The Competition (2018) - Comedy, Romance

Hohum Score



The main character (Thora Birch) follows the "PIG Theory" and ends relationships after six months in order to avoid heartache until she meets a man (Chris Klein) who wants to disprove her theory.

IMDB: 4.5
Director: Harvey Lowry
Stars: Thora Birch, Chris Klein
Length: 103 Minutes
PG Rating: TV-14
Reviews: 7 out of 35 found boring (20%)

One-line Reviews (13)

When I watch something like this, I'm looking for the same old formulaic story line.

A perfect date movie that's entertaining for anyone.

Each scene is overly long with boring dialogue.

I enjoyed it very much.

And the leading man was stiff and contrived.

But she is AWFUL in this, emotionless, monotone, and so wooden and stilted.

Waste of time!!!

I mean real boring crap!

Don't waste your time.

Bland forced acting.

Of all the very boring films I have watched I can usually say something positive about the film.

Bland, unemotional with no pzazz!

Quite possibly the worst movie I've ever wasted time watching .