The Bank Job (2008) - Crime, Thriller

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Martine offers Terry a lead on a foolproof bank hit on London's Baker Street. She targets a roomful of safe deposit boxes worth millions in cash and jewelry along with a treasure trove of dirty secrets.

IMDB: 7.2
Director: Roger Donaldson
Stars: Jason Statham, Saffron Burrows
Length: 111 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 18 out of 213 found boring (8.45%)

One-line Reviews (194)

Based on real events, this movie perhaps confirms the adage that real life is sometimes stranger than fiction, at least this movie affirms that real life can be both entertaining and personally satisfying.

Thrilling British Heist Flick .

), and the experience of seeing it is thoroughly enjoyable.

What happens after the robbery is just thrilling to watch, will they get away with it, won't they?

A better director might have made this sparkly and fun, but in Donaldson's hands it's just plodding and dull.

Entertaining, with roots in truth .

Way too fast paced and confusing for it's own good, but still consistently entertaining, .

Director Roger Donaldson is back in form with the deliberately paced yet entertaining genre flick that actually gains momentum in its third act and Statham proves to be the British Bruce Willis with his street-smart charms while Burrows sizzles.

Then, the scene shifts abruptly to London, and the implication of the next few scenes seems to be that this will be a fairly standard, cliché story about a guy who owes money to unsavoury characters and pulls off a bank robbery to save himself.

This instigates a couple of reasonably suspenseful sequences such as a policeman on his beat paying a random visit to the shop the crew have rented and are subsequently using to burrow from.

The first 30 minutes were just filled with dull scenes and too cool for school Jason Statham pretending to drink a cocktail, a pint, and a glass of wine engaging in mundane conversations with various individuals.

Don't waste your time.

i highly recommend it to anyone into high quality heist plots both from realistic( quiet historic even in this case) as well as artistic ones.

It's a well crafted crime thriller that's been executed in a realistic, suspenseful manner.

It does get pretty intense, in a number of scenes.

enjoyable, quasi-conventional heist picture with cool Statham and some twists .

Enjoyable heist movie .

engaging .

But its core story is compelling enough to carry any little flaws in the structure- by that, I mean, there's sometimes so much at stake that it leans towards becoming some kind of political thriller- by making it about the criminals, and they're ambitious, creative (if 'been there done that') style of drilling and tunneling into a bank vault.

Statham and his gang of cockneys do their best to keep the story swiftly moving, and with that there are some enjoyable lighter moments.

The Bank Job is fast, smart, and so well made that I can only agree with Richard Rupert of At the Movies with Ebert& Rupert, "The most entertaining heist movie I've seen in years".

(without giving spoilers away i am sure you will not get disappointed at that chapter either, comes at an unexpected moment and perfect timing and delivers enough to enhance the plot, not undermine it.

If it had stayed lighter throughout, I'd have enjoyed it much more.

I went to this movie with the hope that it might be enjoyable action/thriller.

After the first ten minutes, I feared that my fears had been confirmed; but as the film moves on, it grows into itself and turns into one of the most exciting and entertaining crime thrillers of this decade.

When I first ventured into the theater, I was expecting to see a very entertaining movie, with plenty of car chases, some flashy editing, and maybe some martial arts to satisfy the younger and most restless members of the audience.

Films like this thrive on tension and while the heist and the exit plan are entertaining, they are rarely tense.

It's fast paced and credible, though I'm not sure how closely the story hews to historical fact.

As with most bank heists, it's often formulaic and so therefore we look for character interactions to keep the crime engaging.

While this one is not at that level, it is easily watchable, if ultimately a bit empty.

performance) and highly entertaining script, this movie keeps ramping up the excitement and tension and it all culminates in a breathless climax.

Mainly though it is an enjoyable heist caper that succeeds because of good pacing, exciting action scenes and a talented cast.

The editing also contributed to the other enormous flaw with this film: its confusion over its own identity.

Such is the change in both content and atmosphere post-robbery, when there is a general sense of panic as well as a torture scene that it feels as if the film has matured somewhat; grown up out of the flashy and Ritchie inspired knock-about caper and rather merged into something else, a tale of survival as these petty criminals just try to survive as they take on the British government.

Solidly Entertaining and Atypical Heist Film .

The most intriguing part of the film has to be the British intelligence scenes.

Another British heist movie; thrilling, nostalgic and intriguing addition to the genre .

All in all, I enjoyed it quite a lot, and I recommend it.

Worth watching!

Also as previously mentioned the beginning as well is quite boring.

I think the fact that The Bank Job is based on a true story makes it more intriguing then it possibly should.

Based on a true story, London car dealer and artful dodger Terry Leather (Jason Statham) is having slow business so former model who has a thing for him Martine Love (Deep Blue Sea's Saffron Burrows) makes him an offer.

Better still are the crictical reactions from both professional and amateur reviewers who, like me, conduct their historical research after seeing the film, giving an added intriguing dimension to one superb tale.

The actual bank job is fairly straight forward, but it's only a small part of the overall story and all of its delightfully suspenseful complications.

It has a thrilling and riveting story, with interesting twists and turns and good characters.

The Bank Job does a pretty good job of staying on the fine line: most is explained, little is really confusing except that making it simple, with all the bit and pieces of real facts in the way, doesn't make a convincing mixture.

The nonstop action was such a huge problem, it bumped down this otherwise entertaining, and interesting flick.

He struck me as pretty bland compared to everyone else.

The plot unfolds slowly, as life tends to do, with enough unexpected twists and turns to keep you interested right on through.

Instead, this film is fast paced straight through, and doesn't stop with the fast cuts and nonstop talking until the end credits.

The movie is fun to watch and I enjoyed it thoroughly.

The story is fun and somewhat thrilling.

I expected this movie to be somewhat entertaining, and maybe a bit cheesy.

" suspenseful ending.

A great, unique movie this is not, but it is one that provides close to two hours of complex but highly suspenseful antics that keep the viewer glued to the screen.

The result is that the plot is sloppy and forgettable, while the action is boring and unsatisfying.

Its an enjoyable film, good story, production wise nothing special; could be a made for TV movie, there wasn't much action surprisingly and the jokes were thin on the ground; a snatch copy it 'aint.

The crew were boring, the villains were boring and the politicians were boring.

Well made and exciting modern crime caper .

A good entertaining movie .

This is especially clear when judging the confusing first thirty minutes of the film where you never quite sure who is who or even who is screwing who.

As the story of a 1971 bank robbery begins, the setting in London, the parade of seemingly unconnected stories and characters is rather confusing, complex, disjointed.

Jason Statham is wildly unpredictable, his movies being either very good or very bad.

We are treated to a movie with an intelligent screenplay, full of snappy exchanges between some adroit performers.

The pacing of the movie is done very well and it is exciting throughout.

Despite a weak, B-rate feeling opening, The Bank Job manages to pull itself up and shape into a wildly engaging, gritty, realistic heist film that holds nothing back and does not have the comfy, playful feel of the Ocean's films.

Roger Donaldson has directed some very exciting movies before.

It was also rather dull during the initial stages and I kept nearly falling asleep only to be woken a few seconds later by the noise.

Engaging and suspenseful .

He is the man who have gave us quite a good number of entertaining flicks and does one of his career best performances here, Saffron Burrows has done a good job also and looks quite pretty, others were also very good in their respective performances.

it builds throughout the movie to a gripping last hour of action and suspense.

The title of this movie sets audience expectations at a very low level as it suggests that what's going to follow is a thoroughly predictable, run-of-the-mill heist thriller.

) I was happily surprised and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Regardless, it's a very entertaining film and Statham and company are fun to watch.

Exciting action film .

The subplots are vague and uninteresting and the "seventies" style is not well-explored (sometimes even made irrelevant).

That aside, this was an enjoyable caper film.

Great entertaining fun and really a movie gem.

Overall, this is a great, entertaining British heist film.

True elements and a certain amount of conjecture make this one intense movie .

This movie relies more on a straight-forward plot, with some good serious and deadly scenes that provide the audience with a more captivating and compelling crime thriller where the stakes become gigantic and the outcome much more in doubt than most crime thrillers of late.

The film boils down to an exciting and suitable conclusion that ensures that everything ends on a high.

I am sure with all the adrenaline pumping through them they are going to just fall asleep.

Enjoyable, if a little thin on the ground on looks and feeling.

The best part is that the pace and thrill of the movie holds you back at the edge of your seat and result is a thrilling action flick where Jason Stathom stands out.

I expected this movie to be somewhat entertaining, and maybe a bit cheesy.

that's more like confusion, don't you think?

These "propa" robbers were incredibly dull as they unrealistically drilled quickly underground to the bank vault.

Excellent caper flick - well worth watching .

Yes, well, the heist goes somewhat wrong, sort of, and the negotiations after the fact are what makes this movie exciting, and we are privy to the very real concerns of top echelons in the English government and corruption within the Police Force.

Here is a script that serves a purpose, to retell how an event had some unexpected consequences.

Decent yet predictable caper flick based on the real-life UK heist circa 1971 where a small group of associates knock off more than they can chew involving a Royal Scandal in the making.

The dialogs however turn bland once in a while and sometimes the story strays too often away from its main plot .

Great humor mixed with intense moments of anxiety and love and suspense.

Quite an enjoyable movie to sit through if you're into the whole heist thing.

This movie is one of the most entertaining i have seen in a long, long time.

The plot was so fascinating and based on a true story it makes me wonder how much of the movie is truth and how much is fiction.

The film still ends up being entertaining and, as a bit of historical escapism, succeeds.

Decent yet predictable caper flick; Donaldson returns to form & Burrows & Statham excel .

There are some truly intense scenes mixed with a brilliant British slang.

Also, be warned there's graphic nudity (almost), strong language, very less action, it's at times slow, and most importantly it's not for kids.

They rent an empty shop two doors away from a bank and plan to tunnel under the intervening Fast Chicken restaurant until they're under the vault, then melt their way upward into the sacerdotal sanctum itself, bust open all the boxes, and make off with all the loot.

Burrows is just absolutely stunning and enough acting ability to serve her purpose.

Overall a good entertaining movie

In short "The bank Job" is worth seeing due to many enjoyable moments and also because it sheds light on a fascinating true story.

Solidly engaging and entertaining crime story with good delivery .

Gripping from the start, it continues weaving its complex web of corruption in early 1970's London right through to the end.

Engaging, and by no means bad .

As it is though it is a solid and entertaining thriller that moves along well enough on its own.

Astonishingly enjoyable .

It's possible this was part of an effort to artificially create a hectic action-film style pacing, but many of the scenes were slow, boring, and unnecessary, so that really doesn't qualify as an excuse.

My dad kinda shoved this DVD in my hand and told me to watch it, I'm glad I did because I quite enjoyed it.

We've seen the heist dozens of times, even done by Woody Allen, but to see it with the knowledge that it is chronicling true events makes it exciting: They lease a shop near the bank and start digging a tunnel underneath the middle shop to reach the bank vault.

Exciting .

)Then suddenly, during the second half, writers Dick Clement and Ian La Frenais rediscover the form they had when they wrote the brilliant early 70's Richard Burton vehicle "Villain", and "The Bank Job" becomes really entertaining, gritty, seedy, violent, fast moving and complex.

It is advertised as being based on a true story, but it is filmed like a typical Hollywood action-heist film complete with the cheesy musical score and every cliché in the book.

Jason Statham is Terry Leather, happily married and with two little daughters, but his car repair business seems on the edge of foundering.

My overriding impression of the film when I walked out of the theater was that the movie was a messy piece of work.

Roger Donaldson's sharp, suspenseful, and very human crime drama, based on, apparently, a true story of what some minor criminals find in the safety deposit boxes in a small bank, delivers what is critical for a heist movie to succeed:1.

The real stars, of course, are writing partners Dick Clement and Ian La Frenais, who have been doing this thing since the '60s and whose script is so witty, entertaining and well-rounded that it would have been impossible to get it wrong.

Since it's based in a true story, this film is quite enjoyable to see at home.

Worth watching?

Daniel Mays, who I enjoyed in a very small role last year with Atonement, is great comic relief and his interactions with the third of the friends, Stephen Campbell Moore, is always entertaining.

and Boring .

all in all this movie should entertain the lot of yas even the British/English accents were entertaining so watch and cheers to great movies.

It just offers nothing new in a sub-genre that is pretty tired, the main event being rushed and the characters themselves being borderline sleep-inducing.

If you like this genre I recommend you to watch the much more thrilling ones as THE THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR, ENTRAPMENT or THE Italian JOB.

If you like action films that are actually boring, still don't see this movie .

British TV writers Dick Clement and Ian La Franais deserve a lot of credit for finding this story, sealing the rights and bringing it to life in an entertaining and creative way, regardless how much is actually true.

The most glaring flaw is probably with the editing, which was incredibly disjointed and abrupt.

A deep intense political thriller,in my opinion.

What they are really in there for though, are certain photographs of a member of the royal family engaging in acts the government would rather have kept under wraps.

I thought the first half of the film was a lot better than the second and maybe dragged a little towards the back end of the film.

It's supposed to be a gripping thriller, that's all, and it succeeds.

This is a very exciting film, with lots of action, as well as plenty of violence, some of it gross, as various factions go after the contents in possession of the robbers.

Also compelling is Saffron Burrows - a dead-ringer for a young Charlotte Rampling - who stars as the seductive go-between who lures Terry and his men into a plan that may well lead to their undoing.

The movie is entertaining and will keep you engaged.

In fact, this turns out to be a fairly interesting and entertaining (even moreso because it's based on an actual event) story of a bank robbery set up by the British Secret Service to save a member of the Royal Family from embarrassment.

This is a very enjoyable film.

Unpredictable, this movie is a great entertainment for those who are looking for their hearts to pound a hundred times a minute for an more than an hour.

Moreover, the dialogues were quite average, & the characters were quite bland & so i couldn't care less as to what happened to them.

Other than this being somewhat confusing if you're not paying close attention, I have very few other complaints.

He and the cast created believable characters in a movie that is absorbing from start to finish.

Modestly Enjoyable Cockney Crime Caper .

As caper flicks go, all I really hope for is something that succeeds in being both novel and entertaining.

The story of the Baker Street bank robbery is perfect for an exciting thriller.

'The Bank Job' is a funny, sexy, and thrilling ride set for anyone who can dig it (see, the film's making me talk 70s already).

)I found the film to be thoroughly entertaining without requiring lots of mental input or intense concentration.

That's okay, we just watch to be entertained, and this is entertaining.

It is great when one is surprised by the unexpected when you watch a film.

It's safe to say "Bank Job" is one of the better heist flicks made in awhile, with so many tired and repetitive stories being told.

It is an insane job to use all these elements based on a true story and bring a throughly entertaining and engrossing film-making experience.

It was also far too long.

Donaldson can also handle intense human drama as he proves here and in films such as the brilliant "The Bounty".

This was one I got involved with & felt the gripping tension.

It's a fascinating piece of twentieth century history brought to vivid and memorable life in a gripping and stylish film.

Overall, it was an enjoyable movie and worth the $14.99 for the DVD.

Overall a very engaging movie.

Admittedly for the first half hour I did get quite bored, the characters weren't really memorable and the set up seemed really dull.

This movie is full of intense action and great wit.

For instance, a foreign expert is brought in, and he gives a demonstration in a basement, much like Cesar le Milanais in Jules Dassin's Rififi--but the memory is devastating, because this movie is nowhere near as fresh and suspenseful and atmospheric as that Fifties gem.

What happens in the station is very exciting, because bad guys suffer from dressing downs.

One of the most entertaining movies of 2008 and it's a shame it didn't get wider release.

Don't waste your time .

This is a smart thrilling crime story with good solid characters, a plot with twists and turns, and a cast superbly fit for their roles.

Its thrilling, enjoyable and at times tense.

The fact that the movie was based on factual events makes it the more enjoyable.

This movie could have been really good, but because of the pragmatic and ultimately boring way it is told, somehow it turns out to be just another heist movie when it should have been the greatest of them all.

The Bank Job maybe Jason Statham's best movie (excluding his role in the first Expendables movie) I really enjoyed it it is not your usual Statham movie.

It's a completely different understanding of the criminal in society and I find it endlessly fascinating to catch all the little things that are different than what would be in an American crime flick.

But mostly I just wonder what a royal princess could do nowadays that would make us do anything other than yawn?

This was an exciting and intense film.

However these are only a minor flaws in an entertaining movie.

Either way, it's a fun ride and worth watching if you enjoy a nice caper and can look past the usual problems that most filmmakers today ask you to.

The story is pretty boring and uninteresting.

It is easily the most enjoyable film I've seen this year and I am looking forward to more films from Jason Statham in the future.

The script was incredibly bland except for a bit of well placed humour.

I liked seeing Poirot as a vile pornographer, and they even dragged Lord Mountbatten's name into all this-!

Heist Films Are Usually Entertaining, And This Is No Exception .

It's entertaining, and would have been without its irrelevant nudity.

This movie delivered some funny, intense action scenes.

This movie is full of intense action and great wit.

The rest of us will be disappointed and bored.

But within the boundaries that director Roger Donaldson sets up, he knocks it out pretty well, if only in the sense that it's the kind of film that gets a better, or more involving for the audience, as the robbery and its convoluted consequences get more intense.

But it's one hell of an entertaining movie.

Knowing that this was based on real life events made it just that more entertaining.

The only complaints I have of the film are that the characters do get a little cheeky from time to time (but hey, they're British, so it's kind of expected), and there's a couple flashbacks/lapses in time that are initially confusing - although everything is clearly laid out about halfway through.

), and the experience of seeing it is thoroughly enjoyable.

Go in with low expectations and you will find the film somewhat enjoyable.

Entertaining movie with fascinating story line - one which you'll not forget too quickly.

The Bank Job doesn't re-invent the wheel, it just spins it at a really entertaining pace.

Intelligent, entertaining, and very very good .

Colourful characters and a light and often engaging script contributed to this films charm.

com review, might make this film even more exciting for you:1.