The Bedroom Window (1987) - Crime, Mystery, Thriller

Hohum Score



Terry has an affair with his boss' wife. From his bedroom window, she sees a rape and murder attempt. Terry reports it to the police as if he saw it. Things get complicated.

IMDB: 6.4
Director: Curtis Hanson
Stars: Steve Guttenberg, Elizabeth McGovern
Length: 112 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 5 out of 38 found boring (13.15%)

One-line Reviews (35)

Really worth watching.

Some parts of the movie were weak, and a bit on the slow side.

Sadly it does struggle to do that with too much of the final third being contrived and implausible, feeling like what needed to be resolved either wasn't resolved enough or was done too conveniently.

A couple of twists keep things perky, where even though some contrived events ask a lot of the audience, film never drifts into the mundane.

Well worked and entertaining thriller .

) But the movie is quite suspenseful and it does get your blood going and it delivers some inventive, entertaining twists, the sort of movie that surprises you and you think later that was good.

The suspense is great there are the close shaves, nervous situations and even some excitement like Terry jacks a Police Car and making a getaway but also trying to get to where he needs to be on time, which I'll admit put me on the edge of my seat hopping he'll make it.

Performances are fairly pedestrian in a film which suffers from a lack of plot work.

Ultimately this is an enjoyable movie with a great set up, a number of nice twists and a good deal of suspense.

A worthwhile and enjoyable Hitchcock-style thriller .

But because the script has holes, the intriguing main premise degenerates into a credibility problem.

Otherwise, it's a tricky piece of entertainment and well worth watching.

Here, everything seems clumsy and contrived, down to the small bit parts.

It's always compelling and entertaining with very nice, nail-biting at its best, suspense.

"The Bedroom Window" is an entertaining and well paced psychological thriller that's intriguing throughout and also successful in generating moments of real tension, especially towards the latter part of the film.

However, any film that can engage the attention for nearly two hours must have something going for it and this does have an intriguing story line.

Things definitely get exciting as he tries to clear his name and catch the real killer (like OJ?

Terrific B-movie premise has most of the markings of a good pulp novel; unfortunately, writer-director Curtis Hanson is too 'classy' for his own good, utilizing a bland, television-like style which hinders the scenario (it could use a bit more grit or sleaze, like a '40s detective magazine, and Hanson is too square).

And that's too bad because "The Bedroom Window" does present a fairly engaging noir look, as a result of some great lighting and camera work.

This is an enjoyable homage to Alfred Hitchcock's "Rear Window" (1954) and others, with director Curtis Hanson, photographer Gilbert Taylor and Guttenberg contributing great flair.

Not perfect,but entertaining enough.

This was a fascinating thriller in the style of Alfred Hitchcock.

But he soon becomes the man suspected of the crime and it's from that point on that the plot contrivances become just a little too implausible, straining credibility until the very suspenseful ending.

The film drops all its change and turns into the dull, copper penny of a straight-up, stalker thriller.

The last third with Perry and Denise setting up a trap for Henderson is quite tense and exciting.

The script has many ingredients for a finely-wrought thriller, but even though the plot is absorbing, it gets more absurd as it progresses.

Half-cocked Hitchcock, with intriguing ideas and frustrating lapses...

While not always plausible and full of plot contrivances, this movie nonetheless still sizes up as a very satisfying and entertaining item.

The segment visualizing Guttenberg's hearsay description of a murder could have been dropped, and the courtroom sequence reconsidered - but a few missteps do not detract from "The Bedroom Window" being a consistently engaging, entertaining and occasionally exciting thriller.

Writer/director Curtis Hanson expertly crafts a taut, absorbing, and stylish thriller which moves along at a steady pace, builds a good deal of suspense, and offers a pleasingly twisty narrative which becomes more increasingly complicated as it unfolds.

Entertaining enough thriller; comes undone if you pay too close attention to the plot.

All three have a mostly believable script, competent acting, and most importantly, all three are very entertaining.

Entertaining, so nothing else matters ................

An Enjoyable & Well Paced Psychological Thriller .

The script is taut and intriguing and for much of the film the story was paced tightly.