The Art of War II: Betrayal (2008) - Action, Thriller

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Agent Neil Shaw is called out of retirement and finds himself in the midst of a plot to assassinate several leading Senators with himself set-up to take the rap for a recent killing.

IMDB: 4.3
Director: Josef Rusnak
Stars: Wesley Snipes, Lochlyn Munro
Length: 103 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 12 out of 29 found boring (41.37%)

One-line Reviews (29)

Conclusion: A good action thriller, which is worth watching at least once.

The resultant film is pitiful and uninteresting, just another forgettable straight-to-DVD action flick.

This is an action packed movie all the way through – from the beginning, which makes one think what has happened, till the end.

So ending this blog I hope everyone is able to hear through the grape-vine, Not to watch this movie, and don't waste your money.

Save your money.

The plot is absolutely nothing to write home about, and the characters are as bland as they come.

Even though the cliché about Senators taking bribes from an upstart Arms Research company may, at first sight, not seem that shocking, Snipes delivers as expected inside an interesting movie, which was forced across the Homeland Security border in order to get it released.

Total waste of time .

it is entertaining.

Waste of Money .

Worth Watching Once.

I've seen far worst movie than this one.

The whole thing is so flat and dull that it simply doesn't feel true and leaves the viewer unsatisfied.

but thats what makes many of the twists and turns so unexpected.

Wesley does a decent job at the role he is given but he looks bored through most of it.

I didn't watch it all because I kept falling asleep, and that turned out to improve the experience considerably.

Seriously , the CGI here is so fake that probably you could make it better Don't waste your time and money on this trash.

The art of bore:betrayal .

This was a cool flick to watch, it has nice action, good fights scenes, all that was missing was a car chase, not as good as the first one, but it was still entertaining, it was better the Wesley Snipes last movie the contractor.

Lets say you were bored on a Friday night at home and you decided to rent a movie..Lets say the movie store was renting movies for 20 cents each..Lets say you had watched Blade and thought Wesley Snipes was a great actor...

It's just another cliché action movie with an incoherent plot and even if you take your brain off it still delivers far short.

Same goes for the dull dialogue , predictable story and lame action scenes.

And you can tell.. A dull story, bad camera-work, lame characters and so on.

It's an average movie worth watching if you don't pay to much for it and have some time to kill.

What a waste of money and time.

Drawn out of retirement, the agent finds himself framed for crimes he did not commit.


But hey, if you're a fan of terrible acting, sub-par plot lines and just want to waste your life, then be my guest and watch this movie.

If you are looking for a highly implausible, totally unbelievable and predictable film with a lot of bad acting(aka your typical Snipes film) I would still recommend you look elsewhere for mindless entertainment.