The Breed (2006) - Action, Comedy, Horror

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A group of five college kids are forced to match wits with unwelcoming residents when they fly to a "deserted" island for a party weekend.

IMDB: 5.1
Director: Nicholas Mastandrea
Stars: Michelle Rodriguez, Oliver Hudson
Length: 91 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 28 out of 105 found boring (26.66%)

One-line Reviews (75)

The actors are way too old to be playing the student characters, the characters each have a trait that will be integral to the story (yawn), and some of the dialogue is cringe worthy in the extreme.

You would think to be put through this boring film, they can give us some blood or nudity.

I like those movies with the little dogs, and this one was worth watching just for the presence of Michelle Rodriguez ("Lost", Bloodrayne).

This movie had something that kept me watching but i'm not to sure what it was, maybe sheer boredom on a Sunday night.

And although the "prop" of the zip line proved predictably handy, there wasn't an easy solution at the end of the zip line, thus requiring further thinking on the potential victims' part to get Michelle Rodriguez back out of there (and I'll give her credit for being enjoyable and believable to watch).

Some parts were predictable and the ending was a little disappointing but all in all I would say this is definitely worth watching.

Breed of Boredom .

These the attack scenes are all fun and quite entertaining as the fact that the dogs do launch plenty of attacks and manage to keep the pace to this one up-tempo for the most part here.

Directing is what really makes this film suspenseful.

Instead, I watched a very enjoyable, solid and realistic thrilling and Sci-Fi film.

Directed by Nick Mastandrea made an entertaining horror film with a few good jolts and good performances from his cast.

It's nice to see Michelle in a role that deviates from her typical kick-axx cliché.

I enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed CUJO, in any case.

I actually finished Alone in the Dark and Battlefield Earth, but this one was enough of a waste of a time after an hour that I decided scraping bird feces off my front porch at midnight was a better value for my energy.

I like those movies with the little dogs, and this one was worth watching just for the presence of Michelle Rodriguez ("Lost", Bloodrayne).

The film is action packed and the action sequences well handled, with VERY convincing special effects used to simulate dog death (the arrow and car scenes are particularly effective shocks).

the trailers of this film made it seem way better than wot it was this is one of the worst films i have ever seen in my entire life don't go anywhere near it there were little special effect the actors were z list (so was the acting) the "breed" looked just like a normal dog there was very little action, gore thrills or scaresa complete disappointment a waste of money and a waste of time the reaping was much much much !!!!

Such foibles are the stuff we are used to though, and at the end of the day I have to agree that The Breed was a very exciting and satisfying movie, even after more than a decade.

i would suggest watching paint dry above watching this mess, at least the predictability isn't as painful.

In fact, I really doubted that a film with this apparently silly story could be indeed scary and suspenseful.

The rest of the film is of course very mundane and forgettable, including stereotypical and disposable horror characters (a token black guy?

The Boredom .

By the time they are used you are bored waiting for it to happen.

DVD includes an fascinating behind the scenes featurette with the dogs in the features and previews.

Michelle Rodrigues gets an arrow through her leg but does it slow her down?

It is as predictable as it is lame.

Some suspenseful moments, plus Michelle Rodriguez as one of the young people, make THE BREED worth a watch.

My personal advice would be to avoid this film because it will save your money & time.

When I read the synopsis, I thought it was going to be a quite dull film.

Every cliché you can imagine is on display here.

If you're making a film you have to change the formula and bring something new otherwise the audience will become very bored .

This was the worst movie that I have had to endure in my 30 years on this planet.

Now, I am so pleased I did, for afterwards it ended up being an all out fun and entertaining adventure from start to finish.

Two friends get picked off while three, rather predictable friends, make it to the boat.

The pace is high, the dogs are really menacing, the special effects and stunts (many attacks by the dogs) are top notch and I was sitting on the edge of my chair the whole time, right up to the last scare.

This film suffers from disjointed opening scenes, where the time-line makes no sense.

A) teenagers (who weren't teenagers) B) you don't really see a lot of gore ( Scream 1,2,3 etc ) C)you always feel on the edge of your seat willing the characters to run like hell!

yet i found it just interesting enough to be entertaining.

The 'action/horror' (when it finally begins) is neither satisfying, exciting, interesting or entertaining.

Falling down, car starting sluggishly,no cell phone signal, music build up in certain spots with nothing happening etc. The acting was nonexistent and non believable.

it's also pretty slow,with not very much suspense or tension.

Stupid but entertaining .

And it's really VERY predictable (the usual military experiment gone wrong...

The dumb scene was a bit cliché...

Granted, there were a few holes in the story, and it followed some rather formulaic clichés that so many have already pointed out with both the characters and the storyline.

" Bottom line, it wouldn't win any Oscars, but it did make me jump a bit at one point, wait for the expected attack when we heard/saw the tell-tale signs of impending doom at a few others wondering exactly how/when it would occur, and generally was an enjoyable way to spend 1 ½ hours of my day!

An enjoyable movie.

The performances were overly acceptable and the action was clean cut and enjoyable.

I thought it was an interesting and suspenseful trip .

She is dragged off!!!


There's worst movies than this one.

It's bad but not offensively awful, just trite and cheap.

The plot was wooden and empty, and so were the characters.

) and the totally redundant and uninteresting romantic liaisons between them.

To me the acting was bland.

I know I do, so when the characters in The Breed casually mention an old 'zip-ride' (or death slide, as we English call it), tinker with a car that hasn't been used in years, or break an old roundabout leaving a sharp wooden stake pointing upwards, I prayed that my cliché radar was on the fritz.

The directing was well done and though the script has plot holes and is as thin as air, it actually worked out for the better in the end, because they didn't try to make it this awesome, totally on the edge of your seat thriller with a deep, outstanding story line, and instead they just had fun with it, which is what they should have done, and what I certainly ended up doing, having a total blast.

" Granted, I'm generally a fan of B movies (horror, action, drama—although I don't particularly care for movies aimed primarily at gore and gross-out factors; and I'm not sure what might have been omitted from the DVD version of it for the TNT TV-edited version I saw, but I think fans of maximum gore would definitely be disappointed) as long as they tell a halfway plausible story and the acting is half-decent, and as long as they provide at least a few unexpected visuals or concepts, I'm happy for the time spent.

The characters are cardboard cutouts: the successful brother versus the screwup, the "I've had a crush on you since childhood" couple, the token black guy who (spoiler - if you can call it that) obviously dies first (yawn).

While the plot is ridiculous and it gets a bit bland here and there, the movie doesn't fail at being amazingly entertaining with likable, strong characters and some nice, grisly suspense.

We get a short snappy opening hook then introduced to the characters proper who are horny college students on vacation The problem with making films is the same problem with watching films .

the movie needed more gore scenes I think, the deaths were boring.

The story is soooo bland, and lame.

They were not even believable and the whole premise was.. well go for a walk or read a book, but don't waste your time with this piece of junk.

A total waste of money making this film and pure (not dog's) bo**ocks

This movie had no real plot and even less character development.

Director Nick Mastandrea, working from a compact script by Robert Conte and Peter Wortmann, relates the compelling story at a swift pace, generates a good deal of tension, and stages the savage canine attack scenes with real skill and flair.

At only just over 80 minutes long at least The Breed is short, it moves along at a decent pace & there's enough incident & escape attempts to keep one from getting too bored.

Given that restraint, or problem, or whatever, The Breed still manages to be a high adrenaline thriller and is a credit to the five actors participating, the two girls going on to movies and the three boys on to TV.

rent 'cujo', 'wolfen', or Christ - even 'Man's Best Friend' but don't waste your time on this.

by entertaining,i mean,i think's worth a cheap rental,and i wouldn't buy it unless you can get it cheap.

As soon as the dogs started to make themselves known and attack it got exciting.

All in all I found it to be an entertaining and fun film.

they had serious options for a semi-entertaining ending.