The Counterfeiters (2007) - Crime, Drama, History

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The story of the Operation Bernhard, the largest counterfeiting operation in history, carried out by Germany during WWII.

IMDB: 7.6
Director: Stefan Ruzowitzky
Stars: Karl Markovics, August Diehl
Length: 99 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 10 out of 119 found boring (8.4%)

One-line Reviews (62)

The Counterfeiters is a very entertaining and suspenseful film.

Its interesting exploration of adaptation and survival under extreme circumstances makes for an engaging story, and one that is definitely worth seeking out.

Someone before said it was pointless to make again such a movie.

The first minute is engaging, but the rest of the film is just a plain bore.

The Counterfeiters is an intriguing mixture of tense thriller and Nazi brutality.

This film is thrilling, informative, and realistic.

An engaging thriller .

In one of the most suspenseful scenes he takes the Jews out of bed for an announcement, he gives them a ping pong table to congratulate them on successfully counterfeiting the pound, they are aghast because they feared Herzog was rounding them up to gas them.

Well, I had been learning some fascinating facts about Operation Bernhard in recent years and I thought this movie would offer a tremendous depiction of it.

Yet the script is immaculate, the drama understated and effective, the plot completely engaging, and best of all: it's a Holocaust film under two hours -- and a great one at that.

a reasonable chance to slow the Nazi machine.

A film like "Life is Beautiful" was so interesting because it had an intriguing spin on this genre.

Despite its uneventful and dull plot, vacuous performances and child like direction it's morally where the films biggest issues lie.

It is also a very suspenseful story, and from the moment Salomon is sent to the concentration camp to the moment the end credits begin scrolling down the screen, you'll be holding on to the edge of your seat, feeling moved and horrified by the images and situations.

A "bookending" device, somewhat like that in "Saving Private Ryan," except set at the routlette tables of Monte Carlo, seemed pointless.

Given enough food to eat and a comfortable bed to sleep on, the work crew goes about their business while listening to the screams of other prisoners, who are forced to walk in pointless circles just beyond their wall of safety.

Tense and very gripping war drama .

The Counterfeiters (German: Die Fälscher) (2007) Director: Stefan Ruzowitzky Watched: June 14, 2018 Rating: 6/10 {Clue: Adapted from a memoir by this man or Fast food favorite with fries} Behind-the-scenes of Nazi Germany's World War II Operation Bernhard- the largest counterfeiting scheme in history, Underdeveloped characters leads to difficulty empathizing,Reduced by its formulaic determination as awards season bait.

It pales in comparison with the most emotionally powerful PoW/concentration camps movies, and it pales in comparison with the breathtaking suspense of the best documentaries describing Operation Bernhard.

The Counterfeiters is a very enjoyable film, which isn't something that can be said for many World War II "true stories".

What is intriguing is the comparison between Sally Sorowitsch pre-incarceration and him in the camp.

It's an incredible premise that provides for a riveting story with a good central question: will the prisoners make it out alive by doing such a wretched task for the SS and particularly Herzog (Strieslow)?

Every acting performance is compelling.

Example: 5 minutes of Pacino's show in the movie "Gigli" didn't help,still it was a very boring movie.

starring Mark Markovics doing a stunning performance as Salomon Sorowitsch, an extremely smart Jewish man who gets put into a German concentration camp because of his Jewish back ground and what he's best at......

His performance is breathtaking (Urzendowsky gave an impressive performance too in the German film Berlin'36).

Ruzowitzky's film is so gripping because his is able to simulate the daily horror's of these men with remarkable subtlety; although the workers are sheltered from seeing the brutality and torture, the screams alone are terrifying.

What an engaging, fascinating story, told well from beginning to end.

The Counterfeiters deals with questions and themes that are interesting and intriguing It asks the right questions and brings up the right points.

A gripping story.

He's a great character in a compelling historical story.

Nether the less I highly recommend this film as a piece of well written, directed, acted and enjoyable cinema, and as an account of the past.

Tonally, the film is all over the place; it's neither a comedy, social artefact, war movie nor drama (the film never reaches such heights) 'The Counterfeiters' plods along, going nowhere, for an hour and half (that will seem like three) and then unceremoniously ends.

It is a suspenseful drama that, when it arrives at and begins to focus on the moral dilemma between the two leads, is not exclusively about the horrors of the Holocaust like, say, Schindler's List, Life Is Beautiful or The Pianist.

Otherwise, good acting and a compelling story still aren't enough to put this in the first rank of films of this genre.

The plot is great and well-told, and the main conflict is genuinely intriguing; stand and fight a hopeless battle, or work for the people that hate you in what could help them achieve victory?

But the story became interesting and exciting.

The persona of Sorowitsch is an intriguing one !

Unlike the usual sensationalist Hollywood drivel, this movie tells a compelling, unforgettable story that transcends the dismal background in which the story is set.

intriguing morality tale .

On the whole, the story is what makes this movie and the story is engaging, compelling, demanding, and never, ever boring.

Stefan Ruzowitzki, a director who does not have a long list of credits, gives us a tight, exciting and dramatic story which well deserves its 2008 Oscar for best foreign language film.

It is precisely the dalliances with these dilemmas that make The Counterfeiters very compelling to watch, especially when events start to go into full swing, with of course the mockery to the entire banking system of checks and balances.

A tense, fascinating true tale about a group of skilled Jewish counterfeiters, Nazi brutality and corrupt German self-interest .

The story is gripping and fascinating, how this group of men survived the war.

Is 'The Counterfeiters (2007)' a compelling and harrowing viewing experience?

this is an intense true story set in 1942 and on going through out the war.

And although it's typical that Hollywood would pick only a Holocaust-story from Austria as an Oscar contender, it is exciting as hell for a movie from this country to get a nomination.

But 'The Counterfeiters' is both thought provoking and entertaining (in a grim sort of way); and leaves you wanting to know more about its subject.

Despite its low-key approach that verges on the laconic and punctuated by a minimum of violence, torture, etc, the film holds the attention as a riveting account of life in a concentration camp viewed from a different perspective than usual inasmuch as Solly and his team of professional printers, artists, etc, enjoy a privileged lifestyle in what amounts to a sub-section of the camp, so much so that at the end of the war the inmates who assume control fail to recognize them as fellow prisoners and almost kill them.

Story wise I mean, the acting generally is pretty good, like much of the raw production aspects, camera, sets, editing etc.While I wouldn't call a single watching of this movie a total waste of time, I also wouldn't regard this a must see.

It is a taut story permeated with the fear of death, arbitrary and pointless.

The true story of Operation Bernhard and the printing of millions of pounds is a fascinating story.

great character in compelling story .

Unique and Gripping: A Tough Guy Crime Drama Set In A Concentration Camp .

Largely pointless.

Solly is brilliantly played by the Austrian actor Karl Markovitz who brings what might otherwise have been a dull and not very pleasant character fully alive.

A touching and gripping piece of work based on the all too true story of a group of talented prisoners in Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp who worked for the Nazis, counterfeiting British and American money in order to survive the ordeals that their fellow Jews faced.

The battle between pragmatic and idealistic characters, is one of the most intriguing relationships I've seen on screen this year.

Inspired by the widely published real-life memoirs of Holocaust survivor Adolf Burger, this tense and highly gripping world war II period drama tells the tale of Salomon "Sally" Sorowitsch (Karl Markovics)- a skilled Jewish artist and identification/currency counterfeiter who's forced to spearhead a covert Nazi counterfeiting operation set on destabilising the British and North American economies by flooding their financial systems with forged notes.

Fully understand the film follows his slow and steady transformation from a person motivated by money and self-indulgences.

He appears super thin and his performance is stunning.