The Art of War (2000) - Action, Adventure, Crime

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UN's secretary general uses covert operations to help diplomacy along. Shaw's called back 6 months after one such operation. He witnesses the murder of Chinese UN ambassador at UN, NYC, chases the assassin and ends up a suspect.

IMDB: 5.7
Director: Christian Duguay
Stars: Wesley Snipes, Anne Archer
Length: 117 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 54 out of 166 found boring (32.53%)

One-line Reviews (160)

Biehn has been largely missing in action (pun intended) for several years, his only notable appearances since the spectacular Terminator (and since being deleted from Terminator 2) being an excellent role in The Rock and his thoroughly enjoyable performances in movies like The Abyss, Aliens, and Navy SEALS.

Good plot and acting, but confusing presentation .

As it was, the script and the director lost focus entirely, turning what could have been a taut, interesting suspense movie into a crashing bore.

I very much enjoyed it.

I personally enjoy watching Steven Seagal movies and Van Damme movies, just because they're entertaining and, quite often, more amusing than anything else.

) So, all in all, I must give it a 6, simply because it had elements of decency, but I can't really say it was that great, but somewhat entertaining.

This is a movie which has a very interesting starting point, but in the end, it just falls apart, and becomes predictable.

Last half hour a total waste of time.

The plot is basically unbelievable and too predictable.

Or maybe because the movies that have been coming out recently are disappointing, makes this Wesley Snipes action the most exciting picture around.

It has exposition, cliché, choreographed fight scenes up the yin-yang, bad dialogue and what's more, you have to willingly suspend your disbelief to unreasonable proportions like a mother-lover.

If you like your films filled solely with exposition, cliché, choreographed fight scenes, bad dialogue and like to willingly suspend your disbelief to unreasonable proportions: then this is the film for you.

Shaw is running through this building chasing the bad guy, he hears his partner shot twice on the radio, so just as he bursts into the street which is crowded with police, his adrenaline is pumping and his face is contorted with the grief of knowing that his partner has just been killed.

This is , to me, the worst movie of Wesley Snipes.

Director Christian Duguay does his best with drab locations and recycled action clichés.

There are many other things about "The Art Of War" such as the high-tech wizadry and action-filled sequences that were very enjoyable.

Her voice becomes unbelievably tedious to listen to after her first scene.

Also for th action which is soooo boring.

So, we get a left-wing message along with a dreary unbelievable movie.

waste of time !.

An overly long, tedious film insufficiently relieved by moments of action I've been a fan of Wesley Snipes' for eons and I wound up feeling a little sorry for him on this one.

Wow, what a Liberal propaganda film this turned out to be!

After watching the first ten minutes of the movie I literally could have walked out to the lobby and written an accurate outline of the rest of the movie.

The Art of Snore.

Enjoyable action conspiracy thriller .

OK, there's no black helicopters, but there IS a top secret branch of the UN that is engaging in blackmail and other types of covert ops as a means of enforcing its will.

It is possibly the most entertaining film of the year!

If you turn off your brain and watch it, it is an entertaining movie with good performance especially from the supporting roles of Anne Archer, Maury Chaykin and Michael Biehn.

The Thirteenth Floor-- (maybe unintentional but) Yikes, it's an empty building and there's a woman being chased by a man.

Such as watch paint dry.

But this movie has two things that those movies lacked, STYLE and an enjoyable supporting cast.

Art of War may be tedious in the end, but doesn't completely fail as a whole thanks to three main factors: The soft-core porn feel it starts getting into (sorry, but I am a guy), some decent action scenes (the beginning is more suspenseful than the climax), and through most of the movie you do keep guessing about the plot-until the end, and then by that time you figured it all out.

This average (but no more than average) action movie has many plot twists and turns, but is ultimately very predictable in its outcome.

The Art Of Left Wing Propaganda .

Very, Very Predictable .

Mega Predictable....

I commend whoever wrote the plot synopsis for IMDb - so far as I was concerned there was no plot worth talking about from the beginning to the end.

The chase scenes are pretty boring, some of the stunts strain credibility (to say the least) and the bullet-dodging sequence towards the end is just plain ludicrous.

While the storyline included several twists and turns, and was hard to follow in some places, the overall "big picture" was quite predictable.

Despite this, the action scenes make it worth watching.

I promise this film is worth watching!

don't waste your time unless your in the mood to puke because your watching something so bad!

This movie tries to be political, but instead turns into layer upon layer of cliche with no message.

If you don't mind the overdone plot, or the lack of originality, this can be an enjoyable movie.

Granted plot is not really what matters in a movie of this genre, but this one was extremely difficult to follow.

It presumes that a convoluted story and even more contrived and tortuous dialogue will be enough to interest viewers while they're not watching guns and explosives and the occasional boob.

That's what I think makes this film very unique and exciting.

The refreshment comes in the form of edgy,violent and brutally simple story with no plot which is told in a competent way.

This baffling, pretentious, infantile effort was so bad it was almost watchable - just for the masochistic feelings it provoked.

BAD POINTS OF FILM: Very Unprepared/ Many Bloopers/ Highly Unrealistic/ Very Confusing Plot.

From start to finish this is the same ol', same ol'-- predictable plot, shallow characters, and a cocky, wisecracking Snipes.

Both movies are equally entertaining and I will be watching them both again.

When the big, secret, unexpected villain was revealed, I didn't care, in part because I'd predicted with no doubt what would happen in the opening minutes of the film.

Not a whole lot to this one, but as an entertaining garden variety actioner, it holds up just fine.

Wesley Snipes is like the film, good when he's taking down opponents, bland when he has to handle plot and "dramatic moments.

Add to this a good centre pin in Snipes' fun performance and you have a film that is enjoyable and rather exciting if you are in the mood for a fun thriller.

This movie is just plain trite, and filled with poorly executed and overtkill gratouitous violence.

A famous General once described war (to paraphrase) as long periods of boredom punctuated by brief moments of excitement.

But Snipes is a good actor as well,making the chemistry with screen baddie Cary Hiroyuki Tagawa as engaging as it was meant to be.

The Blade movies are obviously classic, and "Demolition Man" is incredible and entertaining.

"Or how about confusing and hard to follow, better words to describe what Christian calls "one character manipulating the other, who is manipulating still another.

The art of war is a suspenseful.

This is Wesley Snipes Another Great Action Role in This Exciting Political/Action Thriller Film Of 2000.

" The last half hour also bores us with a series of pointless and confusing flashbacks and Matiko idiotically stumbling around the UN building for a *long* time.

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, Hey, Wesley Snipes is hitting someone, then.. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz .

In an attempt to make the story more intriguing, it is pasted together in a convoluted way that makes it very difficult to follow.

At this moment, you lose contact with anything the movie shows, so how about non-stop empty action, between dry and nonexistent dialog, and too thin to be seen plot !

Predictable, Predictable, Predictable.

it's also compelling enough to maintain interest.

The movie has artistic parts, a reasonable plot, is entertaining, good camera guidance and is - bottom line - worth watching.

The plot was predictable and quite lame, the characters mostly uninteresting and the movie in general quite a mess.

It took away the amazing acting and characters and replaced them with such stunning people as a Generic Evil Executive and a Foolish Police Detective.

Predictable .

If you need to see an action film, wait for the next one and save your money.

Directed by Christian Duguay (Screamers, The Assignment), AOW is a mean-spirited variation of Mission Impossible but enjoyable post-Cold War yarn imbued with a Hong Kong action sensibility.

What dis go through Wesley Snipes'mind when he did this movie, there is no plot, no action and a pointless climax, what a complete bummer after Blade.

The answer depends on your qualifications for intelligent-yet-entertaining actioners.

Surrender to tediousness .

Dull and monotonous when there's no action.

Too many plot devices could have easily been altered to produce a more entertaining experience.

A horrible mess with a confusing plot .

Martial Arts fans will be amused to watch Snipes kick serious Asian butt in a technique of combat that Asians are famous for but, besides the rather predictable outlay and some questionable stunts, The Art of War was good value for action movie-buffs!

For those who don't feel like reading my whole review, here's what I thought; entertaining, has some cool moments, but slightly confusing.

Its a fast paced, slick, action flick, that has half a brain in it.

Wesley Snipes plays a UN agent and finds himself mixed up in a conspiracy involving US - China relations blah blah snore snore groan...

The entire dreary look of the movie was depressing; caliginous, too!

Action: entertaining.

With Anne Archer and Donald Sutherland included to spice up the cast even more, the film was very enjoyable!

I was disappointed at this farcical affair, with a predictable plot and poor performances, not to mention one scene that was so blatantly flogged from the Matrix I couldn't help scoffing out loud.

It may be really boring in some places, but some of the chase sequences will wake the audience up if they fall asleep.

Pacing: Fast as lightning and yet slow as molasses.

Very entertaining government mystery action movie.

The plot tries to be complicated and very intelligent, but it just comes off as silly, contrived and depending on how well you are at reading movies, predictable.

The reason is i didnt enjoy it at all yeah the cliches,twists & action did play minor roles in this blatant movie,but never have i see so many Boring Cliches,Confusing Twists,and Extremely Unrealistc Action in my life.

They churn out boring plot-lines to each other, as if reading from a poorly translated manual and it all means nothing, frankly.

It was a good movie to watch and the suspense and story was a thrilling one and I do recomend it to see it.

His direction is gripping.

This is sad, because for the first half, I really enjoyed it, the cast and the photo are good, the direction is not bad at all...

) The effects and stunts are definitely refreshing and entertaining.

The sound, the editing, the camera work, all of it was fantastic and made this an enjoyable treat.

An enjoyable flick that makes great use of visual imagery .

I must admit that I would have missed the ending as it is so contrived and has been done so many times before that I couldn't believe that someone would try it again (and do such a bad job of it).

If you can tolerate the notion of the United Nations running a covert operations organization to twist arms of member countries with extortion and murder, enjoy the idea of a UN Sec Gen who would be World Sovereign, and can stand the tedious, meandering plot then by all means go see this movie.

While Art of War was certainly entertaining overall, it was just too long, and the believability factor was stretched, even for this genre.

The plot is basic, and the outcome is neither unpredictable nor obvious.

Aside from that, it's just an action flick, and a slow one at that.

The closing action scenes, shot in darkness and silhouette to show the director's mastery of shadow or confuse and annoy the audience, I'm not sure which, are drawn out to self-indulgent tedium rather than dramatic effect.

The exceptions being the cliche pretty girl, triad gangs, slavery sweatshops and sex clubs fronted by food stores which appear in the movie for no apparent reason.

It's bad but entertaining.

Not a very good movie, but entertaining nonetheless .

The problem here is the fact that this film is so predictable that it becomes silly.

** 1/2 Not too bad, but pretty dull .

It's dull, predictable, and no better than a made for TV movie.

So save your money and don't make the same mistake as I did.

So, most of the movie is filled with boring story-building scenes which are hyped up with dramatic music.

In the last half-hour to forty-five minutes, the movie takes that promise and smashes it to pieces, rendering the movie a pointless exercise whose sole real message is "Dialogue matters.

It tries to be an action packed summer flick with great comic relief.

I might like to take this opportunity to point out that while I certainly found The Art of War to be at least a mildly entertaining action film, I did not find it to be any more than that.

They're both far better than this forgettable bore.

Convoluted plot, brain-dead script, inane dialogue, choppy editing, hammy acting (especially Anne Archer), pointless flashbacks, pseudo-artsy camera tricks.

And yet, it is rather boring.

Action sequences generally good except in the last half hour which almost put me to sleep because it was so boring, derivative, and predictable.

OK, so you can pick fault with it, but if you're prepared to not take it too seriously, then you'll be rewarded with a good, enjoyable thriller which is not at all predictable.

The plot deals with a pack of elite agents, double crossing, some gadget's and ofcourse explosions, all not worth mentioning, get a nice soft pillow and doze off.. This movie clearly shows that: A Snipes is a wannebee and probably never will be capabele of taking a strong lead pure action role, without the FX ( Blade) to please the public.

I had all of the story figured halfway through, which made actually watching the action unfold boring and disappointing.

nothing happens.

At two hours, it's way too long.

However, the ending is an exercise in cliche-ville.

Don't waste your time.

cold often confusing espionage thriller .

Snipes is entertaining and believable as the secret UN operative trying to figure out what is going on with the assassination of a high ranking Chinese official, and what it might have to do with a trade agreement.

There are many other things about "The Art Of War" such as the high-tech wizadry and action-filled sequences that were very enjoyable.

Fascinating action pic that wastes very little time.

However, the final ending was far too predictable and weakened the film.

The movie starts out slow and complex, so do not be worried if you don't understand it in the beggining.

Enjoyable action romp .

"The art of war" only has a myriad of characters, locations, broken glass, mobile calls and long drawn-out aerial views of New York to substitute for a even remotely logical story.

Together with a mostly Canadian team of filmmakers, Snipes has co-executive produced a mostly-intriguing tale of a United Nations covert operations team that specializes in influencing political situations with world leaders to our government's advantage.

Saying that, it's still pretty good, with an intriguing race-relations backstory that keeps you guessing as to the nature of the villains.

All though some people thought it was a bad movie I found it enjoyable.

How could this plot be predictable when it offered almost no information except through serendipity.

The movie was boring and cheap looking.

Expect a predictable ending.

Not only that, THE ART OF WAR was terribly predictable.

The latter is what makes this movie interesting and even exciting.

Just like the slick opening mission, the rest of the film continues with plenty of consistently enjoyable scenes that will please you if you are in the mood for that type of thing.

Every cliché you have ever seen is here.

We get a few good martial arts mix-ups early on, but it seems to devolve into something bland, forgettable, convoluted.

It is a dazzling production, even if it is totally cliche.

The Art of Bore.

The Art of War, if you don't try to analyze it, is at best entertaining.

" It's an overused cliche and a cheap surprise.

This is another predictable action film, with a story done by the numbers.

"The Art of War" is a fascinating action pic that wastes very little time.

The gadgetry is almost 007-like, while the violence is definitely more intense.

The movie had some twists and turns but the last half hour "climax" (I use quotes because it was anything but) was super predictable and thus completely boring.

Christian Duguay's 'The Art of War' is a passable action fare, that has some engaging and captivating moments working for it, besides the high-packed, violent action sequences.

Was exciting and hard to understand, like Mission Impossible and the Sixth Sense.

Dazzling cliche!

Tagawa is a well known face and plays his character with his usual style, while Michael Biehn is quite good and enjoyable in his action scene.