The Affair (2014) - Drama

Hohum Score



A struggling novelist and a young waitress strike up an extramarital relationship that promises to forever change the course of their lives.

IMDB: 7.9
Stars: Dominic West, Ruth Wilson
Length: 60 Minutes
PG Rating: TV-MA
Reviews: 44 out of 207 found boring (21.25%)

One-line Reviews (126)

It makes a riveting watch because the first thirty minutes of every episode will give you an outline of the story as it moves forward.

(following up the cliché of women analysing everything in contrast to men)+++If you think this is the next big showtime binge series, nope, it isn't.

I thoroughly enjoyed this series, all the characters have a gripping story to tell especially Alison.

But when we finally get to Noah's memory of that fateful day his mother died there's more confusion.

Additionally, older Noah reflecting on life and Allison towards the end was pretty good and, in my opinion, the only future sequence of the season worth watching.


It quickly became repetitive with flashbacks of Noah's time in prison.

Her bleak and selfish attitude was getting so boring.

Convoluted and uninteresting .

Don't waste your time.

Season 4 is so boring .

Well made, but barely engaging.

It had become a pretty boring and slow motion show.

But 'The Affair' was full of great acting, making lesser dramas limp and uninspiring in comparison.

Noah, in additional to being the usual self centered selfish bore he is, has become even more manipulative ( episode 5 season 3) and annoying.

Completely brilliant and unexpected in so many situations.

The Affair is an intriguing menagerie of self-analysis, self-righteousness, compelling raw psychological drama, and absurdity.

Showtime really has a hit with Donovan - that story tackles a truly gripping subject that no other show has dared take on so boldly.

A boring waste of time.

Used to be great, now a walking leftist cliche.

After that it was a snore fest mish mash of events and misunderstandings punctuated by graphic or illegal sex.

Was downgrading of intense close relations to a mere acquaintance the ultimate penalty for Noah (apart from his hallucination disorders and associated sufferings) ?

The Affair, once a nuanced show about all different parts of humanity, has jumped the shark in a predictable, leftist way.

To use both versions of the events that take place is presented in a way that does'nt seem repetitive.

Quite frankly those episodes felt like they were written by loser hipsters who lack the life experience and/or talent to write storylines that are compelling to people who work for a living.

boring .

Boring .

The characters that were introduced were so boring and at times down right laughable.

He sees her as being flirtatious where she sees her behaviour as merely polite but friendly etc. For anyone interested in the psychology of social interaction (something I personally am) will find this aspect fascinating.

And the exploration of memory and its vagaries is wildly engaging.

Season 1 was gripping and compelling because of the passion between the two characters, and the suspense of what would happen to them and their families, etc. Season 2 was still intriguing since the characters' lives were so out of control and, of course, there was a mystery to be solved.

Boring, and Dull, No likable characters .

Sometimes it was a bit boring, oftentimes way oversexed, and definitely just plain weird.

A simple, banal, irritant soft-porno .

The combination of intriguing, complex characters, empathy that they draw from the viewers.

Casual, compelling, conversations that silently pull you even deeper down this beautifully directed world.

Very exciting!

This reflects upon them, and I personally enjoy slow and well thought out actions in contrast with some moments of heat and passion at the right time.

Interesting and captivating..albeit slightly confusing with flashbacks (possible spoilers) .

Slow Beginning, Lots of Promise - More for Female Audience .

It loses its way around the second season which is a shame as the first season was very gripping.

3 & 4 are too boring...

It didn't catch my attention, at times I found it quite boring and unnecessary.

The Affair is gripping right from episode 1 .

Or could it be (given the intense psychological flavour) promoting a more fundamental philosophy - "life is all about how you perceive it and nothing is real" (remember Morpheus in Matrix?

Too boring .

One of just few productions, where every word matters and the only one so deeply psychological and thrilling at the same time.

Brilliant, unexpected, intense.

The format of the series, having half the episode from Noah's point of view and half from Alison's, was trying to be original but was a bit repetitive.

So with a slow and weak story line,then i think seeing porn would be more suitable for viewers seeking this kind of shows.

Been watching "The Affair" this fall on Showtime and I must say it's one hot new series that keeps you on the edge of your seat as each episode is told in two half like ways.

Its a show about people and nothing else, and that's why its so fascinating and unique.

It was so intense and addictive, that I just needed to go on in order to see what will happen next.

Intense character-driven drama ...

Alison who has a husband who is gorgeous, loving and patient despite her being a depressed, dull, unappreciative bore with a bunch of emotional issues still chooses to cheat.

Other than that the series is worth watching tho I do hate the intro music.

It's so damn boring.

She's depressed and almost too unbearably boring to be around, leave alone for a bored, emasculated man to find interesting.

The constant confusion in this show has become tedious.

The story used to be so intriguing and exciting.

Thus, the lack of commitment, originality, and completely filled with cliché that accompanies any affair.

I loved both of them, the series in general was very gripping.

entertaining and thought provoking .

Yet there are some intense sex scenes and the series is pretty hard core with the story lines so its easy to forget this is acting.

go back to your crap hole country and watch god propaganda all day.

Initially, I had no interest in watching season 5 because season 4 was such a bore for me.

it has no story.

I love that the show doesnt focus on just Alison and Noah, because the rest of characters are equally fascinating, like Helen, Cole, Ben...

The episodes dragged and dragged.

It is a compelling story that makes one analyse each character - its motivations and psychologic features.

If you took every cliché in those and mixed in a little Lifetime Channel, you would get this.

I do love all the actors, and feel they do a great job, but the story has become dull.

It's pretty rare these days to find something that's worth watching and with an interesting plot development rather than the usual trite "pap for the popcorn-guzzling masses" that seems to be endlessly churned out by the studios.

The plot is banal: he is tired parent of a big family hoping to have some fun with local waitress while on vacation.

Sometimes the timeline is a little confusing because they go back and forth a lot to present time and flashbacks.

Mystery, that so elegantly dances through the plot, while hypnotizing us to follow its perfectly composed, unpredictable step.

The action is very slow and nostalgic.

I watched a total of 2 episodes after which I couldn't watch anymore, died of boredom.

It was far far too boring.

Riveting .

Very predictable.

However I find the first episode rather boring.

It is indeed beautifully shot, has some nice views but the pace is so slow like in the soap operas of the 80-90's.

I won't spoil it for anyone, but if you like an intriguing and dynamic drama with complex characters and a storyline that keeps you on your toes, then give The Affair a try.

Before you start watching be aware you have to wade through this very slow, very self absorbed story twice.

2) It's predictable.

all their individual stories matter and their interactions and views make this show riveting.

Season 5 is a sad, slow death for an otherwise good series .

struggling teacher/writer stereotype with big city versus coastal tourist town yawns, the rich and the not so rich, plenty of sleeping around and whose baby is it anyway boredom...

Extremely gripping, a thriller , romance, drama all wrapped up into one.

Even though it's quite entertaining to watch how they wrap themselves more and more into their own and each other's problems, also topped with a quite exaggerated use of sex scenes, the total experience sums up being a kind of very serious soap.

But the way the story is told gives this show a new dimension that makes it so intriguing and pulls you right in.

The other actors are compelling and the story is fantastic.

Just confess and wait-out your cuckold spouse's pointless tantrum.

The affair is a deliberately slow- paced,beautifully shot,compelling show.

Weak At Best: Thin Plot Lines, Thick On Cliché .

Entertaining 1st season, drags on into the second.

Engrossing .

For our times, its unique and new and compelling.

Nut shell, no story, slower pace than a snail, Good for perversions and thought provoking and all those who plan on cheating on their relationship and want a booster.

What a brilliant show, gripping from start to finish.

That doctor character was just boring and exhausting and didn't play any role in the story.

Some reviewers found it a bit boring, understandable for those who don't have the time to connect with the characters, or where there plainly just isn't any connection.

I was left waiting far too long for something to happen, and not caring about the characters.

How tedious.

New characters were introduced to spin out the series with tiresome events that you'd see in every soap opera.

Superb ending to a thoughtful & compelling series .

Then we might be able to remember it fondly, instead of watching it die a slow death.

Definitely worth watching .

It is a confusing mixture of elegance (the world of these wealthy privaleged people and tawdry.

Excellent and compelling from start to finish and beautifully written.

I've been in some of these situations and it's fascinating to compare how they played out in my own life and in the minds and actions of the characters here.

I like this show very much the story is very engaging.

This is something between a banal romantic teen drama, a soft-porno (all seems to have only the copulation in mind, nothing more!!!???!!!

The acting, the cinematography, and the story really is amazing and worth watching definitely one of my all-time favorites.

If you took every cliché in those and mixed in a little Lifetime Channel, you would get this.

Very compelling series with superb actors and fully rounded characters.

Amazing, edgy, compelling .

Probably because 20 people who rated it so high were the only ones who watched it to the end and the rest just turned it off after first 10 minutes because it is so boring and didn't bother to write a review.

Totally enjoyable start to finish...

The first episode starts out very slow, walking you through each of these folks daily lives and through the first time they met.

Ruth Wilson's performance thought this series is breathtaking.

The main storyline is boring and dull, Noah and Alison don't have ANY chemistry at all, it's painful watching them kiss.

Please keep going, the stories are great, exciting, realistic, fun, mind blowing and so much more!!!!

I enjoyed the first episode, fell asleep during the second and haven't watched the third episode.

Majorly aiming at women, hence my disappointment because I got a little more than bored when the crime mystery took a back seat to steamy love scenes and jealous wives.