The Disappearance of Alice Creed (2009) - Crime, Thriller

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A rich man's daughter is held captive in an abandoned apartment by two former convicts who abducted her and hold her ransom in exchange for her father's money.

IMDB: 6.7
Director: J Blakeson
Stars: Gemma Arterton, Eddie Marsan
Length: 100 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 14 out of 109 found boring (12.84%)

One-line Reviews (105)

I like the movie way which it was unpredictable that make the movie more exciting than to be familiar with scenes, and Gemma Arterton performance was completely perfect, especially the way when she is crying and changed her mind to cease trust Danny.

Right from the first few opening minutes of the film,Arterton shows a stunning amount of venerability and deep terror in her performance.

The film is probably the most boring and tedious flick to hit the big screens this year.

I was not disappointed either, with the film starting out somewhat a little confusing, and uncomfortable at first, it soon dawns upon you that this is no ordinary kidnapping.

Blakeson) did succeed: the plot is full of twists and turns, crosses and double-crosses, unexpected outcomes and intermediates.

It doesn't take long for Blakseon to weave an energising, quietly fascinating drama of minimalist proportions out proceedings; the film constantly cracking on with that grizzled edge it gets across in the opening, the piece striking us as the sort of early, experimental project one might keep in one's draw for a couple of years before finally getting around to shooting.

there are a few surprises here and as well as some unexpected twists and turns.

Hostage, kidnap, ransom, all saturated elements to similar thrillers that rely on unpredictable intense twists to spice up the narrative.

Overall it's an amazing, erotic, shocking and riveting movie and the director J.

Deeply disturbing and yet riveting .

A terrifically enjoyable film from debut writer-director J Blakeson.

It's just one tedious conversation and scenery chewing shot after another.

Considerable credit goes to J Blakeson who is both writer and director of this stylish work which is essentially wordless for the first ten minutes and simply gripping as the narrative unfolds with twist after twist.

I enjoyed it a lot.

It's a confident first effort from the director who handles the camera exceptionally well and gets some truly gripping performances out of the 3 actors.

A waste of time, money and acting talent .

There is a compelling and menacing turn from Eddie Marsan (the driving instructor in Mike Leigh's Happy Go Lucky, etc), who is excellent as the reptilian and volatile Vic, who constantly seems ready to erupt into violence.

Does try to cram too many twists in though, and the ending is a bit too trite and conventional.

Some reviewers have criticised the plot as being contrived, others have questioned the characters actions in certain situations, others have said that the world outside the 3 characters should have been explored, the police an the father should have been involved etc. Others have questioned the UKs mobile phone network.

Can you make a tout, suspenseful flick with only three actors and four locations?

Not completely successful, with a few "the stupid, it hurts" moments - but well worth watching.

Unpredictable and thriller from the greed including a good story .

After that the shocking way of humiliating Alice Creed by stripping her cloths off competently and taking photographs in the scared manner happens, the whole sequence is just mind boggling, at least I was holding my head for the all time.

The claustrophobia of the hideaway is well sculpted by cinematographer Philipp Blaubach and the scant but evocative musical score by Marc Canham adds to the mood.

I was on the edge of my seat from the beginning and caught myself holding my breath a few times.

The Director during the question and answer session explained that people find humour in some of the scenes because of the unexpected content in them.

It's superficially entertaining to be sure, with lots of drama and attempts at tension, and the suspense bubbles along quite nicely as the tale progresses.

Its taunt, exciting and without hardly a wasted word or second.

Laughably Bad Predictable Offensive Kidnap Caper .

Extremely tense, beautifully shot, generally well (if not quite brilliantly) acted, this is a clever and effective exercise on making an exciting film on a tiny budget.

The Disappearance of Alice Creed is an intriguing thriller full of deception, betrayal, mistrust, greed and love.

It uses very few effects, if any, but is so strong and compelling.

The two men are Eddie Marsan's Vic and Scottish actor Martin Compston's Danny; one short and stocky, the other thinner and more handsome; one snaps his dialogue, the other appears nervous or twitchy in his delivery; Vic appears robotic in his actions and speech, blunt in his statements and snappy in his dealing with Danny as an accomplice, the man very quickly striking us as the brains behind the idea and the one probably more dangerous even if striking us as the one probably less prone to instigating of any sort of sexualised violence at this point.

There are no worthwhile twists to speak of, the writer had basically 1 idea for the entire film so the sequences are incredibly drawn out and slow, you can see everything coming half an hour before it happens.

First of all I would like to know how such a poorly written, cliché ridden dull, lifeless script ever got produced into this farce of a movie?

Blakeson's directing technique, particularly the opening sequence, was substantially gritty and held an evocative sense of realism to the scenario.

It's been a long time since I have watched a film so engrossing.

This makes for an intriguing cinematic experience.

Suspenseful Flick .

The movie was frightening, yet entertaining.

In general, a number of slow and clumsy plot constructions, in particular involving a bullet casing, and an endless scene trying to retrieve keys from a pocket.

The twists and turns of power between the three characters is believable and compelling viewing......

It was both captivating and entertaining.

Alice Creed is no different, in fact it is so unpredictable that it in itself becomes predictable.

At first seeming like a helpless victim, she finds hidden strength and resilience to try and outwit her two captors in a compelling battle of wits.

Still by the end of Vic's story he is a complete monster and its entertaining to watch the transition throughout the film.

Where gross misjudgements of tone and content may have been the order of the day, director Blakeson manages to spin an energetic tale bogged down in one, dogged location that is persistently engaging and always veering characters down routes spawning new orders in this complicated three-way bond.

The game of emotional chess played by the three leads is compelling and keeps things interesting.

The Disappearance of Alice Creed was for me a very absorbing 93 minutes.

Marson shows some,very unexpected sensitivity as the old time crook Victor.

Stunning and brilliantly conceived debut.

You hear people complain about endings being predictable or cookie cutter.

The movie runs out of steam upon getting near to the end, becoming somewhat predictable - an anticlimax.

His cute face and evil mind disturbed mind makes the movie more intriguing and riveting.

And very unexpected.

Even though about 75% of this kidnapping tale takes place in a two room apartment, director/writer Blakeson finds enough effective and compelling ways to photograph his tiny set, and enough sharp plot twists and reveals that any claustrophobia becomes a plus not a problem.

The film is helped of course by stunning performances from all three actors.

They soundproof and secure an empty flat before snatching their victim off the street, gagging and hooding her and taking her to the flat.

Instead, I'll point out that the three actors front and centre all give stellar performances and you'll really be on the edge of your seat to see what happens next.

Even when he is off screen, he makes moments almost unbearable, such as the scene where Compston is trying to reason with Alice, his intense knocks at the door, are an uncomfortable accompaniment to the scene.

totally garbage this movie about 2 homo kidnaper and boring as hell and film location only in bed room, and there some kiss man with man WTF.

However, there is some truly intense moments in the film and some dramatic overtones that keep it interesting enough.

It's fantastic that it can be so gripping with just 3 characters-sometimes more is less.

Suffice it to say that every moment is filled with tension and brilliant acting on the part of all three of the characters in this story that is so well paced that the unexpected ending seems to come far too soon.

It's wonderful that such a low budget thriller, with a cast of literally three people can be so intense and stand proud with many a big budget thriller.

It is a nasty piece of work indeed, with a great deal of tension as the story - which might seem at first glance to be straightforward - unwinds in some unexpected directions.

Thus, the unpredictable becomes predictable.

I recommend this as a must-see for the dominating and masterful performances by Arterton, Compston and Marsan, for the perceptive, engrossing and bewitching story-telling and direction, and for capturing the true art of film-making.

As for the other two cast members, Eddie Marsan is a seasoned professional as ever, but Martin Compston is a little bland and whiny and gets way too much screen time.

I love plot twists and the unexpected happening.

Actors are brilliant and movie itself is very clever with unexpected turns.

Well, I'm sorry people but if you let this type of nit picking criticism detract from your enjoyment of a fabulously entertaining movie then more fool you.

Comparison with other early movies like Reservoir Dogs or Blood Simple helps show the value of a straight plot with good lines to tell a compelling story.

Ted's Evaluation -- 3 of 3: Worth watching.

Alice Creed dragged by two masked men in a van, then placed in a room with padded walls and tied to a bed with handcuffs.

A compelling, well-acted low-budget thriller about greed .

it's an amazing, erotic, shocking and riveting movie ,Watch it in first chance you get, you wont be disappointed and will thank me!

This film to me personally was a little bit of a surprise to say the least, I was recommended the film by a friend, who said to me its worth watching, and as a film critic, I put aside some time to give it a viewing.

but on a boring bank holiday Monday, there was worst things I could have done with my evening.

Martin Compston gives as equally compelling performance as the seemingly conflicted Danny.

Well worth watching!

I was actually stunned to see Gemma Arterton doing such a riveting and powerful disturbing scene.

Overall watch for a thrilling panicking chilling edge of seat movie sequence.

It starts a big confusion with an uncertain outcome.

It was very gripping when they kept it simple, just the 3 of them in the room.

I can't understand the bad reviews, but the movie is definitely worth watching.

The only other negative to the film is the back and forth between the two kidnappers goes on far too long...

Happily,I was pleased to find that the film was a very entertaining rough thriller.

Eddie Marsan gives us a truly nasty protagonist, yet one with unexpected depths.

It's a bit contrived and perhaps a bit exploitative.

Low budget Brit flick with predictable plot twists...

Alice is angry, but Danny explains the plan, she agrees to go along with it, for fear of Vic killing them both, Danny finds the empty bullet shell on the floor, and unable to flush it down the toilet he swallows it to hide it from Vic, it is revealed that Danny has also been having a gay relationship with Vic.

Stunning in every way .

An Intense, Beautifully Crafted Suspense Film .

Well worth watching and the ending is brilliant!

There are a few times when credulity is stretched, and a few plot turns that have that sense of being a 'clever twist' instead of something organic to the characters or the story (you can feel them as they're where the acting is less strong, you can see the actors strain to make them 'work'), but neither shortcoming is enough to keep this from being a highly entertaining, and even ultimately oddly touching nail-biter.

The plot is tight and fast paced, it keeps you on edge all the time.

Problem is, when the first few are unpredictable you start to predict what happens next by automatically imagining the most illogical turn within the plot.

Hold onto your seats and be prepared for a bumpy ride ahead which is both scary and exciting......

Riveting .

The story seems to get bogged down, and because of the pace is a bit too slow, you wonder if the director really knows where he is going ...

He's known for the 5th wave which I found slow and boring.

Even though that sounds cliché and somewhat the usual 'The Disappearance of Alice Creed' brings few of the most astonishing and unexpected twists to this small made crime thriller.

You can detonate the whole city, crash thousand vehicles and still induce excessive yawning.

From the start of this movie you're on the edge of your seat......