The Devil's Double (2011) - Biography, Drama, Thriller

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A chilling vision of the House of Saddam Hussein comes to life through the eyes of the man who was forced to become the double of Hussein's sadistic son.

IMDB: 7.1
Director: Lee Tamahori
Stars: Dominic Cooper, Ludivine Sagnier
Length: 109 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 17 out of 143 found boring (11.88%)

One-line Reviews (95)

Regardless the film is entertaining as well as very interesting.

I think with a grittier, more realistic take on the story (Perhaps similar to Tamahori's 1994 breakout "Once Were Warriors, depicting violence in the Maori community), the film could have been better, but with the films style clashing slightly with the story, the result is the film feeling rather disjointed.

Great narrative and very intriguing, always keeping you interested at every moment.

This movie is defiantly great, it keeps you on the edge of your seat, with blistering action, sexy scenes and powerful words.

Uday's mistress Sarrab (Ludivine Sagnier), tired of Uday's unpredictable nature and wild behaviour, shows interest in Latif, and the two start a dangerous affair.

It's well worth watching, I saw it at the Rio Film Festival, I really want to bring my friends to see it with me, it's the kind of movie you can watch over and over again.

I guess that goes to show why movies like this SCARFACE and potentially THE DEVIL'S DOUBLE can develop such a cult following: a great psychotic villain is infinitely more intriguing than any noble hero.

Entertaining, if deeply flawed, film .

The complex and terrifying give-and-take between the two men is fascinating to follow until a certain point late in the proceedings when all common sense is thrown out the window in what seems like a hasty attempt to wrap up the story.

I wasn't sure what to expect, a biography or more mainstream and as it turns out this would appear to be a mainstream fictional action flick that uses a real man (Uday Hussein) and even factual historical events to tell a thrilling, rip roaring action story.

So whether you believe the story or not (I don't), it makes for an entertaining, if deeply flawed, film, and Uday Hussein proves a terrifying madman, especially given that he was very real (before US forces killed him in 2003).

I saw this man, Latif Yahia on the TV's the last show, I thought that it was a fascinating story and couldn't believe what Latif Yahia had gone through as his life as double for Uday Hussein.

The Devil's Double is, to put it simply, uninteresting.

If you liked Scarface, if you want an action packed ride, if you love depth of colour and sound in your movie.

That aside, it makes for a quite fascinating story, if a not wholly believable one.

It is a gangster movie at its absolute best and incredibly entertaining the whole way through.

In contrast to the dragged out and repeated unpleasantness is the rushed into attempt to kill Uday that ends the movie.

Devil's Double is a film more concerned with recreating Scarface [1983] than it is in telling an authentic story, creating a bland and complete Hollywood white wash.

Unfortunately, neither character is very interesting; the bodyguard is a dull, wooden type of character, and Saddam's son is a psycho.

Still,it's a pretty good movie, and definitely worth watching.

Showing how mega riches, fame and ultimate power can not satisfy the crazed son of a equally celebrated and hated ruler/dictator, this movie is a thrilling masterpiece that will keep you gripped from start to finish!

Stunning movie, visually beautiful, hard, gripping and somewhat difficult to take at times, The Devils' Double is most definitely worth seeing.

Powerful, unsettling, thrilling and always entertaining, The Devil's Double, is quite easily one of the best movies of 2011.

Original, jaw-dropping and truly fascinating, 9/10.

And to think it was all true makes this even more stunning.

Ultimately,it is a disappointment that what could have been a gritty, brutal take on one of the vilest and cruellest figures of Saddam's Iraq, is watered down into an entertaining, albeit somewhat forgettable, gangster film.

Uday was shown mostly as an immature, mindless nut with a lot of comic histrionics and unpredictable temper.

Why take an amazing true story and turn into a mundane fictional one?

Intriguing .

But it's worth watching for the convincingly unhinged performance by Dominic Cooper.

This movie has a confusing plot, or it did for me at least simply because I don't concern myself with info coming in and out of Baghdad.

The acting in the film is what makes it worth watching, Dominic Cooper who was just recently in Captain America does the difficult job of portraying both Uday and Latif.

His making,screenplay were simply mind blowing.

This is a fascinating and intelligent film and one of the best of 2011.

Discussing their relationship is as pointless as their relationship's existence in the film.

We learn that Uday (Saddam's son) is a psycho at the outset, and that his double despises him for his actions, but that whole premise is dragged out for an hour and a half with repetitive sequences that are mere variations on what's come previously.

Latif / Dominic Cooper The human connection element was most fascinating, as we wonder what we would do if placed in a similar situation ???

A bit messy, but still compelling enough with a strong central performance .

Horrible actors, pointless scenes, stupid script, dumb story (1 viewing)

It's fast paced, action packed and does make you think, how could a guy survive that life?

things look very bland with out them.

Also, the film is really grips you to your seat and never lets you go.

The movie is slow and dull most of the time.

And for a simple story as this, the movie just seemed to be drawn out after a while.

Violent, action packed, great acting, and informative .

What made his appearance in the film particularly fascinating to me is that I know of someone who looks exactly like the Latif character, and it kept me distracted for a considerable portion of the picture.

Uday is like Caligula, but Latif is a bit dull.

And that's why I wrote intriguing as a summary line.

It's this intriguing character study for the large majority, then the final act just throws it into full gear and kept a lump in my throat with the high-intensity.

At various moments throughout the screening the notion crossed my mind that this movie could be construed as a justification of overturning the Sadam regime, or (in other words) as propaganda in favor of George W for a completed project in Iraq.

But I give the whole thing a decent score of 7 because it is entertaining enough to watch.

it has everything if you're looking for an R Rated flick but most importantly it has a great story, riveting performance and is incredibly entertaining.

Based on the true story of how Latif Yahia was forced to become Uday's body double or bullet-catcher, it's riveting stuff.

As he watches Saddam's son commit increasingly violent atrocities, he soon finds it hard to just sit idly by and the film is capped off by a gripping final twenty minutes of catharsis along these lines.

Latif Yahia, our main character, is dragged unwillingly into this world and can only watch in disgust as Uday degrades and destroys everything around him.

If he wanted this guy who many noted in the past bore more than a passing resemblance to Uday than he just took his services or his entire family might well disappear.

It's after all how a film should be, rather enjoyable.

A fascinating study of a true-life scenario, with some haunting sequences of violence mixed in with an intriguing character study into two guys stuck in the same situation; one wild and violent, the other just trying to survive.

THE DEVIL'S DOUBLE does look promising on paper, telling an unusual story in an unusual setting, but unfortunately the execution is sub-par and the whole thing turns out to be a waste of time.

It was disturbing due to the subject matter but the bad accents and terrible dialogue made the film unwatchable.

I enjoyed it immensely, I will go to see it again in the cinema with other friends and or family and I know that when it comes out on DVD it's going in my Favourite section!

The actual truth and reality behind the film is washes aside for repetitive Hollywood storytelling which ends up making NO SENSE in several parts and is a true waste of time.

From beginning to end this film is gripping.

Sadly, this film turned out to be the poster child of cliché Hollywood influence.

Director Lee Tamahori grants us a sense of just how different these two men are and just how much of a challenge it will be for Yahia to pull off what is asked of him when we observe the man to be slow in his movement; nervous; dirty in his fatigues - a humble electronics store worker who puts in the hours and stands in sharp contrast to the loud, exuberant Uday, whose wealth is essentially inherited and who could not be any further from Yahia in terms of attitudes towards women and material possessions.

all in all this was an entertaining movie.

Although not historically accurate and having read the book of the same name not 100% true to that either, it does bear enough resemblance to the original story to hold up, touted as "a gangster movie set in the middle east" it is indeed that, with scenes that stand alongside those in "Goodfellas" or "Scarface" it is definitely worth watching.

To make the movie confronting and compelling, the story should have been told warts and all.

Uday on the other hand kept shooting until the clip was empty and he was only a teenager.

This film has many redeeming features and I personally found it very enjoyable.

The music, sets & costumes are all entertaining.

I almost gave it only 6 stars due to the lack of realism, but thanks to the well deserved R rating I gave it an extra point, which means I think it's definitely worth watching again.

compelling - with limits .

While I think there is enough witness testimony and historical evidence to confirm that Usay Saddam Hussein was a spoiled brat, psychotic, child rapist, sex addict and murderer Latif's exciting story is pure fiction, which at times will grate on the nerves of anyone hoping that this movie was going to be in some way based on fact.

This might not be the most pleasant film to watch, but it is frequently gripping even if one does sometimes confuse just which character Cooper is at times.

Far from factual, nowhere near boring .

Unlike LEGEND this is a film that remains almost unknown which is a pity because I found it quite compelling .

This film has many redeeming features and I personally found it very enjoyable.

I enjoyed it, my bro's enjoyed it.

The film, however, feels like something of a missed opportunity, and that the end result, whist an entertaining film, is somewhat less than the sum of its parts and feels like merely a good film, rather than the potentially great one it could have been.

Dominic Cooper gives an absolutely riveting and powerful performance as two very different men.

Its fascinating because although the dialogue is all English, it doesn't feel like a US/UK film at all.

Cooper's performance as Uday is enjoyable to watch, in the same way Pacino is "enjoyable" in "Scarface, or Joe Pesci in "Goodfellas".

Overall the film gives a decent insight into the state of Iraq's leadership in the early 90's, the plot is undoubtedly entertaining despite some repetition and the disturbing acts that Uday carries out.

However things like Latif and his girl friend escaping on stallions are just boring really.

Dominic Cooper was excellent and just about saved an uninteresting film from being bad.

Mundane .

Fake aside, compelling until realistic ending .

Entertaining inside view in the former Baghdad.

Too cliché?

The trailer to this movie was intriguing, now was this movie was great as the trailer made it seem.

Based on the true story of how Latif Yahia was forced to become Uday's body double or bullet-catcher, it's riveting stuff.

I knew this movie is worth watching after I saw the trailer.

The Devil's Double is that movie, based on the true story of Latif Yahia, the Iraqi Army Lieutenant forced to become the double for Saddam Hussein's eldest son Uday Hussein it is a gripping, violent (although some of the stronger scenes are left to the imagination) emotional roller-coaster ride.

In the penultimate moments she ends being a contrived character.