The Final Cut (2004) - Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller

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Set in a world with memory recording implants, Alan Hakman is a cutter, someone with the power of final edit over people's recorded histories. His latest assignment is one that puts him in danger.

IMDB: 6.2
Director: Omar Naim
Stars: Robin Williams, Jim Caviezel
Length: 95 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 31 out of 154 found boring (20.12%)

One-line Reviews (105)

This is a shame because I think the premise (recordable memory) is certainly fascinating and deserves a lot more exploration as a theme.

Lebanese writer-director Omar Naïm's debut feature drops an intriguing, provocative premise: in the future, a memory chip can be implanted at birth and record a person's entire life experience, edited after death into a memorial film by a "cutter", described by one character as "part taxidermist, part priest and part mortician" for his ability to absolve the sins of the dead while presenting to the world a perfect facade.

I like Robin Williams in comedies but when he gets serious, he is a bore.

Robin Williams, who's every-man persona was used to good affect in One Hour Photo and Insomnia, is wasted here.

It's dull and slow for the most part, with the real story motor not kicking in until late in the final act.

Mildly boring since nothing really happens.

Robin Williams does a good job as Hakman, but it's the same quiet acting we've seen from him in One Hour Photo and Insomnia.

Even still, the overall sheen of the photography (likely added in post-production) was kind of drab in some spots and looked a little boring, particularly in the flashbacks and implant footage.

It's interesting how even know he plays a character who is for the most part emotionless and withdrawn, he is still very entertaining to watch… I guess that's acting!

I would have liked to become immersed in the plot rather then put off.

Like families would want to leave that to a stranger when they are paying for this service!

Compared to that movie, this one is more thrilling and I think a lot more accessible for a lot of people.

Worth watching though...

I found this movie to be quite intense.

I find all of that remarkably successful, including the usual but in this case unexpected end where we discover that everything we have seen is "rememoried.

Writer/director Omar Naim has created easily one of the most unique, entertaining, and imaginative movies ever made.

This is one of the worst movies I've ever seen in my entire life.

I just recently found this playing on Starz Encore and watched it and it was intriguing, thrilling futuristic and definitely draws you in.

This film was a bore.

Add to that the fact that I think the film under-uses Mira Sorvino and Jim Caviezel,two very worthy and compelling actors,and it does seem somewhat wanting.

Unquestionably an absorbing and professionally-made piece, one that Philip K.

" Appreciated the intense acting abilities of Williams and Caviezel; otherwise, the movie might have lagged even more.

This movie bored me to death!

While the plot seemed interested at first, it was SOOO slow as I DESPERATELY waited for something interesting to come about.

However the movie is dark and slow, and somehow I hate Robin William's beat-up dog acting, making it a little too caricaturing.

It's like he sat down and wrote out a list of all the intriguing possibilities suggested by this story, then he checked them off as the script dealt touched on each possibility in the most perfunctory manner.

When you think about the infinity of possibilities this could have, you think this could be a great TV show, with suspense, energy and many intriguing questions to be answered.

The plot is timely and intriguing, providing lots of food for thought as to the perhaps not-too-far future prospects of technology and our own legacies.

The idea of having every single event of your life secretly taped by a device surgically implanted before birth makes for an intriguing premise.

Even if we cut out 60% in sleeping hours and boredom, they still have to go trough over 200.000 hours on their own?

Even so, the film is engaging.

If you are looking to watch a film with a creative story, some suspense and some good classic Robin Williams acting then this film is definitely worth watching.

Great story idea that went nowhere .

With such fascinating idea, exploring so many dilemmas about the importance of memory, the significance it has to some and all, "The Final Cut" is a big disappointment since it didn't knew how to treat the theme confusing everything and everyone.

The film's pace is slow and erratic, the characters are not properly disclosed to fully understand Williams and Sorvino's personas, the editing is bad with lots of continuity mistakes, the script incomplete with mistakes too.

Call me crazy, but what a waste of money.

Clearly Hollywood is in the business of making propaganda, some of it pretty unsettling.

)Second, the longer this film goes on, the more stereotypically French, or should I say, pretentious, it gets.

Perhaps it's just the concept of having events recorded through memory that is unsettling to me,compounded with the concept of people who "see" those thoughts after the person dies,but that's what makes this movie both compelling and difficult to watch.

While the script is a confusing and endless mess, the actors aren't there to help us liking it.

As a thriller most people want a lot of action, but I think that this movies slow moving pace at the very start was phenomenal.

Well, I was looking forward to a suspenseful thriller, as the movie was suggested to be.

On the face of it, that's a really interesting concept and it sounds like the makings of a compelling story.

A lot of unfulfilled promise, but still worth watching .

This one is worth watching if you're not a detail critic, though it's not as badly crafted as some would make it seem.

The whole concept of seeing through someone else's eyes is fascinating (and one I have contemplated many times over.

Does sound like a intriguing idea, doesn't it?

Don't let this movie pass you by, it has a good story line, it moves well with many fast paced ideas.

Intriguing plot, intense acting .

How much more exciting would it have been to embed Hakman in the middle of some grand, suspenseful plot, the details of which became known to him through data from an implant?

I enjoyed it, kind of Minority Report, meets the dead zone, meets dreamscape.

Sure, he's not Manic Robin, dancing all over the screen like he has ADHD; he's Serious Robin, the kind we saw in One Hour Photo and Insomnia.

My husband fell asleep half way through the movie and he is more of a fan than I.

I am too bored to try and figure it out by watching the DVD over.

Not enough sci-fi for this sci-fi fan, but enjoyable enough.

Still,a compelling piece of film work that is nicely filmed(credit the director Omar Naif--is that the right spelling?

a waste of time.

Ultimately, despite the good ideas behind the film, I just found it a bit dull, which was a shame as the idea and talent on offer should have added up to so much more.

Sub plots are just left unfinished, and the whole thing seems predictable at the end.

There was another plotline with a woman that the main character had zero chemistry with that was pointless.

It was a pretty slow moving movie when I was expecting more suspense and action.

Personally it makes for a great memorial service and cuts down on the boring chatter by family members as ones life is viewed by the family and guests from early childhood to the latter years on a flat screen.

Dont waste your time.

There flow of the movie is difficult to follow at times.

Also, the movie goes on and on and you wait for something interesting or at least remotely unexpected to happen right up to the moment the end credits start to roll.

A complete Disappointment, and waste of time.

The writer fell asleep in the shadow of the original idea and the film just lost with it.

There are scenes that are disjointed from the rest of the film.

This movie was so boring.

Even as early as The Fisher King (1991) and Awakenings (1990) or Dead Poet's Society (1989), such earlier characters were more compelling.

I found this one to be a refreshing change from most formulaic movies.

Robin Williams is definitely a good actor, but sometimes his roles have something of an inertia-effect that makes them somehow boring and predictable.

While this movie had the potential to be an exciting and enthralling story, it wasn't!

This movie had some weight, but the confusing storyline marred this.

For what I've read on the forums, for example, some people seem to believe that there is no plot here.

Robin Williams is now accustomed to playing such frightening and alluring roles; after "Insomnia", "One hour photo" and this flick "Dead Poets Society" is now a far memory.

End spoilers--The only thing that made it slightly worth watching was the intrigue of the story itself (which deteriorated as the movie played out) and Robin Williams acting.

I gave it a five because it was a good film but they could have taken this film in a very different and maybe more exciting direction.

Confusing and unmemorable .

But is it socialist, big government propaganda or corporate propaganda or are for some reason members of a particular religion involved in some form of religious propaganda?

Williams is stoic and stunning.

It's downright confusing.

Great acting by Williams and Caviezel make this movie very enjoyable.

Unfortunately, despite its intriguing premise, The Final Cut doesn't live up to expectations.

I'll admit, certain scenes in Final Cut are drawn out and slow.

But the story itself I found to be rather banal and the science fiction elements too sparse.

Outstanding and extremely timely (2020) Sci-Fi concept but mediocre and pretentious execution .

The future that is portrayed there is fascinating.

While The Final Cut is enjoyable enough, it has tremendous squandered potential.

This intriguing idea isn't developed well in its subtle controversy and the storyline plays more like a mystery thriller with a typical horror movie ending.

Instead it was a morally questionable, fascinating, dramatic film.

Ted's Evaluation -- 3 of 3: Worth watching.

The screenplay was idiosyncratic in the fact that the story was so unpredictable with a twisted ending plus following the course of scientific discovery makes for futuristic fodder.

Intriguing premise; well constructed .

Intriguing concept hodgepodge about the near-future with a grim Williams cast as a 'cutter', a state-of-the-art editor of sorts who cuts together home movie type eulogies for those who have passed that were implanted with a recording device of their entire lives' diaries leads to a conflict of interest when he is asked to take the case of a recently deceased magnate to the technology at hand with some skeletons rattling in his closet, leading to some sins of Williams' Alan Hakman (a very apropro surname though not as subtle as the proceedings at hand).

That and the concept explained in the movie made it worth watching.

Emotionless and BORING!

It's an intriguing film, but as it goes on, it all gets very unclear and confusing, and this in turn makes it drag on a little.

There was a drollness throughout and the movie moved at a snail's pace.

Robin Williams has perfected the nerdy, introverted psycho ('One Hour Photo,' 'Insomnia'), contrary to his real-life persona of an ebullient, witty softy.

A fascinating look into the future .

Other fascinating issues brought up by the idea of the technology are not even mentioned.

I strongly suggest you don't waste your time with The Final Cut.

She replies with three trite phrases IN A ROW: Well, what can one do?

Well worth watching.