audience.

Snappy, good-natured, ghoulishly funny comedy based on the popular television series about a macabre family who lives to revel in darkness, worship the bizarre, and glorify the dead.

Weird yet entertaining .

The comedy also becomes repetitive fairly quickly.

But like I said, the plot is just boring and bland and the film gets to where it is hard to pay attention to what's going on because the plot is just so lacking.

"The Addams Family", while being entertaining, is hardly very or extremely so.

One of the few remakes that actually works, The Addams Family takes the Gothic humour of the TV series and makes it feel fresh and entertaining.

The imposition and slight conventional ideology may have you raising an eyebrow as the scheme starts to take place but bear with it as the crazy ideologies and dark imagery will take over and create an ultimate enjoyable fantasy with sensational acting and characters.

Within this frame the twisted comedy is rather entertaining and, although rarely laugh out loud funny, it is still consistently amusing and enjoyable.

It has its slow points along with its classic bits (the famous girl scouts line has a billboard of Tombstone pizza in the background).

Still, this screenplay is full of repetitive jokes and groaners; the picture looks better than it plays, with an incredible art direction, costumes and make-up.

Still, though it creaks in places and is certainly a bit hokey in others, this is an enjoyable - if predictable - feature that's built on suitably ostentatious, highly entertaining performances and a wryly knowing screenplay.

Perhaps having Dan Hedaya's oddly sympathetic lawyer villain lose his wife to the, umm, hirsute Cousin It is a bit too much icing on the cake, but it must be said that this film is a lot bolder than its sequel in evoking an unexpected degree of sympathy for all weirdos, good-for-nothings and all-round bad sorts, even lawyers.

And even if it is a bit cheesy, (yes I'll admit) I found it enjoyable, entertaining and overall fun.

thoroughly entertaining .

Extremely enjoyable update to the old t.

Overall a kooky affair that is enjoyable in you are in the mood for its particular brand of dark silliness.

The cast of the original television series were all very good, but this cast is even better, brilliant, and that alone makes this film worthwhile, allowing me to overlook some occasional lulls in the screenplay.

As for Ricci, she already has that intense screen presence that means when she's on screen it's hard to look at anyone else, and she earns the right to a starring role in the sequel ("He's just a child" is her standout line, "he" being brother Pugsley - says it all, really).

Lloyd as Fester is sent to possess the Addams fortune but predictable elements occurs such as his growing close to the family.

I can not say it's bad, but it was pretty boring for me.

Christina Ricci as Wednesday was also enjoyable.

thoroughly enjoyable...

The acting is amazing, the movie is creepy yet comedic at the same time, the soundtrack is excellent and overall this is a very enjoyable film to watch.

Wilson embodied a self-confident swindler whose most exciting moments came when she introduced herself as Dr. Greta Pinder-Schloss, a so-called German psychologist.

Plot-wise, this film isn't particularly strong (but it doesn't have to be), and it's certainly not as rich in subplots as the sequel was, but this is an extremely entertaining film that's well worth a re-watch every Halloween.


But the film is still enormously entertaining.

Morbidly entertaining .

It goes on far too long.

She's the most intriguing of the characters.

Snappy .

*Emotion- A thoroughly entertaining and loyal to the comic strip film that put the lead characters in some funny situations.

The film is much darker than the actual television series itself, but I enjoyed it.

It all made for an entertaining and fast-moving film.

Beautiful, but boring.

I highly recommend it, along with its 1993 sequel and the television show.

In this he does kind of overplay his part but that just makes him all the more charismatic and enjoyable as Gomez Addams.

Many of the jokes are in character and its all round an entertaining film.

It just seems tired and borderline cliché-like.

But I think that it is entertaining and neat to look at.

What a boring, pathetic mess.

I only discovered today that Julia passed away in 1994, and though this unexpected news makes me sad, at least he left behind performances of which he could honestly be proud.

Although the overly complicated script has to take its share of responsibility, I think Barry Sonnenfeld's tiresome direction is to blame; remember that this guy is the king of FX-heavy comedies (he later made MEN IN BLACK).

Angelica Huston certainly didn't match Carolyn Jones' beauty but she, along with Raul Julia, Christopher Lloyd and Christinia Ricci all were entertaining to watch.

The Addams Family is a decent movie with an enjoyable story and a cast that match their characters well.

Stunning performances all round .

This film is definitely not your typical family film, but it still mangages to be entertaining.

I also didn't fully understand if the they were all ghosts or what, and yeah, I fell asleep a little of boredom.

Its somewhat entertaining, though there's nothing particularly special.

and they are a very entertaining family!!


The Film will shallow you whole with its very complete make-up ,thats scenes, soundtrack and plot, which is both compelling and nested in good morals.

The plot is incredibly disjointed, although in the end the movie is charming as all get out.

Entertaining film version of the 60's television series with Julia and Huston beautifully in sync as Gomez and Morticia, while Lloyd is a hammy riot as Uncle Fester.

"The Addams Family" on television was never excellent, but it has always been an enjoyable 30 minutes away from reality.

Well put together and deliciously fast paced, this is one of those odd films that keep me smiling every time I see it.

show retains the eccentric spookiness and oddball humor of old, then proceeds to update the warped family familiarity with a rousing sense of decadent glee.

I saw this movie in the theater and don't remember liking it much, but I just watched it again today and I have to say it was very enjoyable.

An enjoyable remake that succeeds because it has the strength to stand as its own beast.

There's humour as well of course, but it's all pretty repetitive and mediocre.

Fun and Entertaining.

Lloyd is enjoyable in the lead and manages to do well to carry the "new character" aspect of Fester without disrupting the dynamic of the family.

Instead, they create an story about Fester which was never part of the TV show, introducing a main character (the lawyer) which wasn't part of the original show, and again, focus on a very well done set design (yawn) to weave a story (the vault) which only takes you farther away from the characters you fell in love with or any real jokes.

That's the stuff we expect, not a long and continuous exposition leading to a superficial conflict, the only 'conflict' possible is between the 'Addams' and normality, as during a funny school play sequence with an unexpected outburst of blood splattering the audience.