The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys (2002) - Comedy, Drama

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A group of Catholic school friends, after being caught drawing an obscene comic book, plan a heist that will outdo their previous prank and make them local legends.

Director: Peter Care
Stars: Kieran Culkin, Jena Malone
Length: 104 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 25 out of 120 found boring (20.83%)

One-line Reviews (67)

The best part of the film, I feel, is the stunning and powerful animated dream sequences animated by SPAWN creator Todd MacFarlane.

Trouble is their only defense against boredom...

A movie that is scattered, uninteresting (plotwise) and trying at every moment to force its version of Pepsi-Cola reality down my throat, as if its version of "reality" by itself were enough to overlook the plot and anything redeeming ironic or humorous content.

Acting was great by everyone, which made the movie all the more absorbing and real.

It's definitely a good film and worth the watch as long as you understand that it isn't going to leave you happier after watching it.

What can I say about this comedy of love, coming of age, catholic school, and comics.

I'm not Catholic nor a teen, but I found this movie very interesting and entertaining.

All of my interest to watch it was rewarded, as the end result as a very enjoyable movie to watch.

This was a very mediocre film about teenagers: It is true that it deals with shocking themes such as incest and death, but in way that is so bland and uninspired that this seems just as a typical TV-movie about teenagers.

A beautiful coming of age story .

The ability of "The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys" to appeal to the literary mind — the film offers odes to the works of William Blake — while incorporating vigorously entertaining animations which allow hope to endure amidst tragedy marks the drama as unique and undoubtedly worthwhile to those who appreciate good art.

It tries to on theone hand depict a slice of life/coming of age story, while trying todepict a pure childhood fantasy (i.

Very entertaining .

Coming of age in the Catholic Church.

Pity, it's a fine "coming of age in the south" story.

Boys and girls did what they could to elevate boredom.

Immitating many boys their age, they deal with personal problems and set about to enliven their dull existence with pranks.

Delinquents coming of age.

That is, while i must say that the haircuts and bicycles are all very seventies, the actual scenes are simple, pointless, uninspired.

Another entertaining look into the eyes of children .

Most of the film is spent planning a prank on the Sister that goes awry, but after awhile it becomes so boring that when the climax of the film arrived I didn't remotely care.

Nor is it simply a typical, mindless, cliche-ridden teen comedy.

Also, the animated sequences were boring and poorly made, being very ugly, stupid and pointless.

The story is well played out and the cartoons give a fascinating glimpse into the main character's head.

Those who have thought that the stark, tragic ending was unbelievable evidently preferred boredom to trouble in their youth.

i highly recommend it.

Definitely worth watching.

Coming of Age with a Twist .

Funny and poignant coming of age story centering on two Catholic school adolescents (Culkin and Hirsch both superb) whose penchant for juvenile acts of defiance is only underscored by their innate desire to fit in and be loved while pitted against their arch nemesis, their teacher Sister Assumpta (a dourly cheeky Foster, who also produced the project), a one-legged harridan from Hell.

When I first saw this I was 15-years-old and let me tell you it really does capture what the essence of being a coming of age teen is like.

A Good Coming of Age Story .

entertaining to some extent.

Vincent D'Onofrio was entertaining as the smoking, swearing priest (and apparently in the book he was a womanizer, too.

Traditional coming of age movie with new twists.

It's how my friends and I, growing up in South Carolina, dealt with the confusion of puberty.

She's also clever enough to play second chair to the young cast, particularly Hirsch and Malone, who deliver stunning and grownup performances.

Despite veering wildly away from the novel, the film does a great job of transposing moments of boredom-inspired adolescent lunacy with aching transcendence (the scene in which Francis, the protagonist, akwardly talks to his dream girl Margie for the first time made MY heart flutter, and I haven't been 14 for a while!


Though it does have Jodie Foster who I like and I'm also partial to coming of age stories.

As with past "coming of age" and "loss of innocence" movies, THE DANGEROUS LIVES OF ALTAR BOYS serves up scenes of humiliating jokes and reckless pranks, but in this movie there is an unexpected twist.

'The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys', directed by Peter Case, is a coming of age story about two boys, Francis (Emile Hirsch) Tim (Kieran Culkin) who supplement their boredom at Catholic school and their home lives by playing pranks and working on their own comic book.

Luckily (perhaps), Francis manages to vent his pent up frustrations and confusion creatively, through animation.

Yet, I felt that Foster's performance was a bit "empty".

All i can say is this is one powerful mind blowing coming of age story.

Tim Sullivan is the inspiration for the gang, living the credo that danger and trouble is their only defense against boredom.

To wrap it all up, it was a great movie for anyone who remembers life at 14, it was a new and exciting concept mixing McFarlane cartoons into "the dangerous lives" of these 4 "altar boys".

It's a wonderful addition, adding a physical journey to Francis's confusing emotional journey.

'The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys' has been praised for its creativity and the mixed genres, (the film turns into a Todd McFarlane produced form of anime at times) but even these moments were just plain boring.

" The character interaction was horrible, the story was muddled and unrealistic, and what was an amazing novel is now a pointless movie...

SPOILER---SPOILER----SPOILEERDangerous Lives of Alter Boys, an autobiographical coming of age story, is set in the 1970's.

The fact that these boys are like that make the movie so enjoyable when the story plays out.

wow, what a compelling coming of age story.

They are both excellent up-and-coming actors, and they gave very compelling performances.

Let the coming of age movie begin.

Most films have entertaining qualities that some can enjoy.

" The young actors are engaging and well-directed, and Jodie Foster puts in a great supporting role as a comically desperate nun trying to keep them in line.

D'Onofrio is a pleasant kind of foil, the easy-going, unpretentious priest - but this is surprisingly uninteresting work from an actor of of D'Onofrio's originality and talent.

An autobiographical coming of age story, is set in the 1970's.

If you go thinking you are going to see "Little Man Tate" (a gentle, early Jodi Foster attached project) you will probably walk out of the theater.

Despite veering wildly away from the novel, the film does a great job of transposing moments of boredom-inspired adolescent lunacy with aching transcendence (the scene in which Francis, the protagonist, akwardly talks to his dream girl Margie for the first time made MY heart flutter, and I haven't been 14 for a while!

Fantastic Coming of age film .

Adding to his inner conflict, as well, is the fact that his best friend, Tim Sullivan (Kieran Culkin), is continually engaging in exploits that transcend mischief to the point of being outright foolish and dangerous; daring deeds in which Francis must necessarily take part, in keeping with their own established caste and as Tim's confrere in this business of probing life's eternal mysteries.

Evocative and funny...

It was an enjoyable time.

This movie has a lot of elements seen in other works about coming of age, such as "Stand by Me" and "Dead Poet's Society.

The story is a great coming of age story, where the audience feels so involved that at the end, you don't want to move.

Or gripping dead dogs along the road.